The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time

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  • Felix Sited
    Felix Sited 5 hours ago

    Self referential, I like it.

  • KingJustice98
    KingJustice98 7 hours ago +1

    Energy consumption will likely slow this down.

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 11 hours ago

    We need to colonize another world QUICK

  • Adi
    Adi 15 hours ago +1

    USSR anthem intensifies

  • BatterySonic
    BatterySonic Day ago

    Goodness me. This is horrible! However will I live without having to hold down a shitty 9-5 job? It's torture I tell you.

  • BatterySonic
    BatterySonic Day ago

    I hope this destroys capitalism.

  • tolethom
    tolethom Day ago

    destroy capitalism

  • GRaquel OrtegaH
    GRaquel OrtegaH Day ago

    We dont know yet the jobs that will be created,we cannot see the future.There will be more jobs

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    So just to be clear - we were being lied to when we were told we "needed" immigration to fill job vacancies.
    I hate the idea of a universal basic income because it makes everyone a serf of government - but I fear the automation of 90% of jobs over the next few decades with nothing to replace them, is going to make some sort of universal income unavoidable simply to prevent massive civil unrest.

    • SpaghettiandSauce
      SpaghettiandSauce 14 hours ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz "What's the difference to the current situation?"
      I thought I explained that - when you are not dependent on the government you do not need to the government's permission to live your life and you have a vested interest in building liberty.
      When you are dependent on government, you have an interest in crushing the liberty of others to force them to keep paying for you.

      "You really believe that this doesn't happen in republican families? :D"
      Not because they are dependent on a parasitical system no. You conveniently ignored that half of my point didn't you?

      "a society is better where the blessed ones help those in need."
      A nice way of saying you steal the labour of those who work hard and behave responsibly, and give the proceeds to those who sit in front of the TV and smoke weed all day. (In return for their vote of course).

      "Republicans believe that a society is best when the weak and those in need are left to die and rot in the gutter."

      That's exactly the kind of childish, emotional hysterics that sadly governs the left - and which leads to places like Venezuela where the "rich parasites" were all driven out and now there a daily bread riots.
      Grow up and learn some basic economics.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 16 hours ago

      ​+SpaghettiandSauce _"Because when everyone is dependent on the government for basic subsistence, and the government controls the economy to ensure they remain so - people have no choice but to support the existing system."_
      What's the difference to the current situation? You earn money, you have to support the system by paying taxes. If you don't earn money: you depend on the system to feed you. The only difference would be if you'd live on a farm and would be entirely self-sufficient. But that only works until you got a bad tooth ache and go back to make use of the services the society offers.
      Current system (at least in Germany): you have no job and want money and services from the government? You have to prove that you try to earn a job and jump through all kinds of hoops. And this costs an insane amount of money: the government checking whether you tell the truth and what you really do, trying to offer you courses to educate you to improve your chances of finding a job, to find out how much you deserve and so on.
      UBI: all that is dumped. Nobody checks what you do, you don't have to jump through any hoops or prove anything. You just get some additional money each month, and an insanely huge and expensive system can get dumped to 95%.
      _"Whole families who generation after generation vote a straight blue"_
      You really believe that this doesn't happen in republican families? :D
      I think a society is better where the blessed ones help those in need.
      Republicans believe that a society is best when the weak and those in need are left to die and rot in the gutter.

    • SpaghettiandSauce
      SpaghettiandSauce Day ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz "All you can do is trying to change it for the better, leave, or commit acts of violence"
      And how does that work out under a tyranny? How did it work out for the millions of "enemies of the state" who tried to change say the Soviet government?

      "But how does a UBI make you a serf?"
      Because when everyone is dependent on the government for basic subsistence, and the government controls the economy to ensure they remain so - people have no choice but to support the existing system.
      Just look at the vast vote-plantations the Democratic party runs in places like Detroit and Chicago. Whole families who generation after generation vote a straight blue ticket to keep in power those who promise to keep taxing someone else, in order to keep providing free-handouts to their supporters.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz Day ago

      +SpaghettiandSauce Of course you can't fire the government. All you can do is trying to change it for the better, leave, or commit acts of violence, though I wouldn't suggest the latter.
      But how does a UBI make you a serf? The difference to now is that you get some money without having to meet demands. If you don't want it, donate it.

  • Lucas DE PINHO
    Lucas DE PINHO Day ago

    I don't really think it is machines that are coming, or that are already here. By saying that it's is like machines are coming from outside. Even in the representation of those machine, you illustrate them as human form robot, with arms, legs and face.
    But, it is the super riches themselves that are designing a world that use machine for super productivity, to get more profit again.
    Designers are imagining new products and services but they are working for those who create this world of machines...
    It's up to us to design the world we wanted to.

