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  • Grace
    Grace Minute ago

    (Sorry for the spam, I really just want you guys to know how amazing you are.)Done! Love you guys! What I love about you guys:
    Austin: HILARIOUS AND VERY ENTERTAINING! He always comes up with the BEST ideas and he’s so outgoing and just amazing overall! I really love you and you are so talented at basketball. You love your girls so much which is such an amazing thing to see and feel today in this world. Stay amazing!
    Alaïa: What a cutie! She’s so freaking adorable and I love her adorable rolls! Alaïa is gonna be such a sweetie when she grows up. So beautiful, and smiley!
    Catherine: MY QUEEN! You are SO photogenic and you look good in any video or picture you’re in. KEEP SLAYING. You have such a kind, loving soul that I would definitely want in a close friend. You are so loving and kind to your beautiful girls! You are an angel and I love you!
    Elle: Where do I start? From when you were a tiny baby with ADORABLE rolls, you’ve grown so much. You’re talking in (almost) full sentences, and you’re one of the smartest little 2 year olds i’ve ever known! Never change who you are EVER. Seriously, with your amazing personality and being one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen, you don’t have to change to be something you want to be because you’re already that! ❤️
    If you see this ACE family, then i would seriously CRY, but actually thank you so much for having an impact on this world. Stay who you are, and be the best people you can be!

  • ava grace
    ava grace 2 minutes ago

    the way he said facewash

  • Oshine Hewitt
    Oshine Hewitt 13 minutes ago

    Elle is such a dadas girl lol

  • Glenda Aguayo
    Glenda Aguayo 26 minutes ago

    Can u guys forget the lollipop accident its fine she is a little girl u need to relax if Austin didn’t get that lollipop then she would cry the way home so RELAXXX

  • Isa Seedat Isa Seedat
    Isa Seedat Isa Seedat 46 minutes ago

    U dildo fam

  • Axel Cruz
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  • shavoris Cross
    shavoris Cross 48 minutes ago

    I Love You Guys

  • Gudelia Cruz
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  • Courtney Werth
    Courtney Werth Hour ago

    CUTEST ever! Love you guys so much. Elle is such a good big sister

  • Joscelin Gabrielle
    Joscelin Gabrielle Hour ago +1

    dangggg these peeps prob lost ALOT of subs from the lollipop vid

  • Unicorn Animations


  • Jai leen
    Jai leen Hour ago

    Your girls are so beautiful 💗

  • Unique Gamer
    Unique Gamer Hour ago

    Can we all watch the bram fam instead of these discussing people that need help! Honestly 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Shilpa. Chowdhury

    They are acting like nothing happened, so sad. Pfft, they want money LMAO

  • Isabella Hernandez
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  • samantha teixeira
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  • Baribe word
    Baribe word 2 hours ago

    Go visit Bulgarian please 🤣😇I from Bulgarian?! ❤😘

  • Dulce_bitch Ma12
    Dulce_bitch Ma12 2 hours ago

    15:49 has me dead for some reason 😂😂💀

  • Ariana paine
    Ariana paine 2 hours ago

    U have a busy nighttt

  • ZaMya Richards
    ZaMya Richards 2 hours ago

    Austin how old are you

  • Avah Martin
    Avah Martin 3 hours ago

    Done ✅

  • Gloria Nyarige
    Gloria Nyarige 3 hours ago

    I need a shout out🤗

  • Kianna General
    Kianna General 3 hours ago

    I did it

  • Katlyn
    Katlyn 3 hours ago +1

    done shout out for me please

  • Angela’s Life
    Angela’s Life 3 hours ago

    You guys are a great family

  • sarah papavlassopoulos

    Hey ho

  • audreyymartinez
    audreyymartinez 3 hours ago

    Still very proud of how far you guys have gotten and I’ll be riding with you guys forever 💞

