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  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
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    SNARLED  10 months ago +827

    I FORGOT TO ANSWER TO THE RIDDLE!!!! Scroll below for the answer:
    She held up 4 fingers...that weren't hers! THEY WERE SEVERED FINGERS! AHHH

  • Isaac Moreno
    Isaac Moreno Month ago


  • Isaac Moreno
    Isaac Moreno Month ago

    yo like your vids

  • Psycho Knightmare
    Psycho Knightmare Month ago

    She took her friends fingers

  • jughead Jones is my love

    2 yr old running and u expect it to talk?? Idk if 2 yr olds do that....I'm not smart

  • Izan and Isla
    Izan and Isla Month ago

    In the last story the “man”could have been the children’s biological father

  • Wendell Thompson
    Wendell Thompson 2 months ago

    Tittle I met rittle

  • Wendell Thompson
    Wendell Thompson 2 months ago

    I dont know the title shout me out

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  • rena hall
    rena hall 2 months ago +1

    What is your real name???????????

  • Bình An Lưu
    Bình An Lưu 3 months ago

    11:03 I m come from Vietnam too

  • Macie Cross
    Macie Cross 3 months ago

    She cut off the other children's fingers

  • Fire Flies
    Fire Flies 4 months ago


  • Miklo00Dub00City
    Miklo00Dub00City 4 months ago

    when I was going to bed I went to my room and I went to turn of the lights and I heard NO at the door so I ran to my bed and I hid udur the cover that's my story

  • Strauss Mira
    Strauss Mira 4 months ago

    Yo !!

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    oca ramos 5 months ago

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    Caitlin Valdez 5 months ago

    2019???????? Yes we can finally say that🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

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    sakura - chan 5 months ago

    Hoi I'm temmie

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    tagle supergamergirl 5 months ago

    Hi I'm kinzie I LOVE all your stoys

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    crazy watermelon 5 months ago

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  • billymad45
    billymad45 5 months ago

    I just love your vids

  • billymad45
    billymad45 5 months ago

    love your vids

  • ruyen pham
    ruyen pham 5 months ago

    Give me a thumbs up if u like this story

  • N. Nguyen
    N. Nguyen 5 months ago

    Mainly Vietnamese household so we have ours in the living room

  • Eugore Sdrawde
    Eugore Sdrawde 5 months ago

    II wiish II had A good Story to Tell you Or anyone Else, but II would Only be Able to Make up One

  • Khalisa Putri
    Khalisa Putri 5 months ago

    You know azzy and ssniperwolf

  • Etna Taslaman
    Etna Taslaman 5 months ago

    ( ♡_♡) ( ☆_☆) ( *_*) ( ●_●) ( ■_■) ( •_•) ( ⊙~⊙) ( >_

  • The Cat show
    The Cat show 6 months ago

    Here’s my scary story
    My great grandmother was a lovely person. But I never got to know her as she died before I was evening she went to sleep in her son’s room.I am not sure if it was my grandfathers or his brothers tat room a a painting of her favorite town it was perfectly stable and had never fallen down. Underneath that painting hung a clock the clock was in good condition and had never stopped however this night the painting fell onto the clock the clock stopped that hour she grandpa told my dad this who told it to grandpa is in on way on form superstitious and doesn’t believe in the paranormal but this story he does believe and is true.
    A family horror story

  • Amberlynn Hill
    Amberlynn Hill 6 months ago

    The doll moved

  • mai vang lee
    mai vang lee 6 months ago

    SNARLED SNARLED SNARLED did it work no ok bai

  • Heavenly Halle
    Heavenly Halle 6 months ago

    Holy shoot it moved the hand

  • Heavenly Halle
    Heavenly Halle 6 months ago +1

    I dm u on insta pls read its about me being a medium

  • crucioisha
    crucioisha 6 months ago

    Does your friend the witch has a wand?

  • Jhosthine Tavera
    Jhosthine Tavera 6 months ago

    I live in Yazoo City,Mississippi!!!Come and stalk me🙃

  • bleach is cool
    bleach is cool 6 months ago

    Hey, that's my name. My name is Jayden, and it's spelt the same

  • Chris and Nelly Ybarra
    Chris and Nelly Ybarra 6 months ago

    Me im from vetnom

  • Chris and Nelly Ybarra
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    Jae L. 6 months ago

    I’m in Mississippi now😱😱

  • Something Cool
    Something Cool 6 months ago +1

    Boom boom boom right behind you
    You shall meet your doom
    No good in sight for you
    Your is in death and you will go without a trace of you anywhere
    Boom boom boom

  • Minecraft vs playing vs Legos vs gaming

    7:00 that's not what witches do tho. 😶 7:17 still not what witches do... 18:16 omg! Not what we do!

  • nadia jaramillo
    nadia jaramillo 7 months ago

    what are you waiting for I 'm wait until for the riddle!😐

  • CarTehPotato
    CarTehPotato 7 months ago

    The *latest* squad where you at?!?!

  • legendary progamer
    legendary progamer 7 months ago +2

    I live in this apartment complex and now theres only two more people here,it was pretty dark one night and i was taking the bins down (there is a creep old shed thing 2 feet away from the bins) i swear i thought i saw a old man and i soon as i saw it i ran the other way not looking back and going to the front and going back inside not sayinga thing to my mum or brother #please read this

  • legendary progamer
    legendary progamer 7 months ago +1

    After i told about the 8 feet tall story they freaked out and now they try to sleep with there parents, i feel bad

  • k e u
    k e u 7 months ago

    it wasn't her fingers...

