Dance Moms: Abby ROASTS the Moms' Fashion (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
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    Abby is unimpressed with the moms' fashion sense in this extended scene from Season 8, Episode 14, "The Return of Studio 19." #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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Comments • 288

  • Lifetime
    Lifetime  Month ago +123

    Love Dance Moms? Catch up on full episodes on and the Lifetime app!

  • Kaitlyn is a nice person

    Ok boomer

  • KoalaApoc
    KoalaApoc 4 days ago

    i haven’t watched dance moms in forever. are any of the OGs still here?

  • Unicorn Universe 2
    Unicorn Universe 2 4 days ago

    Who here likes the old batch more?

  • None of Your business

    Abby roasts people and she wears the worst wigs I have EVER seen

  • taylor brown
    taylor brown 8 days ago

    Love Abby 😂😂😂😂

  • •Nixo •
    •Nixo • 11 days ago

    Abby didn’t mention keishas outfit
    Anybody else see that

  • The Office Sis
    The Office Sis 14 days ago

    "Mr. Bus Driver!!! We're doing eye makeup!!!"

  • Chloe Is Kween
    Chloe Is Kween 15 days ago +2

    Can they air more fun moments like this instead of the drama?

    • Lifetime
      Lifetime  14 days ago

      Hi Chloe! We love seeing the ALDC dancers relaxed too! Check out the playlist for our series "Dance Moms: Dance Party" for more fun and less drama here -

  • Mia Percer
    Mia Percer 15 days ago

    Abby is right, the moms Clothes are not that good

  • Riley D.
    Riley D. 15 days ago +1

    When your dance teacher is cooler than you..

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez 16 days ago

    Loved this😂😂😂

  • Roman Holiday
    Roman Holiday 19 days ago

    why is this scene even in here, like what does the moms dressing have anything to do with dance??

  • Mira and Ruby
    Mira and Ruby 21 day ago +1

    The beginning of the video was the same music of pink lemonade from S3

  • blanca a
    blanca a 22 days ago

    Gets roasted “ OOF”

  • Vodkahouse 666
    Vodkahouse 666 22 days ago

    She has read them da house

  • saoirse xo
    saoirse xo 26 days ago

    I love how Abby is making fun of their outfits while wearing a white baggy shirt with tacky sequins

  • Bîrdíêš ÙwÚ
    Bîrdíêš ÙwÚ 27 days ago

    *im waiting for her to fall tho*

  • omar alvarado
    omar alvarado 28 days ago

    Abby dragged all the moms

    THE TRUTH 28 days ago

    And then, and then ...AND THEN!!!.. LOL😂

  • Arihanna Chavis
    Arihanna Chavis Month ago +2

    Who’s your all time favorite dance mom from any season??? Mine is Christie , Kelly and Holly.

  • KamishVEVO
    KamishVEVO Month ago

    looooll love dance moms

  • Olivia Holman
    Olivia Holman Month ago +3

    Who remembers when abby wore the same shirt everyday!?!.😂😂😂😂

  • Strawberry Iren
    Strawberry Iren Month ago

    I honestly think Abby is right..

  • Ashton Sams
    Ashton Sams Month ago

    I only feel compelled to leave my comment here because the comments on the actual videos are disabled. Every time Abby and whoever else plays “Guess the Post” or “Guess the Age”, why does it always surprise me that they say they’re on location at the ALDC LA??? I’m pretty sure I read an article that stated her studio in LA closed while she was was incarcerated and trying to fight through her illness??? 🤔🤷‍♀️ I even remember thinking to myself that must be why she took her new team from Season 8 back to Pittsburgh anyway. The article even included pics of the studio being gutted and things being tore down, too. Unless someone just wrote that article out of spite and maybe used pics of when she was putting her new studio together in the beginning or maybe she decided to change things up and redecorate or something anyway 🤷‍♀️. While she could be hurtful and vindictive towards the members on her original team (well, most of them anyway), anybody and everybody who is willing to change and learn from their mistakes while trying to move forward deserves a second with that being said, I’m glad that the rumors appear to be false and she was able to keep her LA studio then 😉😊 💃🕺

  • Courtney Paull
    Courtney Paull Month ago

    I died watching this! 😂!
    Btw, they all dress perfectly fine.
    The costume is ugly. No offense to Abby!

