How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

    Grapes 0:40
    Strawberry 1:01
    Fig 1:30
    Plum 1:57
    Lime 2:27
    Lemon 2:46
    Kiwi Berry 3:18
    Longan 3:38
    Gooseberry 4:07
    Prickly Pear 4:26
    Star Fruit 4:52
    Rambutan 5:12
    Passion Fruit 5:44
    Mandarin Orange 6:01
    Persimmon 6:16
    Pepino Melon 6:45
    Quince 7:15
    Cherimoya 8:01
    Apple 8:23
    Dragonfruit 8:46
    Avocado 9:23
    Peach 10:32
    Pomegranate 11:11
    Orange 11:46
    Yellow Plantain 12:18
    Green Plantain 13:03
    Mango 13:51
    Grapefruit 15:12
    Durian 15:55
    Papaya 16:48
    Pineapple 17:41
    Cantaloupe 19:12
    Pomelo 20:00
    Pumpkin 20:46
    Honeydew 21:21
    Watermelon 22:03
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    How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious
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  • eemils K
    eemils K 10 minutes ago

    Why would you peel an apple the peel is the most tasty art

  • Ducktor Thrax
    Ducktor Thrax 14 minutes ago +1

    Why did youtube recommend this to me at 2 am?

  • GMOddxballer
    GMOddxballer 33 minutes ago

    Firing squad the individual responsible for the horrible audience effects.

  • Green Tiger
    Green Tiger 48 minutes ago

    Why did I click this

  • Lena
    Lena Hour ago +2

    This is how many fruit he slices

  • Lena
    Lena Hour ago +1

    what am i doing here at 2am...

  • Evita Elksne
    Evita Elksne Hour ago

    Hey, dood u forgot cidonias.
    They are basically Latvian lemons but smaller

  • Havaseet2
    Havaseet2 Hour ago

    This video would be 17 percent better without the 5th grade "Repeat-aloud--after-me-class" description oooing and ahhing. I watched with the volume off.

  • Hsif bolb #1
    Hsif bolb #1 2 hours ago

    12:30 uuhhh cut myself maybe

  • Umang Singh
    Umang Singh 2 hours ago

    So we don't have to toss them in air and cut them in fruit ninja style??

  • Asta Skriver
    Asta Skriver 2 hours ago

    The coconut is not a nut the coconut is cocofruit 🥥

  • RedstoneSalad!
    RedstoneSalad! 2 hours ago

    *M E D I U M F R U I T S*

  • RedstoneSalad!
    RedstoneSalad! 2 hours ago

    Don’t use the audience’s voice..

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 2 hours ago


  • Md. Ferdous Parvez
    Md. Ferdous Parvez 2 hours ago

    I'm not comfortable with the hammer use. May be video'll be more enjoyable without that segment.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 3 hours ago

    Annoying sounds and pretty useless - who doesn't know how to peel a mandarine?

  • IG bangphis
    IG bangphis 3 hours ago

    Real watermelons have seeds

  • Catto god 45
    Catto god 45 3 hours ago +1


  • Lilly Weaver
    Lilly Weaver 3 hours ago

    I know chef knifes are supposed to be sharp but it’s absolutely TERRIFYING to see how sharp those knives are

  • lil mochi
    lil mochi 3 hours ago

    Do they know that the skin of the apple has the most vitamins and the most flavor and it's literally stupid to peel it if the skin still looks so good? Because if they don't I'm here to tell em

  • The Gallant Gangster
    The Gallant Gangster 3 hours ago

    who takes the time to peel their apples? i don't even bother to wash mine.

  • linde callens
    linde callens 4 hours ago

    i haven't heard from half these fruits... is it a europian thing??

  • zy
    zy 4 hours ago

    Also longan and rambutan are something most Asians would open with their hands and throw it into their mouths and spit the seeds out. But oh well

  • Kasrowi
    Kasrowi 4 hours ago

    what is wrong with the hammer thing? O.o we should not waste any food

  • ClassroomDweller
    ClassroomDweller 4 hours ago

    I didn't even know most of these fruits

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 5 hours ago

    Lmao knife skills 101 awesome practice. I hope tomato is on this list

  • Martin Le
    Martin Le 5 hours ago

    You forgot durian

  • Loop4Loop
    Loop4Loop 5 hours ago


  • TJ
    TJ 5 hours ago

    Every video I've watched on this channel has some type of unwanted or cringe audio (the audience, the over exaggerated liquid sounds etc.). At this point I'm convinced it's on purpose, or the person they hired for sound design/editing doesn't know wtf they're doing.

