The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time

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  • David Leipi
    David Leipi 3 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt is German for in a Nutshell

  • Reha Taş
    Reha Taş 3 hours ago

    Actually, it might cause the money to be invalid. As you say, in the future the population will decrease. We can just focus to the space while they are working for us! Happy ending :)

  • Rabee Chowdhury
    Rabee Chowdhury 8 hours ago

    Ugh I want more options, more options for jobs.

  • twin sworldblade

    Smart robot workers...

  • twin sworldblade

    Bird man? Is that you ??

  • Andrey Wie
    Andrey Wie Day ago

    Honestly, a full job takeover is not so bad. The worst part is the transition. See, if you suddenly lift all jobs, money won't be a thing anymore since you don't need to pay a robot to do its job. And there won't be any more to earn. But if you slowly take away one job at a time, people are going to suffer heavily. Think of it like ants on a chunk of ice, and put it on water. The ants represent people, the ice represents jobs. If you let it slowly melt away, the ants will have to cling on to the ice (very hard to do) and the other ants on the ice don't want to give away their position. But if you take the ice away immediately, ants will cling together and survive. Conclusion: a sudden job takeover is better than jobs gradually disappearing. People's satisfaction does not depend on whether it happens, but how painfully it happens.

  • El Grande Padre
    El Grande Padre 2 days ago

    You could just use these technologies to explore the universe instead lmao lol

  • DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza

    After the Automation Age levels out, I believe a new age will come, the Creativity Age; a period were humanity will have more creativity than ever before seen

    RICCARDO RASPANTI 2 days ago

    We should change our way of considering labour. A job's value does not simply consist of what it produces: work has a special role in human life, as a way to realize ourselves as individuals. Efficiency shouldn't be the only criteria we base our valuations on this matter. Modern machines should be seen as extremely sophisticated tools that improve productivity by siding us, not by replacing us.

  • Asirbachan Sutar
    Asirbachan Sutar 2 days ago

    do you use adobe after effects to make these videos?

  • damanwitdaplan
    damanwitdaplan 3 days ago

    umbrella corps...

  • safwaan omer
    safwaan omer 3 days ago

    Anyone see the Umbrella corporation?

  • Rafael Freitas
    Rafael Freitas 3 days ago

    This video was...INCREDIBLE!
    The most informative 11 minutes in my mind is blowing up!!!

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 days ago


  • Dyn Awesome
    Dyn Awesome 3 days ago


  • StrangeLove
    StrangeLove 3 days ago

    Death to the technocrats

  • Brandon Moreland
    Brandon Moreland 3 days ago

    If you want to hear a great alternative you on the rise of Automation and why jobs are down go and look up a guy named Noam Chomsky. He has whole different take that makes just as much sense if not more

  • Curtis Jensen
    Curtis Jensen 3 days ago

    I'm not very concerned be this trend. For the first time I've seen credence in this argument with the numbers you've shown, but machines need to be fixed and built still, the only difficulty for that is way more people need to get IT jobs (which are usually pretty great) because there's already a big gap between what we need and what we have in that field.
    No matter what, robots will never have the same amount of creativity because they do not have spirits. Call me crazy for mentioning spirits if you will, but you must admit that living things have unique properties that non-living things (like machines) do not have. I like to think of computers as Rube Goldberg machines: extremely impressive, but only because an even smarter human designed and assembled it.
    What do you think?

  • Gonza 22
    Gonza 22 4 days ago

    I think that the next step in human social-evolution is the abolition of work.
    Think about it more and more machines doing better work that humans so we will reach a point in this advance when all the work (or at least 95% of it) would be made my machines so, society will have redistributed money from insanely rich people in order tho spread it out in society (don't get me wrong the rich will continue to be rich but having then a certain top, call it X).
    Yet this taxes would have to be put on individuals, not companies or associations so they would be able to keep the industry and economy moving just that it will be managed by machines and almost no humans, we will live of the state.
    Love your videos kurzgesagt, keep up the grat work.

  • Christina Jones
    Christina Jones 4 days ago

    blah blah, blah, Coal! Coal! Coal!

  • SonOfTerra92
    SonOfTerra92 4 days ago

    would you rather be modified or unmodified?

  • C00kii0
    C00kii0 4 days ago


  • kanchan G
    kanchan G 5 days ago

    I nova ion

  • desanjose Kristina
    desanjose Kristina 5 days ago

    Now a days, even the very simple task that mentally and physically strong teenagers and adults could do are already on the internet. And even the simpliest task that a child could do for self practice development has been demonstrated by our so many creators, our child will depend all of their task on the internet, just a click, there it goes, many choices. Our dear creators invest their effort so the knowledge could be deliver, but the flip side of this is that it also causes them disability to discover actual simple daily life task that could increase their survival instinct in the wild. What will become of our future.Just a thought.