  • Juana Jaguez
    Juana Jaguez 3 hours ago


  • audreyymartinez
    audreyymartinez 3 hours ago

    Catherine you slay queen 😍😍

  • audreyymartinez
    audreyymartinez 3 hours ago

    Love you Ace faaaaamm!❤️❤️

  • audreyymartinez
    audreyymartinez 3 hours ago

    Elles like “ YOU!!” Shes so cute she’s growing up so fast 😭

  • Nan O'Driscoll
    Nan O'Driscoll 4 hours ago

    Love you guys😋

  • lookin like a whole BURNT chicken nugget

    Honestly.. I still watch them but Austin did something so disgusting in the lollipop video and needs to address it before it gets worse. I get they thought it was funny but it’s actually not.. and to all the people who says “it’s none of your business” or “it’s fake” or “she didnt know what it was so it’s okay” y’all are disgusting. It’s not being sensitive, but knowing right from wrong.

  • Inez You guys are so lazy so Wideman

    I love you guys this is so cute

  • Imalay Jimenez
    Imalay Jimenez 5 hours ago

    Tu nenas son lindas I was fat like alaya and my mom had difficulties

  • Anežka Kráľová
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  • Diana On Roblox
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  • Chris Chapman
    Chris Chapman 5 hours ago

    I love your videos I,ve been watching your videos for a long time

  • Gina Griffin
    Gina Griffin 5 hours ago

    I see the heart

  • Ava Avakin
    Ava Avakin 5 hours ago

    The Ace Family should lose all their subscribers 😡🤮

    • Ava Avakin
      Ava Avakin Hour ago

      Because did you even see what happend with that lollipop video.They should apologize for what they did their ignoring us for what they did

    • SisterChloeShook
      SisterChloeShook 4 hours ago


  • Camryn Bell
    Camryn Bell 5 hours ago +1

    You guys are steady saying Ace Family is Cancelled but ever sense the R Kelly incident his ratings have went up? How is that!!! Even after the sex tape with R Kelly and 14 year old girl you guys don’t believe the girls but is mad about a lollipop and I bet after that video was shown and after that happened she had a long talk with her parents or Catherine and it was probably tooken back. If you don’t like them u don’t have to but when u click on these videos to hate what u don’t know is you are helping them succeed and get paid and ur also getting them more views so once again IF U DONT LIKE THEM LEAVE THE PAGE U DONT HAVE TO BE HERE💯

  • nicola chambers
    nicola chambers 5 hours ago +1

    You guys are so cute and happy family love you too done 🤩🤩🤩

  • 0g.Mesha
    0g.Mesha 5 hours ago

    If you guys still support them after he bought that lil girl a penis lollipop something is seriously wrong with all of you

  • Mariana Prado
    Mariana Prado 5 hours ago

    Omg Elle's hair is so cute

  • Stacy Jo Swaby
    Stacy Jo Swaby 6 hours ago

    I love u

  • Ikon yg
    Ikon yg 6 hours ago

    I like you guys with music you guys music on the best and I like you guys come and stuff and everything and all of your videos videos of wonderful I love them this is a report by Angela

  • Sam & Sebas
    Sam & Sebas 6 hours ago

    The way Alaïa and Elle look at Austin on the bed 😂😂😂💗

  • Aysha Desir
    Aysha Desir 6 hours ago

    Aww so cute btw frick the haters just because you gave that girl a a lollipop does not mean you are bad peolpe

  • Jordyn Williams
    Jordyn Williams 6 hours ago

    At 16:00 - Elle is the sweetest and most awesome big sister ever when Alaïa was crying Elle said “ you want me alaia “ cutest thing ever .

