I Did 100 Pull-Ups Every Day For 30 Days

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • This is what happened when I did 100 pull-ups every day for a month!
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    Athlete pulls on the horizontal bar
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  • synysterxdave
    synysterxdave 14 hours ago

    10.9% body fat my arse

  • Khalil Ikram
    Khalil Ikram Day ago

    Working out the same muscles everyday yet there's gains?I thought muscle needed time to recover and grow?

    • Tryhard092
      Tryhard092 19 hours ago

      Khalil Ikram they recover and grow as you sleep

  • AtomicFusion 3
    AtomicFusion 3 Day ago +2

    I hate to say it but 1 like = 1 push up

  • Jakob S
    Jakob S Day ago

    This guys doesn’t know what he’s talking about with the diet part. People deionizing carbs these days is so irrational and frustrating

  • Thomas T
    Thomas T Day ago

    Doesn't make sense doing it for 30 days, you got do it for a whole year and the results would be the same muscle mass and strength wise, from the time your body stopped getting sore you reached your limit of growth

  • Pavol Slamka
    Pavol Slamka 2 days ago +5

    Thanks god, that you’re *not* doing half reps

  • Kyle Conde
    Kyle Conde 3 days ago

    I think your doing chin ups???

  • John Keig
    John Keig 3 days ago +10

    I see a lot of criticism on here. Dude had a goal and he achieved it. Simple.

  • aiden coombes
    aiden coombes 3 days ago +2

    Push yourself because no one will do it for you💪

  • Eyre Borne
    Eyre Borne 3 days ago

    *Did neutral grip pull ups*

  • Zander Thurston
    Zander Thurston 3 days ago

    Who else just skipped to the end of the video to see the after photo because you didn’t want to be bored with the actual video

  • Nathan Dang
    Nathan Dang 4 days ago

    Nice wired headphones!

  • Karl Eckerström
    Karl Eckerström 4 days ago +3

    Me and my friend are doing 100 situps every day for two weeks right now

  • Jackson Kewley
    Jackson Kewley 4 days ago

    I call bs on this I do at least 50 push ups, 50 sit ups and 25 5kg weight pull each day and also run 6km for two days of the week and it has taken me over 200 days to become a fitness beast. I am also only 15.

  • Juanito Lk clan
    Juanito Lk clan 4 days ago

    1 like = 5 push ups
    1 comment=10 sit ups

  • Aaron kelly
    Aaron kelly 4 days ago

    It's 100 push ups not pull ups

  • YNV noop
    YNV noop 4 days ago +4

    0: 37 look at his butt😂

  • Cords Playz
    Cords Playz 4 days ago +1

    3,000 pullups is alot

  • Martin Heidegger
    Martin Heidegger 4 days ago

    Why do people seem to think that the key to building muscle is to do ridiculous amounts of bodyweight repetitions on consecutive days?
    Bodyweight exercises can be effective when it comes to building a foundation, but eventually you're going to have to either start adding weight (e.g. weighted pull-ups and dips) or start doing actual weight training if you want to continue to get bigger and stronger. After all, muscle growth is an adaptation to stress; so you are going to adapt to only using your bodyweight after a certain amount of time.
    I mean, does anyone really think that you can build big legs doing 100 reps of bodyweight squats? You would get infinitely better results doing 3-5 sets of barbell back squats 1-3 times a week for 3-15 reps, and progressively getting stronger over time.

    THE ROBO GAMER WR 4 days ago

    I am motivated thanks 🙏!

  • Вера Акимова

    I don't think he realized he did 3,000 pull-ups in one month.

  • Toby Gibbs
    Toby Gibbs 4 days ago +5

    that’s great and all but what about people who dont get paid to do a video of them going to the gym every day for a month. Others have to fit in these sessions around their lives and jobs

  • 15 subs without a video?

    0:36 wow that ass tho

  • Adi Da Gamer
    Adi Da Gamer 5 days ago

    Fam, you doing fuckin chin-ups

  • Starboy 1902
    Starboy 1902 5 days ago

    What about diet☹️

  • Jannik Høy
    Jannik Høy 5 days ago

    Thats NOT a pull-up!!!

  • DonkeyBong
    DonkeyBong 5 days ago

    New Buzzfeed video: I DID A CYCLE OF ANABOLIC STEROIDS FOR 30 DAYS!!!?!

