Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • Jack Black and Kyle Gass have been rocking crowds as Tenacious D for more than two decades. But what happens when they get rocked by the wings of death? Find out as the Greatest Band in the World goes wing for wing with Sean Evans on this week's Hot Ones. Along they way, the comedic duo discusses everything from Jack's infamous Dorito Burrito, to Kanye West, to their new six-part animated USclip series called "Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto." This is not the greatest interview in the world; it's just a tribute!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  5 months ago +17761


    • Mr.E
      Mr.E 6 days ago

      Pewdiepie vs T-series

    • Renix Cherokee
      Renix Cherokee 12 days ago

      "You likah dah speed? I got sum back at mah apartment"
      Black guy in a little pink tutu, seen in SF one night by a friend of mine.
      Legends don't always wear capes...oh wait.

    • Ross Brown
      Ross Brown 23 days ago

      Guys, you need to get Corey Taylor on here!

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 Month ago

      Hey, try eating a spoon of ice cream to deactivate the hot sauce. I tried it when eating some spicy sushi and it worked. I used Bitterweet Chocolate Three Twins. All I needed was a small spoon of ice cream. Try it see if it works.

  • Anel Nukovic
    Anel Nukovic 15 minutes ago

    Jack Black and Dave Grohl are very much alike.

  • booby b
    booby b 33 minutes ago

    Kyle took them like a man tbh. He was totally cool.

  • booby b
    booby b Hour ago

    Solid question about the 80's rock man. Pop culture is so dominated by rap, people forget about rockers out there man. It's so much better but people don't give it a chance. Its fucking rock n roll, but ppl look at you like you're an ancient relic if you don't like rap unless you're like a hipster or something. 80's I'd go for Kill em All from metallica. It isn't the traditional hair metal sound of the 80s so Idk if it counts. Its still metal, its just thrash, and its genuine and packs a fucking punch. Listen to "four horsemen" "seek and destroy" "Am I evil?". Or I'd say DIO or black sabbath with ronnie james dio

  • Howard Luken
    Howard Luken Hour ago

    They stick Da Bomb in before the last two in order to fuck with everyone. Black was channeling Chili Klaus there after DA BOMB.

  • James Chapman
    James Chapman 3 hours ago

    One of my favorite episodes, Jack went the hardest when it came to eating the wings and embracing the heat!

  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 6 hours ago

    Wtf is he talking about! No crunchy burritos! Whit ppl stay stealing and fuking up other ppls shet

  • Nick Fulkerson
    Nick Fulkerson 6 hours ago

    I can’t stand when other celebrities just take a nibble, I respect them for eating the whole wing and respect JB even more for how he’s eating his lol

  • Frito
    Frito 6 hours ago

    It's hilarious how the host just sits there straight-faced through the whole thing like it's nothing

  • Frito
    Frito 6 hours ago

    12:52 "I'm not one of these nibblers" Oh you mean Jeff Goldblum

  • FunkyTown Jedi
    FunkyTown Jedi 7 hours ago

    Yall need the change the type of questions on the "bff bucket " thing, it seems like everytime yall do it you tryna turn the ppl against each other🤔🤔 other than that great show!! @firstwefeast

  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox 8 hours ago

    What's Jablin' Jables, sorry no gaming videos this week

  • Donovan Reade
    Donovan Reade 9 hours ago

    Fucking dying!!! Too funny!

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson 13 hours ago

    Delicious satchel! Lol!

  • DoNoT DisTurB
    DoNoT DisTurB 14 hours ago

    Elon musk please

  • Mr.L.A.
    Mr.L.A. 17 hours ago

    fucking Jack even ate the gristle ....that's some real fat boy shit there holmes

  • BigMig
    BigMig 20 hours ago

    The most tenacious I've laughed on hot one's.. Great!

  • i'm pavo
    i'm pavo 22 hours ago

    can y'all do Danny devito

  • Nikki Rockz
    Nikki Rockz Day ago


  • Jizz Pants
    Jizz Pants Day ago


  • Come In Swingin
    Come In Swingin Day ago

    Get the one and only Neo (Keanu Reeves) he has had a great career and he is such a humble person.

  • Miguel Ibanez
    Miguel Ibanez Day ago

    They did the best, are everything

  • Tickety Blue
    Tickety Blue Day ago

    Such a great concept for a show.

  • Croatoan S
    Croatoan S Day ago +2

    Jack knows how to eat a wing properly. Respect.

