Monster BLACK HOLE | Full Documentary

  • Published on Jun 24, 2017
  • Monster Black Hole traces the life cycle of a black hole, from its violent beginnings in the early universe, to its growth to supermassive proportions at the center of a galaxy, and its death in deep time.
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Comments • 1 351

  • mani shani
    mani shani 2 hours ago

    most intelligent nation on Earth is Jews ...then British ...these two nations should work togather then i hope they could find more in space technolgy for human

  • survivor h2
    survivor h2 5 hours ago

    They sure know how to Hollywood-ize these productions.Why,the effects'd swear it was the real thing....gotta keep those people workin ya know...

  • survivor h2
    survivor h2 5 hours ago

    The latest pictures they're claiming are the shots of a 'black hole'?That's no black hole.That's a plasmoid with a torus around it.An electrical phenomenon that's very normal for an electrical pinch point in a circuit.Easily duplicated in the lab.And has been.It's by far not the ONLY one out there.They're in every star system we see.Check out Hubble's pics.There's gobs of em in there.Beautiful.Explainable.REAL.Not like this 'black hole' mystery deal.

  • survivor h2
    survivor h2 5 hours ago

    The universe is ELECTRIC.NOT gravity led.This thing here is easily explained by well known electrical engineering facts.But hey,keep those bucks pourin in...we need to find out about this 'mysterious object' that defies all logic.Yeah.It does.If ya try to explain it with present cosmology and astrophysics.The future is electric.Power requirements...solved.Space travel at light speed...solved.Visiting other worlds and a single short period of time...solved.THAT's what they need to be focused on.Harnessing the free electrical currents already existing in the universe.Humans are so far behind their potential.We may never get there at this rate.

  • survivor h2
    survivor h2 6 hours ago

    It must be a pretty wimpy 'black hole' if it allowed that light to get away...ya think?And yet,it's practicing it's plan of devouring the universe many years from now?

  • Star Man
    Star Man 13 hours ago

  • Roding Entandem
    Roding Entandem 21 hour ago

    Do you use the flash to take pictures of the black hole?
    Or does it get sucked by the black hole?

  • capital monopoly
    capital monopoly 22 hours ago

    as usual with these mind boggling space documentaries, it raises more questions than it gives answers

  • Yuri Ivanov
    Yuri Ivanov Day ago

    Reminds me of a girl I dated...

  • JaneDoe Conspiracy Girl

    We recorded the echo of the big bang lol yea right. BwwwaHahaha

  • Marco Ribeiro
    Marco Ribeiro Day ago

    Pure fake science

  • spidercool2003
    spidercool2003 Day ago

    This is an incredibly interesting subject! If you think about it, we're living a useless life if we can't solve this mystery. Countries going to war should be a thing of the past. Imagine what we, humanity could achieve if we all cooperated with each other regardless of which country/region we live in. Instead, focussing on making sure humanity survives forever by travelling to different galaxies etc. This video made it very clear to me that travelling to Mars won't be enough.


    Complete Bull crap

  • maria lewis
    maria lewis Day ago

    15:27 - 15:34 god, now Y'all leave them damm black holes alone.... DAMMMM

    Science is mans ignorance

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely Day ago

    And why it should be old background radiation. Maybe it's standard reflexión.

  • Baby Boo
    Baby Boo 2 days ago +1

    They change their theories so much because they really don't know hardly anything about space.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 2 days ago

    "Monster Black Hole traces the life cycle of a black hole" that resides only in the imaginations of the gullible simpletons who can't see through the Darwinian Big Bang/Evolution *_fraud._*

  • lettheworldknows23
    lettheworldknows23 2 days ago +1

    Only God knows.

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy 2 days ago +1

    So what? Nothing but speculation, "this might have" and "it may have" etc. Total waste of money.

  • Amir Qureshi
    Amir Qureshi 2 days ago

    After destroying the Earth scientists want to destroy outer space environment.

  • Martian Martin
    Martian Martin 2 days ago +2

    The last black hole will be the strongest and biggest ever. Is it possible that the explosion from that last black hole could be so powerful that it creates a second BIG BANG?

