Let's talk about what it's like to be a black person in the US....

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018

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  • Doug Cruz
    Doug Cruz 18 hours ago

    Great though and way to convey your conclusions even though it can be painful, it better you and all of us and that itself is the point. Thank you

  • TheChristWithin
    TheChristWithin Day ago

    Hi Beau, you should introduce yourself to "Dixon White, Danna Stevens, Bill Blunting, and others. All of you guys are on the same page and have a decent understanding when it comes to the Black Race. God loves you for speaking the truth.

  • Attila West
    Attila West Day ago


  • vincygarifuna
    vincygarifuna Day ago

    This video should be shown in schools and not just in America

  • Simplee Flow
    Simplee Flow 2 days ago

    I appreciate you. Thank you for speaking on this. ✌🏾

  • SJ336
    SJ336 2 days ago

    good points

  • B Torres
    B Torres 3 days ago

    God bless. We can only hope that we wake up and stand together one day.

  • Altraviest Lee
    Altraviest Lee 3 days ago

    Good work to talk about the truth

  • bruce ashby
    bruce ashby 3 days ago

    Oh I want the extra hat on shelf please. Thanks. Nice accepting the insult a real goat

  • Romeo Carter
    Romeo Carter 3 days ago

    U said some real things respect mane u broke that all the way down

  • D'are 1
    D'are 1 3 days ago

    Bo! Thanks for your realistic understanding of the differences.
    Cav Up n Scouts Out!

  • Stewart Marsden
    Stewart Marsden 4 days ago

    I would shake your hand man. I am white .

  • Ttrini Trini
    Ttrini Trini 4 days ago

    America Owes African People A Huge Appology!!!!

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 5 days ago +1

    ? Well Beau, I've said it before at least you're trying, considering, open minded, thinking, wondering, seeking, I'm a black man I don't know all the answers at least you recognize there are questions. Appreciate that.

  • Box Gaming
    Box Gaming 5 days ago +1

    New subscriber

  • Michael Speller
    Michael Speller 6 days ago

    20... mother... fuggin ...20

  • James Burley
    James Burley 7 days ago

    Very nice, I'm not black - I'm brown and I always thought that it was real nice for us Indians to die together because the slave's family's were ripped apart and they never knew what happened to their dad, mom, brothers and sisters. But were all in the crap pot now when the economy hits the fan if these economy people are right! So let's just pray we can all stop worrying if Jesus was black and start sincerely praying to him as his people - Bible says all tribes will be before him. Us people of color do need to let it go and forgive the white people - it sure isn't anyone alive today that decided what happened to us back when.

  • Demetrius Beemon
    Demetrius Beemon 7 days ago

    You get it
    Thank you! I couldn't have said it better

  • GetoffMoney. org
    GetoffMoney. org 7 days ago

    Beautiful! All humans are African Primates. We all come from the same place and mother... and African woman. There is only one human race. Black Africans have been on the planet for 4 million years and gave birth to the white man 240,000 years ago. The African lived in America for 150,000 years before the Europeans violently occupied America and murdered 50 million plus indigenous Africans.... Indians are black Africans.
    Sadly, the elite has hurt and oppressed the white man and the black man. Join the GlobalFreeHousing.org community and live without racism, without money, and without hurting our planet. We are natural healers.

    • janis27_ luv
      janis27_ luv 4 days ago

      They are not indians, they consider that the same insult as a white calling a black a nig×er. Indians are from INDIA! the native americans are indigenous. They had straight hair not super curly like africans. What you say is true, most of it. Indigenous ppl as all of us did, have migrated from the first modern humans which were in africa. Indigenous black indians came through the bering straits and asia which is why indigenous, mexican, etc, have some similar features to asians. High cheekbones, more slanting of the eyes often times, ( which is beautiful), dark brown skin as in hmong and mongols etc, and many japanese as well. They were not the same hue of BLACK as many original africans. Once they came here they were not african 'indians' anymore than dutch were african dutch. dutch, also have their beginnings in africa as we all do but they weren't african dutch. Skin color has 0 to do with what you are saying. That does not qualify any one ppl as supreme. No one is supreme. Africa is the cradle of civilisation but no need to skew the facts. Africans lived in africa. Any ppl who were here before slaves came were certainly no longer africans as they evolved to acclimate to a different climate.

