Let's talk about what it's like to be a black person in the US....

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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  • Serena Sorensen
    Serena Sorensen 21 hour ago

    I just started watching you and I just wanted to say thank you. You're thoughts are articulate and on point.

  • Nicole Hill
    Nicole Hill Day ago

    Thank you sir.

  • Eduardo Contreras
    Eduardo Contreras 5 days ago

    i was thinking...we talk about other people assimilating into the american way...why didn't the true invaders of this country assimilate to the American Indian way? just a thought............

  • michael preston
    michael preston 8 days ago

    Very Awakening, Thanks Beau.

  • makeitso
    makeitso 10 days ago

    Who could not love this guy.

  • Bill Pool
    Bill Pool 10 days ago

    Thought you said you couldn't understand? Seems like you're well on your way!

  • BlRel R
    BlRel R 11 days ago

    Не все понятно. Кто-то может перевести?

  • JenniferL Thomas
    JenniferL Thomas 11 days ago

    Can we marry please?

  • Terry Stormo
    Terry Stormo 11 days ago

    My friends are being harassed by hatefilled people. I'm afraid for their safety. I'm tired of this ugliness that has crawled out of the woodwork the last few years. I pray we stop this soon.

  • Hcdoitsu Smith
    Hcdoitsu Smith 12 days ago

    It looks like we're being played. The empire seems to be failing and we are standing on the edge of freedom. Too easy. The people who put this thing together aren't stupid even though they try hard to seem stupid (good at it too). And here's my problem, we are buying it. Some military hero said that it's always a good idea to assume that your enemy is smarter than you think he is.What's next?

  • john gomez
    john gomez 12 days ago

    Thank you sir..

  • Jayisbad
    Jayisbad 13 days ago

    I don’t identify as Mexican American because my family came from Mexico many generations ago . I’m just an American . I don’t know much about Mexican culture but American culture is a little bit of every culture in my opinion regardless of skin color . it shows a lot in my cooking 😂👏🏼..
    but great vid man

  • mytmouse57
    mytmouse57 13 days ago

    This is brilliant.

  • lalei83
    lalei83 15 days ago

    I have been saying for years that *culturely* black people from America are different and actually cannot relate to Immigrants who are black. There is a *vast* difference in mannerism and ideals. I remember it truly hitting home one day when I went to the store with my baby on my back in a traditional African Kanga, and I was openly mocked and laughed at for weird things 'white' people do... When I was doing something not from my own culture, but something I learned from a Nigerian Grandmother. I have been taking notice my entire life, but I could never word it as well as you did in this video.

  • Kasperi Kainulainen
    Kasperi Kainulainen 17 days ago

    This was a very good video for real

  • Conny Kousen
    Conny Kousen 17 days ago

    yo imma stop bombing ur comments but you are a fucking RAzor and bless you man from dallas

    • Conny Kousen
      Conny Kousen 17 days ago

      "thanks for the insult bc it gave me something to think about" yupp

    • Conny Kousen
      Conny Kousen 17 days ago

      your rhetoric is blood-soaked transcript fuckkkkkk

  • Christopher Craig
    Christopher Craig 18 days ago

    I don't know if this is your apology for something you said in another video.
    I promise u that can't tell me what it's like for me in the United States.

  • Mark Chester
    Mark Chester 18 days ago

    Food for thought on the subject...

  • badazz l5oc
    badazz l5oc 18 days ago

    Yu are a real stand up guy for making this "respect"

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray 18 days ago

    English here. No idea what your talking about? IRA maybe...

  • Paul Max
    Paul Max 21 day ago +1

    Beau,when you said, black people should “get over slavery” you hit on something very important. The white people are the ones who need to get over it. It is the deep racism that pervades our country that endures. It is the continued mistreatment,oppression,injustice and the continued view that blacks are somehow inferior. Those views are a hold over from slavery. It is white people who haven’t gotten over slavery. Thanks for your reasoned and reasonable videos. They might help some poor soul see the light a little bit and that would be a very valuable thing indeed! Good luck to you and yours!

