Out Loud (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
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    written by Gabbie Hanna & Bruce Wiegner
    Produced by Bruce Wiegner
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Year ago +50115


  • Life Withsuri
    Life Withsuri 8 hours ago

    This is funkin goood have a good day my chickoledo

  • Natasha Esquivel
    Natasha Esquivel 2 days ago

    One hit wonder. I love this song. I was disappointed, or I guess rather dissatisfied with your new album.

  • danni daveto
    danni daveto 2 days ago +5

    The song that started it all I love you so much Gabby!💔🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • Morianne Klimsz
    Morianne Klimsz 3 days ago

    Gabbie you really really really need something actually good to happen to you and it needs to last

  • Amanda hill
    Amanda hill 3 days ago +1

    definitely the best song you have ever done. shows who you are as an artist and is the most lyrically sound in your material.

  • Peyton Greenway
    Peyton Greenway 3 days ago +1

    At 0:11 there is a picture of yellow sunflowers 🌻 and in the Butterflies music video 🦋 one of the scenes is her tearing the yellow sunflowers 🌻

    • Kay _idrc
      Kay _idrc 2 days ago

      Peyton Greenway ikr I thought I was the only one who knew that omg

  • Kirsten Duncan
    Kirsten Duncan 3 days ago +1

    Who is here in 2019 lol

  • isabel pizarro
    isabel pizarro 3 days ago

    just came from butterflies. I feel like she should've named this song ghost.

  • madicfell off
    madicfell off 3 days ago

    this song gives me feelings :(

  • Quinn Jameson
    Quinn Jameson 3 days ago

    I got actual chills when it changed to the twist

  • Charlotte Darjuan
    Charlotte Darjuan 3 days ago +2

    I'm watching this in 2019... how come I've never heard you before. You're so good.

  • SammyKitty92
    SammyKitty92 4 days ago +1

    Can anyone imagine if she were to re-record this now!?

  • ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali

    The song that started it all...

  • immabatboi 9
    immabatboi 9 4 days ago

    1:01 profile pic

  • SammyKitty92
    SammyKitty92 4 days ago +1

    this is her best song, fight me!

  • Ella Judge
    Ella Judge 4 days ago

    it’s been 2 years and i when i here this song i get nostalgic😻

  • Linda Holland
    Linda Holland 5 days ago +1

    My best friend was killed in a car accident I was in love with him it's been 2 yrs still can't move on and try find someone he will always be in my heart rip Stephen

  • MLH Rocks
    MLH Rocks 5 days ago

    I have herd this on the radio

  • ERS11 Pokemon
    ERS11 Pokemon 5 days ago +1

    This is my favourite song for sure! Anyone else agree? 👇👍

    COOL CLOTHES 5 days ago

    how i think the storyline goes this might seem crazy but it goes monster (the start of the breakup feeling lonely) then honestly (knowing that she didnt do anything wrong so shes happy) then medicate (shes depressed that she has no one with her) then butterflies (reminicing about the relationship and the good parts about it) then out loud (reminicing about the bad parts about the relationship) then finally perfect day (deciding weather if the relationship was good or bad) this order was probably really wrong but i tried lol

  • Luis Silva
    Luis Silva 5 days ago

    If any of us guys thought it's a break up song

  • Jill R
    Jill R 5 days ago

    Who is still watching and are still obsessed with this song in 2019?

  • MLH Rocks
    MLH Rocks 6 days ago

    I did not know this was gabbies song
    knowing that makes it SO much better

  • Desiree' Knotts
    Desiree' Knotts 6 days ago +14

    gabbie: say what u mean out loud
    *beat drop*
    me: *immediate sobbing*

  • Halal Crack
    Halal Crack 6 days ago

    I'm actually crying shit

  • Sean Barry
    Sean Barry 6 days ago

    Her voice has improved so much, so happy for her :)

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene 6 days ago

    This is beyond raw! All I wanted to do after watching this was to give you a hug Gabbie!

  • Quit.
    Quit. 6 days ago

    Still my favorite of your songs 💞

  • Xavier Arrabis
    Xavier Arrabis 6 days ago

    Whos here after Butterflies and Perfect Day?

  • KatKorn 101
    KatKorn 101 6 days ago +1

    I never knew Gabbie wrote my favorite song!

  • Rana Ackles
    Rana Ackles 6 days ago

    This song is amazing ❤

  • bigpepebrooke
    bigpepebrooke 6 days ago +1

    damn, I have seen many hate videos on her, so I came into thinking that I wouldn't like this song, but actually, it made me cry because I can relate. she doesn't deserve the hate she is given. shes working so hard and she has made many achievements.

