Det Cord Shockwaves in 4K


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  • Dwayne Johnson Jr

    You guys should try a watermelon in the center with that and see if it will survive?

  • Kiran Koli
    Kiran Koli 2 days ago

    Can you detonated over 500 meter long det cord at 90,000 fps or 100,000 fps rate

  • Carlos Piccardo
    Carlos Piccardo 2 days ago

    What is the human eye framerate?

  • the clumsy ninjas 1588

    Oh ya Dan I'm joining the Navy

  • Story sorry
    Story sorry 4 days ago

    I always wonder who lets these people have explosives :)

  • Артём Михайлов

    Можно помедленнее говорить?

  • arches
    arches 7 days ago

    best one to date

  • arches
    arches 7 days ago

    best one to date

  • Charles Warren
    Charles Warren 10 days ago

    Ya know, Det cord is very useful. Makeshift breaching charges to being a primary explosive to set off another explosive. Always loved it. Though I'm surprised they didn't use time fuse connected by a M81.

  • Look Out Vlogs
    Look Out Vlogs 12 days ago

    the camera shook at 3:51

  • Heather Miller
    Heather Miller 14 days ago

    is that static electricity that forms around the shock wave in the last explosion. you can see some colors and it kind of looks like some type of bubble???

  • Dr.K
    Dr.K 19 days ago


  • Darren Palmer
    Darren Palmer 19 days ago

    you guys are the best!
    M-azing footage slo- mo bros!
    Thank u!

  • Nathan Lester
    Nathan Lester 20 days ago

    Could you write your names in the water with the detonation cord as well?

  • Christopher Duldulao

    WT* hahaha enjoyed it

  • Darkgun231
    Darkgun231 21 day ago

    I understand now why Deidara liked explosions so much!

  • Crispy Johnny
    Crispy Johnny 21 day ago

    the way they were talkin to eachother was awkward af

  • jonah deyling
    jonah deyling 23 days ago

    where can i buy det cord?

  • Jay Nartz
    Jay Nartz 24 days ago

    Best channel in youtube.

  • pro-self-offense
    pro-self-offense 25 days ago

    4:18= urwellcum

  • Mayank Kr.
    Mayank Kr. 25 days ago

    Just so you know, the gear they use, cost 120k.

  • xPNova
    xPNova 25 days ago

    7:07 That looked like some of the explosion was ahead of time. The red bit on the D.

  • Tsz Yin Chong
    Tsz Yin Chong 25 days ago

    what's that red light flying toward the triangle at 6:41

  • Chase of Spades
    Chase of Spades 26 days ago

    Subscribed subscribed subscribed ! ! !

  • Daniel Hesse
    Daniel Hesse 27 days ago

    The only thing det cord is sensitive to is shear, so use a straight edge to cut it, not scissors.

  • Infertiletick50 The Gamer

    i love science

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 28 days ago

    Nuke in slow mo...?

  • Benevolent Despot
    Benevolent Despot Month ago

    "Densaler" 👍

  • Muffin Studios
    Muffin Studios Month ago

    Imagine Quicksilver were there.

  • Luke Raper
    Luke Raper Month ago

    That was the most CRINGE-INDUCING PUN I have EVER HEARD.

  • cafe gamer
    cafe gamer Month ago

    Prank people to atom bomb

  • litfuse293 plus
    litfuse293 plus Month ago

    watches it in youtube's slower motion *puts on sunglasses cause this idea is too bright for anyone to see*

  • Öfkeli Herif
    Öfkeli Herif Month ago

    2:05 like a V For Vendetta

  • Born2 Hear BASS
    Born2 Hear BASS Month ago

    did i just saw waves?! that was INSANE and AMAZING!!!

  • Yadher Bustamante
    Yadher Bustamante Month ago

    through the water shot should be framed.

  • sloppy spino
    sloppy spino Month ago

    I'd really love to watch this all but the episode seemed to be dragging on ;¬)

  • Rizz DZ
    Rizz DZ Month ago +1

    Super cool!!

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo Month ago

    never knew Dan was in the army

  • Biruk Ayele
    Biruk Ayele Month ago +1

    6:38 Looks like some scarlet witch thing

  • Bailey Eberdong
    Bailey Eberdong Month ago

    I like the water ripple effect under letter A. Its like a tsunami being seen from space.

  • BiRDiE
    BiRDiE Month ago +1

    Come on Dan, Your not that Fat....

  • noobiii
    noobiii Month ago

    all i need is a bunch of det cord and a slow mo camera like that and i have my new intro

  • De Wae
    De Wae Month ago

    Danggg sick

  • ExtravagantEngie
    ExtravagantEngie Month ago

    that BREX corporate card looks BADASS in the commercial

  • Richard Black
    Richard Black Month ago

    Dan was in the army?

  • Harmly Mostless
    Harmly Mostless 2 months ago

    Did you measure the speed of the det cord? How many frames did it take for the detonation travel from one side to the other side of the wooden frame in the background?You will also need to know the distance from the camera to both the det cord and the wooden frame. If you have the numbers, you could measure the speed. Any chance you did it?

  • Michael Schiller
    Michael Schiller 2 months ago

    thank you for your service \‾ (`-` )

  • Aristidis Tsepnidis
    Aristidis Tsepnidis 2 months ago

    Try to see if you can reach the light

  • Im just a cartoon I make pictures that move

    This looks like a devil is coming to earth and his name is GabDAn I luv this

  • Willow Yocky
    Willow Yocky 2 months ago

    They need to team up with the mythbusters if they haven't already

  • moanyoldbaastaard
    moanyoldbaastaard 2 months ago


  • Gene Lomas
    Gene Lomas 2 months ago

    6 ks per second..!?!
    Is this stuff expensive..?
    You guys need to get a few (4 or 5) ks worth of this det cord and run in a straight line across a salt flat with the v2511 up on a hill looking along the length..
    maybe have little explosive packets (with paint powder) every 500 meters as distance indicators.. shoot it off around dusk so the light trail is awesome.

