• Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • Live from NYC! Global audience will watch us #RunTheNeighborhood! Tune into for your exclusive first look at #NBA2K18’s MyCAREER & Park! Watch LIVE right here!
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  • Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera 7 months ago

    NBA 2K18 is pure shit fucking broken game,if you’re going to create a game pleasee fucking fix the shit that you did wrong,I have been playing this game for almost 5 months now I play online and duuudee some stupid stuff happens I mean like Curry alone in the 3 point line and I throw it it tells me that it was a good shot and I don’t fucking sink it I mean HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD CURRY MISS A SHOT FROM THE 3 POINT LINE WITH NOBODY GUARDING HIM???!!! Please don’t be stupid with NBA 2K19 like you were with 2K18 you all need some serious help creating games.,it’s not about how the game looks it’s about the preformance of the game and how it runs.,please stop making the game and the disc look pretty and start making the game more fair and good.!!!

  • Austin Osgood
    Austin Osgood 11 months ago

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! ( :
    neat musick ! !

  • Young Chief
    Young Chief Year ago

    More like run your pockets... THIS GAME IS GARBAGE

  • HoWdY
    HoWdY Year ago

    Fuck running the neighborhood, just fix the fucking layups, man

  • Live Inthe6
    Live Inthe6 Year ago

  • Katsuo uchiha
    Katsuo uchiha Year ago

    Fix ur fucking ugly ass game servers.

  • Manee Maine
    Manee Maine Year ago +1

    18 is such a Poker Game ! and why the fuck is the story line forced on people,, and really though you have to pay for the hair... you guy's know kids play this game right ? 2k18 fucking Poker Game ! I said it ! Robbing the shit out people.. P.S> major step back on Body graphics ! almost assa9 10 11 12 13....!

  • Manee Maine
    Manee Maine Year ago +1

    I take it all back I love 17 I am so sorry ! after seeing 18 MY God I am soooooo sorry ! I don't need to shoot My Gosh it's okay forget the shooting please just upgrade the rosters on 17 and skip to 19 PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEE I AM SOOOO SORRRRRY !

  • Milan Drazic
    Milan Drazic Year ago

    I'm waiting for Black Friday to buy 2k18

  • Jeremy Jerm
    Jeremy Jerm Year ago

  • HughMungus
    HughMungus Year ago +1

    Try to count all of the head nods

  • HughMungus
    HughMungus Year ago +1

    Who else only plays park

  • HughMungus
    HughMungus Year ago +1

    57:54 MY MAN DLO

  • Brian
    Brian Year ago

    NBA Live demo already got 2K beat.

  • Brock Page Productions



  • Brock Page Productions

    Half a million views great job guys

  • OGSpawn316
    OGSpawn316 Year ago

    Whoever that fool was that said he'll be a 99 in September needs to lay off the bath salts

  • theGREAT120892
    theGREAT120892 Year ago

    these guys hyped it up more than the ppl they interviewed & never showed gameplay wtf

  • theGREAT120892
    theGREAT120892 Year ago

    .lame. stop tryna get them to avoid gameplay

  • KIKITO 1274
    KIKITO 1274 Year ago

    Can this comment get 10 likes ?

  • Mario Santelices
    Mario Santelices Year ago

    Ooooooh jayson tatum

  • Dat Real Ent
    Dat Real Ent Year ago

    Is there going be gold necklace jewelry in game

  • Kaneki
    Kaneki Year ago


  • Xans Blout
    Xans Blout Year ago +1

    they got 666 videos lol

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown Year ago +1

    Is there going to be a live stream tonight on the prelude ?

  • Rookstar
    Rookstar Year ago

    This going to be good

  • Thrilltube
    Thrilltube Year ago

    9:06 when it starts

  • Jorge Playz
    Jorge Playz Year ago

    Pls show the trailer in iOS NBA 2k18

  • ChayceE 123
    ChayceE 123 Year ago

    666 videos from NBA 2k

  • dick richard
    dick richard Year ago

    41:53 peep agent00 in the background

  • HoopKing Tay
    HoopKing Tay Year ago

    2k has 666 videos, illuminati

  • Dat Real Ent
    Dat Real Ent Year ago

    I wish you could wear gold chain and gold grills and lil yachty hair style

  • Oroku Saki
    Oroku Saki Year ago


  • zombie lord25
    zombie lord25 Year ago

    2k next year for preorder bonuses can you give us something like the 2k15 bonuses? please

  • alexgamer
    alexgamer Year ago

    Live 18 was good then 2k came and shitted on them

  • Sheena Smith
    Sheena Smith Year ago

    47:14 CASHNASTY

  • Dom Rodney
    Dom Rodney Year ago

    I need to know how the servers are...

