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  • Masherisha
    Masherisha 2 months ago +2292

    Публикация этого видео согласована со мной, не переживайте💕
    These videos are from my channel, don't worry, this publication is agreed

    • Анна Неверович
      Анна Неверович Day ago

      Мда.... понеслась комментировать, а оказалось что не надо)))

    • Barbara Alcorn
      Barbara Alcorn 4 days ago

      Fawn’s Animations I wish they would, so annoying ❤️🇦🇺

    • Barbara Alcorn
      Barbara Alcorn 4 days ago

      Abdullah Mughal. Hey, me too. I’m going to look at all the cheaper sites like AliExpress, Wish and Amazon etc. Good luck ❤️🇦🇺

    • Barbara Alcorn
      Barbara Alcorn 4 days ago

      #pugs4ev3r Plays how do we translate these comments lol 😂❤️🇦🇺

    SANJAY AHIRWAR 21 hour ago

    ये गम जैसा क्या जमाते है

  • ley lee
    ley lee 22 hours ago

    What's the liquid?
    Is that glue?

  • kamala sarathy
    kamala sarathy 23 hours ago

    Where to get that acorn

  • Sebastian Krodel

    Just beautyfull and amazing designs

  • sargurumedics sargurumedics

    its really astonishing
    but can anyone suggest where do i get those materials(any in indian online shopping websites) plz reply as soon as possible

  • Claudia Vielma Peneku

    I love your work you are so talented!!

  • David Alonso Hoces Jara

    Dinde se pueden comprar los materiales... decoracion y marcos

  • karen iza
    karen iza Day ago

    Lindos ❤️

  • Shelby Eades
    Shelby Eades Day ago

    2:16 is my favorite!

  • luna kasai
    luna kasai Day ago

    What ingredients did u use

  • everlys tovar
    everlys tovar Day ago

    Videos que no dicen nada, no deben montarlo

  • ام محمد
    ام محمد Day ago

    جميل جدا تسلم ايدك من مصر

  • naheed rayhan
    naheed rayhan Day ago


  • Miyo - chan
    Miyo - chan Day ago

    It's beautiful . I love it

  • Alia Scalvini
    Alia Scalvini Day ago

    Very good work! compliments! just a question...the name of the red material at 5.48? I don't find it on web... thanks

  • Aman Don
    Aman Don 2 days ago

    Gum sa banaya ha

  • awen fun
    awen fun 2 days ago

    So cool

  • natyvilla22
    natyvilla22 2 days ago

    Wow she made this look incredibly easy

  • Marilu Garcia
    Marilu Garcia 2 days ago

    Hermoso 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sofi‘s Crafts
    Sofi‘s Crafts 2 days ago

    so pretty

  • Sathya Sathya
    Sathya Sathya 2 days ago

    What kind of gum your using

  • Tatiane Barbosa
    Tatiane Barbosa 2 days ago


  • Barbora Kiššová
    Barbora Kiššová 2 days ago

    Super wow

  • Janedews
    Janedews 2 days ago

    LOVE it.

  • Andréia Soares de Souza

    Please coloquem em português. Obrigada

  • Raju Dadvekar
    Raju Dadvekar 2 days ago

    What is the glue used here for pendant

  • June 13 2013
    June 13 2013 2 days ago +1

    love yourself: answer e version

  • Jaipratap Shukla
    Jaipratap Shukla 2 days ago

    Ye saman kaha milega sir ji

  • raziye dehne
    raziye dehne 2 days ago

    Satılık kolye var mı

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar 2 days ago

    Plz tell the name of the small things

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar 2 days ago

    Where u find these small things.

  • 熹妍
    熹妍 2 days ago

    So.... What's the glue?

  • Techtronics S.A.
    Techtronics S.A. 2 days ago

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    Privet, ya iz Ekvadora, gde ya pokupayu eti metallicheskiye formy dlya ozhereliy. Vy mozhete pomoch' nam s veb-adresom ili rekomendovannym magazinom, bol'shoye spasibo i bol'shoy uspekh - eto vash zamechatel'nyy talant ... privet iz Yuzhnoy Ameriki Ekvador - Guayakil' YA Rikardo ....

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  • Ammar Aminuddin
    Ammar Aminuddin 2 days ago

    Where i can get all that thing??

  • genuineCorn
    genuineCorn 3 days ago

    This is really nice but it would be nicer if there would at least be subtitles about what they’re doing at the moment and the materials they’re using (that was shown because it was too quick imo and the names weren’t very clear)
    But thank you for showing us these ✨

  • Broadway Style
    Broadway Style 3 days ago

    Place mention all the tool, cause i want to buy. And wher i can gate that lace necklace strap. Cause in my country only have cutting ribbon

  • Abigail H
    Abigail H 3 days ago

    Also do you have gel on your nails or dip polish? They look amazing!!

  • Abigail H
    Abigail H 3 days ago

    Beautiful work!

  • Sister TV
    Sister TV 3 days ago

    So cute

  • lexy oesterwind
    lexy oesterwind 3 days ago

    This is very...calming to watch!

  • Shannon Richardson
    Shannon Richardson 3 days ago

    The acorns are def my favorite! Nice job!

  • Iasmin Milena
    Iasmin Milena 3 days ago

    Tem uma boutique que vende e é um absurdo um desses . São todos lindos

  • Anna Kru
    Anna Kru 3 days ago

    Co jest w środku ? Co to za masa ?

  • Kathy Candelaria
    Kathy Candelaria 3 days ago +3

    I just ran across your channel, it's soo awesome. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for showing us your awesome work. Loved it 😊💙😊💙😊..

