The $1000 Smartphone Giveaway!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2017
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  • Aquil Abdullah
    Aquil Abdullah 10 days ago

    Give me one pls..

  • Sukhpinder Singh
    Sukhpinder Singh 11 days ago

    𝕀 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕚𝕥🙂

  • Abhishek Bhatia
    Abhishek Bhatia 15 days ago


  • Rahul S S
    Rahul S S 2 months ago

    Sound of arrangement 👌👌

    ROBIN SINGH 2 months ago

    I liked your all giveways

  • Lalit Joshi
    Lalit Joshi 2 months ago

    Woah what a surprise man......

  • Genalyn Ada
    Genalyn Ada 2 months ago

    I dont have tweter and instegran.. Just facebook 😥😥😥😥

  • Genalyn Ada
    Genalyn Ada 2 months ago

    Oh hope i can have that too

  • Oladimeji Lawrence
    Oladimeji Lawrence 2 months ago

    Am a subscriber from Fisayo Fosudo page🙌

  • Abhiram Murmu
    Abhiram Murmu 2 months ago

    iphone x is my choice.

  • Megaque
    Megaque 3 months ago

    Why does the intro music sound like change by J Cole?

  • Dinesh Kapoor
    Dinesh Kapoor 3 months ago +1

    Awesome 😍

  • HT Support
    HT Support 3 months ago

    nice sir

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan 3 months ago

    I like I phone so much you can give in India in up

  • Jayprakakash Tiwari
    Jayprakakash Tiwari 3 months ago

    nice thanks for giveaway st26668@

    ADNAN HUSAIN 3 months ago

    Send me one

  • Joshua Hong is My ultimate bias.

    Can I win please?? I would be very thankful

    CODE IT 3 months ago

    I seriously wanna win this thing

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    hope i really win

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    thanks for this giveaway

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    i did both

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    i hope that i will win

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    for the iphone 10

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    i followed you
    for everything

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago


  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    I need it for school

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    i need one

  • richard chan
    richard chan 3 months ago

    can i win the iphone x

  • Stephanie Lise-Lotte Roes Hansen

    Just wanted to say that i love your videos. Im from denamark im not the best at english but your videos is so fun and i understand the most you are so inspiring and im so thankfull for you give other people the chance too win something so exspensive like not all people have money for that and then you give people the chance without doing something like you are god i know you do something but its nothing for what you can win you are really the best and i hope people the best luck and you having the best day and sorry i write wrong but like i writed im not the best at english yet💕💕😘❤ love u xoxo stephanie you can reach me on ig: stephanie_hansen2176
    and this iphone is a phone i want so bad its also on my wishlist for christmas and i really love to take pictures and the phone i have now is so bad i have never had apple and i want it so bad
    and i have done all
    i would love to win the iphone x i will just enter the iphhone 10 cause like i do not wanna get the other phone and if i win a other person who actually really want it can maybe not get it cause i got it so ya

  • technical of friends
    technical of friends 3 months ago

    gjb h phone

  • Rajesh Dhruw
    Rajesh Dhruw 3 months ago


  • Tejasvi Ghevade
    Tejasvi Ghevade 3 months ago

    Please send iPhone x

  • BaiN ManisH
    BaiN ManisH 3 months ago

    Today one year for this video

  • Harpalsinh Solanki
    Harpalsinh Solanki 3 months ago

    nice phone please give me

  • Kashyap Boy
    Kashyap Boy 3 months ago +1

    Nice smart phone

  • The LakeHouse9
    The LakeHouse9 4 months ago

    Nice 👍

  • The LakeHouse9
    The LakeHouse9 4 months ago


  • Rahul Jaiswal
    Rahul Jaiswal 4 months ago

    I want the iphone x

  • Axon Tube
    Axon Tube 4 months ago

    I supscribee liked and i hope i win

  • Axon Tube
    Axon Tube 4 months ago

    My dream is to get it but i know i will not get but i will try.

  • edwin lawrence
    edwin lawrence 4 months ago

    Plz give the phone

  • timothy A
    timothy A 4 months ago +1

    Ok..let's do this again....pick me...

  • piky iori
    piky iori 4 months ago


  • Srinu Reddy
    Srinu Reddy 4 months ago

    Bro I need one of that phone !
    But I don't have accounts in Instagram and even in twitter .
    Hope you understand what I mean please consider my comment and my position

  • Nihas Nihu
    Nihas Nihu 4 months ago

    Plss man

  • Tapas Halder
    Tapas Halder 4 months ago

    Hello sir India...👱🏼‍♂🙏🙏
    Village Kolkata ..
    gift Jammu thanks..
    Phone =+91 7001306330🌹👱🏼‍♂

  • Raihan Ramlan
    Raihan Ramlan 5 months ago

    wow !!!! great Bro ....

