Things that Happened While I Grew up


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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 10 days ago +32306

    P-please stop staring at me Jaiden 😥😥😥

  • Jisatsu īdesu
    Jisatsu īdesu 10 hours ago

    Pardon me, I must destroy the spagett.

  • satans neice
    satans neice 11 hours ago

    Who saw the papyrus in the spaghetti

  • Mplx
    Mplx 11 hours ago

    That video may not be worth 10million views, but you are

  • Dragoness221 AJ
    Dragoness221 AJ 11 hours ago

    I also almost drowned and died at my swim school .. cuz I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD GO SO DEEP LIKE 1.8 FT

  • aes•the•tic Playz
    aes•the•tic Playz 11 hours ago

    Idek but that’s cute


  • Angeles22
    Angeles22 11 hours ago

    Pasta with no cloths?

  • hi there
    hi there 11 hours ago

    Jaiden, Is it weird that I like scrolling through your der videos to see how much you've grown as an artist and animator with your crew? Yes? Ok.

  • Booga
    Booga 11 hours ago

    This video gets better and better every time I watch it

  • Smol Potato
    Smol Potato 11 hours ago

    Face reveal! (No pressure do it when you want to

  • sassy Tiger
    sassy Tiger 12 hours ago

    Wait...she lives in CA?

  • Enriched Bread
    Enriched Bread 12 hours ago

    Is jaiden animations character hair brow or black I can’t tell I’m blind

  • Georgia Clarke
    Georgia Clarke 12 hours ago

    Yay!!! Jaiden on trending! Love your channel! 💙💓❤️ 😀

  • Ruby Lopez
    Ruby Lopez 12 hours ago

    Jaiden 😆😆Jaiden the Domino king did something with you and Dominos please see it.

  • RandomRantsForLjfe -_-
    RandomRantsForLjfe -_- 12 hours ago

    Lmao who doesn’t almost drown if u didn’t then you don’t have a childhood

  • Frostbite Starfall
    Frostbite Starfall 12 hours ago


  • shopkeeper-and -And MORE!


  • McKaitlyn Cha
    McKaitlyn Cha 12 hours ago

    HEY!! WAS THE PAPYRUS?! 2:43

  • Mark Grechko
    Mark Grechko 12 hours ago

    Pathetically wanted pathta with no thauthe. Thith ith awethome

  • Sydney Does Art
    Sydney Does Art 12 hours ago

    Everything really is on fire here 😂

  • Sinmerain
    Sinmerain 13 hours ago

    Im starting youtube but im scared help me plz

  • Ian Kotzian
    Ian Kotzian 13 hours ago

    Jaden's mom: **ask me a question**
    Me in a alustraian accent: mate what
    Jaden's mom: PARDON?
    me still in a alustraian accent: MATE WHAT IM ALUSTRAIAN SO I'M NOT AS RESPECTFUL AS YOU MATE

  • Morgan Muse
    Morgan Muse 13 hours ago

    Can you do a Ari video plz!!

  • Samuel Rocker
    Samuel Rocker 13 hours ago

    That happend to me except I was punching the floaty and I had tiny air pockets under the floaty somehow... GLAD I DIDNT DROWN ETHER! also Im glad Im not the only one who doesent add this thingy ' on the didnt word.

    • Samuel Rocker
      Samuel Rocker 13 hours ago

      Also I pushed the person overr sooo... I survived your not alone

    • Samuel Rocker
      Samuel Rocker 13 hours ago

      Also Im bad at spelling

  • just lukas
    just lukas 13 hours ago

    2:42 did you see paps from undertale??

  • mariela greenwell
    mariela greenwell 13 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the papyrus head at 2: 43?

  • Don Supernault
    Don Supernault 13 hours ago

    Anyone else see the little papyrus in the spaghetti

  • Mikey Vang
    Mikey Vang 13 hours ago

    Did you guys see paps?

  • Amy Hu
    Amy Hu 13 hours ago +1

    Pathta with no thath... just... pathta with no thath

  • G mans Adventure
    G mans Adventure 13 hours ago

    Lol I am Japanesse I do these

  • Blake Maddock
    Blake Maddock 13 hours ago

    Your cute I had the same thing with the filters and bench press bit also black hairs my you*.

