Irish People Try Little Debbie Treats

  • Published on Aug 2, 2017
  • "I assume Little Debbie is now Massive Debbie"
    Irish People Taste Test Little Debbie Treats
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    More Information:
    Treats featured in this video:
    Oatmeal Creme Pies
    Zebra Cakes
    Cinnamon Streusel Cakes
    Cosmic Brownies
    Honey Buns
    Star Crunch
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    People featured in this video: (in order of appearance, l-r)
    James & Donal
    Aine & Paul
    Dermot & Harker
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Comments • 3 350

  • Kristen Alicia
    Kristen Alicia Day ago

    We have brownies, they turn into girl scouts after a certain age.

  • Virginia Larraine Hall

    I can't I have tears in my eyes they got me laughing off the Little Debbie brownies I never buy them.

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner Day ago

    More than likely the snack came first then the nambe became dirty as time went on

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner Day ago

    We use to have an outlet store near my house that sold all this stuff at bargain basement prices so good

  • Paul Byers
    Paul Byers 2 days ago

    James: "I'm fat, so I know exactly what Little Debbie is." I hear you, brother. She did the same thing to me!

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel 5 days ago

    Why did you eat that shit?

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris 6 days ago

    3:47 Little Debbie is now Big Deborah

  • Basil In the Forest
    Basil In the Forest 7 days ago

    I used to eat OATMEAL cakes as a kid but holy,I hate Zebra cakes so much.Ahh,but Star Crunch cookies,those were my true jams at those tender ages. So many moments of birthday parties or last day if school and it makes me wanna hurl. I even hated them then. Most Debbie cakes do make me want to vomit. I so remember eating the cosmic brownies in my middle school days and early high school. I cannot imagine eating that shit now (and that was not even often..) Ehk. Also brownies,beyond food,in the US is also a level of girl scouts...honest I am glad I was more into fruit and vinegar based shit,like pickles

  • Guy That Games
    Guy That Games 8 days ago

    If my dad was irish, he would be glasses guy

  • Savannah Croussore
    Savannah Croussore 9 days ago

    Cosmic Brownies and honey buns were my childhood 😂 I always got like one in ur packed lunch in elementary school

  • AKidWhoWantsToBeAMarine

    The dood ate a brownie

  • Z3 Viper
    Z3 Viper 14 days ago


  • Joshua Dean
    Joshua Dean 15 days ago

    You know... Little Debbie grew up to Big Deborah....with the nickname of Lil' Diabetes....

  • smalls9852
    smalls9852 15 days ago

    Actually we do have Brownies in the states. It is a group for girl's before they go to the Girl Scouts. Lol

  • Serenity Pasch
    Serenity Pasch 16 days ago

    3:27 You're welcome.

  • obi wan Kenobi
    obi wan Kenobi 17 days ago

    Little deby is BIG deby now

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 17 days ago

    The Cosmic Brownies are nasty. ; (

  • Nicole Herrley
    Nicole Herrley 17 days ago

    The guy with the Colorado shirt looks sickly!

  • Roberto Acuna
    Roberto Acuna 17 days ago

    Nuke 15 secs. Honey buns, strudel, brownies, coffee stixs, devil food.

  • Pineapple Gacha
    Pineapple Gacha 19 days ago

    Is it bad that I absolutely hate honey buns

  • Beau Barnett
    Beau Barnett 20 days ago +1

    I like the long haired Stoner guy he's f****** hilarious

  • Slider1207
    Slider1207 20 days ago

    The guy on the right at 0:16 looks like he can fit the solar system in his mouth. Biggest friggan gob I've ever seen.

  • Melissa Lawson
    Melissa Lawson 22 days ago +1

    We do have brownies, they're the "Cub" version of the Girl Scouts.

  • Anthony Sofia
    Anthony Sofia 23 days ago

    Should’ve tried Swiss Rolls, loved getting those in my lunch as a kid

  • Idwiw
    Idwiw 24 days ago

    Dudes rockin a colorado shirt represent

  • Jeff Couture
    Jeff Couture 24 days ago

    Offer a girl a hoho and no one bats an eye, offer her a cream pie and everyone looses their minds.

  • Runs4Drinks
    Runs4Drinks 24 days ago

    I ate so many of these when I was getting high.

  • Dark Wolf00
    Dark Wolf00 26 days ago

    Cosmic brownies, the ultimate stoner food.

  • Andrea Hicks
    Andrea Hicks 27 days ago

    Colorado shirt guy !

  • Patrick Mike
    Patrick Mike 28 days ago

    Wow that raven haired girl is strikingly beautiful

  • Luv2Seok
    Luv2Seok 28 days ago

    America do have Brownies they are before they go into Girl Scouts.

