International Dunkin Donuts Taste Test


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  • Scavenger Turtle
    Scavenger Turtle 21 hour ago +1

    That’s not a kolache. Kolaches are pastries with a fruit or cream cheese filling, the word kolache means round or Circe

  • Mia Rendon
    Mia Rendon Day ago

    Being from Texas I thought the kolache was so obvious, I had no idea this wasn't a common staple with donuts.

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow Day ago

    Dunkin Donuts still aren't even in all 50 states yet. I have never seen a dunkin donuts but I see commercials every day.

  • Anthony Avelar
    Anthony Avelar 2 days ago

    All link does is copy rhett.. he is a loser

  • LECyr4
    LECyr4 3 days ago

    I never noticed before that Chase sat in the chair in the background of the set when he's not measuring.

    DJ LUCKY 3 days ago

    wonder if they will try a bulgarian dish in GMM :P They whould love it if they do

  • Mystic
    Mystic 3 days ago

    In the uk a pig in blankets are sausages covered in bacon

  • Ughhh
    Ughhh 4 days ago

    There was a french occupation in morocco

  • Devin
    Devin 4 days ago

    I like the dart international game, I feel like a USA version would be cool where you just get a big map of the U.S. and have the guys throw darts at the map for a certain state. Not sure what the topic would be, but I think itd be cool

  • roze niraz
    roze niraz 4 days ago

    Im a new GMM fan and came across this video saying yall are gonna be here in my home town TOMORROW and im incredibly bummed I wont be able to see you guys on such short notice. Have a great show guys, wish I got tickets :(

  • God X Anime
    God X Anime 5 days ago

    Krispy kimteking madick

  • Emily Estrada-Oliva
    Emily Estrada-Oliva 6 days ago

    Hondraus girls, catrachas, hands upp

  • Vanesa Dineva
    Vanesa Dineva 6 days ago


  • Period 4 Productions

    May I make a suggestion? I love these series of videos. They are very entertaining. But I have to say I think it would make the game more interesting to throw in the stipulation that if either Rhett or Link guess the correct location, then a few cm should be deduced from the score they get once they through the dart. It is very impressive when they guess the correct location.

  • Makay 97
    Makay 97 6 days ago

    Yay link!!!!

  • I'm Haykeez
    I'm Haykeez 6 days ago

    Link is a dog when it comes to winning !
    👎 he is a looser

  • Kaori Miyazono
    Kaori Miyazono 7 days ago

    Yea, Indonesia always has sweet cheese. Though, J CO is better by far in Indonesia.

  • Dimitri Plays
    Dimitri Plays 7 days ago

    we don't have Dunkin doughnuts in Canada

  • Fuckingenius
    Fuckingenius 8 days ago

    Cant find him eating the scronut, gotta dislike the video.

  • Catalyst Chris
    Catalyst Chris 8 days ago

    The USA sausage thing has a very similar aspect as the pretzel dog at auntie Anne’s

  • Eugenia Lassaque
    Eugenia Lassaque 9 days ago

    Pardon me, here in Argentina we do have those.
    We call them wrapped children

  • Gage Knox
    Gage Knox 9 days ago

    Um link should’ve lost they cheated for him his sugar things didn’t even get close to Indonesia

  • Sofia Mastroianni
    Sofia Mastroianni 9 days ago

    6:08 is that pewdipie laughing?

  • Master marco 213
    Master marco 213 9 days ago

    They don’t have dunkin donuts in the 🇬🇧 uk

  • User
    User 9 days ago

    Rhett is better because he leans in a ton when throwing...

  • Niko Kasarda
    Niko Kasarda 10 days ago

    I still love both of you tho and I love this game so don’t get me wrong

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 10 days ago

    Wait Rhett lost so and Damnyell has to eat the scronut? How is that fair?

  • Cameron Bell
    Cameron Bell 10 days ago

    They make me so happy don’t know why

  • Riley Schmunsler
    Riley Schmunsler 10 days ago

    As a born and raised Texan, I can confirm that we LOVE kolaches.

  • Zarah Thomas
    Zarah Thomas 10 days ago

    Love u guys soo much!! Ps:You should play this game more💗💗

  • BioHazard Shrimp
    BioHazard Shrimp 11 days ago

    "my munchkins are going to go everywhere"

  • Pyro Python
    Pyro Python 11 days ago +1

    Damn, I'm really not liking these kind of videos anymore. Firstly, link gets a giant advantage which Is kind of ok depending on the advantage ie if it's a cheat or if I still needs skill. Secondly, they always seem like they are aiming for each other's Dart and not really going with reason. That my biggest concern. However don't think that I'm a hater, cause I am not. I still very much enjoy other content on gmm.

