Scientifically Proven Best Ways to Study


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  • Lillian Le
    Lillian Le 9 hours ago

    me: stayed up til 12 for 3 nights in a row.
    also me: I have a test tomorrow
    all my friends and family: *facepalm*

  • Ffej Jong
    Ffej Jong 10 hours ago

    hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out how to memorize fast try Elumpa Simple Studying Alchemist (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  • Arjay Z3r0
    Arjay Z3r0 11 hours ago


  • nurul huda
    nurul huda 23 hours ago

    When my friends and i make a group study....
    Me: lets studyy
    The rest: okay
    A few mins later
    *playing games*

  • nurul huda
    nurul huda 23 hours ago


  • Spectra Jason
    Spectra Jason Day ago

    I DNT GIVE A F*CK ABOUT MY RESULTS 😎( like if u like and also like if u dislike)


    I have 9 tests next week
    *wish* *me* *luck*

  • Valeria L
    Valeria L Day ago

    I have no friends.

  • Tsebo Beats
    Tsebo Beats 2 days ago

    I'm actually watching this a day before my exam :'D

  • Sera BrownWilson
    Sera BrownWilson 2 days ago

    I’m trying to study but I don’t know how too

  • Miss Arty
    Miss Arty 3 days ago

    I'll do that 'striking a pose before exam' and shout 'Darna'! 🙆😂

  • Captain Fire
    Captain Fire 3 days ago

    Well the mocks are coming in 12 days, and I don't seem that ready...
    But I promised my mom that I'll ace 3 subjects, one of them probably being Economics.
    I'll use your method, it looks quite helpful.
    Thanks a lot, Infographics!

  • Prince Cekeshe
    Prince Cekeshe 4 days ago

    This is an awful video

  • Madisyn Palmer
    Madisyn Palmer 5 days ago

    Anyone else have to study 📖 while watching this video?

  • Radmehr Abdolahi
    Radmehr Abdolahi 5 days ago

    NO, No, no, no, I don’t agree with the box of 🍪 at 4:38

  • Trill Pharaohたえ
    Trill Pharaohたえ 6 days ago

    I wish they taught us how to study in school.......

    But then I realized I was in one of the worst school systems in terms of developed countries...(USA)

  • Afixiethei Vasilias
    Afixiethei Vasilias 6 days ago

    The problem with testing and talking about your result is that you and your friend end up in an endless discussion

  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza 6 days ago

    Just believe in yourself you are doing great progress is progress no much how small.

  • Yeah, Welcome To The Internet._.

    I don't really need this but still clicked anyway just to find if there are any new interest things that maybe I can learn and use it in life.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 8 days ago

    Can you link the scientific evidence behind these study methods?

  • Harambe 327
    Harambe 327 9 days ago

    (Not trying to offend anyone)
    My sister has an average of 98 and she's always staying up all night and she also do powernaps after we eact lunch?

  • Jason Cofield
    Jason Cofield 9 days ago

    Watching is at 4am...

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 10 days ago

    Silence better for me . Tho cookies distract me it is a great reward if u think u will eat one after u are done with learning something .

  • Bittu Dewan
    Bittu Dewan 10 days ago


  • RJ Gameing
    RJ Gameing 11 days ago

    I'm supposed to be studying

  • Cemse
    Cemse 11 days ago

    Okay sounds good! I’ll start by sleeping first!

  • TheSlimyBuddies// TSB
    TheSlimyBuddies// TSB 11 days ago

    Could you also listen to alpha binaural brain waves instead of classical as well?

  • 20,000 Subs with No videos

    Yay, I got 100% on my Spanish test partly because of this, thanks The Infographic Show!!!!

  • felix nithy
    felix nithy 12 days ago

    Early Morning studies are best because your stupid friends won't wake up that early to text and Distract You right??

  • Huzaifa Pondor
    Huzaifa Pondor 13 days ago

    How about batman?

  • Raven Tale
    Raven Tale 13 days ago

    seems legit

  • Fun all over time
    Fun all over time 13 days ago

    But I sleep late at night always because I like study in late anyone who studies late at night?
    Man I can't finish the portion so i stay up at night but i remember some things

  • Kazi Mozammel Hoque
    Kazi Mozammel Hoque 13 days ago

    step 1 do not touch any electronic devices. without when you are facing problem.

  • Anchy
    Anchy 13 days ago

    Right when I was bored and started getting better after almost a week of being sick 😂

  • yoodles yoodles
    yoodles yoodles 13 days ago

    I'm lazy to do all of these...

  • Lisle Paiva
    Lisle Paiva 14 days ago

    Who else has a test like today and want to learn everything in 10 min? ;-; ... What if I dont have friends to study with?

