Let's talk about what it's like to be a black person in the US....

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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  • rebelcharlie
    rebelcharlie 4 hours ago

    8,154 Comments, this one will be lost, and only a few will read it, but, thank you for this commnent, I am Puerto Rican and I can relate to what your words say, 120 years as a US colony, now with a Federal Junta that rules above the elected government, no real democracy demosntrated by this condition. Anyway, my respect to you.

  • Rhonda Lydeard
    Rhonda Lydeard 9 hours ago

    There are NO white people. Black people have a strong better culture than any so called white people. We have nothing as far as I can see... I think that's why so many of us are jealous.

  • Rhonda Lydeard
    Rhonda Lydeard 9 hours ago


  • Armoni Q Fields
    Armoni Q Fields 12 hours ago

    Wow!...."We got good at cooking trash"...."The Red, White and Blue didn't Love You"...Very nicely said...I do thank you....

  • jiacov
    jiacov 13 hours ago

    Damn, that is one smart plant then.

  • Pedro Abreu
    Pedro Abreu 14 hours ago

    Yeah, I just realized "Black Pride" is such an umbrella term unlike my Portuguese Pride, and I'm still living in the "old country". wow

  • 1bound4glory
    1bound4glory Day ago +1

    This is the one you tube Beau video I desperately wanted to share on facebook and I get a 404 not found error code! This is the closest I've ever heard a white person come to nearly understanding. There is more, research now says enslavement damaged our DNA. But our strength is our super power.

  • Terry Nicknig
    Terry Nicknig Day ago

    I'm 33 white. I thought this country was well on it's and I proud to be a part of it with my black girl friend voting for Obama and for gay marriage in 2008. what is wrong with white people? I'm one and I mean it I don't understand. There are terrified little bigots who hide their fear every wear but the mirror who clame to be moral.

  • Nate C.
    Nate C. Day ago

    Wow, I've never actually looked at this issue from this perspective. Thank you.

  • Tata Smith
    Tata Smith Day ago

    People of color MUST understand there is no other nation of people that's hated all over the world, but contributes so much positive TO the world and ur connected TO the universal father's bloodline more then any other race of people, that's why other nations strive so hard TO keep u ignorant, scattered, divided and mixing with other groups of people. The absolute reason black wall Street was destroyed and rosewood. An all black thriving family community. Just like the NATION OF ISLAM IN AMERICA. it's not a matter of being a person of color in America. It's about the nation's in America inability TO accept the fact that the universal father made us to praise him and he is our avenger In due time.

  • Tata Smith
    Tata Smith Day ago

    American people of color MUST understand that the greatest stories ever told which is the bible is their culture and it's talking about blacks. Bondage was changed TO a new title SLAVERY, which is the same thing.

  • Pee Wee
    Pee Wee Day ago

    this was a real ass 8 minutes

  • Xmetal
    Xmetal Day ago

    happen to watch this video after dealing with racist family members ... and boy the 180 (I cant put that into strong enough words) in the thinking and say empathy toward the subject ... like i commented on another video on this channel ... I feel so happy that I feel more educated after watching these videos. My view (realizing how i was wrong) on "I am not American, I am African-America" (I know he said it the other way around in the video) ... may have switched ... I took a moment to listen and think and go ... I get it now ... thank you for that

  • Donee Stoner
    Donee Stoner Day ago +1

    Beau, you never cease to amaze me. You're a good man ! Love you, bro.

  • Brett Parhar
    Brett Parhar Day ago

    God damn... I love this man.

  • trestin p
    trestin p Day ago

    There DNA kits like 23 and Me,Ancestry DNA...etc that can point a person in the right direction of their heritage.

  • boonestead
    boonestead Day ago

    not the most important part i took away from this vid,but,most cultures have their own versions of peasant food.italians,mortadeela.horse meat.scottis,hagus lamb gizzrds.ukranians cabbage rolls perogies.english,sheppards pie.mixed cuts of undesirable meats.its only the rich,of all cultures who ate good food.we now consider many of the peasant food normal.desirable.especially with globalisation.mullticulturalism.not to take away from your point though.....

  • Chatty Cathy
    Chatty Cathy 2 days ago +1

    Ur such a cool dude! Ur intelligence and wisdom IS VERY appreciated.....I'm glad ur from the south, they NEED folks like you!!!

