Jojo Siwa Most Embarassing Moments Ever


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    - ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ. 18 minutes ago

    poha tia tu fala demais

  • Matsi Bird
    Matsi Bird 53 minutes ago

    I feel like 5'9 is not ridiculously tall lol I'm 6ft but I have a friend who's 6'11 so yea.. That's when I'd say someone is ridiculously tall lol

  • John Billington
    John Billington 57 minutes ago

    your an evil brat the things

  • Sam Animations Owo

    When I grew up this was TheTalko and I miss it.

  • Paris B.
    Paris B. Hour ago

    your just a hater

  • Gacha T
    Gacha T Hour ago

    *don’t press

    *you’re 2019 will now be cursed.*
    *like this if you want you’re 2019 to be perfect.. then like this video.*

  • MrGeneloader
    MrGeneloader Hour ago

    Jojo doesn't get as much views as singers though

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Hour ago

    Shes a child, and obviously spoilt so she doesnt know better

  • Clizzz z
    Clizzz z Hour ago

    Why are you making videos about a 15 year old you Weirdo

  • Cabrina Casteel
    Cabrina Casteel Hour ago

    I hate the bitch

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia Hour ago

    She is dumb at 15 u should be mature but the viewers are like 1st graders looking at her vlogs

  • Ali-Bee time
    Ali-Bee time 2 hours ago

    I’m a jojo hater

  • Phil Ryker Mc Nuggets
    Phil Ryker Mc Nuggets 2 hours ago

    Sat through Goddamn 4 ads wasn’t worth this shit

  • jaylee torgerson
    jaylee torgerson 2 hours ago you gata b healthy

  • лагуна кошка

    "twitter and their harsh"
    *4-chan have entered the chat*

  • Adrianna Finley
    Adrianna Finley 3 hours ago

    I love jojo

  • Bunny Corn yaay
    Bunny Corn yaay 4 hours ago

    Jojo is a jerk

  • cringefest55555
    cringefest55555 4 hours ago

    JoJo siwa is 15 but acts like a 6year old

  • phippscc
    phippscc 5 hours ago

    i hate her shes so ummmmm yeah

  • Angelica Soto
    Angelica Soto 5 hours ago

    Why is on yt? Tf

  • Essentially Esme
    Essentially Esme 5 hours ago

    Shes 16
    Looks 11
    Acts 2

  • Esmeralda The killer
    Esmeralda The killer 6 hours ago

    T series stole you’re logo

  • Janeiyla Lopez
    Janeiyla Lopez 6 hours ago

    i think JoJo says hey whats up everyone it jojo and welcome back to jojo juice

  • ItzBeam
    ItzBeam 7 hours ago

    i dont understand why ppl still give a fuck bout jojo siwa

  • Lucy Ellingworth
    Lucy Ellingworth 7 hours ago

    I'm not a fan really but I love her aspect of life but it a bit harsh to put up a video about then she was embarrassed I would be upset if I was her

  • Alyssa Mcmanus
    Alyssa Mcmanus 8 hours ago

    Am I actually the only one who can understand her into?
    It’s not that hard lmao

  • Josie Chan :3 ;3
    Josie Chan :3 ;3 9 hours ago

    I think that theirs more to Jojo then meets the eye

  • Maria Jovic
    Maria Jovic 10 hours ago

    I love this video cuz I hate jojo

  • Blobfish12
    Blobfish12 11 hours ago

    Fuck jojo because of this! !!!!!

  • Olivia U
    Olivia U 13 hours ago

    This video is making Jojo seem like a bad person
    Like I don’t really like Jojo that much but it’s kind of attacking her

  • Dane Cunningham
    Dane Cunningham 14 hours ago

    Anyone can get it lol

  • Glitchy Bean
    Glitchy Bean 14 hours ago

    This is fucked up. She can't even drive a car yet and the people who made this video are probably twice her age. Im in her general age group and honestly, with how much hate she gets for being fucking 15, if I were in her shoes I'd have every reason to hate myself. JoJo is _15_ She makes mistakes as every human does, and its honestly fucked up that you're getting actual money for shitting on a child.