  • Nicolaus Romanoff
    Nicolaus Romanoff 2 days ago +1

    How about wormhole? Or wormhole is synonymous with the black hole?

  • oznog123
    oznog123 3 days ago

    Where does captain Kirk fit in with all this?

  • The Duke 71000 71000
    The Duke 71000 71000 3 days ago +1

    Monstrous nonsense. There is no such thing as Black Holes.

  • Apocalypse HR17
    Apocalypse HR17 3 days ago +1

    So does that make a black hole a sphere, and not a hole?

  • Star Man
    Star Man 3 days ago +3

    Black holes are not real. They are the product of imagination gone mad, in a Cosmos that is built on Newtonian gravity physics. Gravity (which has never been defined, not even by Newton) is the weakest force in the Universe, billions of times weaker than electro-magnetic forces. Electricity had not been discovered in Newton's day, and was in its infancy when Einstein provided us with his flights of fancy.
    What is perceived to be a "black hole" is, in fact, a plasmoid, fed by electric currents flowing into the centres of galaxies, along the spiral arms. They have been replicated in the laboratory. They produce a classic donut shape, illuminated around the rim and dark at the centre. The electrical jets escaping from the centres of these objects are the result of the decay in the plasmoid. Again, all of this is verified by laboratory experiments.
    One day, astrophysics will be taken away from these mathematicians, who peddle their lies and ignorance, and will be placed into the hands of proper scientists - the plasma scientists - and humanity will, once again, start along the path to proper scientific enlightenment, from where we were all misled, these last 600 years.

    • Star Man
      Star Man 2 hours ago

      +Reuel Pamei Check out the many vlogs and publications by the likes of Wal Thornhill and Prof Don Scott.

    • Reuel Pamei
      Reuel Pamei 6 hours ago


    • Reuel Pamei
      Reuel Pamei 6 hours ago

      What is a plasmid ? Proof of experiments ?

  • Robert Sanchez
    Robert Sanchez 3 days ago

    Ancient god and angels at work..

  • Peppermint Candy
    Peppermint Candy 4 days ago +3

    Astronomy is 85 % fiction and 15% real science.Or did I get that wrong?

    • Peppermint Candy
      Peppermint Candy 2 days ago

      Mil HanSolo I see where you got the name.
      Have you ever wondered where did all this energy in space come from?Black Holes seem scary and wonderful at the same time,don't they?..I think of the oceans on earth,with all kinds of creatures which die and fall down to the bottom.But The ocean is always fresh and it smells good.It means to me that there is the system which is working all the time and making it possible, for life to exist ,a bit like in the fish tank.The system is generated and perfectly balanced until we do something to make it unbalanced.The point is it was there before man.We did not create this perfect system.
      Space is where this world is situated.So whatever is up there must likewise have perfect balance and the purpose.Stars ie make Universe light.Otherwise the universe would be really very black and scary.Billions of galactic clusters form huge walls which also provide light to the otherwise black empty space.
      The more I look the more I see.What I see is a wonderful world and eternity.But down here things are out of control.Why?Shouldn't life on earth be perfect? We all want perfection.
      It took many thinking men to figure out what is in the Universe but on the earth no one is thinking much and that is why nothing is right.
      The 15% can not be more right than 100%.It means there is 100% reality,knowledge and wonderful things for man to see and explore.God has provided lots of things for those who want to know.It is Him that is running all that power we so admire.That is all evidence staring us in the face.Why be scared ? God is not scary once you get to know Him.

    • MilHanSolo
      MilHanSolo 3 days ago

      Still 15% more real then God

  • Aurélien Carnoy
    Aurélien Carnoy 4 days ago

    That was great.
    Too dramatical, but i can bear that.

  • Baksho Dhadda
    Baksho Dhadda 4 days ago +4

    Reminds me of a vacuum hoover,I think within is pure light and energy ,and it would spit you out or perpell you out ,into another dimension,maybe its portals for us

  • Our hope in Jesus chirst

    I am so glad that the creator of all things, Almighty God is my Father through His son, Jesus Christ. What a wonderful God no, science could study Him.

