Full Face of Muslim Owned/Halal Beauty Products Tutorial! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a special video to highlight all of my Muslim supporters. This video will be using beauty brands that are Muslim owned, and/or halal. Thank you for watching and enjoy! xo
    More info on Halal-friendly beauty brands
    Vive Halal bit.ly/2zDno1r
    How to find info on cosmetic ingredients www.ewg.org/skindeep
    Muslim Beauty Bloggers to follow bit.ly/2LcAQOs
    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer bit.ly/2NQKk0l
    Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder bit.ly/2DD2sUX
    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Chai) www.toofaced.com/jackie
    NYX HD Concealer (nutmeg) bit.ly/2LmGCK7
    Glossy Makeup Sponge bit.ly/2uwC5hZ
    Glossy Makeup Brush Set bit.ly/2Lk3vO6
    Farsali Unicorn Essence bit.ly/2JpkAEQ
    Huda Dessert Dusk Palette bit.ly/2JsS19l
    Lilly Lashes Miami Lash bit.ly/2LiDgI8
    Farsali "Rose Goals" Jellybeam highlighter bit.ly/2NUS8Oj
    Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipstick "chocolate Milkshake" bit.ly/2NVQZpI
    Pearl Daisy Hijabs bit.ly/2Ll6BS5

    B U S I N E S S:
    For business inquiries please contact jackie@rare.global

    *Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. My content is 100% not influenced by brands, PR products received, usage of affiliate links, or brand partnerships.

    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina  11 months ago +12987

    I changed the title for accuracy! Some of the brands I used are not considered "halal" as a whole. However, a brand can be non halal certified but still have halal-friendly options. I hope that makes sense!

    • Shahril Dhp
      Shahril Dhp 11 hours ago

      God damm you look beautiful with hijab on

      so gorgeous

    • Zaya Grace
      Zaya Grace 4 days ago

      Jackie Aina how do i start my youtube channel? you might not read this but i need help

    • _its.me_
      _its.me_ 7 days ago


  • alishba khalid
    alishba khalid 29 minutes ago

    In urdu Aina means mirror ❤

  • Gusti Mastia Pratiwi
    Gusti Mastia Pratiwi 11 hours ago

    That makes sense. Not every muslim could find the halal cosmetic, but we could find the vegan and non alcohol one because that's the most important issue

  • Faraz Ansari
    Faraz Ansari 12 hours ago

    u looking so gorgeous in this hijab😍

  • Hend Awad
    Hend Awad 15 hours ago


  • Aisha Green
    Aisha Green 15 hours ago

    Your smile is so cute also just found out bout your channel♥️

  • nie mah
    nie mah Day ago +1

    Stupid me was about to comment:"there's no such a thing called halal makeup..blah..blah"

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas Day ago

    It is hard to find muslim friendly makeup products. Simply because majority of them don't believe in enhancing what God has already given them. Most don't even do their brows! Respect to those who can appreciate their natural beauty 🙂

  • Hafsa Faisal
    Hafsa Faisal Day ago

    Tis is honestly such a big deal for us as a community because everyone wants acceptance and also I've never made a huge deal for the culture that I'm from but my religion is so important and thank you for raising the awareness at your platform that we are in fact people and not terrorists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to be an aspiring youtuber too and meet you someday. Love you so much Jackie. All my respect to you.

  • najihah kim
    najihah kim Day ago


  • KJ-ART-Studio 7
    KJ-ART-Studio 7 Day ago

    Where’s my Muslim sisters ? 😍
    👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👍🏼♥️ she is so cute saying *MUSLIM* I love u so much Aina ♥️♥️

  • KellyOKellyComedy

    How lovely! You look so nice, I love the eye look. Also those Hijab colors look soooo well with your skin. Muslim women are beautiful!

