Mystery Soda Marshmallow Taste Test


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  • K
    K 5 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that Link kind of acted irritated with Josh, Or something? He didn't really act like he usually does around Josh. After Rhett said piss like 6 times, THEN Link asked Josh to say pee-pee. Then Rhett was talking about how gross it was that Link just sat his piss on-top of the toilet, and that he was trying to make sure his piss was in the shower. Josh said something like, " yeah, it would be grotesque to have to see a mans piss and it being turned into a marshmallow. Then Link snarks back with, "Yea, he wasn't looking out for you exactly." He just seemed like kind of a jerk to Josh. Don't get me wrong, I love Link and Rhett both, SO freaking MUCH!!! I just saw a difference in how Link was treating Josh vs anyone else on the show, and decided to see if anyone else noticed the same.

  • mrsdubreuiel
    mrsdubreuiel 12 days ago

    Josh is the absolute cutest. Like ever.

  • Amanda Walker
    Amanda Walker 14 days ago

    This is really very strange conversation when you didn’t watch morning😂

  • Prince of Light
    Prince of Light 27 days ago

    Big and White o.o

  • M J
    M J 27 days ago

    Will it s’more,

  • Sativa House
    Sativa House 27 days ago

    I thought the last one was a urine marshmallow and i was freaking out when rhett whet for more bites lol! idk why i thought that though XD prolly because they started talking about pee and i forgot they were only trying pop marshmallows XD

  • BishtrainerTai16
    BishtrainerTai16 27 days ago

    Squirt is superior. Made with grapefruit.

  • Nerdo
    Nerdo 29 days ago

    Say peepee

  • Omar Page
    Omar Page Month ago

    wanna sprite cranberry?

  • ttv/miha0606
    ttv/miha0606 Month ago

    3:02 - That`s what she said :D :D

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Josh has a thing for Rhett..... Just saying.

  • Victoria Runyon
    Victoria Runyon Month ago

    I'd love to see Josh creating all these dishes more!!

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago

    Every time Josh is on screen I turn the episode off. Dude. Your not funny. Your a chef.

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Really? I honestly never new that about marshmallows, so marshmallows smell bad. When they dont have, something added to it.

  • geegeezlouis86
    geegeezlouis86 Month ago +1

    I came here for mystery marshmallows and y'all are talking about piss jars I cannot

  • Elisa Bee
    Elisa Bee Month ago +3

    Is Josh single because....Hi.

  • Joey Hahn
    Joey Hahn Month ago

    Nice Howlin' Ray's shirt, Josh.

    DELETED Month ago

    I’m not Use to them Swearing lmao

  • Ethan Billingsley
    Ethan Billingsley Month ago

    Mtn Dew is better

  • KingCobraJFS
    KingCobraJFS Month ago

    whats a vaginas favorite soda its squirt

  • Samantha Landreth
    Samantha Landreth Month ago

    They went to highschool like an hour and a half away from me sksksk

  • Mrbink01
    Mrbink01 Month ago

    Sun Drop trumps Mello Yello and Mountain Dew

  • laura robinson
    laura robinson Month ago

    I'm here for Josh man😂😂😂

  • Bramble Chaser
    Bramble Chaser Month ago

    Josh is coming out of his shell! I love it. He seems to uncomfortable in his first appearances.

  • Madisyn Lenay
    Madisyn Lenay Month ago

    When I spray my dog with water he just tries to drink it 😂

  • Narwhale_ Nation
    Narwhale_ Nation Month ago

    I love rhetts beard how long did it take to grow out

  • Erikson
    Erikson Month ago

    damn ... josh is going to be the most experienced chef in the world ... literally can cook everything

  • KaterinaTalantliva
    KaterinaTalantliva Month ago

    I wish you would always insert Josh's cooking process in the episode. Eg it would be hilarious to see how Josh actually made the pee mellow. Thanks!

  • Adin Jennings
    Adin Jennings 2 months ago +1

    ive had root beer marshmallows before and they were absolutely amazing!

  • John Bravehawk
    John Bravehawk 2 months ago

    The chef answered it was coke then link was like I'm gonna guess link should be listening.

  • Talon Newton
    Talon Newton 2 months ago

    You should try to get the MBMBAM guys on your show

  • Kayla Poole
    Kayla Poole 2 months ago

    Everytime i see josh I want to hug him

  • Maddi Jennings
    Maddi Jennings 2 months ago

    I was eating marshmellows and seen this😂😂

  • DragonEye
    DragonEye 2 months ago


  • TheZaneZZZ
    TheZaneZZZ 2 months ago

    Can we get a show where we see Josh making all this stuff?

  • Kea Lynn
    Kea Lynn 2 months ago

    I have never tried Mello Yello before

  • Ben Jammin
    Ben Jammin 2 months ago

    As a long time fan I have to say it is disappointing that they are venturing away from the family friendly content. This is a show I watch with my kid and not worry. Lately I can’t even watch with him. Please get back to the Rhett and link we have known.