  • Sam & Sebas
    Sam & Sebas 6 hours ago

    Awwww I love Alaïa !! She’s so cute 💗💗💗

  • Sam & Sebas
    Sam & Sebas 6 hours ago

    Elle: “What happen?” That was the cutest 😂😂😂❤️

  • Sam & Sebas
    Sam & Sebas 6 hours ago

    Elle loves her bubbles 💗

  • Sam & Sebas
    Sam & Sebas 6 hours ago

    Elle is so cute 😂 Her crazy hair ❤️

  • Novi Henry
    Novi Henry 6 hours ago

    why does this have so many dislikes ?

  • Lordina's world
    Lordina's world 6 hours ago

    My sister cannot stop watching u guys she even chose this instead of her fav youtubers she loves u guys so I'm starting to watch it to test it out and so far I really love it

  • Gaming wit Destiny
    Gaming wit Destiny 6 hours ago +1

    baby Alaina is so cute 💚💚❤️🧡❣️❣️😩 I can’t wait till I’m like 19 or 18 or 20 years old to have a cute baby 🍼 👶👧🏼

  • Andrea Mariscal
    Andrea Mariscal 7 hours ago

    Can y’all do a morning routine plz

  • crystal thompson
    crystal thompson 7 hours ago +1

    Alaia got so chubby

  • Yunuen Mendoza
    Yunuen Mendoza 7 hours ago


  • Fanndís Jónsdóttir
    Fanndís Jónsdóttir 7 hours ago

    Can you guys do a morning routine

  • Lillyana Hernandez
    Lillyana Hernandez 7 hours ago

    Done can I plz get ab iphone xr or an iPhone I subscribed turned on post notifications

  • Indiyah Green
    Indiyah Green 7 hours ago

    I love this video so much this is probably one of my favorites

  • Ab4e rainbow
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  • Tazyah Morris
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  • Skylar Cortes
    Skylar Cortes 7 hours ago

    I have the same phone as cathrine

  • Tazyah Morris
    Tazyah Morris 7 hours ago

    I love u and your family y’all is the best USclip channel on here your kids and your wife and u is so beautiful 🥰😜

  • Sumaiyah Mansur
    Sumaiyah Mansur 8 hours ago +2

    i love the ace family like i swear yall stay all up in there stuff and you most likely dont even really know them and stay tryna come after them i love how they just living there life and dont caring like yall all tripin sometimes i feel like they should make a video on it but in my head yall all over it for nothing they live there life yall live yalls without haten please like damn..................................

    • Jaelin Addley
      Jaelin Addley 6 hours ago

      Sumaiyah Mansur That's true you don't know them either.

  • ریال FVAX
    ریال FVAX 8 hours ago

    15M BRAVO👏👏👏

  • doreen Pooran
    doreen Pooran 8 hours ago

    It was just a big misunderstanding with the lollipop Catherine's sister didn't know what she was doing she is still young u can't blame her if u ppl can't see that she is young and dont know what she is doing then y'all really are stupid y'all can't go around saying they're terrible,sick etc y'all would be the sick ones because catherine's sister is really young after reading my comment y'all probably won't even care but y'all idiots if u dont care I mean if u guys had kids won't u want the best for them it would have been your choice buy it or steal it

    • Jaelin Addley
      Jaelin Addley 6 hours ago

      doreen Pooran No its not her fault it Austin and Catherines they knew what is was they're adults they should not bought her that and stop believing the lies that little girl don't steal and she couldn't even reach it. They could of went to another store and bought her candy.. Foh sounds like you need a dick lollipop 🍭 smh

  • Essence Kelly
    Essence Kelly 8 hours ago

    What video is everyone talking about?

