Amy's Baking Company INTERVIEW | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Oof Army :P
    Oof Army :P 10 hours ago

    Amy: We are not crazy psychotic people who will make you wait for your food and call the police...
    Me watching: ...

  • David Wang
    David Wang 21 hour ago

    I am reformed lmao xD

  • Cyanox
    Cyanox Day ago

    s e n d h e r t o t h e r a n c h

  • Michal Valta
    Michal Valta 2 days ago

    They are so fucking pathetic, it's beyond hilarious. xD

  • Adam Villar
    Adam Villar 2 days ago

    I hope she never reproduces there both insane. So insane it seems fake lol

  • peter almirante
    peter almirante 2 days ago

    That old man acts so fucking tough he needs a fucking beating

  • 960017159
    960017159 2 days ago +1

    She needs someone to follow her down an alley and treat her like she treats people

    • 960017159
      960017159 2 days ago

      And this old man is a "Gangsta" wtf these people arent psychotic they are fucking retards

  • toni d
    toni d 3 days ago

    2 total whack jobs 🤣

  • helookalikaman79
    helookalikaman79 3 days ago

    Hey We need two straightjackets and two muzzles STAT

  • helookalikaman79
    helookalikaman79 3 days ago

    She is SO crazy nuts she doesn't understand how NUTS she really is.... Perfect restaurant SPOTLESS kitchen all destroyed by a nutcase blaming everyone but her crazy ass... With a idiot that thinks his grand daughter is the best "chef" on the planet.
    That poor lady interviewing the nutcases should get a MASSSIVE bonus for being put in that position... and if there is no bonus she should be allowed to kick him in the nuts.... I seriously think that this interview should be used as an example that some people should NEVER be put in front of a camera...
    omfg she said she isn't psychotic.... my ribs hurt! that is a complete joke sad she really believes her own bs

  • Roblox What would you do?/trolling

    She needs to go to the ranch

  • HotnessGaming
    HotnessGaming 4 days ago

    Where's this restaurant? I wanna go down there and tell everything to their face if it's close enough to Jersey

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi
    Jessica Lyngkhoi 4 days ago

    those crazy eyes !!!

  • John Melody Melissa
    John Melody Melissa 5 days ago

    Damn Katy is gorgeous! So I'm thirsty I know. I am getting my water.

  • Jason Senoo
    Jason Senoo 5 days ago

    Never have I been more stressed by restaurant owners in my entire fucking life

  • Jujze *
    Jujze * 5 days ago

    OMG did she just say, "Camel Toe Mafia"? Lol Freaking love it! I so need to make this phrase part of my vernacular.

  • Marcel Thorpe
    Marcel Thorpe 5 days ago

    Gangster looool

  • TheRepublicanGreen
    TheRepublicanGreen 5 days ago

    She is the definition of the word cunt. This woman is a monstrosity! Gold digger.

  • Trisha Murphy
    Trisha Murphy 5 days ago

    Bloody hell. This bitch is bat shit nuts.

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher 5 days ago


  • Terry Gause
    Terry Gause 6 days ago

    Amy spent a year in jail:

  • TrapTombstone
    TrapTombstone 8 days ago

    That woman needs a psychologist

  • Russell Beaty
    Russell Beaty 8 days ago

    These are the people, Trump should be deporting

  • Russell Beaty
    Russell Beaty 8 days ago

    I think Amy is transsexual

  • Russell Beaty
    Russell Beaty 8 days ago

    This bitch is nuts and thinks it's everybody else

  • Nothing but the truth Brown

    Amy Ramsey told me to tell you it's a wrap you're done in that town LOL

  • damdamdamdumdidum
    damdamdamdumdidum 9 days ago

    She's still crazy.

  • appyd02d
    appyd02d 9 days ago

    Obviously no one can tell these narcissistic people anything!! Wasted time and money!
    Thanks for posting!

  • Kin
    Kin 9 days ago

    Her voice is so fucking irritating

  • Mary Duong
    Mary Duong 11 days ago

    This is so cringey...

  • carmack
    carmack 12 days ago

    What they need is an excursion down uncomfortable trip lane and to eat some shrooms or smoke some weed & come to terms with A LOT

  • MR Esotericana
    MR Esotericana 12 days ago +3

    Amy's Bipolar Crisis!