  • flattabang
    flattabang 2 months ago


  • Atelier_Kety
    Atelier_Kety 2 months ago

    There is better methods then spraying a cat with a water bottle, its only a deterrent as long as you or it is around, once you're not around there is nothing stopping your cat from doing the bad behaviour, what you should do is look into ways to train the behaviour you want from your cat, you could use the spray bottle as a tool to do that, but other wise it's just a punishment and the cat isn't learning what you would like it to do. Don't belive the myth that you can't train cats, a cat can do most things a dog can do, and learn in very similar ways (with positive reinforcement) they just might be a little more stubborn at first, but it's do able.

  • Danny Komjathy
    Danny Komjathy 2 months ago

    This video makes me really appreciate GMM for what it is. It also makes me realize how Marshmello's whole gimmick is a bit restraining and tough on people's psyche to be around (especially for people like Rhett and Link). Marshmello should have not been a guest on the show, not a show with Rhett and Link. To be honest, I don't even like Marshmello and his whole DJ gimmick. I think it's child's-play and a bit ridiculous and actually kind of stupid.

  • a;sldkjfa;gsh
    a;sldkjfa;gsh 2 months ago

    Rhett have you never met a deaf person? Lmao not everyone can or wants to communicate verbally.

  • Gabrielle Baldacchin
    Gabrielle Baldacchin 2 months ago

    Spraying cats dont work, doesnt make them respect you, it makes them fear you but not the situation. So they will keep doing what they were doing.
    Using something there they dont like the smell of like citrus can help deter them. Also using a device that will spray air at them will help. They begin to respect the space and understand they shouldn't go there and it doesnt make you apart of the conflict which is great for your relationship. Give it a try and with patience you'll see a difference. Also if you take something away or restrict something give an alternative. If they climb on the table build them their own purch so they dont have to use the table.
    Scratching your furnature, put a scratch post there and they will use that instead. They need to mark their territory to feel at home.
    If they are peeing you have to use a specific cleanser to get rid of the hormones in the urine and try cleaning the litter box more often or getting ones with no top and putting them in a socially significant area. That way they don't feel cornered while in there and their scent is where the socializing is so they feel apart of it.

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster 2 months ago

    Nothing in my life has momentarily bothered me more than them saying bad words- am I stupid?

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster 2 months ago

    Wait, Marshmello doesn't talk when he's on set? That's… that's weird.

  • Harry Murphy
    Harry Murphy 2 months ago

    I couldn't cut the tension between rhett and link in this episode if you gave me the sharpest knife in the world

  • Stick Man is my hero
    Stick Man is my hero 2 months ago

    Im pretty sure people in our country could use that 1000 dollar donation more

  • Erik Blue
    Erik Blue 2 months ago

    I love Josh. He's the bee's peepee

  • DreezTheHunter
    DreezTheHunter 2 months ago

    Link's superhero alterego: MEGABLADDER - "Don't piss me off... It'll be your rainy day."

  • Blah Blahsen
    Blah Blahsen 2 months ago

    maaaan, Phuk marshmallow, he didnt do Ish. Rhet and Link are a strong independent hosts that dont need no guest.

  • tjhall1000
    tjhall1000 2 months ago

    he missed the opportunity to say that as the chef, he had no choice but to taste test the pee marshmellows.
    he will never get a chance like that again in his life. he missed that humor opportunity

  • Sandra Day
    Sandra Day 2 months ago

    Yeah when a server says "we do not have mountain dew but would you like Mello yello?" It is like why not just pee in my glass and serve me that because it is about the same taste.

  • ThatsThe Tea
    ThatsThe Tea 2 months ago

    plot twist: josh is marshmello

  • Leo Savauge
    Leo Savauge 2 months ago

    “ I’ve seen Talledega nights” haha

  • TheSaraColleen
    TheSaraColleen 2 months ago

    Ugh josh is so cute

  • Cece L
    Cece L 2 months ago

    I'm guessing Barbara is not a person.

  • Ta'Neil Davis
    Ta'Neil Davis 2 months ago

    U should do will it soda ❤️

  • RedEyesTops
    RedEyesTops 2 months ago

    They always say a chef has to taste his dishes right?....That makes me feel bad for Josh

  • Thegreat Broohighny
    Thegreat Broohighny 2 months ago

    Josh got a neck workout, dang.

  • maskofsanitycob
    maskofsanitycob 2 months ago

    Love all three of you guys!!!

  • Louis
    Louis 2 months ago

    is the word piss not as bad in the us as it is in the UK or summat?

  • Yasmeen Kuraishi
    Yasmeen Kuraishi 2 months ago

    Josh is one of the best crew his food sense

  • Michael Boland
    Michael Boland 2 months ago

    This is awesome!!!! If you like this, please check out a Taste test on my channel!! We try weird flavors of Chinese potato chips! One guy nearly vomited!! :)

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 2 months ago


  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 2 months ago

    Josh is one of the best (if not the best) of the mythical crew. Can’t wait to see more of him.