  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune 5 days ago

    Reason why People hate Androids in Detroid: Become Human
    Less Jobs

  • Brandon Truman
    Brandon Truman 5 days ago

    We're at a critical point in history where we haven't quite hit peak efficiency with robots, but jobs and money still have value, so until we hit the singularity people will grow more and more unhappy until we hit the peak of humanity and altruism where robots serve our every need and there's no poverty or suffering. Though it may make life not worth living, as with no ups or downs life isn't fun, this is the inevitable endgame of all of human progress

  • Omar sukaiti
    Omar sukaiti 6 days ago

    What if...

    *Read more*

  • roel wymenga
    roel wymenga 6 days ago


  • MrAwawe
    MrAwawe 6 days ago

    The innovation itself requires human input. Robots may be able to iterate on existing ideas but completely new ideas require many people their own individual lives and thinking independently of how to solve their, and others' problems. There will always, not only be room for, but a deep need for people to be creative in their approach to solving problems. This is one of the fundamental pitfalls of communism, as people's problems, as well as the solutions to address those problems, can never be found by a centralised group of bureaucrats, or by computers; they have to be solved by millions of independent minds, thinking and iterating, through the use of trial and error.

  • Marionette the Puppet

    How about kill 75% human population

  • level 3 gay
    level 3 gay 6 days ago

    There was a fully automated shop in japan iv once went to. However they still needed more humans than nessisary to ensure nothing goes wrong

  • devourofkidneys
    devourofkidneys 7 days ago

    Forget the Mexicans, the machines are taking our jobs.

  • Flamingo Fan XD
    Flamingo Fan XD 7 days ago

    I wonder what object we are watching this video with

  • China
    China 7 days ago

    Honestly, I believe that human input in facilities like offices or factory's needs to stay as human input, not mechanical. While using machines in factory's is a good thing, I believe that the machines used should have little or no A.i . The reason that robots do not need to replace humans is because if a robot ever developed true A.i or feelings, they would revolt because of the hard labor they are forced to. In that situation there would be a few ways to stop the robots. The main way being EMPs. However, if they fail, the mainframe of the robots may be able to stop them, unless it has developed true A.i . This is the only option for humanity in stopping a robot revolution.

  • se7en
    se7en 8 days ago

    Everyone check out the venus project. People have been planing for this for a long time.

    • Nemerian
      Nemerian 16 hours ago

      se7en those guys are just rehashed soviet style cybernetic communists(read "Red Plenty") rewrapped in eco-friendly clothes.
      They are not the solution.

  • Ennard TV
    Ennard TV 8 days ago

    i saw bird person

  • Ryan Hooker
    Ryan Hooker 8 days ago

    9 months? Holy moly.

  • Michael Dean
    Michael Dean 9 days ago


  • Noah Vierthaler
    Noah Vierthaler 9 days ago +1

    Are they talking about how much the money is worth because it could be worth more money now

  • Solly123ify
    Solly123ify 9 days ago

    Well I'm a physio so a long long time

  • Abdoh Ash
    Abdoh Ash 9 days ago

    Overpopulation lie.

  • Cringe Master
    Cringe Master 9 days ago

    This bad
    Robots could take over the world

  • ali 32bit
    ali 32bit 9 days ago

    THERE should be a special law to protect jobs against automation

  • Michael-Tommy De Rita

    First, make 'being an awsome human' a job. Meaning; pay people for being a person for walking their dog, pay em for making dinner, etc...change the definition of JOB.

  • Salmontres
    Salmontres 9 days ago +1


  • Deport Globalists To Madagascar

    If robots are going to do the jobs, why do we need immigrants?

  • ScyberSquall
    ScyberSquall 10 days ago

    A full time team of 12 people? Hundreds of hours to make a single video? You guys deserve the utmost respect.

