Game Theory: Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy


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  • Div 900
    Div 900 2 days ago

    In Destiny 2 you're always bule but your enemy's are you as red. So you get all the advantages and weaknesses.

  • Noah Blair
    Noah Blair 3 days ago

    This could be true but evolution is BS

  • Jax a boy
    Jax a boy 4 days ago

    Soooooooooooooooo, what are you doing with Film Theory MatPat?????

  • Seth Cramond
    Seth Cramond 4 days ago


  • just a regular human

    Is THIS way red heads and ginders are thought to be " firery" and "aggressive"?!?!

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 4 days ago

    6:13 there are 22 people

  • David Nn
    David Nn 5 days ago

    you really never played any game like tf2 or lol .....

  • Henry Alami
    Henry Alami 5 days ago

    Fortnite is betta

  • smol earth chan (smol/not flat/crush:moon chan)

    That's why in red vs blue show red people doesn't die

  • Oh yeah yeah _
    Oh yeah yeah _ 7 days ago


  • Oh yeah yeah _
    Oh yeah yeah _ 7 days ago

    I vote we change it to green vs purple

  • Oh yeah yeah _
    Oh yeah yeah _ 7 days ago

    I though you were actually talking about RvB and I got excited

  • FC Games
    FC Games 9 days ago

    Can I uncover my ears yet

  • Lucy Holland
    Lucy Holland 10 days ago

    I started explaining to my little siblings about the red-blue thing and then played two different team games on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for a bit.
    Matthew and Sophie were red when we played a VS team game, and I was blue.
    I lost by a lot.
    Then we played a Balloon Battle, and again I was blue and Sophie and Ava were red.
    My team beat theirs by 18 points, and then Ava proceeded to start punching me (she's 7 and I'm 13) when I started chanting that red was the worst.
    Then again, I think both Ava and Matthew are weirdly serious about the game.
    When we play, Ava is always 12th place, and Matthew usually gets first.
    Unless I beat him.
    So Ava almost closed us out of a round, during the SNES Rainbow Road, after Matty had gotten first on Wario's Gold Mine. I was 4th, Matty was 2nd, Sophie was 7th and Ava was 12th.
    I came second in that race, and Matt went ballistic, trying to hit Ava so hard I had to go over and pull her away from him.
    He beat me overall, as per usual.
    Ava, on the other hand, when Dad told her to stay in the centre of the track in Ice Ice Outpost, yelled at him, and then stormed out of the room crying, shortly followed (during Hyrule Circuit) by Matty when something wasn't working. Even on autopilot, he came 11 over Dad playing as Ava.
    And why did I write all of this?
    Er, because why the heck not?
    You all need to know about Mario Kart in this family.

  • Hedieyah Perry’s VLogS and DraWgS

    1:00 turn on captions

  • EnderDragon 5566
    EnderDragon 5566 10 days ago

    what about minecraft bed wars or hunger games and sky wars

  • mehugh67 GAMING
    mehugh67 GAMING 10 days ago

    At 3 30 the game shown is Titanfall. You don't get to choose the colour of your team. You are blue and the enemy is red, but in the enemies eyes your team is red and they are blue. Just thought I will let you guys know.

  • EnderDragon 5566
    EnderDragon 5566 10 days ago

    I you turn on cc on my computer, for the intro says sexy intro music 0_0

  • Liamproskills
    Liamproskills 10 days ago

    Blue= literally every strategy game red=literally every violent game

  • Sarah Hraban
    Sarah Hraban 11 days ago

    Walmart isnt calming. Every time I’m in there for more that fifteen minutes, I’m ready to tear off somebody’s head if they dare to SO MUCH AS TOUCH ME.

  • Red X
    Red X 11 days ago

    What about PURPLE?

  • FireBlaze Star
    FireBlaze Star 11 days ago

    Hey how about purple vs blue vs red

  • norske bacon
    norske bacon 11 days ago

    Im from norway, and i dont remember seeing that building in oslo, where my grandma lives

  • Titan Destroyer
    Titan Destroyer 12 days ago

    About to commit suicide
    Light turns on
    You:oh blue 😀
    Wanders off

  • Candy Creeper
    Candy Creeper 12 days ago

    Yeah bc

  • Andriodgamer
    Andriodgamer 12 days ago

    is that why do better on smash bros ultimate when i use the red joycon on my nintendo switch? wait... WHAT IF PURPLE JOYCONS MEANS YOU WILL KILL A PERSON IN THE GAME!!! BECAUSE PURPLE GUY!!!! HUUUUUUUH!!

