Mad 2019 Style Transformation Challenge ft. Jess | PAQ Ep #68 | A Show About Streetwear and Fashion

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
    PAQ is a show about streetwear, fashion, menswear and clothes.
    You know what they say, “new year, new me”.
    For the second episode of 2019 we wanted to do something different and test the boundaries of the boys’ individual style. Ultimately, you’ll never reach your maximum potential if you don’t push the limits and step out of your comfort zone.
    For this week's episode the boys need to embrace something new and find a fit that they wouldn't usually wear. We’ve got London actor and model Jess Alexander as this weeks special guest and judge. She’ll be helping the guys pick a new fit and break some style boundaries along the way. Anything can happen so stay tuned to find out who takes home the win.
    Massive shout to Jess Alexander for taking part in this week's episode.
    Jess Alexander:
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    Alexander James:
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  • PAQ
    PAQ  5 months ago +286

    How do you think we should test and try new styles in 2019? Discuss below 🗣

    • Roberto Callejas-Rodriguez
      Roberto Callejas-Rodriguez 2 months ago

      PAQ ! i never comment because i just figured this never gets looked at but 2 things
      1.) DANNY LOMAS YOU TOOK THE W !!!! , respect everyone else but dammmmmn danny outfit just went way to hard this episode and most different transformation I would say.

      2.) Yall seriously need to to come to Toronto to shoot some episodes. Everything from killer vintage and thrift all the way to higher end fashion on Bay st.

      keep doing what you guys are doing ! your a big inspirations to people all around the world ! thank you or these killer episodes. Hit me up if you need any help making arrangements in the city !!

    • Kalai Shenton
      Kalai Shenton 3 months ago

      U could try make something yourself, like a project runway thing

    • Kalai Shenton
      Kalai Shenton 3 months ago

      sustainable fashion

    • Kalai Shenton
      Kalai Shenton 3 months ago

      pair up with eachother for a challenge

    • Onion FunCub
      Onion FunCub 5 months ago

      PAQ , more Japanese designers. Imao.

  • Jasper
    Jasper 4 days ago

    did danny just take elias's sweater from the opening?

  • Rewolon
    Rewolon 5 days ago

    Every outfit was very nice and I saw a Chance, but I think Danny deserves the win more than Shaq. I think he had changed the most and I love his Vapor Max Plus.

  • Sebuuuh Boi
    Sebuuuh Boi 9 days ago

    dex lowkey looks like juice wrld in that fit!!

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay 12 days ago

    you guys should create your own clothing line for girls and boys

  • James Ridzon
    James Ridzon 13 days ago

    Anyone know what that Raf Simmons jacket that danny is wearing is?

  • Ski Mask the Slump god

    Thats Not 2019

  • Smil ey
    Smil ey 25 days ago

    Aye that’s Scott’s mate

  • Kayla Cropper
    Kayla Cropper 29 days ago

    NEED song at 19:22 pls

  • Sherries Wellington

    ok but what is that song at 13:11

  • Thomas Hanks-Rossiter

    19:22 wot was the song I’ll give u a fiver if u tell me 🙏🙏

  • Joeowateva
    Joeowateva Month ago

    Leave my boi dex and black alone damn

  • T Z
    T Z Month ago

    13:08 is that where Kingsman was filmed?

  • Sascha Oschmann
    Sascha Oschmann Month ago

    Dex is such a mood

  • I Love Dicks Teach me Senpai

    tf i didnt even liked a single fit

  • Human Sloth
    Human Sloth Month ago

    13:07 oh shit. isnt that hwere they filmed the kingsmen?

  • layla mb
    layla mb Month ago

    I always come back to this video just to see Elias fall over

  • Elara Rebane
    Elara Rebane Month ago

    Jess gives me earring envy

  • Josh Milburn
    Josh Milburn Month ago

    where are Dex jeans from man

  • charlotte bitter
    charlotte bitter Month ago +1

    Jess is literally the prettiest girl i've ever seen

  • Jimena Alvarado
    Jimena Alvarado Month ago

    dude the fits from the intro damn they are all fire

    SERENA W Month ago

    everyone looks either 10 years younger or 50 years older lmao

  • yonk knee
    yonk knee Month ago

    give shaq a cane and boom! pimp daddy.

