Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters - Colombia

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Shot & Edited by: mrtaylorstephens
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  • Kibo
    Kibo 5 hours ago

    13:43 best little warmup i ever heard

  • Jeolindovane Vl
    Jeolindovane Vl 10 hours ago

    MAN !!!You are the nicest guy in the world!!

  • Austin Owens
    Austin Owens 14 hours ago


  • Austin Dyer
    Austin Dyer 17 hours ago

    12:47 - Lots of bonding.. band CAMP.. and yes, Kyle, I bet there was indeed some BONE ami.

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    i wanted to see the exploding coffee..

  • Edzel Mejia
    Edzel Mejia 19 hours ago

    I’m trying to get my girlfriend more Tenacious D.. if you know what I’m saying 😎

  • Luke Wagner
    Luke Wagner 20 hours ago

    Did any one ach the steely dan he sang in the gym

    • Ryan Covel
      Ryan Covel 19 hours ago

      Luke Wagner what steely dan song is it?

  • UncleOwen
    UncleOwen 20 hours ago

    I went to Bogota and they didn't require me to get a yellow fever shot, or any type of shot.

  • Grumpybuck
    Grumpybuck 22 hours ago

    Moments disappear, foo's and dee's will live forever

  • Purple Helm
    Purple Helm 23 hours ago

    I really admire Jablinks' spontaneous impromptu singing

  • Eugenio A Sanchez Perez

    Diggin on the spanish words... goo goo jack

  • Celest Holley
    Celest Holley Day ago

    Jack, will you sing at my wedding at Turkey Run State Park on October 31st.

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    whaaat.. if weezer are in this why are they not in the title too? some of my three favourite bands right there. nice.

  • Dylan Sewell
    Dylan Sewell Day ago

    Anyone know what guitar Jack is playing with the shark inlays? Looks like an alvarez but cant tell.

  • Joel Villarreal
    Joel Villarreal Day ago

    Sjjsjsjs es peligroso... Caminar conmigo xd. Se mamá el Jack black

  • dmike3507
    dmike3507 Day ago

    That wolf shirt is the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

  • Paula Arango Diaz

    This has brought joy to my morning

  • Matthew Balentine

    jack black has an amazing voice....its time sir ..... prove it

  • George Pulliam
    George Pulliam Day ago

    ROCK ON!!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • TrnThtHrtbtOvrAgn

    12:08 Seeing Dave dance like that suddenly made me realize how much him and Critikal look alike.

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall 2 days ago


  • Martijn Mandemakers
    Martijn Mandemakers 2 days ago

    Cant wait to see you guys here in Amsterdam on februari!

  • Dario Sbaffi
    Dario Sbaffi 2 days ago

    Hey! I accept the D-xercise challenge starting from today! 💪💪

  • Michael Grady - Extreme BASS Guitar

    How did they get in?!?!

  • Zdiddy7
    Zdiddy7 2 days ago +2

    That Coffee mate thing at the end- I guess Daves the only Mythbusters fan.

  • Gca.nugpunx 96
    Gca.nugpunx 96 2 days ago

    Jack Black speaking spanish turns me on.

  • JFergason
    JFergason 3 days ago

    I stopped by for the FOOs, big Tenacious D fan too, but MUCHO FOOS!!!

  • PLATnumb
    PLATnumb 3 days ago

    anyone else here 30+ and grew up with this amazing dude?

  • Sergio Alcantara
    Sergio Alcantara 3 days ago


  • Yoav Halperin
    Yoav Halperin 3 days ago

    6:29 In a parallel universe where the devil defeats the D

  • G.A. Molina
    G.A. Molina 3 days ago

    I loved this video!!!

  • G.A. Molina
    G.A. Molina 3 days ago

    Thanks Tenacious D!!!!!

  • G.A. Molina
    G.A. Molina 3 days ago


  • G.A. Molina
    G.A. Molina 3 days ago


  • The Same Same
    The Same Same 3 days ago

    Haha KB looks so boss nowadays

  • Rainman
    Rainman 3 days ago

    Thank you for this channel...

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard 3 days ago

    Play Roadie

  • Dimitri Man
    Dimitri Man 3 days ago

    jack black is so funny i love him

  • BrianMMIX
    BrianMMIX 3 days ago +2

    I would literally give up everything I own... except my kitty... to hang out with Jack and Dave for a day...

  • JHiggles
    JHiggles 3 days ago

    I'd watch him 27/7

  • JHiggles
    JHiggles 3 days ago +1

    Jack is just entertaining everywhere he goes. Love it

  • The Nicky
    The Nicky 3 days ago

    14 minutes later I get to hear the golden. Ones voice

  • CaptainPlanet
    CaptainPlanet 3 days ago

    I love that vicious MotoGP crash caught in the background at the gym (4:59) while the D are mucking around talking about Vitamin D - great content

  • Mr. Gotem
    Mr. Gotem 4 days ago

    Tenacious d feat steely dan

  • broken legs
    broken legs 4 days ago

    Your vids are awesome

  • Gamer 4 life
    Gamer 4 life 4 days ago

    Jack Black was kinda lame a few years ago and is now cool again... interesting..

  • CptReloads
    CptReloads 4 days ago

    Your having way too much fun..... not work at all 🎼 🎶 🎵

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol 4 days ago

    I have a band and let me say; that's was probably best F** day of their lives of that band

  • Inferno Status
    Inferno Status 4 days ago

    Dave and Jack?? Dynamic Duo if you ask me.

  • Jin
    Jin 4 days ago

    Battle of the stands

  • Morgan et son ciné
    Morgan et son ciné 4 days ago

    Go to Boulogne sur Mer, France, Pleeeeease !!! ^^

  • 64ohiostate
    64ohiostate 5 days ago

    I'm loving the positive vibes!

  • jankleygarcia9
    jankleygarcia9 5 days ago +1

    Still wish i was there. The Tenacious D on my city definitively history in the making

  • Misty Lawrence
    Misty Lawrence 5 days ago

    OMGosh the gym is my favorite part!

  • Jerry Mander
    Jerry Mander 5 days ago +2

    Dave and Coffee Mate....In his defense, he was left with no real adult supervision lololol

  • Daniel Fercard DFC DESIGN

    Just to remind, that's Spanish, not Portuguese 🤣👍 tks Jack

  • Benjamin Chang
    Benjamin Chang 6 days ago

    I met the guy who isn't Jack Black at Commerce playing poker and I asked for his picture but I am not sure if it was actually him or not.

  • Sam Shane
    Sam Shane 7 days ago +3

    Battle of the bands?

    BONDING of the bands

  • Cleb 04
    Cleb 04 7 days ago

    My gf was not a fan of me doing Deezersize

  • D D
    D D 8 days ago

    What about pac man fever