Det Cord Shockwaves in 4K

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • The guys have some fun with det cord-a.k.a detonating cord-as they spell out their names in explosives and blow it all up. Check out The Super Slow Show, Only on USclip.
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  • AMRosa10
    AMRosa10 2 days ago

    Guys: Here's the slow motion footage.
    Me: Set playback speed to 0.25 to make it even slower...

  • Rider Mak
    Rider Mak 2 days ago

    2 full of oxygen, one full of acetylene. 🥴

  • Aze
    Aze 7 days ago

    Bombs are fluffy

  • Xion Dominagus
    Xion Dominagus 7 days ago +1

    going frame by frame, that was fake.

  • Clint Nesbitt
    Clint Nesbitt 7 days ago

    You guys forgot to touch up the shockwaves on the replay of the last sequence 😂

  • louis t
    louis t 13 days ago

    I like how it takes the concept of dangerous stuff and slow Mo.
    New subscriber :)

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 19 days ago

    Slowing that down even further with the speed option on USclip is amazing and also hilarious at the same time as it sounds like you guys are stoned outta your faces with how slow your talking lol

  • pratik pradhan
    pratik pradhan 19 days ago

    thats a youtube play buttom 7:10

  • GiggitySam Entz
    GiggitySam Entz 19 days ago +1

    Well this is a step up from yellow snow...

  • Lazelo Naistus
    Lazelo Naistus 20 days ago

    Lmao or maybe the camera blinked hahaha geniuses

  • Deadly_ProYT Gaming
    Deadly_ProYT Gaming 21 day ago

    Dan: longgor...

  • Bubblezov Love
    Bubblezov Love 23 days ago +3

    But now I need to see a very very very long straight line of det cord so I can better see the speed...

  • Wesley Morrison
    Wesley Morrison 24 days ago +6

    slomo guys:
    *can you see air?*
    normal people:
    slomo guys:
    *they called me a madman...*

  • Pinaki Paul
    Pinaki Paul 25 days ago

    At 7:08 sec on the top of thee wodden frame

  • Pinaki Paul
    Pinaki Paul 25 days ago

    How arrow type red light created over the P frame

  • Hola
    Hola 26 days ago

    You guys need to be more frank

  • Caleb Edwards
    Caleb Edwards 26 days ago +2

    we need to re record the cement truck from mythbusters!!! at 90K fps

  • de cuul dude
    de cuul dude 26 days ago

    The music makes me sleepy STOP IT

    I just joking about the last part😐

  • XDstark
    XDstark 28 days ago

    what was the red light thing on the last explosion? Looked crazy

  • Jane Ki
    Jane Ki 29 days ago

    Dude that was dope af

  • Sany RS
    Sany RS Month ago

    I didnt know shockwave can be seen

  • GamingLand Of mobile
    GamingLand Of mobile Month ago +1

    1:38 for some reason looks fake

  • Александр Романюк

    That flares at 6:40 inverse to the explosion are awesome.

  • ツdas_nils
    ツdas_nils Month ago

    6:38 wow

  • flashcracker1
    flashcracker1 Month ago

    Excellent! Thank you very much for this

  • bluetiger
    bluetiger Month ago


  • LouisEinhalb
    LouisEinhalb Month ago

    I am Gav
    I am Dan
    I am done

  • David Ross
    David Ross Month ago

    you guys should have set off prima cord to show how fast it lights off, yes I realize my comment is over 1 year late but just had to say it

  • Deadlylies
    Deadlylies Month ago

    Would be a great way to make an intro.

  • Everyday Slow Motion
    Everyday Slow Motion Month ago +3

    detonation looks AMAZING in slow motion- it's ART- Thank you GUYS :)

  • J Alex Wheeler
    J Alex Wheeler Month ago

    Wrap me a tree with 3 loops of det cord.

  • chapmanmerchant
    chapmanmerchant Month ago

    omg that is just the cord

  • limitar *
    limitar * Month ago

    1 .1nkik@dppp-dw1D11

  • [SPAZ] jimmy no legs

    5.56 fith element reference

  • I'am NoBODY
    I'am NoBODY Month ago

    Starring by Micheal Bay

  • futte2303
    futte2303 Month ago

    Wow that was awsome.
    More explotions please. Its so cool. Those fire letters wow wow

  • Todd Teh Russian Spy

    Is it basically c4 cord

  • Balasaravanan Palanirajh

    At about 4:17 or around
    The soil beneath the A has a triple push... Its so mesmerizing

  • Caden ‘n’ Cookie

    Only og’s will remember when fav jumped on the water balloon off the tree and popped?

  • fishshooter24
    fishshooter24 Month ago +2

    6:43 Is the blue light just camera flare or it that cherenkov radiation?

    • GiggitySam Entz
      GiggitySam Entz 19 days ago

      I was seriously wondering! What kind of charged particle would be making it ?

  • Darian Neumayer
    Darian Neumayer Month ago

    Yes yes yes a lot more det corded.

  • Troy Stevens
    Troy Stevens Month ago +5

    Glad to see Dan drop the act and actually show his intelligence. Probably my favorite video for that reason mostly. But still was a cool idea and a cool video. Good job guys!

  • Voxel Music
    Voxel Music Month ago

    Massive google play advert

  • JMN vlog channel
    JMN vlog channel Month ago


  • Jaleal Ward
    Jaleal Ward Month ago

    Can you drop a giant cement wrecking ball in water at terminal velocity

  • neo
    neo Month ago

    gavs 'oh hi' is a mood

  • grapy
    grapy Month ago

    Freakin Amazing

  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro Month ago

    I love when the 📷 blinked 😂😂😂

  • hawk7825
    hawk7825 Month ago

    What is that red hue at 7:09 starting in the upper left.

  • MrFlashpoint1978
    MrFlashpoint1978 Month ago

    Big bada boom? Leeloo Dallas Multipass?

  • Danny Ray
    Danny Ray 2 months ago

    i wish you guys would just shoot everything as fast as possebel. you can play it back as fast as you whant but as you see in this video the faster is always better

  • BademeisIer
    BademeisIer 2 months ago +1

    There are no shockwaves since there is no detonation, only deflagration. Nothing is travelling faster than the speed of sound here.:)

  • Niko Karakis
    Niko Karakis 2 months ago

    you guys should do a race where u have a long straight line of det cord and u set it off while simultaneously firing a gun in the same direction

  • Cosmic Cyborg
    Cosmic Cyborg 2 months ago

    Imagine a prosal in this way...

  • Duncan Garnett
    Duncan Garnett 2 months ago

    What happened to that guy's hand/wrist?

    • kjp6438
      kjp6438 2 months ago

      Took a fall off a skateboard in a previous video.

  • Rifat Hossain
    Rifat Hossain 2 months ago fan from Linus

  • Plague Fox1
    Plague Fox1 2 months ago


  • Adam Vargo
    Adam Vargo 2 months ago


  • twowheelsonly
    twowheelsonly 2 months ago

    you should do it in the mountains

  • Ashton Hundt
    Ashton Hundt 2 months ago

    If can get a tank and fire a shell from it and pls it would make my day if it was a stum there are 2 only left in the world btw it’s a German tank and see what happens