10 insanely short WWE Title Matches: WWE Top 10, Oct. 16, 2019

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • In honor of Brock Lesnar’s quick destruction of Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship, take a look at 10 of the shortest WWE Title bouts, presented by Tapout.
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Comments • 1 822

  • Bilal Ashraf
    Bilal Ashraf 4 hours ago

    Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus? no? okay....

  • RickFifa
    RickFifa 14 hours ago

    Third video should be renamed:
    Top 10 Cashes in: Fails and Wins

  • Harsha Reddy
    Harsha Reddy 18 hours ago

    How can you include money in the bank cash ins..obiviously they will be short.

  • Osama Shakeel
    Osama Shakeel 19 hours ago +1

    Every wwe list is empty without Cena

  • Alfaro TV
    Alfaro TV Day ago

    Rock vs erick Rowan

  • Talha Rehman
    Talha Rehman Day ago

    My salute and my respect for

  • Kentucky Fried Child

    I like how NXT thinks their bosses beating up the whole the rosters but realistically their rookies so much off rookies they can’t make it to live TV because no body wants to see them fight and raw and smack are gonna destroy them

  • BLASTARD royale
    BLASTARD royale Day ago

    What about Goldberg vs lesnar

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze Day ago

    i feel like sheamus’ title reign in 2015 was under appreciated

  • Super Toad
    Super Toad 2 days ago

    I’m gonna be honset I’m surprised this list wasn’t all cash ins sins there are normally really short


    sheamus and Brayan match

  • priyank sharma
    priyank sharma 4 days ago

    Brock Lesnar

  • Zerkan nakreZ
    Zerkan nakreZ 5 days ago

    Where is sheamus vs daniel bryan?

  • Swill4You FN
    Swill4You FN 8 days ago

    They did kofi so dirty

  • Tanmoy Chakraborty
    Tanmoy Chakraborty 8 days ago

    Randi ortan and rusev , 9sec

  • MO HIT
    MO HIT 11 days ago

    I don't like this ..first WWE gave Kofi too much hype....then he beat by Brock....in few seconds...at least he deserves a long match

  • Divyanshi Rana
    Divyanshi Rana 14 days ago

    2 is fake

  • Ronak Rajpoot
    Ronak Rajpoot 15 days ago +1

    Irony is this video is presented by tapout and there is no single submission.

  • LilGodBoi G
    LilGodBoi G 15 days ago

    Dude they did kofi bad

  • Kino Garcia
    Kino Garcia 15 days ago

    Rey vs JBL??

  • dhruv sharma
    dhruv sharma 16 days ago

    who wants to know what is the difference between powerbomb and Batista bomb🤔

  • bobbygethers
    bobbygethers 17 days ago

    weer is kiin

  • Sam Teisar
    Sam Teisar 17 days ago

    What about Rey mysterio vs JBL

  • Great TV
    Great TV 18 days ago

    Wow lol

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C 18 days ago

    Kofi's moving like a Spider. 5:02

  • Doni
    Doni 18 days ago

    you forgot DB at wrestlemania . smh

  • Sasha Banks
    Sasha Banks 19 days ago

    Why do you guys always omit the women's matches????

  • Indecisivegamer
    Indecisivegamer 19 days ago

    Why Goldberg beating Brock not here, he did it in like 26 seconds

  • وليد بالغيث
    وليد بالغيث 19 days ago


  • Mr. Aquarius
    Mr. Aquarius 19 days ago

    Yeah you wasn't going to see none during the attitude era js.

  • Yawar Ali
    Yawar Ali 19 days ago

    corbin didn't even punch him 2:31 😂

  • Mr. Aquarius
    Mr. Aquarius 19 days ago

    Yeah you wasn't going to see none during the attitude era js.

  • DG
    DG 19 days ago

    I timed the brock loser vs Kofi Kingston match
    It wasn't 5 seconds, it was 8.58 seconds

  • BrutalCyberPlayz YT
    BrutalCyberPlayz YT 19 days ago

    Bork Laser

  • aykut sahin
    aykut sahin 19 days ago

    Batista the real beast 🔥🔥🔥

  • iitzNova
    iitzNova 20 days ago

    Love how WWE just wastes there talent

  • Ted Bell
    Ted Bell 21 day ago

    Brock 10 through 1

  • Harjio Singh
    Harjio Singh 21 day ago

    Sometimes I feel that wwe is fake

  • Suliasi Turagabeci
    Suliasi Turagabeci 21 day ago

    It would be nice to have the dates written at yhe bottom as well☺☺

  • Anthony Pearson
    Anthony Pearson 21 day ago

    Brock Lesnar is bad for wwe

  • Summon256
    Summon256 21 day ago

    Where is the Goldberg one against Lesnar??! LMAO

  • Giulianna Ferrucci
    Giulianna Ferrucci 21 day ago

    Why would they make Brock Lesner the WWE Champion? Wow. Poor Kofi. :(

  • กูดอ อาดอบาแฆ


    AIRBOOM54 21 day ago

    What about kane vs chavo at WM24 for the ecw championship

  • aghv ha nv
    aghv ha nv 21 day ago

    Like below Who watched brock leasnar screaming

  • กูดอ อาดอบาแฆ

    จำตอนมีเซ็กซ์ ครั้งแรก ผิดตรงไหนว่ะ เลียก็บอกเลียหี,

  • กูดอ อาดอบาแฆ

    ข่มขืน นางเอกฯ
    รับประทานของเหลือเดนฯ จากผู้ร้ายฯ

  • กูดอ อาดอบาแฆ

    เลยเที่ยงคืน เข้าวันสุดท้าย,31/10/2019

  • Clint Arnold
    Clint Arnold 22 days ago

    Batista cashing in his Being Batista in the Bank was awesome

  • Samoo Samoo
    Samoo Samoo 22 days ago

    0:22 your reaction when you read this video's description

  • Zarees
    Zarees 22 days ago

    Goldberg vs k.o?

  • Ong JunWei
    Ong JunWei 23 days ago

    Sheamus what a Liverpool fan

  • Austin Polk
    Austin Polk 23 days ago

    What about The Rock and Rowan

  • Ahmed Suroor
    Ahmed Suroor 23 days ago

    You missed Shemus vs denial brayan wreslmania match..

  • DoccoBell
    DoccoBell 23 days ago

    I was at work watching this match on FOX, and I was like “WHAT” whenever lesnar just murdered kofi.

  • dtaylor333
    dtaylor333 23 days ago

    Vince: Kofi Kingston was never my friend

  • Manisha Daujee
    Manisha Daujee 24 days ago +1

    What about the rock vs Erick rowan

  • Brian Mccarthy
    Brian Mccarthy 24 days ago

    Wrestling may be fake but getting powerbombed doesnt look like it feels too good lol

  • Dunston
    Dunston 24 days ago

    Kofi got WASTED!!!! Wooooooo!!! Good, he was a no draw chump!