Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! - Official Switch Announcement Trailer


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  • Hons TGM
    Hons TGM 2 months ago

    And they said it was gonna be a bad game

  • The Five Kitty Kats
    The Five Kitty Kats 2 months ago

    If only they'd actually animate the blinking. Why is that so infuriating

  • Necro Smasher Games
    Necro Smasher Games 3 months ago

    Did we need a gen 1 Pokemon go crossover? Where starters can't be evolved? Necessary Nintendo?

  • multimang0steen
    multimang0steen 3 months ago

    Is this reboot?

  • crankyboiy
    crankyboiy 3 months ago

    It wud have been great if u can actually fight wild pokemon. Wat a stupid gameplay. Gamefreak's dumb

  • SSO Gurls
    SSO Gurls 3 months ago

    I wanz this toooooooo!!!!!!!!😫😫😫😫

  • Phillip Collette
    Phillip Collette 3 months ago

    Pokémon Go is so much fun. I don’t understand all the hate. Unless yall just really like sitting on your arses all the time?

  • TheAtlantaWalkers
    TheAtlantaWalkers 3 months ago

    I'm just waiting for the parents to complain about broken T.Vs because some kids will mistakenly launch that little pokeball add on at the T.V. lol.

  • GamingWithTasti
    GamingWithTasti 4 months ago

    I got a Wii U instead of a Switch...

  • GhiraLink
    GhiraLink 4 months ago

    Whats the name of this music?

  • esize
    esize 4 months ago

    Se ve que sera un excelente juego.. pero de weba ya esas mamadas de Pokemamon.. jajaj

  • Richard
    Richard 4 months ago

    I miss the old top down 2d art style Pokémon games, like on the GBA, and DS. I hope I’ll be able to Play this without motion controls.

  • liyana lee
    liyana lee 4 months ago

    I guess I gonna spend more money on this game. 😢

  • Eric Clemente
    Eric Clemente 4 months ago

    I’m sure you don’t have to use the Pokémon GO feature if u don’t want to

  • Dr Emmett Brown
    Dr Emmett Brown 4 months ago

    The best part of the video 1:49

  • Jean Williams
    Jean Williams 4 months ago


  • Rhain
    Rhain 4 months ago +1

    Pokemon fire red remastered?

  • CDubb2k8
    CDubb2k8 5 months ago

    pokemon yellow! lol my fav

  • Kite Nine
    Kite Nine 5 months ago

    Can we just select to throw Pokéball with button?

  • Link링크
    Link링크 5 months ago


  • Salatris
    Salatris 5 months ago


  • Julio Barão
    Julio Barão 5 months ago +1

    im a lot disappointed with this. Its just a pokemon go for switch. i would rather prefer a classic style pokemon game

  • Sedat Tanyer
    Sedat Tanyer 5 months ago

    I don't know why people are like "giVe uS a NoRmAl pOkEmOn GaMe NinTeNdo"... I love this! Pokemon has been the same exact thing forever now and this brings in a change which I love.

  • dan.gibson.photographer Insta

    Omae wa mo shindeiru!!!

  • FunnyBuzz
    FunnyBuzz 5 months ago

    I wish I can battle the wild Pokémon tho it won’t be that much fun without a battle
    I don’t play Pokémon go because there are no battles.
    just catching Pokémon

  • Elijah massey
    Elijah massey 6 months ago

    Do you fight Pokemon anymore or just catch them?

  • Vixen the demon fox Vixen

    I’m ready I got my money,let’s get it on

  • David Evans
    David Evans 6 months ago

    😕 sigh

  • Miles Beres
    Miles Beres 6 months ago

    Dont get a switch, PS4 and Xbox are way better. Stick with something unique like the 3ds

  • Felipe Rojas Rojas
    Felipe Rojas Rojas 6 months ago

    Que bonito

  • Ready Spaghetti
    Ready Spaghetti 6 months ago

    I’m legit in tears right now 😂

  • Jose Capdevila
    Jose Capdevila 6 months ago

    That is so cool I want one nintendo SWITCH.

  • LunaThePurpleDragon
    LunaThePurpleDragon 6 months ago

    finally a game that can have eevee as your starter go team eevee

  • Munich Orange
    Munich Orange 6 months ago

    i can't wait to play it

  • Lyrick - Music Channel
    Lyrick - Music Channel 6 months ago +1

    I will not buy this until they make a cyndaquil version

  • solanumlycopersicum 0
    solanumlycopersicum 0 6 months ago


  • Chillgoose ————


  • Julia Hudson
    Julia Hudson 6 months ago

    Why its just pokemon go 2.0

  • Jolene Cuevas
    Jolene Cuevas 6 months ago

    I hate the Pokémon go aspect... I really just want it to be like the original game style adventure. Like gym battles, fighting wild Pokémon in order to catch them... not just throw a poke ball at them and call it a day.