    ARIANA RICHTER 11 days ago

    I live in Texas and I’ve eaten coaches my entire life. I never knew it was just us 😂 you mean they don’t sell them in California??

    ARIANA RICHTER 11 days ago

    I live in Texas and I’ve eaten coaches my entire life. I never knew it was just us 😂 you mean they don’t sell them in California??

  • Briana Shaid
    Briana Shaid 12 days ago

    Wow I never had that in USA 🇺🇸. I’m in Ohio

  • Gabriela Mihaylova
    Gabriela Mihaylova 12 days ago

    i didn't even know we had dunkin donuts in Bulgaria

  • Gabriela Mihaylova
    Gabriela Mihaylova 12 days ago

    i'm bulgarian

  • Josh Story
    Josh Story 12 days ago

    They don’t have kolaches everywhere else?! I live in Texas and ever gas station has kolaches lol.

  • 서찬욱
    서찬욱 14 days ago +1

    me eat many garlic game

  • H Dubby
    H Dubby 14 days ago

    My mind has just been blown...I had no idea that donut shop kolaches were just a Texas thing,I thought everybody had them lol. I have to say,y'all are missing out😏

  • Majora's Wrath
    Majora's Wrath 14 days ago +3

    Don't you just love it when China randomly annexes four neighboring countries and part of Russia and no one notices? And when, exactly, did Kashmir become an independent nation?

  • Shinji Itoi
    Shinji Itoi 14 days ago

    Wow, I'm Texas, but I don't know about those pigs in a blanket being a type of donut. o.o
    Then again, therr is this one donut place that sells them and their called kolaches... but it's also a type of donut?
    I forgot about that place too, called super donut, because I don't like it too much, LOL. :p

  • Feminist Vegan
    Feminist Vegan 15 days ago

    Did he just call link Neil? Link must be a trap.

  • Joey Wu
    Joey Wu 15 days ago

    I love pork floss!!!!

  • Connor Adams
    Connor Adams 16 days ago


  • Detroit RockCity
    Detroit RockCity 16 days ago

    Stop giving link advantages you jerk Rhett won

  • Sining Tadhana
    Sining Tadhana 16 days ago


  • Luke Bennet
    Luke Bennet 16 days ago

    I have never heard Rhett call Link, Neil before and he said a few times in this episode.

  • Dustin Jackson
    Dustin Jackson 17 days ago

    WAIT. Kolaches are a texas thing???? Wtf I thought they were universal.

  • Blu CheeseYT
    Blu CheeseYT 17 days ago

    Of course chase sees that last donut mark

  • Fingo Jones
    Fingo Jones 17 days ago

    Honestly, from Texas, thought kolaches were around the U.S.

  • Matúš Novosádek
    Matúš Novosádek 17 days ago

    well its nice... but all donarts hit China... none of them hit the spot above indonesia.. just sayin....

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 17 days ago

    I thought everyone knew what a kolache is

  • The Hitman
    The Hitman 17 days ago +1

    Chase looks like bigjigglypanda

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer
    Tyler Joseph Schommer 18 days ago

    This map is small.

  • Sammy Smith
    Sammy Smith 18 days ago

    They don't have a clue about Argentina's cuisine. We don't eat spicy food or beans, though we love meat

  • Yali Ding
    Yali Ding 18 days ago

    I have to clearfy we Chinese never eat that kinda donuts!

  • TY.L ExoticSupercars
    TY.L ExoticSupercars 18 days ago


  • Taylor P
    Taylor P 18 days ago

    Wait so you're telling me kolaches are a texas only thing?? I was shocked when they didn't know what a kolache was

  • Critical Alfredo
    Critical Alfredo 20 days ago

    that chocolate-glazed and parmesan donut seems not indonesian (i'm indonesian of course and enjoyed that), and i thought it's one of the original menu until i watched this

  • Leon Draw
    Leon Draw 21 day ago

    i hate ads

  • thatswhatshesaid
    thatswhatshesaid 21 day ago

    Rhett's one bite equals to Link's ten bites. True story.