  • AngryHateMusic
    AngryHateMusic 4 days ago

    Black Holes are fiction;
    "Science is not about consensus and consensus is not science"

  • Strawbbs
    Strawbbs 4 days ago +1

    I just watched a 50 min video about one thing

  • Matthau San
    Matthau San 4 days ago

    when the blackhole explodes might be origin of the new big bang?

    • Jai Laird
      Jai Laird 2 days ago

      Negative. When and if black holes explode. Itll be gamma that expels. And what was inside will have decayed from particle entropy. And once all blackholes die and explode. The end of our universe will happen. And thus matter will freeze due to absolute 0. The ultimate solice.

  • Caroline Kuo
    Caroline Kuo 5 days ago +1

    Atoms are made of 99.99 percent space. But it’s not empty it is lots of tiny diamagnetic. The black hole is concentrated dielectric so concentrated that magnetism can’t exist and neither can space nor time since time is merely the rate of change and requires space. If you split a magnet you get two each with their own poles hence fractal and the poles have no Cartesian location. Ken Wheeler.

  • fluentpiffle
    fluentpiffle 5 days ago +1

    Reality is not understood in the mere observation of it, but also in the correct interpretation of what is observed..
    "But maybe that is our mistake: maybe there are no particle positions and velocities, but only waves. It is just that we try to fit the waves to our preconceived ideas of positions and velocities.The resulting mismatch is the cause of the apparent unpredictability."
    (Stephen Hawking, "A Brief History of Time" 1988)
    'Black hole' will be most plausibly described as an area in which the clustering of wave-centres that form into 'matter', are eventually returned to pure wave (energy) formed under pressure from the infinitude of space.. As a great 're-cycling' centre of perpetual wave-motion..

  • Mr Crow
    Mr Crow 5 days ago

    There are many different kind of monster black objects in our univers ...

  • Gerard
    Gerard 5 days ago +2

    black? that's summing up all holes

  • Ali Sa
    Ali Sa 5 days ago

    Please translate to Arabic thanks

  • Dwayne Wilburn
    Dwayne Wilburn 5 days ago

    Ok.... i GET IT!!! bLACKHOLES ARE REALLY DENSE.....BUT iM NOT . So is this some absurd ploy to try to prove that Einstein wasnt a complete Quack? He emphatically stated that it was just a theory......just like gravity. Yup 100 years later, and no one has neither seen tasted bought or even defined gravity.....try again McFly what he meant to say was electromagnetism. Look ppl tha NASAholes will keep lying as long as you keep buying it. 1st off weve never been to the moon what they passed off as the lunar rover was fashioned out of tinfoil&popsicklesticks andmade into a glossy photo for all you popular science subscribers. That was what??? 70 years ago and weve never gone back???AND NASA lost all the moon landing data??? So without video or even gps technology, we sent c3p0"s uncle 200k sumn miles and back? "Golly Gee Willikers Beav"', its only a matter of time before we have cars that can get ya 1/2 of that efficiency. Wanna know why spacetravel is b.s? Because fossil fuels are expensive and ur just plain looney tunes if ya think NASCAR will let you waste all that oil....oh yeah , plus rockets cant provide thrust because there is no friction IN THE VACUUMN OF SPACE!!!

  • ChristopherSteele
    ChristopherSteele 5 days ago +2

    What if Black Holes were the space between galaxies?

  • rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon I’m even MORE confused. How can something with no matter have the strongest gravitational pull of anything in existence? How can something with so much gravity that nothing can escape, including light, have jets of energy escaping from it?

    • Paul Thatcher
      Paul Thatcher Day ago

      +rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon Easy to see how it's confusing, but don't forget, light/information, and indeed mass can escape from 'just outside' (that is, this side of) the event horizon, and that is where the spinning material forming the jets comes from. The tremendous speeds the material is accelerated to by the huge gravitational field enables it to escape, just as a rocket can be accelerated to the earth's escape velocity - don't forget, only if/when something passes the event horizon does it 'enter' the black hole, and therefore become truly 'lost'. As for the gravitational field's strength, if the black hole is rotating, its fields will be flattened out, so we can't exactly say there is 'less' gravity at the poles, but that the ergoshpere, ie the zone this side of the event horizon is thinner there, wider around the middle. Hope this helps - here's a diagram:

    • rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon
      rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon 2 days ago

      Paul Thatcher does that mean there is less gravity at the magnetic poles of a black hole?

    • rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon
      rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon 2 days ago

      Paul Thatcher but it’s my understanding that the gravity is so great that anything falling into a black hole is destroyed, including information. And if light can’t escape that gravity, does that mean the jets of “energy”, which surely has mass since every particle has mass, is traveling faster than light since even light can’t escape? I’m just confused because I constantly hear “nothing can escape”, yet things are constantly escaping.

    • Paul Thatcher
      Paul Thatcher 4 days ago

      it's not that there's no matter, it's that the matter is incredibly dense - infinitely so at the singularity, though my feeling is, maybe there's another way of looking at this: if I rest a pen point on the desktop, in the 2D 'universe' of the desk, it's a point, but from a higher dimension - our 3D perspective - it is not just a point, but the whole pen. therefore what appears as a singularity in our dimensionality may not be in another, higher dimension. the jets, on the other hand, escape because the high rotational velocity of the early, spinning 'doughnut'-shaped bh mean that matter just 'this' side of the critical point will be hurled away from the bh and, rather like the lines of the earth's magnetic field, will be ejected 'upwards' at the poles

  • David Hess
    David Hess 5 days ago +1

    The "Big Bang" was God saying "Light Be". Awesome!

  • David Hess
    David Hess 5 days ago +1

    Only someone such as Almighty God could create such things to His own glory.

  • William Sims
    William Sims 5 days ago

    Dislike #444 really loved this documentary. How can you not like this documentary, or a black hole?

  • Chance Mafeni
    Chance Mafeni 6 days ago

    U can say whatever u want but God remains the master plan of the Universe. Scientists don’t know nothing about our nearest galaxy then they want to know about something that is far away from us 28,000 light away from the earth. That’s being insane.

    • Chance Mafeni
      Chance Mafeni 3 days ago +1

      space and astronomy only God knows when it’s going to end not human being

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  5 days ago

      But maybe someday they make it?

  • esai cantiga
    esai cantiga 6 days ago

    remember The Great Image of king Nebuchadnezzar's dream... the black hole it seems to be the same

    • Samantha
      Samantha 5 days ago

      esai cantiga where did he speak of that? His dream when interpreted by Daniel they only mentioned the kingdoms and how they will conquer and be conquered. He didn’t mention black hole stuff.

  • Micky Davis
    Micky Davis 6 days ago

    when God makes other earths like I was told long ago ,it will be all water then he will take some of the core and form two lands Because of Balance of rock keeps the world spinning in right direction, I know because I am the real Michael ark angel,!!!!!

    • Micky Davis
      Micky Davis 6 days ago

      LOOK at my real youtube Video about self charging car smarter car that's the first real self charging car before Chevy volt where the chevy volt came from !!!!!!

  • Monique J
    Monique J 6 days ago +2

    One of the first things I learned in physics was that matter could not be created or destroyed. So what is this dude talking about at 8:46

    GORILLA FO RILLA 6 days ago

    This is rediculous

      GORILLA FO RILLA 5 days ago +1

      +space and astronomy its ALL make believe. No1 can prove theres space and no those fake cgi pics dont count

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  5 days ago

      Why do you think so ?

  • Ian Fenn
    Ian Fenn 6 days ago +1

    This is not an image of a black hole. They are a maths mistake, along with dark matter. This is something other and its 300 Trillion miles away...... a composite image of something..... most likely a toroidal electric phenomena. It's a sad joke played on fools by even bigger Hole believers. The Electric Universe Theory explains all phenomena and this one needs no fictional black hole to explain it. If you know nothing about EU theory go to the Thunderbolts Project on USclip and begin to be freed from this science fiction of pure maths nonsense.