  • Colton tountas vlogs and more

    What about offline

  • RockStarsFinest
    RockStarsFinest Year ago


  • RockStarsFinest
    RockStarsFinest Year ago

    Guysif your on ps4 and you preordered 2k18 go on the ps store type in 2k18 and find tbe legend editon tell me why when you get the $60 standerd editon it gives u a huuuge discount on the legend and legend editon gold legend edition being $40 and LDG being $90 i think its super stupid how they did this

  • OdellMcBell 13
    OdellMcBell 13 Year ago

    You got 666 videos

  • Ronkyy Dee
    Ronkyy Dee Year ago

    I bet you need membership to play MyCareer !

  • UFC Armchair Cornerman

    Rachel DeMitta can get her booty sniffed 💯

  • Godzzz-12YT -
    Godzzz-12YT - Year ago

    Fuck Ronnie

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Year ago +1

    666 videos

  • Gian pro 250
    Gian pro 250 Year ago +1

    This nba2k 666 video

  • ChivoCon Leche
    ChivoCon Leche Year ago +1

    This is their 666 video

  • H Y P E
    H Y P E Year ago +1

    Congrats 2k on your 666th video!Wait a minute...

  • Erzonz
    Erzonz Year ago +1

    666th video

  • DarkBlade PlaysRoblox

    666 VIDEOS

  • playsi
    playsi Year ago

    Need some news for online leagues, is it possible to play to multiple seasons with draft????

  • SkyndZX
    SkyndZX Year ago

    PC Requirements plz

  • Kate K
    Kate K Year ago +2

    At least EA is trying...

    • SkyndZX
      SkyndZX Year ago +1

      Yeah bro I played the demo on PS4 and it's very good but I didn't played a basketball game for years (i'm portuguese, my last NBA was NBA 2K14), so I don't know the power of NBA 2K17 and ofc the 18.

  • quadisstress 49
    quadisstress 49 Year ago +1

    666 video

    • SkyndZX
      SkyndZX Year ago +1

      I didn't saw your comment before that's why I'm liking it just now lol

  • Stacey Hopson
    Stacey Hopson Year ago

    Who knows the song at 19:35 tell me

  • Yung Boi
    Yung Boi Year ago +1


  • Yung Boi
    Yung Boi Year ago +1


  • Stacey Hopson
    Stacey Hopson Year ago

    Any one know the song at 19:35 I need to know 😓😓

    WIG BOB Year ago

    Do u have to have psn online membership to play online

  • Stacey Hopson
    Stacey Hopson Year ago

    What the name of the song at 19:35 anyone know

  • david h348h348
    david h348h348 Year ago

    Video : 666

  • Zino Bonzee
    Zino Bonzee Year ago

    Should of let us play in college instead of doing it like 15 I think

  • Traokath
    Traokath Year ago

    Ronnie listened to our prayers.

  • Judah Judah
    Judah Judah Year ago

    2k what will Android and iOS get?

    • Judah Judah
      Judah Judah Year ago

      Is it even coming to Android and iOS device and what new features and game modes will be on it how about practice as well and physical controller support via Bluetooth connect or multiplayer my park and a my career story mode

  • J Williams
    J Williams Year ago

    What time does it start

  • The goat sanic
    The goat sanic Year ago +1

    they 666 videos rn

  • revengeダーク
    revengeダーク Year ago

    This 2k 666th video. Smh 🤔

  • Eden Hi
    Eden Hi Year ago

    666 videos

  • BeastAC
    BeastAC Year ago +1

    It begins at 19:05

  • Ryan Games
    Ryan Games Year ago

    666 videos wtf ni🅱️🅱️a

  • Leandro Sequeira
    Leandro Sequeira Year ago

    Im searching good players on ps4 to play in team on playground, my psn : Blaack-Foxx add me ! :D

