Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter

  • Published on Nov 26, 2016
  • You will never know the pain of being truly alone on national calico cat appreciation day.
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    Zac Oyama
    Mike Trapp
    Cynthia Kao
    Katie Marovitch
    Siobhan Thompson
    Grant O'Brien
    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Mike Trapp
    Producer- Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator- Francesca McLafferty
    DP - Cooper James
    Camera Operator - Nathan Krauss
    Camera Operator - Matthew Wozniak
    1st AC - Melanie Adams
    2nd AC/DIT - Jorge Gomez
    Gaffer - Lukas Wyatt
    Sound Mixer - Christopher Bennett for BoTown Sound
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    Vice President of Production- Spencer Griffin
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    Production Accountant- Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant- Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Helena McGill
    Production Assistant - Sharilyn Hernandez
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart
    Editor - Ryan Martin
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Phil Fox
    Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
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Comments • 1 928

  • SkitsandGaming Studios
    SkitsandGaming Studios 23 hours ago

    2:56 Is That GMM Music??

  • Jed Elias
    Jed Elias Day ago

    These days are ok, but film anniversary days are always important.

  • Timothy Carney
    Timothy Carney Day ago

    Why does calico appreciation day involve going home?

  • Ivo Bo
    Ivo Bo Day ago

    Hence why I don't use twitter.

  • Spookify the Ceratopsia

    Or google.

  • Lilly Ferg
    Lilly Ferg 5 days ago

    At 3:11 does Zach call mike sister? Because iconic

  • Kasim Siddiqui
    Kasim Siddiqui 11 days ago

    Can anyone say what date the video took place?

  • Sarpo
    Sarpo 13 days ago

    I got an add for college humor before the vid

  • Depressing Rainbow
    Depressing Rainbow 14 days ago

    Soo...did anyone notice that he Zach called trapp sister on shoe on your hand day

  • Clumsycode1
    Clumsycode1 18 days ago

    12 days 11 time that yesterday was said

  • Max Heim-Salgado
    Max Heim-Salgado 20 days ago +1

    Was he whistling living la Vida Loca for one of those? Can we copyright strike college humor?

  • The Guy
    The Guy 20 days ago

    Time for the exchanging of the shoes

  • Shadow Bonnie
    Shadow Bonnie 24 days ago

    Where’s happy rabbit day?

  • Michael Eitmanas
    Michael Eitmanas 26 days ago

    Every. Jew. Ever.

  • DJK 501
    DJK 501 27 days ago

    3:23 tharnksgarving

  • Wolfe 123
    Wolfe 123 28 days ago

    Aww poor Shane

  • Wolfe 123
    Wolfe 123 28 days ago

    Aww poor Shane

  • Amets BB
    Amets BB Month ago

    I celebrate a bunch of these internet holidays. Yes, I just learn about them the same day. Yes, I'm excited to improvise a celebration nonetheless. Yes, I was already aware it's out of control. No, I'm not ashamed.
    Happy Clean up your computer month.

  • Klepto 176
    Klepto 176 Month ago

    I hate how grant is the front of the human centipede

  • Camera Shot Lps
    Camera Shot Lps Month ago

    And this is why I don’t have twitter

  • Kassiopeia O'Melay
    Kassiopeia O'Melay Month ago

    *wears the same pants everyday, but wears a different shirt*

  • daniel chung
    daniel chung Month ago

    Columbus is better than any of these holidays because I get a day off school

  • daniel chung
    daniel chung Month ago

    Shut ur trap trapp

  • Dead Inside Kid
    Dead Inside Kid Month ago

    Happy Ace and Hufflepuff pride day!!

    (this is a joke. think there’s something like, but idk 100%)

  • Pro Perfect1812
    Pro Perfect1812 Month ago

    Happy College humour day!!!!!

  • Aaron Fauver
    Aaron Fauver Month ago

    Oh my God this crap is a geniune problem!!! It's so annoying!!!!

  • The Amazing Annemarizzle

    Bitch i got a calico cat! 😂😂

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato Month ago +1

    Can we talk about the fact that Trapp is always the last one to get there? That’s bad work ethic.