  • badger 65
    badger 65 21 day ago +1

    Eloquent, Beau... and absolutely on point. Reminds me of a quote I kept from something I read a few months back (unfortunately, I don't have the author's name) but it goes as follows:
    “Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, there will be war. Until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, and until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, there will be war. Until that day, the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, rule of international morality, will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained...”
    We as one race - the HUMAN race - have the capacity to make this happen - unfortunately, we seem to be missing the will or desire to do so...

  • Morning Dew Dymond
    Morning Dew Dymond 22 days ago +1

    As a Black woman, I love your videos. You are one of the most knowledgeable and sensitive people that I've ever viewed. Thank you for your courage to speak truth to power!

  • Justin Headrick
    Justin Headrick 22 days ago

    I gotta call complete and utter bullshit.
    This is kind of fun I feel like a time traveler.
    About four months from this video... You make another video about the DACA and immigrants who were brought here as children. How our attempts to send them back to their country of origin are just cruel and bigoted because this is the only culture they know and they are more American then a lot of people you know that were born here. So this concept of their culture was ripped away from them? Which is it? So let me get this straight the Mexicans who weren't born here but they were brought here as babies well they should be allowed to stay here because....
    "hey man you know this is the only country they know...this is the only culture they know..."
    But black people in America who were born here and it been here for the last few hundred years at least...
    " their culture has been ripped away from them!"
    My ass.

  • heather mcnulty
    heather mcnulty 23 days ago +1

    I love your perspective! You are very intellectual and introspective. I thank you for your commentary. ❤

  • Stuart M.
    Stuart M. 23 days ago

    Lynch "justice," segregation, inferior schools, red lining neighborhoods, voter suppression, these are things that happened to Black Americans after the Civil War. So slavery was followed by almost a hundred years of second class citizenship and outright terror. The greatest achievements of the civil rights movement, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 have been or are being dismantled as we speak. Black American voters are being targeted with "surgical precision" by Republican controlled states with new voter suppression tactics. Many municipalities collect traffic citation and code violation fines exclusively from their Black neighborhoods. No, we White people don't know what it's like to be a Black person.

  • Simon Slater
    Simon Slater 23 days ago

    This is a superb assessment of the emotional and social structure that continues to allow such horrid restructuring of the narrative.

  • Because I Am
    Because I Am 24 days ago +1

    Dear Beau ... I have stopped by a few times to hear your words and I must say this.
    You cannot hide that Beautiful Soul behind that Big Ole Beard ...Winks*
    Thanks for Being Human.

  • bonrep
    bonrep 24 days ago

    a beautiful, and clear thought. Brilliant, thank you.

  • Brian Darling
    Brian Darling 24 days ago

    I'm Irish... didn't laugh. Not funny. But I enjoy your videos - heartfelt and interesting.

  • Manuel Rocha
    Manuel Rocha 25 days ago

    Your stance on illegal immigration is at odds with the problems in the black community. You're one of those white boys that's trying too hard to be on everybody's side. That makes you ring false.

    • Manuel Rocha
      Manuel Rocha 16 days ago

      +Adrian Herrmann
      I'm half white half Mexican and I came up in a mostly black housing projects. I don't have to imagine people coming here for a better life. My dad immigrated from Mexico illegally. I think I've got a better grasp on illegal immigration than you do. I've heard stories around the dinner table of illegals bringing children through the deserts and the kids die. Buried in a shallow grave unmarked.
      And my point is that poor African Americans are in direct competition with illegals for lower wage jobs. We have a responsibility to poor Americans not illegals.

    • Adrian Herrmann
      Adrian Herrmann 16 days ago

      There's a difference between living and experiencing something your whole life and celebrating your culture. Imagine being 6, well aware of where you came from with the ability to have pride in that aspect. Also imagine having to move from the country you've lived your whole life in and go through that stressful change. Their parents obviously moved because they sought a better life for their children, the change is extremely stressful on a child. The two aren't mutually exclusive. But that's my take.

  • Quincy Sinette
    Quincy Sinette 25 days ago

    an Ali

  • princessnahema
    princessnahema 26 days ago

    Blacks dont owe the dems their vote. The fact that it is assumed that a p.o.c is a dem is racist. Also they are the yellow canaries of America. Whatever sick plan the elite have in store for us, p.o.c are the test dummies. We should listen to their plight and care because rest assured we are next.

  • Lester Suggs
    Lester Suggs 26 days ago

    Another thoughtful and engaging topic. Thank you.

