Are YOU a Cheap-ass Gamer? - Dell G3

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
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    A Dell G3 owner has to give up a lot for price to performance - is it worth it?
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Comments • 7 476

  • Sunverze
    Sunverze 2 days ago

    1:52 poor guy

  • Adrish Mitra
    Adrish Mitra 3 days ago

    You guys are so lucy... I run android studio, visual studio and unity with a 4gb ram, i3 2nd gen no gpu pc....once my exams are over first thing to do is buy a damn laptop

  • Gautam Bhaskar
    Gautam Bhaskar 4 days ago

    I feel him..

  • technofeed 007
    technofeed 007 5 days ago +1

    I need this tyoe of video only for dell g7 with i9 processor

  • Tate Mushroom
    Tate Mushroom 6 days ago

    cheap ass latop
    *fuck yes clicks video*

    850 dollars

    how so

  • SteveTheCat
    SteveTheCat 6 days ago +1

    5:45 is that Logan Paul?

  • Banana Boy
    Banana Boy 7 days ago

    850 dollars is cheap ??? LOL

  • Tyiler Hanks
    Tyiler Hanks 7 days ago

    Just get an ASUS FX504

  • Jeremy Molina
    Jeremy Molina 8 days ago

    I need a recommendation should I get the HP pavilion or the Dell G3 both on i7 core / 16GB ram ?! Need a laptop for my music production and also to use it for some gaming ?

  • azman Masri
    azman Masri 9 days ago

    Only 60 hz refresh rate

  • John-Paul Cunningham
    John-Paul Cunningham 9 days ago +4

    What about HP Pavilion gaming laptop, the 15t?

  • Alpha Gaming
    Alpha Gaming 9 days ago

    Show me a video of a laptop that is around 400 bucks and call that video cheap ass gamer cause 850 bucks isnt cheap

  • Hkn Air
    Hkn Air 9 days ago +1

    So which one is better option for gamer, Dell G315 or Acer Nitro 5 ?

    • Sample Entry
      Sample Entry 6 days ago

      Doesn't matter. Both of them have comparable performance. Go for the lower priced.

  • aRagingCanadian
    aRagingCanadian 12 days ago +2

    Sadly just after two weeks of usage I sent it back. At first I tried to ignore the issues, but more arose where I just couldn't look past them anymore. Here are the issues I had:
    1. No Juice Out of The Box: When I took it out of the box and hit the power button, nothing happened. Every other product I have ever bought was able to turn on right out of the box. So I plugged it in, set it up and the battery percentage was over 70%, which meant it had battery power but never turned on.
    2. Internet: The WIFI is very slow in this unit. I normally get between 60Mbps to 75Mbps and was only averaging maybe 27Mbps or lower.. even after removing some of the "bloatware" I was barley getting 35Mbps. Even connected to Ethernet I was still getting far less that what I am suppose to get. So downloading a large game such as GTA V took nearly all day.
    3. Slow Performance: The computer itself is slow. Simple task like opening up Firefox or folders took a lot longer then they should for a 2018 model computer... but I think that is because of the SSHD. Loading more demanding apps such as GTA V took up to 3 minutes to even get to the initial start page.
    4. Dull & Dim Screen: Don't expect jaw dropping screen performance with this laptop. Playing games is okay if the game is set to daytime, other wise you will not be able to see much at all unless you are connected to an brighter external source. So playing horror games will be no fun task.
    5. Gaming: This is where this laptop is good (when it works)... playing GTA V (after the long load times) was pretty good for the first week. Then the problems came.. the main problem was that game would freeze at least once (if not more) a day.. within the first five minutes of gameplay. Forcing an improper shutdown. And doing this made things even slower. I had Geforce Experience open so I was able to track my FPS in the game.. after the improper shutdown reopening the Geforce app took 3 minutes.. not kidding. GTA V took over 5, just to get to the start page. Right clicking to bring up the menu took sometimes 15 seconds.
    6. Gaming Part II (GTA V): Because of the dull screen I was forced to connect the laptop to my TV.. once I did that I was getting about 60 to 75FPS.. nice I thought. Then Geforce updated and changed some settings and now I was getting about 40FPS... changing them back I was still getting under 60 for the most part.. then I found out that if I where to disable the laptop screen and only have the TV on I got well over 75 to 100+FPS.. don't ask me the logic there.. but it worked, when it did.
    7. Fan Noise: At first the fans where super quiet, but after about a week of usage they got loud.. wearing noise cancelling headphones blocked them out quite well. But once you took them off wow.. super loud. They did keep the computer quite cool.
    8. Trackpad: IMO the track pad is bad.. somewhat responsive, but clicking is much worse.
    9. Battery Life: I know gaming laptops are known for great battery life and I've read that the G3 was good, but sadly it wasn't. Playing GTA V got just over an hour and fifteen minutes of gameplay before it died. Even something as little as browser USclip or playing around with settings or whatnot caused the battery to drain quite quickly.
    Over all the Dell G3 i5-8300H Geforce GTX 1050 Ti might be a budget gaming laptop that might attract some people into buying it, but with all the draw backs it's not worth the decent price tag.

