Jojo Siwa Most Embarassing Moments Ever

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
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    Jojo Siwa’s career started with Abby Lee Miller - from “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” to “Dance Moms,” Jojo became known as the sassy ball of energy that always says what’s on her mind. This, of course, landed her in a lot of trouble and earned her several embarrassing moments. But it’s not just “Dance Moms” - after Jojo left the show and started her vlogs, people began to take notice. From trying to decode her intros to finding out the truth about her height and making fun of her hair, Jojo hasn’t had it easy. But her biggest controversy is actually so shocking, we’re pretty sure you won’t believe it when you hear about it! These are Jojo Siwa’s most embarrassing moments ever!
    What do you love about Jojo Siwa? Now is the time to spill! Come let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to TheThings for more feel-good content.
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  • UnicornCookies Emerald


  • Hamda Farah
    Hamda Farah 4 hours ago

    Catch me outside how about de

  • rima uddin
    rima uddin 6 hours ago

    well actually she did make a video at the start explaining of what she said

  • Senpai Saber
    Senpai Saber 6 hours ago

    Do u know what is more embarrassing her name 😂

  • Redkidinthehoodhorchata

    Jojo is annoying but you can’t help but envy her for all her success

  • Fatima Gueye
    Fatima Gueye 10 hours ago

    4:58 is how jojo should look all the time as a 16 year old girl

  • margarita faletau
    margarita faletau 11 hours ago

    I thought Jojo Siwa is 12 because she acts like a little kid and no offence but she looks like a little kid. Tbh I use to thought that I was older than her😂

  • Jojosiwafan162 !!!!!!!
    Jojosiwafan162 !!!!!!! 11 hours ago

    Leave her alone you trash

  • IvanIvan_ 100
    IvanIvan_ 100 11 hours ago

    Just so you guys know she is a time traveller

  • Sara Catherine Winterhalter

    Okay, Im still early into the video but, She looks like she's 11, and whats up with the bow?!

  • Jexxen Animates
    Jexxen Animates 15 hours ago

    Sweet you say... O RLY

  • Hannah Catluck
    Hannah Catluck 20 hours ago

    0:09 Only a couple?

  • Sugarush Swirl
    Sugarush Swirl 20 hours ago


  • Mafia Queen
    Mafia Queen 20 hours ago


  • Brynn Booth
    Brynn Booth 21 hour ago

    Danielle bregoli is way more better than JoJo

  • Natalie Aldous
    Natalie Aldous 21 hour ago

    Why would u post this I mean personally I’m not a fan but wld u like it if I broadcasted ur mistakes?

  • Blauer Stein
    Blauer Stein 21 hour ago

    Why does jojo have a carnaval on her head

  • Suren Gogoi
    Suren Gogoi 22 hours ago

    I was looking JJBA videos, ended up here, lol annoying bitches

  • Ahmad Dzaky
    Ahmad Dzaky Day ago

    Does she have a stand?

  • Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel Day ago +1

    I'm gonna laugh my ass off when she has pretty much no more hair left and Starts crying about it cause she knew it was coming but didn't stop it

  • Ava SS
    Ava SS Day ago

    Her mom is the reason she is so messed up! Tell her mom to back off! Like holy cow! Jesus her mom is just a dictator she has taught Jojo to live this life before she was old enough to know she had a choice! Back off you dictator and let your daughter live her own freaking life!

  • Ava SS
    Ava SS Day ago

    Okay Joni Siwa is fifteen

    And she dresses like a 5 year old

    • Ava SS
      Ava SS Day ago

      Oof I Ment jojo

  • Mariam Beretay
    Mariam Beretay Day ago

    You don’t joke like that people actually die from accidents

  • Adina Berger
    Adina Berger Day ago

    Jojo siwa is a byotch even Bhad Bhabie is better that Jojo

  • StarrBaxter Music

    Why is people rude to Jojo

  • TheSos FAN
    TheSos FAN Day ago +1

    Zac efron is my boyfriend. It’s true! As real as Jojo siwas hairline, :)

  • I am just a little llama

    How has her scalp not hurting

  • Jisung Park
    Jisung Park Day ago

    Wtf why is she such a bitch?!

  • JaydenMarie
    JaydenMarie Day ago

    her first episode on dance moms was so halarious

  • iconic llama
    iconic llama Day ago +1

    I can’t be the only one that literally died when they saw the 2018 hairline. 😂😂 Honestly, shes basically bald.

  • Josalyn Connally

    She honestly needs to grow up, she is way too chidish in my opinion

  • ゆうゆかり
    ゆうゆかり 2 days ago

    Jojo needs to let down her hair and maybe get some bangs.