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin 29 days ago

    Little Debbies are pretty bad..

  • Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Month ago

    We definitely have brownies. It's a stage of the girl scouts

  • Joe Hazzard1nc Smith

    I love that you're wearing a Colorado shirt!

  • Monique Bouchard
    Monique Bouchard Month ago

    Lalalala...calories.....lalalalala.....sugar......lalalalala.....fat.......this is junk food....don't read the package!!!

  • Moonturns Thetides
    Moonturns Thetides Month ago

    The. Blonde girl.. marry me

  • 혼자 girlstabber
    혼자 girlstabber Month ago

    cool Charlie Kelly shirt bro

  • Dk Dk
    Dk Dk Month ago

    “From this distance it looks like a burger.” 😂😂😂

  • Sara Indacoechea-Edwards

    That guy with long hair repping a blue Colorado shirt!

  • Robert Vega
    Robert Vega Month ago

    They are not even fat, and complaining about sugar!

  • Heather Perry
    Heather Perry Month ago

    WE USED TO HAVE BROWNIES!!! I was a Girl Scout Brownie lol

  • Shigechikiyo Yangu
    Shigechikiyo Yangu Month ago

    Little debbie is the shart

  • Jeff Bogatay
    Jeff Bogatay Month ago

    I swear the guy with the beanie smokes weed before every video 😂

  • Angel Keys
    Angel Keys Month ago

    Wtf is a brownie in Ireland

  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace Month ago

    "Let's clarify for the American audience what a brownie is because they dont have brownies..." little does she know that we do have brownies and it would make what he said sooooo much worse 😱🤦‍♂️

  • Shanan Alexander
    Shanan Alexander Month ago +1

    Oatmeal cream pie: No. The best is the Debbie Roll, then the brownie. Hunny Buns oh yeah!!!!

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis Month ago

    Nutty bars are me fave, Snickers ice cream, Butterfinger, Mr good bar.

  • BKLNHobo
    BKLNHobo Month ago

    The fact that you can buy 12 for less than $2.00 is a sign that they're not high quality.

  • sayesh shrestha
    sayesh shrestha Month ago

    I love that Donal is a big Doppelganger fan of Charlie Kelly from Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Jesus  Cazares
    Jesus Cazares Month ago

    When i saw the title the first thing i thought was oatmeal creme pies and it was the first thing

  • jason stone
    jason stone Month ago

    You guys are fucking hilarious!

  • Jase stevens Carwile

    That girl with black hair is so fucking beautiful.

    • Harker Ryan
      Harker Ryan Month ago

      Thanks 🖤 I have my own USclip channel if you want to check it out.

  • Jase stevens Carwile

    What a bad ass accent

  • Skipper&Tyler
    Skipper&Tyler Month ago

    Cosmic brownie fans where ya at???

  • Josh Lindsey
    Josh Lindsey Month ago

    O yea btw, oatmeal cream pies 😂😂

  • Josh Lindsey
    Josh Lindsey Month ago

    They didnt even give em nutter butters

  • Don't Read This Please

    Cosmic brownies are the best little Debbies fight me irishman.

  • JSBIRD69
    JSBIRD69 Month ago

    What the actual F?!?
    No Swiss Rolls?!?
    This is not a legitimate tasting without Swiss Rolls!!!
    I hate Little Debbie...that bitch is making me fat!!

  • Randolph D
    Randolph D Month ago

    The cosmic brownies are a form of currency for children under 10.

  • A D
    A D Month ago

    Watching Irish people enjoy what are considered like bottom of the barrel snacks in the US is so funny.

  • Exoduss 1228
    Exoduss 1228 Month ago


  • ted yancey
    ted yancey Month ago

    why are they reading nutritional facts on snack cakes? Its not supposed to be healthy

  • Queen Yaa
    Queen Yaa Month ago

    No fudge rounds???

  • Miss. Memes 420
    Miss. Memes 420 Month ago +1

    I don't like Little Debbie or Hostess so there's that.

  • Lisa L Menard
    Lisa L Menard Month ago

    No Swiss rolls???!!!

  • ComeliaO7
    ComeliaO7 Month ago

    So I’m ready to fight everybody. Don’t disrespect little Debbie like that.

  • Brandon Shaw
    Brandon Shaw Month ago

    OMG oatmeal cream pie and original Doritos

  • Monique Biondi
    Monique Biondi Month ago

    NO SWISS CAKE ROLLS???????????????

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W Month ago

    Thats not marshmallow in the middle its a "creme filling". We have brownies. They are different from scones which is what we call biscuits, and your biscuits are cookies to Americans. However they are typically different from those as well. More like gooey cake type things.

