• Published on Apr 4, 2018
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    Hi Everyone!
    Welcome to another "Cheat day!" In this video, to celebrate 300,000 subscribers I decided to eat 30,000 calories of JUST fast food (based off the poll that was posted a few months ago). Not just fast food, but my fast food FAVORITES! That's right.. KFC, Mcdonalds, Jack in The Box, and so on!
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    About Erik TheElectric:
    I'm Erik.
    I’m a guy with a HUGE appetite that LOVES food! A few years ago, I discovered my ability to eat large amounts of food and founded this channel to share it with THE WORLD! This channel is dedicated to all of my crazy eating stunts and eating challenges.
    I live in the United States of America, home to some of the tastiest fast food in the world. What you’ll find on this channel are INSANE amounts of food, fast food challenges and INSANE restaurant challenges! Follow me in my journey to continue to go BIG when it comes to food and subscribe down below!
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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  Year ago +2313

    **THANK YOU** to everyone for the support over the years! We're still going strong this year. Next stop 500k! Have a favorite part of the video? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!

    • Quetta Doe
      Quetta Doe 22 hours ago

      You are stumped

    • Reneagade
      Reneagade 15 days ago

      I love nuts tooo no homo

    • killa muffin666
      killa muffin666 19 days ago

      Reeses Puffs, Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch with my forever favorite is straight up Cheerios.

    • Duarte Coelho
      Duarte Coelho 24 days ago

      Now you have 1M subs

    • BardsleyBoxing
      BardsleyBoxing Month ago

      no worries you legend

  • Jayden Witt
    Jayden Witt 6 hours ago

    Cool ranch doritos

  • RTG 07
    RTG 07 15 hours ago

    My man almost ate a kilogram of protein

  • Litol Drummor boi
    Litol Drummor boi 22 hours ago

    Am I the only one wondering how he doesn’t weigh 400 pounds

  • Alvin Brown
    Alvin Brown Day ago

    RIP this guy's toilet

  • Alvin Brown
    Alvin Brown Day ago

    This man beat Matt's record

  • Raven
    Raven Day ago

    Darn pop tarts

  • Jafra Amanda
    Jafra Amanda Day ago


  • Heather Maxey
    Heather Maxey Day ago

    Nacho chesse

  • Heather Maxey
    Heather Maxey Day ago

    Team realuger fries

  • khen Legaspi
    khen Legaspi Day ago

    Mac and chees

  • Oh yeah yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Yeah Day ago +3


    Erik puts fries and ranch on a burger
    I am a genius

  • rogeliomondragon562

    Mac and cheese

  • Amarion Richardson
    Amarion Richardson 2 days ago

    Wow 130k people poop

  • Alana Daniels
    Alana Daniels 2 days ago

    Love you 😍😍😍😘😘❤

  • Navi Opp
    Navi Opp 2 days ago

    I Love Taco Bell Erik!!!!

  • Joseph D
    Joseph D 2 days ago

    20:08 gangstas paradise -- the sonic movie

  • satisfying slime
    satisfying slime 2 days ago


  • Max Hainrick
    Max Hainrick 2 days ago

    Wow like lil bow wow

  • charlye martinez
    charlye martinez 3 days ago

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like Ryan Reynolds at times ???

  • TheQuinnDruRocks Hard

    Who else is watching this at quarter after 5 and is now officially starving ?

  • A G E N T
    A G E N T 3 days ago

    I dont like mcdonalds

  • Codie Johnson
    Codie Johnson 3 days ago +2

    "will it fit, will it fit",*shoves poptart in coffee*,*whispers* "that's what she said" 🤣

  • Davon Mcgriff
    Davon Mcgriff 3 days ago


    PANDA GIRL9 3 days ago

    Cool Ranch ALL THE WAY!!!!!!😁😁

  • Sienna THERON
    Sienna THERON 3 days ago +1

    How are you not dead yet

  • inthegames 123
    inthegames 123 4 days ago

    Chickfila is the best

  • Occ Vlogs
    Occ Vlogs 4 days ago

    How does he not get like diabetes or atherosclerosis

  • D Clarke
    D Clarke 4 days ago

    I can't say which one I Iike the best becase I both of them the same

  • Zion Stephens
    Zion Stephens 4 days ago

    Ik yo shit be like 5ft tall

  • Shadi Naim
    Shadi Naim 4 days ago

    i always say that joke lol

  • Johnny Anservitz
    Johnny Anservitz 5 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2025?

  • Diana Star
    Diana Star 5 days ago

    l love pizza more thin my frind

  • Tyler House
    Tyler House 5 days ago

    Gotta be stoned lmao

  • JW Plays
    JW Plays 5 days ago

    My stumic hurt watching this

  • Liam Connolly
    Liam Connolly 5 days ago

    big mac

  • Pamela
    Pamela 5 days ago

    I could literarry eat 1 burger and I'll be full

  • jackson malone
    jackson malone 5 days ago

    The stamina

  • jackson malone
    jackson malone 5 days ago


  • WaveSkope
    WaveSkope 6 days ago

    im over here eating paper and water because my family is poor and we cant buy food but i love ur videos eric

  • Fabuloussun 89
    Fabuloussun 89 6 days ago

    I love the mc double

  • Liv Cahill
    Liv Cahill 6 days ago

    Who’s watching this at 911k 😂

  • Carter Oppegaard
    Carter Oppegaard 6 days ago

    Cheese burger is the best at McDonald’s

  • emmanuel Bucio
    emmanuel Bucio 6 days ago

    I actually have stool problems and I poop every hour

  • Ceniza 13
    Ceniza 13 6 days ago +3

    And now he is almost at a mil 🍻

  • T. E.
    T. E. 7 days ago

    “Is that enough for one person? Ahaha I’m jk....” lol no you aren’t.

    ZACHARY DUNN 7 days ago

    This man be gettin diabetes

  • Sendenzi ll
    Sendenzi ll 7 days ago


  • mahan hoseyni
    mahan hoseyni 7 days ago

    more like heart attack in 24 hours challenge

  • _ Sophia _
    _ Sophia _ 7 days ago

    I thought throughout this whole video there is no way he can eat all of this!

  • Jayla Robinson
    Jayla Robinson 7 days ago

    10 piece chicken nuggets with a large fries and a dr.pepper

  • Brodie 0t
    Brodie 0t 7 days ago

    How is this guy alive right now?

  • javier ramirez
    javier ramirez 8 days ago +3

    I would've get sick if i ever consume that amount of food 🤮🤮

  • timothy790110
    timothy790110 9 days ago

    All cold.

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 9 days ago

    My God that dude can eat. Great entertainment 😉👍

  • Talayan12
    Talayan12 9 days ago

    What is the music at 10:00 ? It's so epic !

  • Maria Kuznetsova
    Maria Kuznetsova 9 days ago +1

    I can’t even eta a fool donut

  • Heather Maxey
    Heather Maxey 9 days ago +1

    Cimamon tosat crunch apples jack

  • J. Jackson
    J. Jackson 10 days ago

    My favorite cereal: Fruity Pebbles, Reese’s, Honey Nut Cheerio’s and Honey Combs. In that order

  • Yaseen Ali
    Yaseen Ali 10 days ago

    IS the lot some food

  • Kyle Chase
    Kyle Chase 10 days ago

    This is like food porn 😂

  • Sonofel
    Sonofel 10 days ago

    I made it that far in the video so im commenting. Haha. GREAT JOB YO iron stomach 💪👍

  • Rajit Rahman
    Rajit Rahman 10 days ago +1

    how tf does this skinny ass dude survive?

  • Ruu Ali
    Ruu Ali 10 days ago

    But why didn’t he dip the Doritos in the gravy?

  • Yeezy Playz YT
    Yeezy Playz YT 10 days ago

    At 29:25 why does he have the tightest pants on bro

  • Francisco Chavez
    Francisco Chavez 10 days ago

    When he was younger he looked like the old man from the movie Haunted house😂

  • Connor Osborn
    Connor Osborn 10 days ago

    the mcdoubles and mcchickens are the best!

  • Laxgoalie251
    Laxgoalie251 11 days ago

    Mac and cheese!!!!

  • Voyd
    Voyd 11 days ago

    I like how you say nuts and moist

  • Donnavan White
    Donnavan White 11 days ago

    600k in one year

  • LegoNerd
    LegoNerd 11 days ago

    Have you ever tried the fiery Doritos locos taco from Taco Bell Erik

  • NinjaCloud
    NinjaCloud 11 days ago

    dude, how much do you deadlift? :O

  • NinjaCloud
    NinjaCloud 11 days ago

    Yeah, Punk Goes Pop!

  • • MamaMia •
    • MamaMia • 11 days ago

    You should collab with yuka kinoshita ;-;

  • Lusi Mataipule
    Lusi Mataipule 11 days ago +1

    14:17 Hear clearly.

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack 11 days ago +1

    Who TF actually toasts pop tarts?! 😂

  • maurice shaker
    maurice shaker 11 days ago

    How do you stay slim?

  • Jaime Bithell
    Jaime Bithell 12 days ago

    What if he died

  • Vivek Nayak
    Vivek Nayak 12 days ago

    Mac n Cheese

  • Vivek Nayak
    Vivek Nayak 12 days ago

    21:31 The irony when he says he got some energy back

  • Dimwit
    Dimwit 12 days ago

    Question how many times do u end up pooping after eating so much

  • Alban
    Alban 12 days ago

    My favourite cereal is Krave. Don’t know if you have it in the US but it’s these little cereal pillows with melted chocolate in the middle. I love it

  • Ryan Bassetti
    Ryan Bassetti 12 days ago +1

    Erik: here’s the nut donut
    Me: 😆
    Erik: what I like my nuts

  • linda melhem
    linda melhem 12 days ago

    My favourite cereal is fruity pebbles and I am team regular fries and I am like you Erik I hate pickles too and I am nacho cheese Doritos fan

  • Oswaldo Fogelbach
    Oswaldo Fogelbach 12 days ago

    The hash browns

  • Dominic Jones
    Dominic Jones 12 days ago

    I think I gained 200 lbs just by watching this lol

  • tnt19954
    tnt19954 12 days ago


  • Yb Dylan
    Yb Dylan 13 days ago +2

    dude I cant even make it to 3 sandwiches is I was in this chaLLANGE

  • Kisses big niBBa
    Kisses big niBBa 13 days ago

    I could only eat 3 donuts any more bites I will choke and die

  • Alfie Bockemuhl
    Alfie Bockemuhl 13 days ago

    Cool ranch

  • Twisted Skylaa
    Twisted Skylaa 13 days ago

    I usually get a double cheese burger meal with 10 piece chicken nuggets and yea that's what I like from mickey d's

  • celeste apodaca
    celeste apodaca 13 days ago


  • RJ russell
    RJ russell 13 days ago

    This isn’t a challenge😓....this is just something you wanted to do🤥🤔🤫

  • Fathi Ferchiche
    Fathi Ferchiche 14 days ago +1

    My favourite cereal is french toast crunch like if u agree

  • naxatras Trip
    naxatras Trip 14 days ago

    How is that even possible to eat that much and not getting sick?

  • ooberallen
    ooberallen 14 days ago

    lol are you in san diego? i live 5 minutes from that donut shop/krispy kreme.

  • Frank Yeboah
    Frank Yeboah 14 days ago +1



  • Melexdra
    Melexdra 15 days ago

    You are sooooo cute damn

  • Azmi Lutfi
    Azmi Lutfi 15 days ago

    Mac n cheese

  • Just A human
    Just A human 15 days ago

    Your at 900k now!