Game of Thrones 8x05 Trailer Breakdown! What Does Euron See?

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Trailer Explained! What is Euron looking at, exactly, when he hears the roar of a dragon? How will Dany react to losing Rhaegal and Missandei in Episode 4? Erik Voss breaks down this Game of Thrones preview frame by frame for all the visual clues that you might have missed. Who is the mystery assassin sneaking into Kings Landing? Will Cersei burn down her own city, or will Dany burn it first? Why is Dany actress Emilia Clarke describing Episode 5 as the biggest episode of the series? Who will die in the Battle of Kings Landing... and will anyone survive?
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  • Realmasterorder
    Realmasterorder 29 days ago

    Danny unfortunately looses it,Drogon will literally unleash hell things move way to fast in these episodes.

  • Zarko Djelevic
    Zarko Djelevic Month ago

    The biggest mystery in Game of thrones is that Gillys son does not aging...

  • Georgey Babilodze
    Georgey Babilodze Month ago

    shit nah fam

  • Rand Wulf
    Rand Wulf Month ago

    Atrocious season. GoT became The Last Jedi -- all character development and plot build up was discarded in favor of nonsensical action scenes.

  • UnUsual Jeton
    UnUsual Jeton Month ago

    more dragons lol

  • damarh
    damarh Month ago

    So.. that was a lie.

  • Lenny Nero
    Lenny Nero Month ago

    If only that had been true...

  • Muggz334
    Muggz334 Month ago

    I was really hoping for more dragons. Damn. Lol

  • Rizky Afattqa
    Rizky Afattqa Month ago


  • Made of Stars
    Made of Stars Month ago

    Dragons do lay eggs you know......there should be more dragons. I thought the same when I saw the preview but, there was only one dragon.

  • jhaden lee25
    jhaden lee25 Month ago

    What happened in more dragons???

  • Kianman
    Kianman Month ago +1

    Dumb theory

  • agomj03
    agomj03 Month ago

    Trial?!? LoL!!! The final episode is right in the corner... there is no time for trial lol...

  • Jimmy lyamine
    Jimmy lyamine Month ago +2

    Nah just more shit

  • Bikas Kumar
    Bikas Kumar Month ago +6

    Nothing happened!! It was just Dany and Drogon on Redbull

  • beka aman
    beka aman Month ago +2

    The worst predictor 😠😠😠😠😠🤮🤮🤮

  • PUB phalt
    PUB phalt Month ago +1

    I just watched it.. im depressed

  • Mukesh Shah
    Mukesh Shah Month ago +4

    Not even single thing u predicted was true are terrible . Get a life

  • :Y Frank
    :Y Frank Month ago +1

    nope XD

  • Zujith Es
    Zujith Es Month ago

    ഒരു ഡ്രാഗൺ വന്നിട്ട് ചെക്കൻ കണ്ടംവഴി ഓടി പിന്നല്ലേ ...

  • jakkeday1
    jakkeday1 Month ago +2

    The predictions were way off because the episode was so terrible!

  • varun sahu
    varun sahu Month ago +1

    bosdiwalo esa kuch nhi hua bc...

  • Chick3n Nuggg3ts
    Chick3n Nuggg3ts Month ago


  • Shareeq Kader
    Shareeq Kader Month ago +7

    Anyone here after watching E5😂

  • pankaj tule
    pankaj tule Month ago +1

    Your prediction failed

  • Taslim Qureshi
    Taslim Qureshi Month ago

    Lolsssss 🤣🤣🤣🤣 whr r ppl with dragon theory now

  • Coldfried_ian SnkrFace

    Your theory really payed off 😂

  • Abhi Sharma
    Abhi Sharma Month ago

    It was just one dragon

  • Brian Harrington
    Brian Harrington Month ago

    He sees sweet death raining down on him

  • Abhishek Raghuvanshi


  • lance White
    lance White Month ago +1

    Never seen you guess this off before lol.