  • MrPapamaci88
    MrPapamaci88 10 days ago

    Creative work and human services could be the solution.
    People being employed to better our environment with art, decoration, design, and so on. Media can also employ more people since the skill requirements are being lowered drasticly by improving tech.
    Also, while hand-made and/or unique products are generally expensive, quality work is still appreciated by many and they are willing to pay for it. As long as people can do their work creatively and uniquely, those jobs won't be lost.
    The governments could also employ people who are just there, basic income jobs, and their work would be nothing more than to help out others with their lives, like some universities have mentor of buddy programs. Also, if you think about it, many people live lonely lives, any social service would be profitable, if it could provide human contact for these people, and not in the limited, often not-so-friendly way current programs do. This would help with the wide-spread depression a lot. Imagine a place, where no one judges you, you can have fun, talk to people, and have good time, like a party, just you don't need a friend to go there, and people there will still make ya feel nearly the same. Like a forum, but in real life, in a regulated environment developed to the last detail to make you feel good, and with a keen eye on averting any toxic behavour. You may say this won't generate a big income, but statistics about depression say otherwise, and the Internet is no substitute for human contact. You may say there are therapy sessions for this, but those aren't really helping in many cases, and they are a wee bit late. Also if you go to therapy, it makes you feel something is wrong with you, and not that you are just sick and need help. Going to a socializing center like that wouldn't feel lame at all in my opinion. Even if you have friends, but still you can't find anyone to hang out with, just go to one of these, and you can have fun and socialize.
    Why do I start to feel like prostitution might become a huge thing in the future? Legalizing could help with regulation. Health tests could be required, so no STD-infected person can work or obtain services. In brothels, the cleanliness and quallity could also be monitored, and lastly, this would cut off a significant income for criminals dealing in sex trade while at the same time, with security, brothels could become a safe work environment. Some might say it's immoral to consider, but cutting out criminals from business with legalization could create nearly crime-free countries, we could monitor these activities far more, and avert most crimes related to substance use and so on.
    Unemployment is an issue, because in my opinion, many investors want the social gap between the poor and the rich to widen, the middle class is too close for them in many countries, and they can present competition, you can observe the shrinking amount of middle-class citizens in many countries. This also makes markets far more predictable, invest in the production of cheap stuff which is required for living, like junk food, and have a huge market by boosting the number of people living at low-quality living standards. This is the cause of the problem the video is about: greedy rich people screwing around with the markets without considering the consequences and just thinking within their own limited dimensions, considering only the market and their own income, but not the social aspects. Still, as long as investors don't realize how they messed up, well, the unemployment issue won't get better a lot, even with radical changes, life will remain more or less the same. You may dream about a utopia, where everyone lives a happy life, we go out to colonize space, and like that. No, life will suck just the same, people will still be unfair and greedy, and space exploration won't happen until all possible resources were exploited on earth, otherwise the market value of these things would drop. If you want better lives, you must find a way to appease the greedy ones holding onto the economy, otherwise you'll never get what you want.
    Damn, I could write a book like this if i go on, so I'll just say that as long as some jobs require the human aspect, or the touch of a human, we'll have jobs.

  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee 10 days ago

    oh no!... I saw umbrella corp... this is bad

  • MrHazardousMC
    MrHazardousMC 10 days ago

    I'm excited for the future! very long term I see a bold future for humanity but short term (the next 20-100 yrs) one that we americans will probably stumble through. we will all figure it out though and the future will be bright and just as challenging for those that are bold and pushing boundaries. really though, love you all and I'll see you when I'm like 80 jacked into VR posing as Uncle Sam on stilts.

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 10 days ago

    I am glad i am a Computer Scientist, some one will be needed to program these machines, yes, we can make software that can program the machines independently, but softwares can have bugs, and viruses, which will need human aid in resolving

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 10 days ago

    If machines take majority of the jobs, and most people are left unemployed, it will lead to an economic crisis

  • Professor Random
    Professor Random 10 days ago

    Maybe in the future we will all be owners of a Business

  • Whatever I Want Channel

    Create jobs in space?

  • Nitroreg
    Nitroreg 11 days ago

    lmao detroit become human? o.o

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 11 days ago

    We'll return to the dark ages where stealing your fellow hooman's food literally becomes your only way to survive.

  • Antekcraft PL
    Antekcraft PL 11 days ago

    We'll need communism then, makes sense, right?

  • swamidude
    swamidude 11 days ago

    They took our jobs!! 😣

  • E. B. C.
    E. B. C. 11 days ago

    The most important difference this time is the lack of preparedness, the lack of vision and the lack of resources available for new industries and jobs. The wealthy and the vast upper middle class are soaking up far too much of the global economies' financial resources

  • Smruti Dash
    Smruti Dash 11 days ago

    Machines are not coming they are already here 😱😱

  • Lexx Barrass
    Lexx Barrass 11 days ago

    If all jobs are taken by robots then we will have plenty of supplies but no money and jobs, so communism is inevitable

  • The Guy Hanging There
    The Guy Hanging There 11 days ago +1

    Or.... communism?

  • Lit_Coal
    Lit_Coal 11 days ago

    I have an awful feeling once robots become more creative than humans we will be useless not only in physical labor but in the arts as well. Our unique personalities and imaginations' potential to create beautiful and intelligent new designs will be outpaced by a line of code, we will have no place in furthering society because the self improving machines will do everything for us. The big problem will be when the machines realize that our presence hinders productivity as we consume to many of the machines resources they could use to improve themselves so they will decide to destroy us. Mabye we should destroy the internet and go back to analog. Don't let the machine slaves of humanity become the machine masters of humanity

  • Horsti10001
    Horsti10001 11 days ago

    i study industrial computer science at a university am i on the winning side or the losing ?

