Gems of the Past

  • Published on Apr 21, 2016
  • BEST Gems of the Past! Who can finish until the end?
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  • Carl Playman
    Carl Playman 11 months ago

    Lol I have no obligations and my first day of college doesn't start until Tuesday might as well waste my life here

  • Herp Snerp
    Herp Snerp 11 months ago

    Laughs from the future

  • Michael Smiley
    Michael Smiley 11 months ago

    5:45:55 bookmark

  • iluvart1482
    iluvart1482 Year ago

    7:30 I think that's the most tacken aback laugh from Danny ever 😂

  • spaztik
    spaztik Year ago +1

    I couldn’t sleep one night and stayed up and watched all of it

  • jubs :P
    jubs :P Year ago +1


  • GamerEX
    GamerEX Year ago

    1:24:00 Does anyone know what game this is?

  • KingsRow55
    KingsRow55 Year ago

    “Have another fuckin donut!” made me piss myself laughing, holy shit. Dan nailed the Jersey accent there

  • Sam Olivares
    Sam Olivares Year ago


  • RobotKingofAllCosmos

    Eat your oatmeal.

  • Finnegan Doherty
    Finnegan Doherty Year ago +1

    love this comment to be diddled by a ghoul

  • KooloEdits
    KooloEdits Year ago +1


  • Curtis
    Curtis Year ago +3

    what is it with everyone taking like 3 days or so with this? i watched this in a day. one day. granted, it was the weekend, but one.
    didn't expect this long of a vid i actually thought it was like an entire series of something...

    NUKE LESNICK Year ago

    I guarantee I know someone who does MORE

  • Yourboy
    Yourboy Year ago

    This chin is practically shitting

  • AlmiNia
    AlmiNia Year ago

    I finally finished this. It took me very long, but I made it. I feel accomplished. Now I can rest in... oh sh*t you have more videos here we go again.

  • Syndicate MV
    Syndicate MV Year ago

    Listened to this in one session. I was at work.

  • mason lane
    mason lane Year ago

    1:40:32 best game grumps line ever

  • Gin Yure
    Gin Yure Year ago

    damn i only noticed how long this video was after i watched 2 and a half hours of it

  • missjinxx
    missjinxx Year ago

    Second time watching this,.. I need a life

  • SJ
    SJ Year ago

    I turn this on, pop some headphones in and go all cleaning ninja in the house.

  • kookie with a cup of tae with suga on top

    8 hours? I'm gonna be here a while, who has popcorn!?

  • Luke Marsden
    Luke Marsden Year ago

    Reading through the comments noticing most other viewers watched the compilation over the course of several days... that thought had never occurred to me. But to be fair: it was my day off.
    Nice compilation. So many memories

  • Missioneer
    Missioneer Year ago

    13:51 HuhhuhuhhuhuuhuUAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • carlos castro
    carlos castro Year ago

    Not even 13 seconds and im crying alreadyXD

  • Geometry Dash Exotic

    7:39:19 had me on the floor

  • castivak
    castivak Year ago

    what playthrough is 1:04:01 from??

  • Mamoru the neko
    Mamoru the neko Year ago

    Finished this shit

  • Andrea Araiza
    Andrea Araiza Year ago

    Picking up where I left off (don't mind me) 1:04:08

  • Boulette Rose
    Boulette Rose Year ago

    I just spend 8 consecutives hours on a youtube video...what has my life become ?

  • Christopher Jason Herr

    I fall asleep to this.

  • Cynthia Oblige
    Cynthia Oblige Year ago

    I’m on vacation this week so I know what I’m watching tonight

  • Drake27
    Drake27 Year ago

    Might be weird, but I listen to this while I fall asleep.

  • Restless Bard
    Restless Bard Year ago

    Knuckles flying away at the end of sonic made me fucking sob

  • Ayreous
    Ayreous Year ago

    I managed to watch this in one day, I came

  • castivak
    castivak Year ago

    1:32:42 thE VOICE CRACK

  • Rosie Diamond
    Rosie Diamond Year ago

    After a month or so of watching this every morning, I've finally finished.

  • Shortan Eusluapo
    Shortan Eusluapo Year ago

    it took so long, but i watched it completely

  • edgar lola
    edgar lola Year ago +1

    I did it!

  • Victor VanElla
    Victor VanElla Year ago +2

    this video is definitely not long enough.