  • Stone Paxton Music Production

    You always post very deep time pieces. continue sharing even if it takes most awhile to understand what your are sharing is deeper than average want to take the time to understand. I wish @ pray most take the time to listen to what you really say .

  • Mr. BeatsMachine
    Mr. BeatsMachine 2 days ago

    Understanding that we do not understand is so important

  • Mr. BeatsMachine
    Mr. BeatsMachine 2 days ago

    Hi, I'm a young white male and honestly after getting through school I'm quite ashamed of what my race has done to people in the past but I am hopeful to look ahead and know that in the coming future I, at least will preach equality and teach my kids to treasure everyone NO MATTER WHAT just as my parents taught me to do. There was a college professor in Microsociology who opened my eyes to the fact that I could never understand what it's like to be someone in a situation like the one blacks(/LGBTQ/females as well) face today in modern American society. Joyner Lucas' "I'm Not Racist," and videos such as these with people like you give me more hope that the world will eventually be rid of the inequality and unfairness that is present today

  • Rexini Kobalt
    Rexini Kobalt 2 days ago

    Should not rewatch all your videos whilst drunk.

  • SiriusMined
    SiriusMined 2 days ago

    My great-grandfather George was born a slave. I have a picture of him. My father knew him. That's how recently slavery was.

  • SiriusMined
    SiriusMined 2 days ago

    What's funny about the people who say get over it is that they're the same ones who wet themselves if someone takes down a Confederate statue. The hypocrisy it's so huge that if it were food it could feed all the poor in North America.

  • RobJohn
    RobJohn 3 days ago

    My level of respect and honor and gratitude for your commentaries, sharing awareness of so many important issues that we must face and the encouragement you inspire by speaking truth to power - all these things I feel toward you have deepened man.
    You are the real deal brother. Much love to you and your family. May God bless your way and continue to bless your walk on this journey of life. Again... thank you for courageously speaking out and standing up for righteousness

  • Dave Reeves photography

    This is deep stuff. Brilliantly done. Here in the uk we even have regional cultural differences. So you’re absolutely bang on with this. The term “African American”... What if we called all white Americans “European Americans” rather than Italian or Irish etc.

  • Richy
    Richy 4 days ago

    What a great video, I really enjoy listening to your wise words. Also, I must say the love and apprecitation expressed in the comment section is really very touching.

  • Faque
    Faque 4 days ago


  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson 4 days ago


  • ladytenor9876
    ladytenor9876 4 days ago

    What is it like? When we leave our residences, we know it is a very possible probability that we will not come home. We are followed by security personnel when we enter upscale stores. White people are astonished that we can speak the USA equivalent of BBC Recieved. Growing up knowing that some professions are all but closed to us. Each day being reminded that we are an annoying reminder of events most whites would prefer to regret. The closest I will ever get to identifying my country of origin is that it's located on the west coast of Africa. I can easily identify what my late mother called the Roots rot in our ancestry: two Scots brothers who married white wives, and raped their female slaves.
    Thanks, Beau

  • Clarissa Gafoor
    Clarissa Gafoor 4 days ago

    You are such an adult!!! Can I adopt you?

  • John Warner
    John Warner 4 days ago

    As a European who moved from one EU country to another - I found I became more aware of my native culture(s) and I notice the "differences" and yes I did choose to move so it is not the same but cultural yearning is a phenomenon that needs to be nourished.

  • hamdog
    hamdog 4 days ago

    Dude, I'm 25, and I have no idea where my parent's ancestors comes from before Virginia and Ohio. I am an American. That's my heritage. Slavery ended in the 1860s. That's several generations to develop an "identity". Just because you can't talk about good old (insert overseas country here) doesn't mean your life is lacking in any way. It's way less important than you make it out to be. My life is full, screw my ancestors, I'm here now, and that's what matters to me.

  • gump90210
    gump90210 4 days ago

    Wow somebody finally understands

  • Paul Samat
    Paul Samat 4 days ago +3

    Great video. Well put. Common sense strikes again.
    I was badly racially bullied for not being fully white, it had serious effects on me, but I still have no idea what it’s like to be a black persons in the US. However I can empathise to some degree.

  • ixisuprflyixi
    ixisuprflyixi 5 days ago +1

    Why has your voice changed so much between channels?

