UNEXPECTED Real Dark Web Mystery Box Goes Horribly Wrong! (Disturbing Content) Very Scary!

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • An unexpected box arrives in Steve’s PO address with no return label and we decided to investigate it’s contents on camera. What we found was extremely shocking and disturbing.
    I can not help but believe this box was from the same sender as the first dark web mystery box I ordered over a year ago. Are we now being stalked by a psychopath? The items in this box are all very real and have been handled appropriately. It is very scary to think a crime may have been committed and someone out there is continuing to send us evidence. We did not ask for this box and we did not order this one! This is by far the scariest deep web box I have ever opened….
    The first dark web box I received
    The Thumb Drive from the box
    2nd Dark Web Box - Father Tim
    The VHS Tape from the Box

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Comments • 9 557

  • S
    S 23 minutes ago

    Spinal tap tool.

  • Pranav Agarwal
    Pranav Agarwal Hour ago

    the rope on the teeth box looks like hair

  • Huss the 11 year okd

    man or woman is a cannibal that loves eating kids and there’s a grinder and surgical equipment..."......................

  • Benjamin Turner
    Benjamin Turner Hour ago

    I think this is 100% staged and fake. Smart though guys!

  • Huss the 11 year okd

    I think I know what it means so the man or a woman kidnapped a girl and Took the skin off and started 🧵???? Maybe????

  • VClissir c
    VClissir c 2 hours ago

    I like how he says he puts glive on so u doesn't touch it but he puts hea arms on the cloth of the books lol

  • Jerry Jose
    Jerry Jose 2 hours ago

    That’s not diaper...it’s a surgery mask 😷

  • Strawberry TallCake
    Strawberry TallCake 2 hours ago

    This is way too dramatic and weird for me to really get into it. I want something actually creepy to watch why is that so hard to find

  • Chris Mcneill
    Chris Mcneill 3 hours ago

    God help them, what sick people in this world ! Good men!

    • Chris Mcneill
      Chris Mcneill 3 hours ago

      the people exploring the box , they are good men, omg what they found to clarify

  • koloxy1738 nguyen
    koloxy1738 nguyen 3 hours ago

    I can’t believe my guess was right it was human teeth (I want to threw up)

  • InfiniteGalaxy
    InfiniteGalaxy 3 hours ago

    FBI probably watched every single dark web unboxing video on USclip

  • musicaltune23
    musicaltune23 3 hours ago

    i've accessed the dark web before and i can tell you no one is going to sell this kind of shit. the dark web is not even remotely scary, if you see an onion site selling some kind of mystery box it'll most likely be just full of trash.

  • hv ac
    hv ac 3 hours ago

    This looks so FAKE , he hurry's to put the box in the background .

  • KittyLoves8265
    KittyLoves8265 4 hours ago


  • shayne westmoreland
    shayne westmoreland 4 hours ago

    Dried blood turns brown

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 4 hours ago

    In may of this year a little girl, 11 years of age was found strangled to death in the woods... her name was Amberly Barnnet. Now thing back about the initials found on the backpack and shoes in the first video and this one, A. Barnnet...

  • Blackhat
    Blackhat 4 hours ago

    Why is the comment section full if retards that pray ?

  • Eduardo Murillo
    Eduardo Murillo 5 hours ago

    That "pan" Is what they use in a hospital when they remove something from you like a bullet

  • Jeremiah Dodson
    Jeremiah Dodson 5 hours ago

    I may be wrong but, a. Barnett and the a.b. on the Scholes could be the same little girl bc of the same initials

  • Jazzy Trujillo
    Jazzy Trujillo 6 hours ago

    A Barnett is the name on the backpack and ab on the shoes... I dont want to think that girl is gone but I'm praying for that family

  • luis gomez
    luis gomez 8 hours ago

    Bles everyone that is watching 🤗🤗

  • luis gomez
    luis gomez 8 hours ago

    Take it to the police then get her DNA so they could see if it is a.b

  • TheEdgyAzzy
    TheEdgyAzzy 8 hours ago

    The owner of the initials A.B in this video is a 11year old girl named Amberly Barnett she was found dead in a forest with a rope around her neck I've seen your old video and the back pack had the name Amberly Barnett also all of this could lead more details to her murder but I heard that there was another young girl named Amberly Barnett who went missing im gonna do some more research on it though. God protect us all...

  • Xtort
    Xtort 8 hours ago

    This is painfully, almost satirically fake xD This is made for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES, thus the film set and the music.

  • Crimson Kyoko
    Crimson Kyoko 9 hours ago

    Is there such a thing as a dak web mystery box not going wrong LOL

  • claudia dibler
    claudia dibler 10 hours ago

    In the first there was little boy clothing inside a little girls backpack and the two little glass children is of a girl and boy and the boy has a "noose" around is neck. To me thats a very weird coincident... Just saying

  • Dars T.
    Dars T. 11 hours ago

    0:12 it’s a meat grinder

  • cesar tejeda
    cesar tejeda 11 hours ago

    Mystery box = bunch of junk from my grand parents attic. This is so, so lame.

