Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter

  • Published on Nov 26, 2016
  • You will never know the pain of being truly alone on national calico cat appreciation day.
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    Zac Oyama
    Mike Trapp
    Cynthia Kao
    Katie Marovitch
    Siobhan Thompson
    Grant O'Brien
    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Mike Trapp
    Producer- Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator- Francesca McLafferty
    DP - Cooper James
    Camera Operator - Nathan Krauss
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    Editor - Ryan Martin
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Phil Fox
    Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
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Comments • 2 011

  • dual8288
    dual8288 7 hours ago

    all I've learned is that trap whistles too much

  • Mido Hatem
    Mido Hatem 5 days ago

    Wtf there is a national Spider-Man day

  • Look At My Adorable Profile Pic

    But why is this true tho

  • Look At My Adorable Profile Pic

    Okay I'm totally down for the whole national cookie day.

  • Fat Panda
    Fat Panda 6 days ago

    Cookie Monster is coming fast at 10000mph

  • Carmen Mencar
    Carmen Mencar 11 days ago

    You better be burning those shoes like you'd do candles.

  • kefkaZZZ
    kefkaZZZ 14 days ago

    Trapp is the kind of guy who walks into an office whistling. He deserves this.

  • Parker Bobere
    Parker Bobere 14 days ago

    Just dont hate on the cats bro plsssss i luv kittys

  • Родион Мдинарадзе

    Carmen Mirandas ghost is haunting office block 3

  • Adam Alakshar
    Adam Alakshar 19 days ago

    Good mythical morning anyone?

  • Treyson Runyan
    Treyson Runyan 29 days ago


  • Amber Zara
    Amber Zara Month ago

    People in Britain still call cookies cookies

  • Aussie Asian
    Aussie Asian Month ago


  • Bloodrain 64
    Bloodrain 64 Month ago

    Just Got Paid has lyrics that fit this "It seems like everyday is a holiday!..."

  • Andrei Yang
    Andrei Yang Month ago

    Shane probably hid in a bathroom stall and just started huffing the balloon and crying about being left behind.
    I feel bad for Shane :(

  • doris the slug
    doris the slug Month ago

    You cant call it a cookie because cookie is a stupid american word
    You cant call it a biscuit because biscuits haven to be cooked twice
    You have to call it a simulcuit (cooked once)

  • DominusGlitch
    DominusGlitch Month ago

    Everyday is a national day
    Change my mind

  • Roberts Dane
    Roberts Dane Month ago

    Everyone on Twitter: Happy awareness for autistic children’s dads that are doctors in the Middle East day!
    Hey, where’s Trent?
    Doing this thing called ‘Easter”.
    Wow, some people have weird holidays that nobody knows about, huh?

  • ACCastell737
    ACCastell737 Month ago

    Sweaters and jumpers are two different types of jackets😂I love the British vs American words though. “I call it national biscuit day”

  • Hans Macalintal
    Hans Macalintal Month ago

    So many yesterday holiday

  • Orion Moreno
    Orion Moreno Month ago

    Your videos aren't funny or relatable.

  • Clemintine
    Clemintine Month ago

    So trap was late to work 12 days in a row...

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler Month ago

    What's a human centipede? Do I even want to know?

  • Boe and arrow 09
    Boe and arrow 09 Month ago

    Yep biscuit day is the best

  • Mai Sienna Austin
    Mai Sienna Austin Month ago

    oh damn a dragon fruit balloon where do you get that

  • GreenPotato Po
    GreenPotato Po Month ago +1

    I S T H A T A L L T H E R E I S ?

  • slug mog
    slug mog Month ago

    I don't think they know what shalom means.
    If anyone is wondering it means
    hello in hebrew.

  • TheWowza48
    TheWowza48 2 months ago

    checkiday has lots of holidays on it.

  • nolifer
    nolifer 2 months ago

    Trapp is so weird (btw whats thanksgiving)

  • Mi Ki
    Mi Ki 2 months ago

    Human centipede? Wow.

  • PopcornEgg
    PopcornEgg 2 months ago

    *Y E S T E R D A Y*

  • s_lx
    s_lx 2 months ago

    Ever notice?
    He’s late every time, he whistles every time, he says “WOAH” every time.
    Yet, still surprised EVERY time.

  • Beserk Cheeto
    Beserk Cheeto 2 months ago

    *W O A H*

  • army JM
    army JM 2 months ago

    Calico cat just reminds me of jimin

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon 2 months ago +1

    Love the third eye blind reference

  • Peachy_ Avacados
    Peachy_ Avacados 2 months ago

    At least on national doughnut day when you go to a doughnut you get it at discount or for free

  • I fEEL OBjEctiFIED
    I fEEL OBjEctiFIED 2 months ago +2

    Trapp must have had to change his shirt so many times in the making of that vid.

  • Lysa Ali
    Lysa Ali 2 months ago

    Wait, was Katie even verified then? 🤔

  • Elim Kwok
    Elim Kwok 2 months ago

    Is it daddy's day?

