Where Is Ghetts Five Pound Munch? [@JClarke_Ghetts] Grime Report Tv

  • Published on Jan 9, 2017
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Comments • 51

  • Sulaiman Mahmood
    Sulaiman Mahmood Year ago +1

    2018 man

    ZAINY ABZ 2 years ago

    still not out yet what the fuck

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 years ago

    still waiting...

  • Rudson
    Rudson 2 years ago

    Grape Soda and rolls. Obviously got no time, busy writing fire fire 🔥

  • Box Mod
    Box Mod 2 years ago +1

    Do kamikaze next

  • Tim JD
    Tim JD 2 years ago

    Get Izzie Gibbs on The Five Pound Munch ting trust

  • Jahmal Joof
    Jahmal Joof 2 years ago

    Where is whipping in the kitchen tho fan

  • reefs216
    reefs216 2 years ago

    shall we forget about J gangs 5pound munch..

  • coolstar169
    coolstar169 2 years ago

    Remtrex £5 canteen munch.

    • Antonio Lombardi
      Antonio Lombardi 2 years ago +1

      coolstar169 man said canteen munch😂😂😂😂😂

  • Juan Itor
    Juan Itor 2 years ago

    £3.50 for coconut water wtf does he plan to do it in Harrods or something?

    • mufc187
      mufc187 2 years ago

      lol nutrition is the cheapest stuff in the shop. i ain't paying £3.50 for no drink that ain't got alcohol

    • Jason Gray
      Jason Gray 2 years ago +1

      Julius Rock Tesco's stock that... £3.50 for nutrition ain't nothing

  • Benny Amv
    Benny Amv 2 years ago +4

    Uck queen £5 munch

  • mufc187
    mufc187 2 years ago +1

    basically he ain't on it, man thinks he's above the 5pm

  • Elliott Doyle
    Elliott Doyle 2 years ago

    Ghetts will do the £25 munch

  • The Mighty Spoon
    The Mighty Spoon 2 years ago

    Lordee do more shmoke sessions

  • Rawman
    Rawman 2 years ago +2

    haha lordie is getting harrasment. see how he puts ghetts Twitter handle and makes that a big deal in the video hahaha!! smart move.

  • Super Famicom UK
    Super Famicom UK 2 years ago +18

    Ghetts looks like the Deez Nuts guy with a beard. Cant get it out my head now...

    • Jack Miller
      Jack Miller 2 years ago

      loooool goteem

    • Super Famicom UK
      Super Famicom UK 2 years ago

      Yeah man good luck to him.

    • NDZ
      NDZ 2 years ago

      Super Famicom UK he used to look more like him but man fixed up his teeth so it's calm

    • Super Famicom UK
      Super Famicom UK 2 years ago

      I have a few of his albums. Not trying to mug him off.

  • J C
    J C 2 years ago

    j gang part two lordie please g

  • Pun1sher4u
    Pun1sher4u 2 years ago +65

    If it goes over the £5 and boss asks him to put something back. "Nah I don't want nothing I'm gonna put it all back"

    • User
      User 2 years ago


    • The Realist'
      The Realist' 2 years ago


    • Muniszz
      Muniszz 2 years ago

      Pun1sher4u loooooool

  • Romeo Jr
    Romeo Jr 2 years ago +2

    Bare teet

  • Tom Wright
    Tom Wright 2 years ago

    "lost my gold tooth know I look better"

  • ApexJnr
    ApexJnr 2 years ago +33

    Ghetts the type of bredda to say he can't eat dumpling cus his teeth will come out

    • JYG
      JYG 2 years ago


    • El Prezze
      El Prezze 2 years ago +1

      ApexJnr LOL!

  • M J
    M J 2 years ago


  • Kobain
    Kobain 2 years ago +19

    Lordie make ghett's £5 munch extended for making us wait this long

  • KING Fr OG Driller
    KING Fr OG Driller 2 years ago +6

    this guy is faker than black market garms

  • GRIND’ 647
    GRIND’ 647 2 years ago

    Bluuudfire the coconut water here is 2-3 flat

  • SnazMC
    SnazMC 2 years ago +89

    Ghetts get ur fake teeth on a five pound munch asap

    • james smith
      james smith 2 years ago +1

      if he had implants there 2 bags a piece at a good dentist

    • Espen Steen
      Espen Steen 2 years ago +5

      Went to the dentist and paid 10 grand

    • London Taylor
      London Taylor 2 years ago

      @Ghost Face he use to have chip up teet with fake gold caps on in 03 days

    • London Taylor
      London Taylor 2 years ago


    • Dray Hudson
      Dray Hudson 2 years ago

      SnazzyMacGuy peak

  • DisturbedArab
    DisturbedArab 2 years ago +66

    I wanna know what happened to j gang's five pound munch

    • J Rowe
      J Rowe 2 years ago +12

      Real talk. Left man on a "to be continued..." vibe and didn't come tru

    • MK
      MK 2 years ago +10

      Central House Music
      part 2 ?

  • ginger guy
    ginger guy 2 years ago +2

    peak ghetts trying to postpone shit 😂😂

  • Fails Of Grime
    Fails Of Grime 2 years ago

    Get on da five pound munch now my nigga

  • Jon Pastori
    Jon Pastori 2 years ago +3