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Scientifically Proven Best Ways to Study


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Month ago +98

    Strike a pose!
    Who are you posing as before exams? 💪😜

    • george nunez
      george nunez Day ago


    • Emma Kuble
      Emma Kuble 3 days ago

      Me but in the fetal position

    • 28 Warlock
      28 Warlock 5 days ago

      You forgot to mention healthy eating

    • TH C
      TH C 15 days ago +1

      Donald Trump

    • Paulo 252
      Paulo 252 19 days ago +2

      Attack on Titan soldier salute

  • Bingi Dong
    Bingi Dong Day ago

    Rip the 18 million kids that have to do this

  • Lakhe
    Lakhe 2 days ago

    Dont waste your time
    Click this --> 5:17

  • Miya Len
    Miya Len 2 days ago

    Flash cards

  • Alex - Galaxy
    Alex - Galaxy 2 days ago +1

    Wait, do i need to memorize this video?

  • Not Ynity
    Not Ynity 2 days ago

    im watching this because i’m scared if i didnt pass the grade:(

  • Spell my Name
    Spell my Name 2 days ago


  • Calvin Zhang
    Calvin Zhang 3 days ago

    2:45 yummo

  • Rahul Gopalan
    Rahul Gopalan 4 days ago +1

    Or just study

  • Andy
    Andy 6 days ago

    I studied for a test in 30 minutes and passed it.

  • as win
    as win 6 days ago

    Your science is acceptable...but hardwork always wins🤗

    BRUCKSTER GAMER 7 days ago +1

    Now this is a real life hack

  • D. G.
    D. G. 7 days ago

    Yall are not helping i have no one who studies the same shit

  • Xxxsnow birdxxX
    Xxxsnow birdxxX 8 days ago

    When i search how to _______ on my phone, i find myself opening youtube...

  • Green Diamond
    Green Diamond 8 days ago

    More talk.
    Less Results

  • Saurabh Ganorkar
    Saurabh Ganorkar 9 days ago +1

    Best thing Is
    Pareto principle
    20 80 principle

  • Snowy Legend
    Snowy Legend 9 days ago

    ... I'm not even in school

  • Jason
    Jason 9 days ago

    I wouldn't be able to study if i had all that ass laying on my floor 2:43

  • Painkiller
    Painkiller 11 days ago

    When you realise that you followed every step but you forgot to actually study

  • Venomous
    Venomous 14 days ago

    Will smoking weed at 14 help or nah?

  • anusk !
    anusk ! 14 days ago

    At the right time!!

  • Darius Myers
    Darius Myers 16 days ago

    I didn't know that I got a 29% on my test at school I was so pissed off because I spent hours studying and still couldn't remember it all so now I'll remember to do this thanks for the advice

  • A & S Gaming
    A & S Gaming 16 days ago

    Make sticky notes and paste it around your study table and read it while you pass by

  • Sreynoch Bitch
    Sreynoch Bitch 17 days ago

    Trying remembering a whole entire strip in a night ......

    But in Spanish... follame

  • Kenneth Blac
    Kenneth Blac 17 days ago

    This is true, I could remember my childhood being the smartest person around in our area by doing exercice, getting more sleep within 7-10 hours, get a partner which was my mother who teach me 1 week before an exam through asking questions and answering it right. Of course, no gadgets around it would really disturb your review.

  • Leeroy ProductiveBoi Jenkins

    1:10 that squat form D:

  • Gabriel Loretto
    Gabriel Loretto 19 days ago

    "Scientific research has shown that it can take up to 4 days for out brains to return back to normal after we've been awake for an entire night"
    [realizes he's watching this video at 5 am]

  • Gennaro F.
    Gennaro F. 19 days ago

    So basically, workout at the gym and sleeping will get me through my exams? Sounds way better than reading!
    2 months later: Failed all my exams, but got ripped. Thanks !

  • Newton Frank
    Newton Frank 20 days ago

    The only thing I do 3:32

  • Levana Smith
    Levana Smith 21 day ago

    Thank you! 🥰🥰🥰

  • KID
    KID 21 day ago

    I never thought I would hear study and fun in the same sentence in my life.

  • The Mysterious Guy
    The Mysterious Guy 21 day ago

    Use time wisely watch At speed of 1.75x

  • potion masters
    potion masters 22 days ago

    Eating healthy foods can help you too.