  • [insert name here] ._.

    This is why i like overwatch.
    The teams are whatever colour you make them thanks to colourblind mode.
    (Personally i use neon blue for my team and magenta for them enemy)

  • [insert name here] ._.

    But blue is my favourjte colour :(

  • Melody Miller
    Melody Miller 12 days ago +1

    is that why getting on red team so hard?

  • Amber Ramirez
    Amber Ramirez 12 days ago


    MAX FRANKEL 12 days ago


  • ko neht
    ko neht 12 days ago

    What about P U R P L E ?

  • Moth lamp
    Moth lamp 12 days ago

    Yay but fps now and days every team is blue and you're fighting red on both teams

  • Hunter Bauman
    Hunter Bauman 12 days ago +3

    When it comes to league of legends the blue side actually has a similar advantage to the white side in chess. They get first pick in champ select which can give you a big advantage. Red side is actually considered incredibly strong because they get last pick which can be used to outsmart and counterpick the enemy team but North America in particular is incredibly bad at using this. Aaaaaaanyway just thought you should know since it somewhat invalidates parts of your argument. :)

  • Ethan The Redpanda
    Ethan The Redpanda 13 days ago

    So thats why I am more aggressive in slither .IO when I was a red skin other than when I wasn't wow! So crazy

  • Flynn
    Flynn 13 days ago

    This explains why my state volleyball champions are as good as they are.... their school color is red.

  • Emberleaf 23
    Emberleaf 23 13 days ago

    I thought this was gonna be a theory about the TV show Red vs Blue...

  • Balaclava Boris TM
    Balaclava Boris TM 13 days ago

    Purple. Always.

  • SpOoDeR mAnS
    SpOoDeR mAnS 13 days ago

    In my opinion black is the color for me because I go ham on everybody in black

  • Spiritofdeath 2222
    Spiritofdeath 2222 13 days ago

    That explains why My Football team Soccer for americans Wendt a season unbeaten when we changed to red shirts

  • nightmare fnaf4
    nightmare fnaf4 15 days ago +1

    red? at red i think of christmas...
    blue? HATE IT
    B7U3? ...
    r3D? ah ye theres a game called red dead...
    and my favo color is orange ;-)

    -h0p3 u enyoyd my c0mm3nt-

  • Jaymond Galaxy
    Jaymond Galaxy 16 days ago +1

    So that's why I didn't get my black belt. 😢

  • Lucas Hattab
    Lucas Hattab 16 days ago

    Ok so that’s why tomatoes keep winning in Fortnite food fight because they’re red

  • Benjamin Herlocker
    Benjamin Herlocker 17 days ago

    Remember “Correlation is not causation” just because you find an increase in Fortnite and a decrease of Sea Cows, it doesn’t mean that Fortnite is killing off the sea cows.

  • The Exploding Ghost Gaming

    so who wins in tf2 red or blu Y U NO EXPLAIN?!

  • John Frost
    John Frost 17 days ago

    Both sides dont affects me

    Im on black side

  • Laura Fillebrown
    Laura Fillebrown 17 days ago

    I have a excuse..........


  • Phil
    Phil 17 days ago

    For tf2, valve maybe thought about it because on attack it’s always blue and on payload maps boi have a clear advantage b cause they have the spawn and the cart so it makes it more fair

  • Jason Zheng
    Jason Zheng 18 days ago

    Is that why Red won against Blue?

  • luisthe wolf
    luisthe wolf 18 days ago

    Red is my favourite colour

  • Doom Dom10
    Doom Dom10 18 days ago

    Mat Don't forget minecraft hunger games

  • TrueKingPwny
    TrueKingPwny 19 days ago

    I'm sorry, but is it unbalance or imbalance? This is bothering me!

  • Godz levelled
    Godz levelled 19 days ago

    Who thought this was going to be about red vs blue from rooster teeth

  • Legendary Master Chief

    This is why free-for-all truly reveals who’s best.

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane 20 days ago

    Bow Chicka Wow Wow

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane 20 days ago

    Those dirty Blues

  • Mr Q-Tip
    Mr Q-Tip 22 days ago

    zhe medic

  • Ozbrogaming
    Ozbrogaming 22 days ago

    On fortnite, black and white in a tuxedo is absolutly terrifying, i have a heart attack every time

  • QuickSilver8Xf
    QuickSilver8Xf 25 days ago

    2:20 what if i told you Morpheus never said "What if i told you"?