    LIVE TV 12 days ago

    You are getting so tv commercial, so salesman

  • viking king
    viking king 12 days ago +1

    You smile at this!! I am going to dislike all your vids!! And never watch you again!!

  • viking king
    viking king 12 days ago +1

    I disliked your video because I hate how you make fun of Dell and cheap people!!😡 I am never subbing to you

  • FBI :
    FBI : 13 days ago +1

    Yes, I am a " Cheap Ass," gamer.

  • Apollo Smile
    Apollo Smile 14 days ago

    No one is a cheap ass gamer. We just cant afford it.

  • KGB
    KGB 14 days ago

    I found one for 1200 euros but it had an i7 8th gen and 16gig of ram but a 1050ti which still isn't too bad.

  • iChewiE
    iChewiE 15 days ago

    Asus x570ud
    Cheapest gaming laptop i know about
    Ryzen 5 2500u Gtx 1050

  • Survival Of Gaming
    Survival Of Gaming 16 days ago +3

    “Cheap” is not the word I would use to describe it. More like
    Moderately expensive. Also I bought one and it has a core i7, a 1050ti, 1 tb storage, 256 gigabytes ssd and 16 gb of ram. Also it was 1500$.


  • Survival Of Gaming
    Survival Of Gaming 16 days ago

    This is a true documentary, all of these scenes were taken in the wild gamer habitat

  • Survival Of Gaming
    Survival Of Gaming 16 days ago

  • jepoi
    jepoi 16 days ago

    Do more videos like this. Entertaining and very informative. Do one with the latest razer blade 15. 😁

  • Felix Thompson
    Felix Thompson 17 days ago

    I'm watching this on my G3. :(

  • Dovakiin13 FITFOAT
    Dovakiin13 FITFOAT 18 days ago

    I'm not a cheap ass gamer

  • Ares
    Ares 19 days ago

    Thoughts on taking this to university
    And occasional gaming in my free time.
    More for University work

    • Splinter4077
      Splinter4077 8 days ago

      I have one and I like it. Though I typically try to work on my desktop, if you can only have a laptop it will work just fine. In fact, I think for university-type work it would be a great laptop for the price. Gaming is fine as long as you aren't the type of gamer who minds setting HIGH settings to MEDIUM.

  • Wigga Mcwiggins
    Wigga Mcwiggins 24 days ago

    As long as it runs roblox better than my xbox one (which it definitely can) I'm good

  • Doomsday Gaming
    Doomsday Gaming 24 days ago +1

    how did linus call this cheap-as? I have a "better" one, i5-4202y which has a 26cb score, an intel hd 4200 which has 3.42fps...I'm gonna cry.

  • JT Gamer
    JT Gamer 24 days ago

    I’d rather have a Dell Then a Acer pc

  • agestyxracer
    agestyxracer 25 days ago

    Office Depot had the thunderbolt 3 option PLUS the GTX 1060 6GB Gpu for 750 including tax... Why oh why did I ever buy an XPS! I mostly am docked at home with an Ultrawide anyways

  • The wakky Nerfer
    The wakky Nerfer 25 days ago

    What would be the best laptop under 400 for school and fortnite

  • NavilNDG
    NavilNDG 26 days ago

    I hAve a DelL G7 FiTE MeE

  • Deepak Rai
    Deepak Rai 26 days ago

    Acer: Just kiss my ass

  • NippyMoto
    NippyMoto 26 days ago

    damn the G3 is a damn sight better than my Toshiba GT630m pile of shit.

  • Its PIPERZ
    Its PIPERZ 27 days ago

    This actually looks like a great pc i mean im a cheep bitch and would think a 150$ laptop would be god like oof

  • Ryan Ghezzi
    Ryan Ghezzi 28 days ago

    All dell track pads are trash

  • Super Cheppies
    Super Cheppies 28 days ago

    800 Bucks?
    Bullshit we paid near 2000 bucks and only just got under 2000 i think cause the guy gave us a discount
    also btw 5:27 intrudes my home because that is how true it is
    i could of gotten a vr ready laptop if i saw it first but we didn't go to the right good guys, it was basically the same price and a bit cheaper too! atleast i can play vr though so you know what
    It just works

  • aRagingCanadian
    aRagingCanadian 29 days ago +1

    Just purchased this computer today (arriving by Thursday)... this will my first gaming PC.

