Cobra Kai Season 2


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  • Green Tiger
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  • Eyüp Baydemir
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    Türk olan var mı?

  • Heverton José Dias Fernandes

    Show, começa logo ...

  • londonguyuk
    londonguyuk Day ago

    Are we ever going to see Hilery Swank cameo or hear any references (Deny Next Karate Kid movie exist all you like, but it's there), I mean Julie obviously was at mr miyagi's funeral and they obviously both met. You know what, I don't believe Julia and Daniel was Mr Miyagi only living students of the the Miyagi dojo. I mean, how old was he when he met both Daniel and Julia, How long did he live in America? No one really knows mr miyagi full past on who he met and what kind of challenges he came across his whole life after his wife and child died. What did he do after the war, He could of been a depressed drunk or a bum before he had someone like Danial change his life and that person could of been mr miyagi STAR pupil and he turn up out of the blue and teach Daniel more of Miyagi training and give him wisdom talks like mr miyagi use to do.
    Seriously, the fans will be asking this if Cobra Kai series continues and I think the story writers should actually looking to exploiting this idea.

  • Michael Qin
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  • tiphani mccormick
    tiphani mccormick 2 days ago

    we should show you tube no mercy for making wait till 2019 !!!!!

  • Trxnquility
    Trxnquility 2 days ago

    Season 2 Isn't OG

  • Su Jin
    Su Jin 2 days ago

    I love this show!

  • Not A Frog
    Not A Frog 3 days ago

    Take your time make it good

  • EAJ2900
    EAJ2900 6 days ago +1

    I have watched any movie or television in almost 5 years but when I heard about Cobra Kai I had to watch it.... 80’s baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danyal A.
    Danyal A. 6 days ago

    What do you guys think will happen in Season 2?

  • clopez232
    clopez232 6 days ago +1

    Yes!!! I usually hate shows tbh. But there’s something about this show. I’m addicted.

  • Alan Sanchez
    Alan Sanchez 6 days ago +1

    Nooooooo 2019 :(

  • Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson 6 days ago

    Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?

  • Scratcher Heaven
    Scratcher Heaven 7 days ago

    Hells geah!

  • Superpuppet Master
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    Are y'all going to keep going or when are you going to stop

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  • Thomas Dimovski
    Thomas Dimovski 8 days ago

    Finally I have been waiting for this

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  • sarok dois
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  • VinGin
    VinGin 9 days ago

    *🔥🐍 I am soooooooo hyped*

  • Boudreaux from Thibodaux

    Cant wait!!!!

  • xFlaffy
    xFlaffy 9 days ago

    2019 ? Really that blows....

  • John Pucker
    John Pucker 10 days ago

    I can’t wait til 2019 I hate waiting 😡😠

  • RosStang
    RosStang 10 days ago

    2019.....????? Are you serious .........

  • ClaytonGamer178 ツ
    ClaytonGamer178 ツ 11 days ago

    The best Serie !

  • TripleFighter
    TripleFighter 11 days ago

    If I’m waiting another year for season 2 sam and Miguel better be boyfriend and girlfriend

  • Mikey Colon
    Mikey Colon 12 days ago

    This is awesome! Season 1 was phenomenal!

  • TripleFighter
    TripleFighter 12 days ago

    Guys if u have Amazon Firestick download terrarium tv and u can watch cobra kai for free

  • AlberGamer1218
    AlberGamer1218 12 days ago

    2019 no puedo esperar tanto, ya quiero verlo :(

  • RoutineOff
    RoutineOff 12 days ago

    Even if everything seems already ready for season 2 after seeing the first season, I hope that season 2 will use "resonance Karate Kid part II" between Sato and Miyagi because for me the evolution of the characters can seems think it.
    In any case, the balance between the ingredients and the good cooking rules were used to give a good recipe
    it is good to see that the heart of a work can be respected without being motivated by greed
    When I was kid in the 80s, Mr.Miyagi and Yoda had the same impact on me
    This series heals me from my star wars disappointment
    Very Good Work

    OBAMAS WATCHING ME 12 days ago

    Sounds great and I look forward to season 2!.....But why am I paying $10.00 a month until you actually provide something? I just woke so to say and searched USclip Premium in hopes to find this reason why I'm paying. There was nothing new and I wondered why am I paying? I was hoping to see something new for my money and found a promise in 2019 that I have no contract with you on. Basically I have to pay approximately $120.00 from this point on to see your next big thing? My apologies for dropping balls on you but I do expect a response from you to entice me to keep my subscription alive until then.....otherwise I'll just join back then and enjoy if your finances are still on point of budget and you make season 2. I'm not even sure that you'll read this nor if you'll care but I am concerned and serious.

