Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally


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  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 21 hour ago +18018

    Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!

    • UltraDoesMC
      UltraDoesMC 13 hours ago

      Waluigi you're pretty neat

    • Hypno
      Hypno 13 hours ago

      Yeah "Sports Habits"

    • Drake Caudill
      Drake Caudill 13 hours ago

      If waluigi was a playable character in Smash, he'd be my favorite

    • Xavier Smith
      Xavier Smith 13 hours ago

      Waluigi WAHHHHHHHHH

    • Zeke Chan
      Zeke Chan 13 hours ago +1

      Daddy is that you

  • Beth Potter
    Beth Potter 58 minutes ago +1

    The girls are probably wearing some huge high heels

  • Deathandbey0nd
    Deathandbey0nd 59 minutes ago +1

    But three balloons in mario odessy makes luigi lift one foot.

  • David Tassy
    David Tassy 59 minutes ago

    Congrats on #1 Trending

  • Jack Riconosciuto
    Jack Riconosciuto 59 minutes ago

    It said that Michael was the bite victim in the final video, what if it was the bite of "87?

  • thatskitmaker
    thatskitmaker Hour ago +1


    get down the wave of cringe is here

  • yogabbagabba 25
    yogabbagabba 25 Hour ago

    Totally unrelated but KEVJUMBA posted. T

  • Trinsid
    Trinsid Hour ago

    ... I have in-laws visiting, but you know what? We haven't reached that fifteen-minute-mark yet.

  • The Pug Master
    The Pug Master Hour ago +1

    Holy $**7 matpat has a child?!

  • Zerohunter24
    Zerohunter24 Hour ago

    Hey Matt I may have something for you that could think about if your interested. Did you ever heard of the game Journey ? It's a PS3 title where you play as a wanderer trying to get to a large mountain alone or with a friend. The game itself just like FNAF had it's story deep hidden in it and it gets told only through showing but no one ever says or tells you anything on your way you just see the story how the wasteland came to be and I would be interested to hear what your opinion on it is or to say it differently what do you believe happened ? I know you probably are really busy with your own stuff right now I just wanted to mention it and I would be glad if you would at least take a look on it I always like how you put your pieces together to solve said mysteries and I would love to hear what your thoughts on the story of journey is.
    With kind regards
    A fan of yours.
    P.S.: love your channel 👌

  • Unagi LeBlanc
    Unagi LeBlanc Hour ago

    i bought the popsocket!!!!

  • Darth Knightwing Phoenix

    Hmmm... Waluigi is healthy... Rosalina is healthy... maybe they get healthy together! Heh heh. I ship it. Waluigi's been lonely for long enough.

  • Banana Badger
    Banana Badger Hour ago

    Bruh I'm the same height as Mario 😮

  • The Arbiter Is A Doki Defender

    *he wasn't included for being too healthy*

  • UltraGaming 49
    UltraGaming 49 Hour ago

    [puts waluigi in thumbnail]
    seems legit

  • Dixie Chappell
    Dixie Chappell Hour ago

    your freddy fazbear job is still not done, you still need to add how orville and thegang are possed into the theory and how they are in happiest day

  • Gage Huber
    Gage Huber Hour ago

    Meh, but BMI kinda sucks for ACTUALLY determining health, so dont rely to much on it haha

  • Just Sam
    Just Sam Hour ago

    Can night in the woods be in your theory list because there is SO much to interpret and so much to miss. I'd think you'd absolutely love the game and it's story. It is a theorist game come true because there are several mysteries that are left unknown.

  • Leon Sim
    Leon Sim Hour ago

    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE CHILD MATPAT, unless this was old news in which case I don’t check twitter much. But still, CONGRATS

  • Primitive technogy Words

    How To Make Wild Pig Trap Using Rubber

  • blondie vids
    blondie vids Hour ago

    Aw dang it

  • JustJæden
    JustJæden Hour ago

    Fnaf sucks

  • Game Shamus
    Game Shamus Hour ago

    You shamelessly plugged your own merch TWICE in this video!

    M7STIC ECLIPSE Hour ago

  • Auttumn Atona
    Auttumn Atona Hour ago

    I love your channel so much! It makes me see the other side of things.

