NINJA WEAPONS MYSTERY BOX to Battle PROJECT ZORGO (Gadgets Unboxing Haul Top Secret Clues of Hacker)

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • I unbox 5 new NINJA GADGETS to defeat Project Zorgo!
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    After Vy Qwaint and I, Chad Wild Clay found a TREASURE MAP Led Us To An ABANDONED SAFE HOUSE (Explore Project Zorgo Top Secret Clues Found) we CAUGHT HACKER BREAKING INTO ABANDONED SAFE HOUSE on Camera (Secret Mystery Box Treasure Found) Who led us on this scavenger hunt from the abandoned haunted town to our Tesla Model X and into this house remains a mystery. Was it the hacker from Project Zorgo or Lie Detector guy? Usually 3am is the creepy scary time when you ghosts are caught on camera but we discovered a secret clue that said 8pm we must escape. What will happen? A hacker battle or Project Zorgo fight? More evidence will be found? We think were safe because there are no tracking devices or underground hidden passageways in this new fort. We found fruit and new ninja weapons and gadgets. We did an unboxing haul, like a $10000 ebay mystery box challenge like a fruit ninja in real life. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!
    The ninja items I test in this video are:
    USMC Set -
    Throwing Star Set -
    Futuristic Ninja Sword -
    Emei Piercers -
    Blue Blade Kunai -
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay  24 days ago +2122

    Happy Saturday Ninjas! Which of these 5 Ninja Weapons was your favorite? Comment below! #KickBump👣

  • Aaron Mandao
    Aaron Mandao 19 hours ago

    the lie detector guy

  • ojaswi Thapa
    ojaswi Thapa 20 hours ago

    That is vys old tooth brush dna

  • mime bro and sis
    mime bro and sis 20 hours ago

    Sine is of danial ,lie rector guy

  • Anawin Rakshib
    Anawin Rakshib 22 hours ago

    Daneil or lie detecter guy

  • CPT Communism
    CPT Communism 23 hours ago

    S is September key = September maybe that’s it

  • Olivier Veerasamy
    Olivier Veerasamy 23 hours ago

    the lie detector guy

  • James Edmiston
    James Edmiston 23 hours ago

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  • Janet Benitez
    Janet Benitez Day ago

    Daniel (Aka Lie Detector Guy)

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez Day ago

    That was lie detector

  • money mosley
    money mosley Day ago

    The lie deteter

  • Matta Nguyen
    Matta Nguyen Day ago

    The bottom of the paper said Daniel the light detector guy

  • Epoxy Experts
    Epoxy Experts Day ago

    There's a hard drive😑

  • Epoxy Experts
    Epoxy Experts Day ago

    Maybe it's in the fruit like if agree

  • Jonathon jordan
    Jonathon jordan Day ago

    Chad wild clay I love your videos you do you some good videos your chin with Alan that like these I like when you guys give me a ping in your weapons

  • Violette Mcdonald

    One note and the Starbucks thing

  • Ann Light
    Ann Light Day ago

    Daniel that's the signature

  • Eric G
    Eric G Day ago

    From the check

  • Sydney Wheeler
    Sydney Wheeler Day ago

    I love you guys more than anything else you guys always been my favorite people

  • Peter G
    Peter G Day ago

    The doomsday date is November 3 2018!!

  • Melissa Santos
    Melissa Santos Day ago

    I think I saw an another one fly out a page

  • Delecia David
    Delecia David Day ago

    The lie deter guy chad who came
    To you guy's he put it in the fruit

  • Jonathon jordan
    Jonathon jordan Day ago

    Chad wild clay we love y’all videos that you do Chad wild clay I love you

  • Marii Lee
    Marii Lee Day ago

    It is Daniel's from Starbucks last a long time video on the receipt

  • Brianna Atterberry

    It is Daniels signitur

  • Carmen Nuñez
    Carmen Nuñez Day ago

    that was the lie detector name

  • Carmen Nuñez
    Carmen Nuñez Day ago

    lie detector

  • Madelaine Roscandido

    Pz. 4

  • Jayden Gomez
    Jayden Gomez Day ago

    It's the lie detector guy

  • Jonathon jordan
    Jonathon jordan Day ago

    Chad wild clay I love your videos you some awesome stuff why do you love me find Michaela my address is 198409 thank you tower crane have a good visit by

  • Jonathon jordan
    Jonathon jordan Day ago

    Chad wild clay I love your videos you some awesome stuff why do you love me find Michaela my address is 1984

  • EMK Squad
    EMK Squad Day ago

    I ment to type it’s PZ1

  • EMK Squad
    EMK Squad Day ago


  • Crash Boy
    Crash Boy Day ago

    dud its faik stop bro but loc your vidios

  • Laura Enguita
    Laura Enguita Day ago

    maybe this fan took out a zorgo or a pz and is discized as a pz and wants to help you.

  • Laura Enguita
    Laura Enguita Day ago

    mabe project zorgo is working for illuminati.