  • paranoid peter jackson

    Soooo we should basically wear red to scare people off just to be alone....

  • Wector Cze
    Wector Cze 26 days ago

    why do they all wear fezes why not a tin foil hat

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer 27 days ago

    like white on rice? Really MatPat?
    i prefer fried!

  • SuperGamerlolxd
    SuperGamerlolxd 28 days ago

    You forgot the B A sequence in the Konami code, it´s Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

  • Daniel Checa
    Daniel Checa 28 days ago

    :o magic

  • Jesse Willason
    Jesse Willason Month ago

    But I play equally well on either team in halo I just play blue because its my fave color cod is different no color teams its like seals vs rebels

  • dat boi123
    dat boi123 Month ago

    What about purple?

  • Sumina Corp
    Sumina Corp Month ago

    I’m 12 but I’m still loyal to unreal tournament!!!

  • Mr Diamond
    Mr Diamond Month ago

    Ok, so that means that when i have the Lynx skin on fortnite fully upgraded i always have to pick the red colour?

  • Sad king
    Sad king Month ago

    The league of legends theory weretrue
    Find the evidence in the LOL sandbox
    Be filled with joy so you can win because red is aggressive

  • mr pugman
    mr pugman Month ago

    That stuff bout Arkansas is true nobody be stopping at the stop sign

  • GV
    GV Month ago

    This was a very interesting video. I feel like I learned a lot.

  • anyomus random
    anyomus random Month ago

    This doesn’t matter if you main spy ha!

  • Jpmasterbr
    Jpmasterbr Month ago

    I'm the type of guy that uses these psychological advantages even on minecraft

  • Adam Holt
    Adam Holt Month ago

    Nah it's so bad guys can't see me bleed.

  • Abelardo Rodriguez
    Abelardo Rodriguez Month ago

    My science project

  • moumou07
    moumou07 Month ago

    Just play green vs yellow

  • meafreakazoid __
    meafreakazoid __ Month ago

    Dang cus im always on the blue team in halo.

  • Bloody Wrists
    Bloody Wrists Month ago

    What about purple

  • Not Using This Account

    Lol, already knew it!
    Oh,, wait,, it is 3 years old?

  • Julius Lulgjuraj
    Julius Lulgjuraj Month ago

    RVB is beast

  • Julius Lulgjuraj
    Julius Lulgjuraj Month ago


  • Leo Xie
    Leo Xie Month ago

    Oh ya that intro so sexy oh ya. no more p***hub

  • Super MTM
    Super MTM Month ago

    This is why defence in Rainbow six siege is blue while attack is red

  • Awesome Ninja09
    Awesome Ninja09 Month ago

    *when your favorite color is red*

  • Lego6lego
    Lego6lego Month ago


  • draggon 898
    draggon 898 Month ago


  • someone 837
    someone 837 Month ago

    Srsly I’m late to every good vid in the past

  • someone 837
    someone 837 Month ago

    My team color is blue for my group is blue

  • Final
    Final Month ago

    So what color should I pick for smash

  • Jeff Hatch
    Jeff Hatch Month ago

    4ēæð 5hijß 0øijùỳ54ê21àšðčǹ¡¿&¼⅔⅜⁴⅝⅞∅¥‰·±

  • Jeff Hatch
    Jeff Hatch Month ago

    Hij ij æm ÿœū4 b4æijñ

  • Canal do Botmano
    Canal do Botmano Month ago

    In Dota the Blues are the winners in 50% of the games

  • Copper Laktronics
    Copper Laktronics Month ago

    Wow Matpat... you really are not on good terms with the tf2 community

  • Mythical Muffin Boi

    So this is why the red socks are so good?

  • Tomer Barkan
    Tomer Barkan Month ago

    LOL maps are not symmetric as far as I can remember. Dragon, Baron, positioning (top or bottom), and of course the fact that normally the support goes bottom, which has a different jungle for every side.

  • canine wolf
    canine wolf Month ago

    thanks matpat now i know wut to do wen i'm angry

  • Norske Musi
    Norske Musi Month ago

    Who else saw the Tardis at 13:49?

  • cınar Ersoy
    cınar Ersoy Month ago

    game boi