  • LPSmaster28 L.
    LPSmaster28 L. 2 days ago +1

    I HATE jojo

  • Ana Galusca
    Ana Galusca 2 days ago

    Anyone looking for JoJo in the comments?😂

  • Grace Vlogs
    Grace Vlogs 2 days ago

    Jojo talks fast cause she has a speaking propylene that’s why she stutters some times

  • Sarah Houston
    Sarah Houston 2 days ago +1

    Jojo is right about it being ok to hold on to your childhood but this is ridiculous. She should act a little more her age.

  • Bean Milk
    Bean Milk 2 days ago

    I just want to say all of the kids makeup is awful

  • Miranda's Daily Vlogs
    Miranda's Daily Vlogs 2 days ago +1

    Does anybody else know JoJo's real name and if they don't Joelle Joaien

  • Mackatacker 07
    Mackatacker 07 2 days ago

    Awesome vid.

  • kara angerer
    kara angerer 2 days ago

    She will probably be bald

  • Artsy Kid
    Artsy Kid 2 days ago

    She is saying Heyyy whats up guys welcome

  • Ashes 2008
    Ashes 2008 2 days ago

    All I can say to Jo Jo is Freak you Jo Jo 🙅

  • JustJayden
    JustJayden 2 days ago

    Many people hate on jojo but ik what she says on her intro she says hey guys welcome back to jojo’s juice.......

  • Ashley Jewanram - Humberview SS (2472)

    She actually has said what she says in her intro when she goes to see abby in the hospital

  • Miu Mau
    Miu Mau 2 days ago

    Boomerang 🤣

  • marcia ward
    marcia ward 2 days ago

    um well she is only 15 she has the right to make mistakes doesn't she?

  • __kennedy__
    __kennedy__ 2 days ago +1

    How is this girl famous i just dont get it people get famous off of nothing.............🙃

  • Madeleine Middendorf
    Madeleine Middendorf 3 days ago +1

    Why would anyone chose Jojo as their favorite USclipr?

  • Henry Scott
    Henry Scott 3 days ago

    You guys, I don't like Jojo that much, but this is bullying. Dont you think this would hurt her feelings....

  • Dougie Mones
    Dougie Mones 3 days ago

    I don't really like JoJo, but The Things always talk about people. Like they need to talk about them...!!!

  • Mahima Sesay
    Mahima Sesay 3 days ago


  • Anna Channel
    Anna Channel 3 days ago

    Jojo's 15?! I thought she was 9... - cough cough -

  • Cianne E.S
    Cianne E.S 3 days ago +3

    I just want to say RIP to Cameron boyce

  • Sissy Story
    Sissy Story 3 days ago

    I don't like Jojo siwa I only like a dog because she's mean and she is a bully I'm sorry JoJo

  • Kelly Gonzalez-patino

    My brother 16 and is 6 2

  • Jayden Voak
    Jayden Voak 3 days ago

    What if Jojo met the bhad bhabie girl and were forced to hang out for a day that would probably be awakward

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 3 days ago


  • Angel Kat
    Angel Kat 3 days ago +1

    My face throughout the video:

  • Country Cutie
    Country Cutie 3 days ago

    You shouldn't make hate videos about a 16 year old

  • Mikell Reed
    Mikell Reed 3 days ago

    sHe poUrs juiCe oN heR hEad whaT a crisiS LeTs aLL hatE on hEr noW!1!1

  • Mikell Reed
    Mikell Reed 3 days ago

    didn’t she say those things when she was like 9? y’all acting like you were perfect little kids tf everyone has said crap like that. and the fact that an adult is criticizing a kid for her hair is just messed up, same with the intro. she’s doing something different, chill.

  • Ruby Lopez Garcia
    Ruby Lopez Garcia 4 days ago

    Jojo is so mean

  • Cadence
    Cadence 4 days ago

    I'm sorry for all her fans but... She is a self centered b@$&% who thinks she knows everything and wants her way all the time.

  • Jennifer Lendof
    Jennifer Lendof 4 days ago


  • Jennifer Lendof
    Jennifer Lendof 4 days ago

    I don’t really like Joao at all she’s just so loud and kinda annoying

  • Sammy
    Sammy 4 days ago

    most people: omg jojo________________!!!!
    me: *spits out water* BRAD!!!!!! .o.