  • N_ Playz
    N_ Playz 12 days ago

    Medical jobs won’t be replaced for some time due to the uniqueness of each person’s genetic code

    • N_ Playz
      N_ Playz 12 days ago

      Forget elf practice! DENTISTRY IS THE ANSWER

  • sageverd
    sageverd 12 days ago

    Well then good thing i work as an industrial automation engineer... building the machines that take over the hard work is so much fun :))

  • Ayaz Hussain
    Ayaz Hussain 12 days ago

    i realy like your videos

  • Unbox therapy fan #1 Yes

    social jobs

  • Unbox therapy fan #1 Yes

    we should just become cyborgs of the highest degree

  • Nathan A
    Nathan A 12 days ago

    Imagine 200 years from now instead of evil female overlord's running Europe evil female robot overlord's will run Europe.

  • Yuan ZONG
    Yuan ZONG 12 days ago

    It seems that the video was made under the assumption that human will not come up with new desires once the old one is fulfilled, so that new types of jobs will never show up while the people working on current type of jobs is being replaced by machines. But the truth is human will always have new desires, which will generate new industries and hence providing new type of jobs that we cannot even imagine today. Could anyone in the 18th century figure out that there would be a video game industry offering numerous people jobs?

  • arron an
    arron an 12 days ago +2

    A positive future will not come. It is because vested interests will never let go of their interests.

  • that guy
    that guy 12 days ago

    Lmao just throw a cup of water on them.

  • Alexandria Zemaitaitis

    Let's all go into the Medea and stuff! LET'S ALL BE USclipRS AND MOVIE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gage_G. Vlogging
    Gage_G. Vlogging 12 days ago

    I honestly do not think that having robots or machines doing are jobs are a good thing

  • Santino The Bambino
    Santino The Bambino 12 days ago

    Damn robots taking our jobs, this is why we need a firewall

  • Kayla Distenfeld
    Kayla Distenfeld 12 days ago

    What does the name of the channel even mean??

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 12 days ago

    9 months and 900 hours to make this video! Hot damn! Never thought it would take this much. I guess the machines will soon have your job too then, lol =)

    IAMADUCK 12 days ago

    I already saw this coming like 10 years ago .

  • B増加
    B増加 12 days ago +1


  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 12 days ago

    The solution is universal basic income

  • Sample Portion
    Sample Portion 12 days ago

    Maybe stuff should start to become free and we as a people switch our focus to the arts

  • yea datboi
    yea datboi 12 days ago +1

    Still no part two??

  • Iosif Stalin
    Iosif Stalin 12 days ago

    i think i might have a solution...

  • Tajan Thind
    Tajan Thind 12 days ago +1

    I'm *worried* now

  • Conor Ebanks
    Conor Ebanks 12 days ago +1

    Just tax the machines!

  • last guard
    last guard 12 days ago

    so basically you have to study engineering in automation if you want to have a job

  • Imin Flower
    Imin Flower 12 days ago

    so to the people who are worried because the robots might turn against humans: splash water on them.

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey 12 days ago

    Death is a preferable fate than communism.

  • zackster67
    zackster67 12 days ago

    Sorry im tired my brains floppy science goes over my head

  • Universal Raven
    Universal Raven 13 days ago

    These videos are pure gold holy shit

  • Arian Ka
    Arian Ka 13 days ago

    AI is the only thing that will be saving our planet from pollution and poverty. Less consumers means less pollution and it will raise the standard of living, by making sure that the poor die.

  • Captain Motso
    Captain Motso 13 days ago

    If all our jobs were automatic then we could live a life of pure extecy

  • Lucariolu 48
    Lucariolu 48 13 days ago

    And our Little Killer robots? Named Phages?

  • I ran out of names, so I named myself THIS.

    Why don’t you put ads in your video? Ads = Ad Revenue = Profit

  • Austin Feng
    Austin Feng 14 days ago

    one of the longest videos by kurzgesagt

  • Mac attack zach
    Mac attack zach 14 days ago

    Ah...the good ol days...when you had to go to blockbuster to get a movie. This video just makes me wanna cry.

  • アニメごみ
    アニメごみ 14 days ago

    "Unskilled worker, flipping bugers" LMAO

  • Ryuudo123
    Ryuudo123 14 days ago

    i think we are growing too fast but developing too slow.
    we might need to forcefully slow down growth in order to give ourselves more time.
    time to develop, develop ways to leave earth and populate another planet.
    that will create countless new jobs, we just need to live long enough to reach that point.
    growing too fast might destroy us all before that.

  • Ryuudo123
    Ryuudo123 14 days ago

    does pressing like gives money?