  • miguel savage
    miguel savage 6 days ago +4

    This is scary no wonder I failed science 😢😭 I couldn't embrace it as much as I do now

  • wtfover
    wtfover 6 days ago +3

    I went deep into a black hole once. Ahhh Miss Kimberly....

  • Trippy_g00n
    Trippy_g00n 6 days ago +11

    I googled "monster black hole" and it pulled up something wayyy different than this

  • luis bito
    luis bito 7 days ago +1

    these is it so liquid gas o water a belief is water everything black hole pass close planet is deposited these liquids es reason planet work li wawe

  • magesty96
    magesty96 7 days ago +1

    The black hole leads to another universe

  • Misba afzal
    Misba afzal 7 days ago

    Is the cam man dead too?

  • troy
    troy 7 days ago


  • Paul Freedman
    Paul Freedman 7 days ago +1

    3:20 sliding door sound from DOOM!

  • southernexposure123
    southernexposure123 7 days ago +2

    Trying to make a black hole - our own demise. ((-:

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D 7 days ago

    I googled "big butts, black holes compilation" and this popped up. Oh well, guess Ill watch it, but its hardly fap material

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz 7 days ago +1

    5:40 Bourne music starts

  • blob assimilate
    blob assimilate 7 days ago +1

    jeese… would think they never saw a sunspot,,,,pretty do the telling ya there is no such thing as a black hole...…. fear porn science..the black hole consumed them all!..critical mass,,another way of understanding it,other than blowing it up, in finding the instability, is the point where the mass and gravity of matter exceed lights ability to escape it.ahh,light is not the ultimate powah?,but what must the charges be!.magnetics 101,,but then they never did the separate equation for mass alone...and what happens as a comes from matter?matter comes from energy?space and nothingness in between,holds it all together?.how can energy be pulled in by mass alone?and how can energy exist outside of mass,the nothingness,yet have the power to make it all between....could it be space itself is the black hole they seek.....where time does not exist,yet everything else exists in it....the answer is in like charged magnetics can be and are repelled..opposites do what...make a big blob in the middle of nothingness and retain a form all on its own?

  • SRV1
    SRV1 7 days ago

    that explanation of how they determine millions of light years didnt quite cut it. lol How they know 50 million from billion is beyond me. they probably make it up. like quantum physics ;)

    • SRV1
      SRV1 4 days ago

      of course it is, like everything else mannnn made like Trig, Calculus all that crazy shit nobody understands and you sure dont need it to be an architect anymore, its all computers! and hmmmm wonder how they came to be ? Can outthink man and do what we do daily and we build those? from what? oh yeahhhh after Roswell. +space and astronomy

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  5 days ago

      is quantum physics made up ?

    • SRV1
      SRV1 7 days ago

      yeahhhh 50 million vs 5 billion lets say himmmmmm must be pretty precise SWAG scientific wild ass guess. like everything else they tell us. +Paul Freedman

    • Paul Freedman
      Paul Freedman 7 days ago

      Parallax measurement, very precisely combined with redshift measurement.

  • vishal pachpande
    vishal pachpande 7 days ago

    It is basically the womb of universe

  • Gerardo Godoy
    Gerardo Godoy 7 days ago +1

    The lunicy of people who say there is no God , maybe we can buy some insurance for this event, that the Andrameda galaxy is going to calade with the milky way .I well call my insurance agent first thing Monday morning.

  • Wolver Lex
    Wolver Lex 7 days ago

    Outer Space is Mysterious, What Hole? Lord of the Ring? Have you been to Pluto yet? Earth.. where it is? Far.. Far.. Away.. 50 Mil? Are you sure about that? Can you really tell so much information? Or it's just Bull Shit? Black hole or Only Imagination or a Myth?
    You Judge it ....

  • Harry Maurer
    Harry Maurer 7 days ago +1

    Even before clicking play I knew I would hear the evolution about 100 times!! What a joke!!😆

  • Basant Khangura
    Basant Khangura 7 days ago

    Only usainbolt can out run ir sorry if I spelled his name wrong

  • Richard Kovacs
    Richard Kovacs 7 days ago

    So we have 5 billion years to learn how to either warpdrive or time travle before our galaxy gets destroyd:)

    • MoruganKodi
      MoruganKodi 7 days ago

      We don't have anything close to 5bn years unless we globalize and work together to not blow ourselves up or destroy our homeworld. So - our current expectancy as a civilization is less than 1thousand years.

