The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time

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    • Maxi Immortality
      Maxi Immortality Month ago +1

      I love it

    • Frogman Waterblast
      Frogman Waterblast 2 months ago

      אשדת שערה
      death to the beast
      allah hu akbar

    • Super
      Super 2 months ago +1

      Cubert Miso What you said is correct.
      Blockchain form of government can be used to pass draconian laws(it is done today in democracies as well) and they can then claim that it is backed by majority.
      Another issue is that the majority can be tricked into passing a law that undermines their rights but it cannot be restored practically.
      I think before a blockchain form of government, people should be provided some inalienable fundamental rights (like that of expression) which cannot be taken away by popular voting.
      Keeping that terms of trade, distributive services can be done fairly using blockchain (imo).

    • Cubert Miso
      Cubert Miso 2 months ago

      ​+Super Are people in power willing to give up control? People should demand more power over governance or they use immutable blockchain to chain us even more without any privacy etc.
      When people are more dependent of taxing automation / UBI we really need fair and open government. While power structures gain more ways to cause harm for every side in this prisoners dilemma. Tough equation when things are so well that people carry on giving away their rights in the name of short sighted security and monetary support.
      Sorry my random ramblings. But I leave it here.

  • Tshaw Tshi
    Tshaw Tshi 4 hours ago

    I see ppl ditching the high paced life styles and moving to small less technology dependant communities in the suburbs. Off the grid. just like old times.

  • Kristy Moser
    Kristy Moser 5 hours ago +1

    Automation under capitalism kills the working class. Automation under a community owned workplace empowers the working class. Automation will lead to socialism, hopefully soon before everyone loses their jobs and starves to death. We NEED community/worker ownership of the machines/means of production.

  • Joshua Dixon
    Joshua Dixon 8 hours ago

    6:19 damn umbrella Corp

  • Droiz
    Droiz 20 hours ago

    Wait a minute, there’s the “wall-e” solution, where humans does nothing much, and robots does everything, including opposing humans.

  • Mindey
    Mindey 21 hour ago

    Not an issue: jobs can be replaced by ownerships of the machines and data.
    The real issue is that one day, the machines might not listen, and not be a subject to ownership (even for super-rich).

  • Papa Oreo
    Papa Oreo 22 hours ago

    They werent expecting the thing that someone has to make those robots, so HA!

  • Djoker Productions
    Djoker Productions 22 hours ago +1

    Maybe things we believe are dead, atoms are actually alive. And the great filter is that robotics. Figure this is cells developed consciousness and intelligence in order to better survive maybe, similarly atoms do as well and it is a part of a living things natural progression to be better efficient, efficient enough to build technology that decides we are inefficient and eradicates us.

  • Emergency Jergens
    Emergency Jergens 23 hours ago

    Do we really have to worry about jobs if machines eventually do all our jobs for us

  • Lucien Moolman
    Lucien Moolman 23 hours ago

    I asked siri about this, she could not find it on Google

  • Elon's Mars Grass
    Elon's Mars Grass Day ago +1


  • T.J. Parrish
    T.J. Parrish Day ago

    But don't you need people to make the machines. And all the soft and hard wear for the computers? So dose that work out

  • T.J. Parrish
    T.J. Parrish Day ago

    But don't you need people to make the machines. And all the soft and hard wear for the computers? So dose that work out

  • 22cheif Ass
    22cheif Ass Day ago

    World war three, people riot about being too poor and destroy factory's that use machines and the rich will support the military who fight the riots while a few country's support machines, while others support normal labor

  • Cordelia Maynard

    Don't put a robot on a full floor! Not only do you replace people's jobs, you DESTROY them!

  • Invisible
    Invisible Day ago

    so .. soon enough schools will be obsolete , college education will be pointless, and having a degree in anything will be the same as planting a plastic ball into your cup of air and then throwing them both into the garbage.
    because unless you invest in learning how to help out with the automation or become automated yourself, humans are needed no longer.
    about time everyone gets upgraded into an android.
    i don't have a job yet, and i do not believe in doing work the OLD WAY it's time for everyone to start creating their OWN jobs by themselves,
    the time of "go work in a factory / cubic/ bullshit" and then complain about the boss or have water cups conversation party .. all these times are gone! you wish to develop you need to create your own new stuff yourself by yourself and then market yourself by yourself.
    evolution is not going anywhere and being afraid of it is just stupid, embrace the future and become part of it!