  • Adrean Cotton
    Adrean Cotton 7 days ago

    My God why did I just discover this guy.

  • thrasherthetic
    thrasherthetic 9 days ago

    Answer, not very much. Pretty easy for me. Others, not so much. People are not the same, so I can accept the POV of others.

  • Mohammed Abdul-Salam
    Mohammed Abdul-Salam 9 days ago +1


  • Laz Rize
    Laz Rize 9 days ago

    This was deep bro 🔥🔥🔥

  • Augustus Tucker
    Augustus Tucker 9 days ago

    You are a godsend, my guy. Thank you for fearlessly dropping knowledge that could heal our country if more of us choose to open our hearts and minds. I saw the Nike vid. Laughed my ass off. Regarding the insulting responses, well, all I can say is ignorance is the #1 cause of stupid comments. God bless you bro. Stay spitting that flame. Disregard the hateful ignorance and do you. ✌

  • L Paine
    L Paine 10 days ago

    Let's Not!

  • Greg. Brown
    Greg. Brown 10 days ago

    Great explanation and analogy!

  • Nathaniel Walters
    Nathaniel Walters 10 days ago

    Appreicate he actually took the time to break things. Just wish more non people of color, could you do the same. The reason us black folks screan black power because he need something to believe in to empower us. Your culture, spirituality, history and etc has completed robbed from us.

  • Herman Breckenridge
    Herman Breckenridge 11 days ago

    I wasn't going to leave a comment after I watched this video but I will say this there is no way a white man can comprehensibly articulate what it is like to black in America. I am not a white man so I can not tell you what it is like to be white in America. Black people are the most disrespected and feared people on this planet. You can not begin to understand what it is like to be stalked and hunted down likes animals for centuries based on a lie that was told about you and your ancestors. You say it is getting better? Tell that to a man struggling to keep his family together after being denied to resources and employment that can elevate his situation and it be given freely to someone who is not black. Tell that to a man who is incarcerated not for a crime he committed but to see so one with paler skin get off for the same crime. To see your relatives get gunned down like savages without so much as weapon and to see law enforcement circle wagons and cook up a reason why it was the victims fault. You will not be able to tell these people it is getting better because they are struggling to survive in a system that is determined to keep them down, out, and oppressed. So when you say it is getting better you could not be talking about black people because black people have been take the L and are still taking the L. So I can not comprehend it when you say that is getting better. Since you clearly can not know what it is like to be black in America, how can you say it is getting better? Better for who? I am sure you meant well by posting this but you are no position to articulate about what it is like to be black in America and it is getting better for black people. You have no basis and you do not have the experience or the background to speak on it.

  • Florine Young
    Florine Young 11 days ago

    Thank you sir

  • william carter
    william carter 11 days ago

    Being black in America an am a retired marine an I have seen shit wish didn't see and you cant un see it and btw am nobodies victim ya dig.. So with all that said to be black in America we are born suspects an already convicted for the most part because of skin and that skin is use as a weapon against 24/7/365 in some capacity from coast to coast there's no benefit of the doubt there's just assumption based on skin not deeds or merit .. If your walking down streets with your hands in pockets because its cold as F .. The typical bigoted or implicit bias thought from whites are he or she must of robbed someone or your walking to your car [[ in my case its 2018 Mercedes Benz AMG ]] ..White people and bigoted thoughts and stares he must of stole that car or he's drug dealer because there's no way he could afford any Mercedes Benz let alone one of the high end ones .. Ya go to court WE have no chance in hell of being found innocent even if the jury says were innocent not at least in the court of public opinion .. The cops stop US there a 50/50 chance WE might not remain alive SEE PHILANDO CASTILE on an on since 1619 ..

