Monster BLACK HOLE | Full Documentary

  • Published on Jun 24, 2017
  • Monster Black Hole traces the life cycle of a black hole, from its violent beginnings in the early universe, to its growth to supermassive proportions at the center of a galaxy, and its death in deep time.
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  • DROP
    DROP 5 hours ago

    black holes don't exist, fake

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  4 hours ago

      We try to present documentary knowledge about space, not fake videos or anything else.

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis 5 hours ago

    Our Creator spoke of these bottomless pits.

  • disinfect1
    disinfect1 7 hours ago

    How can you describe a black hole and name its different parts if it is light years away?They show us stunning images of the planets,which are fake and then they show us the first image of a black hole and it looks an image under a cheap microscope! Bullshit. Just like us living on a giant boulder ,upside down,yet the stars are the same to every observer on this plane.No, no more tolerance for the lie.

  • kargarath over9000
    kargarath over9000 17 hours ago

    This seems like it was made in the 90s or early 2000s

  • boltgun
    boltgun 17 hours ago

    This is all in same category as moon landing and unicorn farts... goodness whats the earth coming to

  • Wilhelmus Godefridus
    Wilhelmus Godefridus 22 hours ago



    Why isn’t the black hole, WHITE...
    I wish there was one

    OG JOHNSON Day ago

    This is as ignorant as when Scientist tried to build a Tower to reach HEAVEN LMAO! That would never happen. Mankind always Lie when or what they can't understand. What's even more Crazier than that is, People start to believe their own lies in which we still have to pay taxes for also smh.

    OG JOHNSON Day ago

    Thank God People starting to realize half the statements scientist say is False! Show me a Black Hole that's not computerized as this Video. The closest lying evidence of a Black Hole as shown in this Documentary is Gases in Space lol. Now there's a detailed story about the effects if something was to enter into a Black Hole smh.

  • Hawxxy
    Hawxxy 2 days ago

    I thought this vid was about Serena Williams... Kind of disappointed... 😄

  • William Wolfcastle
    William Wolfcastle 3 days ago

    You know NASA makes so much f****** money on public Funding and all they spend it on his 3D animation or a rendering of what it ought to look like this series conjectural

  • jaye cole
    jaye cole 3 days ago +1

    6:46. They're explaining the death star

  • broc hughes
    broc hughes 4 days ago +1

    Cartoons... fascinating

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 4 days ago

    Professor Houghton-Marsinni has proven that blackholes can never exist in this universe. This video is based on debunked theories.

  • Lindy Oneill
    Lindy Oneill 5 days ago

    Also CERN is going to recreate the big bang that took place out there in the universe but CERN are going to do this on earth,let that sink in a minute 😗 On earth, Yes! A place where we all live and not to mention can't live without our earth,oh well maybe we can😵 so I'm guessing my content form got lost in the mail or its in the post.

  • Lindy Oneill
    Lindy Oneill 5 days ago

    Einstein was only human so unless there is something kept from the human race then couldn't going into a black hole be like a tornado and what goes in gets flung out like a rag doll? Just saying 😊

  • McDouche77
    McDouche77 5 days ago

    Just like my ex-wife....

  • tony martinez
    tony martinez 6 days ago

    The particles are blasted out because they are not allowed in yet.

  • tony martinez
    tony martinez 6 days ago

    No matter is allowed in a black hole the matter must transform to energy first then it is allowed in.

  • An!m3 L0v3r
    An!m3 L0v3r 7 days ago +1


  • Djms&capo DeMorais
    Djms&capo DeMorais 8 days ago

    Earth has at least 3billion black Holes producing tons of Dark Merd💩😷(shit)every hour.1.5billion Chinese termites
    1.5 billion Indian rodents.

