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  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
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    Happy Holidays, adings! In today's episode, Sapphire shares a cautionary tale about a popular toy.
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Comments • 5 866

  • Xenominator X-06

    Now that’s child’s play!


  • SleepyMcFroggo JR.
    SleepyMcFroggo JR. 2 days ago

    If I showed my mom the best friend she would of said “HELL NO, NO MA’AM”

  • cotton candy unicorn

    OMG I love your scary stories I always listen to your stories even after school or studying, I promise to tell you my stories, like when I saw somebody BESIDE MY BED -FOR REAL I love you!!!!!

  • DanEddyCinema
    DanEddyCinema 3 days ago

    The doll story is literally Child's Play lmfaooo

  • haley castro
    haley castro 3 days ago

    Oh so if you find a paper and you see a truck like that your actually going to risk your life for a best friend?😂

    No hate tho

  • Konnor Peterson
    Konnor Peterson 3 days ago

    Like a living thing?
    What else can a living thing do?
    Attack you
    Trap you
    Spy on you
    Learn your weaknesses
    Steal your friend
    Kidnap you

  • Isabelle Brake
    Isabelle Brake 3 days ago

    Sapphire: wanna hear something scary
    Me: no not really
    Watched the whole video

  • Jaden Herceg
    Jaden Herceg 3 days ago

    If my daughter or son said that to me: don't talked to me like that u littel sh**
    Jk I wouldn't or would I

  • Jaden Herceg
    Jaden Herceg 3 days ago

    If your child or other members of your family wanted one of those tell them to make a real best friend plz

  • crazy loud screamer bg

    Oh wow another plushie apocalips

  • 細谷月乃
    細谷月乃 6 days ago

    did anyone search up "Best Friends"? Just me? ok

  • daisy neugent
    daisy neugent 7 days ago

    My kid can I get a best friend toy

    Me hummm I don't think so
    Kid why

    Me because I don't trust it ok
    Kid ok mommy

  • Kensie Grace vlogs
    Kensie Grace vlogs 9 days ago

    This is wat u do when someone asks you where u live
    Stranger : so where do you live
    Me: with my parents
    Stranger : where do your parents live
    Me : with me
    Stranger :where do you all live
    Me: together
    Stranger: where's your house
    Me :next to my neighbors house
    Stranger:where's your neighbor's house
    Me: if I tell you you won't believe me
    Stranger: tell me
    Me: next to my house
    Stranger: oh my God
    LOL TikTok anyone

  • Richard Gardiner
    Richard Gardiner 9 days ago +1

    Agh soooo creepy I hate those types of 🐻 bears

  • Name Holder
    Name Holder 9 days ago

    The mom is a loser

  • K. C. Koda
    K. C. Koda 10 days ago

    No one:
    Me: cares more about how this is a lesbian couple with a son
    “As my WIFE and I examined-“

  • Mc Noods
    Mc Noods 10 days ago +1

    Is this the plot for the new child’s play reboot?

  • Belema Atamuno
    Belema Atamuno 11 days ago +1

    Evil doll: where do u live ?
    Me: in a house
    Evil doll:well where is ur house?
    Me:in an estate
    Evil doll:wat estate?
    Me:a place on the earth
    Evil doll:were is the place on earth?
    Me:on land
    Evil done : damn u am done

    PRO GAMERS 11 days ago +1

    saphire:wanna hear something scary


    my brain:HELL NO

    PRO GAMERS 11 days ago +1


  • Jeremy Gamez
    Jeremy Gamez 11 days ago +2

    What almost everyboy wants "Nerf"

  • Go love Your self
    Go love Your self 11 days ago +1

    Person in truck: hi I need a pic of ur face plz
    Person buying : ok
    Person in truck :ok here BEWERE
    Person buying :(wait my son said best friends ask for your information...)
    Person in truck : are u going to take it and give me the pic?
    Person buying : Actually no best friends are creeps EW EW EW EW EW (person buying runs away)
    Person in truck : ...wtf was that
    Person in truck:( SHE IS EVIL SHE DIDN’t BUY MY totally not hacked and not a spying machine that is the best friend toy 😉)

  • Lola's Corner
    Lola's Corner 11 days ago +2

    That's terrifying

  • Ashlynn_ Gacha
    Ashlynn_ Gacha 12 days ago +1

    What is the moral of this story tho?

  • Kaitlin Luna
    Kaitlin Luna 12 days ago

    Ha I don't play with toys any more!

