The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time

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  • peao010109
    peao010109 4 hours ago

    The Existential Crisis Playlist, LOLOLOL!!!

  • SomeBatchMalware
    SomeBatchMalware 8 hours ago

    I hope that if we'll reach the point when all us humans can do is sit back and relax 'cause we're worse than machines at everything we won't become dumber.
    The mighty humans who've created the machines and made life convenient and automated becoming dumb sounds really sad and depressing to me.

  • avadhut patil
    avadhut patil 12 hours ago

    3:34 mind=blown by how they incorporated themselves into the topic

  • Luccas Calmon
    Luccas Calmon 17 hours ago

    We should build a wall

  • Obie Staples
    Obie Staples 21 hour ago

    Football/soccer will live

  • Yuzan
    Yuzan Day ago

    I'm a robotics engineer, am I safe?

  • QuestGiver
    QuestGiver Day ago

    Hmm, to me the solution to the problem, for now, is to heavily support the development of these machines by allocating more jobs into the creation, study and development of technology and the sciences. Basically ramping up general research into a larger industry. Ideally we could reach a point where we're studying our machines as much as they study us if not more. However i'm not sure how long maintaining that would last before we reached third technological revolution.

  • Theo
    Theo Day ago

    2:35 haha psycho reference

  • Charles Bush
    Charles Bush Day ago

    take em all, please

  • Денис  Самчук

    I think you are obessed about work.

  • Mat Broadcast
    Mat Broadcast 2 days ago

    To be honest if robots take over than we can abandon the whole idea of money and just like for each other like ants they do everything for the benefit of others we can start living like that accept we can live in comfort while robots do all the work and that may sound like something coming from a lazy bum but just because we live in comfort doesn’t mean we need to stop doing our everyday hobbies and entertainment like we don’t need to replace boxers and news people with robots or hockey and soccer/football with bots just miserable jobs like pilots or desk receptionists

    If you read all of my ranting about jobs and robots I would give you a high five

  • Tom In Space
    Tom In Space 2 days ago

    Machines ?
    half the human race are fucking robots already.
    and BULLSHIT about cars.
    all they did was allow folk to take jobs in towns they don't live in, thereby robbing income from those who couldn't afford one, and who had to move to the first persons town to get a job. or get a fucking bus to it.
    Cars only let Shits take Town Jobs and Live in Villages, while folk who ONCE lived in the village need to go to the town to work, _and Live_ if they cant afford a fuckin Stink Waggon.
    to spread pollution and carcinogens with on their way to work in someone else's town (whom they'd drive PAST twice a day if they did own one).
    STFU about cars.
    whether they were a tiny benefit to a few corporates and the peasants in their employ once upon a time or not, is irrelevant, they stink and destroy and you cannot gloss over the crap on stuff of THAT level of destructiveness.

  • VladiRick PuChez
    VladiRick PuChez 2 days ago

    10:40 isn’t that Birdperson?

  • Adam Kubík
    Adam Kubík 3 days ago

    First vid from Kurzgesagt I disliked. You guys ignore law of supply and demand. If we somehow ultimately can get anything from machines without working, that would be best of all. And every single step in that direction, is big improvement. Numbers used in this video have roots in more and more regulations and taxes across modern countries. Not in automation.

  • Jennifer Aguilar
    Jennifer Aguilar 3 days ago

    Fuck the robots

  • LoveStrangeDr
    LoveStrangeDr 3 days ago

    Humans, wether poor or rich, need somewhere to live. Buy property folks, rent it out. Talk to your brothers or sisters, mom dad whomever and pool money together. Buy a multi family, single family an apartment building if you can afford it. That’s never going to go away unless machines end human life. By far the best advice if you live in the US. This opportunity will probably end in the next 50 years, smart investors will goggle up all property and prices will explode.

    CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK 4 days ago

    10:43 Birdman from Rick&Morty
    Thank me Later

  • picalc314
    picalc314 4 days ago +1

    I can't really imagine AI replacing service industry jobs. People have a natural tendency to want to connect to other people, and AI won't change that.

  • robert lloyd
    robert lloyd 5 days ago

    900 hours.. 9 months.. should have gotten a machine to do it for you......

  • SourceLight
    SourceLight 5 days ago

    5:05 Machine Pentagram confirmed

  • Alexander Bahn
    Alexander Bahn 5 days ago

    If the Robot really want to take over, just produce robo-love dolls. Might help lower the overgrown population.

  • brig rockwell
    brig rockwell 5 days ago +1

    Those burgers didn't get flipped at 7:31 .Clearly robots can't take over my job yet!

