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  • Published on Oct 1, 2015
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 23 386

  • Ghastly Thot
    Ghastly Thot Hour ago +1

    The swatstikas were a nice touch

  • Hydra Gamer
    Hydra Gamer Hour ago

    1:52 that's how tpose was made

  • ram bukenya
    ram bukenya 12 hours ago

    The white knight is racest

  • NotNotAHuman
    NotNotAHuman 12 hours ago +1

    I hope they make a sequel for the White Knight

  • Touring in Athens


  • Retard Na Kvadrat

    The swastikas are drawn incorrectly on his feet!

  • Jordans Victory
    Jordans Victory 3 days ago

    The white knight talks like a black man

  • Dapple Dog
    Dapple Dog 4 days ago

    It would have been nice if it was actually a white knight...

    MTN DEW GOD. 4 days ago

    Lol. The soles on his shoes.

  • ANIME Kid
    ANIME Kid 5 days ago

    I'm unsubscribing. This is rediculous. 😡😡😡😡

  • Ravage360 The Dragon

    When I first saw this I had no idea what this meant 😂😂😂

  • Nope Mope
    Nope Mope 5 days ago

    Is this the KKK

  • Hugh Grection
    Hugh Grection 6 days ago

    This needs to be a series,..or even on the big screen

  • Krypted Ghost
    Krypted Ghost 6 days ago

    Moon knight wanna b

  • Henrique Ferreira
    Henrique Ferreira 7 days ago


  • metaldude198
    metaldude198 7 days ago

    Black people commit the most crimes. Whether they are in Africa or the States, black people commit the most crimes. It's not racist. That's just how it is.

  • Dtx Myself
    Dtx Myself 8 days ago

    The White Knight should come to Texas there's alot of criminals here
    please come to save us

  • a croissant
    a croissant 11 days ago

    0:36 Nazi shoes

  • Jay-ar Guyena
    Jay-ar Guyena 12 days ago

    Did anyone notice the Nazi symbol in his shoes?

  • Margaret Gordon
    Margaret Gordon 12 days ago

    This is my favorite super hero! We need this dude to have his own half hour slot to see him in action!!!

  • blue Pheonix
    blue Pheonix 12 days ago

    That is just racist even if your trying to make a statement that was a tough time for other races and ethnicities .

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave 13 days ago

    I literally made a meme about this white nights where the Klu Klux Klan

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave 13 days ago


  • Unknow Player Bio
    Unknow Player Bio 14 days ago

    hes shoe is a communist

  • 2 fucboi
    2 fucboi 14 days ago

    100 likes and I become the white knight no racist tho

  • Nuqman Hakim
    Nuqman Hakim 16 days ago


  • MrBlargMaster
    MrBlargMaster 16 days ago

    *This comment is whiter than normal*

  • FearItSelfPlayz
    FearItSelfPlayz 16 days ago

    His shoe has the Nazi logo

  • Dan Pierce
    Dan Pierce 16 days ago

    The funny thing is most criminals are black people

  • Chronos Genisis
    Chronos Genisis 16 days ago

    still i want his powers... seems neto

  • Ballistic Waffle
    Ballistic Waffle 17 days ago

    He has two swastikas on his feet

  • Caterpillar c15 6NZ
    Caterpillar c15 6NZ 17 days ago

    Hmm I bet the white knight is black 😂

  • MigueBlox
    MigueBlox 18 days ago

    When the white dude hates black people

  • Vishal kumar BHALLA
    Vishal kumar BHALLA 19 days ago

    0:36 😠😠😠

    • Roman
      Roman 9 days ago

      Those boots are 👌

  • Zareen Subha - Fletchers Meadow SS (2492)

    *Well thats racist*

    Me: I-

  • Melissa Bee
    Melissa Bee 19 days ago

    Looks like a member of the KKK

  • yao acidre
    yao acidre 20 days ago

    Ku Klux Klan HAHAHAHAH

    SPACE-CAT! 22 days ago

    It's the blighting light in the night, the fighter with white sight and flight with the might of the shining light o' blight, white knight.

  • Palpatine
    Palpatine 22 days ago

    ,,That's racist'' -No KKK member ever

  • TheAngrySnail
    TheAngrySnail 23 days ago

    "That's racist!..."

  • Mr. Muffin Button
    Mr. Muffin Button 24 days ago

    That was KKKick a$$

  • Green Knight Sans Wd
    Green Knight Sans Wd 24 days ago


  • TheAngrySnail
    TheAngrySnail 24 days ago

    Plot twist:The white knight is black!

  • Johnny Neims
    Johnny Neims 24 days ago

    Are black people afraid of gggghosts?!

  • Geomar Condino
    Geomar Condino 25 days ago

    is nazi

  • Geomar Condino
    Geomar Condino 25 days ago

    white knight

  • Laugh Cancer
    Laugh Cancer 25 days ago


  • ItsYourBoy Cashawn
    ItsYourBoy Cashawn 26 days ago

    The white knight is racist. All of the people that the white knight is talking about that should be jailed is all black.