  • Molly
    Molly Month ago

    Man.... Jess and Elias.... daaaaaaaamn, I see a little something here... only me? I ship them anyway.

  • Gifto Boys
    Gifto Boys Month ago +1

    Mans scared.

  • Shooter Squad
    Shooter Squad Month ago

    Danny looks the same lmao

  • disenchanted.forest

    Elias is a baby giraffe, confirmed?

  • Jasmine Scorse-chen
    Jasmine Scorse-chen 2 months ago

    i love jess

  • gabby smith
    gabby smith 2 months ago

    You’re welcome lmaooooo 18:53

  • Lay
    Lay 2 months ago

    I want to give Dex the biggest hug ever

  • It’s Gio
    It’s Gio 2 months ago

    i'm still biased towards Dex and his black clothing bc same

  • Witte
    Witte 2 months ago

    What brand is elias sweater

  • meganhayward
    meganhayward 3 months ago


  • huismann
    huismann 3 months ago

    What is the song called when they show Dannys fit

  • Adam Muhammad
    Adam Muhammad 3 months ago

    why jess so beautifull. shiet

  • Star Porter
    Star Porter 3 months ago

    Danny had the dopest fit

  • Ella Collins
    Ella Collins 3 months ago

    Thank you Jess for spreading the truth about baby pink Dex

  • Ben Zee
    Ben Zee 3 months ago

    9:17 can't even explain by the word she use lol

  • Anouk Thegnome
    Anouk Thegnome 3 months ago +1

    elias is my everything, idk why I’m obsessed w him

  • Mircea Bina
    Mircea Bina 3 months ago

    Is the guy teaching Dex about colors wearing all black?

  • Albin Ternland Larsson
    Albin Ternland Larsson 3 months ago

    Shaq is the ult hood samurai

  • arthur savoure
    arthur savoure 3 months ago

    danny doesn't look like a pimp for once

  • Roman Spataro
    Roman Spataro 4 months ago +2


  • Roman Spataro
    Roman Spataro 4 months ago +1

    dex is so fake deep

  • novex
    novex 4 months ago

    What's the song in 13:10 when Elias is posing?

  • ARandomAccountForMe
    ARandomAccountForMe 4 months ago

    No berets for Shaq! 😂

  • babycakes70ify
    babycakes70ify 4 months ago

    Tbh, I don’t think any piece of clothing is outside of Shaqs comfort zone

  • Isabel Hernández
    Isabel Hernández 4 months ago

    song at 15:20 ?

  • Luka Ellis
    Luka Ellis 4 months ago

    What were the pants Danny was wearing?

  • Suzanna Nana
    Suzanna Nana 4 months ago +1

    „It’s uncomfortable, coz it’s basic” - Elias omg I stan, couldn’t say it better

  • Linh Co Bui
    Linh Co Bui 4 months ago

    What is the song played during dannys fit pleasesss

  • Fanciszek Podlesny
    Fanciszek Podlesny 4 months ago

    Danny creiggreenboy

  • Dana Abuallaban
    Dana Abuallaban 4 months ago

    Why don’t i like shaqq?

  • Camilla
    Camilla 4 months ago

    "The cardigan, of course, was a major L"

  • xMsry7
    xMsry7 4 months ago

    The thing is, I personally think Elias looks better in slim/skinny fitting clothes, like when he dressed up as Danny...
    Just didn't work in this episode lol

  • Styl3r
    Styl3r 4 months ago +2

    She’s gorgeous OMG hahaha

  • Ayomide Odeseye
    Ayomide Odeseye 4 months ago


  • N3b5kY
    N3b5kY 4 months ago

    what's the place of the outfit clips?

  • Charleen Sandhu
    Charleen Sandhu 4 months ago

    they are all so comfortable with her and it's so adorable.

