Single Girl Reviews Fan Submitted Daddies In The Sims 4 | Part 3

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Today Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 on her own and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge!
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Comments • 9 645

  • Kelsey Impicciche
    Kelsey Impicciche 5 months ago +7944

    Comment below your baby name ideas for Chelsea!

  • Hustla Fraser
    Hustla Fraser Day ago +1

    Rariah is a nice name👩‍❤️‍👩

  • taylor clark
    taylor clark Day ago


  • Nate V
    Nate V Day ago

    WHY are you single? You're pretty and hilarious

  • Sofía Massiani
    Sofía Massiani 2 days ago +1

    10:24 ummm????! A lot of children? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA FUNNY

  • Carlee-Ann Larson
    Carlee-Ann Larson 2 days ago

    Who else is on the latest episode but coming back ti rewatch this

  • lena13146
    lena13146 2 days ago

    I started my own baby’s game lol while watching hahaha

  • SpingirlLB
    SpingirlLB 2 days ago


  • zxzx yas
    zxzx yas 3 days ago

    Baby’s need to eat every 2 hours, so in sims time 2 minutes!😂🤣😂🤣(Btw love you!❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊

  • Laura Pereira
    Laura Pereira 3 days ago

    posie ruby

  • Kevin Turcios
    Kevin Turcios 3 days ago

    I think its funny that the babies have birthdalys and get older, but "Chelsea" doesn't age or have a birthday

  • Isabella Mikitka
    Isabella Mikitka 4 days ago


  • Isabella Mikitka
    Isabella Mikitka 4 days ago


  • Jadin Abernathie
    Jadin Abernathie 4 days ago

    My name is jaden😳

  • Jedda Barnes
    Jedda Barnes 4 days ago +2

    9:50 The Garden Salad Begins

  • Teegan Horn
    Teegan Horn 5 days ago

    Can you name a girl Teegan

  • yoky caesar johni muchtar

    name her clara or daimian and gareet ok

  • Erica Dingle Clay
    Erica Dingle Clay 6 days ago +3

    SHE SAID “midi midi bong bong”OMG I’M DEAD💀💀

  • gracelyn m
    gracelyn m 6 days ago

    what is dream daddy?

  • Csm Firewingman
    Csm Firewingman 6 days ago


  • Adelynn Gordon
    Adelynn Gordon 6 days ago

    I love how you mentioned river dale

  • AvacadoMoon
    AvacadoMoon 6 days ago

    im so glad you have your own channle and you are AWESOME

  • ava awesome
    ava awesome 7 days ago

    You should let them play outside

  • Amy_ GachaPlayz
    Amy_ GachaPlayz 7 days ago

    wait..what if one of the kids is a young adult would it be cheating for her/him to have babies as well?

    • Lindsey
      Lindsey 3 days ago

      Yes. There can only be one person in the family having babies to count to the baby total. Then when the matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer have children, then youngest female in the house becomes the next matriarch. If there is not female in the house when she becomes a matriarch then the challenge is lost.

  • Amy_ GachaPlayz
    Amy_ GachaPlayz 7 days ago


  • Mimi Rojas
    Mimi Rojas 7 days ago

    what dose the sims 4 look like on a computer plz answer

  • Amy_ GachaPlayz
    Amy_ GachaPlayz 7 days ago


  • Squirtleowl
    Squirtleowl 7 days ago

    They're in the wrong beds 10:42

  • Conor Rafferty
    Conor Rafferty 7 days ago

    Love me love me say that you love me fool me fool me oh how you do me kiss me kiss me say that you miss me