  • 🌸 softangel 🌸

    even after so long of looking i cannot for the life of me figure out what game theyre playing at 1:24:26

  • Kurai
    Kurai Year ago

    Average person: Oh I will have a playlist of music to play destiny 2 with.

  • Izzy Pajares
    Izzy Pajares Year ago +1

    46:00the original cuphead level

  • Cuck Demander
    Cuck Demander Year ago +1

    4:41:31 This is my favorite part

  • Connor Brown
    Connor Brown Year ago +1

    8 hours of laughing, pissing myself from laughing, crying from laughing, doing everything while laughing.

  • Cuck Demander
    Cuck Demander Year ago

    17:08 the bull is the most guilty...

  • Matetrix
    Matetrix Year ago

    I came back to this video but I had completely forgotten it was 8 hours long. 50 minutes into it I started to wonder how long it was and then I saw it....OOOOOOOOOOH RIIIIIGHT!

  • Margo Hughes
    Margo Hughes Year ago


  • Robert Downeyy
    Robert Downeyy Year ago

    Someone please help ! Which video was were danny told some porn subreddit . It was something like girls finish or something . Please tell me !!!

  • KR Gaming
    KR Gaming Year ago


  • Mookai Cool
    Mookai Cool Year ago

    I think I got some mayonnaise in my pants

  • Austin K.
    Austin K. Year ago


  • Cade J
    Cade J Year ago

    49:54 - 50:25 was the funniest part lol

  • LaurenTheAndroid
    LaurenTheAndroid 2 years ago

    I fell asleep to this and only got through 5 hours of this

  • Rhlgull
    Rhlgull 2 years ago +3

    This is only the second 8 hour long Grump video i've watched.

  • aAAH Geddes
    aAAH Geddes 2 years ago

    Normally i listen to grump compilations or let a grumpy lets play series go on while i try to sleep but honestly i didnt sleep 8 hours sleep because of this. Great choices lol

  • Nemrac
    Nemrac 2 years ago

    I hope you dont mind but ive added this wonderful video to a GG compilation playlist on my channel. Great job putting this together. Anyone is free to check out the playlist!

  • Zacharyyy
    Zacharyyy 2 years ago


  • Mike Shoe
    Mike Shoe 2 years ago

    How many hours of binge did it took you to make record this video?

  • Kole Dornseifer
    Kole Dornseifer 2 years ago

    The journey of 4 days started with "And thank you to sheep everywhere."

  • Felxability
    Felxability 2 years ago

    Here we go another 8 hour video oh boy

  • steamworksdragon
    steamworksdragon 2 years ago

    *insert dead meme of a certain bandicoot here*

  • Jordan Pritchard
    Jordan Pritchard 2 years ago

    I really enjoy how they rip apart Buzzfeed and their bullshit.

  • *kas :*
    *kas :* 2 years ago

    So glad I switched it to 1.25 speed 8 minutes in, 100% of the game grumps in 80% of the time.

    • *kas :*
      *kas :* 2 years ago

      What episode is "my penis cannot get erect"?

  • Honey Punks
    Honey Punks 2 years ago +1

    I spent all day yesterday watching a seven hour compilation, switched to this one until 4 AM, and after waking back up, I only have one hour left to go........ the final stretch, baby........ here goes.

  • Solecism_ Music
    Solecism_ Music 2 years ago

    I fuck to this GG Compilation.

  • Solecism_ Music
    Solecism_ Music 2 years ago +1

    Playing Gubble: [Arin:] FUCK THIS GAME, TURN IT OFF! I can't keep up the charade anymore! This is the worst game EVER made!" Cuts to Sonic Boom.

  • Solecism_ Music
    Solecism_ Music 2 years ago


  • Solecism_ Music
    Solecism_ Music 2 years ago

    I've watched this 24 times. It's so satisfying and good. Make one that's 12 hours please.

  • Pandasy77 ___
    Pandasy77 ___ 2 years ago +3


  • Stick Breightley
    Stick Breightley 2 years ago +1


  • m_betan
    m_betan 2 years ago

    I...I finished it. I watched this whole thing

  • OhWhoopsIt'sMak
    OhWhoopsIt'sMak 2 years ago

    Whenever I go on trips I sleep to this because I always need some sort of sound in the background

  • Shadowsoul Des or InkSelenaX

    *the whole video passes* "next time on game grump-" *presses on the next video* :3
    Btw, my favorite part is at 55:15
    ... *CHIN WIDTH.*

  • wasfapuk1 112
    wasfapuk1 112 2 years ago +2