This Is What Caffeine Withdrawal Looks Like.

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • No caffeine of any type for a week. Never again.

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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Year ago +12902

    lol the day i filmed the “talk” portion of this i didn’t have coffee, and by the end of the day i had an unstoppable migraine and couldn’t sleep. already addicted again i guess.

    • Stephanie DeLuca
      Stephanie DeLuca 15 days ago

      Its normal to have headaches badly when detoxing from. Caffeine here's a tip excedrin helps because it has more caffeine then a cup.of coffee

    • George Lee
      George Lee 3 months ago +1

      This was the most detailed vid I know anyone's ever made about the downsides of caffeine and its withdrawals.
      The way it all happened, explained here, from what you talked about, and the reckless filming were added to the effects of the caffeine and its withdrawal symptoms
      Energy rush, dizziness, fatigue, major cramps, dehydration, difficulty walking, abnormal blood pressure, and everything else mentioned.
      Everything from the lighting to the excessive shaky camera work and emotional responses captured the effects of caffeine and its withdrawals.
      Caffiene is certainly a drug in a way she says and we should be more careful with our bodies.

    • Claudia Vlahović
      Claudia Vlahović 4 months ago

      @Lauren Flute ❤

    • Kane Citicani
      Kane Citicani 4 months ago

      Your ass jiggles real good

    • Pig Sloth
      Pig Sloth 4 months ago

      Technically you did a week of no coffee beacuse after Friday is the weekEND so yeah 😁

  • Mae Bollard
    Mae Bollard Day ago

    I hope this helps you appreciate people who don't drink coffee. It makes me wonder if I might have an easier time making it to 6 am practices for my drill team, focusing throughout the day, or feeling good when I dance at my studio. My muscles are constantly stiff and I've seen alignment specialists about how my tight muscles are pulling my spine out of balance. My sister who is training to be a physical therapist has told me she has never encountered muscles as tight as mine and I am always sore

  • Psyco Killer
    Psyco Killer Day ago

    Coffee is a drug

  • Jonathan *
    Jonathan * Day ago

    Drinking water instead of coffee when you first wake up is way more effective.

  • lissa
    lissa 2 days ago

    GIRL this is my pet peeve: unless you are drinking herbal or decaf tea...TEA HAS JUST AS MUCH OR MORE CAFFEINE

  • Pepper Girl
    Pepper Girl 3 days ago

    Gabbie dancing like that at Manny’s party by herself is my spirit animal.

  • Olivia Donley
    Olivia Donley 3 days ago

    Pause the video
    Go to 7:20

    Nip 😝

  • miekiepiekie1
    miekiepiekie1 4 days ago

    Omg is this what ive been doing wrong my hole life... I dont drink coffee XD

  • Veda Bendele
    Veda Bendele 4 days ago

    I laugh when I’m made

  • Karly Renae
    Karly Renae 5 days ago

    Caffeine actually intensifies panic attacks in those that suffer from anxiety/panic disorders. I quit all caffeine from all sources 5 years ago and my anxiety/panic attacks have been more manageable and few and far between. So really if you can make through the 2 weeks of withdraws I highly recommend it. Also, Gabby, if you try going without caffeine for a month I bet you will actually see that you will feel better and have more natural energy.

    • Mariel
      Mariel 4 days ago

      caffeine affects people with disorders differently

  • try the soup productions patten

    Complete placebo

  • try the soup productions patten

    You are so cringy

  • try the soup productions patten

    You are exaggerating trying doing oxy for a few years and just stopping

  • Oofwoof Oof
    Oofwoof Oof 5 days ago

    And I’m always angry at the littlest things

  • Oofwoof Oof
    Oofwoof Oof 5 days ago

    I don’t drink coffee and this is how I am all the time I can’t form sentences most the time and when I’m tired which is most the time because I’m overworked I get distracted by every little thing

  • Natalie Pearson
    Natalie Pearson 5 days ago

    “Today is gonna be good day” lol I laughed so hard!

  • Air17 123
    Air17 123 6 days ago

    who else drank coffee while watching this vid?