  • Minzy153 Starlight
    Minzy153 Starlight 12 days ago

    If I had that boi I well punish him bcuz that toy is evil

  • Candy pop Dog
    Candy pop Dog 12 days ago

    When Shane Dawson quits USclip

    KPOP GOT7 BTS DAY6 12 days ago

    Mom:Oh so this toy asks personal information and has a camera (*buys toy for son*)

  • Arctic Wolferine
    Arctic Wolferine 13 days ago

    6:11 he is so mad he turned into the devil

  • Callsign Prometheus
    Callsign Prometheus 13 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Callsign Prometheus
    Callsign Prometheus 13 days ago


  • Jomi - Brawl Stars
    Jomi - Brawl Stars 13 days ago +1

    Are these stories real or fake?

  • Rxaxi 123
    Rxaxi 123 13 days ago

    0:31 *Fortnite*

  • Xxkim_ KimxX the wolf
    Xxkim_ KimxX the wolf 14 days ago

    I pooped

  • Queen E
    Queen E 14 days ago

    Wanna hear something *scary*

    My mom got the Chancleta and she's gonna throw it at you!!

  • Althea Renfro
    Althea Renfro 14 days ago

    .... Am I the only one who saw thumb nail:the holidays are hell

  • Mariange Amos
    Mariange Amos 15 days ago

    i trying not to be scared so i'm going to sleep in my berito form tonihgt

  • Sara Kishta
    Sara Kishta 15 days ago +1

    Wanna hear something scary?

    Exam saison is starting this month

  • Maheen Saad
    Maheen Saad 15 days ago

    I love you're video and you

  • gacha_skye owo
    gacha_skye owo 15 days ago

    Omg that is so much like Chucky like the good boy doll or whatever it's name was 😱

  • GachaMint Tea
    GachaMint Tea 16 days ago

    HOI ATE SAPHIRE (im so sorry if I misspelled your name ;-;)

    DA WAY TV 16 days ago

    if my son said that to me he’ll be good as dead

  • the smol bean
    the smol bean 16 days ago

    This guy is easier to beat than I thought
    Just destroy all the electronic devices in the house (and the ones that you Have AND destroy the tv)
    Wait a few minutes...
    Buy some new phones or something TV's
    Change ur credit cards number..
    Or just.. Well. Cut it up
    Go to the bank and say:
    remember about the devices?
    Yeah. Just make another account and just don't show ur face
    Don't trust people in a yellow truck and they are really old and us creepy and selling toys.. Kids!

  • i want die
    i want die 16 days ago

    That IS scary. Tgat man is wasting her fucking money

  • Luisa Llamas Becerra
    Luisa Llamas Becerra 16 days ago

    Guys it says my name

  • wendy
    wendy 16 days ago

    So this is basically Chucky

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 17 days ago +3

    By 1:28 i knew sumthin was up cameras asking how old and where you live that just screams stalker

  • Friday 5
    Friday 5 17 days ago

    the thumbnail looks like something tbag would come out from a meme

  • Pristine Sun
    Pristine Sun 17 days ago

    Kids are spoiled brats .-.
    It was already so obvious it was gon happen tho

  • Miranda Coleman
    Miranda Coleman 17 days ago

    Wanna hear something sCaRy?

    When u reach into your pocket and your phones not there.

  • ClassyRay
    ClassyRay 17 days ago

    This was the moms fault

  • Steve Adventures
    Steve Adventures 18 days ago +1

    Child's play ???

  • Mirjna Ruzic
    Mirjna Ruzic 18 days ago

    (- -)
    / \

  • Dream Light
    Dream Light 18 days ago

    aDvIcE iF yOuV’e bEeN kIdNapPeD
    Kidnapper:Tell me your password for your phone
    Kidnapper:I don’t even know how to spell that...
    Stranger:screw this stupid teen
    Me:Lol bye

  • Imbel xox
    Imbel xox 18 days ago

    Lol my mind just think that the woman is stupid for not noticing so many signs and making the son a spoiled brat XD

  • Doggy YT
    Doggy YT 18 days ago

    Moral of the story is that friends will give your personal info for money and friends are not needed in life

  • •Rose• cici
    •Rose• cici 18 days ago

    "4 scores and 7 years ago, everybody wanted those hell toys, the stripper barbie"

  • David Burgos
    David Burgos 19 days ago

    Ok legit I’d be creeped out if that thing was this year’s toy be like not one of my family is getting one NOPE

  • Violet Uchiha
    Violet Uchiha 19 days ago

    Anyone else get Child's Play Vibes from this Video?

  • Kylie Roth
    Kylie Roth 19 days ago

    *smashes the thing*

    He’s already been in your house. The thing is not your problem.