    • owenbevt3
      owenbevt3 21 day ago

      not if the others arn't working.

  • RavenScamander Collector

    *Why is there no weekend?*

  • Jackypower 07
    Jackypower 07 Month ago


  • Aimee Pollock
    Aimee Pollock Month ago

    If there was ever day that should be made a holiday, it’s National Cookie Day.

  • Gacha_love
    Gacha_love Month ago +1

    Cookie day is actually a official holiday that one of our past presidents established

  • Anime Profile Picture

    I love Shane

  • The Nugget Sisters
    The Nugget Sisters Month ago

    I have a calico cat.

  • Lino Arvin Nerik
    Lino Arvin Nerik Month ago

    what's a "thanksgiving?"?

  • HunterNidus
    HunterNidus Month ago

    I love when Trapp gets angry and swears.

  • Ohh no he's hooot
    Ohh no he's hooot Month ago

    I feel sad for the person who had to make those banners

  • Photoshop madman
    Photoshop madman Month ago

    Can we all talk about how many fucking switches are on that wall

    • owenbevt3
      owenbevt3 21 day ago

      all offices should, if you have good eyes its horrible to be dazzled just because someone else in the office thinks it's dark.

  • ItzIsaacHere
    ItzIsaacHere Month ago

    Ah now I can finally convince my school that every single day is a national holiday and that's why we don't need school! :D

  • ValensBellator
    ValensBellator Month ago

    Clearly he just needs to stop showing up to work late and put a stop to these parties in advance lol

  • Bamboo Milkshake
    Bamboo Milkshake 2 months ago

    I was drawing and watching this when my dad walked in and asked if they were teaching me how to draw. I was like “they. They have shoes on a menorah”

  • Chubbycousin65
    Chubbycousin65 2 months ago

    but what about pizza day?

  • Sweet Heart MLP
    Sweet Heart MLP 2 months ago

    Did anyone else realize they used the song for Good Mythical Morning?

  • David Peck
    David Peck 2 months ago

    this reminds me of log horizon

  • Zak Sharman
    Zak Sharman 2 months ago

    No Siobhan you don’t call them biscuits, what you had in your hand was a cookie.

  • Zaid Tell
    Zaid Tell 2 months ago

    I did the math for what day thanksgiving was on during 2016, then I added 13 to the amount of days in november that had gone by up to thanksgiving (this includes thanksgiving day) which was 24, and took the seven extra days from the thirteen and put them in december, so that means the skit first starts on December 6th 2016. MATH IS MY LIFE!!!!!

  • -Layland- -Mariko-
    -Layland- -Mariko- 2 months ago

    Why does Carmen Miranda have her own day?

  • Max Knight
    Max Knight 2 months ago

    Goog thing I don't do Twitter's

  • Jonathan Andersson
    Jonathan Andersson 2 months ago

    national cookie day is areal holiday and it is not meaningless

  • Lilitu
    Lilitu 2 months ago

    Katy has a dragon fruit balloon, can't believe I never noticed that.

  • rocsorc
    rocsorc 2 months ago

    Are we not going to talk about how Grant is actually discernable in the human centipede one so that means he's in the front.

  • Perfectly imperfect
    Perfectly imperfect 2 months ago

    Its like inception - a yesterday inside that another yesterday and another yesterday inside that

  • Alexandre Beaudry
    Alexandre Beaudry 3 months ago

    Groundhog day or memento style?

  • Beecher Dyke
    Beecher Dyke 3 months ago


  • Harrison Lai
    Harrison Lai 3 months ago

    Cookies and biscuits are differs things and if you think they’re the same then you’re an actual-

  • ThatKat KrazyKid
    ThatKat KrazyKid 3 months ago

    I care about calico cats that much!

  • Matthew Alvarez
    Matthew Alvarez 3 months ago

    It really be like that tho

  • DG Snuggle the pug
    DG Snuggle the pug 3 months ago

    Happy clickbait day

  • Speaty
    Speaty 3 months ago

    Why is grant at the front of he centipede

  • pokelol97
    pokelol97 3 months ago

    why does he wear a new outfit everyday. who does that

  • Narwhals nation
    Narwhals nation 3 months ago

    the people who come up with the scrips for college humor are crackheads

  • awesomejasonsel 1
    awesomejasonsel 1 3 months ago

    2:54 GMM THEME SONG!!