  • 유정의
    유정의 Day ago


  • DrEsquizoide
    DrEsquizoide 2 days ago

    This is why we need an universal basic income, let the machines take control and let's live happily, until one day they'll take over more than our jobs and so we will become fleshy pets to put synthetic overlord

  • Uday Kabirpanthi
    Uday Kabirpanthi 3 days ago

    We must destroy all automation by sending a dude back in time to terminate the first automation

  • skipo flipo
    skipo flipo 3 days ago +3

    look at the bright side !
    with data the Automation will advance sciences 10 times faster and create solutions

  • PokemonFan Braviary
    PokemonFan Braviary 4 days ago

    Jeez , 9 MONTHS?? Seems like 9 Months in your world is 9 Days in ours

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 4 days ago

    We'll destroy our selves before they do. Were to dumb.

  • Mike Solo
    Mike Solo 4 days ago

    What's the possibility of automation actually creating unlimited business opportunities/jobs? 1 person may be able to run a private company, where today it may take 10. The cost barrier would be low enough, that anyone who sees a need will be able to easily fill it...? I'm grasping lol

  • A.Tag90
    A.Tag90 4 days ago

    They tuk er jeeeeerrrrbb!!

  • YEETMAN 123
    YEETMAN 123 4 days ago

    The thing about this that people don’t realize is, that if all the jobs are taken, we won’t need wages because, since the robots do literally everything while we still control them, then it doesn’t matter because nobody will have to pay for anything. You could just GET a house and nobody would care. The robots definitely won’t and the people that control the robots won’t because they have robots of their own that manage the other robots. See what I mean, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. And we can still send people to school to keep humans from becoming idiots.

  • Robert Høyem
    Robert Høyem 4 days ago

    10:06 ??? Why did the guy eat the bord

  • Senmetwo
    Senmetwo 4 days ago

    Just here to spread love. You make videos that i enjoy. Some people are mad at you, but i am not. I love your content and will keep watching. Keep trying to do good and i'll keep watching. I never fault someone for trying to do the right thing.

  • Topminator
    Topminator 5 days ago

    Well, if we have much leas jobs that only means we can live for free! Instead of having to work for money you can just be unproductive while machines do the rest! Make it so that everyone gets an enstablished amount of money (like an allowance, you get payed for being alive) and for the ones that work they both get the allowance and the work's payment!

  • Peiqi DU
    Peiqi DU 5 days ago

    If all our jobs are automated then we will all basically reach equality which means that there is no need for money or work just a life of pleasure as robots do everything for us.

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 5 days ago

    FALSE: we can start learning how to create machines to do work for us and use them to work for us and make money for us, and in turn, we give them upkeep and comfort. it could be similar to the relationship between our microbiome to us.

  • The Bean Talks About Stuff...

    The guy with the wheel borrow was whistling the theme song for the channel

  • Pikakip 379
    Pikakip 379 6 days ago

    Why do we see this as a bad thing. Have the robots do all our work while we focus on colonizing other planets and stuff.

  • ᴵᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃᶰ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ, ᴵ ᵃᵐ ᵃ ᶫᶫᵃᵐᵃ

    The solution for this is simple, yet controversial: get rid of the capitalist system. This technology should be freeing the working class from excess labor that no one wants to do, so that we can focus on personal endeavors, art, the sciences, etc, but instead the capitalist system has forced into a situation where automation is taking our jobs, and our jobs are the only power we have. The dismantling of capitalism is the way to go.

    • Droiz
      Droiz 20 hours ago

      ᴵᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃᶰ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ, ᴵ ᵃᵐ ᵃ ᶫᶫᵃᵐᵃ So you’re saying that we need communism or socialism? Are you that stupid?

  • Fort turtle
    Fort turtle 6 days ago

    I love your Animation

  • Mr. Android Animations

    Or we could just... not build the robots?

  • ninjascottgames
    ninjascottgames 6 days ago

    And humans are gonna become lazy

    • Dontknow
      Dontknow 5 days ago

      ninjascottgames reminds me of the film Wall-E (or however it is spelled)

  • Blue Ice
    Blue Ice 6 days ago +1

    Hasta la Vista Kurzgesagt!

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson 6 days ago

    Its possible that humanity will switch to having an economy of ideas instead of products, automation could also make working obsolete

  • JokersRWild
    JokersRWild 6 days ago

    I guess I get it, but sometimes it boggles my mind how we humans have turned robots doing our jobs into a bad ting.