    • aRagingCanadian
      aRagingCanadian 13 days ago

      +Dillon Chester You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

    • Dillon Chester
      Dillon Chester 13 days ago

      +aRagingCanadian mine just came in today shipped from Walmart! Thanks for the info :)

    • aRagingCanadian
      aRagingCanadian 13 days ago

      +Dillon Chester It's pretty good for a budget gaming laptop. It does have its moments of weakness... but it plays games quite well. I am able to play GTA V with mixed settings.. gameplay runs between 69FPS to 94FPS.. cutscenes are over 100fps. The fans are a little loud if you are not wearing headphones.. the computer never gets hot during long play sessions. The battery however is the low point on this. Gaming will get you just over 2 hours of battery life, but it's best to play when plugged in. Also when the computer is plugged in, it uses something called "Hybrid Power Mode" which when the computer is in heavy usage (gaming) it will run off both the battery and the AC charger.. you will notice that the battery will drain when it is plugged in at this point, that way the computer is not overloading the power supply or the battery. But not to worry the battery doesn't drain all that much when Hybrid Power is on. All and all this is a good start to PC gaming if you don't mind some issues and some limitations.

    • Dillon Chester
      Dillon Chester 15 days ago

      How is it

  • Fresh wolf
    Fresh wolf 29 days ago

    Dis so sad

  • Malik Bagwala
    Malik Bagwala Month ago

    Trust me..this laptop looks fucking cheap in person..more like 400$ laptop with huge ass bezels

  • D.I.Y stuffs
    D.I.Y stuffs Month ago

    best way for a tech review

  • Cyber Exile
    Cyber Exile Month ago

    "is this laptop's key stabilization mediocre or not"... thats the first question i ask myself when im looking for a cheap gaming laptop.

  • ronch550
    ronch550 Month ago

    I chose the Acer Nitro 5 with the Ryzen 2500U over the Dell G3 just recently. No regrets. Really happy with my Nitro.

  • Fruit Doge
    Fruit Doge Month ago

    I'm watching this on a dell g3 laptop.

  • Kieran Evans
    Kieran Evans Month ago

    I love this format

  • CyberstormGaming
    CyberstormGaming Month ago

    I thought that was Logan Paul 😂😂

  • Thisbishawesome
    Thisbishawesome Month ago

    When he connects his phone to the girls laptop I lost it😂😂😂

  • Stephen Polen
    Stephen Polen Month ago

    Definitely a twist on the conventional review! Really appreciate it.

  • Jiffin Farhan
    Jiffin Farhan Month ago

    Please do the review of asus 570zd

  • Enzo Pulido
    Enzo Pulido Month ago

    Still waiting for your G7 Review.

  • adam big
    adam big Month ago

    Do all reviews like that 😂😂❤️

  • Antony Whatever
    Antony Whatever Month ago


  • Leadsf
    Leadsf Month ago

    I need a laptop that can run rust

  • Leaf Yu
    Leaf Yu Month ago +1

    I want to see more, but with more laptops :))

  • Ajarn Spencer
    Ajarn Spencer Month ago

    'slightly different style of video' is an understatement, but it was also rereshing.

  • -Deep-
    -Deep- Month ago +1

    dell g3 or HP omen 15 ?

  • Joshua McMillen
    Joshua McMillen Month ago

    Laawwddd can you please look at the line up from CES 2019? I want my most trusted review channel to let me know if the new G7 15 is worth it :D

  • Nova Feri
    Nova Feri Month ago

    Funny how I have the g3 for the same price my friend got his nitro 5, and I got the g3 because I didn’t want to get what he had. Both are fantastic btw

    AHMED SM Month ago +1

    Being a Cheap is relative to each person and isnt absolote like being poor or rich.

  • Elstan McFrolicker
    Elstan McFrolicker Month ago

    My # 1 criteria in a laptop is how well does it run OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with no other operating system. How hard will it be to reset the Nvidia card everytime the kernel updates every 3 or 4 days ? What kind of booting problems will I have ?

  • bemersonbakebarmen
    bemersonbakebarmen Month ago

    Amazing. However the battery life was worst than the Inspirion gaming, that was the only thing that made Dell come.ahead of acer. This doesnt look good for dell

  • DDrrripy_ kid
    DDrrripy_ kid Month ago +1

    I really want a good laptop but under 2000 dollars what will be good for me

  • Ludologist
    Ludologist Month ago

    I can't afford it...