  • SociallyTriggered
    SociallyTriggered 11 days ago

    There is way too much white guilt in this man. Sure you can't understand what it is to be black, but it really doesn't matter. Yes, blacks were screwed but they were also blessed by slavery. Remember many of the first whites brought to the US were slaves too, though called indentured servitude. They too were blessed by slavery. Why? Because their ancestors get to live in one of the best countries in the world. Yes they suffered and their lives were screwed but at least their children's children were better off. Compare blacks in America to blacks in Africa and they would be the super rich. So you don't need to feel guilty about slavery. Yes we all know it sucked but many of the things that happened in the past sucked. We didn't live the sucky part fortunately. Others sacrificed for our benefit.
    If we continue down the path of victim-hood, then the wounds from the crimes of the past will never be healed and we set people up for failure. Sometimes we must move on.

    • SociallyTriggered
      SociallyTriggered 10 days ago

      +Nyk Carnsew Actually that's not true. Go to Africa. The places touched by "colonialists" are actually better for the experience. Africa was far worse before the European influence on their countries. It was a miserable place. The problem was after the Europeans gave them technology like medicine, systems of government, roads, etc. and then left the people didn't know how to maintain the gifts they were given. They also had a huge growth in people. The new medicines allowed children to survive to adulthood and adults to live longer to have more children as well. Much of the problems in Africa stem from the rapid growth of its populations. Read dailycaller.com/2017/03/26/africa-before-colonialism-and-after-colonialism/ I debunks a lot of the myths around the evil colonists. White guilt is a real problem and is acting like a disease to the western minds. The truth is the only cure.

    • Nyk Carnsew
      Nyk Carnsew 11 days ago

      SociallyTriggered Africa only sucks as much as it does because Europe fucked it over so badly in the 1890s and onward. Also indentured servitude and chattel slavery are completely different things.

  • Katrina Byrd
    Katrina Byrd 11 days ago

    I shy away from the race issue cause no one on either side ever tries to see the other side so it's moot to try and force it. But, I barely watch a full minute and you have to be one of the most enlightened people I have ever seen. Like who are your parents? The fact that you took time to learn about all this and still wise enough to admit that you still don't know it all, speaks volumes of your character. Thank your parents for me that they brought you into this world.

  • Roy Brown
    Roy Brown 11 days ago

    White genocide channel. He works for Israel and the Jews.

  • b williams
    b williams 11 days ago

    As most of us who listened to this video, i can almost guarantee that some was sitting just like myself with their arms crossed waiting to light into you!! What that show, at least for myself, is that i hate to be prejudged but justify to myself when im doing the prejudging. I was wrong and ill be more mindful moving forward. Thank you for 2 things... 1 trying to understand and 2 for making me realize that i need to be more mindful when or if im doing the very thing i hate when its done to me!!! I can only imagine how many "friends" youve lost with this knowledge and state of mind!! Great video!!

  • christopher hemphill
    christopher hemphill 12 days ago

    Wisdom in an honest man is humbling . I appreciate this mans words and his characteristics are what society needs in the people that guide or nations. Well spoken. ✌

  • JJ Walter
    JJ Walter 12 days ago

    White guy here. I became a teen in the late sixties. One of my good friends was black. Wow, how I respected him. He was funny, smart, and the only kid in my school that was the better athlete. While Mississippi was burning, Tony and I were just being kids. I never noticed much difference between us.
    A decade later I had a friend, George. He was a big, jolly bear of a black man that would do anything for anyone. My wife and I had some financial struggles and one winter we couldn't afford heating oil. George showed up one day with three brand new electric heaters, those expensive radiator kind. He didn't ask for anything. He just gave them to us, no obligations. That was the man he was.
    George used to tease me. He often said, "You don't like me 'cause I'm black," even though he knew I had nothing but love for him. While George used this phrase as a sort of sad humor, I've heard it from others a lot over the years. Maybe I have a sensitivity to the phrase because of George and his teasing, but it really hurts me when I hear it.
    Why is that? There are a good many black people I tend to distrust, not appreciate, and plain not like. But it isn't for those things they cannot help. It's for those things they can. And I'll tell you, I have the same distaste for a good many more whites. There are some bad people out there and it has little to do with skin color. Maybe sometimes it is simply extreme character differences. Who on earth doesn't have someone they'd rather avoid.
    The sad part of this is there are a lot of people that do hate for the simple matter of color. I guess they never had a Tony or a George. Often there is justification for saying, "...because I'm black." Sometimes it is damned obvious. My heart goes out to you. Life is hard enough without having to face bigotry. Racism is a learned behavior. All the same it is a disease...a mental illness.
    What I want to ask of those that it pertains to, what if the "...because I'm black," thing is the last in the list of the whys. Many times that excuse has bedamned me when it couldn't be farther from the truth. How are we going to cure racism if racism is all we see? There are many people I'll never forge a relationship with, but it is the color of their minds that repels me. But we must see that accurately, or we are infecting our cure with contaminated petri dishes.
    I want to thank you, Beau. I never had an insight into my good friends' heritage. It isn't like it is ever a discussion. I think now I can appreciate them all the more.