  • Wolfves Heart
    Wolfves Heart 19 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    ur dad calling you to go downstairs and saw ur history 🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • OJ Slayz
    OJ Slayz 20 days ago +1

    Guy: Unless you get rid of all your devices I will keep finding you...
    Me: Hey I would if SNARLED stopped making awesome vids
    Guy: True

  • Little Assassin
    Little Assassin 20 days ago +1

    Honestly i dont how she didnt see what was going on since there were like 15 red flags.

  • Bork Doggo
    Bork Doggo 20 days ago +1

    " My wife and I"
    "I hate you, mom, I hate you"

    Does anybody see it?

  • Lis Sa
    Lis Sa 20 days ago

    Ok. This legit creeped me out 🙃

  • Lisbeth Quesada
    Lisbeth Quesada 20 days ago

    If I heard a toy dose that I would be like nope I know I would be kidnapped

  • Trans Vlogs 25
    Trans Vlogs 25 21 day ago

    I would of slapped that little boy for talking to me like that

  • Professional Potato
    Professional Potato 21 day ago +1

    Wanna hear something scary

    Actually there's nothing I have normal life

  • trippy rj
    trippy rj 21 day ago

    This story reminds me of the chunky movie

  • Kira Thompson
    Kira Thompson 21 day ago

    5:02 and if your a mother, how did you 2 girls have a kid?

  • YaSeenMyDog
    YaSeenMyDog 21 day ago

    Reminds me of chucky

  • Alina Segura
    Alina Segura 22 days ago


  • Miss marshmallow Kitty star

    This sounds like chucky reference cuz there called best friends

  • Celis and sons Handy man

    That’s a stoker toy 🧸

  • Talan Trombla
    Talan Trombla 22 days ago

    This is reminding me of chucky

  • brxkenwinqs •
    brxkenwinqs • 22 days ago +1

    Me: *listens* he listens and asks you where you are, how old you are, and has cameras!

    Me : oh hell no-oh-oh-ooo

  • Dex- SKA-b
    Dex- SKA-b 23 days ago

    The protagonist looks like you!

  • Pandamics_ HD
    Pandamics_ HD 23 days ago

    I’m not even joking, every time the video screen went black, I would see a face behind me, and it slowly started smiling every time, and I kept looking behind me and nothing was there. It scared me shitless every time

  • Fire Forger
    Fire Forger 24 days ago

    If I was the mom I would’ve smacked the kid instantly, I’m not normally one to condone child abuse but I’ve never seen such a brat like that before.

  • Rasun Khilmer
    Rasun Khilmer 24 days ago

    So much for Best Friends

  • chele414
    chele414 24 days ago

    wanna hear something scary my life

  • Vanna Miller
    Vanna Miller 24 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 24 days ago

    Can I send stories in the comments?

  • Book Forager12
    Book Forager12 25 days ago

    Why does the beginning of this story remind me of Childs Play lol

  • Lotsi Lu
    Lotsi Lu 26 days ago

    I don’t like the fact that these scare me

  • Ossu Boy
    Ossu Boy 27 days ago

    When she was talking about a toy the 2 first things popped up to my head were Chucky and Annabella

  • 珍 珍
    珍 珍 27 days ago

    I told my friends

  • wildcaninewolf7 MC!
    wildcaninewolf7 MC! 27 days ago

    WaNnA hErE sOmEtHiNg ScArY?

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • SushiiSketches
    SushiiSketches 27 days ago

    Oml I love your dress where dis you get it?!?!? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  • Havoc Life
    Havoc Life 28 days ago

    copyright the end time

  • Aggelos Stavridis
    Aggelos Stavridis 28 days ago

    Why you changed the intro music?

  • Ella Fernandez
    Ella Fernandez 28 days ago

    Does the audio go louder then quiet for you guys too?

  • Canada C7
    Canada C7 28 days ago

    I thought this was Christmas not Halloween.

  • Evelyn Ashley Lenis Hernandez

    Wanna hear something scary?
    Theres no food in the fridge

  • Oliver Roy Sobremisana

    The guy in the truck predicted detroit become human

  • Mikaela Sidney
    Mikaela Sidney 29 days ago

    Is it wierd that I'm very addicted that I watch you do the "the something"?haha

  • Nathaniel Fernandez

    Sapphire : * atey *
    Filipino's : * gago 🙄 *

  • iigang cop
    iigang cop Month ago

    its like chucky

  • Ted Hubert Pagnanawon Crusio

    *FBI Cyber Crime Units have joined the server*

  • Queen of Rainbow Zebras

    This had some nice foreshadowing. Good job!