  • Peek Fox
    Peek Fox 8 days ago

    am i the only scared of the big star? the sun? if it turns into a black hole we done ok we done

    • Little Pistacho
      Little Pistacho 7 days ago

      Peek Fox our Sun has not enough mass to turn into a Black hole so dont worry :)

  • daniel lipari
    daniel lipari 8 days ago

    I don’t understand how anyone talking about black holes don’t bring up white holes. I feel like it’s super important that you discuss the opposite end of the extreme.

    • daniel lipari
      daniel lipari 8 days ago

      I realize they mentioned a white hole for a second but most dont

  • Mc Gaming
    Mc Gaming 8 days ago

    Very entertaining.

  • Dr. Genie Greentrees

    It's an Amplifier.

  • Quantum Squatch
    Quantum Squatch 9 days ago

    Major corrections to what you think you know to be true, now you can act like you know, because now you know.

  • Schpankme Verimuch
    Schpankme Verimuch 10 days ago

    In 1543, and with the advent of the Printing Press, the Vatican published Heliocentricism, ignoring the stationary, unmovable Earth, as stated in their Bible scriptures. Fast forward almost 500 years, where the people are indoctrinated from birth to worship the man-made constructs of Heaven and Space. Faith in Theory = Balltardism
    *Vatican Jesuits invent the following:*
    1543 - Jesuits invent Theory Heliocentricism
    1582 - Heliocentric calendar (Pope Gregorian calendar)
    1651 - Theory Mapping Moon (Selenography)
    1763 - Theory Atomic Energy
    1809 - Theory Transmutation of Species
    1923 - Theory Missing Link (bones lost, molds prove find
    1931 - Theory Big Bang (another ejaculation into the virgin source)
    Our history and science has been little more then a fictional story over the last 2000 years. It began, with obedience from the indoctrinated masses these illiterates who paid tithing for Faith based religion and war. Today, the indoctrinated masses are educated idiots who pay tax on their labor for Theory based science and war. This is the reality propagated across the face of the Earth.
    *You defend one of these fictional stories:*
    *Theory* - SPACE (Big Bang)
    ATOM, remove Electron create Explosion
    Evolution, requires you an APE like creature to consume flesh and blood
    *Faith* - HEAVEN (Holy Spirit)
    ADAM, remove Rib create Women
    Creationism, the HE God gave you the clean and unclean animals for food

  • Mijing Basumatary
    Mijing Basumatary 11 days ago

    If we go inside the black hole maybe we can see heaven but we can't go inside there with human body, 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 human made anything else only soul can go there🤪

    • Mijing Basumatary
      Mijing Basumatary 11 days ago

      @space and astronomy I heard this in that video is that " if black hole is death or dispared from space end of the world will come" so my thought is that the black hole is the Power source of earth Which come from heaven and keep earth alive isn't it?🤗

    • Mijing Basumatary
      Mijing Basumatary 11 days ago

      @space and astronomy Yes , anyway I will go there when my soul will come out from my body😁

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  11 days ago

      Would you like to go there?

  • Para Pitro
    Para Pitro 12 days ago

    Do they really know anything about anything?
    Blackholes do not exist. Do they?

  • sumerbc
    sumerbc 13 days ago

    But if there's no matter that ..... oh nevermind.....

  • Samuel Bouffard
    Samuel Bouffard 13 days ago

    Always funny when they show servers' cabinets and put on the alien soundtrack. They should turn on a vac instead ,

  • Kefka the Sniper
    Kefka the Sniper 13 days ago

    It's a space Roomba.

  • Harley K
    Harley K 13 days ago +1

    Everyone go read the book of Genesis in the Bible because God tell us in Genesis that we live under a firmament. Space is a lie.

  • ss
    ss 14 days ago

    We are circling the galactic equivalent of a toilet bowl.

  • King Nazi
    King Nazi 14 days ago

    What if they are the wormholes of space and people describe them as killers ....portals to other universes...