  • pum chuu
    pum chuu 4 months ago

    not to be that bitch but Dex is everyone’s baby boy and I love him so much

  • nick star
    nick star 4 months ago

    shaq lowkey looks like 2pac

  • coup de grâce
    coup de grâce 4 months ago +3

    I was mesmerized by jess’s last fit
    Why’d they not zoom in on the trousers i wanna know where she got them

  • Nina
    Nina 4 months ago

    She didn't awnser why she took his seat

  • Im Thrift James, Bitch.

    my channel is bullshit rn but if you reading this you should check my insta and depop ;)

  • Nico Mehl
    Nico Mehl 4 months ago

    this video is an art piece
    love it

  • smeg_of_christ
    smeg_of_christ 4 months ago

    I hate how every female judge picks shaq cause they want to fuck him after to the shoot, bare frustrating

  • James Ruis
    James Ruis 4 months ago

    6:17 I used to wear all black. **says as wearing all black outfit**

  • fuzzy sharks
    fuzzy sharks 4 months ago

    why didnt they put dex in the orange striped lazy oaf outfit it was so cute on him and suited him so well

  • bigbadcow
    bigbadcow 4 months ago


  • Krey Kid
    Krey Kid 4 months ago

    Danny looks like his fit is techwear/Japanese inspired

  • Al Elaine
    Al Elaine 4 months ago

    I wanted Shaq to try a punk look

  • gabrielle henry
    gabrielle henry 4 months ago

    dannys outfit at the beginning is maaaaaddd

  • Pewdie Pie
    Pewdie Pie 4 months ago

    Does anyone know the brand name for that fleece at 12:15

  • Johnny
    Johnny 4 months ago

    Vid edit is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ahmad Asyraf Abdul Jalil

    Wasn't there a movie shot at 13:13? Can't recall the movie's name though.

  • AlbaRask
    AlbaRask 4 months ago

    Anyone know the instrumental at 19:46?

  • Endora 7
    Endora 7 4 months ago

    Jess’s fits are dope

  • Kell s
    Kell s 4 months ago

    you need to do ootd before the video starts... i am looking for some pieces and always can't find them :(

  • Rhys Lyons
    Rhys Lyons 4 months ago

    elias 100% porked that chicka

  • guao!a
    guao!a 4 months ago

    Danny should have won tho...

  • Tom Scahill
    Tom Scahill 4 months ago

    Does anyone know the brand or name of shaqs jacket it’s actually banging

  • Ainaudi B
    Ainaudi B 4 months ago

    Could someone tell me what songs were used at the end when they were showing outfits?

  • Bryana Crump
    Bryana Crump 4 months ago

    Idk I felt like elias didn’t try.😭😩

  • Six Hearts
    Six Hearts 4 months ago

    major expantion and growth for dex. Very happy to see he is accepting himself.

  • Kristen M. Joseph
    Kristen M. Joseph 4 months ago

    Danny won this one.

  • Eleanor Christie
    Eleanor Christie 4 months ago

    the amount of daler rowney paint they wasted hurts me

  • Beth Barliea
    Beth Barliea 4 months ago

    Elias is such a snob about Westfield it was so funny 😃😂

  • Rory Rocha
    Rory Rocha 5 months ago


  • bjr816
    bjr816 5 months ago

    Danny won lmao.

  • WandecsBH
    WandecsBH 5 months ago

    Danny's outfit was sick an so inspiring, he should've won!

  • Pranas Gurevicius
    Pranas Gurevicius 5 months ago

    whats the song when Danny shows up?

  • Christopher Lingosa
    Christopher Lingosa 5 months ago

    Does anyone please know what song it is at 16:57

  • Makaiya Steele
    Makaiya Steele 5 months ago

    What was the song playing when Elias was was showing his fit

  • Diamond Brown
    Diamond Brown 5 months ago

    Shaq at 11:00 in the leather jacket with the heavy denim jeans was definitely a look! 😍💕

  • Thomas Abbott
    Thomas Abbott 5 months ago

    6:04 swear that’s Eyal of love islands brother or something

  • Lucy Zhang
    Lucy Zhang 5 months ago


  • Dominique Boyer
    Dominique Boyer 5 months ago +3

    "the world doesn't always have to view me the way i view myself" Dex droppin gems

  • gracekdy
    gracekdy 5 months ago

    song at 16:58 and 19:22???

  • Otto Schele
    Otto Schele 5 months ago +1

    Jess for official host 2019

  • Dora Manou
    Dora Manou 5 months ago

    18:36 I wish I was falling in such cool way as Elias did!