  • John Di Francisco
    John Di Francisco 26 days ago

    I have to say, I get what your trying to say. I am of Italian, Irish and assorted other European nationalities. I got picked on and bullied, beat up because I'm Gay and was the target for police to beat on, belittle and frame me to score points for themselves. We all have to walk our own walk to get through this life. I learned a lot from my black friends and acquaintances and learned that if you want to live in the past and be bitter and miserable that is your prerogative. What I have learned is for the most part, life is what you make it and I do believe that black people have a heritage. It might not be from a country that they came from, but from a sh$tty part of our history. If it were not for black slaves this country would not be what it is today (well maybe not exactly today). They know how to make the best out of bad situations better than most and can cook like mthrfkrs for the most part and know how to have a REAL good time. We can all learn a lot from each other, or find differences to hate each other. The former sounds awesome to me. I guess you can say I'm "blessed" because I do not see color. I do see the "souls" of people though. I learnt that through self preservation. That's enough out of me. Peace to everyone.

  • Nightthorn k'Vala
    Nightthorn k'Vala 26 days ago +1

    Well said, sir. Thank you.

  • DewDee
    DewDee 26 days ago

    You are one of my favorite intellectual southerners in America besides AronRa, Matt Dillehunty and Destin Sandlin. You are top notch and exquisitely sane. I applaud you infinitely, not for agreeing with my views but for making me self reflect amd therefore expanding my views and making me question my own sanity about shared reality amongs us humans.

  • scottiethegreat74
    scottiethegreat74 26 days ago

    Man, your videos are always great, thoughtful, and insightful. But you have outdone yourself here!! This is perfectly put, and reading through the comments, by a lot of American blacks, I see you have once again, hit the nail on the head.
    When I first clicked to watch the first video I watched of yours, you opened my eyes to my own preconceived ideas, and I have loved watching your videos ever since!! So, when are you going to run for president?? You would be a far better choice than the current moron!! 😉😉

  • Lifesabitch214
    Lifesabitch214 27 days ago

    It must suck to be American. Period! 💩💩💩

  • Winstonclawfinger
    Winstonclawfinger 27 days ago

    You are very articulate and are speaking raw truth. To be honest I was scrolling through controversial political videos and saw how you looked and thought, oh this should be some dumb redneck. I was wrong and I am a dummy for judging a book by its cover.
    Thanks man, great video and I know subscribed

  • Robin Addis-Vaughn
    Robin Addis-Vaughn 28 days ago

    Sir, will you run for office? We need someone with a heart, a soul and a brain. We have more than we did before the mid-terms, but not enough. I view things as you do and if I am unclear about something, I ask one of my African American friends how to handle it because my redhair gets me angry before my brain kicks in to calm me back down. I pray that I live for the day when we all can be proud to be American citizens. I'll never understand what it means to be black in this country but I sure am glad that I have a friend, really she's more sister than friend, I'm glad my sister can try to explain it to me. Sir, what state do you live in? You can DM me, if you prefer. I was born in the home of the DAWGS, my parents relocated me to their home of the Tigers. They were angry that I didn't attend that University but out of state tuition kept me from returning to my birthright. But, I didn't go off half Cocked either. I chose the 1st University for Women in this state. Women can see farther down the road with almost Eagle eye precision. And, a day of equality is coming. And, the Senator in this state needs to go. You're obviously an intelligent man, so I doubt you will have any problem guessing my location. I enjoy your dose of sanity.

  • Broeckchen
    Broeckchen 28 days ago +1

    You're so compassionate and radiate so much and such deep love. Thank you for that - listening to you always gives me a little spark of hope and warmth that I sometimes miss in my everyday life.

  • Jane A
    Jane A 28 days ago

    You can’t apologize for what your ancestors did. Even if you could it wouldn’t make it go away. You can only move forward in the right direction. Loving each other without judgement. Without malice and teach your kids the same.

  • Jane A
    Jane A 28 days ago

    Yeah. I thought, Why don’t we have that? Then I realized. 😔

  • Jane A
    Jane A 28 days ago

    I just found you yesterday. You’re alright.