  • Air17 123
    Air17 123 6 days ago

    who else drank coffee while watching this vid?

  • Jessie Goodman
    Jessie Goodman 6 days ago

    Should we be concerned she is literally making out with coffe 4:01

  • iVintageVixen
    iVintageVixen 7 days ago +1

    I work at the café in my church every other Sunday. I get jitters when I have coffee, especially hot coffee. That's why I only drink iced coffee and only have it around once a month, if that. While I'm not addicted to coffee, I do wish I had that much energy. I think I would be able to get energy from fruits and carbs easier since I'm not coffee-dependent. I also don't like instant coffee and only get it from the expresso machine when I work, so I guess I'm a coffee snob??? XD

  • Jewy Goodness
    Jewy Goodness 9 days ago

    Giant nose and bingo wings. Anyone hungry yet? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Logan Sweeney
    Logan Sweeney 9 days ago +1

    Right when she yawned I yawned the same way the EXACT WAY

    p.s it’s at 1:17

  • rebecca s
    rebecca s 10 days ago

    recommend cozy. :) gret guy. from east medow

  • Madeleine Seifert
    Madeleine Seifert 12 days ago

    Notice while she was dancing in the gym thingy some dude was filming her or something 😂😂 (I might be wrong but I think he had his phone on and was filming her)

  • Austin king
    Austin king 13 days ago

    try quitting 10 a day. now that was tough.

  • Tzipporah Rothschild-Manory


    talks dirty to her coffee

  • MuFfIN sPiCE89
    MuFfIN sPiCE89 14 days ago

    Just watching this I'm lagitamitly craving coffee so bad.. lol

  • Kyla Bester
    Kyla Bester 15 days ago

    Hey ma girl if you try this again drink vitamin pills it boosts your immune system

  • Green House
    Green House 16 days ago +6

    _Some facts you might want to consider:_
    Caffeine is a natural pesticide of the coffee plant, bugs which eat it will die.
    You are drinking a natural pesticide.
    If you take the same amount of caffeine as bugs (compared to your body weight) you will die.
    Caffeine causes lower quality sleep, anxiety and mood swings.
    At some point you drink coffee, not to go from a neutral state to an energetic state, but to go from a tired state to a neutral state.
    Caffeine does not give you energy, it chemically blocks the feeling of tiredness,
    making your body and mind unable to respond naturally and remove this state by itself.
    Caffeine does not give you energy, it puts you in a fight-or-flight stressed state.
    Caffeine is a credit card for this perceived energy, which you pay back with interest.
    The withdrawal symptoms should be the most obvious warning that you are poisoning yourself.
    Good luck with your life and have a nice day.

  • cynjim88
    cynjim88 16 days ago +1

    Week without coffee ....HELL NO. I couldn’t even go a day!

    • Cora Vukosich
      Cora Vukosich 14 days ago

      Me too! I have to take acetaminophen if I go without coffee because I get a headache. Plus, I like the taste. I make my own specialty coffee at home with different flavors and cream :)

  • Rosario Jason
    Rosario Jason 18 days ago

    Gabbie trying so hard to just be good at singing

  • 94summerangel
    94summerangel 19 days ago


  • Jeanette Gasque
    Jeanette Gasque 20 days ago

    You ought to try and see the difference in not taking any caffeine for a month. I did that with a 28 day diet challange and it completely changed everything. I still get bad migraines but that's because of what caffeine does to the blood veins everything else were the actual withdrawals.

  • PROXY _
    PROXY _ 22 days ago


  • Red Blood
    Red Blood 23 days ago

    Watching this makes her look like a fien for coffee but I’m way worse

  • Kennedy Cummings
    Kennedy Cummings 23 days ago

    I really did yawn

  • jesi Fernandez
    jesi Fernandez 25 days ago

    Ive experienced similar withdrawal symptoms i decided to test it out i gave up caffeine for a few days and it got so bad i wanted to cry for no reason at all. I drink some coffee and i instantly felt better it is scary how dependent we are on coffee

  • Katie Leigh
    Katie Leigh 27 days ago +2

    Watching this made me go make a coffee 😂

  • bunny lover101
    bunny lover101 27 days ago

    I have adhd and I get distracted by things easily

  • Klara With a K
    Klara With a K 27 days ago

    I cut out caffeine in my life because it gave me bad anxiety attacks and because it was bad for my weak heart, and honestly I was fine, people exaggerate this shit too much

  • wxstednxghts
    wxstednxghts 28 days ago

    This is literally me with Redbull and Monster, mainly redbull. I drink atleast one almost every day and if I dont have one, I'm a huge angry and anxiety & sadness filled bitch. I cant drink coffee because it doesnt agree with me at all, I get sick af and get the worst cramps ever.

