What Happens When Shane Dawson Uploads

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • It’s been years since we’ve seen existence like this. Take cover. No one is safe! This is what happens at USclip headquarters when Shane Dawson uploads 🚨🚨
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  • Skeleton3713
    Skeleton3713 3 days ago

    Tru tru

  • Will Ganness
    Will Ganness 3 days ago

    Except that USclip doesnt have so many women working there.

  • gabriella f
    gabriella f 11 days ago

    so true tho

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia 11 days ago

    And this is what happens when Shane does NOT upload

  • Pops160
    Pops160 15 days ago

    Bird box before bird box

  • Larissa Kelly
    Larissa Kelly 16 days ago

    So accurate omg 😂😘

  • Anime
    Anime 18 days ago

    I love shane and you! this is my favorite video in youtube :P

  • Beverly Obakpolor
    Beverly Obakpolor 20 days ago +1

    USclip is Quaking Literally😂

  • Blossom Cherry
    Blossom Cherry 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who hasn’t watched one USclip video of Shane’s. I’m not joking.

  • black bunny
    black bunny 21 day ago

    Why is this soooooooo relatable

  • HiD NL
    HiD NL 22 days ago

    This is literally my brain on a day to day basis and when Shane uploads..

    *I’m gone*

  • Most Hated Bianka
    Most Hated Bianka 22 days ago

    *I See Shane Dawson*

    *I click*

  • Katie
    Katie Month ago

    #birdbox except better

  • lovezlies_-MSP
    lovezlies_-MSP Month ago

    the new birdbox

  • xoxMSPxox 2
    xoxMSPxox 2 Month ago

    Why dose this feel like Bird Box to me?

  • Haya _
    Haya _ Month ago

    This is even more accurate now lol

  • Rishi V
    Rishi V Month ago +2

    The Bird Box was based off of this 😂😂😂

  • Happy Cake
    Happy Cake Month ago

    This just happens yesterday

  • L7Blue Fire
    L7Blue Fire Month ago +1

    *Accurate Representation Of My Situation RN*

  • Rebecca Vocal Athlete


  • Sunset Awesomness17

    Who is Shane Dawson? No really, who are they. At first I thought it just a guy that one of the UScliprs I watch knows #HaileyReese and other youtubers and now superwoman. I guess I’ll check him out then. Wish me luck.

  • lindsey edwards
    lindsey edwards Month ago

    its litteraly birdbox all over again...lol

  • Quincy Raven
    Quincy Raven Month ago +1

    jelly much?

  • Sara
    Sara Month ago +1

    Is this bird box 1

  • AlexkKitten
    AlexkKitten Month ago

    Holy moly this was fabulous

  • Gwen Edits
    Gwen Edits Month ago +1


  • Bowls And Stuff
    Bowls And Stuff Month ago +3

    Watching this before the conspiracy theory upload!

  • Ava McKinley
    Ava McKinley Month ago +3

    Bruh why did this remind me of bird box?

  • Sdhh x253
    Sdhh x253 Month ago +1

    Birdbox parody?

  • Bitch Witch
    Bitch Witch Month ago +1

    Bird box ??

  • Artist Kay
    Artist Kay Month ago

    I got mager jurassic Park vides this whole video

  • Olivia Greenwood
    Olivia Greenwood Month ago +1

    it's like bird box without suicide

  • Manga Tavete
    Manga Tavete Month ago

    rip headphone users at the start

  • Under Cooked
    Under Cooked 2 months ago

    When Shane uploads a theory: hold your lawsuits

  • Danica Mueller
    Danica Mueller 2 months ago +1

    Why is this birdbox

  • Meows Cosplay
    Meows Cosplay 2 months ago +1

    This kinda reminds me of birdbox

  • Meows Cosplay
    Meows Cosplay 2 months ago

    This kinda reminds me of birdbox

  • Temekia Harris
    Temekia Harris 2 months ago

    Lol his glasses broke the videos are so good

  • kawaii goat
    kawaii goat 2 months ago

    Does this remind anyone else of bird box

  • Auralie Yoder
    Auralie Yoder 2 months ago

    I just now got that thing you do at the beginning of your videos

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 2 months ago

    Bird box

  • Addison Benken
    Addison Benken 2 months ago


  • Alexander the gray fox
    Alexander the gray fox 2 months ago

    Omg that’s for real me

  • Sammie TV
    Sammie TV 2 months ago +1

    This is like a more child friendly bird box. Lol, anybody else agree?

  • Saoirse Daly
    Saoirse Daly 2 months ago

    How true is this😂😂 me when he uploads

  • Cisco
    Cisco 2 months ago

    Oh my god it’s birdbox

  • Hi stranger
    Hi stranger 2 months ago


  • Ramona Georgiana
    Ramona Georgiana 2 months ago

    who cares if she used his name for views like=)))if it's a good vid I don't see the problem.Stop overreacting dudes

  • Samuel Tlau
    Samuel Tlau 2 months ago


    • ur mum
      ur mum Month ago

      Dude she has enough subs and plus mostly everyone here knows who he is

  • Cold Net Gaming
    Cold Net Gaming 2 months ago

    I love shane 😂💘

  • Just Cubing
    Just Cubing 2 months ago

    Just saying the music you put in kinda hurt my ears but good video

  • TwentyOnePanicAtTheFallOutRomance

    *slow claps in respect*

  • common color
    common color 2 months ago

    But I don’t like Shane :/

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 2 months ago

    Happy New year!😀😀😀

  • MahHeart MahSoul
    MahHeart MahSoul 2 months ago

    Now I want Shane to make : What happens when Superwoman uploads

  • Carmen Selekman
    Carmen Selekman 2 months ago +3

    at 1:35 you see guava juice box

  • A 19
    A 19 3 months ago

    I like this

  • Gacha Spring
    Gacha Spring 3 months ago

    The truth.