  • 1ballz 2pnis
    1ballz 2pnis 5 hours ago

    4:22 did he just say condom?!

  • Miley Zayas
    Miley Zayas 6 hours ago

    He literally

    Did surgery on a grape

  • 757Fishing&Hunting
    757Fishing&Hunting 6 hours ago

    Dragon fruit would be if Hershey made a cookies and cream fruit

  • Darrell Glenn
    Darrell Glenn 6 hours ago

    was really waiting on you to cut the pineapple.. 🍍🍍😎😎

  • Kim Koya
    Kim Koya 6 hours ago

    10:00 What. The. Hell. That laugh sounded like a dying donkey 😭

  • Jeha Plays
    Jeha Plays 7 hours ago

    12:20 it is a BANANA

  • WorthyOak 7
    WorthyOak 7 8 hours ago


  • Ben
    Ben 8 hours ago

    Great presentation and captivating by the chef. But whoever edited this should really take a break, put the cuts together and let the content speak for itself. Less is more when you have quality content like this.

  • Believer of LIght
    Believer of LIght 8 hours ago

    thats the worst way to peel the mango

  • Sethios1
    Sethios1 8 hours ago

    First time I watched a video on USclip muted. Who the hell approved the cringe in the background? Just...why?! I mean, it HAD to be watched and approved by someone before it was uploaded.

  • John Marcky Asuncion
    John Marcky Asuncion 8 hours ago

    Viewers:hmmm intiresting maybe something is missin hmmmmmmm

  • JP 128
    JP 128 8 hours ago

    Me in Asia: Can I have a Yellow Plantain
    Shop owner in Asia: Sorry I only sell bananas

  • Mr Portakal
    Mr Portakal 8 hours ago


    Spongebob:Hey!What are you doing to my house!

  • YouTube Guy
    YouTube Guy 8 hours ago

    Where’s sugar apple

  • Lady Ehreen
    Lady Ehreen 10 hours ago

    What do you mean passion fruit is sour? It's sweet here. 😂😂😂

    The POPULAR GAMER 10 hours ago

    Where my tomato?????? Tomato’s are fruits

  • KrazyTrickster S
    KrazyTrickster S 11 hours ago +1

    Forgot tomato

  • Trash Monkeys
    Trash Monkeys 11 hours ago +1

    My boyfriend cheated on me and now I finally know how to cut bananas:)

  • ThatCas
    ThatCas 12 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure the laugh tracks are ironic guys. The chef def knows not to take this so seriously.

  • Jacuzzi
    Jacuzzi 12 hours ago

    This isn't a thing where you need like a compilation for every kind of fruit. When are you cutting more than two fruits at a time let alone like 50 lol

  • hawa kamara
    hawa kamara 12 hours ago

    How many times he said to cut both ends


  • Diego Elizondo
    Diego Elizondo 12 hours ago

    cut the lime in 3 parts from the top around the center, it's nicer

  • ChrisOng
    ChrisOng 12 hours ago

    the yellow plantant is a banana

  • Stranger Memes
    Stranger Memes 12 hours ago

    "this is a pomagranite. There are many ways to cut this, I'm gonna show you 2"
    Shows only one

  • Jade Campbell
    Jade Campbell 12 hours ago

    I learned so many new fruits and names of some I didn’t know like they spiky one

  • beatrice floyd
    beatrice floyd 12 hours ago

    wtf is a yellow plantain...that’s a banana

  • xIconicCookii
    xIconicCookii 13 hours ago

    “Yellow Plantain”
    Me: A banana?

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 13 hours ago

    I really really wanted to buy some delicious dragon fruit at the World Market but they were like $9.00 each.

  • Midori Leopard
    Midori Leopard 13 hours ago

    2:32 When that backing music came, on I can't get the SpiritOfTheLaw association out of my head.

  • phantom of the void
    phantom of the void 13 hours ago

    im hungry now

  • phantom of the void
    phantom of the void 13 hours ago