  • Elizabeth Whitman
    Elizabeth Whitman 5 days ago

    A portion of my family history was ripped way. My great grandmother was Cherokee. Our ancestors were forced on to the trail of tears. Eventually some of our family made it back to North Carolina but, all the ancient stories and songs based on that land have been lost.

  • poor lenny
    poor lenny 5 days ago

    Im an irish guy but this brought me to the verge of tears
    I know the privilege it reflects that a video by a white guy on black people evoked this
    The idea of cultural destruction and identity strikes home especially hard for obvious reasons

  • 9avedon
    9avedon 5 days ago

    Social Justice nonsense here, Blaming slavery on America, ignoring the 1000 YEAR PLUS HISTORY of slavery all over the world.

  • DesertRat45
    DesertRat45 5 days ago

    well, most right wingers I know snowflake me for the same subject. As for slavery, the whole nation is a slave nation. It's a debt based society. As for cultural past, it means a lot. When you have no cultural past, you don't have anything to hold on to. Which is another reason our social handlers do not want you to have a heritage other than one that gets them elected. The handlers want social strife. It works for them. They are allowed to have a heritage, the rest of us are not. Heritage and culture is how you grew up. DNA is the tree that got you here. No matter how the handlers keep relabeling themselves, you can easily see them through their manipulations. Left wingers, it's just as much a tool for them as the right.

  • Stourm
    Stourm 5 days ago

    Well Beau I've been watching several of your insightful videos. I've never seen someone TRY and understand what it's like to be someone else. I think you're absolutely right about the identity being ripped away. Maybe that's why my cousin is so angry ALL THE TIME. We need to make peace with the Past in order to make a better Future. That is my belief and what I strive towards. You can't go through life blaming people of Today for the deeds of people of the Past. Heal...

  • Emily Jay
    Emily Jay 5 days ago +2

    Veryyyyy interesting. Never heard it articulated like this before. Love your compassion & thoughtfulness. Blessings, a British Italian 🇬🇧🇨🇮

  • juan hoshkaboo
    juan hoshkaboo 6 days ago +1

    I love how you're acting all sad for our black brothers. What a douche.

  • juan hoshkaboo
    juan hoshkaboo 6 days ago +1

    Address our history? Are you talking about whites? Do the Asians and Latinos who live here just sit this one out? We know the fucking history. Sorry people long ago we're mean to people you may be realted to, now get your shit together.

  • juan hoshkaboo
    juan hoshkaboo 6 days ago +1

    Oh yes once we all understand how hard it is for our black children they'll smile big and turn their lives around

  • juan hoshkaboo
    juan hoshkaboo 6 days ago +1

    Statistics and numbers! You mean the over presentation of black males as criminals. The difference between criminals in the white community and those in the black community is that when white criminal is killed or roughed up nobody goes out and burns down a CVS or looks for an opportunity to steal a television.

  • homerussimpson25
    homerussimpson25 6 days ago

    What an incredible speech. Amazing words.

  • Renee Gentry
    Renee Gentry 6 days ago +2

    Down in Louisiana on record in a isolated rural area there was a black family who didn't not know slavery had ended until the late 1960's and early 1970's. What was done to our black Brothers, sisters, mom's, dad's, and grandparents was not too very long ago. As a white girl when I watched the Documentary I was floored and I cried but when I asked my black friends oh they knew! As white people we can empathize but we will never know the loss and violence they feel.
    Here's the Documentary I wrote about.

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones 6 days ago

    I can't believe I've never seen that perspective. Thanks, Beau.

  • Belthazor22
    Belthazor22 6 days ago +1

    Let's talk about the best southerner on the internet

    • Haseeb 2
      Haseeb 2 4 days ago

      If he is what you call the best southerner, that is insulting and partly racist because there are MANY blacks on the internet who echo the same things he has stated, yet they are called all kinds of names... He merely scratched the surface of a long and complex issue. He is not an academic nor an intellectual... He does not strike me as a person who reads all that much. All of his videos are simply based on the way he feels about things and things he has heard. He does little to no research on what he talks about. I can tell by the way he talks about things that he is not too big on reading, studying or doing research... There are many more southerners (especially blacks) on and offline who are way out of his league.

  • Jennie Quesnel
    Jennie Quesnel 6 days ago

    Your kids are lucky to have you as a father and a teacher!

