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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  4 months ago +1378

    **THANK YOU** to everyone for the support over the years! We're still going strong this year. Next stop 500k! Have a favorite part of the video? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!

    • smoke monstress
      smoke monstress 10 hours ago

      The soundtrack made this.

    • Jesus Is Savior
      Jesus Is Savior Day ago

      ErikTheElectric Dude, I love nacho cheese Doritos now, but up until about 4 years ago, the only Doritos I would eat were cool ranch.

    • Horny Panda
      Horny Panda 4 days ago

      ErikTheElectric holy hell that was alot of food. I was starving when i started watching and full at the end lol

    • Emmanuel Torres
      Emmanuel Torres 5 days ago


    • Alyssa Savoia
      Alyssa Savoia 6 days ago

      Amiri Ali !,

  • Saige Elyse
    Saige Elyse Hour ago

    I always order extra pickles!😂💜

  • 1CME90
    1CME90 4 hours ago

    You sound like Ryan Reynolds(Deadpool).

  • halleffect1
    halleffect1 5 hours ago

    Thank you for supporting small business Erik.

  • CR4V_SplashMan 234
    CR4V_SplashMan 234 5 hours ago


    PROMISE TV 5 hours ago

    If you hate pizza what is wrong with u

  • xPaddy
    xPaddy 11 hours ago

    Diabetes incoming

  • digitalclock
    digitalclock 12 hours ago

    Rip arteries

  • Joseph perez
    Joseph perez 13 hours ago

    Mac and cheese and this video was epic

  • Brynn DiGiam
    Brynn DiGiam 19 hours ago

    Mac and cheese

  • Konner Mooney
    Konner Mooney 19 hours ago

    Cool ranch

  • DanderePlays
    DanderePlays 20 hours ago

    Now THAT'S how you eat breakfast!

  • Angelo Cardulis
    Angelo Cardulis Day ago

    This is my dream

  • Purg3Modz
    Purg3Modz Day ago

    If you don’t eat strawberry pop tarts you’re not human

  • omer talabani
    omer talabani Day ago

    you are a monster

  • mike mcclernon
    mike mcclernon Day ago

    I watched the WHOLE thing, but I'm still left wondering WHY?

  • mike mcclernon
    mike mcclernon Day ago

    I kinda miss the McDonald's danish.

  • Armstrong Lamb
    Armstrong Lamb Day ago

    Wtf is wrong with this guy? Like seriously? Cool ranch?

  • Konan Der Barbar

    Ehrenmann ;D

  • Maleik Burns
    Maleik Burns Day ago

    waffle fries all day🍟

  • DefiantCooks
    DefiantCooks Day ago

    Nacho Cheese tf

  • Darksparklelord 772

    How in the shit were you not full

  • Bruh Man
    Bruh Man Day ago

    He earned my sub for having pop goes punk on his music

  • ツiScxry
    ツiScxry Day ago

    Chicken nuggets and fries

  • Jack Spurgeon
    Jack Spurgeon Day ago

    Yo I’d be full off on donut

  • Kasheena Arthur
    Kasheena Arthur Day ago +1

    Great Day...May 26..2016...

  • Sugerplump Ash
    Sugerplump Ash Day ago

    Oh god. Uh made me hungry

  • Cheetah Whiskers

    helpp... mee... im so hungy..

  • Byanzo Best
    Byanzo Best Day ago

    No offense but I find him cringy.

  • tundra chaffen
    tundra chaffen Day ago

    Team curly fries

  • Liam O Fearghail
    Liam O Fearghail 2 days ago

    You stole my joke

  • Victarded
    Victarded 2 days ago

    u talk to ur self ur crazy

  • Palah lou
    Palah lou 2 days ago


  • Bailey
    Bailey 2 days ago

    awh baby erik

  • Amanda Bruns
    Amanda Bruns 2 days ago

    Nacho cheese

  • Kourtney ruiz
    Kourtney ruiz 2 days ago

    Fruity pebbles is one of my favorites second is Reese's puff!!!!

  • Kaela Osborne
    Kaela Osborne 3 days ago +1

    That donut place is so cheap do

  • pretty much Everything

    where is in and out 😃

  • 16 Abi Keenan
    16 Abi Keenan 3 days ago

    He’s not obese yet but he’s definitely on the road to obese city

  • S k
    S k 3 days ago

    Thats crazy maaan😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmen Nugent
    Jasmen Nugent 3 days ago

    How does he get all that food and the totals always usually be so low 🤔

  • HeroYou Seen
    HeroYou Seen 3 days ago

    mac n chesse

  • Gregory Gates DC
    Gregory Gates DC 3 days ago


  • Tay Xenia
    Tay Xenia 3 days ago

    That’s 30k ???? That’s not even a lot of food

  • roy mid
    roy mid 3 days ago

    How can a human eat this much

  • Bryan Oliveira
    Bryan Oliveira 4 days ago

    Do you smoke before this haha

  • hangry lilcow
    hangry lilcow 4 days ago

    Mac n cheese

  • Njsbro Gamez
    Njsbro Gamez 4 days ago

    I like McDonalds chips

  • Aaron macinnes
    Aaron macinnes 4 days ago

    Curly fries

  • tictacsarah
    tictacsarah 4 days ago

    When you made the nacho cheese joke i had to click off

  • David Enslin
    David Enslin 4 days ago

    Big tasty

  • Krystal
    Krystal 4 days ago

    kfc biscuits taste amazing dipped in the mashed potatoes..and gravy. not kidding!