  • Olivia the unicorn star
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  • trashy memes
    trashy memes 7 months ago

    the vietnamese tradition is like the ofrienda

  • animageekgurlfan1346
    animageekgurlfan1346 7 months ago

    Oof I’m Vietnamese as well

  • Melanie Lamar
    Melanie Lamar 7 months ago

    The one time I try to listen to the awnser to the riddle she forgets it

  • John Zielinski
    John Zielinski 7 months ago +2

    Sorry if you have answered this before but do you animate your stories

  • Katie Cropper
    Katie Cropper 8 months ago

    Hi love scary stories

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  • tastylicious gaming
    tastylicious gaming 8 months ago

    The girl was missing one finger

  • tastylicious gaming
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  • Fati Nay Nay
    Fati Nay Nay 8 months ago

    Hey Sapphire, have you read True Singaporean Ghost Story? Its soooo gooood. The writer is called Russel Lee, who never show his face like EVER! Most of the stories are true stories sent from different readers. You should try read the stories.

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    YT_luna da wolf 8 months ago

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  • YT_luna da wolf
    YT_luna da wolf 8 months ago

    I love your vids I watch all like all omg I hope you make more scary ones

  • YT_luna da wolf
    YT_luna da wolf 8 months ago

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  • Ciel Vestal
    Ciel Vestal 8 months ago

    I have a bendy doll and figures! XD

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    Gachapanda Rya 8 months ago

    I form COCO(lol)

  • Gachapanda Rya
    Gachapanda Rya 8 months ago

    Yes and once I saw it I was freaking scared

  • Angelica Schuyler Church

    I think the mom was on her period

  • lana altayar
    lana altayar 8 months ago

    Somthing like this happend to me

  • EmoTeen
    EmoTeen 8 months ago

    Yooooo I love your channel

  • Jasmin Urizar
    Jasmin Urizar 8 months ago +1

    my brother who is like not scared of anything he said i showed him your scary stories and yep he got scared

  • brandye stewart
    brandye stewart 8 months ago

    some are actually from my family members but still they'll count since i'm in a couple

  • brandye stewart
    brandye stewart 8 months ago

    thanks snarled for the vids you're awesome i have some odd happenings in my life but i doubt they'd be good for a video but still i love your vids but if you want i'll comment them on halloween maybe just one but heck it's the season for it

  • Alyssa R
    Alyssa R 8 months ago

    Omg I have a b day today

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez 8 months ago

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  • dubset for dads
    dubset for dads 8 months ago

    Oh they must have not been her fingers. EDIT:A HA I WAS RIGHT

  • taco gamer reactions
    taco gamer reactions 8 months ago

    The skinny thing on the cieling probably had an eating disorder lol.

  • taco gamer reactions
    taco gamer reactions 8 months ago

    ( - _ -) I didn't get scared during this

  • taco gamer reactions
    taco gamer reactions 8 months ago

    I saw the ghost of a pirate in my room and it grabbed me #scared 😨

  • Rose Marsh
    Rose Marsh 8 months ago

    Will ya be doing those animated story's?

  • Luna_sunset 333
    Luna_sunset 333 8 months ago

    I have a story that isn’t really scary, but rather sweet. My biological dad died before I was born. One day we were at my grandmas house fo rather fair and the graveyard where he was buried was near her house. When we were leaving (the sun was setting and it was BEAUTIFUL) we stopped at the graveyard and went to his grave. When we were leaving and about ten minutes away, a ladybug came in and landed on my shirt! I was so happy and I cried bc I never got to see my dad and knew it was I sign from heaven. If you decide to look back on this video and see this comment, my name is Autumn and I would be happy if you shared this story in a video. Love your videos!❤️

  • I love fnaf
    I love fnaf 8 months ago

    I was correct

  • tuani2107
    tuani2107 9 months ago

    In india we have one too. And my family do this too. Putting food on special occasion there. But I live in switzerland.

  • EᗰIᒪY Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ

    I’m 9 and I watch these I don’t get scared ;)

  • Kyle I guess
    Kyle I guess 9 months ago

    I have a lot of scary family stories

    But all of it are 30 seconds short

  • Äùræ* *Köøk
    Äùræ* *Köøk 9 months ago

    The 1 one when she was holding the four fingers it was the kids fingers since the were screaming and yelling

  • cdog vlogs/gaming
    cdog vlogs/gaming 9 months ago

    Plz do my scary thing it's about me and my friend I was walking home an
    d we seen a wolf that had a dead bunny in its mouth we ran it almost bit me but we climbed a fence by my house and my house was dark no lights worked but my phone I turned it on and lifted a d pointed it at the stares and a little girl had human blood on her white dress I call the the story tho night a haunting happened

  • Josiah P.
    Josiah P. 9 months ago

    wasnt forever luna featured on a different snarled video

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 9 months ago

    I'm from Mississippi and I've never heard of that story but that's probably because my parents where super overprotective at the time maby if I actually do ever go back to Mississippi to hang out with my mom, or cousin I'll check it out.

  • florenda rivera
    florenda rivera 9 months ago

    Boo this sucks im not anymore your fan

  • víσlєttє Եհҽ kαաαíí

    8:24 I'm gonna tell my mom about you XD

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    Pleeeeeaseee .....pleeeeaasseee make something scary not SOMETHING SCARY LIVE...I miss the old days

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