  • michael adams
    michael adams 11 hours ago

    i dont think doing this is bad you could get arrested for doing this

  • francis serdenia
    francis serdenia 12 hours ago

    So is this how gullible we are now?
    Sure, this is not fake.
    Sure, this is not made up.
    Sure, they did not created their own box.

  • Daniel is Crazy
    Daniel is Crazy 12 hours ago

    Lol dude the hard drives that u seen are from the movie centipede

  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz 13 hours ago

    This is scripted af lmaooo

  • Orion Nebula
    Orion Nebula 16 hours ago

    The suspected girl (Amberly Barnett) has been strangled to death. So either the killer had performed surgery on her body after she had died or he had performed it while she was still alive. I literally cried when the teeth were shown. She could have had her teeth ripped out after her death. Unless authorities didn’t want to release any other information on her injuries.

  • Aki Torres
    Aki Torres 16 hours ago

    Think about it like this the killer kidnaps kids, if you watched the video it shows a boy with a excessively long rope on the neck and that's how the killer killed him, second victim was the girl inside of a surgeon's brief case more than likely he dissected her and grinded up both the kids and ate them and the teeth he took from them were inside of a heart shaped box immortalizing his/her passion and Love of the act of killing them both.

  • LaTisha Reeves
    LaTisha Reeves 17 hours ago

    The kit looks like it is for embalming, not surgery. The small device you thought was for drawing blood might be a trochar (my spelling sucks), and those are used for removing bodily fluids from a corpse

  • Mariel Dlav3rdi
    Mariel Dlav3rdi 17 hours ago

    The dude with no tats sounds like peter griffin 🤙🏼

  • F ę l i
    F ę l i 17 hours ago +1

    *Mierda no entiendo el ingles*

  • Daan Tuin
    Daan Tuin 18 hours ago


  • JLCV12
    JLCV12 20 hours ago

    Absolute TRASH.

  • Granny M
    Granny M 21 hour ago

    Reading through comments before watching video to see whether I should be concerned or not 😬

  • Av8r6o4
    Av8r6o4 21 hour ago

    I hope this is fake/or this child was found. This here though ladies and gentleman, is why my wife and I carry multiple forms of defense in our house, on us and in our vehicles. There are a lot of creepy people out there who love to snatch kids. You're not getting ours.

  • Dave Day
    Dave Day 23 hours ago

    What a load of pish

  • shame138
    shame138 23 hours ago

    Very well done👍👍👍 very "creepy" dope horror USclip videos. Sucks that you're getting demonized though. One suggestion. Next time dont use a slow motion shot of the teeth falling on the table. If you catch my drift.

  • Motorbike fails and clips

    They are so connected

  • Caitlyn Glenn
    Caitlyn Glenn Day ago

    None of this makes any since (x how is it you guys are getting all of these packages three the “dark web” that relates to one another? How are you guys targets of something like this? Why you guys? Doesn’t make since.

  • Sid
    Sid Day ago

    This is some of the most boring and fake shit I’ve ever fucking seen

  • Malaya Kiara
    Malaya Kiara Day ago

    Bro i looked up kids who went missing with the initials of A. B and an 11 year old girl named Amberly Barnett is who’s stuff they have even look at the back of the back pack it says A Barnett

  • Roger Lanqvist
    Roger Lanqvist Day ago

    the packing paper is a sewing pattern

  • Cheryl Collins
    Cheryl Collins Day ago


  • Mark Belot
    Mark Belot Day ago

    If you believe these guys...YOU...ARE...STUPID. Seriously, can you guys at least try to learn how to act?

  • Tim Hens
    Tim Hens Day ago

    Why would anyone waste there money on this crap.

  • Jung Jenny
    Jung Jenny Day ago

    i think that this is all connected to a kidnapping and a boy and girl were kidnapped that’s why there was a boy and girl little praying statue thing. the surgical utensils and the meat grinder were going to or have been used to torture the kids or kids they kidnapped if they even did kidnap any children.

  • Gay A
    Gay A Day ago

    15:01 looks like it injects into eyes

  • Ansley Schneider

    initials on the shows matched the name on the back pack...

  • Martin payant
    Martin payant Day ago

    all fake

  • Albert Ceausu
    Albert Ceausu Day ago

    wooooow "DISTURBING"...... look at this now usclip.net/video/H94tl18A-d0/video.html

  • Its Crazy Coco Time

    Good attempt at making a scary freak out vid, but the end product just doesn't work!
    The title says mystery box opening goes horribly wrong, but how did it go wrong ? It seems to me that opening a mystery box would pretty much happen just like it did in vid, you open the box, you take items out, simples!. The only thing going wrong was you guys trying to hard to convince your viewers this is legit!!!

  • Eric Mardis
    Eric Mardis Day ago

    “Gloves are necessary” meanwhile.. my forearms and wrists touch everything from the box

  • Rick James
    Rick James Day ago

    If this is real your asking for more packages by posting this.

  • MinicloudYT
    MinicloudYT Day ago

    f*** this sh** im already getting nightmares ;-;