  • Ronald Bailey
    Ronald Bailey 28 days ago

    Don't you realize that must people you label as black have European DNA. Just as much Irish as you. Take a test yourself bet you have African DNA. Dumbass

  • Dan Powers
    Dan Powers 28 days ago

    White people were made slaves just like black people. Black slavery ended 20 years before white slavery did. The only difference was white slavery was called Indentured servitude. Most white slaves were Irish, that's how they got to America. I'm Irish / Cherokee Indian, the Indians were almost exterminated, then segregated to the reservation. Then they were put in reeducation schools to get the Indian out of them. My government says that I'm too white to be red, too red to be White! I don't know about being black, but I know about being an Indian. I know about being Irish. If you care about your race, you are a racist because only a racist cares about race.

  • A.A.-ron
    A.A.-ron 28 days ago +1

    I have English and German ancestry. Plenty more that I'm not aware of, I'm sure. It means very little to me. What matters to me is American identity, American values, American culture.
    But, when the Alt-Right, and BLM, and AntiFa wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night obsessing about "race" (a fairly vague concept, even when scientifically systematized), they tear and tatter that American culture/identity/value system.
    In any case, thanks for your thoughtful content.

  • Danny Settles
    Danny Settles 28 days ago

    I hear what ur saying but all I c in my town and ever where I go is good clean black and white people working trying to have a better life. Or on the other hand all I c in my town and ever where I go there's black and white people walkin around hunting some one to rob or something to steal with there was hanging out cussin and and lookin for trouble so what is all this u talking about what was done to black and whites many years ago just look around..there great blacks and whites in my town and they both say what I am saying yesterday gone and the time is now...read the bible...but good video I'm just trying to understand not accuse I'll point fingers at you or anyone else I'm trying to stay open minded that in my lifetime this is all I have ever seen out of all Races there's a good there's a bad and there's the one on in the fingers saying it's your fault not theirs

  • Peter Wuwei
    Peter Wuwei 29 days ago

    In S Africa, when they did the reconciliation hearings, the White S Africans had to sit and witness the stories of how Black S Africans were treated and abused by the Whites. And you're right, we are a long way from that where the Whites are willing to sit down and listen to the African Americans, the Native Americans, the Latino Americans and Asian Americans tell their stories. It's just getting worse as the buffoon in the White House Makes America Hate Again. The most recent manifestation of this is where a much of White boys attended a ceremony by a Native American Veteran of Vietnam as he paid tribute to his fallen brothers at Arlington National Cemetery recently. They made fun of Nathan Phillips as he chanted to honor the other vets buried at Arlington.

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts Month ago

    There are plenty of us who just want to be people AMERICANS and we have a left political group with an agenda to divide

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts Month ago

    I get what your going for here but I am AMERICAN ,period . Never gave a shit what or where my others came from . Be American .

  • Candace Jacallen
    Candace Jacallen Month ago

    Don’t forget the stripping away of Native Americans’ cultures by the white invaders.

  • Lisa Murguia
    Lisa Murguia Month ago

    Thank you. It was hard for me to watch this without tears. And you were so succinct and accurate that I showed it to my Mexican husband so he could understand a little of what I’ve been trying to explain to him for years. Woo weee our conversations will be long after this.😂 Thank you again.

  • Bernie Rodgers
    Bernie Rodgers Month ago

    Lov u Beau, ive been listening to u for over a yr, im a single mom.. And yes there were things missing in raising my son. He is a honest good soul. I just promised him, 20 yr old, , I would buy him a gun if he would listen to u for a month. I keep to my promises. But i want and he needs to hear a true man in his life. He is such a incredible honest soul. He has young common sense. I know i have not had the proper investment in the right area that he needs at this stage. He needs ur sane reality. His name is Josh VanBibber. If he contacts u, then he is hopefully learning a huge vessel of knowledge he needs. Please be involved, i would be greatly appreciated to ur involvement.

    • Bernie Rodgers
      Bernie Rodgers Month ago

      Im making him start from ur first vids on ur site.

  • Manny A. Arias Chapman

    This is very good !!!

  • Ari W
    Ari W Month ago

    Wow very powerful. It's eye opening to hear the perspective of cultural identify. Another huge aspect is the ability to have any gains we make as a people stripped away at will. Black Wall Street, the Black Panthers, MLK, hell even freedom. This is the true meaning of racism the ability to affect the economic and social uprising of another group. It is not mean words or just hatred it goes way deeper than that.