  • Chef Marvelous
    Chef Marvelous 12 days ago

    Well Spoken Brother!💪

  • Sco Esq.
    Sco Esq. 12 days ago

    Respect bro...

  • Kenneth Coe
    Kenneth Coe 12 days ago

    I have a big ass Man Hug for You ON SIGHT! I appreciate You. I do recognize that Your honesty brings the whip in Your direction as well! I pray that this character replicates itself in Your boy!
    May the saddest day of Your future, be no worst than the happiest day of Your past! Cheers!

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 13 days ago

    As a black male in this country I am so proud of this video!

  • Fi Yah
    Fi Yah 13 days ago

    This is a brother to me. Wouldn't we all get alone better with a little understanding.

  • Warren Suber
    Warren Suber 13 days ago

    Once again, thank you 🙏 brother. It’s all about the content of a persons character not the color of your skin. It’s not as important to know what it’s like to be another race than to accept that there are some cultural differences.
    To keep everyone fighting over bullshit is the basis of control...the job of the media. It worked for the Romans.

  • andy de getrouwe
    andy de getrouwe 13 days ago

    Well said thank you

  • 30ttgTh St.
    30ttgTh St. 13 days ago

    Powerful Powerful Message we need more and more people like you

  • Gilberto Hart
    Gilberto Hart 13 days ago

    Sir, you are awesome!

  • Evan Marion
    Evan Marion 13 days ago

    To be black in america is to live in constant fear

  • ManGod Black Genesis
    ManGod Black Genesis 13 days ago

    Although I feel there is more, you didn't have to make the video but you did, so 👏👏👏👏👏

  • M G Malkovich
    M G Malkovich 13 days ago

    The problem is that we all have been eating the wrong foods! We have been eating Pork, Duck,Shrimp, Lobster, Cat Fish and other things none of us suppose to eat! Leviticus Chapter 11 in the Bible tells what and what not to eat!! Maybe this 1 area that’s causing all this hatred between us! We are not to eat the before mentioned things! Also celebrating these pagan holidays and traditions!! The real Truth has been held back from all of us Black,White and the other Races!!!Satan have set the Nations and Races against each other to try to take down the one and only True GOD!!! We must stop letting the devil use us in his evil schemes!!!

  • Darrell Collins
    Darrell Collins 13 days ago +1

    There’s so much potential for us as Americans if we can just turn off the media and converse with different ethnicities and cultures.

  • Felix G
    Felix G 13 days ago

    This man is speaking the truth and the truth shall set you free!!

  • Pabloottawa P
    Pabloottawa P 13 days ago

    I don’t know how, out of 316000 views, 433 people disagree with this and gave it a thumbs down. Ignorance is NOT bliss! Not in this day and age and if you take pride in the fact that you know nothing or don’t care to know anything about “thy neighbor” then you refuse to grow as a person and refuse to see through skin colour, race, sexual orientation. If all you know is that you are superior because of your skin colour or race then that right there makes you totally inferior. Totally sub par as a person and well below average. Congratulations..... you’re not in a white bubble. You’re in a white cage.

  • pinkman
    pinkman 14 days ago

    is this a blackman in whiteface?

  • Jay Eure
    Jay Eure 14 days ago

    Wow, heavy and spot on. Ted Talk!