  • yazmin sj
    yazmin sj 3 days ago

    What is the name of the liquid that it puts for the necklaces?

  • Melani Melendez
    Melani Melendez 3 days ago

    Guau😮😮. Collares

  • Joanna Sarna
    Joanna Sarna 3 days ago


  • Riya Meghan
    Riya Meghan 3 days ago

    I wanna buy this... it's so beautiful..

  • Riya Meghan
    Riya Meghan 3 days ago


  • Vic Victoria
    Vic Victoria 3 days ago

    Like si tu parles français

  • Saveena Rana
    Saveena Rana 3 days ago

    Can you please tell what is thename of liquid? ☺☺

  • Hùng Hoàng Việt
    Hùng Hoàng Việt 3 days ago

    Toàn tiếng anh

  • 챠오댸니C.O.D.N
    챠오댸니C.O.D.N 3 days ago

    한국인들이 없네여... 한국인이신 분들!
    👇 ㄱㄱ

  • Nita Mahdik
    Nita Mahdik 4 days ago

    But ye lekved ka nam kya Hai ye Kedar meliga

  • Dewi Yuniarti
    Dewi Yuniarti 4 days ago

    what is the aplicator name?

  • MaRy WTF
    MaRy WTF 4 days ago

    Ni las figuritas encuentro en mi ciudad.

  • Barbara Alcorn
    Barbara Alcorn 4 days ago

    Hey guys I’ve replied to a few people with my thoughts so I’ll just do one blanket reply is best. I just looked up on AliExpress and found the pendants. Type in pendant blanks. Also, Wish and Amazon or any of the cheaper type sites like this. The resin you can get from any hardware store which is in 2 parts A&B but you need to measure accurately. Most of all have fun. Someone posted that nobody wanted to pay $10 for the items she made because you could buy them on Wish for $2. I think this is missing the point. Your family and friends will love them if they’re made by you. Good luck ❤️🇦🇺

  • nancy cogar
    nancy cogar 4 days ago

    Does epoxy smell? I can’t be around strong smells due to an health condition.

  • Chanyeol’s red hair

    My hobby changes a lot

  • Deco LED
    Deco LED 4 days ago


  • Gold Crystal
    Gold Crystal 4 days ago

    Onestly I think this is awesome but I think people should make stuff more easy so someone can say wow I could do that

  • mageshwari magi
    mageshwari magi 4 days ago

    material names tell me pls

  • Sparklekitty Fun
    Sparklekitty Fun 4 days ago

    Every day you are so amazing 😉 😊

    SANDY BROCKMEYER 4 days ago

    As a filler could you use clear nail polish instead of resin?

  • kitty_katy the_SHIPER

    Why is it satisfying to me?

  • Yasir Lakho
    Yasir Lakho 4 days ago

    What kind of liquid chemical u r using

  • Michely Mundy
    Michely Mundy 4 days ago

    Quais produtos utiliza ?
    Which products do you use please?

  • Behiye Işık
    Behiye Işık 4 days ago

    I want it...from the starand hearttt.to tell you the truth!😂

  • Angela Contreras
    Angela Contreras 4 days ago

    Hola buenos días

  • Seshwuu
    Seshwuu 4 days ago

    Dude that acorn pendant was so cool, nice work.

  • 권은정
    권은정 5 days ago


  • Trash Can Alien
    Trash Can Alien 5 days ago

    I need all of these

  • Button Mash
    Button Mash 5 days ago

    my epoxy wont dry clear

  • Rochelle Espiritu
    Rochelle Espiritu 5 days ago

    I love your videos

  • Soul_ Star8
    Soul_ Star8 5 days ago

    Where do u get the “moulds” for the necklaces?

  • rati&ratan shop
    rati&ratan shop 5 days ago


  • Gabriela Kuna
    Gabriela Kuna 5 days ago

    Que bello

  • Antonia Cofré Núñez


  • sayma_ safa
    sayma_ safa 5 days ago

    Nies videos

  • Antonella Sodano
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  • Madalina Butnariu
    Madalina Butnariu 5 days ago

    these are dope

  • JD
    JD 5 days ago

    Thumbnail starts at 5:11

  • Ping_ 0315
    Ping_ 0315 5 days ago


  • Евгения Галаган

    Кто знает какой клей она использовала???

  • Raafat Kassem
    Raafat Kassem 5 days ago

    Waw wonderful

  • Shital Aundhkar
    Shital Aundhkar 5 days ago

    Pani Jaisa kya hai

  • Preeti Sharma
    Preeti Sharma 5 days ago

    what do you have that transparent liquid thing???😊

  • Scarlett Granger
    Scarlett Granger 5 days ago

    I'd be pleased, if you could Link or Name Products you used. Nevertheless great!

  • Cooki q
    Cooki q 6 days ago


  • Sana Kosbi
    Sana Kosbi 6 days ago

    What is the liquid substance used? Who has a reply please? 💜💛💚

  • Komal Choudhary
    Komal Choudhary 6 days ago

    What is the liquid use at the end ??

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 6 days ago

    what u r pourig uder the shape

  • Purvi Tripathi
    Purvi Tripathi 6 days ago

    Hey I want one how to contact

  • viviane Andrade
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  • ღкіwііsღ ο ω ο

    Wow good idea

  • Souka crafts
    Souka crafts 6 days ago

    Very Nice😍

  • Kelly Knighten
    Kelly Knighten 6 days ago

    Beautiful!!! You are very talented 🤗

  • Satisfactory Asmr Life

    So pretty!

  • Thị Mỹ Hòa Nguyễn

    Keo lam bag j vay ak