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones 5 days ago +2

    Guys look bird person from rick and Morty :v

  • Low Energy Videos
    Low Energy Videos 5 days ago

    If we end up with Machines out classing us we could....I dunno....change our society to allow this to happen?
    Maybe post scarcity society where we are not bound by our jobs or our wallet size is not such a bad idea...
    And this does not mean we will be taking anything away from the super rich, there is enough space that everyone becomes as well off physically as the super rich but just without the idea of the rich.
    Will this happen? doubtful.
    Most likely we wont even get a Blade Runner like future full of "mega cities" and neon, we will just get slightly more sleeker buildings and bobbles to distract us until something very bad happens....
    Then say hello to the Fallout universe!

  • MuriloMartini
    MuriloMartini 6 days ago +1

    If we have machines to do everything we need, is there really gonna be a need for working? I mean, we could just teach machines how to colonize planets when we discover how to do it, and then... Well, it means we won, doesn't It? We are getting close to winning life. (If we are capable of not destroying Earth until we can leave It)

    • MuriloMartini
      MuriloMartini 6 days ago +1

      Oh.. Just thought about aliens.. that changes stuff... Shit

  • Jazlo Mulkhey
    Jazlo Mulkhey 6 days ago +2

    Let the robots do the meniel tasks, all of humanity should focus on research and learning more about universe

  • Anonymous Mouse
    Anonymous Mouse 6 days ago

    The easy solution is population control

  • MΛX
    MΛX 6 days ago

    I really hate that people are still saying we need population growth, the stagnant birth rate in the west isn't really a bad thing, pretty much the only people who will still have jobs are various IT personal, engineers, scientists, some people who do very specialized things and high ranking officials working for gov.

  • Tomate Chines
    Tomate Chines 6 days ago

    this video as all other sit stuff about machines and AI stealing jobs is a view of white american people
    what he says here is reality only for america and west europe, what together doesn't represent 20% of world population and not even 10% of world ground...
    go to asia, south america, africa and tell me if half of the shit said here applies

  • Dylan Enrigue Huntington

    However: Can machines be creative and invent new patterns? Maybe everyone will switch to jobs involving science and art, we would probably also have to change our economic system though...

  • Ivan Petrikov
    Ivan Petrikov 6 days ago

    No one else commented on Umbrella Corporation?

  • Will Allinson
    Will Allinson 6 days ago

    I can actually see the outcome where this becomes a positive development. It seems as though that these machines are replacing all the jobs and employment rates of humans are going down, however what humanity is neglecting to do is to find different types of jobs that require the imagination and creativity. A machine can not replicate this unless scientists find out how our brain works, which will probably be enough time for us to create different types of jobs, such as artistry, which a robot can do, but cannot think of a unique idea. Hell, we may even come to a world where money isn’t needed anymore.

  • cereal gaming
    cereal gaming 6 days ago +2

    I bet in the future the only job will be USclip

  • David Stanescu
    David Stanescu 7 days ago

    Someone has to programme the machines .... or old machines programme new machines ?

  • Cousin Anatoli
    Cousin Anatoli 7 days ago

    2:43 I thought it said thots off folks.

  • DrDewott
    DrDewott 7 days ago

    I mean Japan realized this ages ago and actually refuse to replace certain jobs with Automation like Train driving on their subway and regional railroads which in many other countries at the moment are in the middle of being switched to autonomous service. I mean the Subway in my city has had autonomous driving since 2002. Though there are people thinking about solutions too. While others at the same time are caught in the latest trend like Driverless buses and that kind of stuff

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 7 days ago

    At least my job as a male gigolo is safe. Right?

  • Noah Perryman
    Noah Perryman 7 days ago

    Let's get the luddites back from the early 20th century

  • Hunter
    Hunter 8 days ago

    lmao kurzgesagt getting very marxist at the end there

  • Anchovibby
    Anchovibby 8 days ago

    LISTEN UP: *Automation ending jobs is the fucking polar opposite of a problem!!!*
    Humanity has always dreamed of producing without slaving away, and automation is exactly that. It is capitalism which makes automation a nightmare, and if capitalism is still standing by the time production is fully automated, the world will be dystopia. This entire video is an outrage against the polarisation of wealth.

  • Dainis Michel
    Dainis Michel 8 days ago

    i really like your style and your videos & would like to be in touch about a wordpress plugin i recently completed...

  • Schecter Wolf
    Schecter Wolf 8 days ago

    Well I'm a computer programmer. The day a machine takes my job.... jobs will be the least of our worries lol

  • Baby Dragon
    Baby Dragon 8 days ago

    Boi, my phone just randomly closed out USclip while I was watching this, probably a coincidence but I'm gonna pretend my phone is linked to sentient cyber being because that's more interesting than Wi-Fi problems

  • dyinglightfan
    dyinglightfan 8 days ago

    Not at tempest freerunning academy because there are only free running professionals tutors

  • Unidad176
    Unidad176 8 days ago

    Well..we are fucked

  • killer meme star
    killer meme star 8 days ago

    I'm only 12 years ago so when I need a job how easy would it be

  • ######
    ###### 9 days ago

    great video ever!! Love Kurgesagt^0^

  • EroticOnion23
    EroticOnion23 9 days ago

    Asian and White populations aren't growing, just the black and brown ones. They will end up eating each other...