  • Viewtheq Quintin
    Viewtheq Quintin 7 days ago


  • I’m Wigless
    I’m Wigless 7 days ago

    When she said Archie Andrews I was like best sim series ever

  • #girlsrule #boysdrull

    Clean the house

  • Angela Beck
    Angela Beck 8 days ago

    Her we met kim


  • Tolani Matthew
    Tolani Matthew 8 days ago

    Abigail is a nice name

  • Bennett Hollern
    Bennett Hollern 8 days ago

    you need to put jamies baby certifcit

    • Lindsey
      Lindsey 3 days ago

      She didn't get one with him

  • Danielle Gilmore
    Danielle Gilmore 8 days ago

    this was halariuse to watch

    XHYPERDRIVE 9 days ago

    Elizabeth is it full name

  • Jared Kyer
    Jared Kyer 9 days ago +1

    Clean the paint

  • Caroline Munsey
    Caroline Munsey 9 days ago


  • Caroline Munsey
    Caroline Munsey 9 days ago


  • Jade Muir
    Jade Muir 10 days ago +1

    You forgot to put up jamies birth certificate

  • Mila's fun time
    Mila's fun time 10 days ago

    The Baby's name is mila

  • Chloe Chen
    Chloe Chen 11 days ago

    you forgot to put up the certificate

  • II28K
    II28K 11 days ago

    Brelle is so cute i love her

  • Tonya Drexler
    Tonya Drexler 11 days ago


  • Charlotte Victoria Ravlo
    Charlotte Victoria Ravlo 11 days ago +3

    Baby name ideas:

  • Matty Adams
    Matty Adams 11 days ago +1

    Brad Danny Travis Matt Brady Mason Tucker Abe Jessi

  • Matty Adams
    Matty Adams 11 days ago

    Allison Gracie Laura Ashlei Ashlynn Lillian Bella Allisa Merissa Lacey Ari Paige Olivia Chloe Sally Ruby Maddie Addison Rose Asia Kendall Milly Caitlyn Cathryn Aniston Emma Kate Laney Eve Sofa Sophie Avery Mckayla Dylan Mia Gracie Sierra Savannah Sara Sunny V
    Cassidy Melody Cally Addie

  • Matty Adams
    Matty Adams 11 days ago +3

    OMG I love how you said Archie Andrews from river dale one of my fav shows ps keep up the good work oh and I'm your #biggest fan!!!!!!BYE

  • Dilynn Turner
    Dilynn Turner 12 days ago


  • Dilynn Turner
    Dilynn Turner 12 days ago


  • Amara Snowden
    Amara Snowden 12 days ago

    Oh no Kelsey you still haven’t put up Jamie’s birth certificate we don’t want him to feel left out now do we?

    • Lindsey
      Lindsey 3 days ago

      She can't put it up because she didn't get one with him.

  • Lovely Words
    Lovely Words 13 days ago

    You need to hang up birth certificate

  • dwhite51289
    dwhite51289 13 days ago

    1 to 2 hours apart

  • UnicornGalaxy_Gamer YEET

    Girl names:
    Sally, Diana, Kayla, Alexa, Lexi, Allison, Charlotte, Chloe, Erica, Erin, Ashley, Riley, Vanessa, Victoria.
    Boy names:
    Justin, Adam, Andrew, Eric, Sam, Bryan, Ryan, Brent.

  • Hailey Parish
    Hailey Parish 13 days ago

    You forgot the birth certificate for baby #3

  • Amber Weber
    Amber Weber 13 days ago

    Boy name is Calvin and Girl names are Rylee,Avery and Amber

  • fld723
    fld723 14 days ago

    Girl- Maddie

  • cristian araya
    cristian araya 14 days ago

    OMG Craig:))

  • -SimsTea -
    -SimsTea - 14 days ago

    you should of hired a maid to help you clean haha x

  • AuroraXA
    AuroraXA 14 days ago

    So I'm here, looking at all these guys she added to her gallery and yet so many of them have still not been chosen for baby daddy in the game!

  • Caitlin Diver
    Caitlin Diver 14 days ago

    I don't know if kids can watch this video but I am...