  • Roy
    Roy 6 months ago +1

    This trailer brings out my inner child

  • Sven Huls
    Sven Huls 7 months ago

    Take my money. Take it all.

  • Platon
    Platon 7 months ago

    You know ... gen 1 is probably the worst gen.

  • LonG GonE
    LonG GonE 7 months ago

    i dont play pokemon go can I still play this game?

  • Gitz Gamez
    Gitz Gamez 7 months ago

    This is like newxnext gen of pokemon game

  • Film making Pro
    Film making Pro 7 months ago

    Why did I choose Xbox one over this!?

  • Ashton
    Ashton 7 months ago

    I predict that the special Pokemon is probably Celebi

  • Raven Arrow
    Raven Arrow 7 months ago

    Pokemon GO nonsense, "friendly" rival, no wild pokemon battles...they probably add in-game purchases to. Have to buy revives because nurse joy and all her relatives retired...

  • I really
    I really 7 months ago

    This game looks kind of like a huge let down

  • Jenny Shine
    Jenny Shine 7 months ago

    Omg! I need a switch now! 😍

  • 8 E
    8 E 7 months ago

    Why is everyone bitching about the region being kanto? Also the only things I dont like about this game is the characters design and the fact that there is no wild pkmn battles

  • The Young Gamer
    The Young Gamer 7 months ago

    The fuck is this
    A Remake?
    Or Pokemon Go
    I hate Pokemon Go... it get so stale

  • Laarye
    Laarye 7 months ago

    Great, now if I could only connect to the F$^%ing PokemonGo server

  • Toby B
    Toby B 7 months ago

    I don't see why people keep trashtalking the Pokémon Go tie in. Many people still play Pokémon Go. In fact the player count is the highest it's been in a long time. It's a fun time waster to get you walking about. It's pretty cool that it ties into the new game. And hey if you don't want to use it, don't use it.

  • Jose Estrada
    Jose Estrada 7 months ago +1

    Good way to bring back Pokemon go

  • Jasmine LoveFlower
    Jasmine LoveFlower 7 months ago

    I don't own a switch yet however if this pokemon game is amazing this system is next on my list

  • Chrono .
    Chrono . 7 months ago

    So I’m hoping that get ready means attack.....

  • Lemmy
    Lemmy 7 months ago

    Damn, is this what the new Pokemon game on the switch is gonna be? I was literally gonna buy a switch just for this game. This looks incredibly lame. This just looks like Pokemon go 2.0.

  • Callum Hill-Smith
    Callum Hill-Smith 7 months ago

    Guess I’ll just wait another 2 years for my sinnoh remake...

  • Barelysentient 09
    Barelysentient 09 7 months ago

    Where the hell are my gen 4 remakes?

  • zrex2metagor
    zrex2metagor 7 months ago

    disproportionate heads *sigh*

  • Brendan Eaves
    Brendan Eaves 7 months ago

    Now I'm not saying this game will be bad, cuz it actually looks good way better than Pokemon go cuz you can actually now have Pokemon battles, I like the realism of not having a wild battle with a Pokemon just throwing a Pokeball out of it, but I am a little disappointed that the dentist side to put a core game on switch

  • the scoutgamer
    the scoutgamer 7 months ago

    So this is pokemon go but with the option to stay home this is just pokemon go for lazy People i just want a New generation also i get That they are trying to do something new but i just dont want That every New pokemon game is gonna me pokemon go 3 and 4 and So on

  • João Pedro Soares
    João Pedro Soares 7 months ago

    A remake of fire red kkk?

  • Jamie M
    Jamie M 7 months ago

    How disappointing

  • • Jade •
    • Jade • 7 months ago

    Omg Eevee !!! This game will be mine !!!

  • K Andrews
    K Andrews 7 months ago

    So this is basically Pokemon go, but Pokemon stop...I'm keen

  • Rocco Anthony
    Rocco Anthony 7 months ago +2

    Are the negative comments Haters or fucking spies/trolls that are spreading anti-Nintendo propaganda BS lol.
    And yes, the “real” Pokémon series (that we all know) is coming 2019 (or maybe a bit later depending on the delay). This may not be a spin-off, but it’s more along the lines of “remake”. It’s definitely not the real deal, and Nintendo themselves have announced it in Japan already.

