Something Scary Vol 3 - Home Sweet Home Haunted House Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  • Published on May 23, 2017
  • A Something Scary compilation of haunted houses, urban legends, and unsolved mysteries. Join Sapphire, grab some popcorn, and relive the whole volume 3 experience right here.
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    SNARLED  2 years ago +5757

    What was your favorite Something Scary episode from this volume?

    • Yo Pp
      Yo Pp 2 days ago

      I love you

    • IMDb Forbgnhergn
      IMDb Forbgnhergn 3 days ago

      Snarled *the first one I got scared by my cat 🐈*

    • ko angela
      ko angela 10 days ago

      SNARLED last

  • Hannah Chesson
    Hannah Chesson 6 hours ago

    Marie lalaurie was talked about on ahs

  • Princess Vane
    Princess Vane 7 hours ago

    It’s around 7 and I’m eating soups while watching it 🥴😂

  • XxbunnyxX 666
    XxbunnyxX 666 9 hours ago

    I live in paris and now im worried...

  • Deal With is
    Deal With is 13 hours ago

    👌 good

    So nice ok 👌

  • Sali Ceesay
    Sali Ceesay 14 hours ago

    The basement is always where bad crap happens which is why if you go to your basement alone, bring a weapon or ask someone to come will you. Avoid going to the basement alone if you can.

  • Klyde cedrick Felicia


  • Alisha Weaver
    Alisha Weaver Day ago

    I should not be watching this 11 at night

  • Dreamiinq _ Ela
    Dreamiinq _ Ela Day ago

    17:15 beware headphone users!

  • Dreamiinq _ Ela
    Dreamiinq _ Ela Day ago

    When in the last episode I said “I’d lock my doors if I were you...” I’m like HAH I’m at the beach

  • Bea Bautista
    Bea Bautista Day ago +1

    Sapphire: "from the philippines"

    Me: HELL YEA

    Cuz im filipino lol

  • The partycake alien

    12:00 i live in the Netherlands als as the country above france.😱😱😱

  • Louise Schofield
    Louise Schofield 2 days ago +1

    Sapphire: I would lock the doors if I were you
    Me: *opens all doors*

  • minsunk thapa
    minsunk thapa 2 days ago


  • ooga booga YEAH
    ooga booga YEAH 2 days ago

    Wheat varginia mountain mama take me home to the place I belong west verginia mountain mama take me home country roads

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 2 days ago

    Damn that last story though. 😓

  • Phoenix Playz
    Phoenix Playz 2 days ago +2

    • w• )
    Have some mama milky and cookies. Cost 1 like!

  • Aristos Poumpouridis

    Sapphire i like when u do this stories u sometimes rime and its cool

  • Kathleen De La Cruz
    Kathleen De La Cruz 3 days ago

    I got a possibility as soon as she said dona and her dad were connected the moment when she said she felt a stung in her neck and again and then the end her dad got murdered in the neck that's why she felt a stung in the neck and saw her dad in her dream

  • GachaGamer
    GachaGamer 4 days ago

    My dad lives in New Orleans... 😢

  • Not To Bright
    Not To Bright 4 days ago

    Listening to this again, this isn't how I recall the story. In town, you can hear a more, presumably, legit version of it

  • Trina Kohzad
    Trina Kohzad 4 days ago


  • Leo the pup
    Leo the pup 4 days ago

    For the last story, this is why I make sure supper is ready before nighttime.

  • xX ItsaZay Xx
    xX ItsaZay Xx 4 days ago

    The madam story I’m pretty sure she’s talk about the story from America horror story’s the coven . The women would put slaves in cages and cut them open for there blood bc she would use it for her face to make her young and stuff shit in there mouth and stitch it .

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Where did you find the last story

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 4 days ago


  • Jenni Games
    Jenni Games 5 days ago

    Me: graves à White rose Santa Mary marriage a dios

  • KaBoOn!
    KaBoOn! 5 days ago

    3:57 "got a new job in West Virginia" MONTAIN MAMA TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS

  • XxEmi VlogsxX
    XxEmi VlogsxX 5 days ago

    I’m ready...

  • Pedro Reyes
    Pedro Reyes 5 days ago

    In mexico a famous singer died like 16 years ago. His son is still alive

  • Pedro Reyes
    Pedro Reyes 5 days ago

    I dont think i should tell you

  • Pedro Reyes
    Pedro Reyes 5 days ago

    There is another house

  • The art Potato
    The art Potato 5 days ago

    If a ghost said “good night” to me I would say “good night” back to them.