  • Afzaall latif
    Afzaall latif 14 hours ago +1

    I hate jojo

  • Gatorz øøf
    Gatorz øøf 15 hours ago

    What do I think of her? Let’s see how much I care about school. There’s your answer. I want her to fucking die

  • Gatorz øøf
    Gatorz øøf 15 hours ago +1

    I hate jojo

  • Icicle The Ice fox
    Icicle The Ice fox 16 hours ago

    I mean I don’t like Jojo but I don’t think you should be attacking a 15/16 year old..

  • Jessie’s Life
    Jessie’s Life 16 hours ago

    This child makes me want to throw up

  • Aiden Dutter
    Aiden Dutter 17 hours ago

    I kinda😏...HATE HER!

  • Mariathewolfykiller bad girl

    I think your a little mean becase Jojo she just being her self improvement like jojo I'm loud I'm wired and silly so you just need to chill and I'm unsubscieing to you now...

  • Random Anthony
    Random Anthony 18 hours ago +2

    7 ads(smh)😔

  • Shy9 Guy9
    Shy9 Guy9 18 hours ago

    You are right

  • H Goodman
    H Goodman 18 hours ago

    Jojo is amazing

  • Puppy Løver
    Puppy Løver 18 hours ago

    What’s jojos real hair color then

  • Jansan Moradian
    Jansan Moradian 18 hours ago


  • Sherbert 18
    Sherbert 18 18 hours ago

    She acts like a 5 year old

  • Shister Squad
    Shister Squad 19 hours ago

    I mean she’s making fun of Kendall but the WHOLE group made fun Jojo

  • PuppyLocks Gamer
    PuppyLocks Gamer 19 hours ago

    My nickname is Jojo!!! FUN FACT!!! No kidding my older cousins have me that nickname WAAAAYYYY before I knew who Jojo Siwa was

  • Jacob Pettit
    Jacob Pettit 20 hours ago

    Leave her alone she's like 15

  • Acate08 Subscribe
    Acate08 Subscribe 20 hours ago +1

    Jojo don’t gait a hairline dang!!

  • Vannette Lusty
    Vannette Lusty 20 hours ago +1

    Why would they not like you

  • xFalsify
    xFalsify 20 hours ago

    6:12 that poor child wtf :(((

  • I Like Scary Stuffs but not Long Usernames

    Oooooooo Titus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Egg war
    Egg war 20 hours ago

    Simon has left the chat

  • Squishney Loop
    Squishney Loop 20 hours ago

    That image is straight out of my nightmares.

  • Astrid Ceballos
    Astrid Ceballos 21 hour ago

    5 year old siwanators see this video

    *angry 5 year old siwanators have entered the chat*

  • Jaida Deutschmann
    Jaida Deutschmann 21 hour ago

    I don't think she is really 15

  • Nadia Venice
    Nadia Venice 22 hours ago

    why not show the actual clip instead of narrarating it........

  • Kevin Warner
    Kevin Warner 22 hours ago

    So this child runs the "Dance Moms" show, not Abby? Or did you just LIE about a child so you could call HER a liar? Nice to see bullying children gets you money!!!

  • Briana Patrick
    Briana Patrick 22 hours ago

    6:12 lmao wtf

  • Steph Anne
    Steph Anne Day ago


  • PePe IzCoOl
    PePe IzCoOl Day ago

    She’s a good role model too young children
    She’s very positive
    And the fact that she’s getting hated on so much yet sill being happy is astounding!!🎀

  • BananasRuleyo
    BananasRuleyo Day ago

    BE 👏 NICE 👏 TO 👏 JOJO

  • Buffsuki *!*DDLC*!*

    She is saying "HEY Guys it's jojo and welcome back to jojo juice where I do creative things every Wednesday" Idk how i decoded that tho..