  • The The
    The The 3 months ago

    November 27 is Day Day

  • NatCat YT
    NatCat YT 3 months ago

    I have a calico cat...

  • Nirmal Raj
    Nirmal Raj 3 months ago

    3:04 ....that's the old intro tune of good mythical morning 😊

  • todorokibish 2024
    todorokibish 2024 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who really wants one of those broken shopping carts wheels shirts that shioban has on?! (Correct me if I'm spelling her name shio-WRONG..... ah sorry couldn't hold the pun in me.)

  • A Carbon-Based Lifeform
    A Carbon-Based Lifeform 4 months ago +1

    Dang I wish I could whistle like that

  • Russell deJesus
    Russell deJesus 4 months ago


  • Just Kittens Being Kittens

    I appreciate calico cats...

  • MegaFaye0123
    MegaFaye0123 4 months ago

    0:03 look at all the light switches !

  • *meme police* -since the beginning of memes-


  • Amaze Gamer
    Amaze Gamer 4 months ago

    Happy "Like my my comment please", day

  • Ninja 009
    Ninja 009 4 months ago

    national cookie day is actually a day look it up on google

  • MusicalBoarder
    MusicalBoarder 4 months ago

    stfu shibann. you're name is spelled weird and they are cookies!

  • MMMP Centre
    MMMP Centre 4 months ago +2

    It was National Slow Down Day Yesterday.

  • John Auer
    John Auer 4 months ago

    Sept 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. And that's a real thing

  • ThatLazyLizard
    ThatLazyLizard 4 months ago

    This has some eerie vibe to it idk why

  • Khasib Mccray
    Khasib Mccray 4 months ago

    That last one was really fucking dark

  • Funco A
    Funco A 4 months ago


  • elijahpepe
    elijahpepe 4 months ago

    He’s late to work. Evil man.

  • Pie Pierrot
    Pie Pierrot 4 months ago

    There is literally a holiday for every single day of the year. XD Apparently, I was born on National Bundt Cake Day.

    • IsakTS
      IsakTS 4 months ago

      I was born on Black cat day

  • Suspendius
    Suspendius 4 months ago

    I wonder how many Jews were offended by the ending.

  • Manraj Basainty
    Manraj Basainty 4 months ago +1

    Illuminati at 0:56

  • Mikey McCafferty
    Mikey McCafferty 4 months ago

    Nation Cookie day isn't until December 4th

  • Héctor Tafoya
    Héctor Tafoya 4 months ago

    Did you notice that they work EVERY day? they always say yesterday so they are clearly going there on weekends.

  • kpop nonstop
    kpop nonstop 4 months ago


  • TheFireboltGamer
    TheFireboltGamer 4 months ago

    at this point matpat calculated when the other twitter holidays are

  • uilsoum
    uilsoum 4 months ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 4 months ago

    I tried to calculate what day it would be by counting how far it would be , and I think it’s the day before Hanukkah.

  • Wolf Shinobi
    Wolf Shinobi 4 months ago

    This is so relatable

    Happy 2 girls 1 cup day

  • J. M. H.
    J. M. H. 4 months ago

    I like the implication that they started these celebrations on Thanksgiving.

  • Magnaamon
    Magnaamon 4 months ago


  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 4 months ago +2

    I watched the video in reverse order to get the full experience

  • bleh
    bleh 4 months ago

    2:20 we NEED that holiday XD

  • Smeeze
    Smeeze 4 months ago

    this is really beautiful

  • TorgieBride85
    TorgieBride85 5 months ago

    Sounds like Grant got to be the "lucky" one in that 'centipede'...

  • Captain Cairo
    Captain Cairo 5 months ago +1

    0:56 illuminati symbol appears

  • InCoKiller
    InCoKiller 5 months ago

    I saw that triangle and multiple more I'm on to you...

  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen 5 months ago

    Trapp has been looking GREAT recently!