TSM Myth Works at Chipotle for a Day!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • TSM Myth decided to get a second job at Chipotle for a day! Watch our latest video to see if he can handle a hard day's work at his favorite restaurant! 🌯👀
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Comments • 7 799

  • MaxPower 990
    MaxPower 990 4 hours ago

    Boycott for not high ib oddonesout

  • DsM_ Fade
    DsM_ Fade 8 hours ago

    10:03 manger walks out what the heck are you doing girl gets fire myth takes her spot and the girl takes over myths Fortnite and is better

  • Earon Ordillano
    Earon Ordillano 9 hours ago

    This video is just someone working at Chipotle. So interesting

  • Luis Jacobo
    Luis Jacobo 11 hours ago

    That face tho 4:30

  • Drew Keth
    Drew Keth 15 hours ago

    When your wife’s boyfriend brings home chipotle

  • Sai Priyatham Kasam
    Sai Priyatham Kasam 19 hours ago


  • luvitate
    luvitate 22 hours ago

    The lady in the video I think had a crush on myth and he rejected her so hard cuz she was gonna give him a high five then she just clapped herself. gg

  • xSandstone
    xSandstone Day ago

    Myth is flirting for free Chipotle burritos

  • MrKinglydude
    MrKinglydude Day ago


  • Lets Go Caps !!
    Lets Go Caps !! Day ago

    7:16 what was her hand motion, and also after that she said finesse

  • TheOnlyDerpyMustache

    Next up: *Daequan works at McDonalds for a day*

  • Jayson Brown
    Jayson Brown Day ago

    She was a little salty that she didnt get a show out lmao

  • Joshua c00l
    Joshua c00l Day ago

    Player: Is Fortnite better than Apex
    Myth: Just try it it’s the only way

  • H gang vids
    H gang vids Day ago

    "Chirp chirp"!!!! Chipotle "chirp chirp"!!! How do you do this Chipotle

  • I’m pickle rick Rick

    Who ate a piece of myth

  • master key
    master key Day ago +1


  • Chodis Tv
    Chodis Tv Day ago

    I bet she has a crush on him lmao

  • BiA T1PsY
    BiA T1PsY Day ago

    Damn is myth not getting paid enough in streaming

    RAPHAEL DENNIE 2 days ago

    2:18 the way she looked at him when she said “nice and creamy “

  • Divinity
    Divinity 2 days ago

    *1 month later... myth is still making fortnite refrences about food*

  • Matt Bloc
    Matt Bloc 2 days ago

    She said *finesse*
    I think she’s tryna show Myth that she knows “fancy” words and is flirtin’ With him.

  • Mehul Kasliwal
    Mehul Kasliwal 2 days ago

    She is so sweet!

  • Guitar Steve13
    Guitar Steve13 2 days ago +3

    When the General Manager was mashing avocados it sounded like she was clapping cheeks

  • Ranga
    Ranga 2 days ago +1

    You can so tell she likes myth

  • Ranga
    Ranga 2 days ago

    You can so tell she likes myth

  • Salomon Brygger
    Salomon Brygger 3 days ago

    I think myth needs a long armed sleeve

  • Grip Junior
    Grip Junior 3 days ago

    What Myth is going to do after the Fortnite World Cup..

  • Unknown_ Jay
    Unknown_ Jay 3 days ago

    How many times did she say “Perfect!”

  • Manu Hudson
    Manu Hudson 4 days ago

    Holy shit her voice is annoying

  • Juan Contreras
    Juan Contreras 4 days ago

    2:21 let's give it some of that *thus thus thud*

  • TLS-SHOTS-YT Savage
    TLS-SHOTS-YT Savage 4 days ago +1

    Stop hating

  • Edward Duong
    Edward Duong 5 days ago

    the chips at chipotle are sooooooooooo salty and now i know why A LOT OF SALT ON BOTH SIDES JESUS

  • Amari Chukwura
    Amari Chukwura 5 days ago

    Jesus Myth looks like he never cooked a day in his life.

  • Holly Cocks
    Holly Cocks 5 days ago +1

    Meow meow

  • Haydn Dubman
    Haydn Dubman 5 days ago

    They need to crank up them JALEPENOSS

  • Avin_ VLOGS
    Avin_ VLOGS 5 days ago

    His britto good

  • cwhit lol
    cwhit lol 6 days ago

    bruh they forgot the guac at the end when they said his burrito

  • サン月
    サン月 6 days ago

    where he'd be if fortnite didn't exist

    KING_ YZY 6 days ago

    Why does myth look like he works there

  • Michael Milano
    Michael Milano 6 days ago

    u can chew bubble gum while cutting onions and u wont cry (life hack)

  • xSotoz_YT
    xSotoz_YT 6 days ago +2


  • TST_ Midnight
    TST_ Midnight 6 days ago

    They dont have chipotle in my country

  • Sasuke Uzamaki
    Sasuke Uzamaki 6 days ago

    anybody know whats going on with daequan?