  • justreallybored
    justreallybored Month ago +4

    Notice how they didn't do one of the most popular ones, NUTTY BUDDY. Usually Dermot love peanut butte.r

  • justreallybored
    justreallybored Month ago

    FYI to the rest of the world, Hostess is dead. They went bankrupt and got bought by a conglomerate and are NOTHING what they used to be. Literally they are entirely different and horrible now. All because the original company didn't want to give raises to employees. Hostess used to be made with real ingredients, now they are made with fake, nasty garbage ingredients. Horrible.

  • Cinda Schuster
    Cinda Schuster Month ago

    Little Debbie's sux, believe me!

  • Forestic
    Forestic Month ago

    Aye, yo, yo, yo, I’m Lil Debbie OUUU, AYEE

  • Justin Aguilar
    Justin Aguilar Month ago

    Hell yea Colorado reppin

  • Bob Hager
    Bob Hager Month ago

    Don't these people know there are young kids watching this; The conversational cussing for no reason seems to be a Problem. Yes, I an aware that the Irish swear alot but there are others watching these videos besides the Irish. Just cool all the swearing

    • Amity Kays
      Amity Kays Month ago

      I'm american and I swear a lot lol

  • Jakob Anderson
    Jakob Anderson Month ago

    3:32 am I high or does this star crunch box say OBI WAN on it?!?

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S Month ago

    Little Debbies are disgusting, too sweet!

  • Sara Westcott
    Sara Westcott Month ago

    Dermot, Dermot, Dermot

  • Lauren Lewis Grief Coach Practitioner

    Little Debbie's are disgusting cheap cakes!! Nasty just Nasty

  • Matthew Costello
    Matthew Costello Month ago

    we do have Brownies, before Girl Scouts

  • Patty Mayonnaise
    Patty Mayonnaise Month ago

    Fudge brownie? Seriously. Y'all actually messed up Brownies for these distinguished guests?!?! Star Crunch! Are you kidding?

  • Kaddy Woods
    Kaddy Woods Month ago

    How dare you say the cookies in the beginning are bad they are the best Debbie snack next to nuttie buddies

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Month ago

    We have brownies and scouts.

  • Michael R
    Michael R Month ago

    Are these idiots trying to be intentionally stupid on camera?

  • Priya Jeagara
    Priya Jeagara Month ago +1

    The only thing that I hate about Luttle debbie is the fact that everything disappears into your stomach too quickly😭

  • nashvillenightkat
    nashvillenightkat Month ago

    This was hilarious to watch I think they all got a sugar rush as a kid I liked the strawberry shortcakes the Star Crunch and oatmeal cream pies

  • Elizabeth Alam
    Elizabeth Alam Month ago

    I’m Sorry but nobody has the authority to criticize or undermine the Cosmic Brownie ©
    The queen 👑 of all processed snacks
    It’s extremely disrespectful to the brownie
    And all of it’s followers:)

  • Mel Zee
    Mel Zee Month ago

    "Here's generic dessert #4!" 🤣🤣🤣 that slays!!

  • Butter 1532
    Butter 1532 Month ago

    Star crunch da bomb

  • Luke The proud sayain warrior

    Here’s genearic desert #4 😂

  • Cody Marcumtv
    Cody Marcumtv 2 months ago

    Cosmic Brownies are my Kryptonite people, good lord when I die please have these!!!!!

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 2 months ago

    Any ya wonder why Americans are so friggin large.

  • BeanProductions
    BeanProductions 2 months ago +2

    'Best brownie i ever had was 12'

    • Ashley1988
      Ashley1988 Month ago

      I don't get it. I feel so stupid lol

  • xxkomebackkidxx
    xxkomebackkidxx 2 months ago +1

    Strawberry Swiss cake rolls #1. End of discussion.

  • Bri Rakotz
    Bri Rakotz 2 months ago

    You gotta bake the honey buns with a pat of butter on it.

  • Raggedy Ann
    Raggedy Ann 2 months ago

    Are all Irish men comedians? Lmao

  • Sean McTiernan
    Sean McTiernan 2 months ago

    Um, we have Brownies, they're with Girl Scouts

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 2 months ago

    Loved Dermot's Danny Thomas imitation. Oh, and could you please stop torturing Dermot, I don't think he cares, much, for peanuts or peanut butter.

  • Rich Endyk
    Rich Endyk 2 months ago

    Irish Jesus is wearing a Colorado flag t-shirt!!!

  • Midnight Gemini
    Midnight Gemini 2 months ago

    Honey Buns 10/10....but, where are the strawberry shortcakes?