  • Benjamin Banda
    Benjamin Banda 5 days ago

    Its hard to believe this actually worked😂, considering the need for healing the torn muscles, if you don't allow your muscles to heal, it could result in serious damage to your body and it destroys your muscle that you're suppose to be gaining rather than building up that muscle

  • Jere B3ar
    Jere B3ar 5 days ago

    7:25 I thought I left CSGO on

  • Chris Estrada
    Chris Estrada 5 days ago

    You wouldnt handle bodybuilding man. Wackass video

  • Will Hines
    Will Hines 5 days ago +2

    Clickmaster bater strikes again with not even completing the challenge

  • Get This Egg to 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS

    I've only noticed more chest hair

  • Mr. Thonk
    Mr. Thonk 6 days ago

    In total he did 3000 pull ups

  • chillytrevor 11
    chillytrevor 11 6 days ago +1

    6:00 is that Minecraft music???

  • Will Bruton
    Will Bruton 6 days ago +1

    Chicken legs

  • Ona
    Ona 6 days ago

    He must have had MAAD calluses

  • Clark Hilborn
    Clark Hilborn 6 days ago +2


  • KL3ER YT
    KL3ER YT 6 days ago +1

    A haircut , better lighting and he’s smiling what a difference 😯

  • Sungamnederots _
    Sungamnederots _ 6 days ago +1

    Some of these Are called chin ups not pull ups

  • Legible formula
    Legible formula 7 days ago

    I can't even do a pull up

  • emo kid
    emo kid 7 days ago

    I can’t even do 1 :-)

  • Alex H
    Alex H 7 days ago

    Oh yeah now i get why it's called "BuzzFeed"

  • funny t
    funny t 7 days ago

    He looked fine before

  • Dane Reeves
    Dane Reeves 8 days ago +7

    Your body needs time to rest that’s how you grow more

    • COOL people sub 2 me
      COOL people sub 2 me 7 days ago

      Dane Reeves 3 times a week is enough because you don’t really gain strength u just loose it if you are a beginner like him

  • Brian Templin
    Brian Templin 8 days ago +1

    Bruh I can't even do 1 pullup

  • manuel garcia
    manuel garcia 8 days ago +2

    U should let them have a day or two of recovery

    DX- DRAGON 9 days ago

    that's I hate about before and after they all ways make the before look bad by not smiling bad lighting and stuff like they need to be the same

  • World'sYoungestCarGuy

    *Makes video purely based on pull ups*
    Does exactly 0 pull ups

  • Roisin Savage
    Roisin Savage 9 days ago

    Hé git an 8 pack

    PRAMOD SINGH 9 days ago +4

    just be consistent you can't achieve something in a min hard work pays off like if u agree

  • shannon clark
    shannon clark 9 days ago

    0:35 😏 dat ass

  • GuyInARoom
    GuyInARoom 10 days ago

    7:44 thank me later

  • Alexander Brandt
    Alexander Brandt 11 days ago

    LoL at a half a pound being incredible. That's not incredible, you don't think that's incredible. I can't believe you said that line.

    • Alexander Brandt
      Alexander Brandt 10 days ago

      +EJarbinks Ah, I missed the bit about his body fat going down. Whatever, exercise doesn't make you drop a lot of body fat like that, he's lying about not changing his diet for that month. A really vigorous exercise routine would account for something like 10 or 15% of your weight loss. To go from 13.8 to 10.9 he'd have to lose more than a pound a week, requires serious calorie restriction, and building an equal amount of muscle in that time would require a lot of protein, which is hard to do while restricting calories, i'm guessing dude was eating a lot of boiled chicken and broccoli.

    • EJarbinks
      EJarbinks 10 days ago

      Alexander Brandt he dropped 3% of his body fat. He bunt a ton of fat and built some muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. So you can have fairly significant change without losing any weight.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 11 days ago

    Next video, masturbate everyday for 100 days and see what happens?

  • Louis Stowers
    Louis Stowers 11 days ago

    Next challenge try to build up them legs..

  • Kanzee
    Kanzee 11 days ago

    💪😎👍💖 🔥

  • robertox41
    robertox41 11 days ago

    Your already fit in first pic lol

  • Ethan Bell
    Ethan Bell 11 days ago

    This boy acting like he done something special he still skinny

  • whats happen
    whats happen 11 days ago +3

    Now you have to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10 Km run EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

  • Roman Felsted
    Roman Felsted 12 days ago

    Those were chin-ups

  • Jyovika Aswale
    Jyovika Aswale 12 days ago +1

    Why tf was he walking shirtless in the streets

  • SickKent
    SickKent 12 days ago

    You need sqauits.