  • User name
    User name 7 months ago

    Co op seems a bit two op u can attack twice the same turn that bull crap

    TRUMOO 7 months ago

    Only Pokemon games I've ever played were Mystery Dungeon and X, but this game looks pretty disappointing. I'll give credit where it's due by saying the graphics look pretty noice but it kind of seems like a cashgrab. If it weren't so much like Pokemon Go and didn't have that weird battle system I'd say it's taking a step in the right direction with multiplayer and all. Would've probably gotten it too if weren't so weird.

  • VincentVBR
    VincentVBR 7 months ago

    Cant evolve. I'm out. :/

  • Kyntilol
    Kyntilol 7 months ago


  • N H
    N H 7 months ago

    wii U ??

  • DS_DroiD
    DS_DroiD 7 months ago

    odio ser pobre xD

  • Hons TGM
    Hons TGM 7 months ago

    Stop complaining its gonna be one heck of a game and the best so stop complaining

  • FattyWantsACookie
    FattyWantsACookie 7 months ago +1

    I hate Pikachu,
    I'll take Eevee

  • Callum Kernan
    Callum Kernan 7 months ago


  • Mari Army
    Mari Army 7 months ago

    Wow it's GREAT

  • Miquela Acket
    Miquela Acket 7 months ago


  • Kanggoo
    Kanggoo 7 months ago

    Its just a pokemon go wtf No battles or anything?

  • Eduardo Esquivias
    Eduardo Esquivias 8 months ago

    Fuck you game freak I expect wild Pokémon battles in a Pokémon game not some Pokémon go bs

  • Surprised Unicorn
    Surprised Unicorn 8 months ago

    I’ve actually played this game for the tiniest bit using the poké ball control, and it’s all fun and games until you accidentally throw the ball at the TV.

  • silver kopi
    silver kopi 8 months ago

    Woahhhh gamefreak is stepping a whole new stair step to greatness

  • Koeber123
    Koeber123 8 months ago +1

    wtf is this shit, emulated ultramoon in full hd looks better than this crap

  • Isaac Huff
    Isaac Huff 8 months ago

    Is it still the tradition pokemon game like on gba and ds or is it just pokemon go type

  • Jodie Ella
    Jodie Ella 8 months ago +1

    *I wasn't sure about getting the Wii switch but now I'm totally going to get it because of this game!*

  • Damian Lemon
    Damian Lemon 8 months ago

    I’m not a hater but come on Nintendo let me down on this one it took you all year to make this ☹️😔

  • Alexy the Fox xD
    Alexy the Fox xD 8 months ago

    If it comes out I will buy LETS GO EEVEE!!!!!!

  • mayhemindigital
    mayhemindigital 8 months ago

    can people just calm down with all this shit? this isn't the core game. you want the core game rushed? jesus fucking christ this isnt pokemon switch, this is a different game. why don't you just wait patiently?

  • Hunter JOHNSON
    Hunter JOHNSON 8 months ago

    How can y’all like those incompetent demonic monsters y’all fuckers

  • Jason Willner
    Jason Willner 8 months ago

    Is The special Pokémon from Jen 8?

  • Pixelator G
    Pixelator G 8 months ago

    Fucking co op YES

    • Pixelator G
      Pixelator G 8 months ago

      But i don't like that it's a Kanto remake

  • dreamer XD
    dreamer XD 8 months ago

    What the fuck happened Pokémon!!!!!!!😔

    • dreamer XD
      dreamer XD 7 months ago

      Jeff Daniel breath of the wild is a masterpiece compared to this!!!!!!

  • dreamer XD
    dreamer XD 8 months ago

    Not gonna lie I'm kind of disappointed...😐

  • Radifox
    Radifox 8 months ago

    Dear god...no mythicals no legendary”s........I’m a legendary hunter! If there are no new legendary’s then what’s the point.....

  • Ryan Daniels
    Ryan Daniels 8 months ago

    this makes me wanna spank my mankey.

  • Zane Carter
    Zane Carter 8 months ago

    They should do a remake of earthbound like this

  • Pokemon Life
    Pokemon Life 8 months ago

    Now, try not to throw that pokeball in your TV.

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 8 months ago

    this game doesn't look bad I'll be getting this game and Smash bros these are the only Games I care about as of right now.

  • Yuhao Wang
    Yuhao Wang 8 months ago

    That game is actually insane

  • Yanex
    Yanex 8 months ago

    sooooo..... no wild pokemon battles anymore?