  • Epic Strong Humboldt LLC

    Im a black man 42 years in this country I've seen a lot done a lot think I've had a truly blessed life... as I read through the comments I really appreciate everything that said even some of the things that may be a little hard to hear or maybe a little abrupt on both sides from all the different cultures represented on here I'll just say this at some point black folks we're gonna have to change our narrative if you constantly remind a pig it's a pig how do you ever expect it to be anything else we weren't just slaves we weren't just shipped over and dominated and being tortured and made to work and raped they're so much more that's 400 years we have thousands of years of history and we have a history here that's maybe 50 years old where our culture's got to do things that your great grandparents could never imagine now it sucks because we're depicted a lot on our social outlets in a certain way that constantly reminds us that while maybe we got the short end of the stick but none of you were slaves today all of us have the same access to a wide variety of information and yes some doors are going to get closed on us because of how we look but other doors will open you gotta keep knockin I refuse to constantly remind myself of something unfair treatment that the people that look like me my descendants went through didn't they suffer enough why are we still suffering when we can thrive I notice on these post is the 1st time I've heard black folks sound just as racist and mean and insensitive as whites...where will that get you where will your anger and hatred get you You can only be what you believe you are I'm not a slave I'm a descendant from people who work through the worst odds some the most heinous situations to 400 years later I have things that they can only imagine I have the opportunity to have things in this country that the majority has The media movies social media constantly reminds us of a very skewed history of the black American it saddens me that on an online forum where black folks can share this is still our rhetoric... What's so crazy is that when we were born We just knew we had life it wasn't till you learned the language that you could associate with a word that represents a color that somebody told you you were different Do some research black American there are a lot of theories a lot of different information about our history here this country that's not just the turmoil blacks have been coming to the Americas thousands a years before slavery and slavery has been in every culture even the original culture in Africa as well is an Ireland in China in India there has always been a group to dominate one group and it doesn't last forever I can't pass the major test if I'm still concerning myself with the old quiz questions

  • Danny Olibrice
    Danny Olibrice 14 days ago

    I think you have a very good Idea what it is like to be black in america. I like the angle from which you approached this. There may be some people across all ethnicities that criticize what you did, and how you did it; but pay them no mind. You have clearly given this much thought, and I applaud that! The world would be a much better place if we all reached across the table to learn about "people" other human beings.
    Thank you!

  • Fear the Yeti
    Fear the Yeti 14 days ago

    I will tell you something you don't think about when you think about slavery.....
    You don't think about how the system of SLAVERY in AFRICA existed long before THE TRANS ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE....
    How things like THE TRANS SAHARAN SLAVE TRADE existed for 1000 years before any EUROPEAN ever got involved in the slave trade in Africa.
    How Black Africans would sell the conquered tribes of Africa to foreign slave traders.
    How the one common denominator in regards to African slavery was that the first SLAVE MASTER of every AFRICAN SLAVE was another AFRICAN.
    They sure don't teach that in the schools do they?????
    Of course they don't. Why do you think that is????
    Is it because it takes away from the WHITE GUILT narrative that has been pushed upon us for the last 60 years?
    Do you think that might have something to do with it?
    Or do you think they don't teach that because it shows that BLACK ON BLACK BRUTALITY was to blame for the entire system of slavery in Africa to begin with?
    Slavery has existed all over the world for all of it's history........
    Essentially all races have been enslaved by their own kind or another race at some point.
    The difference between the other races and Africans is that the other races were about to adjust to life after slavery and stop blaming it for all of their shortcomings, whereas blacks blame slavery for everything from having low IQ scores to being arrested.
    If you are going to talk about something you should be honest about the entire thing instead of picking the things that fit your narrative and leaving the rest of the history out.
    For example if the AFRICAN slaves that came to THE AMERICAS would have gone to the MIDDLE EAST instead........
    Do you know how they treated African slaves in the MIDDLE EAST????? I bet you don't.......
    Well I will tell you,
    They took majority women for starters and used them as concubines and had them in harems. If one was to become pregnant they would just kill the baby.
    The male African slaves were castrated and used for mainly military purposes....... AKA human meat shields.
    Europeans were the last race to enter the AFRICAN slave trade and the first ones out.
    Europeans ended the African slave trade worldwide.... With the Middle East and Africa being the exception to that considering that African slavery still exists in many parts of Africa and the Middle East to this very day.
    Blacks worldwide have Europeans to thank for their freedom. But do they?????? NO........ They blame them for all of it because of libertarians like you and institutions like THE FRANKFORT SCHOOL.
    So thanks for being so dishonest.
    Then again maybe I am going to hard on you?????????????
    Perhaps you are just not actually educated on the history of slavery in terms of African Slavery?????