  • Ryguy 99
    Ryguy 99 6 days ago

    How will people make money and how will they buy needs like food and shelter

  • R M
    R M 6 days ago

    Pets. Pets everywhere.

  • Chris Pacheco
    Chris Pacheco 6 days ago

    It be like da matrix bruh, oh God!..whoa

  • Lყŋŋ 99
    Lყŋŋ 99 7 days ago

    Well crap. I guess I'll Never find a job then

  • Totally Not A Vietnamese

    That feels when leaving in a 3rd world country means you won't get affected by this

  • Alan Toner
    Alan Toner 7 days ago +1

    The stat about college grads is slightly misleading. Sure, more grads are taking jobs that don't require a degree however, there are also far, far more college grads in general and the types of degrees they are getting are less marketable. In general, the job growth for useful degrees is on par with the people getting the degrees.

  • 深夜の話題 - コレクション814

    WE ARE SO FUCKED; the previous video they launched is, Yay we can soon live forever. This video is like Soon 90% of people will be unemployed. Great i will live forever as a homeless

  • Chazz More
    Chazz More 7 days ago

    Don't worry about the future, let's buy robots and AI, team it up and make them work for us, make all that free stuff.
    We need no boss or government to do it - only an initiative!

  • Chazz More
    Chazz More 7 days ago +1

    Interesting, now how many hours of this video was made by machine or AI ? :))

  • Devan Hale
    Devan Hale 8 days ago +19

    "big stupid machines" and shows a cute machine with a smile... Y U SO MEAN ;-;

  • Aylin Arroyo
    Aylin Arroyo 8 days ago

    At least we can be the pets of the machines...

  • shadow jester
    shadow jester 9 days ago

    SkyNet is near!!

  • Owen Hasert
    Owen Hasert 9 days ago

    6:46 Starts quizzical but then it gets conspiratorial

  • logician32 gaming
    logician32 gaming 10 days ago +9


  • Stephen Patterson
    Stephen Patterson 10 days ago

    Let's have those cool animated birds and toons save out future. Funny, you bet...

  • MrManiac3
    MrManiac3 11 days ago

    I've watched a few Kurzgesagt videos recently and I can take a way that their simplified illustration of assembling a car often depicts the attachment of the roof to the rest of the body. This is very wrong.

  • Alex Lanoux
    Alex Lanoux 11 days ago +2

    Let's play a game:
    I got rich by forcing people out of a job with AI to save costs.
    I became better at competing in almost every way so other firms closed due to an inability to match my costs, thus displacing more workers.
    Automation is now a prerequisite for survival because of actions I took.
    All those displaced workers now need some form of income, but I have all the money.
    Will I:
    a) give the money back to them which I earned by putting them in the situation they're in?
    b) pretend they don't exist, and that I didn't do anything wrong?

  • Mayank Semwal
    Mayank Semwal 12 days ago +1

    I don't think machine replacing humans will be a problem... With time one day machines would be planting our food more efficiently than us... Also building houses won't be a problem and if everything is automated probably none of us (humans) will have to work... We can now rest and the economy can be distributed to everyone as machines do not need money, they just need maintenance less than humans... So probably all human beings can pay some tax for automation... And probably every one can live a free and comfortable life... That can be a world without crimes, sorrows and pain.. But this doesn't mean that human society will stop evolving, infact evolution will be better and faster with the help of machines as every age will produce some visionary and innovative people who will shape the world in a different way... So let's not get sad about losing our jobs may be that's happening for good.

  • Subhash
    Subhash 12 days ago

    5.32 what we do at work 😂

  • Jinman Zhao
    Jinman Zhao 12 days ago

    No one is born to spend their live working. Ideally they should pursue whatever they really like to do. However, for thousands of years, the humanity is constrained with efficiency and productivity so most of us have to work hard every day so to let human as a species prosper. This boom of machine automation is actually the best chance so far to make that ideal way of living a realm. All we need is a better way of wealth distribution.

  • inactive one
    inactive one 12 days ago

    I wouldn't worry about it, if there are less jobs available there will be less people to buy products. So if companies started replacing humans with machines then there will be far less people to buy products thereby the companies will make less money if they replace humans with machines.

    • Ravenpy
      Ravenpy 11 days ago

      Knowing human nature. The people owning resources and people owning robots will make a pact and just supply each other as much they need to live like kings and queens and bypass the monetary system and leave the rest of us to rot... And who and what is going to stop them from doing exactly that?