  • bon sans diamond!tale
    bon sans diamond!tale 13 hours ago

    2:41 is that doggo from undertale on the spaketti box

  • Ghostly the galaxy cat
    Ghostly the galaxy cat 13 hours ago

    Wonder what happened with MAYBEL

  • cuphead beck 64 mugmen 64

    I'm 8 and I love u videos can you make a cartoon

  • SirpentPlayz
    SirpentPlayz 13 hours ago +1

    2:14 when you ask a strict mom something and they don't understand
    RIP headphone users

  • Khloe Payne
    Khloe Payne 14 hours ago

    Anybody else see papyrus at 2:42??

  • Ellie Verse
    Ellie Verse 14 hours ago

    YEA I SAW Papyrus!!

  • Thederp Stache
    Thederp Stache 14 hours ago


  • Hena Akmal
    Hena Akmal 14 hours ago

    Pastha with no sauthe

  • Tony J
    Tony J 14 hours ago


  • Anahita The Sergal
    Anahita The Sergal 14 hours ago

    I’m growing up :,) *SEND HELP*

  • Tamashi _Tsumi
    Tamashi _Tsumi 14 hours ago

    Hey random thing what's that cold hands thing called again cuz I though I was the only one with it at first I want to brag about it

  • HwaRan Kim
    HwaRan Kim 14 hours ago

    i watched all of your videos. :D i'm so happy i have that much time on my hands.

  • *a devil bee*
    *a devil bee* 14 hours ago

    You can’t bow to anyone

  • Cou Mo
    Cou Mo 15 hours ago

    2:17 3:04

  • SourApple Bros
    SourApple Bros 15 hours ago

    Hey jaiden you have inspired my to draw animations on my free time of course there bad animations but thanks for inspiring my and to draw! btw I love your vids!

  • Rikki Offerdahl
    Rikki Offerdahl 15 hours ago

    I think I screamed a bit at 1:10

  • Jin's_windshield_laugh 3


  • Grizzly Kitty
    Grizzly Kitty 15 hours ago

    when you make fun of your own culture while saying not to make fun of your culture “we’ve got some asian blood in us so we can’t bring dishonor to our fammery”

  • foxw87
    foxw87 15 hours ago


  • PirTube
    PirTube 15 hours ago

    I've been going to speech therapy for my trouble with R's since preschool. I am in 5th grade now and am getting better gradually. 😄

  • Patchi Ghost
    Patchi Ghost 15 hours ago +1

    Oh cool jaiden we have something in common :) I almost drowned and died to :D cause I was pushed. Into a lake by a dog :/

  • R S Malone
    R S Malone 15 hours ago

    All of sudden "I almost died once!"

  • A Channel
    A Channel 15 hours ago +1

    2:41 like if u saw the meme on the spaghet box

  • A Channel
    A Channel 15 hours ago +1

    Jaiden animations is my new favorite anime

  • xXGacha DanicaXx
    xXGacha DanicaXx 15 hours ago


  • Small Fry
    Small Fry 15 hours ago +1

    I remember I would always fight about that the odd1sout was way better than Jaiden Animations but now I'm like get that crap out of here team Jaiden for the win.