  • Annaclara Silva leal

    Abby al the moms dress beutio

  • welcome to chillies

    no one's gonna talk about abbys bad makeup wigs and track suits plus tacky jewelry?

  • Natasha
    Natasha Month ago

    she didn’t really roast them

    well, well

  • Triphany Smith
    Triphany Smith Month ago


  • mell fernandez
    mell fernandez Month ago

    Nah but Ashley dresses mad cuteee

  • Carlie Bank
    Carlie Bank Month ago +1

    This is definitely not as good as the original team and moms... they are just trying to get famous !!!😂😂😂😂

  • Helloworld 95
    Helloworld 95 Month ago

    You forgot Kisha 😂 and I think Ashley dresses nicely

  • Mazna Khan
    Mazna Khan Month ago

    what is up with ashley tho??
    like is she going to a club or a dance studio as a mother?

  • Emerson Shumbera
    Emerson Shumbera Month ago

    I don't think you can say they dress terribly when they don't..

  • Notsogracefulme
    Notsogracefulme Month ago

    Abby, the moms all look cute but those cotlstunes look boring and wayyy to extra. I get you want them to be seen, but not in this way girl 💀

  • Jahaden Tobias
    Jahaden Tobias Month ago

    Does abby have on a wig? Of so its very noticeable

  • Cecily Grace Jones
    Cecily Grace Jones Month ago

    Why do you have to spend a lot of money on clothes to look good?

  • xgirlxc mwah
    xgirlxc mwah Month ago +206

    abby: the moms dress horribly
    also abby: *wears the same shirt everyday*

  • Vivian Nichols
    Vivian Nichols Month ago

    I would love some fashion advice from Abby. I need help. 😂

  • Allison Ickes
    Allison Ickes Month ago

    They must've got thoes wigs from wish if they dont look like color nor the picture it showed

  • Veronica Pointer
    Veronica Pointer Month ago

    Keshia dresses pretty cool.

  • Ava Myers
    Ava Myers Month ago

    Abby didn’t criticize Paris’s mom or Ann

  • dkxxy
    dkxxy Month ago +1

    Anyone else glad the wigs didn't work?
    It would have been a gimmick. Without them it was brilliant!

  • eliza
    eliza Month ago +147

    “she doesn’t spend much money on her clothes, hair, or shoes”
    because she spends all her money on her kid’s dance lessons i-

  • Nightfury 811
    Nightfury 811 Month ago +1

    😂😂😂😂😂 omg

  • michelle soleil
    michelle soleil Month ago

    Abby just read them to absolute filth and I just cant stop laughing 😆

  • Heidy Coleman
    Heidy Coleman Month ago

    ACTUALLY they all have good fashion sense, abby shouldn't be so judgmental towards the moms because it's their preference and they dress how they want to dress not how Abby want them to dress.

  • Lejla MSP
    Lejla MSP Month ago

    I really miss the old aldc members they just have so many memories 😔

  • Taco_Idiot
    Taco_Idiot Month ago +1

    *I feel like Trisha and Joanne are the only moms who dress as well in general ♡シ*
    They got da Fashion Taste too!! ꨄ☆

  • O K
    O K Month ago

    What channel is dance moms on in direct tv

  • A F
    A F Month ago +1

    Abby is always so quick to call someone else out for their makeup, hair, clothes and shoes but has she ever actually looked in the mirror. She continues to give advice but she should be talking someone's advice even the wig at the minute looks synthetic and badly styled surely she has the money to buy a decent wig.

  • Lichi 1234
    Lichi 1234 Month ago

    I honestly think they all dress at least better as Abby 🙄

  • mimi mmiimmii
    mimi mmiimmii Month ago +1

    why is abby soooo mean😂💩🤡👹if you say she is mean like let us see how many people think that Abby is mean

  • Olivia Evans
    Olivia Evans Month ago +1

    Gianna always look so sleep deprived

  • Ellai Sarwari
    Ellai Sarwari Month ago

    The old Dance Moms’ is better.

  • Carmal Vibes
    Carmal Vibes Month ago

    Make a sentence using 1 word

  • Pauline Kay
    Pauline Kay Month ago

    Abby do tou like Lilly or Maddie best?

  • Candice Wideman
    Candice Wideman Month ago


  • Zuhal Khorami
    Zuhal Khorami Month ago

    Ok and Abbey that's their style u can't chat look at u