  • Mojini. Holenarasipura
    Mojini. Holenarasipura 7 days ago +1

    to interesting

  • bernie larona
    bernie larona 7 days ago +23

    Maybe this is the one that Bible say the sky will open? And the Black hole will appear anytime?

    • Robert Sanchez
      Robert Sanchez 3 days ago +1

      Ancient god and angels live in space..working.

    • Peppermint Candy
      Peppermint Candy 4 days ago +1

      bernie the Bible is not saying anything about any black holes.

    • Michael T
      Michael T 4 days ago +2

      bernie larona I saw the sky open in real life 35yrs ago with a witness I ran he ran we were afraid to talk but we both say it pull back like plastic wrap with a pink color inside then it closed quickly

    • bigbodyrover
      bigbodyrover 6 days ago

      bernie larona good point

  • 43nostromo
    43nostromo 7 days ago +1

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Maximilian, the time has come to liquidate our guests.

  • Shahina Khan
    Shahina Khan 7 days ago +1

    Almighty Allah knows better.

  • MTNSleder
    MTNSleder 7 days ago +21

    Anyone see the photo of the black hole?

    • Steven l Campbell
      Steven l Campbell 3 days ago +1

      you mean the mathematically created image, that has nothing to do with optics, that Photo?

    • Marshall Zink
      Marshall Zink 3 days ago

      I saw it

    • onlythaking
      onlythaking 4 days ago

      So glad i lived on this timeline where we managed to photograph a legit photo of a black hole 🕳

    • Paul Thatcher
      Paul Thatcher 4 days ago

      +Parina Limbu isn't it beautiful? i remember giving a presentation on black holes in physics class in 1981, when most people still thought of them as half sci-fi. for me, this was a great moment - it shows we are capable of imagining what we cannot see, developing theories of what we do not yet know, measuring what we cannot touch, and this is what science does every day - just with black holes, it's even more impressive. my hair stood on end, and i had shivers down my spine, as i thought i would never see such an image. well done to the researchers, we caught a glimpse of the holy grail...

    • Parina Limbu
      Parina Limbu 4 days ago

      MTNSleder yeah, literally looks like a doughnut. 😂 Pretty impressive though, it seems to confirm predictions so far and the quality is quite good for a black hole so far away.

  • Andrew Carl Elliott
    Andrew Carl Elliott 8 days ago +1

    Sometimes these people just go off the deep end talking about millions and billions of miles and years and stuff that is just too far-fetched.
    There is no damn gravity.
    Birds were born to fly and airplanes were manufactured to fly.
    Ships were made to float.
    Everything else is brought down by Mass.
    If you jump out of a window or out of a tree or out of an airplane your mass without wings or engines brings your ass to the ground real fast.
    You can control your rate of falling with a parachute.

  • thaiden03
    thaiden03 8 days ago +4

    the might n majesty of allah is absolutely astounding.

  • Cherrilyn Vega
    Cherrilyn Vega 8 days ago

    that black hole it is hell no body can going there

  • Paul Ely
    Paul Ely 8 days ago +6

    Pfffft we're safe. It's not as dense as Chuck Norris's bicep

  • Timothy Clift
    Timothy Clift 8 days ago

    Look at those forty year old nerds in their floppy hats practically having a orgasm over the shuttle lift off, Jesus!

  • dee dee
    dee dee 8 days ago

    its a gate way to another universe

  • Ron Burgandy
    Ron Burgandy 8 days ago

    Seriously who are the 382 thumbs down clowns?....I bet it debunks their little "believies"....