  • GG
    GG Day ago

    F*cking America sucks

  • Jonathan Hult
    Jonathan Hult Day ago

    Where is part 2??

  • Genosse Swinglish []

    Capitalism is the problem. a Socialist planned economy is the solution

  • Warren Searle
    Warren Searle 2 days ago

    I see you Bates Motel 🙈

  • commentingwolf wolf
    commentingwolf wolf 2 days ago

    You forgot one thing, supply and demand. A jobless population have no money. A population without money cannot spend money on those things. If there is no demand by consumers. Companese must reduce prices because of competition or go out of business. Also just to add to it fertility rates in developed and some developing nations have been falling drastically. If the human population were to ever shrink a smaller work force = higher wages. And if we can ever go to space that will be a drastic increase in resources and breathing room.

  • WhittyWhitts
    WhittyWhitts 3 days ago

    Yeah give em access to the internet

  • Jonatan Holmsten
    Jonatan Holmsten 3 days ago

    If no one get monky from jobbs becuse they dont have any we need communism

  • Hashtagrex
    Hashtagrex 3 days ago

    well in a way, the ultimate goal is to have everything automated for us. if we want to do something, we simply have it automated and do it. groups of people would research, while the rest would essentially just leisure around. kinda like wall-e actually. the problem is of course, the big corporations and rich stooges. everyone wants money, even if to get all the money they end up making it completely useless in the process.

  • hangiul
    hangiul 3 days ago

    Most probably, the future will be to reduce the working time.

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 3 days ago

    Okay, but these "less jobs" means a more efficient economy. It means less people HAVE TO work. Under capitalism, it equates to cheaper prices. If automation hits 100%, then nobody has to work and nobody needs money either.
    UBI does not fix the problem. Ultra Cheap prices means nobody will be in true poverty, and if anyone goes hungry for some weird reason, we can still grow a garden and eat what we grow.
    This is completely a nonproblem, and you are economically illiterate on this matter.

  • Gruntuk Ishtant
    Gruntuk Ishtant 3 days ago


  • Brice Johnson
    Brice Johnson 4 days ago

    when kruzgresagt drops a steaming turd into the mix

    BASSCODE PROJECT 4 days ago

    People can make jokes but most humans have outlived their purpose according to the Elite.
    I'm starting to get depressed because of todays reality. The future is nothing like we imagined.
    We need to a new economic system that is NOT driven by consumption, is NOT obsessed with advancing technology and ISN'T sensationalizing war in every way possible.
    I don't think anybody here wants murderrobots patrolling your neighbourghood right?
    back when terminator II came out I thought this stuff was scary but also pretty cool.
    But now I literally worry that 90% of humanity will be extinct once the 22nd century arrives.

  • Shem Rafael Sasil Andong

    regulate automation

  • _Vallee _
    _Vallee _ 4 days ago

    1979 Inflation rate is 378% as compared to 2018 or in other words 1 Dollar in 1979 is equivalent to 3.78 2018 (I know its 2019 but the year is new) so in other words General Motors made 41.69 Billion Dollars.

  • TheJamnikPL
    TheJamnikPL 4 days ago

    I still think that comp won't write good bok od won't mąkę beatifuk painting

  • Bağımsız Teller
    Bağımsız Teller 4 days ago +1


  • a logical human
    a logical human 4 days ago

    Think about my Nation india . Over population is made demographic dividend into demographic disaster . We are doomed.

  • Hoàng Ân
    Hoàng Ân 4 days ago

    If anyone reemember communism of marx

  • Hope Davis
    Hope Davis 5 days ago

    its 2019 and mashens havent tookover the land :P

  • Voyagerheim
    Voyagerheim 5 days ago

    Kurz, even for you this one is pretty negative. Could you update, check population growth predictions?

  • Usualyman
    Usualyman 5 days ago

    Problem not in machines or progress. Problem in capitalism.

  • storm wickham
    storm wickham 5 days ago

    Being a welder you have to be way better than a machine

  • Larry Munn
    Larry Munn 5 days ago

    I really am blown away at how these guys can take a complex issue analyze and break it down into simple math, bring it clearly into focus, and then explain and showcase that data better than I could lol. I'm not surprised it took 9 months to make this a lot of raw data was needed to even begin this process I mean we all kind of know this was going on right, but exactly to what extent and the nitty gritty of it?

  • Daniel Yusuke Shimizu

    10:08 poor birdie...

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer 5 days ago

    My work would never be automate. I am sheetmetal roofer. This work is near the same like 100 years ago. And roofs are always needed. Go work on the roofs, guys!