  • katkowalski314
    katkowalski314 Day ago

    *Read More*

  • Creative Sparks
    Creative Sparks Day ago

    Um of course Jojo is a better role model why would Danielle be? She’s horrible and I don’t even know jojo
    She didn’t even criticize Danielle anyway she said thank you for pointing out that she is a role model

  • Creative Sparks
    Creative Sparks Day ago

    She is complaining Maddie can’t be there so stop crying like a baby it’s not like Maddie is dead wth... I would mock her in that voice too cause that’s how she sounds deal with what you have

  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur Day ago

    I thought this was t series

  • Pheobe Plus more

    Jo jo is not mj

  • Don‘t read my Picture

    Well I don't like and watch Jojo but doing a video on a literally 15 or 16 year old teenager(child) is just wrong.

  • Yoongi's Mochi
    Yoongi's Mochi Day ago

    *Humpty Dumpty has entered the chat*

  • Shaiel Castillo
    Shaiel Castillo Day ago

    Oh embarrassing because she cried 🙄, Everyone cries the heck? MG

  • Alex Daney
    Alex Daney Day ago

    I hate her

  • Xkawai_fluffybunnyX Xx

    you want to know what's embarrassing? Its this video like i cant even imagine somebody putting time and effort to do this, this is gross stop hating everyone its her personality her mood her style her way !!!

  • agent squirrel
    agent squirrel Day ago

    I'm pretty sure she's saying:

  • Elise Xxx
    Elise Xxx Day ago

    Is this really what a 30 something year old wants to do in her career and what their company wants to do... drag down an innocent child for small mistakes she’s made in her life mainly made on REALITY TV which is in fact NOT REAL.

  • ellie
    ellie Day ago

    no one's denying She's annoying but she's A CHILD

  • Indy Allin
    Indy Allin Day ago

    39 fucking mid rolls fuck chill out

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin Day ago +1

    ShEs 15
    LooKs 3

    AcTs LiKe A SaSsY 24 YeAr OlD

  • XxxGacha LolbitxxX
    XxxGacha LolbitxxX Day ago +1

    I judst hate JOJO SIWA

  • Scorpio Twinsie
    Scorpio Twinsie Day ago


  • harp seal
    harp seal Day ago +2

    I dont like Dance Moms because they dance coaches are causing so many emotions and stress


    "Chic" lmao she is a kid.. i think the narrator is a bit jelouse ...

  • LPS Lemon
    LPS Lemon Day ago

    JoJo Siwa can suck my dick

  • Sally Magaru
    Sally Magaru Day ago

    I think The things are super rode JoJo is a rolmodle to my little sister.

  • Sally Magaru
    Sally Magaru Day ago

    I can decide everything JoJo Siwa in a second.

  • Naomi Potato
    Naomi Potato Day ago


  • Sally Magaru
    Sally Magaru Day ago

    I can

  • Sally Magaru
    Sally Magaru Day ago

    Rood much 😤😤😬


    ok but yall are rude for no reason in this :/

  • Lynn Alloush
    Lynn Alloush Day ago

    Everything she does is cringy and embarrassing you don't need to make a video about it

  • Chara Gamer
    Chara Gamer Day ago


  • Mara Mara
    Mara Mara Day ago

    She a little bish

  • J And J Medina
    J And J Medina Day ago

    I mean 10:25

  • J And J Medina
    J And J Medina Day ago

    Me 0:24

  • 8Danielawolf8
    8Danielawolf8 Day ago

    10:17 the camera isn't on

  • J And J Medina
    J And J Medina Day ago

    Where did you get that thumbnail a site were they sell photos of kids getting raped

  • J And J Medina
    J And J Medina Day ago

    I saw an add for jonwick 3 and i had to watch it with my step dad and we saw that it was out on may 17 and i said right it down in your notes or something and we will even skip school if we have too

  • Derreon Stark
    Derreon Stark Day ago

    I am her fan

  • Levi Davis
    Levi Davis Day ago +1

    JoJo is fr a little brat I've never liked her she's older than me and acts 3 :-: