• Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • ahhh, poor me's dream. i love u lol
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  • idk •
    idk • 5 months ago +14723

    Girl omg look how far you’ve come.... you went from fighting with ur parents every day and being broke af almost wanting to end ur life working at Pacsun to THIS beautiful house and you probably never expected it

    • Amanda Ramirez
      Amanda Ramirez 11 days ago


    • Dana Zucker
      Dana Zucker 14 days ago

      @I want my kids susan idubbz was a fucking rasict pice of shit leave tana alone

    • Dana Zucker
      Dana Zucker 14 days ago

      @Nike stop making up lies about Tana she`s an amazing person and an influniner your just jelous

    • Mister Physics
      Mister Physics 3 months ago

      lol you are so gullible haha you believe any old shit

    • Bob Bobfrey
      Bob Bobfrey 4 months ago

      Carrigton Shades she would be better off renting a one bedroom condo and stop tryna stunt for the gram, save money, grind and one day buy this pad FOR REAL.

  • Lady Jane
    Lady Jane 57 minutes ago

    "Being a retail ass bitch" love that

    MAUDE WEBER 8 hours ago

    13:16 ashleys bf just zooming by lmfao

  • Ryan Troyano
    Ryan Troyano 8 hours ago

    paint the brick white!!!!!! 😍

  • alorachristine
    alorachristine 8 hours ago

    Bitch I wanna smoke on that roof
    what the fuck. Lol at my lame life

  • Cristina Dawn
    Cristina Dawn 8 hours ago

    Just here to see who won the house key 😂😂

  • Salmonfaky
    Salmonfaky Day ago

    Pure cancer

  • S H
    S H Day ago

    Yes we defo want a house tour part 2 when house is all finished

  • Jordan Wadkins
    Jordan Wadkins Day ago

    i wish shed stop wearing those hoodies I wanna see dat thiccness

  • Rizon
    Rizon Day ago

    I don’t like nature?? Wtf lol what kind of ratchet ass ho doesn’t like nature lol 😂

  • Mackenzie Apperson


  • Beauty and the Brain

    I just watched the eviction video and am so happy she was able to find a nice place to live.

  • Pneumonio
    Pneumonio Day ago

    glorified crackhouse

  • mountaineernik
    mountaineernik 2 days ago

    Congratulations on your new home. You need to add patio furniture, a cabana, and an a really dope outdoor kitchen and bar.

  • MadiRose
    MadiRose 2 days ago

    and that’s ... well that’s a large house.
    ps i’m a small youtuber. lets support eachother!

  • pettylies;
    pettylies; 2 days ago

    ew the gays

  • Camryn Gibson
    Camryn Gibson 3 days ago

    Every area is to get high😁😀

  • Kayla
    Kayla 3 days ago

    I wish I had money like you damn I’m a broke bitch compared to you

  • As 0109
    As 0109 3 days ago

    Trevor looked like saoirse ronan

  • Sara McCarthy
    Sara McCarthy 3 days ago +1

    well... i feel poor

  • Sarah Andersen
    Sarah Andersen 3 days ago


  • OceanLight
    OceanLight 3 days ago

    Tana “actually want to AMBRR SHOLL the fuck out of this room”
    Me: “lol.”

  • Holly Howdeshell
    Holly Howdeshell 4 days ago

    “now it’s in the pacific bitch” 😂😂😂😂

  • Anna Mather
    Anna Mather 4 days ago

    15:14 🤢🤢

  • University Life
    University Life 4 days ago +6

    No one:
    Not a single person:
    Literally not a soul on this earth:
    Tana: I’m not gonna lie to you...

  • jerry hill
    jerry hill 5 days ago

    We get it you smoke weed

  • Mackenzie Rawh
    Mackenzie Rawh 6 days ago

    can I have de house key me homeless hehe

  • Mykenzie Lamb
    Mykenzie Lamb 6 days ago

    Commenting below for my house key 🔑

  • Laura Bernáth
    Laura Bernáth 6 days ago

    Tana in literally every fucking room: YoU kNoW jUsT gEtTiNg HiGh Or SoMeThInG😂

  • Herllo HaTeRs Heh
    Herllo HaTeRs Heh 7 days ago

    I have the same fucking jewelry box as tana

  • kid squid
    kid squid 7 days ago

    Tana you come so far I'm pround of you keep it up girl

  • kid squid
    kid squid 7 days ago +2

    Tania: this got cheesy All Fuck Off
    Me 😔😭☝👆

  • kenda alshamrookh
    kenda alshamrookh 7 days ago

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    tana: yeah u can also get high here

  • Precious Lara
    Precious Lara 8 days ago

    Okay, such a great house. Why did K&J moved out? 🤔

  • PVP addicted
    PVP addicted 8 days ago

    Sinus one is so true for me too lmao

  • Sceela Thomas
    Sceela Thomas 8 days ago

    We are allll aware that u get high all the time. This whole vid is u just saying it’s a good smoke spot. Like honestly I’m very sorry for ur addiction and I hope u recover soon bc how screwed up ppls lives get but like stop trying to oddly flex

  • Miker Kilo
    Miker Kilo 8 days ago

    Yo bitch

  • angelie medina
    angelie medina 8 days ago

    tana I want to be your bestfriend.

  • Tell me why
    Tell me why 8 days ago

    Why do I feel like she sleeps with her manager ?

  • Toby Hi
    Toby Hi 8 days ago

    Wait I thought your boyfriend was jake

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas 8 days ago


  • Marko Avramovic
    Marko Avramovic 9 days ago

    So every room is basically the smoking room

  • Yas Josie Yass
    Yas Josie Yass 9 days ago

    I gave you a like for being super cheesy and talking about how greatfull you are for your views. I really appreciated that.

  • Yas Josie Yass
    Yas Josie Yass 9 days ago

    I gave you a like for being super cheesy and talking about how greatfull you are for your views. I really appreciated that.

  • Reece Evansss
    Reece Evansss 9 days ago

    In the jungle hill thing you should have a waterfall running down with a bridge over it on the wooden path! Like so she can see

  • molly ford
    molly ford 11 days ago

    Kian and Jc’s old house😂

  • Rainy Daze
    Rainy Daze 11 days ago

    I expected a sex dungeon.... Why am I disappointed there was no sex dungeon? Lol I feel like that's a room that Tana needs in her home

  • Lynn McLaughlin
    Lynn McLaughlin 12 days ago

    That couch could eat you when your high😂

  • eyefordreams
    eyefordreams 13 days ago

    the fuck you rug - iconic

  • Dante
    Dante 13 days ago +3

    15:14 well..

  • Aya Tarek
    Aya Tarek 14 days ago

    So did she acually BUY this house ?

  • Maggie Rose
    Maggie Rose 14 days ago +1

    ok but this intro.. and now you're actually on MTV so proud

  • Mellanie Faf
    Mellanie Faf 14 days ago

    How does she have this much money⁉️⁉️

  • Cierra
    Cierra 14 days ago

    How many people are watching this when she’s will jake????

  • jessica aquino
    jessica aquino 15 days ago

    the knj house whaaaa?👀🤭

  • Gabrielle Holt
    Gabrielle Holt 15 days ago

    "Dolphins actually like, lowkey rape people"


  • tamara h
    tamara h 16 days ago

    who the fuck filmed this

  • Jensen Tenille
    Jensen Tenille 16 days ago +4

    I love it how she says my bf should be dating someone else when he was cheating on her

  • GOAT 1122
    GOAT 1122 16 days ago

    Where did she get the marble desk lamps from? If anyone knows please send the link thanks.

  • Johns Utube
    Johns Utube 16 days ago +1

    i love how every where is a smoke sesh spot

  • TheDrEamSpEcTral
    TheDrEamSpEcTral 16 days ago

    I hope all these people pay her a rent.

  • poppy elliott
    poppy elliott 16 days ago

    9:38 in the USclip plaque

  • Jennifer MacDonald aka; Caligirl888

    Ok do we get to go inside EVER?!?🤣🤣

  • Krista Dei
    Krista Dei 17 days ago

    is it only me or anyone else hates trevor as much as loves him?

  • Terra Liana Hays
    Terra Liana Hays 20 days ago

    That’s the first time I’ve seen guys NOT look at ass

  • Alyssa Gonzalez
    Alyssa Gonzalez 20 days ago +2

    im like shook at the intro omg

  • Holli
    Holli 20 days ago +1

    15:15 lmao
    Jk tana love you

  • Jennifer Kane
    Jennifer Kane 20 days ago

    What is the name of the artist that did the tattooed lip piece you have in your bedroom?? I’m obsessed and need this in my life ASAP!

  • Secret Lover
    Secret Lover 20 days ago

    It looks like Logan's house

  • Jess Ehrisman
    Jess Ehrisman 21 day ago

    I spy with my little eye, a cheater, who tana thinks should die

  • Ella Winch
    Ella Winch 22 days ago

    old knj house 😢

  • Kylee Connolly
    Kylee Connolly 23 days ago

    Im so proud of her

  • Spoons
    Spoons 25 days ago

    You should paint the bricks white

  • Annelle
    Annelle 27 days ago +3

    Her ex is probably texting his other bitch in the video

  • Krissy Kat
    Krissy Kat 27 days ago

    I mean it's your house, therefore, you should have a key to your own house let alone be able to show any/all rooms whether someone lives in it or not

  • Leo Dinh
    Leo Dinh 28 days ago

    15:19 wtf tana gurl

  • mythical hershey
    mythical hershey 28 days ago

    im proud of you tana. love you!

  • Jayla Nelson
    Jayla Nelson 28 days ago

    Who else came here from the why she got evicted storytime??

  • alexis buhler
    alexis buhler Month ago

    GIRL U MADE IT 😭🙏🏼🦋💞

  • Shaylena Sheryl
    Shaylena Sheryl Month ago

    Trevor is everything

  • Shaylena Sheryl
    Shaylena Sheryl Month ago +6

    Jordan “it takes 12 months for a video” 😂😂

  • Pierson Barnes
    Pierson Barnes Month ago

    Why weren’t you naked for this one

  • Kassy Small
    Kassy Small Month ago +1

    no one:
    literally nobody ever:
    tana: this is where we get high

  • Kassy Small
    Kassy Small Month ago

    12:07 tana’s decor predicting endgame

    2,354,945 views Month ago +1

    Wow, how much money you can make from doing nothing

  • Cabrini Martinez
    Cabrini Martinez Month ago

    I like the downstairs circle room & her smaller kitchen addition to her room. The house has a unique set up but I do think the brick outside needs to be replaced or cleaned and the plants outside need to be maintained. Hopefully she did so :) I’d love to see an updated house tour 😇

  • Idkdayan_
    Idkdayan_ Month ago

    Whoever is filming sucks lmao... didn’t show have of what you were speaking about...

  • Laurie Dunnell
    Laurie Dunnell Month ago

    dont mind me. only here for the old knj house

  • carly
    carly Month ago


  • Candice P.
    Candice P. Month ago

    Wait tana you shouldn’t keep all the junk around the water heater and what not. Issa for hazard sis

  • Candice P.
    Candice P. Month ago

    I’m fake sad the tour was so fast. It’s so spacious ☺️

  • Candice P.
    Candice P. Month ago

    “Wrap this up, it’s probably not entertaining anyway” lol

  • Angie Linh
    Angie Linh Month ago

    who’s here from kian and jc’s new vid😂

  • Josselyn Ramirez
    Josselyn Ramirez Month ago

    thats my babys kian and jc old house!! awww memories

  • xXVioletLawleyWolfGirlXx

    When u watched Kian and Jcs video and u r NOW realizing Tana lives in their old house..😂

  • jacquelyn crawford
    jacquelyn crawford Month ago

    Kian and jc’s old house

  • rachel bushey
    rachel bushey Month ago

    Do you just not have a house now? Orrrr

  • haylee Hoey Graceffa

    love how its the 02l house

  • Raine Pearce
    Raine Pearce Month ago

    25:09 wow HAHAHAHA

  • Aimee Zayas
    Aimee Zayas Month ago

    yo who’s watching after kian and jc’s video 😂