  • Joanna d'Arc
    Joanna d'Arc 8 days ago

    the Black Hole image is Fake-News

    The creation of the algorithm that made the first black hole image possible was led by MIT grad student Katie Bouman
    The algorithm was needed to combine data from the eight radio telescopes around the world and turn it into a cohesive image.
    The image is a 'artistic fallacy' not a true image as defined by Reality
    Realism or Science. It is a propaganda trick to 'fool' foolish fool's
    into thinking scientist is really smart.
    They don't have no Scientific real proof of them false ideas. These fake
    idea pushers are Republican's use Fake Reality to Wrang you dumb
    Republicans into Belief in Jesus the Mass Murder God. American's are
    given Fake Science to con them into Killing Children and Women in Wars
    of Corporate Aggression.
    100,000,000 Murdered American First Nations is proof of Americans are worse Nazis than the German Nazis was.

  • Walter Mbelwa
    Walter Mbelwa 8 days ago

    These blacholes are of no use to us humans.Why the obsession with them ?

  • Željko M. Svedružić

    where is dr. Eleanor Arroway

  • Diane Kershaw
    Diane Kershaw 8 days ago

    I'm nor sure I understand some things, maybe you could tell me please. I was led to believe that there is no gravity in space, and no atmosphere, so how can a black hole produce enough gravity to draw everything in to it. How does a planet blow up with enormous fire and rage if there is no air.....confused.!@?/#?!

    • Diane Kershaw
      Diane Kershaw 8 days ago

      +sagar bangal Thank you for taking the time to explain. It sure sounds like a scary place up there...

    • sagar bangal
      sagar bangal 8 days ago

      Gravity means curved spacetime created by mass. The more massive the object, the more gravity it creates. So Blackhole actually "produces" the gravity. Every single particle does.

    • Daniel Jensen
      Daniel Jensen 8 days ago

      A black hole forms after the collapse of a star... The reason it produces a gravitational so strong is that it is incredibly dense... Millions of times denser than the sun. Gravity occurs by mass bending the fabric of space, similar to if you were to hold a bed sheet out by all corners and place a bowling ball in the centre, it would cause the fabric to draw downwards... Anything you put on that sheet will be pulled towards the bowling ball. That's what a black hole is doing to the fabric of space but in 4D

  • A7xFo
    A7xFo 8 days ago +4

    Obviously is the black hole does eventually shrink and explode, the universe will end. Even though the human race will go extinct loooooong before that, it's still depressing to think about.

    • Omar Gomez
      Omar Gomez 7 days ago

      A7xFo there will just be nothingness just dark crazy too think about.

  • May Kao
    May Kao 8 days ago

    We can create an incinerator from the idea of black hole

  • Joan Toribio
    Joan Toribio 8 days ago +5

    i think black hole is like the recycling machine of the universe crush mater and makes material for new planets and stars

  • Raizen Tomako
    Raizen Tomako 8 days ago +2


  • AusMate ! 2018
    AusMate ! 2018 8 days ago

    Are you sure black holes are not materials ? If not materials, are these spaces ?

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 8 days ago

    The center of a blackhole first destroys matter neutrons are crushed.. So higs bosons gravity particles are not destroyed?

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 8 days ago +1

    Acceleration inside a black hole so faster then what..

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 8 days ago

    It's a huge waste of funding. On a planet drowning in wars and suffering.

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 8 days ago

    Galaxys fall together and it's expanding so much twisting to keep up their believes in old theories. And nothing is electrical.. Gravity is a weak force. And the biggest blast in space time was only able to move 2 laser beams out of sync in a millionst of a centimeter. Wow...

  • Crackitify
    Crackitify 8 days ago

    Einsteins equation along won't work... we need to be able to detect energies thinner and smaller then what we can now

  • Crackitify
    Crackitify 8 days ago +1

    At this point the equation changes and becomes more in deoth

  • Crackitify
    Crackitify 8 days ago

    I just realized everyone is wrong... the reason we see black is because light has been pulled apart and stripped smaller then its able to in its ability to transfer energy viewable to what we know.

  • Robert Ortis
    Robert Ortis 9 days ago +1

    Very scary

  • Hippieof5 Stankowitz

    What if they kidnap kids and send them through black holes to other dimensions and thats why their is so many missing children