  • MR Esotericana
    MR Esotericana 12 days ago +1

    Amy's Bipolar Company!

  • MR Esotericana
    MR Esotericana 12 days ago

    Amy's Bipolar clones!

  • SilvaZilla 88XO
    SilvaZilla 88XO 12 days ago

    If I remember correctly, they sold shirts with some of their catchphrases after the episode. Personally, I would love a “Cameltoe Mafia” shirt with a print of Sami as Don Corleone

  • Doc Man
    Doc Man 13 days ago


  • Chance Holton
    Chance Holton 13 days ago

    She is still hot

  • Canine's and Cat's
    Canine's and Cat's 13 days ago

    Just let nature run it's course, Their Restaurant will be gone by the end Of the month

  • Adam Gurr
    Adam Gurr 13 days ago

    Her eyes say it all, LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Krimmy
    Krimmy 13 days ago +1

    “Gordon Ramsay really five is another chance”
    You just said you didn’t change anything though...

  • Krimmy
    Krimmy 13 days ago +1

    Did she just say that she obtained Tourette’s Syndrome because of the troll posts that she reads online... :/

  • Krimmy
    Krimmy 13 days ago +1

    I feel like she is actually trying to suffocate herself when she speaks

  • Advaith Jayakumar
    Advaith Jayakumar 13 days ago

    They are such trash , the basic hospitality is missing

  • David Phelan
    David Phelan 13 days ago

    She did a year in prison and Sammy is an international criminal.

  • sister britney
    sister britney 14 days ago

    i swear to god is she says pansy one more time-

  • sister britney
    sister britney 14 days ago

    damn she needs so go to a psych ward

  • Afgan No3
    Afgan No3 14 days ago

    amy takes up the arse and i reckon the old man who be old enough to be her father cant get an erection. what a pair of mentally ill cunts

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis 14 days ago

    This woman needs Jesus

  • Yisrael Jamal
    Yisrael Jamal 14 days ago

    For the Love of God someone please tell me this place has closed down.

  • Nelliel
    Nelliel 15 days ago

    Sammy is moving that dope, and his girl might be a junkie fr fr

  • Chan Zan Yi
    Chan Zan Yi 15 days ago

    This two punk are American citizens? What ashamed . Tell Donald Trump to throw them to the other side of the wall and make sure that stay there😂

  • master brute
    master brute 16 days ago

    this woman is delusional "they edited us"

  • Michael Salerno
    Michael Salerno 16 days ago

    Your not a gangster your a wankster

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford 16 days ago

    I hate hypocrites!

  • Spice_ Theif
    Spice_ Theif 16 days ago

    Does she look like a fish #findingdory2?

  • Fairy Gamer
    Fairy Gamer 17 days ago +1

    Amy is...a big eyed, loud mouthed, bimbo acting deer-cat looking crazy ninny bad haired fake rude life sucking self respect demolishing crazy idiot.

  • Nibedhan Paul
    Nibedhan Paul 18 days ago

    The woman looks like sid from ice age 😋

  • George Sanchez
    George Sanchez 18 days ago

    No Amy Sammy is the pansy for not giving you the criticism you deserve. You're a twat

  • Annalisa Padilla
    Annalisa Padilla 18 days ago

    Live in az i wouldnt never go there or tell everybody not to go crazy resturant.all food in micoave .glad there closed.LOSERS.GIRL GOTS BIG MOUTH.SHUT UP

  • KichaChildx
    KichaChildx 19 days ago

    Biss, critique isn't being under attacked.

  • Lisa Mc10072
    Lisa Mc10072 20 days ago

    Amy is strung out!!!

  • Nicholas Grabowski
    Nicholas Grabowski 20 days ago

    This woman is insane but its why it has become my favorite episode(s)

    • Nicholas Grabowski
      Nicholas Grabowski 20 days ago

      Also ol boy looks soooo defeated bc of her lolol good luck

  • Maria E. Brennan
    Maria E. Brennan 21 day ago

    That’s her husband wtf !!! Loon !!!

  • Echo 9970
    Echo 9970 21 day ago

    Wow, they just confirmed that they're both psychotic. Two nut cases right there, they can't have a normal interview, they butt in and talk over each other.