  • Hey Hello
    Hey Hello 13 days ago

    Miguel better be good or else I'm a goner

  • Fag Lord
    Fag Lord 13 days ago

    CAN'T. WAIT.

  • Pierce Smith
    Pierce Smith 13 days ago +1

    Hell yeah!!!!

  • Bandana Mo
    Bandana Mo 13 days ago +1

    Easily the best USclip original show. I'm so glad I took a chance

  • Sohaib Kamal
    Sohaib Kamal 14 days ago +1

    * 90's kids getting a boner *

  • Jeffery Miller
    Jeffery Miller 14 days ago

    I was pleasantly surprised about Cobra Kai. And for now it will be the only reason I renew Red Tube ... well, renew when season 2 hits

  • F0NZ1 S4UC3
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  • jean-francois st-jean
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  • TomFoolery
    TomFoolery 16 days ago

    This show has become my way of life. I only hope I can be as good a father as Johnny is. I'm currently breaking my son down so I can rebuild him in the spirt of Cobra Kai!

  • Akshat Debnath
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  • Cowboy Cowboy
    Cowboy Cowboy 17 days ago

    Robie.. is the start of both styles joining.. the bridge of yin and yang. The other students are the pull of each style. Perfection for a new dojo. Just need a threat to unite them all. ( all myagi do karate and new cobra kai)
    .Goju ryu student theory.

  • Cayden Garcia
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  • Iceticketlion Gaming
    Iceticketlion Gaming 18 days ago

    Why isn't this on television yet?!?! This is too awesome to not be on television.

  • Ninja_0ps7 _
    Ninja_0ps7 _ 19 days ago

    I need it before September

  • randyroo2
    randyroo2 19 days ago

    Please be January 2019 with 24 episodes at 40 mins run time. Watched this in a day. Then watched it again 2 days later. NEED MOAR!!!

  • cindy soldout
    cindy soldout 20 days ago

    such a good news , i loved karate kid i love cobra kai

  • maria larancuent
    maria larancuent 20 days ago

    this is a really good show

  • maria larancuent
    maria larancuent 20 days ago

    this is great !!

  • Jack Smales
    Jack Smales 20 days ago

    Can't wait for this

  • Hanuma suzuki
    Hanuma suzuki 21 day ago

    O jeah

  • Bamboo Productions
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  • BOMBAY elements
    BOMBAY elements 21 day ago

    i cant wait anymore

  • u tubz
    u tubz 21 day ago

    Just finished watching the 1st season loved it

  • vista7
    vista7 21 day ago

    Can't wait for season 2. It should be cool to watch Myagi Do Karata form and I am sure his daughter will be honing her karate skills and probably showdown with Miguel. They really have a lot of directions they can take the show and the writers are good. I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny turns forces and joins up with Daniel. The only bad part is that leaves Miguel as the villain. I expect they will probably introduce some other villains. They should have written Elisabeth Shue as single and maybe she could reunite with Johnny. Who knows, she may make a cameo appearance.

  • Modern Combat
    Modern Combat 22 days ago

    Why 2019 :(((

  • nathon clendennin
    nathon clendennin 22 days ago

    Season 2 NOW! Or we will RIOT in the streets with plastic FORKS!

  • Josiah Hongrea
    Josiah Hongrea 22 days ago

    2019? Thats a really long time

  • Classified Archives
    Classified Archives 22 days ago

    I am so anxious for this to happen.

  • fake12062017 fake
    fake12062017 fake 23 days ago

    U always make cobra kai villan

  • Marquita Arguello
    Marquita Arguello 23 days ago

    Can’t wait

  • Vastoddy Ao
    Vastoddy Ao 23 days ago

    Yessss i love

  • Paula Ticked
    Paula Ticked 23 days ago

    I freaking loved this series! Bringing back the main actors and using flashbacks from the original karate kid movies had me in nostalgia. I have to say I am a Johnny Lawrence fan now.