  • K F
    K F 14 days ago

    A black hole isn’t even a hole it’s an illusion

  • Paul Palmer
    Paul Palmer 14 days ago

    Here is a theory, what if we can't get to a black hole because it's similar to a rainbow illusion. Black holes could just be the rest of the universe that we have no way of seeing because not enough time has passed for light to reach that part of the "observable universe" , and the way light bends perhaps creates the image of a black hole. I'm just talking out of my ass tho im not a astrophysicist

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 15 days ago

    Here is how it all works believe it or not, it's all stuff we did in school, you only have to connect the dots the
    right way: we are sitting in some sort of Van Der Graaf generator, we
    power it though our activity by ionizing the air that then gets trapped
    into the dome it charges, (hence lightnings when overloaded), it powers
    both the moon, which is some sort of Pelletier reaction, and the sun,
    which is some sort of Tesla coil, that acts on noble gasses like on a
    fluorescent tube, hence the white cold light of the day even without an
    apparent sun. Life powers the celestial vault in return the cycles of
    hot and cold, exactly like in a PCR, sustain life. Simples

  • MrShaziman
    MrShaziman 15 days ago +1

    And the black hole bullshit! Monster black hole to boot! What is the distinguishing factor between just a black hole and a 'monster' black hole? I mean, both are supposed to have the same properties, according to I not right? THERE ARE NO BLACKHOLES ANYWHERE!

  • Blleid Blleid
    Blleid Blleid 15 days ago

    Like 🙋‍♀️🌲🍁😊

  • Govind Indurkar
    Govind Indurkar 16 days ago

    if black hole is a singularity ,how one singularity is bigger than other?

  • Nightmare Man
    Nightmare Man 17 days ago

    This whole video is bullshit theory.

  • AngryHateMusic
    AngryHateMusic 17 days ago

    There is no such thing as a black hole;

  • Jack P
    Jack P 18 days ago

    23:34 I need that hat !

  • Lucifer Light
    Lucifer Light 18 days ago


  • David Wayne Choate
    David Wayne Choate 18 days ago

    Wow. i thought Black Holes were just a theory. When did The Genius Math men prove the Einstein that He was right about them? Does this mean Black Energy is True also? I wish i was smart enough to understand These things , but I'm stupid.

  • Lil Krobz
    Lil Krobz 18 days ago

    Its called

  • Lil Krobz
    Lil Krobz 18 days ago

    A black hole literally rips things apart with gravity

  • Shaunn Hartmann
    Shaunn Hartmann 19 days ago +10

    And I'm just here while cleaning bathrooms. While scientist are crashing atoms into one another.

  • jack stewart
    jack stewart 19 days ago

    since its a guessing game by scientists im guessing black holes is non existing ...

  • Crazed 357
    Crazed 357 19 days ago +1

    Wouldn’t it be funny that black holes were actually giant lumps of glass that was compressed in on itself to make it clear.

  • Eyad Mahmoud
    Eyad Mahmoud 19 days ago +1

    When the fuel of the sun takes out its inner layer you are. Dead

  • Dennis  Frierson
    Dennis Frierson 19 days ago

    Why would you WANT to create something that would spell the demise of everyone's existence?

  • Prince Bumpkin
    Prince Bumpkin 20 days ago +2

    50 minutes to find out how black holes die and the answer is, "We don't know."

    • Prince Bumpkin
      Prince Bumpkin 16 days ago

      @Gamer Mack_Veinz That's like, "How does a rain drop die?" By crashing into another rain drop. LOL! Two black holes is just a bigger black hole like two drops of water is just a bigger drop of water.

    • Gamer Mack_Veinz
      Gamer Mack_Veinz 16 days ago

      Btw how I know blackholes die is by blackholes crashing into each other

  • Moppy G
    Moppy G 21 day ago

    What if 2 black holes met

  • Usman Reviews
    Usman Reviews 21 day ago

    I Discovered This

  • Progje
    Progje 22 days ago

    20:07 big pupils, maybe shes on drugs
    Hallucination????? She's on a dope trip xD

  • Andrej Podzimek
    Andrej Podzimek 22 days ago

    46:08 That plant on the left looks like it may need some water and light.