  • detective Eevee lol

    congrats on trending

  • Joey Weller
    Joey Weller Hour ago

    Waliugis voice reminds me of strongbad

  • Jesse Frank
    Jesse Frank Hour ago

    BMI doesn't take muscle mass into account. Weight lifters will often be considered obese according to BMI despite them being in excellent health. I think it was also established by Matt or Austin that the gravity of the Mushroom Kingdom was greater than that of Earth, which would likely cause increase muscle mass on people, especially if there are able to run and jump pretty high.

  • David Fonseca
    David Fonseca Hour ago

    Nintendo employee: How tall is Mario again?

  • Terrarian 206
    Terrarian 206 Hour ago

    #1 on trending


  • Sophie Twoot
    Sophie Twoot Hour ago

    Game theory gave another reason for some people to ship Rosalina and Waluigi.

  • Slippery Demy
    Slippery Demy Hour ago

    Now we know why Waluigi keeps getting excluded from games. Everyone’s too jealous of that hot sexy body.

  • mutant wither
    mutant wither Hour ago


  • Big D
    Big D Hour ago

    But Toad?
    Also Yoshi's weight

  • Dr. Fox Cooking
    Dr. Fox Cooking Hour ago

    i'm sorry what? excuse me, THIS is the "BIGGEST Secret", really, you know I expected you to some how think that Waluigi would be in smash but THIS, dear god, this is the most click baity thing you've done for Mario, tho the theory was good. #stop_the_click_baits

  • AlliDidWasPressA
    AlliDidWasPressA Hour ago

    So basically Waluigi isnt in smash because he'd be too op

  • Glass A
    Glass A Hour ago

    restock that backpack PLEASE

  • Car Salesman
    Car Salesman Hour ago

    That is an amazing shameless plugin

  • panikos
    panikos Hour ago

    What about the mushrooms??
    Their BMI and more?
    Also how do they work and why do they sacrifice their selves ?

  • David Huize
    David Huize Hour ago

    The BMI scale is inaccurate, it doesnt take into account the individual's muscles.

  • Ethan The Faboolas

    STILL #1 trending.

  • The Gaming Tv
    The Gaming Tv Hour ago

    Did you know that foxy was in the closet in fanf 4

    So dose it mean his gay ???

  • Game Shamus
    Game Shamus Hour ago +1

    Please make more upset comments followed with "unsubscribe" the way you did at 9:35

  • Paul Putter
    Paul Putter Hour ago

    MattPat... Where is Mass Effect 2?
    You're torturing us here!

  • jadaiah arrigo
    jadaiah arrigo Hour ago


  • MultiEverything 666

    11:53 lazarbeams outro song

  • Jake Dooley
    Jake Dooley Hour ago


  • BubbaJo
    BubbaJo Hour ago

    I’m still waiting for the slenderman theory

  • Elias Shamoon
    Elias Shamoon Hour ago


  • Abdullah Humoud
    Abdullah Humoud Hour ago

    A true step up for matpat

  • BLU3_CHAO5
    BLU3_CHAO5 Hour ago

    I'm honestly not surprised that Mario and Luigi are obese, they are a little chubby after all, same goes for Wario, he isn't exactly thin so yeah morbidly obese makes sense lol.

  • GameBoy 3D
    GameBoy 3D Hour ago

    Can we just talk about that Rosalina made it to the “normal” spectrum along with Waluigi, when the only thing she eats to survive is STAR BITS!?

  • Peter England
    Peter England Hour ago

    I thought you might move into talking about how Waluigi might be Rosalina's real dad. "Height runs in the family"?

  • Kendal Kendorable

    What I'm getting from this is Waluigi is Rosalina's father. He's tall enough and they're both healthy.

  • Vakamacool
    Vakamacool Hour ago

    When did he become a dad?

  • KadenTV
    KadenTV Hour ago +1

    11:54 is that lazarbeams outtro

  • Killian Lynch
    Killian Lynch Hour ago

    Everyone is doing the T pose

  • zitdum
    zitdum Hour ago

    Keep it up (trying to reach 1k subs)

  • Imspammedout
    Imspammedout Hour ago

    Wouldn't Rosalina's height relative to her presumed parents be a conflict?