  • TheIronWolf2018 Z
    TheIronWolf2018 Z 7 days ago

    Why does myth have no arm hair

  • Cheez _
    Cheez _ 7 days ago

    Kick Wintrzz from tsm

  • Lucido Plays fortnite :0

    3:25 Myth making these fortnite references is really cringy

  • The Real Head Honcho

    So basically myth has no arm strength.. Lol

  • Ryan Saviano
    Ryan Saviano 7 days ago +5

    TSM did this to set Myth up with a girl

  • Snxpezz
    Snxpezz 7 days ago

    Murder on my mind laugh at 5:40

  • Antonio Medina
    Antonio Medina 7 days ago +3

    What if myth worked at chipotle FOR REAL

    ITRIXZ 8 days ago

    It like when I play with myth wait what you just kill all squad

  • LifelikeSheep4
    LifelikeSheep4 8 days ago

    I’m a bad turtle you know that’s true and I can’t say anything because I’m trumoo I like trumoo because it’s good.

  • NickEh30IsQualityContent

    This is pretty
    In 5
    “ people start flossing “

  • Dennis Jordan
    Dennis Jordan 8 days ago

    Tell did she want the cream 30 likes

  • sweet HONEY
    sweet HONEY 8 days ago

    1 hour later myth gets some head...

  • Thiccmas
    Thiccmas 8 days ago +4

    Myth prolly got her number after the vid😂😂😂

  • Stampyl0ngt0esTV
    Stampyl0ngt0esTV 8 days ago +1

    Tsm suck so bad cuz they swap gold scars for purple supressed scars and gold p90s for grey supressed smg

  • Fortnite Battle royal Shane


  • Fortnite Battle royal Shane

    Hey your my USclipr

  • Ryan Kim22
    Ryan Kim22 8 days ago

    Never ate at Chipotle cause I live on guam

  • michael pandolfi
    michael pandolfi 8 days ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah myth you are so damn funny pullin quick shit on this girl hahahahahahahahahahahh hit it w a lil of dis..... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  • Fortnite Jumper
    Fortnite Jumper 8 days ago

    You should do a video with her playing fortnite

  • Reborn
    Reborn 9 days ago

    She was checking him out lmao

  • Warrick Howe
    Warrick Howe 9 days ago

    that girl's voice is so damn annoying like change it now

  • J Strong
    J Strong 9 days ago

    Yo myths arms look skinny as hell buddy

  • DaDarkKnight InFortnite

    They work hard like if agree

  • xXDizzey Xx
    xXDizzey Xx 9 days ago

    One like for myth’s mom being proud

  • Saido game Plays
    Saido game Plays 9 days ago

    Now myth makes chapotile at home

  • Tobias Brinch van Santen

    so you acctually did work

  • Shay CS
    Shay CS 9 days ago

    myth you need some milk and gym my God!

  • KnightWolfGamer
    KnightWolfGamer 9 days ago

    Song name ?

  • YouThinkItzMe
    YouThinkItzMe 10 days ago

    9:25 and that's why they have those guys in the back to mix everything cus they buff af

  • D-d-dvon
    D-d-dvon 10 days ago

    I'm shipping Myth x Katie the manager from now on

  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 10 days ago

    I live in Hermosa Beach!

  • AidenRush13
    AidenRush13 10 days ago

    buff action figure

  • Anthony Esparza
    Anthony Esparza 10 days ago

    This bum running out of youtube ideas since he booty at fortnite

  • Silence_ Andy10
    Silence_ Andy10 10 days ago

    Can I have a bowl and a bag of chips

  • Holden Farrell
    Holden Farrell 10 days ago

    3:35 sounds dirty..

  • Marlon Abbott Jr
    Marlon Abbott Jr 10 days ago

    Which Chipotle was it?

  • YoungBoy _ Damian
    YoungBoy _ Damian 10 days ago

    Hit the woah😲👋

  • Ryan Rattan
    Ryan Rattan 10 days ago

    These dumbass chipotle bitches thinking they’re tough

  • Viiral
    Viiral 10 days ago +1

    Team sus men

  • Wxnter - Island Royale and Strucid

    When myth havin trouble, he be like: "Game on"

  • Jaciry
    Jaciry 10 days ago

    the way she said creamy... hmm

  • thearsenaltoe uzo
    thearsenaltoe uzo 10 days ago

    Now he be workin at chipotle

  • Gee A
    Gee A 10 days ago

    Sorry these are basic tasks and you struggle? Just stay home xD

  • PiLLoW Jmc
    PiLLoW Jmc 10 days ago

    myth is hooking up

  • Icomicazi [1360]
    Icomicazi [1360] 10 days ago +8

    I think someone has a crush👀

    Myth trying to flex with Fortnite reference

  • Legend Gamer9
    Legend Gamer9 10 days ago

    Well done myth it’s probably better than my nans food

  • Hiking
    Hiking 11 days ago


  • Krispy Clips
    Krispy Clips 11 days ago

    What Happen To Camills?

  • Marcos Rivas
    Marcos Rivas 11 days ago

    manz a bitch

  • Andre Moreno
    Andre Moreno 11 days ago

    I applied for a job at chipotle a week ago so I can pay for college and other stuff, I’m getting my interview this Saturday. Now I have some expectations of what that job would be like

  • Adrian Vlogs
    Adrian Vlogs 11 days ago

    Manager low key kinda cute tho

    AKAHAILZZ 11 days ago

    chipotle is my life!!!!!!

  • windycitycrew21
    windycitycrew21 11 days ago

    Has he never cut open a avocado

  • windycitycrew21
    windycitycrew21 11 days ago

    I thought this was buzzfeed saying chipotle myths irl

  • Snipes86 Papadaki
    Snipes86 Papadaki 11 days ago +2

    If this button is gray, you think Hamlinz is tall

    • BLaDe Recon
      BLaDe Recon 8 days ago

      Snipes86 Papadaki he is tall lol