Incredibly Unusual Things Found in Hotel Rooms

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • When you stay at a hotel, you’re usually on vacation but some people opt to just leave weird thing behind. Let’s take a look at the top 20 incredible things found in hotel rooms!
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Comments • 365

  • tairyn rigley
    tairyn rigley 11 days ago

    i left a 9 feet long pencil

  • Shane Beasley
    Shane Beasley 17 days ago

    My name is Shane

  • Jazabella Goth
    Jazabella Goth 24 days ago

    Amazing indeed!

  • lokmuy The
    lokmuy The Month ago

    Traveloge 4 Life

    one time i left my power puff girls toy😛

  • potatoperson 234
    potatoperson 234 Month ago

    Who would leave a harry Potter wand in the first place how horrid

  • Arden Peng
    Arden Peng Month ago

    This is why you never stay at a travellodge

  • wawa Elias
    wawa Elias Month ago

    now you got a leg to stand on

  • tristu 05
    tristu 05 Month ago

    One time I was pretty young and I Left about $34 of money and the hotel safe and forgot the code so yeah

  • Donkeyearsa
    Donkeyearsa Month ago

    I left a highly collectable stuffed animal once at a hotel. I returned the next day to collect it and no one could locate it. This is a case of hotel cleaning staff who pocket stuff.

  • NutbrainBrody Playz Gamez

    Why is it almost always travel lodge

  • Derp slurp
    Derp slurp Month ago +2

    SML haha they sawed the stuff in half. im looking threw the comments really no one noticed it

  • amaxwell7333
    amaxwell7333 Month ago

    Hm are some of the people who left this shit insane like the pie guy and one dude who cut everything in half in hos room.

  • toxico men
    toxico men 2 months ago

    Be amezed you are, a f***cking gay

  • nldubstep xbox
    nldubstep xbox 2 months ago

    Hwo is abraham lincon

  • chris langlois
    chris langlois 2 months ago +1

    just as likely the shark died from "motion sickness" that being lack of motion, they to constantly keep swimming, if it couldnt swim enough it wouldve drowned since they breath oxygen thru water PASSING over their gills they dont breath in water exactly so it couldve just as likely downed by still motion :)

    • Derp slurp
      Derp slurp Month ago

      thats probably the reason it died poor shark

  • Rev Funk
    Rev Funk 2 months ago

    You realize most of these weren't "left behind" right? RIGHT????

  • the real mr beast its in the name

    number 1. dead body

  • dj osearth
    dj osearth 3 months ago

    3:18 Caption under left frame reads: *Man charged with animal cruelty for videotaping a kitten hanging from it's neck by a belt for torture video tape*

  • Jon Cortana
    Jon Cortana 4 months ago

    they forgot the rotten corpse stuffed inside the mattress.

  • Scott Vinson
    Scott Vinson 4 months ago

    Baby turtle 😨😨😨

  • Shivesh Choudhary
    Shivesh Choudhary 4 months ago

    I feel bad about these guys

  • Transformers2Fan1
    Transformers2Fan1 5 months ago

    I thought it was illegal to mess with the hatching of specific species of turtle.

  • you not a real nigga if u dont like dragon ball

    That’s it I’m gonna work at a hotel

  • Hank W
    Hank W 5 months ago

    One time I found a tiny ziplock bag with what I assume was cocaine residue left by the previous guest and/or housekeeping. Personally, I'd rather have a mint chocolate on my pillow.

  • Julianna and Edward
    Julianna and Edward 5 months ago


  • The Gamer Boy
    The Gamer Boy 5 months ago

    Shark and leg

  • butter the kit yt
    butter the kit yt 6 months ago

    cambry is new zealand 😒

  • Resham Pathak
    Resham Pathak 6 months ago +1

    I found a bed,a sofa, a T.V, a wardrobe ,etc in one hotel😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • anime girl spit
    anime girl spit 6 months ago

    ah yes, a fucking giant shark in the bathtub, just a normal day in a normal hotel

  • Jean Carlos Cedeno
    Jean Carlos Cedeno 6 months ago

    Boring seriously boring

  • Yan Ying
    Yan Ying 6 months ago +1


  • Ninja Galka
    Ninja Galka 6 months ago

    If I found that out

  • Ninja Galka
    Ninja Galka 6 months ago

    Productive are one

    [NOVA ERA] MARKO 6 months ago +1

    **sees thumbnail**
    Logic:am i a joke to u

  • Israel Almendarez
    Israel Almendarez 6 months ago

    I left a blanket

  • Awww I broke it
    Awww I broke it 6 months ago

    There was a hotel that shut down and they released information on some of the things left behind
    There was
    A apple tablet
    Engagement rings
    Married Certificates
    Pets (mainly cats and dogs but also a few fish)
    And someones grandma

  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright 7 months ago +1

    The shark is nuts

  • Brownie090209
    Brownie090209 7 months ago

    Note to self: leave something crazy behind next time I'm at a hotel room.