  • LightNing FX
    LightNing FX Month ago

    6:57 is that a acer nitro 5? And if it is, how did you get only the WASD keys yo light up?

  • x P
    x P Month ago


  • Vanshaj Rai
    Vanshaj Rai Month ago

    I love My dell g3 it only has a bad battery

  • Doughnut Digger
    Doughnut Digger Month ago

    There's a version of the G3 with an i7 8750H and a gtx 1060 for £999.99 on amazon UK

  • Charlie Lowe
    Charlie Lowe Month ago

    If $800 is "cheap ass" then what do you call me? I have a £240 laptop...

  • Fain
    Fain Month ago

    Which one is better for gaming? G3 or Nitro 5?

  • The Amethyst Animations

    700$ is expensive

  • John-Paul Cunningham

    What about the hp pavilion gaming laptop

  • shadowmane55
    shadowmane55 Month ago +1

    this video was the biggest oscar snub this year...

  • Sam Luke
    Sam Luke Month ago

    I like this video can you please make more of these kinds of video.

  • critic MC
    critic MC Month ago

    this was fun

  • Capten Panties
    Capten Panties Month ago

    This video perfectly described my morning

  • joseph donaldson
    joseph donaldson Month ago

    man i love this channel

  • Paskal Leduc
    Paskal Leduc Month ago

    Watching this on my Dell g3 17" big Bertha brick. In school during a break. While plugged in...
    I am this video...

    DOYLE LaCRUA Month ago

    Dude, these thumbnails.

  • GameManager113
    GameManager113 Month ago

    I’m listening

  • Nas Ghul
    Nas Ghul Month ago

    Annoyingly awesome. You should do this more storytelling type of reviews. It's relaxing.

  • just_ranma23
    just_ranma23 Month ago

    Yes yes i am

  • a random internet guy

    Answer: All computers I have had are secondhand or exlease. So yes.

  • Call me geekman
    Call me geekman Month ago

    My God it's too expensive!!!

  • MightyLad XD
    MightyLad XD Month ago


  • Josiah
    Josiah Month ago

    I got a g3 for Christmas and I’m not complaining because my old pc was a Lenovo Idea Pad the 2013 version that couldn’t even run Minecraft or Roblox it works because I’m not sponsored or rich so I can’t afford a 2k pc

  • Dylan Och
    Dylan Och Month ago

    I have one if these and it runs pretty good

  • Jai Love
    Jai Love Month ago

    😂 "A competitor is better in this situation" he basically trashed this laptop because he usually gets sponsors from acer
    Notice how on the other laptop it was photoshop but on the g3 it was just the default dell art program 😂

  • Jai Love
    Jai Love Month ago

    ArE yoU a cHeAp aSs gAmER? its literally the acer nitro 5 but it looks like a normal computer instead of the normal gaming laptop

  • Jeff Cotter
    Jeff Cotter Month ago

    You should compare it to the HP pavilion 15.6 gaming laptop. Same processor same GPU and same amount of ram and hd space but $200 less. with that $200 you could add a nvme ssd and another 8gb ram and have a better laptop.

  • Jacobus Mostert
    Jacobus Mostert Month ago

    Which one should I choose ? Dell Inspiron 3579 G3 or the Gigabyte Sabre 15-G8?

  • PvPbeasT :l
    PvPbeasT :l Month ago +1

    I think im cheap i3 2100 r7 260x 2 400w psu's and 70hz 5ms monitor everything but monitir and cpu is bought used xd

  • Adrian Palmero
    Adrian Palmero Month ago

    this thing is $2000 in Australia

  • PunisherXOmega
    PunisherXOmega Month ago

    3k Dell users disliked this video XD

    • MemePlanet
      MemePlanet Month ago

      As someone who owns the dell g3 I just sit and laugh.

  • Nate Quinn Guitar
    Nate Quinn Guitar Month ago

    is this better than the ho pavillion gaming laptop

  • spy shot
    spy shot Month ago +1

    Acer nitro is good.

  • Spooky shiz
    Spooky shiz Month ago

    I don't have 800$ laying around how is this cheap

  • Husni Marwan
    Husni Marwan Month ago

    4:22 just casually plugging my device to a stranger's laptop

  • Drew Lambert
    Drew Lambert Month ago

    In Chicago the nitro 5 was 150 cheaper than the g3 made it an obvious choice for the wife to play csgo and netflix