  • Rit the Rugger
    Rit the Rugger 14 days ago

    Gotta love this "redneck".

  • Noah Silva
    Noah Silva 14 days ago

    What are your thoughts on the natives genocide I hope you get a chance to read this comment and talk about the lost and stolen identity of the natives on this land

  • Noah Silva
    Noah Silva 14 days ago

    Holy smokes your woke

  • King Penn
    King Penn 15 days ago

    I don't know we I am for. I was told Africa

  • Empire Jackson
    Empire Jackson 15 days ago

    Wish I knew what country my family is from.

  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson 15 days ago

    Thank you

  • Tanya Roach
    Tanya Roach 15 days ago

    Preach man. I wish all people thought as deeply as you before opening their mouths and spitting prejudice. You even opened my eyes cuz I never thought about it this way either. That's ironic of me to say seeing how I am a black person who was adopted as an infant. I have even less of a cultural background than other blacks in this country. All I know about my heritage is that my biological mom is Jamaican. I know nothing about my father and I was raised by a Barbadian. So who are my people? Both Jamaica and Barbados are former slave colonies so does that even count, and even though I love being an American, born and raised, will America love me the same way? Or does my skin color automatically make me dangerous?

  • Jazzy Jones
    Jazzy Jones 15 days ago

    I like your point on movies and cultural identity. If Black people have Black Panther perhaps White people have Braveheart.

  • Ghost Ghost
    Ghost Ghost 15 days ago

    There’s a shift of consciousness that’s coming to the planet. Since 2012 we enter the age of Aquarius. That’s a positive energy of light

  • Blaz L
    Blaz L 16 days ago

    We all had problems. They had pride in the 60. What changed?

  • Tchikuzz Lumumba
    Tchikuzz Lumumba 16 days ago

    Bless you

  • Chriswell Jack
    Chriswell Jack 16 days ago

    Deep so deep i almost drown in tears

    SHENANIGANS 16 days ago

    Beau is invited to all cookouts

  • C Max
    C Max 16 days ago

    More truthful conversation Beau. Slavery also has a deep psychological lasting effect today on black and white Americans to this day.
    Yes, blacks are working in many ways daily to restore something from the culture, heritage and pride striped from them. It is a hard road but walked everyday.

  • inskin6
    inskin6 17 days ago

    I LOVE YOU! You need to be president, a senator, run for office every office, adopt a busload of kids, marry me, be my niece's teacher, have your own tv show on a major network, be an ambassador for the USA, be a four-star general and commander of everything, etc. I promise I'll cook oxtails for you whenever you come to Birmingham. God bless you!

  • Halli Adams
    Halli Adams 17 days ago

    In appreciate your take and what you're trying to say, but at 6:55 you say it's getting better.
    Well, it's NOT getting better. Those in power are just changing the way we (POC) are enslaved. Enslaved by poverty, the criminal justice system, neighborhoods where criminals and violence are our constant companions (normalized). It's not getting better. Modern Black slavery is real and happening every minute of every day in 'Amerika'.

  • Todd Harlan
    Todd Harlan 17 days ago

    Every American should watch this video and subscribe. Very thoughtful and honest even if you may disagree. Well Done!

  • Manny Echaluce
    Manny Echaluce 17 days ago

    Ask Oprah, Kanye West and Obama,,, they all have a hard life as a black person in Murica :D being a Billionaire is tough in the US :D

  • Tony Callahan
    Tony Callahan 17 days ago

    Beau I stumbled across one of your videos a while back and I am so glad I did. I had to subscribe because I have nothing but respect for what you say. You offer an insight that needs to be heard.
    Keep it real.

  • Rocco 76
    Rocco 76 17 days ago

    I'm from America

  • Erasno AhmoseSamoa
    Erasno AhmoseSamoa 17 days ago

    I saw a bearded white dude and expected to see him selling MAGA goods made in china..but was I wrong...