  • Suffocated Gem
    Suffocated Gem 7 months ago

    i lost my lambo keys

  • Lord of games
    Lord of games 7 months ago

    It’s always in Britain 🇬🇧

  • Pokémaster
    Pokémaster 7 months ago +1

    i'm always forgetting stuff especially when i get my hair cut.
    because my hair grows so long so fast i am always going to the barber shop and i use my hat to hold back my long crazy hair and i also like to wear hats a lot but i always forget my hats whenever i go to the barber shop. i should just not wear them when i get my hair cut or leave it in the car but i always forget.

  • Patrick's Lab
    Patrick's Lab 7 months ago

    0:33 the guy on the left is cool

  • Travisred 123456
    Travisred 123456 7 months ago


  • Teh Hyper Gamer
    Teh Hyper Gamer 7 months ago

    ... wtf This is the least diverse list ever. Almost all of these are Travelodge and the ones that aren't are some other hotel in the UK. You do realize that other people outside the UK might be watching your videos???? RIGHT?! *TRIGGERED*

  • Veselka
    Veselka 7 months ago

    i found phone number under bed :D

  • the death angel
    the death angel 7 months ago

    Shark ?!¿¡☺😊😀😁😂

  • garcia adrian
    garcia adrian 7 months ago

    Be amazed they should show about giantess movie and tv shows

  • 100000 subscribers without video Challenge

    I left a 6000 Rolex at a hotel in Vietnam

    RNGTHEARMY 7 months ago

    Im not gonna lie i left 3 condoms in a hotel room 😂💀

  • Diaper Man
    Diaper Man 7 months ago +4

    Why are they all from travelodge?

    • Random User
      Random User 4 months ago

      And all british

    • Brownie090209
      Brownie090209 7 months ago

      "this video is sponsored by Travelodge"

    • Pokémaster
      Pokémaster 7 months ago

      i thought i was the only one who noticed!

  • Anaya Rai
    Anaya Rai 7 months ago

    A box of chocolates!!! The person who found it must be lucky 🍀 😋😋

  • sharms888
    sharms888 7 months ago +1

    Thumbs down for Click bait

  • ameer kacak
    ameer kacak 7 months ago

    I left my ex. She cheated on me.

  • coolbro 100201
    coolbro 100201 7 months ago

    3:25 Tori Vega from victories

  • martina rodriguez
    martina rodriguez 7 months ago

    .. can someone tell me the cat story so I don't have to look it up 😅

  • GalaxyGamer Panda
    GalaxyGamer Panda 7 months ago +3

    Those poor kittens...

  • BK Gaming
    BK Gaming 7 months ago

    300th comment

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof 7 months ago


    • Derp slurp
      Derp slurp Month ago


    MEMEREVIEW 7 months ago

    I found a wallet with 3k in it. hAHaHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lady Crow
    Lady Crow 7 months ago

    Oh boy, I work front desk at a hotel so we get all of the lost items. Funniest thing to show up is a small clear COCK SLEEVE 🤣 my manager ended up throwing it away lmfao