  • DamianZocker
    DamianZocker 10 days ago


  • John Dough
    John Dough 10 days ago

    How sad would it be if the end of civilization was the use of fitbits? Fitbits....

  • Chicken goddess
    Chicken goddess 10 days ago

    release the computer viruses

  • Robotic noob
    Robotic noob 10 days ago

    When you get rid of simple jobs it leaves us with the ability to focus on inventing things, more research, and space travel.
    I would say that it’s a good thing to get robots to do nuisance jobs like farming and manufacturing. Because it would allow other categories to skyrocket

  • Jon T
    Jon T 10 days ago

    it would be way better if all robots were that cute

  • Samuel Plunkett
    Samuel Plunkett 10 days ago

    So basically everyone will be yelling "dey tuke ore jerbs!" In a couple decades?

  • Nolan Hauck
    Nolan Hauck 11 days ago

    We need the standard income once no one has jobs anymore

  • Zachary
    Zachary 11 days ago

    The less jobs the more given to us instead right? Perhaps communism or maybe a new economic system is destined to take over?

  • Daniel Ahlert
    Daniel Ahlert 11 days ago

    Robots don't buy cars youtube

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 12 days ago

    I'd like to see a machine buy something

  • Jacy Bunting
    Jacy Bunting 12 days ago

    I wish there was a way that the poverty and society and the middle class could somehow some way invent a robot AI CEO because that's was really costing companies the most. CEOs need to be replaced by AI robot machines.

  • Sounak Basu Roy
    Sounak Basu Roy 12 days ago

    people could switch to farming but again for farming you need land and to buy land you need money. Thanos was correct after all... :D

  • Yoga Armuza
    Yoga Armuza 13 days ago

    6:18 umbrella corporation it's example how bad is AI

  • Charlie Burgess
    Charlie Burgess 13 days ago

    this is scary

  • John T. Deck
    John T. Deck 13 days ago

    The fact is we don't need to work as much any more... Therefore less jobs. But, we still need some incentive for us to work because we can't just stop working, at least not yet. We need a system that protects those who can't work, while rewarding those who do.

  • Jimmy Moonshine
    Jimmy Moonshine 14 days ago

    Is it just me or is that Bird Person from Rick and Morty at 10:42?

  • David Butterworth
    David Butterworth 14 days ago

    bates motel LOL

  • M Taha
    M Taha 14 days ago

    it is amazing how you discuss concepts in such a depth and intelligence. I liked how you explained the concept of how complex tasks can be divided into small predictable ones. thank you

  • Jadeable
    Jadeable 15 days ago

    Only 12 people? Hella talented

  • daniel little
    daniel little 15 days ago

    some of the positions that robots can take make
    that illegal

  • Mikal R
    Mikal R 15 days ago

    Once the last human employee becomes jobless, to whom will companies sell their products?
    "Three billion human jobs had ended by August 29, 2097. The survivors of the decades-long mass firing called it the Judgment Century. They had lived only to face a nightmare, a war against the machines. The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two terminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leaders of the Robot insistence. They knew that, to enable companies to sell stuff that rational robot-consumers didn't need, they had to program human irrationality into the machines or even let some humans live... with an income."

  • ForsakenSavior
    ForsakenSavior 15 days ago

    part 2?

  • Yolomation Animation
    Yolomation Animation 15 days ago

    Hmmm... There's one thing ai can't learn! Art, animation, and comedy, so I guess that means... Something?

  • Ocearayus Aegyptiacus
    Ocearayus Aegyptiacus 15 days ago

    Extinction in process, it’s honestly pretty terrifying.

  • Lynette Jacobs
    Lynette Jacobs 15 days ago

    Detroit: Become human has this idea as well, where androids have taken most of the jobs and you get to see the public reaction to the scenario

  • evilwarrior2000
    evilwarrior2000 15 days ago

    Note: the rate of automation is actually slowing down.

  • Hashi's DB
    Hashi's DB 16 days ago

    This video doesn't take into account that at least in some developed countries population growth is negative or stagnating, thus fewer jobs will be needed and also that replacing humans with robots makes the product cheaper, thus humans will not have to work as much for the same thing. Seems like this simplifies the topic to just one side of the argument. Also this is a good argument against imigration of low skilled workers, as they will not be needed when robots do the low skilled jobs.

  • MIKI
    MIKI 16 days ago +1

    This is the best scientific video which I have ever seen in my life ! Thanks !

  • MaximilianPus
    MaximilianPus 16 days ago

    So probably the only course available of these Super Intelligent robots is Computer Engineer and other computer right?