  • Pale Ronin
    Pale Ronin Month ago


  • naktete
    naktete Month ago

    Mad Queen is Coming !!!

  • Ikea Lamp
    Ikea Lamp Month ago +1

    Turns out it was just drogon charging and he destroyed the entire fleet

  • Hannes 31
    Hannes 31 Month ago

    Well he saw nothing😂

  • Juliano Souza
    Juliano Souza Month ago

    More Dragons, Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • ebrahim shajahan
    ebrahim shajahan Month ago

    euron saw drogons gaint penis lmao

  • Hasheeb Haque
    Hasheeb Haque Month ago

    And john snow will sit on the throne

  • Hasheeb Haque
    Hasheeb Haque Month ago

    No more dragons,only one dragon

  • Navin Prasad
    Navin Prasad Month ago

    Ha ha ha

  • Demon Raids
    Demon Raids Month ago

    nothing matched you moron!

  • Ischyros Ichthus
    Ischyros Ichthus Month ago

    More dragon your a** hahahahaha

  • Gokul Ram Ramesh
    Gokul Ram Ramesh Month ago

    Wow, none of his predictions were close to what happened. His MCU predictions were more accurate.

  • Liam Cullen
    Liam Cullen Month ago

    4:36 actually if you look closely at the sun you can see Drogon

  • Hrishikesh Karmarkar

    All are doomed 😂😂😂

  • Ashwini Varma
    Ashwini Varma Month ago

    Haha chutiye

  • Tony Ayaay
    Tony Ayaay Month ago +1

    After watching the episode, i came to this video and disliked it.. You disappoint me! I was very excited to see the teen dragons but you disappoint me....dont subscribe to this channel... You fail me!

  • Keith Hill
    Keith Hill Month ago

    All this nonsense was way off

  • Pranav Raj
    Pranav Raj Month ago

    Abe chutio ... Euron ko rhaegal dikhta h Jo bahut dur se aata h

    PAUL SANCHEZ Month ago

    You and others speculations never come in any fruition, why am I reading when your information is as good as mine - that is I don’t have any information so do you - all you have is speculation and you have 2.3 millions fools like me. By now we know there is only one dragon.

  • alvin samuel
    alvin samuel Month ago +2

    Lol what!!!! How is here after episode 5 😂

  • Nagarajan Madeswaran
    Nagarajan Madeswaran Month ago +41

    After Ep 5: Two minutes silence to all the youtubers making GoT theories 😂

    • Raj
      Raj 29 days ago

      @X-SKULL GAMING I bow down to ye

      X-SKULL GAMING Month ago

      @Raj now lick his hand😂

    • hawkdsl
      hawkdsl Month ago

      For real.. Epic fail.

    • aseem mp
      aseem mp Month ago


    • Raj
      Raj Month ago

      oh, you are a seer, sire!

  • wlbrargueta
    wlbrargueta Month ago

    You are dumb.

  • rakesh sood
    rakesh sood Month ago

    its funny how much we think of what will happen than what actually happens ;)

  • Ahmad Reza
    Ahmad Reza Month ago

    I think many dragons are going to appear

  • santosh jaiswal
    santosh jaiswal Month ago


  • Aniket k
    Aniket k Month ago

    Lol he's doing it just because of the sunlight 😂

  • Ruben Coppoolse
    Ruben Coppoolse Month ago

    No dragons just the one 😳😳😳😳🤭

  • RyE4Z XBL
    RyE4Z XBL Month ago

    Only if hahaha 😭

  • 11pupona
    11pupona Month ago +1


  • Sagnik Dey
    Sagnik Dey Month ago

    Hahahaha. None of these makes sense now neither they did last week 😂

  • sky Shekhar
    sky Shekhar Month ago

    There are no other dragons

  • yoshibfc
    yoshibfc Month ago


  • Mal Beats
    Mal Beats Month ago +1

    No more Dragons, Just a pissed off Danny and Drogon

  • Alok Sabade
    Alok Sabade Month ago

    I wish they'd taken your theory instead. What a disappointing episode.

