PS4 Fortnite Live Stream |Season 7 Grind|Decent Player|


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  • Exotix GV
    Exotix GV 3 days ago

    Who is the new mod

  • Beast-mobile101
    Beast-mobile101 3 days ago

    Nice stream savage I loved it keep up the great work man cant wait until you reveal your name lol xD also thanks for playing some duos with me I really appreciate it keep grinding I hope you reach 5K soon keep up the great work bro love your stream can’t wait for your montage or whatever I will watch it as soon as I get the notification peace bro I love your streams remember be positive keep grinding for 5K you will get there even though you have to reveal your name if you read all of this than your the best ever From beast-mobile101 to Savagemel aka best streamer ever lol xD bye