  • ༼ɴ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ʏ༽
    ༼ɴ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ʏ༽ 5 days ago +1

    10:57 idk why i laughed

  • AnonymousIsDD
    AnonymousIsDD 6 days ago

    A chill? Up your mothers spine.
    Power? Out
    The dog? Barking
    The kids? Crying
    Hotel? Trivago

  • •JƏN KŐØK•
    •JƏN KŐØK• 6 days ago +1

    Wait!..... what happend to the dog??

  • jackmichael285
    jackmichael285 6 days ago +1

    I think the ghost that haunts my house is attached to me. He's blond, with blue eyes, and I've seen him late at night, coming back from the bathroom, and in my room, coming home from school. He's saved my life, and I've heard him calling me name

  • jackmichael285
    jackmichael285 6 days ago

    I'm going to Paris on Friday, lovely

  • Soso Ag
    Soso Ag 6 days ago

    Me: * watches Video *
    Me: *hears doorbell ringing *
    Me with a shotgun: ,,NoT ToDaY SaTaN!"

  • Vice versa
    Vice versa 6 days ago

    O_O🔪 the ghost will never take me🔫😤

  • XxNaruto FanxX
    XxNaruto FanxX 6 days ago

    If you are scared go watch porn

  • Gogo Yubari
    Gogo Yubari 7 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    Elmo knows where u live

  • Gogo Yubari
    Gogo Yubari 7 days ago


  • Sara Shbz
    Sara Shbz 7 days ago

    That was so SCARY

  • Kayleigh Coolio
    Kayleigh Coolio 7 days ago

    Where can i get ur wallpapers

  • Leah Koskovich
    Leah Koskovich 8 days ago

    maybe she should do robloxes creepy stories or pokemons batches of creepy pastas

  • Who needs names anyways?

    That poor pizza delivery guy :(

  • Shinsou_Hitoshi's_pet_neko

    Sapphire senpaaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  • Hope Marsh
    Hope Marsh 8 days ago +1

    *"I'd lock your doors"*
    "HA IM IN A CAR"
    **Locks car door**

  • Myra Byard
    Myra Byard 8 days ago

    Ghost:moaning and muffled crying

    Lorens dad: it’s probably the pipes


  • raven daniella dubos

    na ka tira ako sa philippines

  • twice bby
    twice bby 9 days ago

    isn't madam lalaurie part of AHS?

  • Sky_plau z
    Sky_plau z 9 days ago

    Me locking my doors and puting my dresser on it

  • ginny
    ginny 9 days ago

    i thought people will acknowledge that this story is really sad...

  • Terry Nichols
    Terry Nichols 10 days ago

    Strange things more like stranger things (I have a obsession)

  • Bowser Jr. Boi
    Bowser Jr. Boi 10 days ago

    Me in this situation: On second thought, being homeless isn't THAT bad O-O

  • Winstead Who
    Winstead Who 10 days ago

    Me: OH SHI-

  • XXxDemon-Chan xXX
    XXxDemon-Chan xXX 10 days ago +1

    Imma get my cat and hold it to my chest
    ( •0• )
    >🐱< no one will Hurt da kitty

  • TaeTae Love
    TaeTae Love 10 days ago

    I miss these kinds of videos

  • dragon Of humanity
    dragon Of humanity 10 days ago

    why would u always leave the Philippines?!

  • Karol Chama
    Karol Chama 11 days ago

    “Did time stop or was it just slow.”

    So a few weeks ago I was playing with my friend Valerie I was getting a lot of alarms for times some for 1:36 or 8:24.
    But I first noticed that time was passing so fast that I barely noticed it but when I looked at the time it was 4:43. When me and Valerie first started playing together it was 3:53 I never knew what was happening but after that strange event hours felt like a minute seconds felt like NOTHING. This loop of time was stuck minutes,sencond,hours. I woke up.......I don’t have a friend named Valerie.....

  • wava
    wava 11 days ago

    wanna hear something scary?

    no wifi

  • Intisaar Hosow
    Intisaar Hosow 11 days ago

    Whos watching this while eating

  • Amazing Amana
    Amazing Amana 12 days ago

    Why does her family, family friends and friends have these super natural things happening to them
    Like she will never be bored because all the family members will be telling her these stories

  • The mini Professional
    The mini Professional 12 days ago +2

    Hey I’m Saphire wanna here something scary?

  • Camila Cornejo
    Camila Cornejo 12 days ago

    true stories??oh HECK no

  • Seriah Lavallee
    Seriah Lavallee 12 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary


  • BaNgTaE
    BaNgTaE 13 days ago +4

    Wanna hear something scary?

