NINJA WEAPONS MYSTERY BOX to Battle PROJECT ZORGO (Gadgets Unboxing Haul Top Secret Clues of Hacker)

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • I unbox 5 new NINJA GADGETS to defeat Project Zorgo!
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    After Vy Qwaint and I, Chad Wild Clay found a TREASURE MAP Led Us To An ABANDONED SAFE HOUSE (Explore Project Zorgo Top Secret Clues Found) we CAUGHT HACKER BREAKING INTO ABANDONED SAFE HOUSE on Camera (Secret Mystery Box Treasure Found) Who led us on this scavenger hunt from the abandoned haunted town to our Tesla Model X and into this house remains a mystery. Was it the hacker from Project Zorgo or Lie Detector guy? Usually 3am is the creepy scary time when you ghosts are caught on camera but we discovered a secret clue that said 8pm we must escape. What will happen? A hacker battle or Project Zorgo fight? More evidence will be found? We think were safe because there are no tracking devices or underground hidden passageways in this new fort. We found fruit and new ninja weapons and gadgets. We did an unboxing haul, like a $10000 ebay mystery box challenge like a fruit ninja in real life. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!
    The ninja items I test in this video are:
    USMC Set -
    Throwing Star Set -
    Futuristic Ninja Sword -
    Emei Piercers -
    Blue Blade Kunai -
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay  2 months ago +2422

    Happy Saturday Ninjas! Which of these 5 Ninja Weapons was your favorite? Comment below! #KickBump👣

    • GD PlayzRBLX
      GD PlayzRBLX 15 days ago

      Chad Wild Clay i love you and I watch your video every day

    • Bren Lo
      Bren Lo 21 day ago

      Jikzo pgriog

    • Monica Jara millo
      Monica Jara millo 21 day ago

      Chad Wild Clay Sophia. Hey Chad and when you want to do a banded house there was a hacker but he left a treasure box do you see it one time

    • R&B AEEs Association - AP Hyderabad
      R&B AEEs Association - AP Hyderabad 21 day ago

      Chad wild clay you are the best youtuber in the world

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  • joe husbands
    joe husbands 16 hours ago

    Montlake future mega Jason machete that thing is awesome

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    Allen Close 16 hours ago

    that name on the paper was Daniel

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    Winnie ma 17 hours ago +1

    U two r awsome

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    Harley mitchell 18 hours ago

    Danielle is his name

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  • Lilly omg
    Lilly omg 19 hours ago

    Chad and be there was a paper 1 what about the watermelon

  • Gladiz Castro
    Gladiz Castro 19 hours ago

    My favorito weapon was the survivor.

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    I think it is carter

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  • Lacy J Harper
    Lacy J Harper 21 hour ago


  • Keyra Lerhinan
    Keyra Lerhinan 21 hour ago

    That is what Daniel had which is the lie detector guy I don't know if you guys know what that is

  • Keyra Lerhinan
    Keyra Lerhinan 21 hour ago

    Daniel is the one who signed the paper

  • Genna Aiken
    Genna Aiken 22 hours ago +1

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  • Karen Blakley
    Karen Blakley 22 hours ago

    T throwing up

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    Zoe Ford 22 hours ago

    It is Daniel's signicher

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  • Ozb gamer
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    with a sord

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    daniel and i kick one of the hacker butt

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    H DeSanno Day ago

    the signature is the lie detector guys signature.

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    clive gravett Day ago

    It's the lie detector guy

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    Ryan Nolan Day ago

    The lie detector s sign

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    Sukhmit Singh Day ago

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  • Sukhmit Singh
    Sukhmit Singh Day ago +1

    Everyone who committed comment project zorgo is Bad actually all project zorgo is the basest people and everybody comment #chadwildclayisgoodandvyquint

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  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan Day ago

    lie detector

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    Jorja Smith Day ago

    we know your the hacker chad

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    The signature is from the lie detector guy

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  • Gacha girl Lover


  • Naadeali Samo
    Naadeali Samo Day ago

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    Vicky Kemp Day ago

    Second door cam when haker drops of the box there’s someone behind him

  • Raymond Morgan
    Raymond Morgan Day ago


    • Raymond Morgan
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  • Fortnite Gamer123

    That is the lie detectors signature

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    Raymond Morgan Day ago +1

    I’m. a. fan

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    Nashrul Amir Day ago

    The signature start with D = Daniel

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    I think it’s DANIELS

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    Lulu Gaming Day ago

    Lie guy help you to figure out hacker riddle so p z not know

  • Megan in the Middle

    You cut the note in half in the watermelon look at 5:20 and look at it close and I love your videos.

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  • m00ncream
    m00ncream Day ago

    It’s Daniel! If is from Daniel

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    nehemias torres Day ago

    From the Lie decter

  • Mary Lou Bell
    Mary Lou Bell Day ago

    I love your videos I'm a undercover porgect zogo meme der I have all the ninja we pins at my house VQ is so pretty

  • Nicole Solomon
    Nicole Solomon Day ago

    5:22 I saw something fly out of the watermelon

  • Carlin Jones
    Carlin Jones Day ago

    water Mellon note said the hacker is trying to steal

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    Amarah Jones Day ago

    November 3rd

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    The note fell

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  • Alfredo Hernandez
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    How did the sword fit inside of the box if it's small

  • Silvio.azxcv?! Deleon

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  • Melissa Switzer
    Melissa Switzer 2 days ago

    So in your last video when Chad was pretending to be proud exergue OI think it was Stephen sure that was talking to you but I think it was a different game master

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    Aaron Deakle 2 days ago

    It's Daniel

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    You mean by it is a bad ass I am 8 years old

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  • Miklo Yumang
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  • ike Smith
    ike Smith 4 days ago

    Survivor? They made my bowie knife! They are a pretty good company, although my last blade I bought from them was a little lackluster in the heat treating category. Good company overall though.