  • Nuclear Clickbait
    Nuclear Clickbait 5 months ago

    Phone please

  • mitesh mahajan
    mitesh mahajan 5 months ago +2

    Power job bro

  • Robert Steele
    Robert Steele 5 months ago

    Hey! I have a very similar iphone x / s9 giveaway offer. Low Restrictions and High Payouts! Hit me up for access!

  • Sunder Kumar
    Sunder Kumar 5 months ago

    awesome very huge giveaway I never see before Hope to win

  • Dawa Sherpa
    Dawa Sherpa 5 months ago

    Pleas give me iPhone x

  • Safal Chhetri
    Safal Chhetri 5 months ago

    Hope to get lucky with that ...

  • tacknical fnds
    tacknical fnds 6 months ago

    one phone samsung yea iphone

  • tacknical fnds
    tacknical fnds 6 months ago

    Please sir one phone give me

  • tacknical fnds
    tacknical fnds 6 months ago

    Please sir ond phone givee



  • Siddhant Bisht
    Siddhant Bisht 6 months ago

    Sir can you please do another giveaway like that

  • malay das
    malay das 6 months ago


  • dinesh Narola
    dinesh Narola 6 months ago

    Your giveaway is very look beauty###
    So iPhone is a brand phone##$

  • MickykkO BimbomiX
    MickykkO BimbomiX 6 months ago

    I want now smartphone giveway for me please

  • Sheldon Lloyd
    Sheldon Lloyd 6 months ago +1

    Give me one

    SUPRIYO MONDAL 6 months ago


    AART KEY 6 months ago

    I never touched iphone so please 1 iphone for me please please please....

  • Jitesh Zinjal
    Jitesh Zinjal 6 months ago

    Oh no sir 😍😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 great phones

  • Rahul dora
    Rahul dora 6 months ago


  • pyar tune kya kiya
    pyar tune kya kiya 6 months ago

    Nice phon

  • Govind Paswan
    Govind Paswan 6 months ago

    please give me

  • ibrahim khan
    ibrahim khan 6 months ago

    i am not believe this if it is true than show me and give me that i phone, Now it depends on you that you are speaking truth or not. Anyways i like i phone and i want to buy him but if you are giving this free than most welcome. oops what i am its not free i am paying you expensive comment.

  • Pewdie pie
    Pewdie pie 6 months ago +1


  • AZz media
    AZz media 6 months ago +1

    Please give me a phone

  • Shanil angadipuram
    Shanil angadipuram 6 months ago

    My old iphon was broken so please give me a iphon pleseee

  • Shanil angadipuram
    Shanil angadipuram 7 months ago

    I hope that you will give ma a phone plese

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 7 months ago

    Great phones

  • Dheeraj Chauhan
    Dheeraj Chauhan 7 months ago

    Apple is best...

  • JCN Ph
    JCN Ph 7 months ago

    Am I late? 😅

  • Android Go
    Android Go 7 months ago

    Wooww AMAZING giveaway

  • Tips In Odia
    Tips In Odia 7 months ago


  • Ahmed Metwally
    Ahmed Metwally 7 months ago

    I want one pro😍

  • Badaas gaming
    Badaas gaming 8 months ago


  • Seanette Fualau
    Seanette Fualau 8 months ago

    Can I please get two phone 📱

  • Vikrampreet Singh
    Vikrampreet Singh 8 months ago +1

    Sir plz gove one set

  • ChOcOLATy bOY
    ChOcOLATy bOY 8 months ago

    Wow so nice phone

  • S tech
    S tech 8 months ago


  • Sachin Rajput
    Sachin Rajput 8 months ago

    Nice video bro

  • Sanjeev Choudhary
    Sanjeev Choudhary 8 months ago

    I want iPhone x and your hair is great u looking smart.......

  • mark menezes
    mark menezes 8 months ago +1

    "NOTE 8 is a beast."

  • Indian Gamer
    Indian Gamer 8 months ago


  • Indian Gamer
    Indian Gamer 8 months ago


  • Miguel Anjelo Anjelo
    Miguel Anjelo Anjelo 8 months ago

    Can i win an iphone plz it will be my first iphone ever

  • Samir Kaji
    Samir Kaji 8 months ago

    My dreem phon

  • AR Regar
    AR Regar 8 months ago

    I want the note 8

  • Christin Lynch
    Christin Lynch 8 months ago

    I'm using my mom phone own right now I need one

  • Nilesh Bargal
    Nilesh Bargal 8 months ago

    How it will come in india and i love iphone x

    AMIT BADANA 8 months ago

    You are soo rich yes or no

    NITISH AGRAWAL 8 months ago

    Followed on all platforms wish to winn

  • Harshvardhan singh Jadoun

    Please give me any androin or apple phoneplease

  • Its Shivam
    Its Shivam 8 months ago

    Any mobile is needed pl,

  • Quinton Mccoy
    Quinton Mccoy 8 months ago

    I subscribe to your channel ... I what a iPhone

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez
    Emmanuel Gonzalez 8 months ago

    I don't care I want one