  • UberGamingHD
    UberGamingHD 14 days ago

    I swear I have heard these tips so many times from different channels before

  • Money BirdGT
    Money BirdGT 14 days ago

    Who Is Your *Favorite Teacher*?
    Math Teacher
    Reading/Writing Teacher
    Science Teacher
    Social Studies Teacher
    Art Teacher
    And Ect.

    Mines is my Science
    Because usally when he have a subitute we just watch a video or just let us play on or our phones or tablet.

  • rajaponnu rajesh
    rajaponnu rajesh 14 days ago

    What is reflection of information?

  • Fantistic
    Fantistic 16 days ago

    When I am writing essays or assignments at home, I listen to music with lyrics and often sing to it at the same time I’m doing homework. This actually helps me because then the issue isn’t remembering, it’s concentrating. I often zone out completely while writing because I am autistic and have concentration issues, and the music stops me from getting bored with the writing. It helps me focus on the laptop it’s playing from, and nothing else. I’m glad.

  • Akanksha Bele
    Akanksha Bele 16 days ago

    Yessss I needed this information as my exams are just two weeks away! And also I do listen to music while I study , music does help me concentrate on my studies , if I don't play music I get sleepy and then I don't have any mood of going on with the studies...

  • TanishFX [Fortnite & More]

    I know this comment will get lost, but i listen to memory music it uses certain brain waves to help memorize what you have done. It's like meditation anyway i hope this comment helped you!

  • Kais G
    Kais G 16 days ago

    That's work for the people that have brains, what about others 😏

  • Ryszard Kiliński
    Ryszard Kiliński 16 days ago

    Have sex only after you've done studying for a day! Too much energy spent. Didn't know that and wasted also a lot of time, trying to expain the exact opposite claim to each and every female roommate ;)

  • My Story
    My Story 16 days ago +1

    Even so im graduated doctor watching stupid

    PLAYING HERO 17 days ago +1

    Well, your video has a strong topic but, when I take rest like reward yourself, them I get way too interested in that work like playing table tennis (which I do) and I always got distracted. When I study then I cannot concentrate and My mind is not studying, My mind still want to play.
    Like if u agree

  • DevXSAS42
    DevXSAS42 17 days ago

    i just took break from direct 8 hrs study just get some food ...

  • Josue Mena
    Josue Mena 18 days ago

    This video did not dig very deep on how to learn. I’m sure that these tips work but it didn’t really say what’s the best method of intaking the material. Hi, I’m a researcher at UCLA and my lab has found that if you “interleave” the material you learn better. What does that mean? Well don’t do all chapter 1 problems at ONCE. Do 15 problems from chapter 1 then 20 from chapter 2 and then 15 from ch.3 and repeat. And there is a lot more methods. If your interested look up Bob and Elizabeth Bjork ( they did numerous studies and studying)

  • Ches L
    Ches L 18 days ago

    Fukin useless shit

  • Patrick Yang
    Patrick Yang 18 days ago

    "Researchers at Standford school of Medicne agree that playing certain types of music such as classical may help students engage in the source material."
    Me: **Starts reading about King Arthur's beginning - plays Skyrim: The song of Dragonborn**
    **Reads about his biggest battle - plays Naruto: Reverse Situation**
    **Reads about his death - Chuunibyou - Kokoro to Kokoro**

  • Samil Kakashi
    Samil Kakashi 18 days ago

    Well,, I wish I could use it pratically..😆😆

  • Music Junkie
    Music Junkie 19 days ago

    Great, now I have a good excuse to go to sleep now

  • Rajdeep Dhara
    Rajdeep Dhara 19 days ago

    You guys forgot the praying part...Pray before a hardcore exam!!

  • Cutlyn
    Cutlyn 19 days ago

    People are here making jokes about how they don't even study... aren't we supposed to be motivated to actually study well now?

  • Ricky V
    Ricky V 19 days ago

    That “study partner” tho

  • Azer Azer
    Azer Azer 19 days ago

    He said an 2010 Washington study and the guy was holding an 2012 report Washington study what about that??!

  • Saba Fatima
    Saba Fatima 20 days ago


  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 20 days ago

    *Me* : okay let's study
    *Few minutes later* : I'm gonna fail... I'm not gonna graduate....I'm not gonna earn money.....I'm gonna work for McDonald's
    *1 hr later* : hmm McDonald's.... what McDonald's????**Studies 5 hrs straight**

  • Prashant Shekhar
    Prashant Shekhar 20 days ago

    I pose as Eminem before exams😅

  • Gamma2Tech
    Gamma2Tech 20 days ago

    This literally gave the motivation to get caught up on my homework... Gonna catch up on one class and just go to sleep...