  • JT JV
    JT JV 12 days ago

    I like how this is sponsored by Oreos

  • Christopher Columns
    Christopher Columns 12 days ago

    I would do 20 sets of 20 reps in High School.

  • Nathan Chartrand
    Nathan Chartrand 12 days ago

    100 pull ups in 20mins what a joke

  • Josh J
    Josh J 13 days ago

    0 change

  • Kha D
    Kha D 13 days ago

    I could do 100 chin-ups easy for 30 days. Its the pullups that I was here for...

  • Anteneh Tigabu
    Anteneh Tigabu 13 days ago +2

    0:36 somebody has a wedgy

  • AI
    AI 13 days ago

    100 pull ups are much harder than 100 push ups.

  • Joe Warren
    Joe Warren 13 days ago

    Chin ups?

  • Nc87
    Nc87 14 days ago

    So not much difference then

  • BirdMan
    BirdMan 14 days ago

    Carbs and protein help build your body, you shouldn’t just completely stop eating them

  • GamingTrunks
    GamingTrunks 14 days ago

    6:21 Wow I can only do 20

  • Cristian Del Valle
    Cristian Del Valle 14 days ago

    Probably because after a couple days ur body finished putting on the muscle

  • JacobVSDan
    JacobVSDan 14 days ago

    i cant even do 1 pull up

  • colin arntsen
    colin arntsen 15 days ago

    you did great man

  • Erkan Bajs
    Erkan Bajs 15 days ago +130

    Just one thing you doing chin ups not pull ups

  • gi2guna
    gi2guna 15 days ago

    Saitama did that for 3 years

  • Conor Hultgren
    Conor Hultgren 15 days ago

    very tough challenge

  • Jay M
    Jay M 15 days ago

    Woahhh Holy ⌛️figure. Cough cough trannyland. Real men are straight up and down women’s rib cages go in like that bc they are small female rib cages.

    SYN DEE 15 days ago

    Just 10 sets of 10 🤷🏽‍♂️ where’s the big deal

  • Lachy Dachy
    Lachy Dachy 15 days ago

    My bud got a 8 pack

  • Saphtou
    Saphtou 16 days ago

    For some reason, i dont like this guy

  • Marcus Gravgaard
    Marcus Gravgaard 16 days ago

    Yo thats not pullups

  • hacker giraffe
    hacker giraffe 16 days ago

    Shouldn't you keep like 40 hours rest between hard excersices

    • awesome619ification
      awesome619ification 15 days ago +1

      hacker giraffe never train the same muscles two days in a row. Rest = muscle repair = Hypertrophy

  • neoblackcyptron
    neoblackcyptron 17 days ago

    Poorly researched misleading video. Sorry but that is the truth

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 17 days ago +1

    Well I can do 0 pull ups and like 4 push-ups

  • Laur/
    Laur/ 18 days ago +4

    Calling it now, these weren’t proper pull ups

  • Joshua TT
    Joshua TT 18 days ago

    3,000 pull-ups and a spray tan later

  • Ben Does Dabs
    Ben Does Dabs 18 days ago

    Imagine doing that for a year... you would be a brick house.

  • Abdirahman Osman
    Abdirahman Osman 18 days ago

    Why didn’t he eat carbs??? Someone respond

  • Peter Maffay
    Peter Maffay 19 days ago

    his body got sour? sry im german

  • India Paleg
    India Paleg 19 days ago

    Who else is sitting on the couch eating junk food while watching this

  • Joshua Gómez
    Joshua Gómez 19 days ago

    Does anybody else hear minecraft music? 6:14

  • Jordan Garduno
    Jordan Garduno 19 days ago

    It was a failure because you set a goal of a 100 pushups for 30 CONSECUTIVE days . so ya you failed

  • Razli Sw
    Razli Sw 19 days ago

    and this is not pull

  • Razli Sw
    Razli Sw 19 days ago

    push up no good pull up thats the stuff

  • R&P- music
    R&P- music 20 days ago +22

    1 like one pull up
    Pls don't get me fat😭

  • Andrea
    Andrea 20 days ago

    Light is changed

  • Cory Center
    Cory Center 20 days ago

    Do wide grip 😅