  • ChiefAutographSeeker

    I wish I could email all these "A-list" test monkeys (dumbasses dipshits fuck faces) and tell them this fucking show should bring out all the wings and shake them ALL together, uncut so literally everyone will ultimately know all participants are consuming the exact hot shit!!! Because 99% of the time skinny doesn't even break a sweat!!! Hmmmmm???? I totally call FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! I can't believe none of these dipshits don't switch at the moment of truth hahaha

  • David Reynosa
    David Reynosa 2 days ago


  • Pat
    Pat 2 days ago

    Sweet doesn’t work bro it makes shit way hotter if you don’t believe me test it

  • Hector Jimenez
    Hector Jimenez 2 days ago

    BRO ATE EVERY WING! Not a bite! Ate the wing.

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 2 days ago

    man Kyle rocking out on that recorder!! yes!!!

  • Jarkko Seppänen
    Jarkko Seppänen 2 days ago +2

    hat's off to kyle for being solid with jack's "let's hate those who like trump" speech. good man!

  • Brayan Miranda
    Brayan Miranda 2 days ago

    Milky chapstick xD

  • Derek Chesney
    Derek Chesney 2 days ago

    I just like milk lol

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 days ago

    Best episode yet

  • Russell Regulator
    Russell Regulator 2 days ago

    I have lost so much respect for tenacious D and jack black after this.

  • Jacob Larson
    Jacob Larson 3 days ago

    Jack knows his way around a hot wing... Dang

  • dank meme lord
    dank meme lord 3 days ago

    man jablinski games is really popular

  • fissch
    fissch 3 days ago

    "Speaking of fiery cocks ... let's get to Dirty Dicks"

  • Raihan Alfatih
    Raihan Alfatih 3 days ago +1

    1,2,3 motherfucker

  • Varen Derps Around PC

    Ever have anyone puke in the bucket?

  • Lucas Earth
    Lucas Earth 4 days ago +2

    Let's keep in mind that Jack black had the power the cause an earthquake

  • Joseph Ramirez
    Joseph Ramirez 4 days ago +2

    That's number wang.

  • Krazkid16 [OFK]
    Krazkid16 [OFK] 4 days ago

    Why is 6 afraid of 7?

  • Copblock312
    Copblock312 4 days ago

    This channel needs rag n bone man

  • Thaelo Proctor
    Thaelo Proctor 4 days ago

    Red hot chili peppers anyone? Next please.

  • Justin Pung
    Justin Pung 4 days ago +3

    Jack Black is such a trooper. What a real champ. He finished every wings completely. Unlike Shaq, who was a damn bully.

  • The Villain Ricky
    The Villain Ricky 5 days ago

    Get a nascar driver. Dale jr. or Jimmie Johnson or any driver on the show

  • soffer
    soffer 5 days ago

    17:45 time is the only thing that makes it go away. this too shall pass, some day this will be over. it seems like we've been here for weeks. is this the most anyone has complained

  • oROSE1714
    oROSE1714 5 days ago

    for some reason 16:30 to 16:34 is the funniest shit

  • SammyJo CatLady
    SammyJo CatLady 5 days ago +1

    I'd like to see a follow up at the end with a description of the 'flame thrower in the john' after effects

  • Hans-Christian Wille
    Hans-Christian Wille 5 days ago +2

    I´m a simple man. I see the D, I upvote! Jables and Rage Kage just rock!

  • Kristin R
    Kristin R 5 days ago

    They’re so damn delightful!

  • dunedadude
    dunedadude 5 days ago

    ive only just found this channel and this is the funniest one ive seen

  • Anglia Williams
    Anglia Williams 5 days ago

    fave episode besides weird al

  • Bianca Bloom
    Bianca Bloom 5 days ago

    I’m surprised that there wasn’t an EMT on set. There was a serious risk of Kyle or Jack having a heart attack 😳

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 6 days ago

    "i eat the whole fawkin thing baby"

  • Don David
    Don David 6 days ago +1

    It gets akwarder when kyle gets interrupted by jack

  • Zac Reedy
    Zac Reedy 6 days ago +1

    Holy shit this was funny

  • G2 Wizzo
    G2 Wizzo 6 days ago +2

    Bro he kindq looks like the guy from school of rock

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 6 days ago +1

    Whoa look its Jablinski Games!
    Who's jack black?

  • Garrett Jeffers
    Garrett Jeffers 6 days ago

    Should've just used chocolate milk.

  • Anti-Mattering
    Anti-Mattering 6 days ago

    THE JablinskiGames?