  • Mayra Zuniga
    Mayra Zuniga 22 days ago

    CAN YOU DO ONE FOR ADHD FOR A&P for lecture

  • Ahmed Boy
    Ahmed Boy 22 days ago

    When you are alone in your room studying
    and suddenly you think to mastrubate

  • Ahmed Boy
    Ahmed Boy 22 days ago

    who hates CHEMISTRY???
    HiT liKE

  • Connie Hayek
    Connie Hayek 22 days ago

    Some additional suggestions: spaced repetition, teach someone else, briefly review information right before going to sleep at night.

  • Hugo04
    Hugo04 24 days ago

    I have two midterm tm

  • ali abukhazneh
    ali abukhazneh 25 days ago

    im supposed to be studying rn lol

  • Christian Onoh
    Christian Onoh 25 days ago

    I have a test in 14 hours yet here I am

  • Christian Onoh
    Christian Onoh 25 days ago

    Precious days
    Pff more like precious hours

  • Su Su San
    Su Su San 25 days ago

    Where is the best location at home for studying? I've heard that studying near the sunlight is good for our brain when studying.
    So, by this fact, studying nearby sunlight, do we always need to find a time where we can see the sunlight to study? Also, should we face the window where the sunlight is coming through or should we turn our back towards the window where the sunlight is coming through?
    Thank you.

  • Vedant Chaudhari
    Vedant Chaudhari 25 days ago


    _Move your legs apart._

  • mosima mokgadi
    mosima mokgadi 27 days ago

    concise and precise ....thank you

  • phoenixx
    phoenixx 28 days ago

    I have got one day before my physics exam...
    *starts watching youtube videos on how to study for exams*

  • Group Project - In a nutshell

    Ok dont study....and do everything else

  • Sanjay Sumesh
    Sanjay Sumesh 29 days ago

    Isn't testosterone a Male hormone by interstitial cell

  • Yassin Maan
    Yassin Maan 29 days ago +1

    plan how your gonna cheat

  • Thuc Pham
    Thuc Pham Month ago

    I do a meditation night before an exam :)

  • Hell0 Kitty
    Hell0 Kitty Month ago

    Thank you very much you helped me 😌

  • Anamay Narkar
    Anamay Narkar Month ago

    Thanks for such a video🤗

  • Wσndє Draws
    Wσndє Draws Month ago

    I'm watching this when i am supposed to be studying

  • The Lord
    The Lord Month ago

    Paying 300 quid a week for tutors works too

  • angelique
    angelique Month ago

    i have finals soon.... YIKES

  • KBblue 7
    KBblue 7 Month ago

    Im gonna go hide my phone.

  • Bruno da Bandeira
    Bruno da Bandeira Month ago

    This video is bullshit!! The only way of studying you proposed was testing. The rest is just things that help studying, not actual studying techniques or methods! Are you even a student or were you ever at college?

  • Akash Sandhu
    Akash Sandhu Month ago

    1 - exercise
    2- testing
    3 - sleep
    4 - revard
    5 - powerpose

  • jayden bluebird
    jayden bluebird Month ago

    Bruh at 2:48 you know them 2 gonna do more than just study😂

  • Zachary Cox
    Zachary Cox Month ago

    Stop procrastinating.

  • Mike Mix83
    Mike Mix83 Month ago

    Cocaine works pretty good I hear 👂🏽

  • Illest Max
    Illest Max Month ago


  • Geovanni 05
    Geovanni 05 Month ago

    1st math problem, off to exercise and power nap.
    2 hours later
    2nd Math problem, off to exercise and power nap
    2 hours later.....

  • All of us weird peeps

    How can I do all that stuff when it's 1 in the morning I'm not done with anything and it's due today at 8

    I need help😭😭😭😭

  • DaManGacha Gamer
    DaManGacha Gamer Month ago +1

    *Studied 1 Night but I'll pass 5 Subject out of 8.*

  • Seb Fury
    Seb Fury Month ago

    Nothing you can do about it being boring then? A shame.

  • Sujit Nikam
    Sujit Nikam Month ago

    watching this 3rd time still not studying

  • Dipjay Das Challenger

    Every parents say that = read more time you have
    1) But this is not enough for remember what you study........
    2) always when you starting your book then first claim the target what your goal
    3) not 30 day 8-10 hour
    Read 4-6 hour per day and never Skip any single day you have
    4) do some exercise or playing games and take healthy fitness

  • Ball is LIfe
    Ball is LIfe Month ago +1

    I literally have my notes in front of me and could just study but instead I'm on self development youtube videos spree for the next 2h

    Oh, and did I meantion it's 2am?