  • Raha Yaghmai
    Raha Yaghmai 8 hours ago


  • Mariah Latta
    Mariah Latta 9 hours ago

    3:17 i see it

  • Eileen Reyes
    Eileen Reyes 9 hours ago

    hey ace i love you and you famliy so much l loe you so much

  • Marcel Cesar
    Marcel Cesar 9 hours ago


  • Сергей Новиков

    Hi Ace family. Why did you throw a strike on the channel MikaelStudio? This is a good person, he translates your videos into another language. Under each video, he leaves a link to your channel. He spends 5-6 hours translating your videos. He almost does not get money from the video because it is not his video. He quit his job to translate your videos into Russian. Almost all the commercials he had no advertising. Be good people and remove the strike from the channel MikaelStudio. And write me the answer

    • Jaelin Addley
      Jaelin Addley 6 hours ago

      Сергей Новиков Why would you watch this pervert that scams people's money and lies all the time.. They did it cause they are Aceholes. They did you a favor. This is the DisgrACE FAMILY.

  • iyana sylvester
    iyana sylvester 10 hours ago

    Try putting baby on her belly and see if it will work

  • lina nish
    lina nish 10 hours ago +1


  • ___F.M.T___ videos
    ___F.M.T___ videos 10 hours ago


  • I try to take a selfie with an Evian bottle

    7:06 - 7:46 Elle is so adorable saying Dada awww😍😍😭

  • Neveah Pettius
    Neveah Pettius 10 hours ago

    ROLLS im fucking DONEEEE

  • Alice Macwilliams
    Alice Macwilliams 10 hours ago

    love you guys Xxxx

  • ikov
    ikov 11 hours ago +2

    dislike. and unsubbed goodbye tired of your money hungry

  • Sheraga De Graven
    Sheraga De Graven 11 hours ago

    i love austin catherine elle alaia i wis dat U be mij famalij

  • Eva Cibravicute
    Eva Cibravicute 11 hours ago

    i love yous all 😙❤

  • mallika mall
    mallika mall 11 hours ago

    We won't stop loving you

  • mallika mall
    mallika mall 11 hours ago

    We love you ace family

  • female cross frisk
    female cross frisk 12 hours ago

    How did u guys meet?u should make ur next vid about it

  • Evey M
    Evey M 12 hours ago

    And also tapucocoa just be quiet if you don't like them

  • Evey M
    Evey M 12 hours ago

    Awww Elle is soooo cute same as Alaia

  • AsmrBeauty '
    AsmrBeauty ' 12 hours ago +2

    Austins new name : Austin mcPERVERT

    SHARON KADIR 12 hours ago

    Okay so now someone pls tell me what the so called 'lollipop video' is about. I see so many lollipops in the comment section

    • Jaelin Addley
      Jaelin Addley 6 hours ago

      SHARON KADIR Keep ready or look it up..

  • User Name
    User Name 12 hours ago

    😂😭 can y’all stop being stupid lmao THEY DONT OWE US ANYTHING. I get it’s “disgusting “ to some but at the end of the day it’s none of ur business 🤷🏽‍♀️ so no they are not avoiding anything they r doing what they always have “YouTubing” so if u can’t suck up the fact that ur not apart of the situation gtfo ion care if ur offended that doesn’t make u apart of what they did so u have no reason to be on their channel demanding shit ????

  • Elin Lorick
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  • Janiah Denise Hernandez
    Janiah Denise Hernandez 14 hours ago +1

    Im not bashing but someone call me b**** because of the ace family

  • Angie's Entertainment
    Angie's Entertainment 15 hours ago +1

    Why do people comment nothing about the video? Everyone just wants to spread drama!

  • Marivic Train
    Marivic Train 15 hours ago

    I have post notification on!!!! Donee!!!

  • Hazel Varias
    Hazel Varias 15 hours ago

    Hey ace famileyyyy

  • Rihanna Reyes
    Rihanna Reyes 15 hours ago

    Is it me or do i see elle with her iPad watching niya and elia show

  • Mr. grab ur pack bunch of snitches


  • Betaneya 20051
    Betaneya 20051 16 hours ago

    Like Austin made one mistake and he’s sorry about and y guys are making it worse by hating like unsubscribe is Ard Austin is sorry and nobody in this world is perfect so instead of hating how about we help him,Valentina and Catherine through this situation like be the bigger person stop being a hater