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  • Published on Oct 1, 2015
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 22 143

  • Free 6969
    Free 6969 Day ago

    All the kids who are blind don't see he is kkk guy,nazi fan guy, and south side racist

  • Caleb McKenzie
    Caleb McKenzie 2 days ago

    Did anyone see the swastikas on his shoes?
    He even had the confederate flag on his CAPE!

  • Peter Chege
    Peter Chege 2 days ago

    Dude... I got recommended this channel by a friend, but now I'm not so sure about it...that was some offensive shit!

  • cool zzys
    cool zzys 2 days ago


  • Angel Arrington
    Angel Arrington 2 days ago +1

    Racist sight

  • Laughing Jack
    Laughing Jack 3 days ago +1

    I love how he overflowed the cream so he didn't have the black stuff settling at the top 😂

  • The Husketeers
    The Husketeers 3 days ago

    Blacks commit 99.9% of crime so the board is accurate

  • Gie Boy
    Gie Boy 3 days ago

    i thik he racist

  • Cueto AA
    Cueto AA 4 days ago

    This was so racist it hurts my eyes

  • LeniYourMaster
    LeniYourMaster 4 days ago

    Best episode


    Oh I get it

  • FoxyXs
    FoxyXs 5 days ago

    0:35 don't.. read.. these.. words.. o woops lol

  • stankabuttforever
    stankabuttforever 5 days ago

    i feel like i commented on this b4 cuz i thought it was racists but this shit funny af fr lol.... idk if i should feel offended or not.. especially cuz lil mermaid black n white people cant be mermaids cuz the ocean is salty n white people dont like seasonin

  • Bruno Preto
    Bruno Preto 5 days ago

    0:36 when you figure out everything....

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 7 days ago


  • Greg Specker
    Greg Specker 7 days ago

    Suprised he didn't say white power when he flew away. Lol

  • Gold Gamer
    Gold Gamer 7 days ago

    0:46 On his shoe there is Nazi simbol

  • Sapphire Gamez
    Sapphire Gamez 7 days ago +1

    I love the subtle offensive things, the KKK robe, the swastika boots, that flag I don't know the name of, brilliant

  • Dat Leever
    Dat Leever 7 days ago

    White Knight's favorite store

  • The Commentary King
    The Commentary King 8 days ago

    Plot twist: those were actually criminals

  • MasterheartsXIII
    MasterheartsXIII 9 days ago

    So if the White Knight isn’t actually racist, what crime did the Harlem globetrotters commit?

  • Maro Ekere
    Maro Ekere 9 days ago

    Racism at its best

  • Akuma Sin
    Akuma Sin 9 days ago

    Racist lmao

  • The Try Not To Laugh King


  • Tonia Davis
    Tonia Davis 10 days ago

    The most racist of the democrats

  • David K
    David K 11 days ago +3

    Can we just admire the fact that even in 2019 America this video is still on USclip lol

  • Tiny Ford
    Tiny Ford 11 days ago

    Okay okay okay, also pronounced kkk

  • Lyri X
    Lyri X 11 days ago

    rare sightings of the kkk meetings

  • Akhil Madhunlall
    Akhil Madhunlall 11 days ago

    3 mugs grabs red to show stop

  • Akhil Madhunlall
    Akhil Madhunlall 11 days ago

    We need a C&H hero crossover

  • 100,000 subs Without any videos

    anybody ignoring the fact that the drawers beside white knight said
    “Don’t read these words”

  • Titania Sekar
    Titania Sekar 13 days ago

    am i the only one who replay the intro, just to follow it 🤣

  • Fourth-Dimensional Quasar

    This must mean that the Harlem Globetrotters are criminals.