  • S Bullard
    S Bullard 17 days ago

    Beau we are more alike as humans than not. Some have picked up survival tactics and still carry the scares generationally from the violence, poverty, torture, and abandonment. I believe blacks in America are POW’s without a people or origin to come back for us.

  • Xander Rey
    Xander Rey 17 days ago

    Hey boss. What did you study in college? Just curious

  • Ringo Harris
    Ringo Harris 17 days ago

    I like your vids much respect to you. You mentioned the slavery at the beginning and I think the reason alot of black can't say where exactly from Africa they descend from is that slaves were pretty much stripped of their cultural identity. They weren't allowed to use their given African names nor were allowed to speak their native African languages. Because of that our cultural identity got lost through the generations.

  • Jared Roth
    Jared Roth 17 days ago

    Beau, As a White father of Bi racial children, living in the south, but orginally from NYC, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for reminding me that just because your a proud white southerner, your not afraid to openly and honestly have compassion, and recognize the degree of injustice that is present in todays society. Your words were as moving as Dr. King's speech. You represent THE BEST OF ALL OF US, and AMERICANS both white and black. If there were more people like you, we would truly be the greatest nation. However, that is what makes you special, and hopefully your insight in this video, goes viral. Thank you for this. It is truly a gift. We can all learn a lot from you.

  • DaBlackGeek
    DaBlackGeek 18 days ago

    Man...the life of the current day African American is PRETTY GOOD compared to those of years before. However, the fact that you took time to make this and really understand what it is our relatives, ancestors and some may still endure till this day was EVERYTHING. Good for you brother.

  • HumanistJohn
    HumanistJohn 18 days ago

    Provocative observations and challenge to look deeper in order to understand what we non-black people generally don't and can't fully understand. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • Dave Rivers
    Dave Rivers 18 days ago

    Eye opener for sure.

  • mork mindy
    mork mindy 18 days ago

    I am a white person who has never ever ever been racist, you say we do not understand black people and I say this is fair but black people spend zero time trying to understand me, AND IF THEY DID they would realize how good of a person I am not a good white guy but a good person.

    • mork mindy
      mork mindy 16 days ago

      AND ARE YOU NOT TALKING ON A PERSONAL LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mork mindy
      mork mindy 16 days ago

      +salpfish Slapfish let me tell you this I have never ever in my life ever thought a bad thing about another person because they are of different race. And your god dam right we are all and I mean all bias towards something in our life your dam right about that. By I choose and have never chose to be bias about other people never. My mother owned a business and I was TAUGHT AND WHEN I SAY TAUGHT I MEAN TAUGHT, never ever disrespect another human being ever no matter the person. But I am very biased against any person that speaks for me you are not my god dam voice ever so do not put me in a class like yourself by defending your own guilt by getting on here and trying to say all whites are racist and or biased thats bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • salpfish
      salpfish 16 days ago

      +mork mindy I think you're talking more on a personal level and that's fine. But I'm sure you can imagine there being people who say "I'm not racist" but still might subconsciously think in biased ways. My point is that our society is so fucked up I don't really believe anyone who says they're immune.
      It's like advertising, plenty of people say ads don't affect them, but if you test it in a study, it turns out people are more susceptible than you realize.
      And either way the bigger issue is the structural biases, not the personal ones.

    • mork mindy
      mork mindy 17 days ago

      +salpfish Stop spewing bullshit this is what keeps this going , I don't hate nor dislike any people of color, is this not how people are deemed racist , oh they did this or did that , and what does it always come back to BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK, heres the problem every race should take advantage of the growth in this country the so called racist you refer too will exist until the end of time. WHY BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW MUCH BETTER IT GETS FOR ALL OF US IT WILL STILL NOT BE ENOUGH

    • salpfish
      salpfish 17 days ago

      If you generalize black people as a whole as never trying to understand your greatness there's no way in hell you can say there's nothing racist about you.
      Racism doesn't have to be some kind of stereotypical hatred, it comes in much deeper forms. I'm skeptical that literally anyone at all can claim to not have an ounce of racism even if it's entirely subconscious. It's the people who recognize their own biases in the first place who can begin to break them down and overcome them.