  • Liaqat Khan
    Liaqat Khan 23 days ago

    They are not black . racist scientists. They are dark

  • Hypergeometrical Universe

    By the way, the Planck Density is just an example of ignorance. It is achieved by using a 17th Century Law of Gravitation and bald speculation on Quantum Gravity (a.k.a. nonsense)

  • ganeskmr
    ganeskmr 24 days ago +1

    Liam Neeson voice is great

  • Rezy Games
    Rezy Games 24 days ago

    If you worm hole to a galaxy light years away, and travel back at light speed, would we end up in a distant time from our present? Would that be gettho time travel.

  • Lucid Jackson
    Lucid Jackson 24 days ago

    So much made up bullshit

  • Lucid Jackson
    Lucid Jackson 24 days ago

    this is still theory, prove me wrong

    • Ege Unsal
      Ege Unsal 20 days ago

      Gravity is also a theory, evolution is a theory, many things that you believe law are theories but in fact we know they exist we just can’t prove how(which are not possible to prove at the moment, probably possible in the near future). If something more convincing than the black holes gets discovered that’ll be the new theory and scientists are gonna work on that. So if something is a theory that doesn’t mean that’s a fiction that they made it out of their ass

    • Lucid Jackson
      Lucid Jackson 23 days ago

      @Charles McMillion want to learn truth? Eat field shrooms.

    • Lucid Jackson
      Lucid Jackson 23 days ago

      @Charles McMillion its all bullshit, even stephen hawking admitted its all theoretical. Dont get me wrong though, it all makes for great conversation.

    • Charles McMillion
      Charles McMillion 23 days ago

      You have no clue what a SCIENTIFIC THEORY is. Prove me wrong.

  • CarmineFragione
    CarmineFragione 24 days ago

    So it just a pin hole, and things are falling so fast through the hole into some other world or dimension, or just out of the world, into a void, that the impression detectible is a black hole signature, that betrays what it is, a great fast sucking sound, like a crowd exiting a burning theater through the first available doorway. They can't get out fast enough .

  • pepe velez
    pepe velez 24 days ago

    I HAVE AN UNANSWERED QUESTION: if you have a black hole and you are looking at it from one side, what is on the other side of it, because it if was a star that fell into its own weight, and the planet has a sphere figure, then it implodes evenly on all its circunference, hence pulling in from all sides. The star space does not dissapear, if that is the case then matter wouln't be falling into it. It would be sticking into its supermasive minúsculous core.

  • Md Hussain
    Md Hussain 24 days ago

    the word "shrink" made me think my dicks shrinking n becoming a Chinese noodle because it's cold

  • 187Sartus187
    187Sartus187 26 days ago

    Black Hole is such a wrong describtion for this phenomenon... if light cant escape from that object we cant see how it looks like, because no reflection on the surface is possible. i believe it must be a clumb of all the substances it absorbs due to its rampage phase until it gets critical mass, colides and gives out all the fragmented dust particles it absorbed. so black holes should be extremely colourful and lightning cause its getting hot when you press all atoms to its lowest grade and having all free neutrons and elektrons crashing at each other for all kinds of known and unknown chemical reactions.

  • Melody Sanchez
    Melody Sanchez 26 days ago

    Is this God creation?😅😅

  • Cycle Green
    Cycle Green 26 days ago

    I am not sure about the discourse, using words like, is, will etc. Let's face it, this is still only theory and theory is just that, informed speculation, words like maybe, possibly, probably, may serve better. However, I do condone theory evolution, put it out there and let it be judged, it is the the court of knowledge attainment.

    • Charles McMillion
      Charles McMillion 23 days ago

      " this is still only theory and theory is just that, informed speculation" Sigh. Someone else who doesn't know what a SCIENTIFIC theory is. Get yourself into a 9th grade science class.

  • steve jessemey
    steve jessemey 26 days ago

    Is this all Theoretical ?

