Game of Zones - S5:E5: The Isle of Van Gundy


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  • Myron Gaines
    Myron Gaines 2 months ago +3531

    The lyrics in the rant though, lmao!
    "Replay's a joke. Its good for the officials but bad for the game"
    "Dwight howard is always waffling and complaining. He is a coach killer"
    "And if you flop, you get technical foul
    And if you flop, you should be fined millions of gold.
    and if you flop, you should get suspended from the game.
    Because flopping ruins the game
    but they dont listen to us.."

    • Jsmooth3269
      Jsmooth3269 2 months ago +1

      Gregorian Chant = Van Gundian Rant... I'm impressed by the detail and creativity in these vids. Keep 'em coming!

    • lemidelama69
      lemidelama69 2 months ago

      Action Bastard I

    • Rob Hood
      Rob Hood 2 months ago

      Action Bastard h

    • King Stevie Greig
      King Stevie Greig 2 months ago

      GodspeedGideon He's speaking with a Scottish accent I believe

  • Annette
    Annette 5 hours ago

    LOL at Steve Ballmer sounding like he’s selling newspapers the old fashioned way

  • The Legendary Lurch Logan

    Watch with subtitles when they sing the Van-gundy rant 😂😂
    Also, to answer your question of More Episodes or Longer Episodes.... YES!!

  • brion burkett
    brion burkett 20 days ago

    And Game of Zones is seriously a phenomenon. So good! Like people will be talking about them in 40 years good!

  • brion burkett
    brion burkett 20 days ago

    Van Gundy is my least favorite part of watching basketball. I can miss a game if I cant find a broadcast without his rambling and rabbit trailing through actual game play and not be too upset. I once watched a cavs vs warriors game he was announcing and he literally talked about the lunch he had the day before as a ball was stolen for a dunk that turned the game around and he didn't even bat an eye. Or acknowledge the play. The stadium is going bananas and all he can talk about is how he ate one. His disinterest in the game obviously fueled by his supreme interest in his own voice? But still getting paid top dollar to announce high profile games? Incredible. Bordering on miraculous.

  • Zachery Abrams
    Zachery Abrams 29 days ago

    Has Game of zones ever talked about Orlando?

  • Lead Review Exchange

    This should win an Emmy!!!

  • SwervinOnDemFoez FKA SODH*ez

    They are all... bald... or... balding lmfao

  • The Christian Bingham
    The Christian Bingham Month ago +1

    Make a Hornets episode that isn’t just Michael Jordan.

  • The Christian Bingham
    The Christian Bingham Month ago +1


    Thank me later.

  • Harris Barnes
    Harris Barnes Month ago +1

    Bay Of Oncé Beyoncé

  • Yifei Gong
    Yifei Gong Month ago

    Clever critique. Van Gundy basketball never really evolves to the new age.

  • dado bonnano
    dado bonnano Month ago

    Whats with tobias harris and women gundy ?they seems to like each other

  • TJ Silverlake
    TJ Silverlake Month ago

    You dont mess with the first Finals MVP...and logo. Lol

  • Yu-Jun Khoo
    Yu-Jun Khoo Month ago

    A lot of Van Gundy do not exist in real except Jeff and Stan

  • D Wr
    D Wr Month ago

    I feel for Stan Van gundy I am a pistons fan and it was clear he tried everything to give this injury plagued team some consistency. Blake Griffin was brought in to sell tickets I doubt that was only his decision.

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Month ago

    lol , this is hilarious , love watching these episodes , will they make any future type for the season, playoffs edition ?

  • J Worth
    J Worth Month ago

    Onced dunked over a horse,

  • Ricardo Santino Espina

    I would pay for a full-length 3 minute version of that Van Gundian rant

  • proxactual
    proxactual Month ago

    He's severely Gundied LOL fk outta here BR can't do a man like that

  • macspeed
    macspeed Month ago

    It’s a deal 😂

  • Boris Brown
    Boris Brown Month ago

    Alonzzooooo Mooouurning.

  • Gucci Slippers
    Gucci Slippers Month ago

    *Does anybody actually understand the Tobias Harris joke?*

    TAZA PANYAH Month ago

    Lmao I love this man I can't stop watching haha good job.

  • Leon Brown
    Leon Brown Month ago

    lmao to funny

  • Jerod gregoire
    Jerod gregoire Month ago +1


  • Jake Deleray
    Jake Deleray Month ago

    Boban is my favorite player ever

  • Max Bucknell
    Max Bucknell Month ago

    Takes Blake because of his joke.