  • İlker Kesal
    İlker Kesal 5 days ago

    Humanity is fked up. Sorry folks.

  • Emoji tube
    Emoji tube 5 days ago

    I know a job that will stay forever well as long as humans live you tube

  • KetsubanZero
    KetsubanZero 6 days ago

    if the robots will basically take all of your jobs then UBI is the only way to go, since if all the job is done by robots people could just take advantage of the robots work

    JASCHA 6 days ago

    Aaaah I'd really like to get your sources...

  • vinod vadakkadath
    vinod vadakkadath 6 days ago

    A new factory today will create the most number of jobs not while it is operational but while it is being built.

  • deleuje
    deleuje 6 days ago

    9:40 The Basil Bae... (or Baesil?)

  • Eric Strife
    Eric Strife 6 days ago

    I’m happy they said universal income because I was just thinking about that.

  • TheRiulu Frisk
    TheRiulu Frisk 6 days ago

    You forgot inflation when comparing general motors and google though

  • osr
    osr 6 days ago

    It's a very fundamental misunderstanding, that there are "limited number" of jobs, that are available for the growing population. Jobs are created by the population itself, not the soil they live upon. Bigger population creates more jobs. As long as there is enough soil to produce food and house people, there are no limits on jobs. Every new functional member of society can do some work to help others, and gives others chance to help himself. The reason, why less people are working, is that economy is so productive, that some can live at the expense of others. The problem for them is, htat it is illegal for them to do such work, that others would be willing to pay. More and more professions have imposed limits, of how many people can work in that field, on what salary and other expenses such as taxes are imposed to employer. Higher and higher minimum wage requirements make it more riskier for employer to hire employees with no previous work experience or education, declining them from their first job from where they can advance in their careers. in 1930's the credit bubble, that had made wages higher, broke, and the general price level declined significantly, making everything cost much less. However, wages were frozen to previous high level by political decision. The companies lost revenue with lower price levels, but their cost operating stayed high because of frozen wages, so the couldn't operate and had to lay off workers or end all operations entirely. This led to mass unemployment for whole decade. No robots at that time to blame.

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips 6 days ago

    The way I see it is less people have to work. Products are cheaper. There is more to go around. We don't have to all be working our buts off all the time if machines do it on their own. What is the problem if less jobs exist if the overall quality of life has improved?

  • The Sunflower
    The Sunflower 6 days ago

    There was an idea that eventually we'll reach a point where machines do pretty much everything for us. Human kind will become "Bio-trophies" for lack of a better word for them. We'll just get to never work again and we'll just be having a entirely social and creative lifestyle while the machines run everything including the government. "We do the art, while the machines do the painting" as a metaphor.

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe 7 days ago

    4:51 Outsourcing?

  • Michaels Anime
    Michaels Anime 7 days ago

    20th century job requirements: brute strength.
    21st century job requirements: High intelligents.

    Looks like the "strong idiot" world is becoming more of a "weak nerd" world. So long highschool bullies!

  • lazy gizmo
    lazy gizmo 7 days ago

    Its easy to see what the next step. Comparing humams to computer is stupid. We all have our strengths. What we need is to is get out into space and deep sea. Becuase to put simply we have limited space. We need a new era of expasion once technology advances far enough.

  • deer
    deer 7 days ago

    I'm an engineer. As long as there is tech I have a job.

  • Raul Ayala
    Raul Ayala 7 days ago

    cant wait,fiiinnaly. the venus project underway :3

  • Factopedia
    Factopedia 7 days ago

    Your animation is great

  • Coaster Mechanic Mario

    Capitalism isn't perfect and it never will be. Just because it isn't perfect doesn't mean that we should abandon it in favor of something that is just objectively worse like Socialism. How many socialist failures do we have to see before people get it through their heads that it never works the way they want? Every single country that tries Socialism is proof that it doesn't work.
    Don't come to me and say, "but what about Scandinavia?"
    Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are not Socialist at all. They are all Capitalist countries with lots of social programs paid for by the taxpayer and implemented by representatives that are accountable to the body politic. The state does not appropriate private property from its citizens.
    This is one of the defining features of Socialism, the state appropriating private property. Venezuela started doing it and that was the kiss of death for their economy. Cuba did it, USSR, China, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, every single Socialist nation did it and suffered for it.

  • David Wang
    David Wang 7 days ago

    I think the efficiency of machines will make it so thay eventually not everyone is going to need to have a job for society to function. With the miniminal number of jobs that are going to be left, everyone else can lie around and do nothing via a. guaranteed minimal income.

