This Is What Caffeine Withdrawal Looks Like.

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • No caffeine of any type for a week. Never again.

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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Year ago +12532

    lol the day i filmed the “talk” portion of this i didn’t have coffee, and by the end of the day i had an unstoppable migraine and couldn’t sleep. already addicted again i guess.

    • Pig Sloth
      Pig Sloth 9 days ago

      Technically you did a week of no coffee beacuse after Friday is the weekEND so yeah 😁

    • DaShipper 122
      DaShipper 122 Month ago

      Gabbie Hanna I don’t even drink coffee nor do I ever really drink caffeinated drinks. So I believe I could make it through a week without caffeine

    • Naani
      Naani 3 months ago

      I tried going without coffee. I was a MESS at work. Entered in a $200 catering order for the wrong day. Wasted tons of foods.
      I'm back to coffee, needless to say.

    • morgen Gentry
      morgen Gentry 4 months ago

      I have such bad A.D.H.D I can't watch a video without changing the video at least 3 times, typing this comment I have gotten distracted a million times, and I can't go to school because of how bad my depression gets because of how much I'm bullied because of my A.D.H.D is and my medical conditions make it to where my stomach has extreme pain and I can't be at least 10 seconds away from a bathroom and I'm nauseated to point that I'm very unhappy and upset and I just want to sit alone in the dark and cry, my panic attacks come 4 to 5 times a day and I'm in and out of the hospital as a matter of facked im in the hospital right now so I feel your pain love you gabbie keep making such amazing videos I have to go my doctor just walked in so got to go so I will continue watching and liking your videos so good bye

    • Mcgonagall The Cat
      Mcgonagall The Cat 4 months ago

      Your brain is so used to consuming caffeine it is shocked at the sudden change of consumption - leading to your migraines.
      My mum used to drink so much coffee and got terrible migraines so she gradually lessened her caffeine amounts and now she has much more energy without having to drink coffee everyday xx

  • Casey
    Casey 6 hours ago

    caffeine addiction is legit AF. i love coffee, i tell people who dont drink coffee to never start all the time. i dont wish the withdrawal on anyone!

  • Emily A
    Emily A 18 hours ago

    Even if you have an addiction, I’m glad to see you happy and almost “cured” of your depression. you have found something that makes you feel confident and happy.

  • Mae Stardust
    Mae Stardust Day ago

    im not going to lie, i am (professionally) diagnosed with ADHD for a good amount of years now, and have been put on many different stimulants, and now im on a pretty secure one, but the days that i run out, or just forget to take it, how you feel without your coffee, is literally how i feel without my meds. and its insane how much this stuff controls our lives.

  • Emilee Jarrell
    Emilee Jarrell 2 days ago +1

    17:45- I bet you just yawned
    Me- Drinking coffee like haha nope

  • Azelle Jaitla
    Azelle Jaitla 4 days ago +1

    I’m gonna take my butt to the old town road i’m gonna tweeerrrk till I can’t no more!

  • Azelle Jaitla
    Azelle Jaitla 4 days ago +1

    I have realized you woke up with makeup with is terrible for you’re eyes please take off you’re makeup before sleeping please take this in and use this ❤️❤️❤️😜😝 love you’re youtube channel!

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki 4 days ago

    This video is an amazing PSA :O

  • Scott Swalwell
    Scott Swalwell 5 days ago +1

    QUITTING COLD TURKEY amplifies the symptoms too. After many attempts I ended up weaning off and figured put some handy tactics that made it easier, more pleasant and permanent. Don't get me wrong I love coffee but it was impacting me too much so had to make the choice

  • Pod
    Pod 6 days ago

    This makes me pretty happy that I can't drink coffee because it makes me sick as hell. Normally I hate it because I can't get anything at like a cafe but now that I know I'll never be addicted to it I'm not that angry about it.

  • Mad Hat
    Mad Hat 6 days ago

    12:59 I ate some candle


    edit:I love u so much lmao

  • Emilia Kotlarska
    Emilia Kotlarska 6 days ago

    Basiclly, me during period😂

  • Kena DeLeigh
    Kena DeLeigh 6 days ago +3

    17:42 oh there’s Gabbie she’s been gone for the entire video

  • Lookie_Cookie 2006
    Lookie_Cookie 2006 7 days ago

    I don’t drink anything in the morning besides lemonade. I don’t quite like coffee because of the bitter taste.