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu 21 day ago

    pork 👏🏽 floss 👏🏽

  • Viktoriya Vlogs
    Viktoriya Vlogs 22 days ago +1

    I am half Bulgarian and lived in Bulgaria most of my life and SINCE WHEN IS THERE A DUNKIN DOUGHNUTS A THING THERE

  • Michael Youmu
    Michael Youmu 22 days ago

    This is awesome!!!! If you like this, please check out a Taste test on my channel!! We try weird flavors of Chinese potato chips! One guy nearly vomited!! :)

  • ᴍᴇʀᴄʜɪᴏᴅᴏs

    I donut believe my eyes, Link has won

  • Andrew Sun
    Andrew Sun 22 days ago

    Why does Canada not have dunkin donuts :(

  • Mats Eik
    Mats Eik 24 days ago

    That map is so wrong it annoys me

  • dani vb
    dani vb 24 days ago

    Have you never had a Karachi from Dunkin donuts

  • Monchichi's Channel
    Monchichi's Channel 24 days ago

    "it's an open faced sandwich of some kind"... Is actually molletes

    DAZZLER DAZ 24 days ago

    9:56 looking like a propaganda poster there boys, get the vector illustrators out quick to shirt that shit up

  • Karynna Hill
    Karynna Hill 25 days ago +1

    Wtf. Has to be staged. How do they know? Id have zero idea for aaalllllll of those

  • Seth Klossner
    Seth Klossner 27 days ago


  • The Great Bootleg
    The Great Bootleg 27 days ago

    Please make a Cotton candy Randy T-shirt

  • Belphem more
    Belphem more 28 days ago

    Im from honduras 😁

  • SuperStarSophie
    SuperStarSophie 28 days ago

    I don't think we have Dunkin Donuts in NZ.

  • Sami G
    Sami G 28 days ago


  • Raktim Biswas
    Raktim Biswas 29 days ago

    The way they said the name of the game is exactly the way IISuperwomanII says "Where in the world is Superwoman today?"

  • J Master
    J Master 29 days ago

    Link is a horrible person and needs to lose at everything!

  • Kristin Harris
    Kristin Harris Month ago

    *WAAAZAAM BULGARIA* 😂 man I love you guys. I’m from Bulgaria and every time I visit home I will now say “WAZAAM BULGARIA”
    And confuse my whole town ❤️😂🇧🇬

  • Spell Of Darkness
    Spell Of Darkness Month ago

    I want donuts now :(

  • Angelina Hazell
    Angelina Hazell Month ago

    THE SUPERWOMAN JINGLE THINGGG. “Where I’m the world is superwoman to da-ay”

  • Damaris Vazquez
    Damaris Vazquez Month ago

    I'm admitting I'm late to the game, but I love these guys. I've had a best friend since kindergarten, same connection. The connection makes it.

  • Shady Ard
    Shady Ard Month ago

    What is the accent of these guys I like it
    which part of the US?

  • Zachary Snyder
    Zachary Snyder Month ago

    Bring that pigs in a blanket to Arizona.

  • Leo Jo
    Leo Jo Month ago

    KOREAS NOT PART OF CHINA T.T Hope you guys know that

  • Angela Zolli
    Angela Zolli Month ago

    I live in NJ so I’m going the one at Caesar’s palace, and my aunt and uncle live in CT so we’re going to the one @ Foxwoods. Wooo.

  • Luke Stubbs
    Luke Stubbs Month ago

    Make them try a halal snack pack!

  • Steven Costanza
    Steven Costanza Month ago

    I'm Indonesian and I've never tastes that , I didn't even knew that exist 😂

  • Stoned JR
    Stoned JR Month ago +1

    Yall put koreas in china

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver Month ago

    Rhett lost, so why does Damnyell have to eat the scronut? That doesn't seem very fair.

  • Not Rachel
    Not Rachel Month ago

    do other states really not have kolaches?

  • The Cuck Channel
    The Cuck Channel Month ago

    China's border is all wrong! They own the entire Korean peninsula, some parts of southeast Russia and also both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan!

  • Nanna Pedersen
    Nanna Pedersen Month ago

    The donut nr. 2 from USA, is called pølsehorn in Denmark and normally we add ketchup to it.

  • Chase Cracknell
    Chase Cracknell Month ago

    France actually did occupy morraco....

  • Patrick Wells
    Patrick Wells Month ago

    Scronut 🤣👍

  • Juan Sajan
    Juan Sajan Month ago

    I’m soooo happy for link

  • ObamasSixthNipple
    ObamasSixthNipple Month ago

    The map is wrong btw. You eliminatedany countries and added them to China lol

  • MinecraftTobi
    MinecraftTobi Month ago

    man we finally got germany on the board. makes me proud. thank you

  • MadeByForce 24
    MadeByForce 24 Month ago

    They should put the answer in the annotations so viewers can turn them off if they want to play along