  • natasha Lea
    natasha Lea 18 days ago +1

    What you spoke made me cry so hard.... Because it's so true.

  • Chaingeeazi
    Chaingeeazi 18 days ago

    GOD BLESS U BROTHER!! I often try to explain these points to people. U did it very eloquently & insightfully! And Ur humility ALLOWED U to make this observation.

  • thexalon
    thexalon 18 days ago

    You mentioned the reaction of black Americans to the Black Panther movie. At least some of that wasn't just a longing for Africa, it was longing for an Africa not colonized and raped by white people. And there is not a single place in actual Africa that can be described that way.
    You should also watch Roots if you haven't for both the history and the longing African Americans feel for their own lost heritage and history. It's no accident that the guy who wrote that also worked with Malcolm X, and the "X" in Malcolm's name represents the African name and heritage he lost due to slavery.

  • 77gravity
    77gravity 19 days ago +1

    I could no more "understand" what it is to be black in the USA, than I could understand what it is like to be a woman.

  • Rod Pruitt
    Rod Pruitt 19 days ago

    My family is the average black family. We all are doing pretty well in our chosen professions, no arrests or school suspensions or poverty. WHY? Because of our VALUES! Find me the black people who VALUE education and hard work, who are also having problems with arrests and poverty and such! They don't exist. The black people who are having trouble are the ones with poor Gangsta rap VALUES. #nomoreexcuses

  • Malcolm Butler
    Malcolm Butler 19 days ago

    You know a lot more then most. Thanks on the truth tip....

  • Robin Rasmussen
    Robin Rasmussen 19 days ago

    Very insightful. Thank you.

  • ro he
    ro he 20 days ago

    And when you're saying things like, "I'm learning the terminology". It sounded more like you're segregating yourself from a section of others. We're all animals. That's where you start. Not god. God didn't place 'humans on the earth as is to rule over other animals'. We're all the same. Not all people are the same color. But, not all white people have the same blood type. How fucking weird is that? You might as well be an alien if you can't give me a blood transfusion.
    An animals number one concern is survival. That's where tribalism is born. That's where all culture is born. Oddly enough, tribalism is also where racism is born. Racism is also bullshit. If you want to be weary of someone different, let it be all strangers. Everyone you don't know. And some you do know. I wonder with your country twang would you say you also don't know what it's like to be ted bundy. Because according to your context, since he's white, you should understand him. He's like he is because he doesn't understand how to be anything but an animal. A civilized society is a creation we animals invented for all of us to survive.

  • ro he
    ro he 20 days ago

    Culture is bullshit. You're pretty smart, but you're mixing things up. You described context pretty well to start off. Everything you're talking about learning culture is the same way religion was created. Throw out all jargon. It's bullshit. It's like if you see someone acting cool. That's exactly what it is. It's acting. No one walks naturally with a strut unless they think it up, or are crippled. Culture is bullshit. We can have fun with it. Like you have that little twang in your voice. It's learned. It's not real. It's manufactured. Saying we can't understand what it's like to be a black person is also bullshit. You can put yourself in their shoes. It's being careful in certain instances. It's kissing ass harder to get a job sometimes. It's mostly just feeling like a second class citizen. That's it. That's the whole thing. Just think whenever there was a time in your life that you felt majorly out of place, and uncomfortable. Now imagine having that feeling 60% of the time in your life.

  • Michael dirtywater921
    Michael dirtywater921 20 days ago

    Your a Wise Man coming from Boston, But were all one but a long way to go WWG1WGA !!!

  • Sam & Bryana
    Sam & Bryana 20 days ago

    needs to be shown in every US high school/middle school imo

  • Liban Shire
    Liban Shire 20 days ago

    Respect to you, Sir.

  • silentfades
    silentfades 20 days ago

    I would so like for you the situation of the police and growing distrust of them

  • Angie's Doing It
    Angie's Doing It 21 day ago

    We are the lesser of the population, yet the most hated. The statistic they keep stating, means nothing, when we make less, we are arrested more, and the media plays a big part of it.

  • lissacpc
    lissacpc 21 day ago

    Simply amazing ❤️. Much love and respect to you and yours