  • camilla mathiassen
    camilla mathiassen 14 days ago

    the is a trascan thet giv you mony love you

  • Hermona Tegybelu
    Hermona Tegybelu 14 days ago

    Shes so chill

    ANIME FOR LIFE 14 days ago

    Girl name Kelsey boy name Karler

    ANIME FOR LIFE 14 days ago

    I’m scared of Clowns

  • fortheloveofbooks
    fortheloveofbooks 14 days ago

    I just found out today that when you go to work it gives you the option to pay for a sitter or use daycare for free..also very new to tour videos and your obviously way further in now

  • Taylor Mickey
    Taylor Mickey 15 days ago


  • Taylor Mickey
    Taylor Mickey 15 days ago

    archie andrews is my life

  • StalwArtStudios
    StalwArtStudios 15 days ago

    Call her Mimi!

  • Dawn Jones
    Dawn Jones 15 days ago

    I love you make more sims 4

  • Makenna Newberry
    Makenna Newberry 16 days ago

    Is there still time to make people?

  • Makenna Newberry
    Makenna Newberry 16 days ago

    How do you get the dads to travel when you are not playing as them

  • Schleich&papolover25 Williams

    I LOVE dogs I love dogs more than anyone every one knows me for the girl who is mad on dogs 🐕 🐶

  • Angelica Castillo
    Angelica Castillo 16 days ago +1

    Girl: merliah boy: michell

  • Natalia Louise
    Natalia Louise 16 days ago

    Call a girl ruby and a boy jayden

  • Sammy and Ava
    Sammy and Ava 16 days ago

    Do ctrl c and then motherlode

  • ben
    ben 16 days ago

    where's jaime's baby certificate? :(

  • Bake to Cake
    Bake to Cake 16 days ago


  • Melanie Cameron
    Melanie Cameron 17 days ago

    John Witherspoon was the headmaster of Princeton collage any Hamilton fans here

  • Adventure All Day
    Adventure All Day 17 days ago +1

    14:13 lol makes me laugh every time
    Like if it makes you laugh too

  • Koumtalith Rodriguez
    Koumtalith Rodriguez 17 days ago

    actully starts at 7:27

  • Issy_bored 111111111111111

    Hello people! I would love for a girls to be names Emma, or a boy Oliver/Ollie. Thanks!
    Or for a funny name Dalas (boy) - it’s salad backwards p!

  • Nicole Cervantes
    Nicole Cervantes 17 days ago

    You keep on saying Chelsea not kelsey😂😂😂😂

  • The gaming lizard
    The gaming lizard 17 days ago

    Lillian or for a boy Zak

  • BK’s Galaxy Squad
    BK’s Galaxy Squad 17 days ago +1

    Girl: savanna
    Boy: ryan
    Twins girl: ryder and royal

  • Abigail Grabow
    Abigail Grabow 18 days ago +4

    Names: Leila Evangeline Lorelei Annika Anna lily patrisha cara Laura

    • just me
      just me 14 days ago

      Abigail good names those are really cute

  • Katelynlee Rb
    Katelynlee Rb 18 days ago

    Name a girl Lily

  • Emma and fun! mcneil
    Emma and fun! mcneil 18 days ago

    Can you clean up your he mess on the floor

  • letton family
    letton family 18 days ago


  • Carlos Sibal
    Carlos Sibal 18 days ago

    Hi meh

  • Carlos Sibal
    Carlos Sibal 18 days ago

    Just want to tell you Jaime is pronounced as himeh

  • Little Artist
    Little Artist 18 days ago

    I like the names Solaria and Meteora

  • Lainey Ochs
    Lainey Ochs 18 days ago

    Crenshaw is a book wow

  • Maggie Anderson
    Maggie Anderson 18 days ago

    Love this!!! Have not watched the last vid but if it’s a girl then Kira and if it’s a boy the kelvin!!

  • Ava Bailey
    Ava Bailey 18 days ago

    I have a feeling you'll be doing this for the rest of your life

  • Kasey M
    Kasey M 18 days ago

    Isabella is a name

  • Andrea Philleo
    Andrea Philleo 19 days ago

    what about JOY as a name

  • Camryn w
    Camryn w 19 days ago


  • Geo Swag
    Geo Swag 19 days ago

    put james birth sertificit