  • Boged craft
    Boged craft 7 months ago

    when is was lokking at that part 5:20 i was eatind a choclet

  • Celeste Schoolcraft
    Celeste Schoolcraft 7 months ago

    My Aunt fearing that if she brought in my Grandma's ashes into the house would release her spirit or ghost or whatever she was thinking lol put her remains in the trunk of the car after the postman left, yes she was sent certified! my aunt had to sign for her, then she refused to get her out of the trunk at the hotel and it rained both days we were not told this UNTIL after we saw her being lowered into the ground with the brown mailing package still around the Urn! It was heartbreaking everyone lost it. But while we were at the reception... Okay we went to Shoneys and had this huge business room to ourselves lol My Aunt cracks and says I should have let her stay one last night in the house and in the hotel too for what those assholes did at the burial plot! I was nursing my daughter who was 4 months old and my aunt was shielding me while I switched her to my other breast, I stopped boob exposed behind the blanket that was in front of my face, I yanked the blanket down and demanded YOU MADE GRANDMA STAY IN THE TRUNK? Bad enough those men at the gravesite did not bother to remove the mailing package , but it was raining and not even in the hotel room? In the MOUNTAINS? How could you?
    She said, But I was scared she might... You know... Get out?!
    Me now standing up boob back in my shirt hand daughter to my sister as if I am gonna kick my aunt's ass, She wouldn't have gone far and I am sure she would have left a trail for us to follow if she did! What if your trunk had leaked? She would have floated around in there and turned to a huge mud ball! Mind you the mailing package would have fallen off but still! You need to go apologize right now for treating your mother like that! Thats... That's elder abuse!
    Needless to say that little yelling match had people laughing so hard they were crying, my poor Grandma was in the trunk of a car for 3 days and 2 nights and then placed in a urn with a mailing label postage stamp and all in a vault and there we are in Shoneys in front of God and everyone yelling about remains being put in a trunk.

  • •Joculous•
    •Joculous• 7 months ago +3

    Wow the first mistaken safe for a microwave was in New Zealand? Wow I don’t usually hear New Zealand a lot and surprised when I do cause I live there and nobody really knows where that country is

    • Luke Salter
      Luke Salter 3 months ago

      @Raf Vnetu righty ho, that explains the time difference. It can be dangerous, but like most places it can be avoided by being careful. I've only ever been stung by a bee, so it can't be all that bad. I'm not sure if I mentioned the name of it, but it's the box jellyfish. I've never left the country, but I've been fascinated with Italy since 2009. That and Greece. Maybe it's the art or the architecture, but they are the two places I want to go most.

    • Raf Vnetu
      Raf Vnetu 3 months ago

      ​@Luke Salter I've read, or most likely watched on some doc (i love documentaries, not just nature, but any subject), that 8 out of 10 most venomous snakes in the world live in Australia. Never heard about the Jelly Fish, or maybe I did, just don't remember anymore.
      Still, I'm considering moving there for a while, but there are strict immigration laws there so it's not that easy.
      I'm from Poland, I lived in US for 15yrs, in UK for 5, in Italy only 0,5 (didn't like it, or maybe I just didn't want to learn yet another language), somehow Australia always appealed to me. Maybe someday, for now, I'm just relaxing back in Poland. :)

    • Luke Salter
      Luke Salter 3 months ago

      @Raf Vnetu That's ok. I also hate explaining jokes. In fairness, it was pretty funny. The hu kinda threw me off. And don't feel bad about knowledge of Tassie being limited to documentaries, cause there isn't really an alternative way to learn. Unless you wanna live here. Which you don't.
      In case you are interested, The only difference in wildlife dangers down here that I know of is the cold. We have similar animals, but we don't have all the spiders and snakes, only some. We don't have funnel webs and I've seen redbacks, but they seem smaller down here.
      Oh, and funfact. The mainland has the most poisonous jellyfish in the world, and the bloody thing is practically invisible.

    • Raf Vnetu
      Raf Vnetu 3 months ago

      And sorry but my knowledge limits to the documentaries about Tasmania. So yes I am aware that many species are native exclusively to Tasmania, you're still an Australian island.

    • Raf Vnetu
      Raf Vnetu 3 months ago

      @Luke Salter Oh NVM... alright...In Australia fauna seems to be either Venomous or's like animals REALLY don't want humans there. So it was a joke. A "stationary object" must be either venomous, or poisonous, or just a dick.
      _(hate when I have to explain a joke)_

  • Ahmed Rayyan Thariq ahmed

    Roderick from diary of a wimpy kid the long haul mistaken a minisafe for a microvave

  • dwjchai
    dwjchai 7 months ago

    just read the rest of the #6, "we found anal beads with caked on fecal matter as well as a small stack of porn. And *$&% wiped all over the bathroom, floor, shower, sink, under the sink, on the ceiling.."

  • Stampyfan16
    Stampyfan16 7 months ago +1

    I left the Bible I got for my First Communion in my grandma's guest room halfway across the country. She had to mail it back to me.