  • Some guy on Youtube

    Congrats on trending

  • mathieu aurousseau

    Actually, having and BMI saying overweight is not that much dangerous (though it is a little)

  • Funtime Laydown
    Funtime Laydown Hour ago +1

    You know there is a fnaf movie coming and maybe more gamings

  • steven rodriguez
    steven rodriguez Hour ago

    Number 1 trendingg

  • HentaiLover365
    HentaiLover365 Hour ago

    Love the intro

  • DolphinSquared
    DolphinSquared Hour ago

    Huh... No wonder he only is in sports and kart games. He literally is the embodiment of good health because he doesn't eat cake.

  • Alex Oriyavong
    Alex Oriyavong Hour ago

    Wait what

  • Krishna Sivakumar

    BMI does not have a relation with fitness. Some Olympic athletes have BMI that verge on overweight, and even obese.

  • Mr.minty Prudutions

    Great job on making it to number one on trending!!

  • CelestialVulpes
    CelestialVulpes Hour ago

    Except BMI doesn't account that muscles are heavier than fat so obesity category is speculative without fat measurement

  • MYG Gaming
    MYG Gaming Hour ago

    Well then. This is an eye opener..

  • Polar ._.
    Polar ._. Hour ago

    #1 trending in Uruguay

  • Brett Howard
    Brett Howard Hour ago

    You can find the accurate hight of Bowser by using his weight measurment

  • David Umali
    David Umali Hour ago

    I have a question... how do you get qualified as Smash fighter? I mean... How does Nintendo qualify a Smash Character? So can you get on it please?

  • meme killer
    meme killer Hour ago

    1:09 *t-PosE mAriO*

  • Krispy_kidz
    Krispy_kidz Hour ago

    Oh geez I watch this channel all the time and I didn't even know mat and steph had a baby

  • Karin Incarnation of Seiryuu

    Waluigi and Rosalina, breaking health records all day long

  • Justin y 2.0
    Justin y 2.0 Hour ago

    Of course waluigi

  • Erika Cole Soul Kitchen

    I still love Mario and I’m old

  • The Green Batman
    The Green Batman Hour ago

    Woah! #1 on trending, Great Job Guys!! XD

  • CLRaider
    CLRaider Hour ago

    i wonder is it possible for him to do a tomb raider doesn't matter on what, just a tomb raider topic XD

  • Skull Crusher
    Skull Crusher Hour ago

    what is the music at 11:10 to 12:22?

  • Galaxy Dino
    Galaxy Dino Hour ago +1

    #1 on trending

  • Katherine Rockwell
    Katherine Rockwell Hour ago +1

    What if we don’t have any friends to solve it with my life is sad 😢

  • Jan Kirpal
    Jan Kirpal Hour ago

    Well, my parents dont trust online shoping, so i had idea, if i would send you money by post, would you be able to send me some of that merch? if yeah (not really, we could talk about it over phone , of course),i would LOVE TO HAVE POP-SOCKET AND BACKPACK , IT LOOKS AWSOME (because i love lime green ) , I.NEED.IT. , WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?!?! (btw, maybe i would pay DOUBLE FOR IT)

    THE MOB SLAYER Hour ago

    I’d love to get merch but I can’t afford it because I gotta take it from American dollars to Australian dollars and international shipping also from American to Australian so it cost me like $70 for the note book

  • AlliDidWasPressA
    AlliDidWasPressA Hour ago

    #1 on trending :0000

  • SmileFilmsNL
    SmileFilmsNL Hour ago

    Im 1.6 meters so im 5 cm bigger than mario and im only 13



  • Connor Dolence
    Connor Dolence Hour ago

    I was the guy who said hi to you at that hotel lobby in New York on Wednesday! Love the vids

  • The GERALD
    The GERALD Hour ago +1

    Dude go to Mario base ball they have all heights weights and everything

  • ShadowMooze _
    ShadowMooze _ Hour ago

    Could you guys make a theory on We Happy Few? Please 😘

  • Katherine Rockwell
    Katherine Rockwell Hour ago +1

    Yesss I got my notebook before they sold out

  • de broccoli
    de broccoli Hour ago

    Like if you have one

  • DanielDiamond Gaming

    FNaF still lives!

  • juan lorenzo gutierrez

    4:51 nice Segway

  • emerald wolf 2109

    6:38 MANY T POSE