  • Gotz Jimenez
    Gotz Jimenez 6 days ago

    @first we feast bring james hetfield from metallica

  • BlackFriday
    BlackFriday 6 days ago

    Jack Black is the BEST

  • sOMeBoDy important
    sOMeBoDy important 7 days ago

    i had no idea that jack black did music, he's done so much with his life it's incredible

  • Rose
    Rose 7 days ago +2

    Kyle is really becoming a cute old man

  • Rose
    Rose 7 days ago +4

    I love Jack Black. He’s an actor from my childhood that I thought was so funny and he’s still funny today

  • chelly cheesedog
    chelly cheesedog 7 days ago

    I've never realized how much my dad is exactly like Jack black

  • gahca jelly
    gahca jelly 8 days ago


  • Frankie Luo
    Frankie Luo 9 days ago


  • Read more
    Read more 9 days ago

    Please don’t let TDS ruin this guys

  • Read more
    Read more 9 days ago

    Fun fact: Roger from Family Guy is based on Paul Lynde

  • Arianna Anguiano
    Arianna Anguiano 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed jack black didn’t even mix his thai tea😂

  • Connor Mattson
    Connor Mattson 10 days ago

    Dave Grohl


  • Wendy Liu
    Wendy Liu 10 days ago

    “u ready?”

  • Seth Aguilera
    Seth Aguilera 10 days ago

    “I’m not one of these nibblers ya know, I get in there I eat the whole fxckin thang baby” ima haft use that on these females 😂🔥💀

  • hrsniperguy
    hrsniperguy 10 days ago +2

    liked these guys until he bagged trump

  • 2011cheerleader11
    2011cheerleader11 10 days ago

    the interviewer seemed way less socially awkward at the end cut when he was shaking jack blacks hand... maybe it was all an act all along so that we would get pissed off by it hahahhah

  • MakeupByDiana529
    MakeupByDiana529 11 days ago +1

    Omg I'm literally crying right now this is by far the best episode ever 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Grunting
    Grunting 11 days ago

    jack black is a good guy aside for being a liberal

  • Nick nottelling
    Nick nottelling 11 days ago


  • oh NO no
    oh NO no 12 days ago

    Man I love Jack black

  • Pow3rGaming
    Pow3rGaming 12 days ago

    shit I loved the vid right up until he had to be political and called the president a douche. #fail #byetenaciousd

  • Kyle S.
    Kyle S. 12 days ago

    That tambourine goes really nicely with Jack's shirt.

  • weonsomedankshit 305
    weonsomedankshit 305 12 days ago +1

    Why does Jack B look like Pablo Escobar hiding from the cops

  • Noko Noah
    Noko Noah 12 days ago

    What’s jabling jables

  • Serin Resan
    Serin Resan 12 days ago

    Jack Black is the REAL hot ones CHAMP

  • Jayson Eubanks
    Jayson Eubanks 12 days ago

    Jack inhales farts and holds them like bong hits.

  • Yashvardhan Negi
    Yashvardhan Negi 12 days ago

    you should invite EMINEM it will blow everyone's mouth

  • Yashvardhan Negi
    Yashvardhan Negi 12 days ago +2

    you should invite EMINEM it will blow everyone's mouth

  • Yashvardhan Negi
    Yashvardhan Negi 12 days ago +1

    you should invite some metalband members in your show

  • A Bite Of Life
    A Bite Of Life 12 days ago +1

    Best episode of hot ones for sure

  • J A
    J A 12 days ago

    both of these guys look like meathead

  • Tee Simone
    Tee Simone 12 days ago

    "There's no where to run!"- lmfaoooo
    How does Sean keep a straight face and now crack up at people's pain? 😅😅😂🤣😭

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray 12 days ago

    That Rolex Smurf Jack is rocking is killer!

  • Truffalachubble
    Truffalachubble 13 days ago

    I swear as soon as I see Jack Black eat something I want to eat it

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams 13 days ago

    If y’all challenged the devil to a rock off then you should be able to eat hot wings

  • Josh Sasso
    Josh Sasso 13 days ago

    Hot ones with joe rogan

  • Slothmfpierce
    Slothmfpierce 13 days ago

    Jack eats wings like a savage lol

  • Mark S
    Mark S 13 days ago

    oh man. my eyes were watering just watching them. Great show and love the Tanacious D

  • Tanner Cole
    Tanner Cole 13 days ago

    Fucking Jack Black. Acting like a bitch but he fucking destroyed those wings