  • Alexander Fierro
    Alexander Fierro 2 months ago

    "it makes it look like its underwater, that could be on the seabed, you can trick someone" interestng.....

  • TheFuturisticDev -ROBLOX


  • Ryan Cavanaugh
    Ryan Cavanaugh 2 months ago

    Thats awesome

  • Spero et Sapienta
    Spero et Sapienta 2 months ago

    I loved seeing Dan's name because my name is Dan as well.

  • Priceyknight
    Priceyknight 2 months ago

    7 years and still corporal

  • CBGaming
    CBGaming 3 months ago

    Is that what Batman used in the Arkham games?

    • CBGaming
      CBGaming 3 months ago

      The thing where he drew a batsymbol then detonated it

  • JuliBroDaily 2
    JuliBroDaily 2 3 months ago

    Did dan actually join the army one point in his life?

  • JuliBroDaily 2
    JuliBroDaily 2 3 months ago

    That sounds good!

  • Tom's Reef
    Tom's Reef 3 months ago

    first time ever i see a shockwave.. incridible..

  • Ivan Jans
    Ivan Jans 3 months ago

    yoou should wrap a tree with that... every branch!

  • CWP T.O.B
    CWP T.O.B 3 months ago

    Experiment Boy est encore loin visiblement.

  • Marcus Santoyo
    Marcus Santoyo 3 months ago +1

    you guys should take that to a swimming pool at night and watch the lightshow underwater before the water even moves.

  • Jeffrey Thomas
    Jeffrey Thomas 3 months ago

    You guys should break a vacuum chamber underwater. Or run some det cord through a fish tank

  • Mark Denning II
    Mark Denning II 3 months ago

    could you do a slow mo of a shaped charge detonated at a mirror?

  • Akiyl 1/16
    Akiyl 1/16 3 months ago

    Dan was in the army??

  • Iri New
    Iri New 3 months ago


  • Golden Tsunami
    Golden Tsunami 3 months ago

    7:43 You can see a smiley face on the right side! xD

  • Dragon HK
    Dragon HK 3 months ago

    Awesome. Could you always show FPS one the screen every time you show a slow mo image, that helps to understand a lot. thnx

  • Kyle Decker
    Kyle Decker 3 months ago

    Lmao watch from 6:38 at 0.5 speed, its the drunk super slow show

  • Aer Ofjoy
    Aer Ofjoy 3 months ago

    Hail sadan

  • Bailey Lake
    Bailey Lake 3 months ago

    Deidara would love this video!

  • Günay Arıcı
    Günay Arıcı 3 months ago

    olm bu adamlar türk değil mi lan? ben mi birine benzetiyorum yoksa akeme

  • TheManOfPokemon
    TheManOfPokemon 3 months ago

    The coolest part, I think, is the other triangle that appears as the first one explodes.

  • Mike Rm
    Mike Rm 3 months ago

    At which temperature does the cord travels?


    Explosion Art.... Is this a new branch of art?

  • Ticetvoed
    Ticetvoed 3 months ago

    If you were fast enough I bet it would feel pretty good to touch it

  • Mango_ ASZ_
    Mango_ ASZ_ 3 months ago +1

    Thumbnail kinda looks like a fire playbutton

  • Armaan Malik
    Armaan Malik 3 months ago


  • cralix thegameking
    cralix thegameking 3 months ago

    What’s the read triangle above the cord while it’s going

  • Shane_ MPR
    Shane_ MPR 3 months ago

    Debt cord explodes so fast that, you can start the detonation in California, and it will reach Maine in 11 minutes

  • An Interested Third Party

    Whoever lives behind those hills is going to hear those explosions and say to themselves “it must be gav and dan spelling their names”

  • An Interested Third Party

    I love it when they use det cord it’s some of my favourite images

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 3 months ago

    Nothing bad will happen

  • Crazy Funny Cats
    Crazy Funny Cats 3 months ago

    Have a det cord giveaway contest 😂😹💨

    GBEASTR 3 months ago

    90k FPS? wow

  • Arjun parmar
    Arjun parmar 3 months ago

    Did anyone else see the eye shape that was made at 6:52

  • cracking lights
    cracking lights 3 months ago

    it kind of sounds like thunder

  • Bob Sween
    Bob Sween 3 months ago

    Play dans in 0.25 second it’s amazing

  • lyn randall
    lyn randall 3 months ago


  • The Ravenous Beast
    The Ravenous Beast 3 months ago

    Hey, slow mo guys. I have a video for you on my channel. Now I’m going to make another. Please check me out!!

  • Micheal Mullins
    Micheal Mullins 3 months ago

    Deidara would be proud.

  • Dont know
    Dont know 3 months ago

    You missed the other piece of the Y

  • draculla devil
    draculla devil 3 months ago

    so how is the shockwaves made

  • Bydatbusstop AK
    Bydatbusstop AK 3 months ago


  • Master Longdong
    Master Longdong 3 months ago

    This is why I have the internet.
    $70.00 a month for magic.

  • morgielivie
    morgielivie 3 months ago

    8000mtrs a second to be exact

  • Wolf Blood
    Wolf Blood 3 months ago

    7:16 see the youtube logo

  • Mike Conzemius
    Mike Conzemius 3 months ago

    Can't u take a slow Mo can, the record it and make it even more slow mo from a comp or another slow mo camera?... It makes sense