  • Jeff Zeiler
    Jeff Zeiler 7 days ago +1

    No one knows what its like to be someone else. No one knows what its like to be substantially different than they are. I think I get what you are doing here, but I don't buy it. It doesn't really hold up, beyond the point of my opening statements.

  • Faiza Mahmoud
    Faiza Mahmoud 7 days ago

    good video. There needs to be more understanding regarding this. Im an African immigrant and it took me a while to understand what was going on and why i was treated in way that was either not okay(racism) or "okay"( people telling me im different than other blacks). Ive tried to explain to my white american bf what is going on, it does seem that there are less white Americans that understand that they cant understand, vs their European counterparts which is interesting. anyways good video

  • Barbara 1
    Barbara 1 7 days ago

    Love to listen to your points of view Beau.
    Just a small criticism, why would you laugh at your kid singing Oo agh up the Ra?
    I understand what they were fighting for and don’t blame Ireland for that. If it was old time IRA I’d be right there with ya.
    But the modern day IRA were/are terrorists who murdered innocent people. So I don’t get you there.

  • Juan Manuel
    Juan Manuel 8 days ago

    I haver never thought about this American cultural aspect

  • t
    t 8 days ago

    This guy gets it.

  • Nizhoni Betley
    Nizhoni Betley 8 days ago

    I wish you had a larger platform. People, America, needs to hear you. Preach for real. 🗣

  • William Stevens
    William Stevens 9 days ago

    This what we need, understanding. Wear those other(s) shoes.

  • DemonSoul64
    DemonSoul64 9 days ago

    Ooh ah, up the 'RA, indeed, lol! For reference - usclip.net/video/IdUWTsRtla4/video.html

  • miumumusebox
    miumumusebox 10 days ago

    speak brother! truesay, you keep on keepin on x

  • spectreshadow
    spectreshadow 10 days ago

    I'm a black guy and you are a rare treasure for making this video. God bless.

  • Sju-Nu Productions
    Sju-Nu Productions 12 days ago

    New video footage from Sandra Bland's arrest has been released.

  • EGH181
    EGH181 13 days ago

    You are a breath of fresh air Beau.

  • Lorenzo Wilborn
    Lorenzo Wilborn 14 days ago

    bruh!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost dropped tears!!!!!!! thank you for the empathy and the openness to understand!!!!
    GEEZUS...…………… thank you

  • mark bowen
    mark bowen 14 days ago

    I can see why black folks pay so much for trainers and sports clothing. Basketball, football, track are etc some of the few where pride can be found because it's easy to get in. Golf, swimming, ice hockey, Polo, are harder to get in.

  • Renee Green
    Renee Green 16 days ago

    Most so called African Americans are not Africans. We are the people! We are the Hebrew Israelites! 😁 The Africans sold our (Israelites) people.

  • L Forte
    L Forte 16 days ago

    Before watching your video , scrolling thru comments . I caught myself getting emotional .
    A Man just trying to understand or just acknowledging that he can't .
    No denial
    No dismissing
    No deflecting
    People REALLY appreciated this
    Being heard
    Being acknowledged
    Being recognized

  • frippolin
    frippolin 18 days ago

    As someone born and raised in Sweden, this is really hard to understand. I know where I´m from, we can trace it back to 16/17-century, thank you for showing me how little I truly understand about that struggle

  • PigIron BigIron
    PigIron BigIron 18 days ago +1

    Keep telling Blacks that they are victims is not a good thing. They are not victims any more than Whites. Any kid that hears that, is going to think that. Pandering Whites are the worst humans....

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 19 days ago

    Equality is the only thing people want. I dont want to be so rich i cant even count how many 0s i have. I just want to be able to make it to that point or any point in between without having to fight for everything because systems are rigged against me.
    Thank you for being a voice of reason in this sea of hate and bigotry. We just have to work together with like minded people to push past it all. Damn buddy your words are so much like mine and so many others i know. There isnt many races there is one the human race.