  • NewNnamdi
    NewNnamdi Month ago

    Reggie Jackson was reading, how to be likeable

  • jose yepez
    jose yepez Month ago

    The clippers owner is annoying

  • Patrick Gallehugh
    Patrick Gallehugh Month ago

    “Oh, and did you know he’s......funny?”

  • Not So Politically Correct

    The best yet.....

  • WakandaPlayz
    WakandaPlayz Month ago

    Yay finally my Pistons make a vid

  • Byrdman 51/50
    Byrdman 51/50 Month ago

    I love how they focus on all these trash ass teams, but never focus on one of the most popular and best teams in the CELTICS!!!!

  • cgmcgregor
    cgmcgregor Month ago

    “I don’t need analytics to know Lebron is good. Like I can see it.” THANK YOUUUUUUUUU

  • Rutvij DaBro
    Rutvij DaBro Month ago


  • Clarky
    Clarky Month ago

    "Dwight Howard is always muffling and complaining, he's a coach killer"

  • Quatarius Ray
    Quatarius Ray Month ago

    That high note when they said GAME tho

  • Detroit popper
    Detroit popper Month ago

    Boban fucking huge

  • Alex Lala
    Alex Lala Month ago

    lool why they do tobias like that

  • breign72
    breign72 Month ago

    It's a rant. A Van Gundian rant, Tobias. These monks have taken a vow of no silence. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  • Alvin Oke
    Alvin Oke Month ago

    They traded Blake griffin for a joke get it

  • Micheal Smith
    Micheal Smith Month ago

    4:40 whats that reference towards?

    GUTER FÜHRER 1488 Month ago

    Fuck niggers

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Month ago

    a beautiful episode.

  • Lor Youheng
    Lor Youheng Month ago

    1:09 look like angkor wat

  • jan cen
    jan cen Month ago

    can i get the tracks somewhere? I'm intoxicated with the music

  • Neetro32
    Neetro32 Month ago

    Someone cares to explain the alonzo mournung reference?

    #SMILEY Month ago

    The tunes sound familiar....anyone no the song

  • Shaun B
    Shaun B Month ago

    Tobias was trying wrap something Avery look like" nigga you gay".

  • Flying Spacerock
    Flying Spacerock Month ago

    He's funny. ha ha ha

  • Jimmy Winskowski
    Jimmy Winskowski Month ago +2

    Omg each one of these episodes is a work of art. A dang work of art!

  • Jonathan Irish
    Jonathan Irish Month ago

    I hear 7 l’s all the time. Does that mean 7 losses?? Any one know?

  • Accipiter22
    Accipiter22 Month ago +1

    "I could listen to that for minutes without getting annoyed". I'm deceased.

  • KaMau Mau
    KaMau Mau Month ago

    Uuugghh, what are my Pistons doing?

  • John Christian Blanco

    JVG hugging Mourning’s leg 😂

  • Mavi Örtü
    Mavi Örtü Month ago

    Bir videonun altına tıp fakültesi kazandım yazanmışsınız bunu nasıl başardanız ?

  • 'WOKEN' Matt Hardy
    'WOKEN' Matt Hardy Month ago

    Alonzo Mourning.. wtf b/r??

    • Hair Jordan
      Hair Jordan Month ago

      'WOKEN' Matt Hardy the guys at b/r are brilliant

    • 'WOKEN' Matt Hardy
      'WOKEN' Matt Hardy Month ago

      Hair Jordan i know the reference.. its just that it was funny thats why i said what i said

    • Hair Jordan
      Hair Jordan Month ago

      'WOKEN' Matt Hardy go look up when there was a scuffle and Jeff van Grundy tried to break it up and was on the ground grabbing Alonzo’s leg😂 pretty amazing reference

  • MD Twomp
    MD Twomp Month ago

    They’re talking to Harden and the Rockettes

  • BOBBY Brown
    BOBBY Brown Month ago

    1:32 my favorite part lol

  • Peppa World
    Peppa World Month ago

    superb! 😎 Niсe video

  • Pencil Style
    Pencil Style Month ago

    superb! 😎 Niсe video

  • Snipes Indigo
    Snipes Indigo Month ago

    The rant is actually nice to listen to, they got that monk voice on point

  • Montv3
    Montv3 Month ago +2

    the rant speaks the truth. We already have the queen of east knowed for her floping.

  • Asher Sedwick
    Asher Sedwick Month ago

    2:43 Patrick Ewing’s head as a fountain

  • K
    K Month ago +2

    I so FREAKING loved this episode.
    Stan Van Gundy rants should be a full album.
    His latest rant in the 2018 playoffs "you should get a technical foul for looking at the bigboard for the replay and trying to use it as evidence to question a ref."
    I love it!