  • Vicky Dee
    Vicky Dee Month ago

    Beau, I sincerely hope people watch and truly listen to what you're saying. If only everyone could understand what people of color have gone through and are still going through, there could be hope for change and equality. Knowledge is power, if you educate your children on the realities of someone else's life and struggle, if you take a minute or two out of your day to give an example or raise a question, to ask your child what it would feel like if that was their reality, they may just grow into understanding, empathetic, loving, colorblind adults. The failure starts in the home, continues in the school system and in our government and we all know how dangerous we'd be as a country and to our government if we all got together and demanded change and equality. As a white woman, I see too few examples of this in my every day life and I often think how I would feel if my history, experience and every day life was that of a black person, an Hispanic person (especially in the era of tRump), as a Native American, it's upsetting and infuriating to consider so I can't imagine it being a reality. I don't think anyone can fully understand unless they've walked a mile in the shoes of another, but awareness, kindness and willingness to comprehend and demand change is, at the very least, a place to start.
    Thank you for this and all of your videos. You're such a well thought out and kind man, I hope you reach more people Beau. It gives me hope that others get it, that though numbers may not be on this side yet, it's possible to flip it because you've taken the time to be the change. Blessings and peace to you and yours.

  • Kevin Crosby
    Kevin Crosby Month ago +1

    You are My Brother and comrade. Salute!

  • Gord Thor
    Gord Thor Month ago

    The problem will be solved when everyone considers themselves to be only Americans (not white Americans or African Americans....) and also treats others only as Americans. Only when people lose "their people" can they gain all people (fellow humans). Racism, like all other prejudices comes from our ancient monkey brains/limbic system (tribal instincts) and only our rational and logical cortex can override (and rationalize our fears) our emotionally reactive, threat inciting and instinctual amygdala. If people don't have good use of the rational parts of their brains, they will certainly be slaves to their monkey brains. It is a double edged sword, because empathy and compassion also comes from the cerebral cortex.
    The good news is that our brains are very plastic and due to the feedback loop nature of our brains, we get more of what we focus on, thus reinforcing neural pathways to the parts of our brains we use most. Working on becoming more rational will not only help the individual's quality of life enormously (no more living in fear for one), but also humanity in general.

  • David Olson
    David Olson Month ago +1

    Racism is and has been rampant in the US and currently trump has enabled the racist's to speak out. Beau has the real take on it for you white Americans who think you are not racist. The problem in this country and in the world is disparity of wealth and overpopulation which traps people of color with less
    education and less opportunity. White supremacists are just cowards who even with all their advantages can't make it in the modern world.

  • George Soros Intelligence Network

    That makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't want to grow up in the consciousness that i'm living in a country where my ancestors were brought to as slaves. That gives you a whole different attitude to that country. I would probably hate it. Why have any respect for a country that exploited your ancestors as slaves?

  • elmarkos
    elmarkos Month ago

    This is such a thoughtful and caring viewpoint that cuts thru all the bullshit and gets right down to the truth. Thank you for this. I’ll absolutely be subscribing.

  • num98765
    num98765 Month ago

    This is the second video of yours I've watched and thank you for having the courage to speak an honest truth and having an open mind. The first video of yours that I watched was the "the things you missed" just posted. Inspiring to go out and talk to people. To have a conversation and understand that you might not agree but it doesn't mean you can't week together and get along. I believe in your vision of what the world could be. I strive everyday to live and treat those I come across with the same respect as I would my closest friends.

  • Dee El
    Dee El Month ago

    Right on Beau thank you for trying to make your people try to see the light

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey Month ago

    What's very telling is seeing unemployed"impoverished" because the mill closed down riding new off road ATV on their grandparents land. Generation 1 with a contested ability to vote and racism not the law of the land in writing.

  • Muryx
    Muryx Month ago +2

    As someone who is (largely) white as Wonderbread, I've always found the equation pathetically simple:
    When I walk out the door and get into a car, do I automatically worry about being pulled over for DWW? No? Then I don't have a clue about what it's like to not be Caucasian. HAVING THE LUXURY TO SAY, "I'M TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT RACE RIGHT NOW, I'M GOING TO TAKE A BREAK," IS CENTRAL TO WHITE PRIVILEGE.
    I have to believe living with racism is like experiencing war first-hand: It simply doesn't matter how intelligent or imaginative or empathetic I am, I'm not ever going to get it without experiencing it myself.
    But I think Mr. Beau expresses it better, and deeper, yet. Kudos.