    My charger broke.

  • Zoe Jensen
    Zoe Jensen 13 days ago +4

    It’s dangerous to go alone, take this! 🗡
    Protection from like beggars!

  • What IsUp
    What IsUp 13 days ago +3

    Dude in the first story the man is literally Samson from the Bible (Almost)

  • B I L L I E E I L I S H
    B I L L I E E I L I S H 13 days ago +5

    wanna hear something scary?

    Being one percent and every charger is being used and your calling someone.

  • Jojo John
    Jojo John 13 days ago +1

    Husband decoy!? XD

  • Diana Star
    Diana Star 13 days ago

    really peprone pizza😑😑 wtf?

  • Natalie Ramos
    Natalie Ramos 14 days ago +2

    Wanna hear something scary

  • flexine black
    flexine black 14 days ago +1

    Wanna know what's the scariest thing that happened?

    I dropped my phone

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 14 days ago +2

    0:44 'Her husband Dicoy' that made me laugh so hard.

  • The. queen .of. .hearts.
    The. queen .of. .hearts. 14 days ago +1

    I remember seeing that house in New Orleans 😅😐 I love Albany it’s near are capital

  • Kate L'Esperance
    Kate L'Esperance 14 days ago

    I heard old Stark Wood 😂😂

  • Kate L'Esperance
    Kate L'Esperance 14 days ago

    HAHA GHOST ARE REAL!!! I love ghosts

  • Patricia B.
    Patricia B. 14 days ago

    Im from 🇵🇭🇵🇭 too! 😄😄

  • Nyanko Meow
    Nyanko Meow 14 days ago

    Oh wow. Never got suspicious...

  • XandeeXD
    XandeeXD 15 days ago

    Belle Delphine is in this video.

    Oh god

  • sara torres
    sara torres 15 days ago

    God proted

  • sara torres
    sara torres 15 days ago

    My brother died

  • Nancy Nille
    Nancy Nille 15 days ago

    Killer:I know your all alone now . Me:boyfriend is that you

  • Equaz
    Equaz 16 days ago

    5:15 I removed my headset to check if it was in video or the real life.

  • Quinn
    Quinn 16 days ago +6

    Sour patch kids : ✔
    Blankets : ✔
    Sore back : ✔
    Teddy/s : ✔
    Dressing gowns : ✔
    Dark room : ✔
    Socks : ✔
    Messy hair : ✔
    Pillow/s : ✔
    Alone : ✔
    *Im ready!*

  • Isaiah Zeigler
    Isaiah Zeigler 16 days ago

    The heartbeat is the scariest part

  • Megan Victoria
    Megan Victoria 17 days ago +6

    “Everyone else runs outta the house”

  • Dizzy_Pumpkin
    Dizzy_Pumpkin 17 days ago +1

    The last chapter gave me the chills......Brrrrr!

  • Hilianis Andrade
    Hilianis Andrade 17 days ago


  • Dizzy_Pumpkin
    Dizzy_Pumpkin 17 days ago

    Are these stories...real?

  • PhantomNightmares 24
    PhantomNightmares 24 17 days ago

    👏👏👏👏😱😱 Nice stories sapphire!

  • Frisk 1
    Frisk 1 17 days ago +1

    I remember I saw something the same thing outside for 5 days. I remember it was a boy but he was covered in blood but his hands.
    This man was wired because every day in night. He stade at the same place with a big smile until yesterday I saw it close to the window but it eyes was red and it was smiling.
    Now today it's gone with blood on the same spot it was standing yesterday.
    Is that wired or am I going crazy?

  • Not your Typical boi
    Not your Typical boi 17 days ago

    Japanese granny

    IBREATHEforDAEHWI 18 days ago

    Call the police Donna. Don’t be dumb

  • Not_ANoobzy Doez memez
    Not_ANoobzy Doez memez 18 days ago +2

    ( •.• )

    • Coco -Rainbow
      Coco -Rainbow 16 days ago

      i want one ! :3
      oh wait... i cant eat chocolate :< wahh

  • cash money111
    cash money111 18 days ago +6

    i don't really know why people do this but here's my katamari chubb

    V V
    roses are red
    cotton candy can be red or blue
    like for not just one cookie
    👇 but maybe even two

  • Brandon Ward
    Brandon Ward 18 days ago

    The last story actually freaked me out!

  • Diamond Player
    Diamond Player 18 days ago

    Why do you change your clothes when the other storie’s are done!????