  • Dakota Zimmermann
    Dakota Zimmermann 7 days ago

    I had my first coffee in March and it didn't do anything but make me sick and jittery. I wanted to go balls to the walls and got a small black coffee with a shot of espresso.

  • Michelle the Human
    Michelle the Human 8 days ago

    This is why it's important to taper off coffee. I mixed decaf with regular until I was just down to decaf... and then nothing. It's been a couple of months and I had some coffee as a treat the other day. It felt like I was on crack. The tolerance I had before was insane. I still miss caffeine, but it is scary how much you don't realize it effects you.. once you get off of it.

  • Diane S
    Diane S 8 days ago

    This was great!!

  • PurpleZombie
    PurpleZombie 8 days ago +2

    This is why you want to try and ween yourself off of anything rather than trying to go cold Turkey

  • Hannah Hadley
    Hannah Hadley 9 days ago

    **Emma Chamberlain has left the chat**

  • Weeklytopic
    Weeklytopic 9 days ago

    I used to drink coffee everyday for school and I got so addicted to it because its how I started my day. Once I got off of coffee, I felt so sick, tired and my grades were slipping. It was bad. But I am coffee free. I love that you really showed that coffee, well more like caffeine can be just as addicting as some drugs, and can even run your life. A really good video, and very relatable

    BEN DANIELS 9 days ago

    It is very candid but it’s frustrating because you don’t get to see what would have happened had she continued the withdrawal and plateaued out to normality.

  • It’slindsey
    It’slindsey 10 days ago +5

    *something happens*
    Gabbie: it’s the caffeine withdrawal

  • TaylorJo2013
    TaylorJo2013 11 days ago

    IM 100% ADDICTED TO CAFFEINE. i quit it for a month and it was the best derision of my life. the first week was HORRIBLE. but it got better. i felt so much better about myself. went from drinking TONS of soda and coffee to strictly drinking only water. adding lemon and lime and orange slices to adjust to the flavor change. I suffer from depression and anxiety as well so i get where you are coming from. i have since picked back up on drinking coffee but cut down so much. im ready to stop again and i cant wait.

  • Rich Homie Sean
    Rich Homie Sean 11 days ago

    I’m like 9 months free from caffeine. I drank about 2 cups of coffee a day for probably 4 years. My opinion: get off caffeine. Better sleep, better mood, my dark circles under my eyes started going away. Getting off coffee was one of the best things for me. I didn’t cold turkey however. As you can tell by what this girl went through in the video. I tapered down lowering my intake. 2 cups like normal, cup and a half for a week, 1 cup of coffee for a week, half a cup of coffee for about 2 weeks, then last about a couple sips of coffee in the morning until you feel fine doing that everyday. Then just stop entirely. That’s what I did and the only symptom I had was a headache for a day or two. Cold turkey from a high intake causes bad problems. Try and lower your intake levels to as low as you can get them then cold turkey.

  • Sanith Tep
    Sanith Tep 11 days ago +1

    I want someone to love me like Gabbie love coffee

  • dani johnson
    dani johnson 11 days ago

    11:45 that is what she saaaaiiiiddd

  • dani johnson
    dani johnson 11 days ago

    @gabbiehanna do you sleep naked? :0 ;)

  • Hanna Scesny
    Hanna Scesny 12 days ago

    Ita crazy seeing how much it affecrs you and when i drink coffee it makes me so exhausted.

  • Victoria Choury
    Victoria Choury 12 days ago

    liked because you made me yawwn lol

  • Geekie Shiloh
    Geekie Shiloh 13 days ago

    My dude we all need that good Starbucks in our life 😆😭

  • Bethany Strachan
    Bethany Strachan 14 days ago +2

    honestly scared me so much and put me off ever drinking coffee ahahha

  • Inés Mariné
    Inés Mariné 14 days ago +1

    This is actually scary as shit...

  • Sam Prosser
    Sam Prosser 14 days ago

    now u know why kids are moody

  • Evan Pearson
    Evan Pearson 14 days ago

    I loved this video and sure I may be biased cuz I love gabbie but just a random observation ... how on earth are there 10 thousand people that felt the actual need to hit the dislike button ?!?! Just move along if u dont like it... how rude lol

  • i lish
    i lish 14 days ago +1

    appropriate shirt is appropriate

  • Hailey James
    Hailey James 15 days ago

    If you take a pre workout supplement (loaded with caffeine) it makes you feel like you can run forever, but if you cut it off it has the same effect on your workout, sluggish and low energy. But if you cut it off for 2ish days you will feel normal working out again. What do you think... Is it the same??