  • Gwendolyn
    Gwendolyn Month ago

    The whole peas have some tablets that are over 10,000 years old and it is they say there's going to be two revolutions one is a bloody and the other is a peaceful and red and black will join in free everybody. The Kenyans have identical tablets that are even older.

  • Gwendolyn
    Gwendolyn Month ago

    You are hitting information but not quite. I lived through and am currently living through this. A nation is an artificial person. penhallow v doane's ADM case tells you no artificial person or any political subdivision or agency may have any contract with a natural person. 1948 u.s. Supreme Court ruling The Heirs of Henry Tunica vs United States of America corporation clearly states this is not your land you don't own it. George HW Bush only gave back 50,000 of the Acres millions of acres are and it's a damn shame some of our sacred burial mounds are being used at state parks what we can't even get in to see our ancestors without the white man's permission. In Fort Bend Texas Fort Bend Independent School District is really the Klu Klux Klan it has been proven in federal court they just moved 100 bodies of my ancestors that have been buried for over 100 years and the first thing out of your mouth is the same damn stories about how they were inmate prison is back there. Violation of Jim Crow laws and they will find out and they worked as slaves until they were dead 13th Amendment didn't end slavery and a nation should only have the authority to direct on their own land the own citizens. We never accepted citizenship.

  • Gwendolyn
    Gwendolyn Month ago

    My grandma was pure Choctaw. Choctaw are black indigenous people. I have other tribal lines. My ancestry Upon This Land predates any European setting foot here. White folks in the government know that we are not from any damn Africa. They did take some Africans and and interbred so as to cause confusion telling us to go back to Africa so they can steal our land will many of us have our documents we can look back on death certificates and birth certificates of our ancestors and it'll be clearly defined what is a Indian colored this certain things that we can track back and even artifacts that we have this is our family history. Sooner or later you have to understand you cannot rewrite our family history I used to not know the answer to why conservative white people always ask what do you have to say African American because if you're calling yourself an American you are not of our family lines you are not our people this is not your land in fact I don't use any of the denominations white people assigned to us. You must stop the lies about we all come.from the same people all European people have Neanderthal DNA. If you I just send it you can't have any DNA that we didn't pass on to you. thank goodness that the youth understand the fake religion that was stolen from out of the Giza Pyramid isn't the truth.

  • Gwendolyn
    Gwendolyn Month ago

    Slavery has never ended we are not biologically related to you people. you are not indigenous to this land. We are told on a regular basis to go back to Africa. However most of us were never in Africa. The Olmecs are the oldest documented society in North America South America and Central America. The Olmecs spoke a language that it was still the same spoken in West Africa today. You and your families are Interlopers. You are the immigrants that when they were welcomed you killed and stole. Now you accuse the Hispanics of the same treacherous activity. What makes it even worse we are sovereign people yet you never stop making laws to keep us captive . you run around talking about the Constitution not a single Freedman indigenous to this land had anything to say about it. your people continue making laws and impose them upon us on our own land . The US government has defaulted on payments to people that classify as Native American it's time to evict all of you. That really would get rid of all of the problems you talk about the economy all your stock markets and everything are based upon stealing from other black people the u.s. have so many troops all over Africa is not funny in France right behind them stealing. The same as with Australia they keep acting like they want to negotiate with the indigenous people you'll never hear them a call them the native there's no negotiation there rioting over there the writing all over the world getting the you European people off of their land out of their lives away from their children. The identification nonsense with you people confronting anybody black to identify is saying the same thing as demanding where are your passing papers? Just more Jim Crow. You lie you beat you rape you still kill we're tired of it and it's going to come to a point upon site you're going to start getting killed. we can't tell the difference between the good one of you and the bad. Jury of peers? Yeah right. You will never know the feeling of not knowing if you will be killed by some lunatic because he or she feels uneasy. When I see white youth I try to cross the street. They thought think their violent and racist behavior is funny and rarely get prosecuted for the damage they do. I think that deep inside most white people you know that day is coming where the energy will return.