  • anime sucksss Productions

    Kicks shoe up. Nazi shoes. And also;
    Spreads arms out: cross burns

  • Love Sophia
    Love Sophia 14 days ago most racist video I have ever seen
    They took it to far with this one

  • Strain 2
    Strain 2 16 days ago

    I'm not even kidding, that's some hero they've got there

  • Disgusted Norwegian
    Disgusted Norwegian 17 days ago +1

    racist fuck

  • Kelly girl
    Kelly girl 17 days ago

    They're all black

  • All Junk Mail
    All Junk Mail 18 days ago

    But but white dumb gals love black d .Do something white blight

  • BigJasper_86 Browning
    BigJasper_86 Browning 18 days ago

    he never finished his cup of cream ☹️😞😭

  • The Fascist Nut
    The Fascist Nut 19 days ago


  • jointscript
    jointscript 19 days ago +1

    We need him now more than ever

  • ijay
    ijay 19 days ago

    Look like kkk

  • Tashigami Du Lys
    Tashigami Du Lys 19 days ago +1

    Plot twist : he's actually not white and tries to kill the KKK members.

  • ParallelKy
    ParallelKy 20 days ago +1

    Like=Black Panther
    Reply=White Knight

  • Ignoid Guitar Gear
    Ignoid Guitar Gear 22 days ago

    Wow, this shit is GOD-AWFUL. Not even considering the atrociously inane "anti-racist" PC garbage. It's just completely unfunny and banal.

  • Carl Freericks
    Carl Freericks 22 days ago

    White knight is Wakandas greatest enemy

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 23 days ago


    SAUCIER STEW 25 days ago

    Racism is not funny

  • Allan Tidgwell
    Allan Tidgwell 27 days ago +2

    The funny thing is that most white knights I've interacted with have been this damn racist. They just cover it with guilt

  • Alicia pinnock
    Alicia pinnock 27 days ago

    This is not funny

    • Scrub
      Scrub 4 days ago

      I think its funny because it makes fun of racists instead of making fun of minorities

    • Rorschach review
      Rorschach review 27 days ago

      @Alicia pinnock how is it racist?

    • Alicia pinnock
      Alicia pinnock 27 days ago

      I just dont think it is to me its racist.

    • Rorschach review
      Rorschach review 27 days ago

      @Alicia pinnock why is it unfunny

    • Alicia pinnock
      Alicia pinnock 27 days ago

      Whatever ...

    JP KARAS 27 days ago +2

    What if they actually are criminals and u are too PC to see it? HUUUUUHHHH??? 🤔🤔

  • Lord Aubell
    Lord Aubell 27 days ago

    Totally didn't send this to my black friends 😏

  • Jackson Cobalt
    Jackson Cobalt 29 days ago

    This is the superman of the KKK

  • The Raisin
    The Raisin Month ago +11

    11,000 criminals gave this the thumbs down.

  • i want die
    i want die Month ago

    The white flight is cool

  • Cathwulf Coal
    Cathwulf Coal Month ago

    stubborn people exactly

  • Chase Whiteman
    Chase Whiteman Month ago

    I want those Boots.....⚡🇺🇸⚡

  • Adolf Hititler
    Adolf Hititler Month ago

    Dost Kayaoğlu

  • Mike French
    Mike French Month ago

    Ever notice how many people in the comments point out what he does to the coffee?

  • Virginnite Player #53

    Shouldn't he be White Knighting women?

  • Raymond Lopez
    Raymond Lopez Month ago

    I love how when i first watched this it was just racist and funny now its racust funny and has references to history

  • Hehe Ha
    Hehe Ha Month ago

    White people : 😅
    Other race :🤬🤬

  • David Hardy
    David Hardy Month ago +12

    U ever notice how he filled all the coffee till it was white w cream

  • Carmyツ
    Carmyツ Month ago +3

    He has nazi shoes

  • GG god
    GG god Month ago


  • Awsome sauce1
    Awsome sauce1 Month ago

    I'm black I approve 👍

  • Kyle Voytko
    Kyle Voytko Month ago +1

    Does this mean I can say the N word in the comments?

  • Michael Holliday
    Michael Holliday Month ago +1

    I think this vid is pretty kkkool

  • wario stalin
    wario stalin Month ago +1

    The white knight is a crusader