  • Nasiim Mohomed
    Nasiim Mohomed Day ago

    I literally come her to watch Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie💗💗💗💗😂

  • Nazlim Tesfaye
    Nazlim Tesfaye Day ago

    what the fuck is halal bish you are dumb

  • Sophine Nijland
    Sophine Nijland Day ago

    you can never be mad about cultural appropiation

  • Køplax Kløtøry
    Køplax Kløtøry 2 days ago

    The fact that people are slowly coming back to their senses and started to see the light and knew what islam really is and stopped calling us terrorists is amazing! 😍💜

  • justinsha
    justinsha 2 days ago

    U r so beautiful inside and out 😍♥️♥️

  • Destenee Msp
    Destenee Msp 2 days ago

    hey i love the music back round ♪.. what is it called?

  • Nissa & Meera
    Nissa & Meera 2 days ago

    I'm a muslim and i'm just want to say thank you for making this video and you're awesome ❤️

  • Laiba Hussain
    Laiba Hussain 2 days ago +1

    Why does this video have soo many dislikes!!😩😩😩😔🙄

  • Nadya Alfirayna
    Nadya Alfirayna 2 days ago

    I'm so glad!

  • Pure Heart
    Pure Heart 2 days ago +2

    Hindash one of my favorite muas he’s really good !

  • Fan of Yaman
    Fan of Yaman 2 days ago

    Girl plz don’t wear hijab intill you Muslim because that’s disrespectful to our religion am asking you nicely like for real am not wearing but I have respect to it and the right to tell you don’t wear it until you Muslim and you spell her name like this huda beauty

  • Ayanna Powell
    Ayanna Powell 2 days ago

    This is what inclusivity is all about, i am reading the comments of people praising the correct pronunciation of Muslim... never knew how meaningful it was, nor that so many of us say it wrong but that is what inclusivity does, teaches everyone how to show respect. Thx Jackie

  • Ayanna Powell
    Ayanna Powell 2 days ago

    It must be crazy Trumptards that did the 👎.....fools! Jokes on you, Jackie has ❤ from the Muslim community!

  • Dila Lolita
    Dila Lolita 2 days ago

    Jackie, you are seriously the only USclipr I watch. You’re so humble and sweet. I also like that you represent the Muslims!

  • Raviva haq
    Raviva haq 3 days ago +1

    I.m muslim

  • Yat
    Yat 3 days ago

    Just watched this, I am so awed by this video.

  • 1
    1 3 days ago

    There is nothing called halal beauty products we can use any product in the market I'm a Muslim and the only thing that we say halal or not is only food

  • خليط قنوات دينية

    I love the comments section it's so positive

  • Khadija Malik
    Khadija Malik 3 days ago +1

    You also could have used Huda Beauty x 😂❤️ for foundation 😂 Welll I guess .. It'll do 😂

  • xla chan
    xla chan 3 days ago

    thank you it really feels good when someone not thinking you are bad cuz you are just wearing hijab

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account 3 days ago


  • Ellya Ramli
    Ellya Ramli 4 days ago

    Clicking that SUBSCRIBE button immediately when I finished watching your video. Thank you Jackie Aina for spreading positivity in this video.

  • Lelyan Albaraisa
    Lelyan Albaraisa 4 days ago +4

    Thank you for the beautiful positivy ❤️love you Jackie

  • Noufi 16
    Noufi 16 4 days ago

    احبك مرة كيوت

  • cave_crystal
    cave_crystal 5 days ago

    I live for the glossy makeup brushes!