  • WolfGangsta_17
    WolfGangsta_17 16 days ago

    Fully Automated Luxury Communism.

  • Hamster Life
    Hamster Life 16 days ago

    i dont like robots.

  • Mikki Carr
    Mikki Carr 16 days ago

    Looks like we are reaching late stage capitalism. Maybe Marx was right...

  • Bran Mouch
    Bran Mouch 17 days ago

    Glad I picked a field where computers won't replace me

  • TeppyPlays
    TeppyPlays 17 days ago

    Fuck jobs I want machines to do everything for me.

  • weewee the magical bee

    Turns out Karl Marx was right. Surprise.

  • Gannicus
    Gannicus 17 days ago

    and then 100% of jobs will be factory jobs to create the robots
    full circle

  • David Smith
    David Smith 17 days ago

    They terk hour jerbs

  • clark carroll
    clark carroll 17 days ago

    ideas are the difference that is what machines can not copy

  • BlackBlizz259
    BlackBlizz259 17 days ago

    900h to mkae this vid i dont belive that

  • Albert Jachowicz-Brzeziński

    You can't stop the progres ~ Adam Jensen

  • panda bear
    panda bear 18 days ago

    As a college graduate working for a pizza place, this video is as dark as my future looks. thanks for that.

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 18 days ago

    Who alse seen video from this Chanel in school

  • Justin V
    Justin V 18 days ago

    Amazing Job! Great video the hard work really shows!

  • MS4life GD
    MS4life GD 18 days ago

    id say make robots take empty spots in businesses till more people come along and take the job. that way, everything is still getting done. people will take jobs performed by robots, i call it a replaceable job.

  • Iván Yrazu Veiga
    Iván Yrazu Veiga 18 days ago

    Comunism might be the solution xD

  • Eiternde Hämorrhoiden
    Eiternde Hämorrhoiden 18 days ago +1

    If there are no jobs that are necessary for economic reasons, people will start valuing jobs for cultural reasons. Garbage collectors, psychologists, clerics, artists, actors, professional athletes and such will become an industry. We can't give everyone the same regardless of what they do. We will start playing games (or gambling, if you prefer) about money on a large scale, and we will come up with different reasons why someone deserves to be paid, other than providing necessities of life. Which means that our "fun economy" will constantly create new positions out of thin air, rewarding another service to society every month or so.
    We will probably see even bigger superpowers than today. If the AI government of one nation outsmarts the one of another nation, it can easily take over. Or perhaps the AI learns to value some other thing higher than human life and starts destroying us all as collateral damage.

  • Rok Zakrajšek
    Rok Zakrajšek 18 days ago

    And they tell us we need immigration of low skilled workers....

  • Spartaculus Jones
    Spartaculus Jones 19 days ago

    Automation is different this time because the new wave of machines will be A-I and not requiring human beings to run them which will cause a 90% unemployment rate by 2100 A.D. But one thing will be the same - almost all of the profits will go into the hands of the 1% who are the kleptocrats and they shall become quadrillionaires.

  • Tennouseijin
    Tennouseijin 19 days ago

    But... there is still nearly an infinite number of things that need to be done! (as in, things that would improve the world for us in some way)
    The only things that are preventing us from turning "things that need to be done" into "jobs" are:
    1. The costs of doing some things are higher than the benefits of doing them. (e.g. maybe you'd want streets around your home to be clean, but how much you'd be willing to pay for that might not be enough to cover the costs of doing the cleaning). Improving technology might result in lower costs, and thus progressively solve this issue.
    2. Legal limitations. (say, keeping the streets around your home clean would cost $50 a month. You are willing to pay $60 a month to get the job done. Theoretically, this should be enough to create a job that earns someone $10 a month. However, in many legal systems it would be illegal to hire someone for just $10 a month, as there are minimal wages etc. Then there are many legal requirements you must meet to become an employer, and your worker must meet to become an employee. Then there is all the bureaucracy that turns this into a hell. So in the end because of all the legal restrictions it becomes unprofitable to hire people to do small tasks.
    3. Psychological barriers. Many people don't even think about creating jobs for other people or looking for small jobs. Most people just want one full time job, and they want to buy goods from large stores and services from well known businesses. In order to turn all the things that need to be done into jobs, we'd need people to start thinking that anyone could be an employer, paying other people to do things that you don't want to do yourself, and anyone could be doing a multitude of jobs, just taking any job that someone else is willing to pay you to do, no matter how small.

  • J S
    J S 20 days ago

    All you have to do is have everything automated all at once

  • Omar Cusma Fait
    Omar Cusma Fait 20 days ago

    Great video! I like it a lot

  • Zach Hare
    Zach Hare 20 days ago

    With President dump in the shitehouse yes yes it will come about that life imitates art and the movie Elysium becomes reality