Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
  • Cooking on a rock is a method of cooking since ancient times. By putting the rock on the fire the heat will make the meat cooked. This method of cooking will make the meat less dry and tastier when baked directly on the fire
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  • Олег Борисов

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  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis Day ago

    Simple is always better, but i need my microwave. They need a smart mircrowave and a app for americans to use. 🤔

  • منصة رياضية

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  • suckiemee
    suckiemee 2 days ago

    That’s a good way to cook. Outdoors. He even got the garlic. You know that’s good

  • Justin Justin
    Justin Justin 3 days ago

    Dude my mouth is watering 😋

  • Nida Osas
    Nida Osas 4 days ago

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  • fan de bulbasur
    fan de bulbasur 4 days ago

    With a Swimming Pool. HAHA

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  • Matthew Laspina
    Matthew Laspina 5 days ago

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  • 修女誘うた僧
    修女誘うた僧 7 days ago

    It was a way I used to love in Korea until about 20 years ago.
    Nowadays, it is sometimes delicious in the countryside.

  • CAD Auto
    CAD Auto 8 days ago

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  • Abdourahman Diallo
    Abdourahman Diallo 8 days ago

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  • Herve Lambert
    Herve Lambert 9 days ago

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  • andre Miranda Da Luz

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  • ملاك ملاك
    ملاك ملاك 10 days ago

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    subhan allah wabihamdih
    yarb aiktab 'ujri wa'ajr amy 'amin yarb

  • Steve Haahn
    Steve Haahn 10 days ago

    Now that is primitive fire starting.

  • walid abo saada
    walid abo saada 12 days ago


  • Hot Rod Estopace
    Hot Rod Estopace 12 days ago

    this video make me travel to prehistoric era

  • Levi SKM
    Levi SKM 12 days ago

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  • Joseph De Guzman
    Joseph De Guzman 12 days ago

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  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin 12 days ago

    Show me how to make primitive camera pls

  • Hiếu Hà Vlogs
    Hiếu Hà Vlogs 12 days ago

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  • Selfie Queen
    Selfie Queen 13 days ago

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    marlete barbosa 13 days ago

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    nguyen tuanphong 14 days ago

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  • Kevin Carl
    Kevin Carl 15 days ago

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  • Robert Guy
    Robert Guy 15 days ago +2

    u can insert that meat in stick on top of the fire like shesh kabob way faster

  • Cowieman25 Moo!
    Cowieman25 Moo! 15 days ago

    Survival of the fittest 😎

  • Boj Tuazon
    Boj Tuazon 16 days ago

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  • Cool Mania
    Cool Mania 21 day ago +1

    That was us 100s of years back. Now look at where we are. We have accomplished some incredible things together and if we continue to work together and do good things, we can achieve much greater things as a human race.
    ✊ Live long Human Civilization

  • christian samarita
    christian samarita 22 days ago +1

    nice haircut flint stone...

  • Sonnyboy 916
    Sonnyboy 916 22 days ago

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  • Егор Мишин
    Егор Мишин 22 days ago +1

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  • Thanatos 43
    Thanatos 43 23 days ago

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    최우성 23 days ago

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  • Steven Shi
    Steven Shi 23 days ago

    he looks like a guy that didn't make it to college and got kicked out by parents making youtube videos of him living in the wild to earn a little spending money.

  • Barenn
    Barenn 24 days ago +1

    The way you chew bothers me I despise people who smack their lips when they eat

  • Vance L. Gilmore
    Vance L. Gilmore 25 days ago

    I wonder what meat that is.

  • Triandot
    Triandot 25 days ago

    i have ready-to-eat food in my fridge and this still looks so fucking delicious

  • Nat is my Name
    Nat is my Name 25 days ago

    How do you make a fire like that easily

  • Der profigamer
    Der profigamer 25 days ago

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    I bts x txt I 26 days ago

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  • musa disconnect
    musa disconnect 27 days ago +3

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  • Arab Arabain
    Arab Arabain 27 days ago

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    kiruha pro gamer 29 days ago

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  • captainnapalm75
    captainnapalm75 Month ago +7

    Here, we see shirtless primitive man preparing meat and garlic, painstakingly foraged from his local Wegman's, and cooking it on a rock in his back yard.

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    Demitri Month ago

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  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta Month ago +1

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    Sandro Dias Month ago

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    In_ Famuz Month ago

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    Grey Grim Month ago

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    Rice Crispeee Month ago

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