  • Justin2534
    Justin2534 7 days ago +1

    So basically build the wall around the robots and make them pay for it?😂😂💀

  • FancyMelon
    FancyMelon 8 days ago

    "a tiny minority having control over all the money"
    Well yeah, but get this- second amendment anyone?

  • Mahmudil - sima
    Mahmudil - sima 8 days ago +1

    I think its a social problem and solution of this problem is stopping capitalism and find a new sistem

    • Mahmudil - sima
      Mahmudil - sima 8 days ago

      OR its isnt a problem and everythink will be cheaper and easy and we will live in a utopia

  • Draghici Claudiu
    Draghici Claudiu 8 days ago

    1 more reason to don't let refugees wee don't need them is barley enough job for us

  • EverFuryRaptor
    EverFuryRaptor 8 days ago

    Hopefully money becomes obsolete before we landslide into no more human jobs.

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker 8 days ago

    machanical civilization is near.

  • zacharias 11
    zacharias 11 8 days ago

    Face reveal when?

  • Anas Ahmad 053
    Anas Ahmad 053 8 days ago

    If automation actually a level where we can use AI for far more complex tasks than on earth...we could use them to build a station on mercury where we can prepare to build a Dyson sphere....we only need to advance to a certain limi...similar to RC stuff but better and complex...for example commands could be given from earth and stuff could be done on mercury
    We could study Venus more
    We can discover wether life actually exists under the ice of faraway planes
    All the robots we use in industries....we could use same principles as of the industrial robots and make necessary improvements and changes in the structure so that we can start collecting energy on mercury to build a Dyson sphere

  • Ben Dennis
    Ben Dennis 8 days ago

    What’s the name of the SF software company mentioned?

  • viickytea
    viickytea 8 days ago

    over population then

  • Lork Lorkman
    Lork Lorkman 8 days ago +1

    The Umbrella Corporation

  • Rachel Evans
    Rachel Evans 8 days ago

    Individual companies may not hire as many people, but Netflix hires a lot of people to make new shows, and my job, as a freelance digital artist, would not be available to me at my level if it were not for the internet and it's services.

  • ecogreen 123
    ecogreen 123 9 days ago

    so basically... we are advancing faster then we should be XD

  • Alan Nascimento
    Alan Nascimento 9 days ago +1

    In other words, capitalism keep forth pushing society to chaos.

  • NamelessCruiser
    NamelessCruiser 9 days ago

    I mean... does no one realize that jobs don't HAVE to exist? The productivity is still happening, for cheaper with less work, so why do humans NEED to stay employed?
    The answer is that all those automation gains are being retained by the corporations, and just stored in massive accounts. That's it. Money needs to move as populations move, which doesn't work when the majority of money is locked up in money bins.
    The idea that job loss is some kind of apocalypse is ridiculous. It means society can totally afford basic income, and give everyone necessities for free leaving jobs for people who want to afford luxury. But NooooOOOOO00000OOOOO. People keep buying crap they don't need with money they don't have.

  • enemy boat
    enemy boat 9 days ago

    We need thanos . Killing half of humans is a must

  • i dont care
    i dont care 9 days ago

    1:01 left side :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

  • Megh Gusain
    Megh Gusain 9 days ago +2

    Very Informative video guys, I can tell even after about a year the content is SOLID and really precise, however, I'd like to point out some areas where machines can't win over humans, which are: creativity, sports competitions, Art fields, Consumer-based designing and more that has to do with rational and patternless thinking.
    Another good point is that a start-up company will not be able to straight away buy automated machines as the demand for these will grow the price to pay will be quite high in the market, which means smaller companies which can't afford automated machines will be a great opportunity for people to actually work for, either way this will no longer remain the same once the company gains profile and advanced towards automation age, Curious to see what occupations really survive and which ones don't.

  • Sangi_but_ the opposite

    wait a sec.... what if there are a circle of contrling each other, i mean mabye first, machines made from metal and other physical things controled us before a infinite of time , even before the big bang. now biology ,i mean we peolple control physics (machines, robots , internet ) and now different technologies are going to control us.
    sorry for being crazy.

  • Ехидный Сыр

    Why everyone is obsessed with population growth? There is no such issue in 1st world countries, and why cares about others shitholes? 1st world countries just need to be ready to protect their land from the barbarians

  • David Montani
    David Montani 9 days ago

    Heyt here
    Does anyone know the name of the "San Francisco company" mentioned in the video? I am writing a paper on the increasing speed and agility of managment soon and they could be a great example on a subchapter of how A.I is progressing in this field.