  • Robyn Wall
    Robyn Wall 15 days ago

    Gabbie reminds me a younger female version of Jim Carrey when she's happy

  • Ashley McNaughton
    Ashley McNaughton 16 days ago +1

    i have adhd so caffeine an coffee and stuff like that chills me out and relaxes me so i always drink coffee so i’m not so hyper all the time

  • Adrian Alvarez
    Adrian Alvarez 16 days ago

    I try to drink coffee only 1-3x per week so this does not happen to me😂I try to stick to solely water,also gabbie didnt do a full week,REDO 😂

  • PaigeElise123
    PaigeElise123 16 days ago

    The awful mouth noises in every transition made me want to vom

  • Martin Romano
    Martin Romano 16 days ago

    I die too without my chocolate

  • C B
    C B 17 days ago

    Lol your hot and your big nose is too. 😜

  • Lishana Mia Patricia Puru Van Doren

    Have water

  • mandi Kvakic
    mandi Kvakic 17 days ago

    Wth I actually did yawn loll

  • Madd art
    Madd art 17 days ago

    I just drink tea lmao

  • Jessica Nichols
    Jessica Nichols 18 days ago

    This video is a whole mood within itself for me! The fiance doesnt like me when i dont have caffeine

  • Your Step Parent
    Your Step Parent 18 days ago

    If I don't have coffee or food for a certain amount of time I can't walk cause my legs hurt so bad

  • Jesus Christ himself
    Jesus Christ himself 18 days ago

    That’s me all the time, I’ve never even had coffee before, well I did but I didn’t like it so I only drank like an ounce lol

  • Natália Dantas
    Natália Dantas 19 days ago +1

    gabbie after the first cup back is like when u get a star power up on Mario kart hahahahahah

  • Alex Fazz
    Alex Fazz 19 days ago

    I actually yawned

  • Tea King
    Tea King 19 days ago

    i never drink coffee because it doesn't effect me

  • Tea King
    Tea King 19 days ago

    coffee does nothing for me it doesn't give me energy

  • Maddy Morrison
    Maddy Morrison 19 days ago +1

    When she yaned i actually yaned
    Also I can’t spell

  • tala mustafa
    tala mustafa 20 days ago +1

    I was watching this while drinking coffee 😂

  • Cryptid
    Cryptid 20 days ago +1

    honestly hate caffeine withdrawls.

  • Salma Hdaib
    Salma Hdaib 21 day ago

    you look a little like zoella

  • Turdburglartara spencer

    After watching this whole thing this really really reminded me of trying to get clean from heroin. Like you could have just replaced the word coffee or caffeine with heroin and it's almost identical lol except just imagine how you're feeling multiplied by a million times and puking and shittin your guts up. The emotional state is the same though. This was actually a bit hard to watch I'm not going to lie because it just reminded me of that time in my life that was awful. People don't take caffeine seriously as a drug and holy moly they should

  • Turdburglartara spencer

    Try heroin withdrawal it's brutal lol nah but caffeine withdrawal is actually very rough as well

  • Lilith Johnson
    Lilith Johnson 22 days ago +1

    Coffee doesn't do anything to me

  • Lilith Johnson
    Lilith Johnson 22 days ago +1

    Withdrawal challenge!

  • Aria Cherney
    Aria Cherney 22 days ago +1

    *is watching this while drinking coffee*

  • Allama
    Allama 23 days ago

    Let me just say for all the people that are thinking it,she looks bomb today.

  • Jasmine Jobson
    Jasmine Jobson 23 days ago

    Gabbie at 8:16 IS A MOOD

  • RileyLife
    RileyLife 23 days ago +1

    The most caffine I ever have is 1/4 in my latte when I was up REALLY late

  • Kyla Pack
    Kyla Pack 23 days ago +2

    Gabbie's next video: how to twerk

  • TheSlipKid
    TheSlipKid 23 days ago

    Lol intro be like

  • Karena Forbush
    Karena Forbush 23 days ago

    I don’t like the feeling after having caffeine but I treat myself to Mountain Dew every once in a while 😋

  • Richard F J.r.
    Richard F J.r. 24 days ago

    I'm So glad I don't like coffee.

  • Jayden Williamson
    Jayden Williamson 24 days ago

    Just put milk

  • Conner's Diary
    Conner's Diary 24 days ago +1

    Every jumpskip you have to drink one cup of coffee.