  • Garrett Griffin
    Garrett Griffin 4 days ago

    13:35 nike logo in the hash brown XD

  • CXS.12
    CXS.12 4 days ago

    They are scones not biscuits

  • Braylen G
    Braylen G 4 days ago

    nacho cheese. BTW I have already done pizza and gravy srry to tell ya. BECAUSE IM AMERICAN

  • Braylen G
    Braylen G 4 days ago

    sausage mcgriddle/ cocoa puffs

  • Joseph mark Alan
    Joseph mark Alan 4 days ago

    Nacho cheese

  • Bob Snob101
    Bob Snob101 4 days ago

    Imma be that guy.
    “Hey Eric, you drank almond milk which has calories but the rules said no liquid calories

  • Brayden Palm
    Brayden Palm 4 days ago

    Cool ranch

  • Dylan Phipps
    Dylan Phipps 4 days ago

    Mac and cheese

  • • FreaP •
    • FreaP • 4 days ago

    Doritos nacho chees

  • Hotaru Tomoe
    Hotaru Tomoe 5 days ago

    honestly how can u even eat That much wtf

  • WaterMelon Gamer
    WaterMelon Gamer 5 days ago

    Big Mac (M)Pepsi And (L)Fries. Like if you agree

  • Yeet Master69
    Yeet Master69 5 days ago

    Was that Cashew Milk???? 🤢

  • scott burrows
    scott burrows 5 days ago

    Zucchini chicken burger with chips and vanilla milkshake

  • The Robster
    The Robster 5 days ago

    I swear he sounds alittle like Ryan Reynolds

  • Braxton Reese
    Braxton Reese 5 days ago

    reeses puffs

  • Abigail Neilsen
    Abigail Neilsen 5 days ago

    Where do you live I live in Wisconsin

  • Aryan P
    Aryan P 5 days ago

    But I like curly fries more

  • Aryan P
    Aryan P 5 days ago

    Pickles are awesome in burgers

  • Nicko Cox
    Nicko Cox 5 days ago

    I can’t believe all those donuts only cost like 10 bucks😱

  • noah cook
    noah cook 5 days ago

    This made me sooo hungry I hate u

  • Dixie Wolf
    Dixie Wolf 5 days ago

    My fav cereal is oreo o's

  • sulma hernandez
    sulma hernandez 6 days ago

    L I like every cereal to be honest

  • sulma hernandez
    sulma hernandez 6 days ago

    At McDonald's I like to get the big Mac and the mocha frappe and their French fries

  • Samantha Lundquist
    Samantha Lundquist 6 days ago

    HE CAN EAT WOW also he always looks uncomfortable eating

  • Ryan Carrell
    Ryan Carrell 6 days ago

    Every meal must have more than 10 donuts
    1 giant donut must be eaten
    You could go to any donut chain
    You have 24 hours to complete

  • Ryan Carrell
    Ryan Carrell 6 days ago

    24 hours of only eating donuts

  • #1 perk vapor
    #1 perk vapor 6 days ago

    Loudest asian and american exchange of byes in the world

  • TheStarBar
    TheStarBar 6 days ago

    I'm all for cool ranch but chili heatwave is best. I guess u don't have that in the U.S.

  • Sayani Biswas
    Sayani Biswas 6 days ago

    You are do lucky

  • baby joe
    baby joe 6 days ago

    I think I have diabetes just by looking at this

  • Hypis6 9
    Hypis6 9 6 days ago

    I like a mc chicken sandwich

  • Chosen Loki6
    Chosen Loki6 6 days ago

    He gained 8 and 1/2 pounds this vid🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • iiBrinq Nxn
    iiBrinq Nxn 6 days ago

    And I’m team waffle fries even tho I didn’t say it! Lol

  • iiBrinq Nxn
    iiBrinq Nxn 6 days ago

    Im person that doesn’t eat McDonald’s but I think it’s there fries! When I was younger I used to get and I always go French fries so yeah! :D

  • Wool Spew
    Wool Spew 6 days ago

    My food of choice from macas is the double quarter pounder with cheese

  • Knee gurr
    Knee gurr 6 days ago

    Jack off in a box

  • Trenton.griffith
    Trenton.griffith 6 days ago

    Mac n cheese

  • Rogue w0rpo
    Rogue w0rpo 6 days ago

    Cool ranch

  • Eli Manis
    Eli Manis 6 days ago

    Get the jalapeño cheese dip with your pizza

  • Euan O Donovan
    Euan O Donovan 6 days ago

    Just sub and this is the first video of urs I’ve watched but going to be seeing a lot more of them cuz ur content is fire

  • Husky
    Husky 6 days ago

    I’m hungry know

    I REKT YOU MSP 7 days ago

    IM AMAZED!!! How can you eat so much and not get sick?? omgggg

  • Kyra and Friends
    Kyra and Friends 7 days ago

    How do you hold all of that down? My body would be like I think not and just reject all of it lmao. 😂
    Good job.

  • Emily and Abbi
    Emily and Abbi 7 days ago


  • TonyStarkGames TSG
    TonyStarkGames TSG 7 days ago

    This guy weird

  • Mya's World
    Mya's World 7 days ago


  • Aaron Kuczynski
    Aaron Kuczynski 7 days ago

    How do you not get a stomach ache

  • the god
    the god 7 days ago

    My favourite is the double quarter pounder with cheese