  • Nicolas Schaffer
    Nicolas Schaffer 10 days ago

    O ya so all the jobs disappear and we all just lay down and sleep till we die right? WRONG. We are the creator's. If rich people become that big of a threat they become a global terrorist organization. Im not worried at all. Lol. Good luck rich people. There is also the peaceful option of course which would be a universal basic income to all peoples to provide at least the basics. Btw overpopulation is a bunch of B.S., why? Ever been on a plane before? Looked out the window at the ground? Nothing but vast open untouched land as far as the eye can see from a planes eye view! 100% PLANT BASED lab grown meat from stem cells and vertical farms as tall as the twin towers will handle the food, and graphene and other carbon based materials will handle the material used to cheaply create this new world. Deuces.😎

  • Fafa Klaus
    Fafa Klaus 10 days ago

    >"There are machines and programs getting as good or better than humans in all kinds of fields."
    but (((journalists))) are robots nowadays

  • Shogun
    Shogun 10 days ago

    America is well and truly fucked then. The only way you can solve this issue is to either stop using machines, which will never happen, or UBI, which is considered 'socialist'. Would America rather kill itself or adopt socialist policies?

  • jay dani
    jay dani 10 days ago

    OMG that machine at the beginning was so CUTE!

  • Tyler Carpenter
    Tyler Carpenter 10 days ago

    If AI and machines take over most jobs, they will eventually make less money because there is less people to buy it... and I don't think raising prices would solve that, because then less people would be able to buy it... yeah we're pretty much doomed

  • UberShorty327
    UberShorty327 10 days ago

    Bless all the comrades in these comments

  • Sven Nilsson
    Sven Nilsson 10 days ago

    Omfg I saw birdperson😁

  • Capt Char
    Capt Char 10 days ago

    Mr. Whipple, I’m a MAN!

  • M VGSV
    M VGSV 10 days ago

    I hv the solution, bio-weaponery.....
    And there is a precedent to use bio-weaponery to control the humans cause we can consider the humans as a plague by analysing 3 steps->
    1.this is an organism that cannot by effective means find a real stability wt the natural enviroment.
    2. Dispite the circustances of the humans, they ll reproduce or hv the possibility to even if the enviroment doesnt be able to sustain their life, unlike any other animal.
    3. They hv no natural predator.
    Conclusion the humans ar like a cancer expreading in the body of the globe, so cleaning a disease is obivisiolly needed, my logic is inegável.

  • legojoshua12
    legojoshua12 10 days ago

    I disagree with the idea that there will be no more jobs. If robots do everything, people will spend their free time making new things. It’s just human nature to make new things. If all the wealth goes to a select few, then they loose it with no one buying. It ultimately gets recycled and people move on to solve problems not being solved by robots.

  • Guilherme Matos Passarini

    If these machines make us produce more in a shorter time, then it should be used to improve the welfare of the general population

  • Kris Music
    Kris Music 10 days ago

    The "machine worker planet" can only function in communism .... but as we see in usa and recently in europe, it wount happen

  • ProfOmnom
    ProfOmnom 11 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest mate, this sounds strangely close to that old Marxist motto: "But it'll work better this time!"

  • Ross Anton
    Ross Anton 11 days ago +1

    it would be good if business' with that are over 25% machine automated have to pay a tax

  • Paul Patton
    Paul Patton 11 days ago

    This time the kind of innovation we most need is social innovation- to move beyond capitalism. A technological utopia is now within reach if we can figure out how to do it, and overcome powerful vested interests standing in the way.

  • Oceanman _
    Oceanman _ 11 days ago

    Mabey we need to tell people to stop making kids

  • anthony yau
    anthony yau 11 days ago


  • AzGn KaYu
    AzGn KaYu 11 days ago


  • CarterPlays Official
    CarterPlays Official 11 days ago

    A lot of these videos are really depressing.

  • Niccolo Broomhall
    Niccolo Broomhall 11 days ago

    If at one point they got good enough to take every job wouldn't it get to the point where we don't have to work anymore? Like we all get our own personal robot to work for us and we get paid for the work they do?

  • Elias D
    Elias D 11 days ago +1

    It is a chance to reduce poverty, buuut the rich will still find way to exploit the poor.

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 12 days ago +1

    What happens if "Fiat" currencies are removed and the globe returns to something similar to the "gold standard"?
    What if the drive of everyday people is not the accumulation of wealth, but rather the accumulation of knowledge?
    Bring the world back to zero, put it all "back in black", as it were....

  • Arief Rahadian
    Arief Rahadian 12 days ago

    900 hours.... wow..

  • Road to Zion
    Road to Zion 12 days ago

    Just don’t create Skynet