BEST ‘Ish’ Shadow Boxing Challenges COMPILATION

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • 'Ish' is a shadow boxing challenge that has went viral over the past few weeks! The rules are you can’t look in the direction he points.
    Video Credits:
    1) @Josephwalker_28/Twitter
    2) @lockeplatt88/Twitter
    3) @kingmac31, @catchaplayj/Instagram
    4) @soni_fonua/Twitter
    5) @Luatua13/Twitter
    6) @JSwang562/Twitter
    7) @Yannababbyy/Twitter
    8) @CarlosStewart28/Twitter
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Comments • 451

  • Hudsyn.
    Hudsyn. 5 days ago

    Bro if u come to New Zealand we do it way differently and faster

  • Alliance Crew
    Alliance Crew 7 days ago


  • Jones
    Jones 9 days ago

    Last dudes really squared up. 😂💀

  • Dirty30 #TheMarathonContinues

    Is it me or this corniest shit I ever seen

  • Yxng Xay14
    Yxng Xay14 11 days ago

    Isnt there a song to this game

  • Max Low
    Max Low 14 days ago

    How was the guys in the parking lot playing

  • donovan garretson
    donovan garretson 16 days ago

    I learned this in basic the only people playing it right at 2-3 mins

  • cicada 200
    cicada 200 16 days ago

    How niggas be fighting in 2035

  • Unknown
    Unknown 16 days ago +2

    This game should be called *Dat Way*

  • blinkblang
    blinkblang 17 days ago +1

    any islanders here like 😐 weve been playing for a long time and-

  • Lei Moonstah
    Lei Moonstah 17 days ago

    This is a game that started in Samoa. The kids took 'kang-kang-ka-mo' or 'rock-paper-scissors', and add a new twist of 'guess where I'm pointing'. The name comes from the sound effect they make when the shadow box. It started from middle school, made it to high school, then they graduated and came to states where they introduced it to their schoolmates and friends. And then the game spread like wildfire.
    How do I know this? I was a teacher in the 2000's and some of these kids were my students. Even when I was a kid we were finding out ways to spice up a simple game of 'rock-paper-scissors. In my day, we would use it to play a game of boat race with our pencils or a slap game where we hold a handshake and play 'rock-paper-scissors'. The winner gets to slap the loser's hand and repeat until one gives up. These games did not catch on as much as 'Ish'. We thought it was just another fun twist until we noticed it start to spread everywhere.

  • Ur Broko Toko
    Ur Broko Toko 18 days ago

    Anyone go ultimate mode? Its fast and u have to get the triple elimination

  • Lamanite Alepati
    Lamanite Alepati 19 days ago +1

    If you're from New Zealand you know we do it better

  • Alvin Johnson
    Alvin Johnson 19 days ago

    Some of the stupidest shit can go viral

  • Petey Wheatstraw
    Petey Wheatstraw 20 days ago

    I guess I'm officially an old man now. I have no idea what I'm watching...😕

  • Jin Mo-Ri
    Jin Mo-Ri 20 days ago

    Man I remember when I use to hold the title KING in this game man lol

  • Jin Mo-Ri
    Jin Mo-Ri 20 days ago

    Bruh been trying to trend this game man ever since I came to the states man lol it’s crazy how long it took to trend this shit lol ever since 08 man lol

  • Darryl Mcneil
    Darryl Mcneil 20 days ago

    This game is how fights should be settled.

  • chris gamer
    chris gamer 20 days ago +2

    1:53 song ?

  • Anthony Ayau
    Anthony Ayau 21 day ago

    Polynesians did this way before Americans lol, you guys just left out the Rock Paper Scissors

  • Tony PAILA
    Tony PAILA 21 day ago

    The Samoans invented that game

  • kimaya scott
    kimaya scott 21 day ago

    People at my school do this but they be making the street fighter noises while doing it and be hella overdramatic wid it so its funny as fuck

  • Luh Cj
    Luh Cj 21 day ago

    South Florida da best at dis shi 🔥🔥❗️

  • Caleb Enjoy
    Caleb Enjoy 22 days ago

    These fellas are so bad.... Speaking from a New Zealander #childhood

  • Edzel Corpuz
    Edzel Corpuz 22 days ago +2

    1:36 so disrespectful 😂🔥

  • LazerMark Vlog
    LazerMark Vlog 23 days ago +1

    Korean game?

  • Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS
    Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS 24 days ago

    Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin. The special technique of shadowboxing.

  • Deranged_fredd
    Deranged_fredd 25 days ago +1

    Everybody know us Florida niggas made this game. Y’all jits always wanna copy us.