  • Nurish Samirah
    Nurish Samirah 5 days ago +3

    damn ... i’m a muslim and i really appreciate you doing this video !!!! JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE i love you girlie❤️❤️❤️

  • wello
    wello 5 days ago +1

    I never know Too Faced is halal friendly

  • Aliya Afiqah
    Aliya Afiqah 5 days ago


  • Let's Daze
    Let's Daze 5 days ago

    Sna beauty has some great Halal makeup too

  • Heidi GSalsabilla
    Heidi GSalsabilla 5 days ago +1

    Thanks for making a lot of muslim womens feel included jackie♡

  • Amal Farouk
    Amal Farouk 5 days ago +1

    nothing is called halal or taboo makeup I am a Muslim Arab and we as a Arab are More religious that westerns

  • Qistina Sofiya
    Qistina Sofiya 5 days ago

    Thank you love Xoxo

  • Mala Adil
    Mala Adil 5 days ago

    Omg i love you😍😍😍

  • Sahar Q
    Sahar Q 5 days ago +3

    Wow I’m Kuwaiti and I had no idea you lived there

  • Fatima Kromah
    Fatima Kromah 6 days ago +3

    I used to like you, now I love you 😊

  • Talazzz
    Talazzz 6 days ago

    thank you for making this video I really appreciate it. and you know that hijab that you bought can also be a scarf too so you can still wear it well its not so warm but its beautiful. oh yeah you beautiful too.

  • Myrlene Pierre
    Myrlene Pierre 6 days ago +14

    Anyone else get Liza Koshy vibes from her personality..? 😂🥰

  • Simra Gulnawaz
    Simra Gulnawaz 6 days ago

    Where are my muslim sisters at!!

  • Fairooz Tasnia
    Fairooz Tasnia 6 days ago

    Honey, you BOMB! Period.

  • Mayang Py
    Mayang Py 6 days ago +6

    Thank you so much Queen❤️
    I'm come from Indonesia 😍❤️

  • Alya Qistina
    Alya Qistina 6 days ago

    Beautiful ❤

  • Masuma begum
    Masuma begum 6 days ago +13

    OMG thank you so much sister. I’m Muslim and I’m honestly scared to set my foot in America since I’m hijabi. I live in London, England and there isn’t much discrimination. Thank u so much sister to represent us and stand up for us. May god bless u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Im so Jaebummed
    Im so Jaebummed 6 days ago

    So pretty

  • Ꭻαмɪᴇ 415
    Ꭻαмɪᴇ 415 6 days ago

    love you

  • Ash sttarlightts
    Ash sttarlightts 6 days ago

    Thank you we appreciate you

  • Ae Cha
    Ae Cha 6 days ago +7

    I have muslim step mother and step sisters, i'm so happy with that, even tho i'm christian❤

  • Nasiim Mohomed
    Nasiim Mohomed 6 days ago +3

    I love you Girl! 💗💗💗

  • Jwalita Hisa Kumala
    Jwalita Hisa Kumala 6 days ago +1

    I love the eye make up so much 😍

  • Amal Ahmed
    Amal Ahmed 7 days ago

    This is amazing

  • fatima abdulkadir
    fatima abdulkadir 7 days ago

    Love you 😍

  • Triana Rizki
    Triana Rizki 7 days ago

    you are so beautiful ❤️🔥🙌🏽

  • Tragic Perfection
    Tragic Perfection 7 days ago +1

    All people bleed the same color

  • Kanwal Sheikh
    Kanwal Sheikh 7 days ago +2

    Thank you so much for this video. . Your just awesome so beautiful.

  • bts loves army only!!


  • Mz.Diamond 💎 Do´§
    Mz.Diamond 💎 Do´§ 7 days ago +2

    I got so much more respect for you now ... U go hard for dark skinned make . To see you use your platform to support and include a different race is amazing ... And your face looks amazing too ... Yas

  • Cocoisablackcat
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  • Lela Jensen
    Lela Jensen 8 days ago

    Ugh the way you use your platform to talk about beauty challenges faced by black and brown girls is so amazing! Here I am thinking Jackie Aina couldn’t couldn’t be more perfect and I see this, bringing light to Muslim owned products I didn’t even know existed. Bless you sus!

  • mona bensaad
    mona bensaad 8 days ago

    a muslimm is hereeee

  • Hammy Irfan
    Hammy Irfan 8 days ago +14

    Feels so refreshing to see such a big influencer support the Muslim community ❤️

  • Hind suliman
    Hind suliman 9 days ago

    This is why i will forever stan Aunty jackie!!!!!