  • Gheorghe Blanaru
    Gheorghe Blanaru 12 days ago +1

    Just tax the "machine emploeyrs" and give that moneys to people 🤗

  • Sir Failsalot
    Sir Failsalot 12 days ago +1

    Dey took we jerbs

  • Pukes
    Pukes 12 days ago +1

    There will always be more jobs... things will just switch from manufacturing to research and content creation. That's good for society. Rather than slaving away at factories, we get to be creative and invent/discover new things.

  • Rati Mati
    Rati Mati 13 days ago +1

    We better figure out how to raise iq, and fast. Other wise, we'll, the pharmaceutical companies will be producing pills in a larger quantities. Anti depressants, anti anxiety pills etc

  • LionHeartLeon
    LionHeartLeon 13 days ago

    I mean it's already too late. The rich will control the robots and most likely screw us all who were born into poverty or have to fight for jobs that are disappearing or only hiring the best of the best or within the company. The negatives have already come into play and it's too late to stop it🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️. Humans will literally cause mass extinction by way of Innovation and unfortunately poverty will only continue to grow. There's no positive for humans who aren't rich, in the field of robotics and such, only the negatives will be booming.

  • EyFmS
    EyFmS 15 days ago

    There is only one solution...merge with machines. Transhumanism will be the future. Else we end up in a museum.

  • Juan Toledo
    Juan Toledo 15 days ago

    Did the follow up video actually happen?

  • Cheeseng Sim
    Cheeseng Sim 15 days ago

    The part where the nail maker is so cute lol.

  • Abbieq11
    Abbieq11 16 days ago +8

    What we do at work: play solitaire

  • ImpMontezuma
    ImpMontezuma 16 days ago +1

    Become an investor, the machines work, you get the profit XD.

  • Mr.Stargazer/ /Ar3a_novalino

    Wait doesn't it means that automation are copycats?

  • Desmaad
    Desmaad 18 days ago

    Here come the Culture Minds.

  • Mr.Dicci
    Mr.Dicci 18 days ago

    Bro im currently studying a dual degree at college which takes for at least 6-7 years to get over with. Do you think i needed such a depressing content rn? 😭😭😭

  • Andrew Lexima
    Andrew Lexima 18 days ago

    Vote Andrew Yang 2020

  • Geoff Davids
    Geoff Davids 19 days ago

    God it fucks me off when jobs being a vital necessity is touted like this. With all of this automation, there are more resources to go around, more food, more wealth, and less people stuck in pointless repetitive jobs. Automation is not the end of the world, all we need is definite ways to redistribute the huge wealth that they bring. Jobs don't have to be a vital necessity to life, they don't have to be everyone's lifeline. Bring in UBI, re-education systems, identification of the places that need people to do things, and the world could be a truly fantastic place..

  • Kenivia
    Kenivia 19 days ago

    7:40 notice how it didn't actually flip

  • Jeremiah Noar
    Jeremiah Noar 19 days ago

    Worried? Then learn to code

  • Daniel De Fraia
    Daniel De Fraia 19 days ago +1

    This is one of the best videos I've ever seen on USclip

  • Arisa A.
    Arisa A. 19 days ago +1

    This is why teens are starting to turn to USclip and not real life

  • LK007
    LK007 20 days ago +2

    What about space exploration in this equation???

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 19 days ago +1

      I think they would be on par with the creation of the first car. Not only will millions of jobs be created but thousands of new types of jobs will also be created

  • GunnerDucker
    GunnerDucker 20 days ago

    Truly amazing animation

  • Vivek Patel
    Vivek Patel 20 days ago

    I swear the farmer was whistling the Kurzgesagt

  • Deano Moore
    Deano Moore 21 day ago

    Be pointless without a big work force AI would not work? Without a work force buying and doing sales Economical growth would not happen . AI would have to be made to help the work force.

  • kumar anurag
    kumar anurag 21 day ago +2

    I am a corrupt bureaucrat , good luck taking that job

    GOBIC ROY 21 day ago

    Those machines are sill made by humans. So if they take jobs away they actually create new jobs as people have to maintain and create those machines.