  • BrightOrange J
    BrightOrange J 28 days ago

    It’s NASTY though!! How do ppl drink that shit?!!

  • 110-000-110
    110-000-110 Month ago

    I wanted to try quitting coffee.. you've terrified me. I remain under my mugs control.

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris Month ago

    It’s the basal constrictor muscles on the scalp constricting which pulls on their nerve endings causing pain.

  • Alexis Ayala
    Alexis Ayala Month ago +1

    Just from watching this over again I started craving coffee so I just drank the fattest cup of coffee right now.

  • Rebecca Hernandez
    Rebecca Hernandez Month ago

    I started drinking coffee regularly for about two months and then I quit. Seriously, my withdraws were just as bad as yours. It’s insane how fast you can form an addiction to caffeine.

  • Rayne Allan
    Rayne Allan Month ago

    My parents dont let me have really any more caffeine than is in tea usually but my solution tends to be sugar

  • The Sufi M.D
    The Sufi M.D Month ago

    Green tea is my favourite. I rarely drink coffee and when I do it has to be really good.

  • Amanda Elaine
    Amanda Elaine Month ago

    actually I get all those symptoms if I have caffeine, I'm p sure I'm allergic lol but god I love coffee, it's so tasty and I'm sad I can only have decaf :(

  • Alyssa Krodel
    Alyssa Krodel Month ago

    Gabbies dance moves!!!~!!!!

    BITEDAT BULLET Month ago

    God you have to be on of the most beautiful women I have ever seen😍😍😍😍

  • Samantha Ghost
    Samantha Ghost Month ago

    This is a great example for people who don’t understand why quitting drugs is so hard, although caffeine withdrawals are much milder. It hits the same receptors in your brain. The depression and anxiety comes from the lack of dopamine hitting those receptors. Great video, thanks for sharing

  • YARA
    YARA Month ago

    yawned every time she did and was thinking about it and then she was like I bet u yawned and wtf I was yawning

  • crazy k
    crazy k Month ago +2

    this is how many times she said coffee

  • xxuncexx
    xxuncexx Month ago


  • Zach
    Zach Month ago

    K, but I've been thinking about this - wouldn't green tea, black tea, or soda be gravitated towards if it were actually caffeine - versus actually just coffee? I can't STAND black tea, and really don't care for green tea and I will go to alcohol before I go to sugar-saturated soda...

  • butt water
    butt water Month ago +1

    Oh no a headache? Just drink coffee, who cares if you're "dependent" on it? It's not even bad for you. When I quit drinking alcohol I was shaking so bad I couldn't take a piss or eat. And my brother's heroin detox was painful to watch. Don't do any of those things, but caffeine isn't even bad for you so just drink the damn shit

  • slave No. 4028
    slave No. 4028 Month ago +1

    1:33, 2:58 and 3:48.. just WHY.. why is she not allowing me to watch her stuff? this is too unbearable. Does she not realize how annoying her behavior is (esp. in collabs)?
    Oh don't get me wrong, I've totally always wanted to see a huge nosed face w/o makeup yawn into my ear, or fucking scream a song into my ear, or fucking whisper and slurp the coffee disgustingly. I bet there are many more..'delightful', quirky moments in this video but i can't go on.

  • Spanish Conquistador

    Favorite part of the video:
    Booty dancing

  • Spanish Conquistador

    I just quit coffee:
    Im seeing babies in the ceiling
    Throwing up blood
    Cold, yet sweating uncontrollably
    Head feels like about explode
    Overall great experience