    • not an ai
      not an ai 22 days ago

      steve jessemey it was years ago but since we’ve observed black holes

  • Ethan Troy v Wabe horror youTube

    black hole not even can escape not even light

  • Jose Rubert
    Jose Rubert 28 days ago

    They actally believe this is real!

  • Gina Mori
    Gina Mori 28 days ago

    Coming to kick ALL the bullies asses!

  • Gina Mori
    Gina Mori 28 days ago

    The black hole is the kid who got tortured and picked on until they were ground into nothing. Then the black hole is "bad ass" with the gravity.

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M 28 days ago

    10:34 "I threw it on the GROUND!"

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 28 days ago

    That little Delta rocket was nothing compared to the apollo.

  • Micheal Boyd
    Micheal Boyd Month ago

    Wat black is the. Dinfents of the wight hole and black theory and the big dang and the new blue hole. Wat happens win a wight hole eats a black one. Or the cluster of the 5 hole you say out there watch this. A wight goin tow eat that big black hole. And thou spite out. A divece that will blow you mind in to the next 4 demachion

  • Micheal Boyd
    Micheal Boyd Month ago

    Want to sea a black tranfoem in to. A astoured and this fyly by and tin turn in a castael or manashen in space and. New plant. And spilet out. Noe gaxley

  • Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays

    Good fictitious children entertainment !

  • Ramsai Karri
    Ramsai Karri Month ago
    MIND IT!

  • Tom Zeman
    Tom Zeman Month ago

    Darwins black hole of no return has evolved into a pseudo science that will achieve nothing but the destruction of Earth

  • west coast LA
    west coast LA Month ago

    I heard black holes smell worse than white holes

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR Month ago +1


  • spidey197012
    spidey197012 Month ago

    Why are Black Holes always located in the middle of a Galaxy?

    • Nevermore
      Nevermore Month ago +1

      I mean it's _almost_ like there is some force that attracts massive objects towards one another...

    • Nevermore
      Nevermore Month ago +1

      Good one. Also how come planets are always located around their moons?🤔🤔🤔

  • Mildromedion
    Mildromedion Month ago +1

    Black hole is a type of the neutron star but with denser packed neutrons. Probably the electrons that turn around the atom cores cannot escape so that we cannot see it. I do not see any mystery related to that - some people say the black hole is a space portal leading to another universe... it leads to nothing. Just to densely packed matter that's all.

    • superior_troglodyte
      superior_troglodyte Month ago

      people read too much crap sci fi, yes a core star (black hole term is absolutely a fiasco that leads to a false imagination that they are actually holes inside the space web) is nothing else but a more degenerated form of neutron star
      as we know there are neutron stars (pulsars) that are nothing else than degenerated neutrons, if neutron stars obtain even more mass (at least + 1,7 times the mass of the sun) then those already pretty retarded neutrons are even under bigger pressure so it is possible those particles are getting squeezed into their very basic form - strings and after this a neutron star is collapsing into even heavier version called a core star (black hole), so a core star is a "higher developed" version of a neutron star and a core star is basically a form of neutron star which neutrons are fully retarded,
      black hole is not black, it cannot be a hole and there cannot be something like a 0-dimensional point with "infinite amount of gravitation" just because core stars are physical objects which have mass, radius, rotation and charge - they have density

  • David Pieratt
    David Pieratt Month ago +1

    my biggest fear, what "if" all these black holes turn into one big one and then everything gets sucked right in then "poof" another big bang????

    • David Pieratt
      David Pieratt Month ago


    • Creative Christian
      Creative Christian Month ago

      David Pieratt how exactly do you think all the black holes in the universe will get anywhere close to each other???

  • ian sibug
    ian sibug Month ago

    billions of light years away. meaning it happened billions of years ago its not happening in real time it is a delay of information

  • Mike Wa
    Mike Wa Month ago

    Lol, "science" even has it's own mythology. So sad people eat this up as if it's real.