  • Sheena Manoj
    Sheena Manoj Month ago

    Lol.. I'm seeing the scientific ways to learn science😂

  • skXll mXsk
    skXll mXsk Month ago

    2:53o ya suuuuure "studying"more like studying that ass

  • Lego Adventure time

    Step 1:come home
    Step 2:watch TV
    step 3:play video games
    step 4:notice that you forgot to do your homework, so do half of your homework
    step 5:do hobby
    step 6:do other half of homework and study for upcoming test/quiz
    step 7:just chill
    step 8:go to bed(before 8:00 PM)

    It may sound lazy but that's what I do and I have straight A's

  • Hriday Khara
    Hriday Khara Month ago

    Best way to study: Switch off your cell phone and grab a book

  • Got memes?
    Got memes? Month ago

    I usually fantasize about how I'm going to study really hard and that I'm going to be a great student but I never actually begin doing it

  • Got memes?
    Got memes? Month ago

    Is beating my meat considered exercising?

  • Prince_M_H_D
    Prince_M_H_D Month ago

    I do not have enough time to sleep

  • Meme Everywhere
    Meme Everywhere Month ago +8

    Don't waste time. Skip to 5:17

  • notcool bitch
    notcool bitch Month ago

    *watches this video *
    *scientifically writes the exam without studying*

  • h adms
    h adms Month ago

    Good stollen video

  • Shannel Theena
    Shannel Theena Month ago

    watching this in the middle of my cramming...

    BLACK HOLE Month ago

    Y do we need complicated math
    Y do we need to get a job and answer the questions.

  • Hollywood's hub
    Hollywood's hub Month ago +1

    Thank you for your efforts sir

  • Shramana Roy
    Shramana Roy Month ago

    One should make a plan or write down the items he/she has to complete that day... And should track it also.. that is I do.. 😊

  • Prasanna V.P
    Prasanna V.P Month ago

    Very thanks

  • Mayera Talbot
    Mayera Talbot Month ago

    You tell that all night study doesn't work??? I study all night and it's the best time for me to remember things. I always study till 11pm or 12am and go to bed and recall the studied content in the morning and it works the best for me.

    CHEEZY Month ago

    Sleep? Oh great i have a sleep disorder.

  • Aditya Mani Tripathi

    I am still reading the comments ..and don't know who is watching the vedio

  • Wanna One GIdle Pentagon hair dyes

    I love to study! I like it! But nah. I'll pass with exercising. Don't have time for that.

  • suresh surus
    suresh surus Month ago

    If our mind is good,we can study anyway and anything...☺☺

  • Mohamad Hamid
    Mohamad Hamid Month ago

    You may have just saved my GCSEs, lmao

  • Neeraj subhash
    Neeraj subhash Month ago

    Tip : Wake up early at 4 or 5 and study. We can easily understand because our brain will be calm that time. This may help you✌🏼

  • Eyad Abdelqader
    Eyad Abdelqader Month ago

    I actually kick a soccer ball around when I am studying

  • Vampire OP
    Vampire OP 2 months ago

    Does playing fortnite help?

  • TheGamingAlong
    TheGamingAlong 2 months ago +4

    How to study effectively:
    1. Exercise
    2. Short intense study session
    3. Study group
    4. Sleep well

  • Lokesh Shan
    Lokesh Shan 2 months ago

    2.repeated exposure, retelling and reflection
    3.test taking
    5.take breaks
    8.power pose before taking exam

  • sundas viik
    sundas viik 2 months ago

    I did well in my exams 5th position 502 marks 😐

  • Anonymous Researcher
    Anonymous Researcher 2 months ago

    “Strike a powerpose before doing an exam”
    (Comes to exam wearing a cape, mask, and spandex)

  • Live4 Game
    Live4 Game 2 months ago

    Which is best : math or bio

  • Kade -_-
    Kade -_- 2 months ago +1

    Well my exams are in a couple of hours and I haven’t started studying

  • lf 01
    lf 01 2 months ago

    Also let the study or review material be the last thing you do right before you go to sleep

    DEVILON SADNESS 2 months ago

    Too bad schools don't give you time to do all that XD