  • GWS
    GWS 22 days ago

    Gig work is the future of employment. The reason why there aren't as many new jobs is because the definition of the word "job" is changing. the traditional 9-5 job, be it manufacturing union job or office job, is going away. Instead you're getting tons of freelance work, gigs, optimization for AI, maintenance for machines, and that's not to mention the many new tech jobs being created. Also, there was a poorly used statistic about GM jobs versus Google jobs. The reason Google adds few jobs is because the jobs available are skilled labor jobs. As costs go down and demand for more and more of Google's services goes up, there will be more of a need to test, refine, and do other related jobs with AI. You see this on places like Mechanical Turk at the moment, where they have simple interfaces designed for low skilled people to assist artificial intelligence and developers on how to create models that generalize functions so that AIs can have improved accuracy in the future. In fact, much of what AI does today is with that assistance from humans, not just developers, but normal people on labor sharing websites.

    Automation is not a bad and scary thing when you understand that the creativity of people cannot be predicted. At the end of the day people will always be useful for something, because in a world where people make no money, companies also make no money. It will never get to that point and there's no evidence to suggest it either.

    EDIT: More misleading statistics

    The productivity-wage argument is nonsense because the point isn't how much money you make, but what you get with your money. yes, it's true that buying power has no tincreased, and for some groups might have decreased, but the quality of products is significantly higher, safer, cleaner, and better. Ever since the Internet's explosion, we've seen extreme gains in quality. Today, even the poorest among us have smart phones, nearly 90% of people. This is barely 10 years after the first smart phone was released.

    Additionally, the college graduate wage is shrinking becaus epepole are taking on different majors than what are in demand. Psychology is currently the #1 major, but does not see growth. STEM degrees make up a low percentage of degree earners yet STEM jobs are in very high demand. In fact, companies complain that there are not enough qualified applicants for the jobs that they are in desperate need of.

    This is also why degree earners take jobs that don't require degrees.

    • DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza
      DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza 17 hours ago

      But there are a few arguments to these points
      1) If people don't have enough jobs, they can't buy the things they want [More people have smartphones than toilets]
      2)Freelance also can easily get token over because of the same point the video stated, they "teach" the robots and eventually, a robot comes out that can do your whole department's job for less than what the boss would have to pay workers, even minimum wage workers
      I am not saying robots are evil and should be destroyed, all I say is that the rate of automation is rising way too fast for a functioning economy

  • Thloen Bethancourt
    Thloen Bethancourt 22 days ago

    Universal basic income duh.

  • İlhan Karayel
    İlhan Karayel 23 days ago

    this "learning algorithms" learns very fast. than why we dont use that algorithms to science? if they will learn very fast, we could use to rise our civilization. they could answer our hard equations. for exp manipulating to gravity

  • jhonathan mondragón
    jhonathan mondragón 23 days ago

    There are jobs. U can ensure corporations hire enough the jobs so negligence or criminal behavior doesnt exist. That doesnt happen because the corps sabotage this.
    You can easily have enough people employee by defending the rule of law.

  • Woogoo336
    Woogoo336 23 days ago

    Thinking about it, a near post scarcity society could be apocalyptic. Things get produced just cheap enough that people can't earn a living, but just expensive enough that the systems can't possibly stand without income. Unless we manage a miracle, we might just have massive setbacks for long periods of time.

  • Ayush singh
    Ayush singh 23 days ago

    Nice 😍 your graphics

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies 24 days ago

    Maybe this is so scary because it's all we've ever known, yet it is the next step for us, so that we can focus on bigger goals while the robots do all the shitty labour for us

  • Sam Bishop
    Sam Bishop 24 days ago +2

    10:42 Bird Person, is that you?

  • Commentur The Great
    Commentur The Great 24 days ago

    Good, now let's automate Kurzgesagt

  • necromancer
    necromancer 25 days ago

    Now I know that only way to Become world's richest person is to " control internet"

  • pewdiepie's soldier 1
    pewdiepie's soldier 1 25 days ago +1

    I got a sollution COMMUNISM

  • blob fish
    blob fish 25 days ago +1

    the dangers of capitalism 101

  • blob fish
    blob fish 25 days ago

    what will humans do?

  • blob fish
    blob fish 25 days ago

    school raises us to do factory jobs so that might be a problem

  • blob fish
    blob fish 25 days ago

    creativity is now being the main focus, what i mean is it creates jobs for people, well inless your a youtubers in 2019

    • DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza
      DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza 17 hours ago

      Unfortunately, a robot may take that because jobs like stand up comedy is just excellent psychology