Things that Happened While I Grew up


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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 4 months ago +53200

    P-please stop staring at me Jaiden 😥😥😥

  • Bendy Freddy,Foxy
    Bendy Freddy,Foxy 2 hours ago

    my b-day was at sep 9

  • Cake Isalie
    Cake Isalie 2 hours ago

    Pathta with no thace

  • Paulina
    Paulina 2 hours ago

    I have very strict parents

  • Rubén Castellanos
    Rubén Castellanos 3 hours ago

    You are so lucky to have parents that supports you!!! My parents sorta support😑😑 love you jaiden!!!

  • K IZZY
    K IZZY 4 hours ago +1


  • Joli Nichol
    Joli Nichol 4 hours ago

    It has taken me 4 months to notice the paaprus with all the spaggett at 2:43

  • Chantal Laureti
    Chantal Laureti 5 hours ago

    I'm Italian lol

  • Virginia Unda
    Virginia Unda 5 hours ago


  • Skye Ayres
    Skye Ayres 5 hours ago +2

    2:43 *Papyrus??*

  • Virginia Unda
    Virginia Unda 5 hours ago

    Potha with no thoths

  • Virginia Unda
    Virginia Unda 5 hours ago

    Huuuuuuuu a dog :()

  • HuggableTeddybear XD
    HuggableTeddybear XD 5 hours ago

    Never been upside down before? Dont worry you get used to it

  • Alex Stan
    Alex Stan 6 hours ago

    patha wihs no shaushe!

  • liam phillips
    liam phillips 6 hours ago

    I only just saw papyrus in the spaghetti scene

  • STG / SupremeTax Gaming

    Who else saw the skeleton?
    Like if so!

  • David Toloza
    David Toloza 8 hours ago

    *p a t h t a w i f f n o s a u c e*

  • Strong Claw
    Strong Claw 10 hours ago

    To our famiry

  • Artist Marie Lowe
    Artist Marie Lowe 11 hours ago

    Thata wit no thace

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 12 hours ago

    Now theres a person with a Jaiden shirt that says "Jaiden's mom"

  • Randy Romero
    Randy Romero 16 hours ago

    2:41 look at the box

  • Yoselin Villa
    Yoselin Villa 16 hours ago

    I found a papyrus in the spaghet

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 16 hours ago


  • Problem Child
    Problem Child 17 hours ago

    R/thanksimcured hah joke

  • JohmicL.L
    JohmicL.L 17 hours ago

    derp PAPYRUS and MARIO (bonetrosle) 2:42

  • Shady Sam
    Shady Sam 18 hours ago

    That is a really cool representation of how USclip can be. Well done!

  • Leland Lam
    Leland Lam 18 hours ago

    Stares at everybody what the f leland got kicked from life for almost swaring

  • Mosaab Shelbayah
    Mosaab Shelbayah 19 hours ago

    I don't know how to say sssss

  • Doggy Productions
    Doggy Productions 20 hours ago +1

    2:43 papayrus

  • Hyper Dino Mr
    Hyper Dino Mr 21 hour ago

    Use Glare (For Eye contact) PARALIZED

  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 22 hours ago

    She hit the table and gave her mother the look •Δ•

  • Eva Papikyan
    Eva Papikyan 22 hours ago

    Idk why, but my comment got removed. Eh it’s fine, I was just pointing out papyrus in the background.

  • Lily Anna
    Lily Anna 22 hours ago

    Just stop it

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 23 hours ago

    thank you Mr.Chad........

  • Justin 33
    Justin 33 23 hours ago

    Going across the side of the pool is called monkey crawling

  • CubeCuber Cubes
    CubeCuber Cubes 23 hours ago +1

    2:43 Hey papyrus whatcha doing

  • SoJo Espinoza
    SoJo Espinoza 23 hours ago

    4:18-19 me and I'm in 4th grade

  • Aquablast
    Aquablast 23 hours ago +2

    Quiz: What colored eyes did Mr. Chad have?

  • Un Named
    Un Named Day ago

    I don't say "pardon". I say "excuse me". I'm a *gAnGsTeR*

  • War Melon
    War Melon Day ago

    We can't bring dishonor to our famary lol I died

  • TAOP
    TAOP Day ago

    Now iam self cauncause on how I say s

  • James pierce
    James pierce Day ago


  • Isabelle McSally

    As a kid (by kid I mean when I was 2-3 years old) I had no idea what lasagna was, so I said I didn't like it. But this wasn't just the first time we had it for dinner- every time we had lasagna for dinner I would start crying, being the picky kid that I was, saying "BUT MOMMY I DON'T LIKE MASANYA!" and once I ate it I would go, "yeah I like masanya now mommy." I swear- every time we have lasagna I hear it at least ONCE from my mom. She said it was also one of the most over-dramatic things she's ever seen in her entire life... That's meh story XD

  • chebbytruck
    chebbytruck Day ago

    Y is there a ♡ on the desk and a s on it o and the clock in the class room

  • txmks
    txmks Day ago

    i love pasta with no sauce

  • elenano gonz diaz

    did anyone notice papyrus from undertale in minute 2:42 ?

  • pozitiv kokos
    pozitiv kokos Day ago

    I am like you .I also incorrectly say the letter ssssss , ow and thank for the lifehack

  • Noah Inzer
    Noah Inzer Day ago

    did u see papyrus

  • Chad Stevenson
    Chad Stevenson Day ago


  • Fluttershy zxy
    Fluttershy zxy Day ago

    I have subscribed! Love your vids