  • Adiva Khafifati
    Adiva Khafifati 9 days ago

    go to Indonesia, they got tons of halal make up product.

  • xX Anime Xx
    xX Anime Xx 9 days ago

    Do a collab with Yasmine Simone! (enimsay on instagram)

  • Anna Blobaum
    Anna Blobaum 9 days ago

    I love this idea!!

  • gud vibes
    gud vibes 9 days ago

    i literally love u 😢 yall she literally did her research and everything ❤❤❤

  • B
    B 10 days ago +1

    Ohmygod i loveeeee youuuuuuu

  • and i oop
    and i oop 10 days ago +1

    Girlllll we going to islam🤪🤪🤪

  • Scoops
    Scoops 10 days ago

    I’m Christian and never really knew but I always thought that wearing a hijab was offensive if you’re not Muslim? Again, I don’t know and I’m not trying to be offensive.

  • Jazzy’s Way
    Jazzy’s Way 10 days ago +1

    I love your channel so much I always look forward to your uploads!!

  • Marlyn
    Marlyn 10 days ago

    I have that same hoodie 😂❤️

  • tydontdy 99
    tydontdy 99 10 days ago

    Çok bağrıyon amk

  • Amaris Wang
    Amaris Wang 11 days ago

    Singapore has Muslim products but I forgot the name of the brand. There is halal nail polish in that brand too

  • Soner DEMİRCİ
    Soner DEMİRCİ 12 days ago

    I am muslim😀

  • Valerie Waterhouse
    Valerie Waterhouse 12 days ago +73

    Muslim women have some of the most beat faces. Even without makeup these women have incredible features.
    I’m a Christian too and I love seeing my Muslim sister’s being included and represented. ❤️

  • Nadine El Nour
    Nadine El Nour 12 days ago +1

    Girl you lived in Kuwait? Wow I wanna move there! What’s it like? Great review/tut

  • Kerri Simonsen
    Kerri Simonsen 12 days ago

    I know I’m so late every time I post a comment. But I just benge watch all your videos. Anyways, I’m so glad that you did this because I have always been fascinated with the culture of Muslims on how they do their makeup. Like Gosh! They just look SO GOOD!
    And Jackie, you’re still just as gorgeous as ever! ❤️

  • Naba Razaq
    Naba Razaq 12 days ago +1

    omg i just started watching you and i’m already in love 😻😻 muslim gang 😫✌🏼♥️

  • Orbit Munchy
    Orbit Munchy 13 days ago

    Awwww tyvm for doing this ❤❤❤

  • Zinab4 Abas4
    Zinab4 Abas4 15 days ago +9

    Thank you for being so kind and spreading love to everyone.
    We appreciate it

  • Nashea Rehman
    Nashea Rehman 15 days ago

    Having beef drived products is halal i think cause beef is halal

  • Tris Westland
    Tris Westland 15 days ago

    Not related, but your nails are so beautiful!

  • Omnia Khalid
    Omnia Khalid 16 days ago

    This is amazing, I never really thought if my makeup is halal or not so this is very much appropriated . Thank you a million Jackie you are the best

  • Ebtessam Raja
    Ebtessam Raja 16 days ago +22

    finally some Muslim representation in the makeup community! Subbed!

  • Lea Rauff
    Lea Rauff 16 days ago

    I love this video! One of my favourite makeup artist/Influencer is honeydon.t and she makes beautiful, abstract art on her face that I feel words can't describe so just go and check her amazing insta out!!!

  • Lily Ram
    Lily Ram 16 days ago +1

    from KUWAIT here , Hiiiiii

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  • E Hawk
    E Hawk 17 days ago

    I’m atheist so do your thanggg

  • seulbear
    seulbear 17 days ago +1

    you look bomb girl

  • Randa Al
    Randa Al 17 days ago +13

    when you said muslim not muZlim , can we all just appreciate that 👏