  • Max Chad
    Max Chad 26 days ago +2

    I want that white flight power

  • Kruizey
    Kruizey 26 days ago

    “I call it my white sight” 😂😂

  • RockyBukake 42069
    RockyBukake 42069 27 days ago

    This is one of the best...along with can I stick it in your butt

  • killer kyth
    killer kyth 27 days ago +1

    He'ssssss the white kkknight

  • RadzYt
    RadzYt 29 days ago +1

    One of the funniest ones ever LMAO!!!

  • Skyler Green
    Skyler Green 29 days ago

    He is a total hypocrite

  • Fatty Acid
    Fatty Acid Month ago +2

    Damn. I am willing to pay good money to watch a live action adaptation of this on the big screen.

  • Neoh Yi Woon
    Neoh Yi Woon Month ago


  • FL ASH
    FL ASH Month ago

    The white Knight is a nazi

  • Silas Betit
    Silas Betit Month ago +1

    So his power is just racial profiling?

  • Vitamore
    Vitamore Month ago

    the kkk

  • Rellic Carrot
    Rellic Carrot Month ago


  • moose boy
    moose boy Month ago

    White Sight....I fucking love it.

  • Torre Florim
    Torre Florim Month ago +1

    Damn, how is this still up on USclip? This is one of the greatest C&H vids ever.

  • Moon The Mudkip
    Moon The Mudkip Month ago

    White sight more like racism

  • Anon Nimus
    Anon Nimus Month ago

    More like Klan Man

  • Nikolax34 Bruvinski
    Nikolax34 Bruvinski Month ago +1

    Plot twist: white knight is the Harlem Globetrotters.

  • Scott Sommer
    Scott Sommer Month ago

    This is basically leftist in a nutshell

  • Montreal Man
    Montreal Man Month ago


  • Mortal kombat X Player

    This is racist

  • AniRants
    AniRants Month ago

    Plot twist: white knight is actually black hitler

  • Lórdbryan
    Lórdbryan Month ago

    More White nigth pls

  • TheRed Ghostman
    TheRed Ghostman Month ago

    This is wrong in so many ways

  • Carl Burke
    Carl Burke Month ago +1

    i just thought he was a racist but until i realized hes a nazi........ (look at his boots when he puts them on the desk)

  • B9 Sir
    B9 Sir Month ago

    is this a knight or a KKK

  • Cara de Sapo
    Cara de Sapo Month ago

    The most misunderstood hero.

  • Alligator Ttv
    Alligator Ttv Month ago

    0:46 look at his foot and you can see the nazi sign

  • Hasoni Mustafa
    Hasoni Mustafa Month ago +1


  • moose king
    moose king Month ago +1

    there should be a black knight that only arrest white people

  • Morningstar
    Morningstar Month ago

    Anyone knows the subtitle for the introduction

  • Leandro Aude
    Leandro Aude Month ago +1

    0:20 The background details are hilarious. Check the file archiver and the diploma. It even talks about race profiling. You can see it better at 1:52

  • Dan Karleskint
    Dan Karleskint Month ago

    Anyone notice his shoes had swastica on his shoes at 0:37

  • DiN3xy
    DiN3xy Month ago

    While Bryce wiped by light by night Bryce white takes flight with the might of rights to fight for our light. The white Knight!

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson Month ago


  • iM-N0T_GÆY-
    iM-N0T_GÆY- Month ago +1


  • שחר חכם
    שחר חכם Month ago


  • John Eusebio
    John Eusebio Month ago

    The plaque on the chief’s wall: “Having completed 65 hours of Police Brutality, Unlawful Arrests, Racial Profiling, and Random Cavity Searches of the Elderly.”

  • Phantom_ Plutonium
    Phantom_ Plutonium Month ago

    I don't think that White Knight is a Klansman at all 🤔🤨

  • Ad Anayaū
    Ad Anayaū Month ago


  • Shahz Arminz
    Shahz Arminz Month ago

    White KKKNIGGth

  • YouTube reviewer#079

    He is the ku klux clan

  • Jones from96
    Jones from96 Month ago

    I think I see one white guy in there...

  • Weldingandfab
    Weldingandfab Month ago

    Whiiiitee fliiiiiiigghhttt!!!!! XD

  • Wan-Z T
    Wan-Z T Month ago


  • Super DynamicCar3
    Super DynamicCar3 Month ago


  • Ice king 472
    Ice king 472 Month ago

    0:37 anyone notice the swad stickers.

  • jope
    jope Month ago

    I liKKKed this video

  • Geeky Metalhead
    Geeky Metalhead Month ago

    I thought white Knight would be some overweight beta trying to protect and defend feminazis with the power of soyboys.

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly Month ago

    lmao why is this existant

  • FlyingPaladin
    FlyingPaladin Month ago

    Black people commit 50% of violent crimes

  • Violet Null
    Violet Null Month ago

    I really want to believe that the White Knight is just completely innocent and has an unfortunate power set.

  • Tristin Stott
    Tristin Stott Month ago

    I have to say this is the most racist but funny video of cyanide and happiness if you ask me