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  Month ago

      We try to present documentary knowledge about space, not fake videos or anything else.

  • Ninosław Brzostowiecki

    @ 11:03 is this guy serious??

  • Leigh Anne Brain
    Leigh Anne Brain Month ago


  • Rhoderijan Cabahug
    Rhoderijan Cabahug Month ago

    I like this channel.....
    If Earth is too hot because of the red giant sun, go to Mars the planet next to Earth and terraform Mars

    I like Astronomy
    this is Andrei and I want to subscribe your Channel, space & astronomy
    Thank ya 4 the video

  • Levette Crossland
    Levette Crossland Month ago

    Space,s very own plughole

  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith Month ago +1

    Great video, thank you for posting. Very informative.

    • Marcus Smith
      Marcus Smith Month ago

      @space and astronomy I did subscribe. Looking forward to checking all your videos out! Thanks for the reply.

    • space and astronomy
      space and astronomy  Month ago +1

      Many Thanks! We are glad to hear that.
      Subscribe to the channel!

  • Oscar Corrales
    Oscar Corrales Month ago

    Here in this world you can fall into a lot of black holes that you do not recover anymore, what do you think of a Black Hole that is millions of light years away ......poque no se van a la mierda !!!!!!!!!!

  • cobrakell
    cobrakell Month ago

    I dont agree with this theory...If space is like a vaccum, Then whatever hole is riped open in the space time continuum,caused by two black holes merging together, one does not destroy the other.,instead they both expand ,so just like water draining through a hole. there is always an entrance and an exit., super massive black holes make no sense? they are White holes , the exit. ,definition of a black is : light can escape..? 2. whatever comes into the vicinity is pulled into it.with no escape....SO some one explain to me..why our black hole the milky way emits photons ,and does not pull anything into its dense fact ive seen real time video that proves black holes do not pull everything into its gravity ,instead planets or larger mass objects are just caught in its gravitational spin ,and bounce around the outer edges....

    .in fact im willing to bet ,thats how orbits are created around stars and suns.eventually the heavier objects will move outward and the smaller objects will move inward..each aligning with a magnetic order system. as the weight of the planets will slow the magnetic rotation of the the hole ,each will be caught in its magnetic gravitation orbit ,the stress from all the weight , would most likely cause friction and heat ,neutrons would become light and heat when charged to an explosive state. DARK MATTER ....dark matter or neutrons would cool and create gases and liquid metals ..either forming sun , or if the hole was massive , yes it would be called a super massive black hole.. the entrance..but what goes in must come out.. warping of the space time continuum would create a wormhole ..the exit would be a supper massive white hole that emits light /protons etc.. where ever the space becomes weakest as its stretched through space .neutron stars were probably once a black hole. until its dark matter nucleus starts to gain mass......oh oh . did i give away the dark matter secret...damn.. .as if they didnt know. .

    IN fact fermi bubbles show the ultra violet pathways to the Whiteholes., you may be able to fly through the center of one of these..that is if we had the technology. beyond a telescope lol...

    hypothetical??? dumb do they think we are. the way myths arnt real either....and the earth is those guys on the other hand.!! can we say gullible..

  • Joseph Zembower
    Joseph Zembower Month ago +1

    it reminds me of the brain map

  • Tim Valenti
    Tim Valenti Month ago

    Don’t worry if your looking for stupid comments? Even on this you can find them!!

  • NuclearHurricane of arda Saurons Queen

    All of this is theoretically explained nobody knows what happens when you fall into a black hole. I had to repost this comment becuase of some dude trying to argue on why he's the only one right you die in a black hole drama. The sources of the theories have never been tested only observed therefore the information and his proof is inaccurate. You don't know if you die or show up somehwere else or when else. Space and time both bends at the event horizion. There has been stuff found escaping a black hole look up the black hole that had a ship fly out of it.

  • Zege
    Zege Month ago

    *Not even Thanos could survive it*