  • Prissy Lovejoy
    Prissy Lovejoy 22 days ago

    By the way they are still acting the show was being gracious.

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear 22 days ago

    Amy needs to move to a colder climate. I think the desert heat has fried her brain.

  • Jose Palma
    Jose Palma 24 days ago

    Nice legs.

    • Krimmy
      Krimmy 13 days ago

      Jose Palma ;)

  • Cool Brothers
    Cool Brothers 24 days ago

    Cameltoe mafia 😂😂😂

  • Darrell Smallwood
    Darrell Smallwood 24 days ago

    Ah divas. Reality is not even a concept for them

  • Angel Messtanoffski
    Angel Messtanoffski 24 days ago

    When she said she has three kids (Cats) right then and there i knew she was crazy in the head!!!!

  • Frankie The Hat
    Frankie The Hat 25 days ago +1

    What a fucking liar!

  • israel guevara
    israel guevara 25 days ago

    *it's amazing your foods incredible* BULLSHIIIIIIIIIIT

  • Leah Calascibetta
    Leah Calascibetta 25 days ago

    She’s actually psycho

  • Robert Marckmann
    Robert Marckmann 26 days ago

    Camel toe mafia lmao

  • tate clothing
    tate clothing 26 days ago

    Well GR walked out for reason

  • Sherry Elsey
    Sherry Elsey 26 days ago

    That food is disgusting and she is a nasty douchwaffle.

  • Ilija Milosevic
    Ilija Milosevic 27 days ago

    I want to fuck Amy and her housband in ass..Big ashole about

  • DaFro3713
    DaFro3713 27 days ago

    Oh my god, imagine if you will for a moment, that they had a liquor license and they reached out to Jon Taffer. Ratings...EXPLODE

  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 27 days ago

    All I see is a typical vile Christian bitch... bat shit crazy, and blames everyone else..

  • Diana Yang
    Diana Yang 27 days ago

    Her mouth just runs, runs, runs, runs, runs, and runs..

    4.526.433 views 29 days ago

    has kitchen nightmares ever had any other lunatics like them?what about all kitchen nightmares from all countries?

  • Storm Wind
    Storm Wind 29 days ago

    I still cant tell if this all is staged to a really perfect % or they got payed to be like that!

  • Anna Anna
    Anna Anna 29 days ago

    Just...Wow! 😖

  • Criminaljustice79
    Criminaljustice79 Month ago +2

    “The camel toe mafia”. Lmao

  • Jamesy Gray
    Jamesy Gray Month ago +1

    I would love amy to do a rotten egg fart on my face.

  • Skinner31
    Skinner31 Month ago

    Just gotta laugh all you can do lol

  • Max Poznyak
    Max Poznyak Month ago

    Does she even breathe when she talks

  • Max Poznyak
    Max Poznyak Month ago

    Are we being punked ? Yes your food is a joke

  • Leila Angaso
    Leila Angaso Month ago

    3:43 loser idiot

  • Kimberley Landry
    Kimberley Landry Month ago

    Someone rides the white horse

  • Saia Sailo
    Saia Sailo Month ago

    I want to go to their restaurant just to send back the food🤣

  • Ortho Tech
    Ortho Tech Month ago

    Amy is bat shit crazy. No amount of therapy is going to help that bitch.

  • Skye Editing
    Skye Editing Month ago +1

    *Don’t worry Amy I am not a “online bully”* 💕💕😂

  • Just a shy girl
    Just a shy girl Month ago

    I wonder if they shared their coke with the interviewer

  • Fjrd _10
    Fjrd _10 Month ago

    P a n s y

  • Caleb nicksicc
    Caleb nicksicc Month ago

    If this place didn't shut down I'd go argue with them haha damn Scottsdale 😂😂

  • Molly Kraus
    Molly Kraus Month ago

    Why aren't they dead yet?

  • khoa nguyen
    khoa nguyen Month ago

    Clone you also deport you 3 times-"you so fucking disgusting "

  • Joanne Lube
    Joanne Lube Month ago

    what a horrible couple

  • jp holy
    jp holy Month ago

    Amy does meth and the the guys got a tiny cock