  • Ridha Gaming
    Ridha Gaming 23 days ago

    I cant waitttttttttt when is season 2 realisng

  • Metehan Pak
    Metehan Pak 24 days ago

    Türkçe altyazı gelsin

  • Adriano Ziffer
    Adriano Ziffer 24 days ago

    We are waiting!

  • CJ Alexander
    CJ Alexander 24 days ago

    literally binged all of season 1 in one day

  • Spinx the Lynx
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  • Jab 661
    Jab 661 25 days ago

    I paid for Premium just for this show.

  • Muneeb K
    Muneeb K 25 days ago

    Why 2019????? 😩😩😩

  • Yzaiah Guillen
    Yzaiah Guillen 25 days ago

    Lets gooooooooo

  • Titan Gaming400
    Titan Gaming400 26 days ago

    FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAALI I can’t wait for season2

  • taylor reed
    taylor reed 26 days ago

    Guess i should cancel my subscription till 2019.

  • Anonymous Cook
    Anonymous Cook 26 days ago

    WHY 2019 WHY NOT 2018!?!?!? But i guess ill wait.... all im saying is... if it is taking so long to make then it better be The BEST season 2 of ANY TV Series in The Whole WORLD!

  • Jens Boffin
    Jens Boffin 26 days ago

    Just hope Miguel and Sam get a second go. I even can imagine Johny going against Creese this time around. Epic series.

  • Mr Crafty Trucker
    Mr Crafty Trucker 26 days ago

    Can’t wait

  • MrAcuarioz
    MrAcuarioz 27 days ago

    2019? is that kidding?

  • Lyon Barrera
    Lyon Barrera 27 days ago

    I wish in the development of the series that there should be a flashbacks in the burial of Mr. Miyagi the people visiting there and so were other karate intructors and referees including Pat E. Johnson to pay their respect to the kind man.

  • xSnowyBluex
    xSnowyBluex 27 days ago

    Man, only 7 more months till 2019...


  • Women Respector
    Women Respector 27 days ago

    Come on 2019 I can't wait that long

  • David Petrovic
    David Petrovic 27 days ago

    i cant wait 2019

  • Fauxwhistle 1909
    Fauxwhistle 1909 28 days ago

    This is the only series that's actually good on USclip Red

  • Lisette Vargas
    Lisette Vargas 28 days ago

    2019 really!!! That's so 6 months from now😣

  • MadeTheCuttt
    MadeTheCuttt 28 days ago

    USclip 100% garbage for that you wanna compete but your one good show taken more than a year for new eps? 🥋🥋 hold this L!! All of ya all of yah now (boskoe voice) , USclip hold this L!!!

  • vicky david
    vicky david 28 days ago

    can't wait!

  • Matias Encinas
    Matias Encinas 28 days ago

    Enserio?? 2019? Uff lo que hay que esperar viejo

  • Artmatician
    Artmatician 28 days ago

    Need to have Sam and Miguel together💏

  • Ginger Castenholz
    Ginger Castenholz 29 days ago

    If I was to wait for season 2 to start my free trial, could I still watch season 1?

  • mycali louis
    mycali louis 29 days ago

    I wanna see season 2

  • Nobody's Account
    Nobody's Account 29 days ago

    2019??? R u kidding me?????

  • LA CII
    LA CII 29 days ago

    This show is amazing! binged it in like 3 days and then went into withdrawal because there was no season 2 yet

  • CelticFun Channel
    CelticFun Channel 29 days ago

    Hmmm, so basically it's like Game of Thrones, give us something good, mate, and then we gotta wait 1 and a Half for the next piece of Cake?!?!

  • Saf C
    Saf C Month ago

    This series is lit

  • cola
    cola Month ago

    And then for Season 3 or 4, they should get Chozen to train Kyler against Miguel. Assuming Johnny and Daniel can work out their differences in Season 2.

  • Jerome Sears
    Jerome Sears Month ago

    I got a show idea I wish I can present to USclip. How does it all work?

  • Christian RG
    Christian RG Month ago


  • AlexRejba
    AlexRejba Month ago

    In today's world of endless sequels and remakes, this one was done perfectly.

  • Show Time
    Show Time Month ago

    This is the only reason why I signed on to you tube red next year 2019 I will be back for Cobra Kai season 2

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    To long