  • DL Lieberman
    DL Lieberman Month ago

    Simply Profound! Thank you, Beau.

  • مهند العبيدي

    Probably one of the most powerful video I have seen.
    Well done sir . I solute you.

  • Yahuchonan Ben-Yisrael

    White people know what they're doing to black people.. They are just comfortable the way things are in their favour.

  • Yahuchonan Ben-Yisrael

    Living conscience at work. Not like those ones seared with an hot iron.

  • No Way
    No Way Month ago

    A LOT of us out FROM the Americas. Not from Africa. From North, Middle, and south. I’ve seen pages from old white history books that described the “natives” as copper colored and dark. Benjamin Franklin even wrote about us.

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago

    I am 2% Cuban Native American and 97%white

  • MsAnthony211
    MsAnthony211 Month ago

    Thank you beau! You are the first white person who intelligently tries to understand what my ancestor went through. I always enjoy your videos.

  • SameAveTv
    SameAveTv Month ago

    All you do is talk in a garage and speak on topics black activists in the main stream won't say. And ur way more entertaining and have a logical approach to life in America (even the world) I think I watch your videos at less twice cause they are the truth. #Salute

  • Bruce Robinson
    Bruce Robinson Month ago

    One of the things I've done for myself is to learn more about my African heritage world wide, so to speak. The African man and woman is the original human being and everyone is a descendant of the African. So when anyone refers to me as less than human, I know the truth and don't need to get upset over the myth of my supposed inferiority. When one knows the truth, one can interact with pride and confidence and not let people who've been indoctrinated by the White elites who've poisoned the minds of the willing who've accepted the lies as truth. Most people want to believe their own truth, but not the truth regarding mankind and our history. For me, it's been a long journey of discovery combined with joy and pain, but worthy knowledge of people and self. I appreciate your perspective on this subject because widening one's perspective is healthy as well as spiritual. Thanks Beau!

  • The Plough & The Stars

    LOL. Tiocfaidh ár lá! Venceremos!

  • gtcstorm40
    gtcstorm40 Month ago

    I barely understand what it is like to be me, let alone anyone else :-) We do not know anything.

  • michael wayne
    michael wayne Month ago

    One thing can be said is at least Beau is trying to get it right.And that he will be remembered for....... Can't say much for most of the rest.

  • dawn harden
    dawn harden Month ago

    You have a calling sir.

  • Xina B.
    Xina B. Month ago

    You are unqualified to discuss this subject .

    • Iz R
      Iz R Month ago

      He did a very decent job

  • Kali
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    👏 💯

  • Chris Novellin
    Chris Novellin 2 months ago

    Really no one alive today ever was a slave. Hell no one alive today ever knew a slave. Nobody alive today ever owned a slave or knew a slave owner. People like this fool are the ones helping to keep this bullshit going.

  • Brandon Janssen
    Brandon Janssen 2 months ago

    Badass video.......460 dislikes......I'm right here waiting.....come at me

  • Verdad Whitefeather
    Verdad Whitefeather 2 months ago

    Well put.

  • Doug Cruz
    Doug Cruz 2 months ago

    Great though and way to convey your conclusions even though it can be painful, it better you and all of us and that itself is the point. Thank you

  • TheChristWithin
    TheChristWithin 2 months ago +1

    Hi Beau, you should introduce yourself to "Dixon White, Danna Stevens, Bill Blunting, and others. All of you guys are on the same page and have a decent understanding when it comes to the Black Race. God loves you for speaking the truth.

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    vincygarifuna 2 months ago

    This video should be shown in schools and not just in America

  • Simplee Flow
    Simplee Flow 2 months ago

    I appreciate you. Thank you for speaking on this. ✌🏾

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    good points

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    B Torres 2 months ago

    God bless. We can only hope that we wake up and stand together one day.

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    Altraviest Lee 2 months ago

    Good work to talk about the truth

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    Oh I want the extra hat on shelf please. Thanks. Nice accepting the insult a real goat

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    Romeo Carter 2 months ago

    U said some real things respect mane u broke that all the way down

  • D'are 1
    D'are 1 2 months ago

    Bo! Thanks for your realistic understanding of the differences.
    Cav Up n Scouts Out!