  • Gabrielle Delle-Vergin

    Watching these back it’s so inspiring to see how far you’ve come but this has still got to be one of my favourites

  • Piper Grimes
    Piper Grimes 7 days ago

    This was a bop

  • whats good
    whats good 7 days ago +1

    I would like to blame my tears on account of my period but i also said that the worst lies you tell are the ones you tell yourself

  • Bonnie the bunny bonnie the bunny from fanf wrold

    This is some good loud music get it cuz of loud out #gabbiehanna

  • Lanie_ Chase
    Lanie_ Chase 7 days ago +2

    She looks so young

  • asmr lovely
    asmr lovely 7 days ago +15

    Who here after "2WAYMIRROR" is released

  • Jake G
    Jake G 7 days ago +2

    sponsored by fuji instax

  • callie goff
    callie goff 7 days ago +1

    Who else swears thay have heard this song on the radio..
    Honestly, Gabbie is amazing. She is such an inspiration to me! My dream since i was about 8 years old has been to be a singer or to be famous. Gabbie has showed me that no matter how much haters or bullys are in your life, dont give up. Gabbie, keep doing what your doing and know that people love you! You are AMAZING!! And remember, DONT GIVE UP!!!

  • Nicole Gilliam
    Nicole Gilliam 7 days ago +3

    I know in the video it's about a partner but everytime I hear this song I remember my mother. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing! Thank you for that ❤

  • Gossip Girl
    Gossip Girl 8 days ago +1

    My jaw literally dropped to the floor when the clip at the funeral played. 😍that was awesome, after I watched butterflies🦋, and perfect day I rewatched all of the other songs that she put out.i cannot believe that Gabbie has grown so much, from making funny vines, to USclip videos, and then to amazing jaw dropping music/music videos, and still USclip videos that is getting millions of likes and views.❤️

  • Chris Gucci
    Chris Gucci 8 days ago

    Best song

  • TanaBonana
    TanaBonana 8 days ago

    Her singing has really improved, but this is still my favorite

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches 8 days ago +2

    Well, watched it for the like... 10th time and still cried

  • Medha Gupta
    Medha Gupta 8 days ago


  • Medha Gupta
    Medha Gupta 8 days ago

    I still think this is her besttttt song! So addictive, so emotional

  • Surbhi Datar
    Surbhi Datar 8 days ago

    I love the lyrics

  • Schuyler_Edits
    Schuyler_Edits 8 days ago

    At first I thought that was Anthony Padilla

  • Galaxy Girl3
    Galaxy Girl3 8 days ago


  • shelby Tworek
    shelby Tworek 8 days ago

    How sad! Her boyfriend committed suside!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marissa KM
    Marissa KM 9 days ago

    As soon as I saw Gabbies comment saying stop you will spoil yourself. I was like I bet he's dead. Lol

  • dashing blue epic
    dashing blue epic 9 days ago +1

    Whatta Tune

  • KittyCatWeirdo
    KittyCatWeirdo 9 days ago +1

    OMG this is the best music video ever! I am crying!
    Such a deep meaning, great singing!
    AHHHH I WANNA HUG YOU SO BADLY 🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Paul the Creature
    Paul the Creature 9 days ago


  • Dava Rhea
    Dava Rhea 9 days ago

    I love you so much gabbie

  • Nainoah Macugay
    Nainoah Macugay 9 days ago

    Yo I’m watching this in 2019 and this is legit the beginning of something great

  • zoe endres
    zoe endres 9 days ago

    Who else is crying? No? Just me? Ok

  • AbdulQadir Tv
    AbdulQadir Tv 9 days ago +1

    Love still

  • Marnie Antoinette Par

    her countless songs and this one still slaps me

  • Chef Charlie
    Chef Charlie 9 days ago

    I love her music

  • Kitty Gacha
    Kitty Gacha 9 days ago

    I remember when this song came out. It was a hard time for me because I live in south texas

  • Alma Corar
    Alma Corar 9 days ago +1

    0:25 when your mom gets the CHANCLA out

  • Leslie Rangel
    Leslie Rangel 10 days ago +1

    How has it been two years already😳

  • Femk Leeuwarden
    Femk Leeuwarden 10 days ago


  • Haven Mount
    Haven Mount 10 days ago

    Damn. I understand were your coming from. I miss my first love and I wish he understands what I am going through but he doesn't. But at the same time we have to move on and understand that he is a ghost and all of us will find someone better. This song has helped me a lot

  • chloe worthy
    chloe worthy 10 days ago +1

    i love her hair

  • TuckPlays2Day
    TuckPlays2Day 10 days ago +1

    this song gives me the chills I love it!

  • Pandalover 0532
    Pandalover 0532 10 days ago +312

    Who came after butterflies🦋🦋🦋

  • Kitty Queen
    Kitty Queen 10 days ago +7

    Out loud🗣
    Best songs by Gabbie Hanna💯

    • Jean Louis
      Jean Louis 10 days ago +1

      Kitty Queen Out loud: speak up
      Honestly: so be honest
      Medicate: n maybe I won’t medicate anymore
      Monster: so you won’t deal with me being a monster to you
      Butterfly: this is what you want ??