  • Emily Hofland
    Emily Hofland 20 days ago +1

    Ok... I'm curious... It's not about right or wrong. I'll tell you, either way.
    Dad's side... Both grandparents immigrated from Norway.
    Mom's side... Grandma immigrated from Norway. Grandpa is orange-haired-Irish, and idk if he immigrated or not.
    Currently. Most of my immediate family lives, spread out in Iowa.
    If you have the time, tell me what my swear words are, and the rest of your list. Foods, bias' etc. And I'll help you out. I'm well traveled, and try just about anything. Would be easier if you try to name foods I don't like.
    (My fun side, thinks this sounds fun... the logical side of me is warning me of my reaction if you are right on all accounts. Would be a little freaky).

  • Pavel Lukacko
    Pavel Lukacko 21 day ago +2

    I honestly don't think much of who I am comes from my ancestors' culture. I live in a multi-cultural society. Perhaps I've lost something because of that, I don't know. But it's not that unusual, so it it really that hard to understand them? In fact, I would not be surprised if the average African-American has a deeper cultural heritage than I have. My whole family is from a single European country by the way! Maybe cultural heritage is more important in America. I don't know.

  • tcam
    tcam 22 days ago

    So many triggered white folk in the comments. Cry me a river..

  • ObamaCAREDtwITLER'sSKEIRD idontUnerstandRePUBLICONs

    Oh yea & my white ass can say I've eaten hog "jow", "chitlins" "brains & eggs cooked by my white wife & mother in law recently but only because they were so poor they were share croppers. They took in black families that we're starving! Tends to make us all the same race & rightly so! We whites are no different than Black's, Mex's, whoever in rich folks eyes except Rich doesn't fear us at every turn, they use us to kick down/hold down the others!

  • ObamaCAREDtwITLER'sSKEIRD idontUnerstandRePUBLICONs

    So I probably am on my 50 to 100th vid of his & I wish he would say something that I had not basically thought of as my 1st reaction to current events! A white Southern man myself, I only can say I have been raised by very open minded hippies who didn't hate the shade of a person. Trump has helped my white ass to hate white people! Too!

  • TheTuvokk
    TheTuvokk 27 days ago


  • Deborah Kline
    Deborah Kline 28 days ago

    Worthy of a mic drop. Your videos are spot on but this one especially. ..pure depth and empathy. Thank you.

  • Oddie Rain
    Oddie Rain 28 days ago

    Man i just stumbled on to your channel, love the message brother👌🏽 WATCHING EVERY AD BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO BE PAID FOR THIS. PREACH!

  • Earth Quake
    Earth Quake 29 days ago

    I stills believe this is the best Apartheid system ever, you live in it and can’t even see it

  • timmy tap
    timmy tap 29 days ago +1

    Sharp Brotha, Deep posts Duke.

  • saddisman
    saddisman 29 days ago

    Same thing in the Caribbean with "chicken foot souse" and "oil down" etc. As Bob Marley said we have to "emancipate ourselves from Mental Slavary." Stop blaming others for our own doing. Parents pass down a "master-servant" mentality to their kids. Tell them things (in our culture) "dont work for no master..." which leads them to want to hustle on the streets and attack whoever they see as a threat. I like your vids man. Dk if I'll subscribe but those 2 I watched are heart warming

  • richdome1
    richdome1 29 days ago


  • loera javier
    loera javier 29 days ago

    You are one special person my friend, I wish that in this country we could live in peace, every white, brown, black, Asian, Indian, Arab, Muslim, Pakistani etc. etc. We have such a great country and we all contribute to making it greater why can't we live in peace and let the other person live their own lives as long as they respect you and don't mess with you. White supremacy and all that bullshit is just for the ignorant's that live in this nation, we are a nation of immigrants and the white racists forgot that this is not their nation, they are immigrants from Europe and other places. I love your videos, your voice is calming and right to the point, take care amigo.

  • Reginald Crawley
    Reginald Crawley Month ago

    I don’t identify as “Black” or “African American”, because black is a color, not a race nor ethnicity and I didn’t come from Africa and gain American citizenship, but as someone who (by others) would be seen as black and/or African American, I want to salute you and thank you for this video. You seem to be an honorable individual.

  • Jon Barrino
    Jon Barrino Month ago

    Hi Beau,
    I stumbled across your videos and just finished watching the second video.
    Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed watching both. They are very impactful, well executed, and probably most importantly empathetic to both perspectives.
    Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed watching so far, thanks for sharing. I’ve subbed and plan to watch more.