  • Nick Ciccone
    Nick Ciccone 2 months ago

    I want a peep in my pocket

  • Captain Everything
    Captain Everything 2 months ago

    I stopped watching after 3 minutes. Taking too long to get to the point of the video.

  • Miss Karla
    Miss Karla 2 months ago

    Josh boiled the urine for safety!! 🤣😱🤢 (and to reduce and concentrate its ick factor)

    • Rae Siskey
      Rae Siskey 28 days ago +1

      Miss Karla
      urine is actually sterile. that’s why you can drink it if needed lmao

  • Maggie Feltner
    Maggie Feltner 2 months ago

    Shawn mendes is marshmallows

  • David Held
    David Held 2 months ago

    Josh on his next job interview I made urine marshmellows

  • A Kayfabe
    A Kayfabe 2 months ago

    None of those Lemon Lime sodas are the same in any way! and Squirt, is GRAPEFRUIT it is not even similar. Sprite has more Lime. My Dew has some orange I believe also.

  • TheAquamarinelovely1
    TheAquamarinelovely1 2 months ago

    Wow, marshmallow have evolved so much. This is the first I've heard of soda flavored marshmallows. 🤯 you can make marshmallows vegan wit arrowroot and other plant based sources. Lol, yuckyyyy horse nails!

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee 3 months ago

    Guys you need to determine which is the best out/ or blind taste test or something with mtn dew, Mello Yello, squirt, Sprite, seven up and other Citrus drinks

  • Au Four
    Au Four 3 months ago

    congrats on making trending page for like the millionth time. :)

  • Keleeko89
    Keleeko89 3 months ago

    Give chef josh his own show on the channel. He is soo skilled

  • pokethug 13
    pokethug 13 3 months ago +1

    they should start a store that sells things that tasted good on the will it videos then have a special where they can taste something that tasted bad and if they can swallow it they get 3 things for free

  • Mary Bradley
    Mary Bradley 3 months ago

    I cannot get over the fact Josh pulled that peep out of his pocket

  • Emma Donnelly
    Emma Donnelly 3 months ago

    Horse toenails 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • oneVone
    oneVone 3 months ago

    piss isn't a swear word but sh*t is thats weird

  • sumthinsnazzi78
    sumthinsnazzi78 3 months ago

    More Josh, please!

  • Cute 'N Edgy Mew
    Cute 'N Edgy Mew 3 months ago

    "Put your peepee thingie away" -Rhett 2018

  • omar Almadi
    omar Almadi 3 months ago +1

    Who else wants a mythical restaurant

  • Isabella Deview
    Isabella Deview 3 months ago

    That's how vrchat is, full of people that don't talk xD

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle 3 months ago +1


  • DANG0S
    DANG0S 3 months ago

    I love that Josh was miffed about the hidden chicken nugget in the peep marshmallow that Rhett & Linked totally missed.

  • Patrick Canter
    Patrick Canter 3 months ago

    I always thought geletim was made from COWhooves.

  • Ryan Spears
    Ryan Spears 3 months ago

    Days of thunder yesss childhood staple movie... for some reason

  • nygel hampton
    nygel hampton 3 months ago +2

    I really believed link when he said it’s made out of horse toenails 😂😂😂

  • Susie IsCool
    Susie IsCool 3 months ago

    **I made this poem up while watching this**
    I like Mellow Jellow,
    My favorite color's yellow,
    I like caromelow Rhett&link

  • drumshock74
    drumshock74 3 months ago

    Serious question. Is Josh the My New Haircut guy? I haven't seen that video in a while but I feel like they look very similar

  • UrBoiDivity
    UrBoiDivity 3 months ago +1

    i hope im not the only one that can agree that this is the most awkward episode of gmm.
    ( EDIT: Why doesnt Josh have a chin?)

  • DJPlayz
    DJPlayz 3 months ago +1

    Josh is secretly marshmallow

  • Yasmine Fields
    Yasmine Fields 3 months ago

    Y’all think marshmallow is actually mute and that’s why he doesn’t talk and conceals his identity ?

  • welp that’s that
    welp that’s that 3 months ago

    It looked like tofu

  • howlin fish
    howlin fish 3 months ago

    The guy in the middle has a very smale head

  • Stargazer Playz
    Stargazer Playz 3 months ago +1

    I’d like to see the people on the OTHER side of the camera.

  • spacelatte._.
    spacelatte._. 3 months ago

    the whole vid they are just talking about pp marshmallows

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 3 months ago

    Soyboy! Yuck!

  • Jay McBride
    Jay McBride 3 months ago

    He just pulled that marshmallow out of his pocket like that like it was okay.

  • Katalin Anna
    Katalin Anna 3 months ago

    I love Josh, the hidden peep caught me off guard :D

  • Elson Dan
    Elson Dan 3 months ago

    Who else is satisfied by the stretching of the marshmelllow?