  • LeeGrom2020
    LeeGrom2020 10 days ago

    The blink at 2:42 was beautiful

  • Askari rezwi
    Askari rezwi 10 days ago

    Who found this song by trying to find out loud by Alejandro from American idol

  • Bri Perez
    Bri Perez 11 days ago +29

    Who else is watching this for the 700th time?😂😂😂☀️☀️

  • Morianne Klimsz
    Morianne Klimsz 11 days ago +1

    I saw the boyfriend at the funeral! Ghost possibly?

  • Claudia Maria
    Claudia Maria 11 days ago +6


  • Leah Divina
    Leah Divina 11 days ago

    Oooooh. She's a girl. 🤯

  • pusheenmyluck !
    pusheenmyluck ! 11 days ago

    Late to the party but damn this video is amazing...

  • lonely potato
    lonely potato 11 days ago


  • Sarah Usman
    Sarah Usman 11 days ago +1

    Me: “But you’re just a ghost now,” aye he left you?
    Gabi: no
    Me: ah, he a ghost literally. gotcha.

  • Ashlyn Mills
    Ashlyn Mills 11 days ago

    I was going though all of your songs today and released you posted this on my birthday so thx

  • Kara Burry
    Kara Burry 11 days ago

    I blasted this song all day everyday. I would to go work listening to it, listen to it on my breaks, go home listening to it. It holds a special place in my heart because this is where Gabbie’s music career started. I’m SO proud of you girl. 💕

  • CrazyCam
    CrazyCam 11 days ago

    Why’d you private satellite?? I like that song a lot

  • TotallyOriginal
    TotallyOriginal 11 days ago

    It's interesting because, (yes I know I'm ten million years late or whatever) Gabbie could have made the music video for Butterflies similar to this, and it would have had the same effect on me...

  • yike.e -
    yike.e - 12 days ago

    bad video to watch after getting out of a long relationship with a guy who unfortunately also had a fro 🙃😭😭

  • Gracie George
    Gracie George 12 days ago +1

    Is he dead or is he dead to her?
    A ghost - a distant memory
    This song makes me think, it always makes me think

  • Gracie George
    Gracie George 12 days ago +2

    "Wanna feel your heartbeat
    But it doesn't beat for me no more"
    Those lyrics hit me hard everytime!

    • Gracie George
      Gracie George 9 days ago

      @Hedgey omg jesus 🥵😂

    • Hedgey
      Hedgey 9 days ago +1

      It beats for Jesus now lol

    • Gracie George
      Gracie George 9 days ago

      @Hedgey yeah but it can be classed as a death or a breakup. 'Beats for someone else'

    • Hedgey
      Hedgey 9 days ago +1

      It literally doesn’t beat anymore XD

  • Melody Mind
    Melody Mind 12 days ago +1

    here after 2WAYMIRROR?

  • Oh Hai There
    Oh Hai There 12 days ago +1

    I thught it was a breakup song at first I was like "it's not that bad chill" but the line "But you're just a ghost now" was really throwing me off but then the funeral scene came up and I spit out my water.THAT WENT FEOM 0 TO A HUNDRED REAL FAST

  • jojokintel
    jojokintel 12 days ago

    Petit-bourgeoisie talentless fake blonde modern Sisyphus

  • Cianoxxx
    Cianoxxx 12 days ago

    Damn still a hit in 2019

  • Shhh don’t tell papi THANOS

    I never watched Gabbie before or heard any of her past songs. But damn. THIS IS A BOP.

  • Official_Sez
    Official_Sez 13 days ago +3

    😱 how did I get goosebumps on my goosebumps!??! ❤️❤️😍

  • Nhicole
    Nhicole 13 days ago

    this is fire af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nom monster
    Nom monster 13 days ago +1

    This makes me wanna write fanfiction

  • The Journey Of Music
    The Journey Of Music 13 days ago

    This is basically Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood danggg I love it tho

  • Zoe Sandberg
    Zoe Sandberg 13 days ago

    I've listened to this over 10 times now. ( I discovered this yesterday)

  • KokoAneko
    KokoAneko 13 days ago +4

    My God, Gabbie started out amazing, but she's gotten so much better in less than two years!

  • xX Gacha Boy Xx
    xX Gacha Boy Xx 13 days ago +1

    This reminds me of my gf she passed away in a car accident she was driving the the railroad. Gates crush the rear end of her car and she got took with a train I'm litterally about to cry #trainssuck

    • xX Gacha Boy Xx
      xX Gacha Boy Xx 13 days ago +1

      Please leave a like for my gf in heaven or hell please

  • Ashley DaPanda
    Ashley DaPanda 14 days ago