  • Zunko Side
    Zunko Side 4 days ago

    Yea... she is not a good rolemodle for kids she needs to grow up Jesus Christ

  • Shamari Mari
    Shamari Mari 4 days ago

    Danielle didn’t come from a different background if u watched dr.phil it shows her mom saying she changed her voice and started acting different

  • That person Yea
    That person Yea 4 days ago

    Oof no one is gonna talk about how pretty and (more age appropriate) jojo looks at 4:58 not that’s she isn’t pretty already she looks better

  • Trisha C
    Trisha C 4 days ago

    This is a bit cruel, I mean it’s annoying seeing her everywhere but she’s just a kid:( She’s having fun and it’s obvious she likes to make people laugh and in a world like this kids needs that! Let her be silly and embarrassing that’s what childhood is about :)

  • Jennifer Green
    Jennifer Green 4 days ago +2

    I love Michael Jackson ♥️ Jojo will NEVER BE MICHAEL JACKSON EVEN I hate jojo

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca 2 days ago

      Jennifer Green 0.0

  • Dan Burnette
    Dan Burnette 4 days ago

    I dont trust you stop trying to make fun of her i bet you had mush more mustache

  • Kendall Vasek
    Kendall Vasek 4 days ago



  • Elizabeth Hout
    Elizabeth Hout 4 days ago +1

    She say “Hey it’s Jojo and welcome back to my USclip channel” it’s easy to figure out

  • clay mation
    clay mation 4 days ago

    I seen the jojo dad video

  • Kya Brock
    Kya Brock 4 days ago

    JoJo is a influence for young children,dainelle broccoli does drugs has sex steak cars and other shit like that

  • Alexandra Cranberry
    Alexandra Cranberry 4 days ago

    JoJo Siwa you're adorable ily

  • Kenzy Hope
    Kenzy Hope 4 days ago

    I *ucking hate Jojo...

  • Macy Weddle
    Macy Weddle 4 days ago

    Stop calling people names when u call people names wow u are just the same thing as u call people ur being mean and rude and calling people things she shouldn't be mean all the people who are being mean to her stop u all need help keep it to yourself. Sometimes u should keep it t9 yourself whoever made this video bye

  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith 4 days ago

    Now she is 16 and still dresses and acts like she's a three year old. Why the heck does she do that. Probably just to get more attention. Plus she makes up lies about her own dang life just to get attention too! Thumbs down to her

  • Helen lamb
    Helen lamb 4 days ago +1

    She is selfish and an idiot

  • Helen lamb
    Helen lamb 4 days ago +1


  • ЯUSH
    ЯUSH 5 days ago

    Part 9 protagonist

  • Amy Farrell
    Amy Farrell 5 days ago +1

    You guys cant keep making fun of jojo siwa just because how she acts and her hairstyle/hairline that's how she wants to be that's her personality so stop making fun of her shes a human being so please stop she has an amazing personality and a great romodle to younger kids ❤

  • anita murray
    anita murray 5 days ago +1

    The doll jojo has a better hair line than jojo

  • Sarah Barry
    Sarah Barry 5 days ago +2

    Jojo looks beautiful in a ponytail

  • Jacki Leary
    Jacki Leary 5 days ago


  • Jamillah Hopson
    Jamillah Hopson 5 days ago

    Was up guys it’s jojo in I’m back again with another video.i think that’s what she sau

  • dackster
    dackster 5 days ago

    I looooooooooooooooove jojo I don't care about the past

  • f.dyer0528
    f.dyer0528 5 days ago +1

    Why did they use Declan McKenna

  • Javon Scott
    Javon Scott 5 days ago

    Jojo hairline left the chat

  • Raquel Guzmam
    Raquel Guzmam 5 days ago

    Lol shes a kid. Leave her alone... We all were cringey when we were young

  • Marta May
    Marta May 5 days ago

    I do not like her

  • Muse Lucy
    Muse Lucy 5 days ago

    Anyone just want her to grow up?.. I mean she's doing better than me lol but she can do a lot better acting her age as well..

  • Bad bucket96
    Bad bucket96 5 days ago +2

    But JoJo you the talk now but what come up must go down think about it

  • Bad bucket96
    Bad bucket96 5 days ago

    I think she didn't get enough of attention ween she was little so she became a USclipr and making these crazy videos so she can get the attention that she never got.

  • Dejan Kovčić
    Dejan Kovčić 5 days ago +1

    Jojo is the worst

  • Matea Sophie Behnke
    Matea Sophie Behnke 5 days ago +2

    Dark colours: Jojo, am I a joke to you?

  • Kristy Castillo
    Kristy Castillo 5 days ago +1

    Hey every one it's jojo and welcome back to every single siwanator out there || there you go every one

  • Mia Mejia
    Mia Mejia 5 days ago +19

    1:28. Ok so I understand that jojo made fun of Kendall. Not cool. But let’s not forget when Kendall made fun of her PUBLICLY, at least jojo kept it to herself until the interview.

    • Liv Saitta
      Liv Saitta 4 days ago

      Yeah, everyone just gives Jojo accusations. She was fine, it's just her personality!