  • The God Pain
    The God Pain 24 days ago +4

    That crack scene with that luny bin music was the best 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rihana Farheen
    Rihana Farheen 25 days ago

    I'm literally drinking coffee rn

  • Unknown Enigma
    Unknown Enigma 25 days ago +3

    *Glances at my Mocha Frappe in the corner*

  • Vanessa b p
    Vanessa b p 25 days ago

    am I the only one who literally got annoyed by all the sipping coffee?

  • RanziR
    RanziR 25 days ago

    I find it a bit different not to find coffee anywhere all day 🤔

  • Montana Pingel
    Montana Pingel 25 days ago

    im in 9th grade and i drink coffee every single day in order to stay awake through the classes but i moved schools for a semester and i usualy have good grades but i couldnt drink coffee at this school i went through this for almost a mounth and it SUCKED because that was my only souce of energy and if i have it im happy and fine and a good student but whe i dont im "a devil in cowboy boots" as one of my friends so politly put it lol

  • Flamingo Trash
    Flamingo Trash 25 days ago

    *slurps coffee vigorously*

  • shy arts
    shy arts 25 days ago

    thats me but with boba

  • Chrissi
    Chrissi 26 days ago

    don´t do that to your ears! Ear picks are so not good for you...

  • Kinleigh Crawford
    Kinleigh Crawford 26 days ago +1

    Hahaha, I loved your clips back at the gym with coffee!!!

  • 郭维佳
    郭维佳 26 days ago


  • Kieth Hernandez
    Kieth Hernandez 26 days ago

    I get irritable, moody when drinking coffee, so I drink it not as much, but everyone is different

  • sweetcakes200
    sweetcakes200 27 days ago

    Why do so many people say, "ON accident"? It drives me NUTS. BYYYYYY

  • Clover Yordanova
    Clover Yordanova 27 days ago

    Maybe you are addicted, but maybe coffee works for your life? Maybe it is a "healthy" medication for your depression and attention. 😊

  • Kathryn94
    Kathryn94 27 days ago +1

    I have a morning coffee, but I prefer not to have any at night or I may not be able to sleep until 5am

    • Astrid H
      Astrid H 25 days ago

      Same, I also just stopped drinking it like a month ago tho-
      I did drink a shot of espresso at night once. I didn't sleep till the next day at like 11:00 a.m

  • J R
    J R 27 days ago

    Have you watched this at 1/4 speed?... hilarious! But informative.

  • TheWarGamer11 - Gaming at its Finest

    Great, thanks for making me yan

  • Lily Slater
    Lily Slater 28 days ago

    I'm honestly really glad caffeine does like nothing too me. Unless I have it in ungodly amounts, I feel no change. So yeah, definitely could and have done a week without coffee

  • Michelle Wickersham
    Michelle Wickersham 28 days ago

    Wow... So I'm a drug addict

  • Kirby Brown
    Kirby Brown 28 days ago

    Literally coffee does nothing for me

  • Nanako richardson
    Nanako richardson 29 days ago

    I’d be super irritable without caffeine, it runs my life.

  • Chris Gregory
    Chris Gregory 29 days ago

    I'm starting right now with no caffeine cold Turkey I would drink a 2 liter of Pepsi at work sometimes I would drink up to 1000 milligrams of caffeine a day so here goes nothing!!

  • Just a Potatoe
    Just a Potatoe 29 days ago

    Who else is making Coffee, while watching this?

  • MonkeyMinions Gaming
    MonkeyMinions Gaming 29 days ago

    I can't have caffeine at all my stomach completely rejects it. I can't have too much caffeine or I have stomach issues and making me dizzy. It's not an allergy just mysterious ways of the body. I had this caffeine addition so I guess this is what I get.

  • Katie Is a weird one
    Katie Is a weird one Month ago +1

    Why is it when I clicked on the video I went and got a cup of coffee

  • Betsy Turek
    Betsy Turek Month ago

    Why is no one talking about the shopping cart in the background of her room lol

  • Kale Ling
    Kale Ling Month ago

    One day I will get off coffee but for now, I accept it as my vice. Sober from alcohol for 3 years. Caffiene is the less of two evils.

  • mandymckk
    mandymckk Month ago

    Caffeine does nothing to make me less sleepy, it just moves my sleep deprived body around faster and jittery-er against my will 😂

  • Jessica Swistack
    Jessica Swistack Month ago

    You have a problem

  • BeautyByBailey
    BeautyByBailey Month ago

    I usually only drink a tall or grande of iced coffee (I work at sbux) but occasionally (one or two days a month) I drink double of that and I litterally get tweaker energy and go zoom zoom fast.