  • De Novo _
    De Novo _ Month ago +1

    I'll tell you what euron saw plot armour

  • Error 404
    Error 404 Month ago

    I will just say *shut your shit up*

  • MM's funzone
    MM's funzone Month ago

    The dragon is not totally killed he manages to came back

  • earldiddy83
    earldiddy83 Month ago +1


  • Saheed Prince
    Saheed Prince Month ago

    Is Emilia the Villain 🦹‍♂️ now ?

  • just me
    just me Month ago


  • Prasanna Arun
    Prasanna Arun Month ago +1

    Yea more dragons indeed

  • Constontine Jane
    Constontine Jane Month ago +4

    Well this aged fast

  • Dominic Spence
    Dominic Spence Month ago

    More dragons?
    Lol nope just Drogon

  • scott left
    scott left Month ago

    Huron is drop jaw staring at ....
    flying elephants.

  • TheCut2009
    TheCut2009 Month ago +1

    You might as well take down this video.

  • Alexander Cyriac
    Alexander Cyriac Month ago

    Listening to this after watching the episode is the funniest thing....

  • Firuz Abdolah
    Firuz Abdolah Month ago

    Dragon of course duhhh

  • Kish Gami
    Kish Gami Month ago

    Guys come on, Euron farted and it felt great. Let him have his moment.

  • ozz81 gaming
    ozz81 gaming Month ago

    It's Smaug and Alduin

  • Tommy Hinh
    Tommy Hinh Month ago

    The biggest dragon is back

  • Yvon D
    Yvon D Month ago

    It’s just Euron realizing that the dragon is diving vertically right above the scorpions and realizing that the scorpions cannot shoot straight up and that they are screwed. A small flaw in their plan which will prove to be fatal

  • James l
    James l Month ago

    I personally wouldn't be upset if Rheagal survived, I don't know if anyone's familiar with the fate of Sunfyre, the dragon of Aegon II, he fell in a similar fashion (he lost an eye, and suffered severe mangling of one of his wings, not to mention a number of other serious lacerations) and managed to survive for weeks, possibly months. I'm not quite sure exactly how long, if memory serves he died of infection.

  • whoazilla
    whoazilla Month ago

    I think it’s Daenerys riding Drogon and using the sun as cover. Maybe it’s just me seeing things but it looks as if there was something in the middle of the sun.

  • Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas Month ago

    He sees Princees Leia flying in to take the throne!

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    Euron sees Arya Stark riding a Flying siege wheelchair bound Bran Stark........

  • atbattson
    atbattson Month ago

    I think you might be right with the bombing idea. Drogon could hang out above the clouds and drop things on the fleet.

  • Sammie 9412
    Sammie 9412 Month ago

    Bran warging the dead dragon like the night king...

  • Snake Was Right
    Snake Was Right Month ago +1

    It's another resurrected dragon.

  • milos radmilo
    milos radmilo Month ago

    I think that dragon could be canniball cause he didnt die

  • Chewy
    Chewy Month ago +1

    When drogon went missing, he could have had babies??? Coz he went missing for a while and they can asexually reproduce

  • fndalves
    fndalves Month ago

    I just came up with a theory... i think that when all hope is lost, bran wiil rise the dead soldiers to fight along Jon snow... bran has the night king’s mark after all

  • Baygairat
    Baygairat Month ago

    I hope Arya gets to kill Cersei and the Mountain.

  • Alaa Sami
    Alaa Sami Month ago

    can't wait to watch it , i hope i will not be disappointed from the episode

    BANGAR GAURAV Month ago

    Such a stupid analysis of a fine trailer

  • the mainely show
    the mainely show Month ago

    More dragons =seeing dy nude 😉

  • Keith Aherne
    Keith Aherne Month ago

    God how are you still presenting!

  • rob maan
    rob maan Month ago

    i think drogon lay his eggs..

  • Danielle
    Danielle Month ago

    Pretty sure that’s Tyrion and Greyworm