  • timothy webb
    timothy webb Year ago +1

    Gravel grayish color and street courts and black tar blacktop is what ...(ALL The Courts Have) it Feels Like (Rivet City): New York Throughout the Whole Playground....we don't just want to get tired of that in a couple of months

  • WizzoTooSaucy
    WizzoTooSaucy Year ago

    I’m 13 and been playing since 08 get on my level u try hard youtubers

  • WizzoTooSaucy
    WizzoTooSaucy Year ago

    When do I get to take my shirt off pause

  • TG Elite
    TG Elite Year ago

    Who else heard the a guy say trash at 22:07

  • Ov3RKill33 \
    Ov3RKill33 \ Year ago

    666 videos

  • Novacain407
    Novacain407 Year ago

    Yo DEV team please help me with this problem I've now had twice on 2k17. My mycareer files have deleted themselves again and because there's no manual save option other than having to repeatedly use the cloud storage, can you please do what you can to ensure this problem does not persist in 2k18 because grinding a character through a season and potentially paying for vc to have it vanish unexpectedly is extremely infuriating and hopefully can be easily fixed with an in game manual save backup option.

  • Justin Morales
    Justin Morales Year ago

    I can already feel the lag

  • Samson
    Samson Year ago

    Where are all the civilians? It's just an empty town

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown Year ago

    Who else skipped ronnie 2k when he talk

  • MonkeyZone98
    MonkeyZone98 Year ago +2


  • onpointsg35
    onpointsg35 Year ago

    Did anyone play any games?

  • MoNsAwAy Bruh
    MoNsAwAy Bruh Year ago

    Bit is there only a my park mode

  • Mohammed Uddin
    Mohammed Uddin Year ago

    Guessing there's a
    new Pres for MyCareer?

  • 2kclampgod
    2kclampgod Year ago

    Can y'all just make Fifa, Madden, Ufc, and all the other sports games already

  • 文武両道
    文武両道 Year ago

    still shit.
    nba live 18 > nba 2k17.5

  • Chris Ferrero
    Chris Ferrero Year ago +2

    Just cancelled my NBA Live 18 pre-order. RIP Live

  • Quinn Brage
    Quinn Brage Year ago

    I feel bad for eveeyone who bought live for $40 when it was in sale😂😂😂

  • Dedrick Turner
    Dedrick Turner Year ago

    2k Finna turn all gay and colorful and cheesy Smh , I just wanted a good basketball game this Finna be so cheesy omg

  • Kenny Powers Gaming
    Kenny Powers Gaming Year ago +2

    Before you comment dumb shit Think , really think about how many man hours are put into a game in general not to mention the love. Think about how many Hours of enjoyment you get out of that , how many friends you made playing 2k and the hilarious/amazing/clutch moments you have had. How many songs 2k put you onto. And all we have to pay is 60 bucks a year.. All im saying is have some perspective , class and appreciation for the people who makes these games for us, and no it wasn't 2ks fault you missed that open jumper either._. #Thanks2K

  • Antonio Griffin
    Antonio Griffin Year ago

    • Antonio Griffin
      Antonio Griffin Year ago

      All donations towards purchasing it will be greatly appreciated!!

  • Cj Buenaventura
    Cj Buenaventura Year ago

    So, are you guys gonna change the cover pic of Kylie into a celtics jersey🤔

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James Year ago +1


  • Feels
    Feels Year ago

    Is this Neigborhood thing online so u can meet other players or is this just singleplayer?

  • Oscar Medina
    Oscar Medina Year ago

    My Park was dead last year, and ya forced them to play now. I just hope the Servers allow a lot of people in each Park 2k17 it had like nobody in the Park

  • Mokeecheif -YT
    Mokeecheif -YT Year ago +1

    I don't like the number of videos that y'all got up right now

  • k stil nice
    k stil nice Year ago

    BEST Build IN 2k come WATCH

    KTGFERN Year ago +1

    Subscribe to my channel I post 2k18 news and more new incoming games

  • Grace Agbessi
    Grace Agbessi Year ago

    will there be females?

  • Bigpapa Da Saucegod

    The thing I'm wondering is can you still walk the street offline