  • Thamon Wright
    Thamon Wright Month ago

    I love your humanity. Bless you

  • switchmuso
    switchmuso Month ago

    I salute you.

    NERDS N DA HOOD Month ago

    Loved this video that's all we want is people to understand

  • blackmomma33
    blackmomma33 Month ago

    Ohh shit I wasn't going to cry.....well damn!!

  • sij 80
    sij 80 Month ago

    This dude was so spot on. As for the black panther statement he is just speaking facts.

  • sij 80
    sij 80 Month ago +1

    It’s very important when white people say things like this. It’s a big deal. Thank you for your empathy. Thank you for sitting and thinking and speaking. I appreciate you man. I really do.

  • Dominic Rivers
    Dominic Rivers Month ago +3

    What a gentle, gentle, thoughtful man.
    Subscribed from England

  • Phil Bennett
    Phil Bennett Month ago

    Thank you Beau for this video. We are in desperate need of compassion, understanding and empathy in this country. Your contribution to this narrative is a step in the right direction. Thank you again my Brother.

  • Jack Flagg
    Jack Flagg Month ago

    Well said. I am glad you had the time and ability to comprehend this subject matter.😏😉

  • Jordan Louis-charles

    Thank you

  • KodiakBearGuy
    KodiakBearGuy Month ago +1

    I not gonna let you our anyone bring me down about being white and I'm dam proud of it. Europe speaking, white people across Europe have had many empires rise and fall over thousands of years and still made civilized countries, chalk full of brilliant inventors that have made inventions we use to this very day. I'm tired of hearing it, I'm a Chicago boi every time I went to history class all I would hear is how horrible the white man was and how American is only about the black slave trade 90% of the year nothing about European colonization in the new found land (America) or just trying to get away from Britain, Russia, Poland, France, Ireland, or Scotland. I haven't heard about my dam history or true European history since I was in the 5th grade buddy, talk about not knowing your own history and every grade after that from 6th-12th grade only about a month through antire school year per grade I would hear about my European ancester the rest was black history 90% of the year I would only learn that and nothing else. You can agrue with me all day about white privilege and I'm poor as shit always have been, maybe Europeans should have stayed in Europe and keep all of that education and traditions with them. Then it would all be happily ever after. I guess the Europeans just left Europe for a long scenic vacation, right? Or maybe it was all a lie, Europe was just fine only thousands of them left because they were ungrateful of their white privilege, right? Also maybe Spain didn't have the largest black slave trade, it was the British. Get that fuck on with it, all Countries and races around the world have had slave trades of many different kinds, most of them much longer periods of time and a hell of a lot worse than the American ones.

  • Gionte Bailey
    Gionte Bailey Month ago

    I really appreicate you well rounded guy id love to collab

  • Jazz 7 Zedd
    Jazz 7 Zedd Month ago

    What What People Have Done And Continue To Do To Black Live Is Nothing Less Than Evil And Destructive.
    I Humbly Pray That Our Ancestors Will Rise And Kick White Slavery Of Black Lives Forever.
    How Can I Ever See A Human In White People?¿
    I Pray That If It Is An After Life; That My Soul And Spirit Is Not Among White Demons*

  • E. Smalls
    E. Smalls Month ago +2

    Beau your channel was always been recommended to me by USclip, and for some odd reason which I cannot explain I always skipped it...I finally decided to just take a peak at one of your vids and I INSTANTLY became MESMERIZED by what you were saying, by your demeanor, by your knowledge and by your selfless calmness in making your point. I am so GRATEFUL I finally click your video and after watching I became an INSTANT SUBSCRIBER. From my standpoint i will say that no one can tell me otherwise that you are not a PHILOSOPHER of CUTURAL and PUBLIC RELATIONS, you might disagree but from my standpoint I think you are. I will forever be grateful for your videos and I hope and pray that you have a charity that I can send donations to for whatever cause you decide to battle. Wow am soooo fucking impressed with your genius on these social issues. Keep speaking your mind my brother.

  • Ryan X
    Ryan X Month ago

    Deep thinking. Good.
    Although another perspective from a white dude (Irish, English, German, and Swedish), I don't identify with any of these cultures. History in general is neat to me, but that's it. I'm American, but important to me also is just being a human.
    My sympathy to people having no clue of their history or culture though. I can kind of understand.
    Peace and love!