  • Coolquip43
    Coolquip43 Month ago

    Anyone else notice the ship of Jan Van Gundy and Tobias Harris?

  • j
    j Month ago

    Those aren’t monks those are friars

  • MrJbb56
    MrJbb56 2 months ago

    Ehh no one cares about Stan/this trade

  • THE TING GOES SKRAA mans not hot

    Tobias and that bald girl though😂😂😂

  • dannymusic
    dannymusic 2 months ago

    "I could listen to that for minutes before getting annoyed"

  • k. Love
    k. Love 2 months ago +1

    😆the ref joke...

  • Knight1805
    Knight1805 2 months ago

    Hahaha. Did anybody catch the JVG on Alonzo's leg reference?

  • Aloha
    Aloha 2 months ago +1

    Just watching the whole video or series is fucking goodshit mate fucking goodshit

  • z Rant
    z Rant 2 months ago +1

    LETS MAKE A TRADE!!!!! Woooooooo!!!!!,

  • sld1776
    sld1776 2 months ago

    "These monks have taken a vow of no silence". Dudes! lol

  • TK Firuz
    TK Firuz 2 months ago

    These new ones 🚮 af

  • strawsparky33
    strawsparky33 2 months ago


  • Seb C
    Seb C 2 months ago +2

    Lol am I the only one that got goosebumps at the Dwight Howard lyrics. It low-key sounded BEAUTIFUL.

  • RCDinoMaster
    RCDinoMaster 2 months ago

    "This little guy is Gundy van Gundy, he's severely gundied so don't say nothing about loud management in front of that one" "AHH THAT'LL RUIN THE GAME AND YOU KNOW IT"

  • AIversonI
    AIversonI 2 months ago

    Loved the Mourning/JVG reference hahaha

  • Co Phi
    Co Phi 2 months ago +1

    Stan Van Gundy singing along the Dwight Howard rant 😂😂😂😂

  • Damion Davis
    Damion Davis 2 months ago

    Am I the only person who enjoys the singing in this episode ? 😂

  • packers12to80
    packers12to80 2 months ago

    Too many haters n the world...550 something dislikes....haters! This show is gold

  • The Buriers Faction
    The Buriers Faction 2 months ago

    Dark episode.

  • Extremeredfox
    Extremeredfox 2 months ago

    The Steve Balmer line was absolutely legendary. If you're unaware look up Steve Balmer "developers" and " Steve Balmer goes crazy on stage" This will make the scene about 2x's better

  • Zbigniew Wojc
    Zbigniew Wojc 2 months ago

    The last two episodes were really bad, the GoZ season last year was a lot better

  • Adriano Breganio8k9
    Adriano Breganio8k9 2 months ago

    Nothing about the white walkers?😆😆

  • Ian Le Con
    Ian Le Con 2 months ago

    you guys should do playoff game highlights prob stop watching basketball

  • L Rhodes
    L Rhodes 2 months ago

    Just realized that the Patrick Ewing statue had water running down his face 😝😂

  • PFMSectSymbol
    PFMSectSymbol 2 months ago +1

    😁 Game of Zones = Comedy Gold.

  • Don Feddi
    Don Feddi 2 months ago +1

    The best intro to an episode to date.. The Vangundian Rant.. Epic

  • christianedwa706
    christianedwa706 2 months ago

    3:29-3:36 that funny devolving devolving let make a trade now! WOOOO

  • christianedwa706
    christianedwa706 2 months ago

    my god there chant is so funny

  • Scotty Flowers
    Scotty Flowers 2 months ago

    2:46 why do Luke like that 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Amen esty
    Amen esty 2 months ago

    Last season was way better

  • Mark Garcia
    Mark Garcia 2 months ago

    2:47 Reggie Jackson read "How To Be Likeable"!!!

  • the pegasus kid
    the pegasus kid 2 months ago

    Which is the episode they showed on "Inside the NBA" tonight?

    • the pegasus kid
      the pegasus kid 2 months ago

      They just posted it, I guess it was a preview.

    • ItsWormboiii
      ItsWormboiii 2 months ago

      the pegasus kid I could be wrong just saying I dont remember seeing it

    • the pegasus kid
      the pegasus kid 2 months ago

      ItsWormboiii You sure? It was right after the rockets game.

    • ItsWormboiii
      ItsWormboiii 2 months ago

      the pegasus kid pretty sure there isn't one😕....I've watched every episode & I don't remember seeing a "inside the NBA" episode 🤔

  • pingpong3mike
    pingpong3mike 2 months ago

    2:36 lol

  • Jack Loureiro
    Jack Loureiro 2 months ago

    Taken a vow of no violence