  • Tem-sama
    Tem-sama 2 months ago

    Actually national cookie day is a thing

  • BTW my penis is small But anyway

    When college humour was good

  • Benjamin Biltcliffe
    Benjamin Biltcliffe 2 months ago +2

    I think us Britain’s call chocolate chip biscuits cookies

  • Joseph Kiyoshi
    Joseph Kiyoshi 2 months ago

    32 second anyone else notice that there are so many light switches on the wall

  • Toasty Toast
    Toasty Toast 2 months ago

    Can’t tell if joke is bad because it’s too long or good because it drags on?

  • charley alicorn
    charley alicorn 2 months ago

    human centipede?

  • Oshokha Akagbosu
    Oshokha Akagbosu 2 months ago

    is it strange that i was turned on by the human centipede part? ... nah

  • NoZrA 3
    NoZrA 3 2 months ago +24

    A broken wheel on a shopping cart awareness trolly.
    Let that sink in

  • Negative Positive
    Negative Positive 2 months ago

    We kept going back in tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm E

  • killer beast
    killer beast 2 months ago

    Whys he mad about national COOKIE day

  • ThePhantomDoggo
    ThePhantomDoggo 2 months ago +135

    Is no one gonna talk about the bit where she says,
    "Oh, except in England they say trolley instead. Broken wheel on a shopping cart awareness trolley" Like that joke was very underrated

    • CommunistDoge
      CommunistDoge 10 days ago +1

      @derpy dave We say "trolley" instead of "shopping cart", and she was mentioning that, but she neglected to say WHICH word we Brits say "trolley" for, so she replaced another random word instead.

    • Wolfangz Dimendz
      Wolfangz Dimendz Month ago +6

      derpy dave Siobhan never specified what word people in England replace with trolley. The joke is that people in england say trolley instead of day.

    • ThePhantomDoggo
      ThePhantomDoggo Month ago +4

      @derpy dave Nah just messing with the mind. Idk my sense of humor is probably just bad

    • derpy dave
      derpy dave Month ago

      @ThePhantomDoggo is it a pun or something

    • ThePhantomDoggo
      ThePhantomDoggo Month ago +4

      @derpy dave People woulda expected it to be broken wheel on a trolley awareness day, but it wasn't

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
    FoxyPirateFox9054 2 months ago

    I like cursing
    "National Cookie Day!!!"
    "No, shut the f*ck up."

  • DarkStar97
    DarkStar97 3 months ago

    Wait.. if its national human centipede day how are they talking?

    Hmm... 🤔

  • Bunnie♡
    Bunnie♡ 3 months ago

    Something called tHaNkSgIvInG

  • Hacher Unfriended
    Hacher Unfriended 3 months ago

    Memento much?

  • Em Wiebe
    Em Wiebe 3 months ago +1

    trapp, this is getting worrying. you’re late every day.

  • Izumiko Suzuhara
    Izumiko Suzuhara 3 months ago

    are we not gonna talk about the guy who didn’t have a home to go back to ???????

  • meme lord uwu
    meme lord uwu 3 months ago


  • Astra English
    Astra English 3 months ago

    ok but i love how they put the shoes on a menorah XD

  • Patrick Messingham
    Patrick Messingham 3 months ago

    I don't know why the only English person there calls it national biscuit day instead of national cookie day, we call them cookies too. Cookies and biscuits are different things and what they were celebrating were cookies

  • Casper Ockley
    Casper Ockley 3 months ago

    Nice! We’ve got some “Third Eye Blind” representation!

  • Dr Duckwing
    Dr Duckwing 3 months ago

    National cookie day is a real holiday it happens on the 4th of december

  • This guy is Mr skeleton from steam

    “It’s just like yesterday” and goes on forever till he join the damn college humor

  • leon musial
    leon musial 4 months ago


  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 4 months ago

    Tomorrow is Sir Walter Raleigh Landing day!

  • Josh is Mad 4 memes
    Josh is Mad 4 memes 4 months ago

    Today is

  • Reece Johnson
    Reece Johnson 4 months ago

    Siobhan throwing every one off with the trolley joke

  • oh gantkungplays
    oh gantkungplays 4 months ago

    its the catception.

    *edit* 2019?

  • Massimo Lovejoy
    Massimo Lovejoy 4 months ago

    How is it Cynthia and not Trapp

  • Gabriella Pleasant
    Gabriella Pleasant 4 months ago

    One of my favorites. I love the reversed timeline!

  • Cardinal Kid87
    Cardinal Kid87 4 months ago

    Whens the National STFU and Gimme Money Day?

  • Op Gaming
    Op Gaming 4 months ago +1

    Wow just like yesterday

  • QL lei
    QL lei 4 months ago

    Thy went back 21 times

  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago

    katie nailed those notes on

    • F. I. R. E.
      F. I. R. E. 4 months ago

      I was wondering who sang that bit...

  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 4 months ago

    So what day is Human Centipede Day?

  • Валентина Андреева

    I think people only came up woth this shit just to get day-offs on work.