  • Nathan animates
    Nathan animates 15 hours ago


  • JustCallMeGoldie
    JustCallMeGoldie 15 hours ago


  • Annaleen Jaramillo
    Annaleen Jaramillo 16 hours ago

    i almost died 3 times

  • Pollack puppy Play house

    My mom has hazel eyes and my dad has brown eyes too :D

  • Jonathan animates
    Jonathan animates 16 hours ago

    HAPPY early birthday jaiden

  • Annaleen Jaramillo
    Annaleen Jaramillo 16 hours ago

    also when i get a channel i'm going to name it stellerworld,after my dog stella

  • Annaleen Jaramillo
    Annaleen Jaramillo 16 hours ago

    i love your vids i'm 9

  • Megan Myers
    Megan Myers 16 hours ago

    2:43 to see a undertale reference where Jaden pops up

  • Capped Dolphin
    Capped Dolphin 16 hours ago

    “ Time for advanced critical problem solving!” Jaiden 2018

  • Golden Galaxy arts and animation

    p a t h e t i c

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith 16 hours ago

    Hey jaiden how are you

  • B’s World
    B’s World 16 hours ago

    Sooooo I just stabbed a kid he had a blazecon plush sooo yeah

  • Magical Derp
    Magical Derp 16 hours ago

    Undertale nyeh he he

  • Havoc Raptor twin brother

    *I see that little papyrus*

  • Ali B.
    Ali B. 16 hours ago

    0:39 Did you just say "farmary" instead of "family"? XD

  • Jessie Xoxo
    Jessie Xoxo 16 hours ago

    I'm 11.
    When I was 9 I wanted get cereal but my mom and dad are not home and my brother is chilling and was on the phone with someone so I went in to kitchen and I got the bowel, got the milk and got the cereal I put the cereal and milk in the bowel I felt like an adult
    Me: *I'm...I'm admiring it 😊*
    Brother: *What the f-*
    So yea.......Idk why I felt like an adult by making cereal.....😐Yea just don't ask why I felt like that.

  • sadness oppression anger agression turn me suicidal

    Jaiden are u and james dating,

  • KING_ Slayer249
    KING_ Slayer249 16 hours ago

    You look like a beutiful person to meet

  • Alexandra Studios
    Alexandra Studios 16 hours ago

    Loud flushing toilets,
    I have a solution
    Open the stall
    Then flush

    Solutions :3

  • RogueDragon343
    RogueDragon343 16 hours ago

    anyone see Papyrus in the spaghetti lol

  • Ismael Valle
    Ismael Valle 16 hours ago


  • Gwen McMillan
    Gwen McMillan 16 hours ago

    is this wort 5.5 million views?

  • Rain Strife
    Rain Strife 16 hours ago

    Will you be adding Ari plushies to the store again anytime? Cuz I want!

  • Declan Fuchs
    Declan Fuchs 16 hours ago


  • Patty .T
    Patty .T 16 hours ago

    A little girl actually died from getting sucked into the filter thing.

  • XxStarricatxX
    XxStarricatxX 17 hours ago

    I almost drowned too. In the bathtub. I guess I was trying to backflip, in the FRICKING BATHTUB, and I got stuck underwater upside-down for a while.

  • Kirito 2.O
    Kirito 2.O 17 hours ago

    I feel bad for you because the odds1oneout is a fairly good animator with almost two times the subscribers. YET you upload twice as much, work three times as much and wait let me check.....MAKE MORE VARIED VIDEOS, HE ONLY HAS 9 MORE VIDEOS THEN YOU, AND YOUR CHANNEL IS OLDER THAN HIS BY 7 MONTHS AND 14 DAYYYYYS.
    So everyone subscribe to Jaiden Animations k thx bye.

  • It's my Cupcake
    It's my Cupcake 17 hours ago


  • Spoopyghostboi 77
    Spoopyghostboi 77 17 hours ago

    H U H?

  • Cam Goodwin
    Cam Goodwin 17 hours ago

    0:41 “*so we can’t bring dishonour to our famary”*😂❤️

  • Grace E. Callan
    Grace E. Callan 17 hours ago

    Oh my gosh! My swimming pool teacher gave us licorice too. And made us hold onto the side of the pool.

  • yo boy
    yo boy 17 hours ago

    Nothing to do with vid but what type of bird is ari

  • Raven Moon Helix
    Raven Moon Helix 17 hours ago


  • Fireball Slash
    Fireball Slash 17 hours ago

    I love spaghet

  • Cut13K1m20 _
    Cut13K1m20 _ 17 hours ago

    Pardon did u say?

  • SlothSimmer
    SlothSimmer 17 hours ago

    Is your merch store at IWOOT?

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer 17 hours ago

    That’s right, I saw that hidden papyrus face in with the spaghetti boxes!

  • Derpykid 1212
    Derpykid 1212 17 hours ago

    BUT 4.5 SUBS


  • SlothSimmer
    SlothSimmer 17 hours ago

    Jaiden!! I ordered merch from a website that claimed it was yours ( IT WASNT D:< )and it got here it it was like super small and then i check your actual website, AND YOU DONT EVEN SELL IT ANYMORE DDDD:

  • Bubblegum Sans
    Bubblegum Sans 17 hours ago

    Basically everything ever. Just replace the USclip theme.

  • Loren Pontiff
    Loren Pontiff 17 hours ago

    2:43 Papyrus is in the back XD

  • MikeDoezVlogz
    MikeDoezVlogz 17 hours ago

    So basically, That one part with the ''SSSS'' part. I was trying to say stop in front of my teeth, then I hear ''JUST STOP IT'' LOL