    GOD OF THUNDER 3 months ago

    WTF 😂

  • Hello Bye
    Hello Bye 3 months ago +3

    *WeLL hE's A qUeEn*

  • Spooky Carrie
    Spooky Carrie 3 months ago +1


  • Mia Mary
    Mia Mary 3 months ago

    Ok me thoooo

  • Alexander Carter
    Alexander Carter 3 months ago +2

    What happens when you're jealous another youtubers getting more views?
    Insinuate that they are brain washing people, and that theres some creepy conspiracy going on.
    Then clickbate their name for views.

  • tea
    tea 3 months ago +1

    Did anyone notice she used the stranger things song?, not the theme one the trailer one

  • Rubi Guardado
    Rubi Guardado 3 months ago +7

    When you have to use Shane Dawson’s name for views because your views are dying

  • Unwithered Bonnie
    Unwithered Bonnie 3 months ago

    guys using Shane’s name isn’t for money or for publicity/views. She already has an established channel with 14 million subscribers and gets atleast 1.5M views a video. Besides, her and Shane are good friends.

  • Berta Dellasala
    Berta Dellasala 3 months ago +1


  • a l a s i a
    a l a s i a 3 months ago +1


  • Lucinda Norris
    Lucinda Norris 3 months ago +3

    When you don't watch Shane Dawson and your just standing amidst the chaos like 'huh?'

  • Kasim Bilal
    Kasim Bilal 3 months ago

    People saying that she used shane for views need to stop
    first of all they are friends and second of all she did a collab with him last year in christmas when she did collabs with huge celebs (nick jonas, charlize theron, karlie kloss, will smith, dwayne johnson) when he wasn't blowing up (he had good no. of views but nowhere near like these days) and it was one of the least viewed collab that christmas.
    Shut up about her i got all the receipts

  • Skyler Px
    Skyler Px 3 months ago +2

    It's like a movies trailer

  • Julia Talavia
    Julia Talavia 3 months ago

    I want this to become a movie so bad

  • Lara Deeb
    Lara Deeb 3 months ago

    Who the F is Shane

  • I AM CAT uWu
    I AM CAT uWu 3 months ago

    *what happens to youtubers when shane uploads

  • Sarah Gaetz
    Sarah Gaetz 3 months ago

    The Shane cult

  • miya hendricks
    miya hendricks 3 months ago

    But it's an eight part seriiees

  • Jesica Mariea
    Jesica Mariea 3 months ago


  • Marshia Erisha
    Marshia Erisha 3 months ago

    Did you just make a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theorist?

  • tracy burkett
    tracy burkett 3 months ago

    Hahaha 😎 cool

  • jannah elfaramawy
    jannah elfaramawy 3 months ago


  • Gaming with Deepak
    Gaming with Deepak 4 months ago

    1:53 kids nextdoor

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 4 months ago

    100% correct

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee 4 months ago

    1:03 WHY DID U DO THAT I WAS WATCHING A GREAT VIDEO WITH. Shane Dawson in title?

  • mohamed fathey al naggar

    When Shane Dawson’s uploads I say Lilly Singh could never

  • R M
    R M 4 months ago

    What happens when Lilly Singh uploads 🥳🥳🥳

  • sashaMetaxa 11
    sashaMetaxa 11 4 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣so truee

  • Ella Hussey
    Ella Hussey 4 months ago

    To put it short the internet breaks when Shane uploads

  • Addi Schmidt
    Addi Schmidt 4 months ago

    Accurate though XD

  • AnonyM D
    AnonyM D 4 months ago +1

    Does any one remember that they did a collab video a while back, here's the link...usclip.net/video/oYvw0GryNs8/video.html

  • Halima Hussain
    Halima Hussain 4 months ago

    I agree so much.

  • Kal Zion
    Kal Zion 4 months ago

    I love this!!!!!!!!!

  • Purple Potato 42
    Purple Potato 42 4 months ago

    1:28 - 1:24 reminds me of stranger things 😹

  • Sibley
    Sibley 4 months ago


  • ivory
    ivory 4 months ago

    omg *OMGAHD THat Was SO CuewlL*

  • atika ulfat
    atika ulfat 4 months ago

    Your face looka clear what did you use . Your face looks amaxing

  • Adilyn Lolox
    Adilyn Lolox 4 months ago

    Shane has entered the chat

  • Miguelidc
    Miguelidc 4 months ago


  • brunt flowers
    brunt flowers 4 months ago +2

    “What Happens When Shane Dawson”
    the whole world shakes

  • Amalia Vena
    Amalia Vena 4 months ago

    Accurate.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