  • Snasstid es
    Snasstid es 20 days ago

    this works for me during university....dont pull an all nighter....if u're tired just go to sleep or do something else first...

  • Abhiram Vedavyas
    Abhiram Vedavyas 21 day ago

    it helps us to remember things quick

  • Abhiram Vedavyas
    Abhiram Vedavyas 21 day ago

    u forgot the visual learning

  • Abhiram Vedavyas
    Abhiram Vedavyas 21 day ago

    its helpful for me

  • Alingalan Paul
    Alingalan Paul 21 day ago +5

    And hell yeah i got 48/50 in my periodical test in science bruh

  • Masego Sheila Bojosi

    Cramming is effective if you were in high school....I'm still using it. I must say that it flunked

  • lesa brown
    lesa brown 21 day ago

    try teaching your material to someone else as a form of studying it

  • Doctor strange Gamer

    Fortnite doesn't let me

  • Dranzer Jetli
    Dranzer Jetli 22 days ago

    Only problem is that I am anti social and so I won't find anyone to study with 😑

  • Eliabe Silva
    Eliabe Silva 22 days ago

    I loved this Channel

  • Felix Playz
    Felix Playz 22 days ago +2

    Tomorrow is my exam

  • Martin Furagganan
    Martin Furagganan 22 days ago

    You forgot Drinking water while doing Your Exam!

  • Azooz mekki
    Azooz mekki 23 days ago

    Thank u💕

  • Dinis Cavaleiro
    Dinis Cavaleiro 23 days ago

    Test tomorow

  • Purple JBL
    Purple JBL 23 days ago


  • evye
    evye 23 days ago


  • Abdelrahman Hashad
    Abdelrahman Hashad 23 days ago

    *Show this video to mom*
    Mom: “He only wants to be better than you so he tells you to study less, Go study now!”

  • Dr. Invader;}
    Dr. Invader;} 24 days ago

    Just read it once and watch infographics show

  • george chn
    george chn 24 days ago +3

    Masturbating helps getting your dopamine level high (not even kidding).

    • Ali Ajaj
      Ali Ajaj 19 days ago

      But it also activates the same neural pathways as a drug addiction. It also decreases your tendency towards a decent attention span especially with how chronic its become.

  • Luhan Fan
    Luhan Fan 25 days ago

    Step 1:stop watching youtube videos

  • Jean Rabie
    Jean Rabie 25 days ago

    I’m good at taking breaks

  • Hwa-Jin Kwak
    Hwa-Jin Kwak 25 days ago

    Basically, stay healthy and you can study well

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 26 days ago +1

    I’m 99% sure that my improved study ability will not make up for the 4 hours a day I’m spending on these techniques.
    Reading at while my eyes are drooping still accomplished more than sleeping does!

  • GamersHunch
    GamersHunch 26 days ago +1

    Who is watching this 1 day before an exam?

  • Franco Pane
    Franco Pane 26 days ago

    Am i the only one that study from USclip videos?

  • Nadia Mashayekhi
    Nadia Mashayekhi 26 days ago


    • Alina Rafiq
      Alina Rafiq 23 days ago

      haha I have a biology exam coming up and I am dying, exercise actually helps tho. This is coming from a lazy person :P

  • kneecalleyyy
    kneecalleyyy 27 days ago

    1. Take breaks
    2. Sleep
    3. Exercise
    4. Talk about your material with study pals
    5. Strike a pose

  • Techs Science
    Techs Science 27 days ago

    Useful information

  • suryadip sinh
    suryadip sinh 28 days ago

    Tomorrow is my annual exam and I'm depress because I'm not Good in Account

  • ASE 2000
    ASE 2000 28 days ago

    Not to say that studying at night is great but for me it really is. I study all night long sometimes I don't even sleep and I get full marks.
    Explain that to me .

  • Brandon E. Smith
    Brandon E. Smith 28 days ago

    Too many steps. I'm exhausted.

  • That Sandwhich!!
    That Sandwhich!! 28 days ago

    I followed this.... but then i failed..

    Haha xD jk

  • Lucy Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia 28 days ago

    I have an exam tmr and as im watching this Im going like: IVE GOT NOT ENOUGH TIMEE *continues watching*

  • reali tea
    reali tea 29 days ago

    “A 2010 study” **shows 2012 study**

  • holy brock
    holy brock 29 days ago

    Now i know why reviewing 12 hours is wasted so sad😢

  • Shaik Haneef
    Shaik Haneef Month ago

    Which software do you use for making infograghics video

  • BUDQ 2000
    BUDQ 2000 Month ago

    I need to read for internals !!😫

  • Gabriel Cabanes Cabanes

    Well, at least this is a fin way of learning,

  • DiversityDG
    DiversityDG Month ago

    2010 or 2012?