  • Don Brown
    Don Brown 25 days ago

    What the song at 1:45

  • Jedaiah Maae
    Jedaiah Maae 26 days ago

    Islanders made this game up

  • George Koroma
    George Koroma 26 days ago +2

    Man they playing the baby way .

  • iyson mccoppin
    iyson mccoppin 27 days ago +2

    Funny how Americans think they made this 😂😂😂 Australia been doing this since 2016

    • blinkblang
      blinkblang 17 days ago

      samoan actually

    • Pinky Toe
      Pinky Toe 19 days ago +1

      iyson mccoppin - Americans did tho, well specifically Hawaiians. We been doing this since 2003-2004 but only got popular in the rest of Hawaii in 2005-2006 then it spread to NZ in 2008-2009. But we originally got from American Samoa where this game was created.

  • kahiauandkeeaola808
    kahiauandkeeaola808 28 days ago +3

    Ppl asking why it’s called “ish”... boy if y’all played it right, you’d know. Lol

    • PewdieKid
      PewdieKid 23 days ago

      im that person the guy who plays and make sound effects

    • PewdieKid
      PewdieKid 23 days ago

      sound effects lol

  • Abe Lee
    Abe Lee 28 days ago +1

    This is a korean game that i used to play when i was a kid. So surprised to see it here

    • blinkblang
      blinkblang 16 days ago

      Chief oh i didnt meant to reply to you lmfao

    • Chief
      Chief 16 days ago

      @blinkblang ik it's Polynesian which I am one, but Idk where this fool got his information from.

    • blinkblang
      blinkblang 17 days ago

      Chief its actually polynesian

    • Chief
      Chief 18 days ago

      What not Korean lol

  • Alzen Etrata
    Alzen Etrata 28 days ago

    That’s no how you fucking play ish

  • Nikka Agustin
    Nikka Agustin 28 days ago

    Isn't this the Korean game Cham Cham Cham

    • blinkblang
      blinkblang 17 days ago

      Nikka Agustin no this is polynesiam "ish"

  • Jessica Lumadao
    Jessica Lumadao 28 days ago +2

    What happened to jack en po aka Rock Paper Scissors and then doing em. Also y’all gotta say “ish”. Hawaii thought of em first and then

  • Puna Tali
    Puna Tali 28 days ago +3

    Bro dat some Samoan game bro it’s called ish I’m Samoan btw

    SYNC KRXME 28 days ago

    This shit is stoopid as hell

  • spiccypeaches
    spiccypeaches 29 days ago +1

    i can’t be the only one who remembers this like 5 years ago

  • Mr. cumy
    Mr. cumy Month ago +7

    *Beware of the people who make that tsssss sound they are the most dangerous clan of all*

  • Jaleel Ferguson
    Jaleel Ferguson Month ago

    We did dis a football practice

  • Derick Anok
    Derick Anok Month ago

    I’m not gonna lie but that game what stolen 🤬

  • Max johnson
    Max johnson Month ago +1

    Nah man u know my main man jungkook is the best

  • Joshy
    Joshy Month ago

    0:53 that's sick man.

  • Emperor Vibez
    Emperor Vibez Month ago

    1:44 what's that song called🔥🔥

  • tykasual
    tykasual Month ago +8

    *it was created by the polynesian peeps and they called it “shadow boxing” this game old asf but it’s getting the recognition even though it was better when it was kept on the low.*

  • 100,00 Subscribers With No Videos

    There’s A Three Way For Shadow Boxing Only The People Who Invented This Game Will Know-NewZealand

  • 100,00 Subscribers With No Videos

    New Zealand Invented This Game Like Now You Gonna Recognise It 🤦‍♂️

    • Krimzon O N e
      Krimzon O N e 28 days ago

      I was playing this a while back like 2012.

  • Lolz Toleafoa
    Lolz Toleafoa Month ago

    Bro that’s trash see nz

  • Bruce Faualo
    Bruce Faualo Month ago +17

    Thank the samoans playing this back in the dayz and now people finally playing em

  • Consequences
    Consequences Month ago

    islander games lmao

  • Traë
    Traë Month ago

    How is this challenge now just blowing up people been doing this since 07 bruh.

  • Nonu Valoaga
    Nonu Valoaga Month ago +6

    SamoanZ/Polynesian started this Ish Game back Home 💯

  • Chris Valdez
    Chris Valdez Month ago

    This shit so old

  • Crypt VoXe
    Crypt VoXe Month ago

    This is nothing, in NZ it’s way better

  • Mariu Grace
    Mariu Grace Month ago

    So old we played this n 08

  • Robert Houston
    Robert Houston Month ago +25

    Damn I played this all the time as a kid. This from the Polynesian people.

  • Eric George
    Eric George Month ago


    JAZZY DA MAN Month ago +2

    I'm from New Zealand and this game is old and we play it way faster