  • I love Poland
    I love Poland 7 months ago


  • ripple The battle doge or commander sushi

    ok so i saw a be amazed video called 10 things allowed in the past and i dont know if its a dream because i cant find it all the info was stuff i seen before and my brain has made a nightmare about be amazed

  • Llama Playz
    Llama Playz 7 months ago

    The anestetic leg

  • Oliver Yin
    Oliver Yin 7 months ago

    Poor travel lodge

  • Jxkub
    Jxkub 7 months ago

    6:31 £2,000??? I got the Elder wand for a single pound!

    • Luke Salter
      Luke Salter 3 months ago

      I got one for free. It was in my backyard!

  • Brian Bahagia
    Brian Bahagia 7 months ago

    how can the hotel security not notice a shark being brought into a room ???

  • Astroman64
    Astroman64 7 months ago

    The "fingers" at 8:27 def look like the beak of a bird haha

  • Ella Cox
    Ella Cox 7 months ago

    It’s fake bruh

  • kevin hunter
    kevin hunter 7 months ago

    what the heck please give likes never got 1

  • Micah on The mic
    Micah on The mic 7 months ago

    I always check for bedbugs at a hotel room

  • Thegolden Rabbit
    Thegolden Rabbit 7 months ago

    I left my Nintendo switch in a travel lodge 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • lepsuz
    lepsuz 7 months ago +12

    the thumbnail is so photoshopped 😂

  • Alex Blake
    Alex Blake 7 months ago

    They pronounced Edinburgh well

  • ThatGuyRaging
    ThatGuyRaging 7 months ago

    Sounds like this channel is a success

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 7 months ago

    I left a meal from Fazoli's at a hotel in Dallas. If anyone has found it please return it by calling this number: 806-000-0000

  • Sizzleplays
    Sizzleplays 7 months ago

    4:52 I AM VEGAN IT IS NOT A DREAM FOR ME oops caps

  • Laima Wolf
    Laima Wolf 7 months ago

    Intresting....... travelodge must be doing something to make ALL these *people* foget such valude items
    -3rd time re making this post-

  • Undug 2008
    Undug 2008 7 months ago

    Im amazed

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 7 months ago

    still good to have head in need to the neck, because otherwise even that forgotten :3

  • JackOfAllRAIDs
    JackOfAllRAIDs 7 months ago

    One origin of "pie pants" is from a Simpsons episode.
    Milhouse: Bart, I didn't know your dad was so into science.
    Homer: Science?!
    Bart: He didn't say science, he said.... pie pants.
    Homer: Mmmm... pie pants.

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming 7 months ago

    The thumbnail tho smh

  • Kagura Miochanlu
    Kagura Miochanlu 7 months ago

    I came here for the bathtub.
    Not for the shark.

  • Kelsi Clifton
    Kelsi Clifton 7 months ago

    At my hotel at least we do not call people to tell them they left something unless it's super super important otherwise we throw their stuff into a lost and found until they call to claim it

  • Kelsi Clifton
    Kelsi Clifton 7 months ago

    I'm a housekeeper and I can tell you right now people leave a lot of weird ass shit in these rooms, I find drugs quite often hidden around the rooms, idk why but guests at this hotel like to hide a lot of shit in weird spots, one time I found a bag of weed and some papers on top of one of the closets, I've also found a pocket pussy...

  • Matt T
    Matt T 7 months ago

    I'm pretty sure #14 is just from Diary of a Wimpy kid the Long Haul

  • Kokilaya kokilaya
    Kokilaya kokilaya 7 months ago

    I didn't left anything I take

  • Julian Koch
    Julian Koch 7 months ago

    an underwear

  • dumbnoodle
    dumbnoodle 7 months ago

    When u left a d--do

  • Smexy Cookies
    Smexy Cookies 7 months ago


  • lunadobby animation
    lunadobby animation 7 months ago


  • Smexy Cookies
    Smexy Cookies 7 months ago

    I live in a hotel rn

  • Fredrik Johansson
    Fredrik Johansson 7 months ago +3

    There is one answer to all of those. DRUGS.

  • Mr boss Daily
    Mr boss Daily 7 months ago

    I leave my phone charger on hookken hotel batam Indonesia

    GANTIC GT 7 months ago

    Wow nice thumbnail