  • Laura Enguita
    Laura Enguita Day ago

    maybe that pz who sent the fruit is trying to stop project zorgo maybe he over heard the leaders of zorgo and wants to stop it maybe hes a agent trying to help you but dont trust him like a friend he might try to kill you in your sleep.

  • Susannah and Mary


  • Brooke Walker
    Brooke Walker Day ago

    I know why key = s so it can make keys

  • Connor Bedford
    Connor Bedford Day ago

    Hi chad

  • Kiakamie
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  • Greta Terander
    Greta Terander Day ago

    Lie detector guy

  • Javeria Irfan
    Javeria Irfan Day ago

    i love you guys soooooooooooooooooo much

  • Bella Critelli
    Bella Critelli Day ago

    Why does project so go don’t sha

  • Girija Tadahal
    Girija Tadahal Day ago

    There was a note coming out the watermelon while Chad had chopped the watermelon like if you agree

  • james beal
    james beal Day ago

    That is the lie detector guy

  • Girija Tadahal
    Girija Tadahal Day ago

    That sign is the lie detector guy s

  • Jayce Blume
    Jayce Blume Day ago

    Zorgo is Layla pons
    By the Navy ninja

  • Elite status
    Elite status Day ago

    that sign is the lie detector guy sign

  • A Manwell
    A Manwell Day ago

    I saw a peice of paper fling out from the water. Elon

  • shark geo gamer
    shark geo gamer Day ago

    this text is from lye detector guy

  • Caroline Abbott
    Caroline Abbott Day ago


  • Samsung S4
    Samsung S4 Day ago

    Lie detector guy signature

  • Jemma Davis
    Jemma Davis Day ago

    Is from danyl

  • Oscar Log toot
    Oscar Log toot Day ago

    It flew out

  • Lucky Ahmed
    Lucky Ahmed Day ago

    The lie detector guy

  • Jack Lasam
    Jack Lasam Day ago


  • Jack Lasam
    Jack Lasam Day ago

    i see some thing ○_○

  • Jack Lasam
    Jack Lasam Day ago

    is a hacker

  • battlefront25498 films

    The lie detected guy

  • Frank Strong
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  • Jayant Kalghatgi

    9:43 hacker

  • Isabelle Tan
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  • santhosh kumar
    santhosh kumar Day ago

    the Doomsday Dayt

  • Daniel Macaraeg
    Daniel Macaraeg Day ago

    its pz1 or daniel

  • Daniel Macaraeg
    Daniel Macaraeg Day ago

    its daniel

  • Adrian Infante
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  • Nurasikin Bujang


  • Nurasikin Bujang


  • Jay Aston
    Jay Aston Day ago

    Daniel is a hacker

  • Aing Serey Piseth

    I think the lie detector guy sent u those cuz why would project zorgo even let u go after them and plus Daniel knew u lost Jr weapons so maybe he got u news ones chad

  • amber orsborn
    amber orsborn Day ago

    carter sharer is a HACKER

  • Thomas Hazen
    Thomas Hazen Day ago

    The holes are for when you stand into something and it makes it easier to get out and I have a red one too.

  • Tee Paknam Diesel


  • unicorn 101
    unicorn 101 Day ago

    The lie detector guy

  • Morgan Mulligan
    Morgan Mulligan Day ago

    I saw a piece of paper fall off the fell on the ground

  • Renee Webb
    Renee Webb Day ago

    Chad V the one with the Zoll go plan it said it since it was in a watermelon it said this UScliprs Zoltan I mean project slogan is going to steal something still

  • Jamius Hill
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  • Shahem Amer
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    Daniel sign

  • Iris Alvarez
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  • Amy Acosta
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  • Amy Acosta
    Amy Acosta Day ago

    Wen you showed the sord I saw someone running in to the hous with a hodi

  • Shiana Shipes
    Shiana Shipes Day ago

    It men's stel your Chanel

  • gauva jr
    gauva jr 2 days ago

    I know who's signature that is his name is Daniel

  • Dorian mincey
    Dorian mincey 2 days ago

    the lie dutecter guy

  • Linda Young
    Linda Young 2 days ago

    The date is November 3 2018.

  • Yolanda Canales
    Yolanda Canales 2 days ago

    Is daniol Chad 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤬🤬🤬. Ha ha
    Ha ha 🤣

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 2 days ago

    The cortana

  • Yaxai Fernandez
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    The recent at starbucks it says Daniel

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    The lie detector guys sign

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    He is a hacker

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  • Eliana Razo
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    Hi Chad andVy

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    That is the lie detector guy's signiture

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    I think it’s Daniel 🖕🏻🤔

  • Tabea Game´s
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    Hm.... Hes not that Bad if he gave u weapons n helping a bit..... I think he would be a nice man if he tries

  • Xxfhdjdhtjdgjltu Ggfykfykykvhgcgjcg

    From Starbucks the lie dector guys

  • Tanya lee
    Tanya lee 2 days ago

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